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2023.06.04 09:26 RawVeganGuru One major concern about this game ( no spoilers please )

So I absolutely loved Breath of the Wild. It rode the line between meaningful exploration and linear progression perfectly. Tears so far hasn’t done this for me, let me explain.
BotW did something most people complained about initially, weapon durability. It meant that your best weapons break so don’t get attached to them and try a variety. This along with armor unlocks and heart containers being earned by shrines means a huge part of the game was moments of finally beating a strong enemy and getting an awesome roll on a weapon. This is commonly known as a milestone reward system, which is an alternate to a level up mechanic like in Skyrim. This style is my preference and BotW did a great job when you finally got a savage lynel weapon with +attack damage felt awesome! You hit a huge milestone and it was marked with big dopamine rush!
Cut to nearly 40 hours into Tears of the Kingdom and ALL I’ve found is super trashy rusted weapons. I understand the lore behind it but wow is there 0 milestone dopamine hits to pick up my 15th rusty broadsword. The gimmick of combining weapons with fuse is neat and all but there’s literally no point so far where I’ve been interested in exploring for new weapons because it’s so far all been trash.
Without any spoilers, does this get better or should I lower my expectations?
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2023.06.04 09:26 Specialist_Salt_2476 What will happen to my gift card if i put the code in the wrong region?

first let me clarify that i live in a country where we don't have Microsoft store suties for us so the only way to play games on Xbox is to buy them from other countries, so it is not that i am "an evil person who abuse cheaper price of poorer countries" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now i want to know what will happen if i accidently used the code in the wrong region for example i had a code for the usa and i used it while my xbox was set to the uk, will the code still work if i will now put it in the right country? Or will the code be unvalid besides no one actually getting something from it? I tried googling the question but couldn't find results
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2023.06.04 09:25 EgoriusViktorius Completely CSP Sordland

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2023.06.04 09:25 This_Guy_A Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

The product mentioned above is made of fiberglass, but not the kind you may be familiar with in insulation. No sir, while the fiberglass in insulation is irritating to the skin, it causes a simple rash which usually goes away within a week or two.
NO SIR, the fiberglass they use to make these fire blankets is a continuous filament glass with a thicker diameter, coated in silicone and woven into a mat.
I don’t know why or how exactly, but those fibers were shedding off of my fire blanket which I got for Xmas, and they embedded themselves by the thousands into my skin, and they went deep.
Like all the way past the lowest layer of skin deep. Seemingly all the way through the center of my palm. A bunch went into my thumb above the nail and buried itself to the knuckle about where thumb meets palm.
It got completely out of hand (pun actually not intended) before I even realized what had happened.
Long story short, I nearly lost my job. It’s cost me $10,000 in damages and counting.
And when I reached out to Prepared Hero they basically told me to observe the terms of use which states that they aren’t liable.
Even though they don’t mention the danger anywhere on their website or product and they even make it seem like it’s completely harmless to have it out of its case.
The truth is, I would rather die in a fire than be subjected to the dementous, piercing death fibers of this product. I truly would not wish it on my worst enemy.
I’m serious, even if we captured Hitler after WW2, and we had the option to use this to torture him I would advocate that it’s way too messed up to be using it even on Hitler. Just shoot him in the head and film it so everyone can see it happen.
But I digress. I will post a video soon with more information, should u be interested.
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2023.06.04 09:24 Ok-Bake3321 I think my mom has histrionic personality disorder- what should I do?

