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[Cedar Point] Trip Report 6/3/23

2023.06.04 18:26 Low_Manufacturer_93 [Cedar Point] Trip Report 6/3/23

Yesterday, my friend and I visited Cedar Point. We both have platinum passes, and we purchased fast lane plus and the all day dining plan for this visit.
Wild Mouse (credit #102) x1: Luckily, Wild Mouse was actually running today. We went straight to it when we got in for early entry. As far as ride experience goes, it's OK. We didn't love Wild Mouse, but then again, neither of us is a big fan of the wild mouse ride type in general. I acknowledge that I'm not really part of the target demographic for this ride, but I do think that there are much better options as far as family coasters go. (I would've loved for Cedar Point to get a GG family woodie or a modern family Vekoma.)
I'm at least glad I got to experience Wild Mouse and that I rode it first thing in the morning when its wait was 1/2 hour instead of later in the day when it was twice that. I'd probably rank CP's mouse around the middle of the list of all wild mice I've ridden. It's better than many standard mice but isn't as unique as something like Exterminator or Laff Track.
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad x2: After Wild Mouse, the obvious plan was to head to Frontier Town. We rode the train to save us some walking. We also rerode it later in the day. On our first train ride, we were one of only a few groups of people on the train. On our second ride, there was a person in pretty much every seat to the extent that we had to share a row with a stranger. This is a decent train ride that provides views of Lake Erie and the backstage area around Millennium Force. It's a great way to relax for a few minutes.
Maverick x2: This is one of the few coasters I've been on many times where I don't have the layout essentially memorized. Maverick is relentless in the best way possible. You are constantly being whipped and thrown around, and it doesn't really stop until the final brakes. We rerode Maverick as our last ride of the night, and the darkness enhances everything, especially the tunnel. It feels like the launch is twice as fast at night.
Steel Vengeance x3: SteVe was running great. The airtime was so good that it hurt, and the ride seemed to have extra speed. The line was unusually short in the morning, so we rode it twice in a row. Then, we came back and made it our second to last ride of the night. Steel Vengeance truly is one of the greatest coasters on Earth. Even though it's not usually my absolute #1, I don't think that Steel Vengeance is overrated at all. It's one of the few coasters that truly feels "long enough", and none of that time is wasted.
Gemini x1: This classic ride is one of my favorite Arrows. There are a few great moments of janky Arrow airtime, and the racing aspect is pure fun.
Magnum XL-200 x0: We attempted to ride Magnum three different times throughout the day, the first of which was right after our Gemini ride. Unfortunately, Magnum was down all three times. I think there were mechanical issues the first two times, and the third time was due to high winds, which shut down much of the park. It sucked to miss out on Magnum, as it is usually my all-time favorite coaster, but at the same time, I can live with missing it on what is possibly our only Fast Lane Plus Cedar Point trip of the year. Magnum's line is usually quite manageable without Fast Lane.
Corkscrew x1: My friend insisted on riding this, as he wanted to ride every coaster in the park. I'm not a big fan of this ride (or most Arrow loopers), but honestly, Corkscrew was better than I remembered. The only part that I think is really awful is the eponymous corkscrews. The hills and vertical loop were actually enjoyable, and the trains weren't as terribly uncomfortable as in my memory.
Power Tower (drop side) x1: A drop tower is just about always worth riding. These S&S ones are the weakest ones in my opinion but still a good time. I simply prefer drop rides that feel like they're actually trying to kill me rather than the ones like this that gently bounce.
Valravn x1: It's a dive coaster. The first drop is one of the best in the park, but the ride kind of dies after that. The other best part is the drop off the midcourse. The rest of the ride is pretty bland and forgettable.
Blue Streak x1: I've always found this ride to be underrated. It has some pretty decent airtime, especially if you sit near the front, which we did this time. I do wish that it still had the original buzzbar restraints, as I consider that to be a big part of what makes a classic wooden coaster feel like a classic wooden coaster. Still, I'm glad they've kept this ride, and I would say that it is not to be overlooked.
Raptor, Gatekeeper each x0: I wish we would've ridden these rides right after Blue Streak, as they were still open then. We unfortunately missed out on both of them due to the high winds later in the day.
Millennium Force x1: This ride is a bit overhated. The first drop is my favorite first drop on any coaster, the sense of speed is awesome, and there are some good moments of positive and negative gs. Sure, there are a few too many tall turns, but Millie is still a great ride.
Rougarou x1: I've never been a big fan of Rougarou, and I think it might even be my least favorite coaster at Cedar Point now. The layout isn't all that great, and there's a lot of headbanging, particularly in the second half.
Iron Dragon x1: This ride isn't super thrilling, but I enjoy the aesthetics and nostalgia of it. I understand why some people dislike it or want it to be the next ride to be removed, but I disagree. I think Iron Dragon is actually Cedar Point's best family coaster. The Arrow jankiness isn't as pronounced as on Mine Ride, Corkscrew, or Gemini. Iron Dragon also doesn't have the somewhat intense airtime of Blue Streak, and it's less generic than Wild Mouse.
Thunder Canyon, Snake River Falls each x1: Even though I've been to Cedar Point many times, this was my first time riding both of these water rides. Thunder Canyon has a reasonably long course with rapids and waterfalls that will absolutely drench you. Snake River Falls has a drop that is tall and steep for a water ride, though it is trimmed. I also got soaked on it, but that didn't really matter because we rode it right after Thunder Canyon.
Cedar Creek Mine Ride x1: This one is just all right. I'm not a big mine train guy, and this is fairly unimpressive as far as mine trains go. It does have a nice setting, and there was some awesomely weird theming in the brake run that I definitely don't remember being there.
All in all, it was a good Cedar Point trip. I do wish we had gotten to ride Magnum, Raptor, and Gatekeeper, but we've both ridden all three before. The one day dining plan was definitely worth it, and I would recommend that to anyone who's considering it.
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2023.06.04 18:13 Unremarkable_ What a game! Coming from a former WoW player. Some questions