I (30F) have been doing a lot of self discovery recently in trying to heal from past traumas, after years of having cPTSD, ADHD, anxiety/depression, and most recently being diagnosed with borderline. In the process, I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother who I’ve always had a complicated relationship with, and I’ve always suspected had some kind of mental illness herself but could never quite put my finger on it.
She’s always been a little “off”- I always just thought it was her quirky, eccentric personality and a ton of PTSD and anxiety from dealing with my narcissistic, alcoholic father but after tons of research I highly suggest she has HPD. It all makes so much sense now.
  1. She has an extremely animated, exaggerated and dramatic personality- she’s very lively, happy-go-lucky, loud, talks incessantly and never shuts the fuck up. She has an ability to say a lot of things, repeating on and on in many different ways for a long time without really saying much at all. I don’t think I’ve ever been in her presence for more than 30 seconds where she didn’t audibly make some kind of sound. Even her yawns are loud and exaggerated. She’s like a live wire, always on unless she’s asleep. It’s very annoying, and it’s honestly embarrassing for me most of the time to be out in public with her. She makes her presence known wherever she is. She just completely drains me of all my energy.
  2. She is by far the most sensitive person I’ve ever met. I’m sensitive, but nowhere near this extent. My entire life I have had to walk on eggshells with her, with the fear of saying something to offend or upset her. She takes offense to literally anything that doesn’t absolutely sing her praises, to the point of delusion. Example: years ago I was sitting in a recliner and I wanted to lift up the feet and recline back. My mother was standing behind me. As I reached down to pull the lever, I said to her “ooh watch out!” So that I didn’t hit her with the recliner! Instead of reacting like any normal person would and just moving out of the way and carrying on, she took offense to what I said, and scoffed at me and muttered under her breath “ha yeah, watch out.” And stormed out of the room. If I go to apologize to her or explain that I wasn’t trying to offend her, she flat out denies anything even happened, she won’t even look at me and if I continue to press the issue she will throw a tantrum out of frustration and storm away from me again. There are countless other examples just like this, that have been happening all my life. She is extremely exhausting to be around.
Adding to the above, is the fact that we have an extremely shallow relationship, and she is never able to talk about serious issues or emotions, unless it’s to complain about my father. She cannot handle any type of criticism whatsoever, otherwise she will manipulate the entire situation around to make her the victim, and cry that she’s just such a horrible mother. Example: I told her back in high school that I wanted to do my own laundry, and she didn’t have to keep coming in my room in the morning to wash my clothes for me. Of course she took offense to that, as if I just didn’t like the way SHE did my laundry- and her response was “FINE! I’ll never do it again!” And stormed away from me, again. She’s said that exact line about countless other things in my life.
She has no boundaries, and has never respected mine. She’s extremely enabling, controlling and spoiled me to the point where I was afraid to do things myself with the fear that she would take it personally as if the way she was doing it was wrong. I never had to do any chores. I’ve always said she just loves to do “mom things” but found it odd the way she lets everyone walk all over her, as if she wants it and desperately wants to be needed. For being so loud and uptight, she is extremely submissive.
She dresses very provocatively and suggestively for someone her age. 90% of the time, she’s wearing a crop top or exposing part of her stomach. Skin tight leggings, fake leather, full length tight body suits. She looks incredible don’t get me wrong, but the way she dresses has always made me uncomfortable. She’s very petite, and when I was in elementary school we were the same size and I remember she would rave about how cool it is that we got to share clothes. When I was in 4th grade.
She definitely thinks her relationships with other people are closer than they actually are. She doesn’t have many close friends, and there are even some family members that I think purposely leave her out of things and she will either make excuses for them, or just complain to me about it, yet do nothing.
And finally, just because it’s worth mentioning, but she was also physically abusive to me and my little sister (but not my brother) when we were young children. It’s not a possibility to even bring this up with her because she will flat out deny it ever happened. Part of me also doesn’t want her to remember, because I know how she is and how it would ruin her to think she was a horrible mother. But it’s been a very tough realization for me lately to remember that she was actually worse than I thought she is. I don’t understand why she is the way she is, she grew up in a loving home and both of her siblings act nothing like her.
The thing is, I absolutely love my mom. I need her in my life, despite how toxic and exhausting she is. So my questions are does this sound like HPD or more like narcissism? Maybe both? How should I navigate this relationship going forward while still trying to have a relationship with her? TIA if you made it this far🫠
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2023.06.04 09:24 Specialist_Salt_2476 What will happen to my gift card if i put the code in the wrong region?

first let me clarify that i live in a country where we don't have Microsoft store suties for us so the only way to play games on Xbox is to buy them from other countries, so it is not that i am "an evil person who abuse cheaper price of poorer countries" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now i want to know what will happen if i accidently used the code in the wrong region for example i had a code for the usa and i used it while my xbox was set to the uk, will the code still work if i will now put it in the right country? Or will the code be unvalid besides no one actually getting something from it?
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2023.06.04 09:22 Specialist_Salt_2476 What will happen to my xgpu gift card if i put the code in the wrong region?

first let me clarify that i live in a country where we don't have Microsoft store suties for us so the only way to play games on Xbox is to buy from other countries, so it is not that i am "an evil person who abuse cheaper price of poorer countries" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now i want to know what will happen if i accidently used the code in the wrong region for example i had a code for the usa and i used it while my xbox was set to the uk, will the code still work if i will now put it in the right country? Or will the code be unvalid besides me not getting the game pass from it?
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2023.06.04 09:19 Specialist_Salt_2476 What will happen to my gift card if i used the code in the wrong region

first let me clarify that i live in a country where we don't have Microsoft store suties for us so the only way to play games on Xbox is to buy them from other countries, so it is not that i am "an evil person who abuse cheaper price of poorer countries" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now i want to know what will happen if i accidently used the code in the wrong region for example i had a code for the usa and i used it while my xbox was set to the uk, will the code still work if i will now put it in the right country? Or will the code be unvalid besides no one actually getting something from it?
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2023.06.04 09:18 zenukeify Well that didn’t take long

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2023.06.04 09:18 wisram Predator disease. Treatment facilities chapter # 3

Predator disease. Treatment facilities chapter # 3
//First I need to apologize if there’s some orthography mistakes or ununderstandable words , the english is not my native language so, I'm just trying my best, if you found something like that please let me know to correct it.
//Also thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for this incredible universe
The members of the Memory Transcription Preservations included some multimedia files to help with the disclosure of this set of stories and get a better understanding of the lives seen in this catalog, please enjoy.
Memory transcription subject: Doma, Venlil, treatment facility patient
Date [standardized Sol time]: July 19th, 2135.
A purple blob with pieces of something that appear to be vegetables falls onto my plate. Yuck I hope it tastes better than it looks.
While Baali takes about 20 napkins along with his food and proceeds to congratulate the cook wearing an overall, gloves, and an apathetic expression hairnet.
"Whoa Karat, you really did it with this meal, you're awesome."
I notice how the cook expresses happiness with her tail and serves an extra portion of stew to Baali, taking away the napkins. Baali nervously laughs and lowers his ears, saying, "hehehe... thank you," before we leave the counter.
That was... curious. I feel like I'm missing something, but I don't know what it is.
"Hey Baali, why did she take back your napkins?"
"Uh, it's nothing. She just doesn't like me taking her napkins."
"That's... weird."
"Don't worry about it, let me introduce you to the rest of the herd." Baali leads me to a round table where several Venlil were sitting and eating. "Doma, these are Roomaer, Gat, Bucket, and Belizba." "Roomaer, Gat, Bucket, and Belizba... this is Doma."
I notice that out of the four Venlil Baali introduced me to, one turns his gaze to look at me, another continues wiping his chair with one of the cafeteria napkins while seemingly whispering something repeatedly, and the other two seem to ignore me.
Baali takes a seat at the table and gestures for me to join him, placing his hand on the chair next to him where the slender Venlil with a round face and brown fur is diligently cleaning without lifting his gaze. "Come on, you can sit between me and Roomaer."
I glance uncomfortably at the Venlil who seems obsessed with polishing the chair and decide to approach him with a question. "Is it not clean already?"
The peculiar Venlil momentarily pauses his cleaning, turns to look at me, and replies, "No, no, no, still dirty, dirty, dirty." He resumes his task without skipping a beat.
Seeking clarification, I quietly whisper to Baali, "What's the deal with this guy?"
Baali responds, "Well, he just has a strong preference for cleanliness and order. Don't worry, he's harmless. He wouldn't harm even an insect. Speaking of insects, have I ever told you about the time I discovered a massive bug under my bed? I swear it was larger than my hand. You never imagine how big they can get..."