My human wizard is at level six and I am already blown away by the detail of this game. I started a few different characters in different starting areas, including an Iksar and a Halfling. I also really liked the Dwarf starting city.
It wasn't until I loaded into Freeport last weekend that the game really came to life. I will explain why below. Some awesome things I want to point out.
  1. The world. I can't believe something this big and complex existed as long ago as 1999. I've played a lot of games, but EverQuest feels like a "real" world. I think the first person POV camera has a lot to do with this. When I was a halfling and encountered an ogre, it was memorable. I am not even sure the ogre noticed me! I've been into the Commonlands tunnel. I can't imagine how poorly this must have run on computers in 1999, there are so many people there. It's exciting. I am inspecting and seeing cool looking weapons and armor. People are offering teleports to far off lands, which makes me feel like there are distant places to explore. I want to get to the level to visit there too and play those areas!
  2. The people. I didn't have so much interaction in Misty Thicket or elsewhere. Maybe it's just a byproduct of Freeport being a larger hub, but even as a lowly level 1-5 wizard with a dagger, higher level players have been keen to interact, help, and give advice in really meaningful ways. For example, I was selling my loot to the first vendor inside Freeport, an ogre, and someone directed me to a different vendor around the corner who gives better prices. I love the "Hail" button and have learned to press it at everyone I pass. It just feels friendly, but 9 times out of 10, people will stop and chat or even cast an enhancement on me. I've made the majority of my leveling experience with some of these enhancements, which almost feels like cheating. It's very helpful. One person even handed me 22 platinum, which I spent on a backpack and some spells at my class trainer. Which reminds me, I could not find my class trainer in Freeport for the life of me. There's some stairs around a corner, someone helped with that too. I can't even remember all of the times I've interacted with another real person in a good way and I'm only level six.
  3. The danger! Outside of the Freeport area, near the guards, I can be easily clubbing a wolf to death and suddenly I've got a mummy hitting me in the back. There is a need for constant awareness. You have to know where you are, in case you die. I'd be probably level 7 or 8 but for the time I spent searching for my belongings in the hills of the Commonlands.
Before I get any deeper, I have some questions if anyone has any thoughts:
I want to group for leveling almost exclusively. On Green Server. Best choice of server? I am just not interested in another WoW experience of soloing my way to max level. Even if it takes a bit longer, I want to play with others.
  1. Am I playing the right class for this? Wizard seems so cool to me, but maybe no one wants to group with one? Should I be the one trying to form groups or putting on /LFG? So far I have had to solo, sit and meditate, solo some more. I would rather kill more difficult monsters with friends.
  2. At what level should I start on crafting/tradeskills? Which ones to do? Is it worth my time? I have very basic gear and have no idea if this could be helpful?
  3. The lack of a mailbox is the only thing I miss from WoW. If I were to re-roll as a different character based on question 1, how to I transfer my considerable fortune (18 platinum) to the new character?
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.04 17:57 jodatho Trail running and wet grass - which shoes to buy?