I approach my seat between Baali and Roomaer with nervous anticipation, observing the peculiar Venlil as he also takes his place and obsessively rearranges his cutlery. Choosing to ignore the odd behavior, I let out a deep sigh, accepting the fact that I'm about to partake in a meal in this dreadful place. Casting a doubtful glance at my questionably sourced food, I reach out to grab my spoon from the table, only to have Roomaer preemptively snatch it away and begin cleaning it. The perplexed expression on my face, along with the movements of my tail and ears, fails to fully convey the extent of my confusion as I witness this strange individual meticulously polishing my cutlery, rearranging them on the table, grimacing, then picking them up again to clean them once more, and finally returning them to the table in a different order.
Undeterred, I make another attempt to take hold of the cutlery, only to be thwarted as Roomaer swiftly seizes them, rubs them fervently, and places them back in their designated positions. Growing increasingly frustrated, I try once more, but Roomaer moves the utensils slightly to the right. Determined, I cautiously inch my hand closer, yet Roomaer counters by shifting them ever so slightly to the left. Recognizing the futility of my efforts, I reluctantly retract my hand, patiently awaiting an opportune moment while the other Venlil appears to have ceased his unusual behavior.
“Did you finish?” I asked.
The Venlil, who had been visibly tense but had finally left my cutlery alone, remains still and silent. I relax and calm myself, finally ready to begin eating. Just as I am about to pick up the cutlery, the Venlil grabs them again.
I stand up and snatch the spoon from him in fury.
"You idiot! Clean the damn spoon one more time, and I'll make you swallow it!..."
Just as I'm about to strike the Venlil, Baali steps in between us, calming me down. "Wait, wait, he's not doing it on purpose. He can't control it."
The Venlil merely covers his head in remorse, repeating, "I'm sorry... sorry... I'm sorry." I calm down and lower my ears.
Baali attempts to soothe the frightened Venlil and suggests that I switch places with him. I take my tray of food and exchange seats with Baali, remaining silent and deep in thought. Perhaps I shouldn't have gotten so angry. After all, it's not his fault if he can't control it. I should apologize... but later. For now, I'll just eat a little bit since I'm very hungry.
Without looking, I try to grab my spoon again, but I fail and only grasp empty air. I turn my gaze and see that the damn spoon is no longer in its place. I look around until I spot the Venlil next to me hiding my spoon under his hand while clearly using his own spoon to eat from his own plate.
Oh, for the sake of the stars! Will no one let me eat in peace?!!!
In my frustration, I disregard the absent spoon and daringly take a bit of the purple stew with my hand. To my surprise, the taste is quite good. Perhaps a touch more salt would make it excellent, but overall it surpasses its initial appearance. As I savor the stew, a genuine sense of calm begins to wash over me, allowing me to momentarily disconnect from my surroundings and find true peace...
Startled, I abruptly snap out of my tranquility, nearly choking on the sound of a deafening bleat. It echoes as if someone is being pursued by a fearsome predator. However, when I lift my gaze, I discover that the source of the commotion is none other than the Venlil sitting in front of me.
"Damn it, why is he screaming?"
"What's the matter? is he injured?
"Did someone harm you?"
"Are you frightened?"
Baali shields his ears, leaning closer to me to explain that Belisba likely took Gat's headphones.
"Belisba? ...Of course, the spoon thief."
Baali and I watch as Belisba anxiously hides triangular sponges with cables behind him. I was ready to get up and snatch them away, but Baali intervenes.
"Calm down, Doma, I'll take care of it." Baali wags his tail to get Belisva's attention. "Hey, Belisba, I think Gat's headphones fell under the table. Could you pass them to me?"
Belisba is momentarily surprised by Baali's question but quickly relaxes, crouches down as if to retrieve the headphones, and then hands them over to Baali.
"Oh, here they are."
Come on, at least make a more convincing act. It's obvious that you only took advantage of Baali's fake excuse to hide the theft. We all noticed.
I observe as Baali approaches Gat and gently puts the headphones on him, giving him a sense of calm. Gat responds by nodding his head in what seems to be gratitude.
"Is everyone here insane?" I said as I resumed eating, using my hand as a makeshift spoon. At that moment, Bucket, the Venlil who had been silently eating all this time, lets out a chuckle.
"HA! And what did you expect from this place? Everyone here is sick in one way or another."
"Just look at Mr. Clean over here, imagine how he must have ended up on a crowded public transportation. Of course, the exterminators had to intervene after a Venlil during rush hour tried to clean the entire transport."
Roomaer simply lowers his head and ears in embarrassment and continues cleaning his food tray.
"And don't even get me started on your friend with the magical hands."
I turn and coldly gaze at Belizba just before he attempts to grab something from my plate with his hands, quickly pulling back.
"And what about you, Bucket? How did you end up here?"
Bucket takes a sip from his glass and pauses briefly before giving his response.
"I was just doing my job as an exterminator, but the guys didn't appreciate me practicing with a flamethrower. Combine that with mistaking a bucket of water for one filled with fuel, and... well."
"So that's why they call you Bucket?"
Bucket takes a sip from his glass, pausing for a moment before giving his response.
"I was just doing my job as an exterminator, but the guys didn't appreciate my enthusiasm for practicing with the flamethrower. And, well, things took a turn when I mistakenly grabbed a bucket of fuel instead of water."
"Is that why they call you Bucket?"
"Haha, no, that's another story, but I won't go into it. If anyone asks, you can just say it's because of that."
"Hmm, I think Baali mentioned something about it... but honestly, I should have paid more attention to what he said."
"That's probably for the best. He shouldn't have told you anything to begin with."
"Speaking of Baali, why is he here? I mean, he seems so sociable and normal, not the kind of person you'd expect to find in a place like this. Maybe a bit chatty, but not deserving of being here."
We both turn to see Baali still engrossed in conversation with Gat.
"Well, he... asked me not to tell anyone." I pause for a moment before continuing, "But considering that Baali almost revealed my story... I'll give you a clue. It's in the notebook he always carries."
From a distance, I notice that he never lets go of the notebook. It's always close by. "What could be in that notebook?"
"It's complicated. Rather, I would focus on what that notebook doesn't have. But regardless, out of all of us, Baali is the least likely to belong here. No matter how you look at it, even with his terrible secret, I don't think someone like him could ever become a predator. And let me tell you, true predators have ended up here."
I raise my ears in concern. "True predators?"
"Yes, dangerous Venlil, the real deal."
"Oh no."
"Yeah, you better be careful. I've heard that some of them have even tried to take lives."
"That's terrible..." Wait...
"Normally, they are kept in solitary confinement, but I overheard the guards saying that the district judge accidentally mixed up some of the records, and they think one of these Venlil wasn't separated from the others."
"..." Oh no.
"Usually, we all avoid them."
"..." Oh no, no, no.
"Especially because the guards take it out on them."
"..." This is bad, this is too bad.
"They subject them to the worst shocks. I heard that one of them had their internal organs burned from so much electrical discharge."
"..." Damn stars, I'm the predator Venlil they're talking about.
"It's an incredibly painful death, but well, the important thing in the end is to keep the flock safe."
I nervously affirm, "Haha, yeah... all for the sake of the flock."
"And you, Doma, what about you? How did you end up here?"
"..." Don't say trying to kill my boss. Don't say trying to kill my boss... "I also mistook a bucket of fuel."
"I understand. It happens."
No, damn it, it doesn't happen.
"Well, at least you were brought to these facilities and not others."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I was transferred from another facility up north, and it's definitely very different from here. Just look at Gat. In my old facility, they would never give him headphones, not in a million years."
"Hmmm," I nod with my tail.
"We also have a courtyard. I heard that it's a recent addition due to some renovations they made."
"Hmmm, well, I guess that's... alright."
"Look at it this way, you were lucky to end up in these facilities."
"Hmmm, I suppose it's not so bad after all..."
[Fast Forward.]
[20 minutes later.]
Immediately, I feel an electric shock emanating from the mesh on my head, coursing through my body as I remain trapped in a chair, surrounded by projected images of predators.
The agonizing cries of several patients echo in a dimly lit room, with a large black glass pane in front where the doctors presumably observe us.
"CaAAAALM down, Doma, with tiIIIIime you'll gEEEEEEt used to it."
I notice that Baali is in the chair next to me, talking as if he isn't also strapped to one of these torture chaaaairs.
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2023.06.04 09:18 highfives_deepsixes Finding Samantha podcast