I often run on trails which have long zones where the trail is covered in grass which is wet. When it’s dry I use Shamma Warrior Maximus sandals and I’m very happy with these, but I’m looking for an option when grass is wet (not necessarily when it’s raining). The trails are not really harsh, primarily dirt and grass, but do have intermittent rocks and coarse (1-2 inch) gravel that I try to avoid as it’s horrible to run on. I run 5-10km 3-4 times a week.
Current situation:
Previous shoes used for this:
Options I’m wondering about:
So, what shoes do you trail runners rate for when the grass is wet? Thanks!
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2023.06.04 17:47 bingo0619 Mediterranean Shore Excursions, Celebrity Infinity

Just got back from 11-day Mediterranean cruise on Celebrity Infinity. Thought I would share what we did and what learned and liked since this gets asked about a lot. Hope it's helpful :)
FYI-We prefer doing food and wine activities over sightseeing and touristy stuff, I will try to add things I heard from other passengers re: things we did not do. I am going to put he tour provider for each excursion for those who might want to book direct. Also, we sacrifice cabin class for good food and more expensive excursions to stay within our budget.

Barcelona- We embarked here and spent a few days prior. We were not prepared for the jet lag as we flew overnight and had one quick layover. We arrived midday and napped, but our schedules were off. I would recommend trying to stay up as long as you can and sleep at night, your normal time. Barcelona is seven hours ahead of the Midwest, where we live. Nevertheless, we rallied our middle-aged asses and had and an amazing time.
I pre purchased skip the line tickets for La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell on separate days. We went at our scheduled time and did not wait. We stayed on Las Ramblas and took cabs there and walked back. Many people did hop on/off and that worked well. We also went to La Boqueria Market and bought little things from many stands and sampled a lot. Very fun and cool experience. Did a DYI tapas tour I put together on my own from just research. We did not know this, but Elton John was performing when were there and we got to go, which was amazing! Coldplay was also performing there so the city was crowded.
We stayed on Las Ramblas, which was close to the port, but I would recommend staying more inside the city. Our hotel was okay, clean, but not many amentities. Suited our purposes, but was loud some nights. Cabs and food are relatively cheap and easy.

Day 2- Marseille- We did a walking food tour through Shore Excursions Group since the Celebrity one was sold out. This was operated by a company called Do Eat Better Experience. There were six of us, the other 4, not on cruise. Was a four-hour tour and worth it. Went to places I would not have known about. Guide was ok, but not very interactive. We had a great time with the other couples.
We got off early to walk around before the tour which met at 11:30. However, shops and cafe's do not open up till later. I would recommend sleeping later and going into port later, if you dont have an excursion booked. By the time our excursion was over, the towns were buzzing. We took a cab from the port and back, but you can take a bus or shuttle, I believe. Very nice day.
Day 3-Nice (Villefranche)- We did a tour through Celebrity, called Destination highlights, Nice and St. Paul de Vence Village. This was operated by Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services. We tendered super quickly. This was great day and included a lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant and a wine tasting at Cave Bianchi in Nice. We also had plenty of free time to explore each place. The formula 1 racing was in Monoco so there were Ferrari's, Lambo's and other racecars all over the place. We were allowed to look and take pics which was cool.
The lunch and wine tasting were phenomenal. The beach at Nice was gorgeous and if we would have known we would have brought our bathing suit and towels to go there, rather than walk around in the town. You can easily take a cab there and go on your own without doing an excursion. This was an all-day tour. So were back on the ship in time to relax and eat in MDR and chill for the night. It was a great, great day. I will say the people and guides were not as friendly and helpful as in other places, but it's not really an issue and doesn't ruin anything, we just didn't expect it. Our guide in Nice as a little on the unprofessional side, but, to each their own.