Hey gang, I found this one while I was waiting for new episodes of Scamanda to drop that might interest folks here who want more scammy/munchy content in their listening line-up. I haven't seen anyone else talking about it.
I'm kinda dying to talk about this one - it's really strange and wild, and also feels kind of different to the standard con artist stories in that her motives feel utterly impenetrable. Reminds me a bit of the Treva Thoneberry story.
It's also nearly completely released so no waiting a week for new episodes.
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2023.06.04 09:18 Specialist_Salt_2476 What will happen to my gift card if i use the code in the wrong region?

first let me clarify that i live in a country where we don't have Microsoft store suties for us so the only way to play games on Xbox is to buy them from other countries, so it is not that i am "an evil person who abuse cheaper price of poorer countries" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now i want to know what will happen if i accidently used the code in the wrong region for example i had a code for the usa and i used it while my xbox was set to the uk, will the code still work if i will now put it in the right country? Or will the code be unvalid besides no one actually getting something from it?
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2023.06.04 09:18 OliverAndOlivia Not able to scroll down far on subreddits

It’s been bugging me for a while and I don’t know what’s wrong.
I used to go to a good subreddit and look through posts (most were pictures) when I was bored, and I could scroll down super far (nearly getting to the 1000 limit, about 900 posts I went through) but recently that hasn’t been happening.
Starting from about last November, I’m only able to scroll down 200 posts max before the sub won’t load anymore. I’m super confused as that’s far off the 1000 limit that Reddit and load for you. I e come back to it again and again. It same thing happens, with less loading sometimes (160ish posts) and a bit more(300ish posts max I’ve reached after this thing started)
So what’s happened? I don’t know whether it’s due to me being on the app instead of the website. Has Reddit changed how they load posts since last year? Do I need to join the subreddit to scroll far? Please help, it’s getting annoying
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2023.06.04 09:17 purpsle New grad feeling hopeless

I’m a new grad who started in the PCU/ICU in February. I graduated from college near home in December and moved about 1500 miles away in February to start my job.
To be frank, I’m miserable. I like my coworkers and my manager; my orientation was fantastic; I feel supported in my learning. But despite all those positives, I have panic attacks before work almost every shift. I cry every single day. I struggle to make it through my shifts without crying. I feel like I’m just going through the motions and feel very little passion, which is a significant change from how I felt in nursing school.
I was also in a bad car accident on the 24th which left me with ankle and chest wall injuries. I can’t afford to miss anymore work, and my last two shifts since returning have been very painful and difficult.
I desperately want to move back home. I don’t have a contract at my job, fortunately, but I worry I wouldn’t be able to get a job elsewhere with only 4 months of experience. I would also hate to quit so soon on my coworkers, who really are wonderful. I’m at a complete loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.04 09:17 madjetey Cyrus amplifier remote capture

My dad passed his Cyrus Pre2 WXR DAC to me but the remote has been missing for some years while it was in storage so I’m asking for a favour:
If anyone has a Broadlink smart remote, can you submit the signals of the Cyrus iR14 remote to its user submitted online database?
I acknowledge that my chance of this overlap of device users isn’t great but the alternative is to import the remote I’ll use pretty much once for twice its list price which isn’t feasible nowadays
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2023.06.04 09:17 brokenStud789 The Unabomber's cabin, held in an FBI storage facility near Sacramento

The Unabomber's cabin, held in an FBI storage facility near Sacramento submitted by brokenStud789 to pics [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:16 K_mSockKraig People actually enjoy this game still?

get back on lazy full price splatoon 2 patch for the first time in 3 months to check out the new update
plays the exact fucking same
salmon run is still incredibly agitating to play, still getting stuck with shitty chargers while my “team” of carried shitters refuse to protect me as I’m gang banged by cohocks and can’t fight back because I’m stuck with a fucking squiffer
didn’t even try touching table turf I know that shit is dead
play ranked/turf war
game still forces a 30/70 w/l ratio with annoying forced losing streaks
never thought I’d agree with Putz12 but goddamn some of the teammates I got i am convinced were actual fucking chimps chained to a desk
forced to play with said team against teams of highly coordinated Asian players on the other side of the fucking globe
team balancing still shit aswell
in one match the teams were: a splattershot pro (me), 2 rollers, and a brush, the other team had 2 eliters a ttk and a bloblobber
community (mainly the main sub) is fucking insufferable
story mode is just octo expansion on the spectrum
big run is just an rng jackass shitfest on awful maps
splatfest is (with the exception of literally only ONE) the exact fucking same every time
splatfest team choices are mostly fucking awful and biased
nearly a year in and still no new ranked modes
turf war is still the most mind numbing boring shit imaginable by man, it should be legally considered torture to make someone play that shit
catalog is still an absolute slog to get through with shit rewards
leveling up still takes fucking years even with boosts
getting gear abilities I want is still annoying and grindy as shit
People play this game? For fun?
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2023.06.04 09:15 emillomholt How to use Cloud Save for a GOG game (Heroic Games Launcher)?

How to use Cloud Save for a GOG game (Heroic Games Launcher)?
Hello everyone I purchased Witcher 3 GOTY on, since it was cheaper than steam. However, I don't understand how to get cloud save to work, so I can play on the same save on my desktop and Steam Deck.
I have downloaded Heroic Games Launcher on both devices where I am launching the game through. I have enabled the "Cloud Saves Sync" in the settings of the game on both devices. However, I don't quite understand what to put in the path and what the setting of "Manual Sync Saves" should be.
Ideally, I would just like this to be setup so it works automatically when I save so I can access the saves on both devices, so I can progress on both devices.
Can someone help me set this up? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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2023.06.04 09:14 ddywasnttherepeace How many affairs that start during deployments actually last?

My husband is deployed and developed a relationship with someone in his unit. Just curious to know how often do these type of relationships last?? Idk a part of me feels like the loneliness got to him & he's not thinking clear. I'm curious to see how he acts when he's back home & has to actually face me & our kids if his feeling about the other girl will change.
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2023.06.04 09:13 Additional_Leg_757 My little sister seems to be sexually attracted to

I noticed that when my little sister would hug me she would squeeze me a little harder and longer than normal. Then the other day she rubbed her leg and idrk how to describe it but she tried squeeze herself on me. I shut that down and left without saying anything cuz obviously thats not ok. Today she was on the couch next to me and made an effort to fit in next to me (i was sitting near the end and the cat was on my other side) i took little notice until later she took my hand and placed it on her breast and squeezed it with her hand. I asked her why she did that and tried talking to her about the whole thing. She knew what i was trying to do and hurried off saying she had home work. I think she knows its wrong but seems to be over come by "emotions" and for me obviously it makes me very uncomfortable and being a male older than her only makes things look worse for me. I don't want it to happen again but it seems like a very hard conversation to have and i feel im trapped, i feel guilty even though i have had nothing to do with these interactions other than being present. What do i do??? Ask any questions if u have any.
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2023.06.04 09:13 dabsvidsanya Anyone have Soy Food Allergy? HOW DO YOU DETOX FASTER?!

See TLDR on the bottom. Here's long story:
Hey guys. My soy allergy is pretty nasty. This last happened 3 years ago. I mean it's not as nasty as say, the poor folks out there who get the extreme life threatening reactions, but they suck. I know for a fact it's gonna be 2 weeks of basically never-ending adrenal state. Like panic attack. Hypersensitivity to pain and cold. Aggression, out of nowhere for no reason just, I am angry. I am irritable. I hate life.
So, this was snuck into cough drops by Kroger. Watch out, they did not list the soy oil ingridient which I then found on the government website. Anyway, I had four of those suckers before waking up with a panic attack, and a slew of other symptoms. Insomnia, indigestion, headaches, body aches, pain in left side under ribs, rash (only on right side of the body, like, deep cystic kind but it passed after 2 days yay), neck stiffness, and yes like I said 2 weeks of emotional misery to follow.
Now, the only things that alleviate these symptoms appear to be stimulants (My adhd medication), so basically either taking my daily dose and getting a little relief for a few hours (Oh yeah, this allergy makes all my meds work really badly), or being incredibly doped up on all my anti allergy meds. I'm talking claritin, benadryl (together), double dose Ketotifen for my MCAS. I'm taking pepsid for stomach pains with which I wake up and with which I go to bed. Yes I already have mast cell issues so, that's great! I found probiotics make this issue worse (CLogged ears, mind fog), but ease digestion and SIBO.
Anyway. I need to know, does anyone out there know how to get this horrible soy out of my system? I will do anything. I will take extra laxatives, I don't care if I lose weight/minerals/etc, this is hell.
I will drink enough water to be nearly dehydrated if I have to pee it out. WIll CREATINE help? Will anything help? Please. Please tell me. What supplements, minerals, workouts, saunas, soaks, anything just. I've already done the activated charcoal but since I caught it late, doing it 12 hours after the poisoning was unfortunately worthless.
TLDR: Undeclared allergen poisoning, but just GI and mental symptoms with some skin/rash. How do I get soy out of my system faster? What supplements or drugs can I take or ask the doctor for? I'm already on a mast cell stabilizer and several H1 and H2 antihistamines. Any advice helps. THank you!
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2023.06.04 09:13 AydanZeGod The entire comment section was like this

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