Day 4-Florence/Pisa (La Spezia), Italy- We booked a tour through Celebrity called, Destination Highlight: Coast of Cinque Terre and Portovenere, operated by Aloschi Brothers. Our guide was absolutely incredible, probably the best one we have had. her name was Duna in case you ever do this privately. We had individual small receivers and ear buds so we could hear her perfectly. We started in Portovenere where there is the famous Church of San Pietro. Just amazing and stunning views. The town is charming, and we walked and sampled. Did not buy much, just some food to take home.
We then took a boat ride up the coast and ended at the last of the Cinque Terre Villages, Monterosso. I am so glad did this over the three-village tour by bus. The boat ride up the coast was just amazing, and I assume this villages were similar. Gorgeous village. Rather than fight the crowd we hiked up a steep hill to the just incredible Porto Roco hotel and ate an incredible seafood and pasta lunch. The views were fabulous, and we had it to ourselves. Great meal. There is also a small, but beautiful beach at Monterosso you can hang out on. This was our favorite day.
We did the Chef's table on Celebrity that night which was otherworldly. A lot of eating and drinking this day. Incredible day!
Day 5- Rome (Civitavecchia) We were never going to Rome, no desire to travel there and deal with the crowds. I booked a private car from We Love Italy to go wine tasing in Tuscany. We had a husband-and-wife couple, Paulo and Nicola driving us, and it was great. They were absolutely lovely, and it was a pleasure and privilege to be with them, so kind and generous. They have an open invitation to stay with us if they ever visit. They also took us to a village and beach in Capalbio and for lunch in Manciano-Saturina. Again, amazing food and wine. The boat left late so we had lots of time.
I heard Rome was not as crowded as some thought and some of our shipmates actually got a glimpse of the Pope at the Vatican, which is so special.

Day 6-at Sea- up by 7 :( and got a spot and the hot tubs after breakfast. Stayed by the pool most of morning, it was great weather. Lots of activities to do but we chilled. We did the Mixology class offered by Celebrity which was a blast. We were bartenders at Martini bar for a few hours learning to make and serve cocktails. So, so fun and crew and guests were great.
Day 7- Valletta, Malta: We did an excursion from Celebrity called, Destination Highlight: Seaside towns of Vittoriosa and Marsaxlokk. Operated by Sam Mifsud and Sons. The tour was so so, the best part being a trip for wine and food tasting. Do you guys sense a pattern? It was rather boring, I should have researched better on this one. The fishing village, Marsaxlokk was a basic tourist trap with a makeshift market and nothing open. Vittoriosa was nicer and where the restaurant was. They did set up a nice area and what was served was good. I think doing more on your own or going to Gozo or Limoncello tasting would be good. I looked after and there are some excursions that looked way better.
Day 8-at Sea- Very chill day. We did the Blendique Wine Class and the World Wine Tasting which we have done before. Both super fun with great people and crew. We did not eat much or go to pool.
Day 9- Santorini, Greece-We did an excursion through Celebrity called, Small Group Discoveries: Island Wine Tasting Experience, operated by Rhapsody Travel. Tendering ashore was organized and quick. Went to three wineries on the island and had food at each. Also visited black sand beach and red sand beach. the latter of which was spectacular. Very nice tour with not a lot of people. This also included our cable car tickets down. We ate lunch at a restaurant on the water, which I forgot the name, but it was good. There were 8 other ships there, so it got crowded, we left after lunch and waited a very reasonable hour for the cable cars down to the tender spot. Up tp this point it was nice day.
Due to something very upsetting I witnessed in the town, not cruise related, I will never, never, ever step foot on Santorini again. Not necessary to discuss as it was personal to me, and I don't want to cloud anyone else's experience or opinion.
We watched the famous sunset from the top deck and it did not disappoint. We avoided the very long lines to get back to ship at night.
Day 10-Mykonos, Greece: We did a Celebrity excursion called, Small Group Discoveries: Mykonian Cooking Experience, operated by Rhapsody Travel. People, I cannot tell you how great this was. We went to a private home or spiti. There 14 of us. Teta was our host and the home own. So gracious and generous. We learned so much and all interacted and prepared an authentic lunch and sat down to eat. She prepared dessert as well. It was around 4 hours. She was incredibly gracious and generous. Probably the second-best day we had. One of the best excursions we have ever done. I would do it again for sure.
We walked around Mykonos after and had ANOTHER lunch at a restaurant called Promenade that was great. Very fresh seafood and authentic food. This a was very nice town, we loved it. There was a very small church with a blue dome, (others had different colors) that was open and it was beautiful inside. It was right by the water. I'm not Greek orthodox or even religious, but I got chills. I small prayer of thanks to my G-d for giving me this experience. I would 100% come back to Mykonos.
We bought beautiful piece of art from a local artist and owned studio called, Triciclo. It was really our only big purchase. We don't really but T-shirts, magnets, etc.
Day 11-Athens: I had transfer and we went right home. :(

This was a beautiful, beautiful cruise. I could not have asked for better experiences.
Celebrity tendering was fast and organized and easy. This who had excursions at applicable ports met and left by group with 30 minutes of docking. Those who had tickets to tender without a Celebrity excursion got called overhead by group and left from a different deck, also fast.
Quite a few of the guide said Celebrity tender the quickest and best. They mentioned other line by name that were not good, but I don't be negative or worry someone else, so I won't mention specifics.
My other suggestion for Celebrity would be to pick excursions that are "Small Group Discoveries", or "Destination Highlights". These seemed to be a better experience.
Happy and safe cruising everyone!!
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2023.06.04 17:44 Individial-anywhere Wanting to Leave the US, but no idea where to start (also somewhat scared)

Hi Everyone! My fiancé and I have talked about living abroad and overall we have no idea where to start or if we should wait to pull the trigger.
We both have jobs that should transfer abroad. I work in marketing and social media, and my fiancé works in a kitchen as a cook. I think it will probably take me longer to find a job then him.
Some of the main reasons we want to move abroad are for the social programs. We want a family and a place where we not only have better education, but more affordable education is high on our list. We want better healthcare, because where we live in Denver it’s a nightmare. We both have had bad experiences with the health care system. And now gun violence is climbing up there. I’m honestly worried to send my future children to school because I’m worried they’ll get shot and killed.
And we’re at a point in our lives where if we want to move, now might be the best time. We don’t own a home so moving is a little easier. We don’t have pets to worry about or kids we’d be uprooting. Our one hesitation is that we would leave our families and that support system behind. Which is hard to think about not having.
Outside of that we haven’t 100% narrowed down an area. But our top picks are the UK (where I actually studied abroad and know more), Canada, South Korea (where my fiancé has some distant extended family) and Germany (where I have a few connections). We’re used to Colorado 4 seasons type of weather and we like colder climates (hence UK and Canada).
I’d like advice on moving abroad and what steps people took to feel ready and pull that trigger. I’ve love advice that’s more country specific or if people have other places that were great moves I’d love to hear it. We are open to learning new languages. I speak Spanish and French (not fluent, but I know enough) and I’m learning German. My fiancé is learning Korean. We know learning a new language while navigating abroad is it’s own challenge.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2023.06.04 17:16 No_one1645 [Android/PC?] [2016?] A game where you killed guests that had animal heads, in a mansion

Platform(s): It could have been Android PC or both
Genre: it was a combination between horror and psychological horror I think?
Estimated year of release: 2016?
Graphics/art style: it's similar to Fran Bow and it had the color pallette of Dinner with a Owl (i think)
Notable characters: I remember a rabbit magician that you had to stab during a trick but not much alse
Notable gameplay mechanics: You would go into a guests room and had to click on objects to find a way to kill them And it was kind of complicated since you couldn't just attack them directly and had to make it look like a accident
Other details: After killing a guest i think you whould have cooked them and served them to the rest of tge guests? But i can't remember correctly Also in a game made by the same creator (that I just can't remember the name of) you would be able to see the mansion far away on a hill Also the characters were dressed like aristocrats
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2023.06.04 17:15 lilacteardrop Just discovered the eerie connection between Faith Hill & Reba McEntire

Faith Hill used to sell t-shirts for Reba McEntire. She once auditioned to be Reba's backup singer, but lost the gig to Paula Kaye Evans. In 1991, Paula Kaye Evans was killed in a plane crash with 6 other members of Reba's band and the band's manager. Reba herself wasn't on the plane because she had bronchitis. It just makes you think of all the what ifs. What if Faith had gotten that job? What if Reba hadn't been sick? The country music industry would be a lot different from what it is now. Reba's career would've been cut short. There would be no Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Their careers skyrocketed after they got married and became a power couple. Faith was Taylor Swift's mentor. Taylor also wrote a song about Tim.
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2023.06.04 17:08 Fledgling76 [Story Analysis] Chapter 104: Hiyori and the sakura tree

With Chapter 106 dropping soon and Hiyori very likely reappearing in it (it’s been forever!), I guess I’ll do a last-minute post on the theory I’ve had since Chapter 104 before it gets proven, or otherwise XD.

Chapter 104 (104-1) ended with Hiyori being under the black lake created by Father’s ‘Birthing a Nation 国(kuni)生(u)み’ ability. (The reason why she ends up there is another story – is it because her ikiryou is on the boundary between the Near and Far Shore? Or does everyone in the area covered by the lake fall into it? Arahabaki’s shinki Shii can’t go in, though. Anyway.) There, she saw a sakura tree she recognised – it was the one under which Yato and Sakura met all those years ago.
Hiyori recognising the sakura tree… (Chapter 104)
…as the one Yato and Sakura met under (Chapter 46).
Hiyori, logically, will go to check the tree out herself, but what purpose does this serve? She has already known that part of Yato’s history.

My theory goes:
What if Yato buried Yukine’s remains under this exact same sakura tree?

Wait! Before you say I’m over-analysing (again), here me out.
We are pretty sure where Yukine was buried – under a tree, and that tree is a sakura tree, from Chapter 89 and 100 respectively.
The sakura tree Yukine was buried under; note the mysterious light that indicates the location (Chapter 89).

You now probably have the same rebuttals as I did when this thought first popped into my mind:
Logical me: Do the trees look the same?
Theory me: No, but hundreds of years has passed since then. They also both seem to be on a slope.
Logical me: Well, then. Do sakura trees even live this long?
Theory me: …No. (Quick search online: life span usually 15-20 years long, 30-40 years long under optimal conditions, possibly 250 years long for black cherries under the right conditions. Source:

Unless Yato cared for this sakura tree for hundreds of years (to repent for killing Sakura?), it has no chance living this long.
This theory doesn’t stand realistically, but how about story-wise?
With 2 full chapters left before ending and dozens of loose ends to tie up, I doubt Adachitoka will waste pages that don’t contribute to the story and ending.
So, this connection serves mainly one purpose: to fully reveal the location Yukine was buried at. I believe most readers have already connected the dots and know where it is, but we still need confirmation from the mangakas. I doubt Adachitoka will leave this vague – it’s a crucial part of Yukine’s life, if you understand what I mean.
My guess is that Hiyori will (somehow) discover the remains of a person under that sakura tree, and realising it’s Yukine as Yato buried him with his letters (Chapter 100). Through her eyes we will confirm our hypothesis. It’ll be a beautiful (and mostly sad) moment.
Then hopefully after Yato and Yukine defeated Father the trio will reunite under that sakura tree, where Yukine will see for himself the amount of care and love Yato gives him, and fully accepts his death, as the world created by ‘Birthing a Nation’ crumbles around them and brings them back to the hill overlooking Yukine’s sister’s home, the home he craves for.
To add to this reunion we can have Sakura appearing by the tree (due to distorted time and space in the lake? Literally have no idea what it can do) before the trio return to their world and smile at Yato, seeing he has finally found a shinki he cherishes and is now doing good.

Seriously, Adachitoka, I may be ready for more emotional damage but am more so hoping for a perfect ending that ties all the loose ends up (THERE ARE TOO MANY). Just end the battle already.

P.S. Re-reading Chapter 99 and 100 and the feels! THE FEELS!!! Adachitoka really are amazing at drawing panels that will tug at your heartstrings (and destroy them).

Now I wish my theory is wrong, otherwise I would’ve spoiled you all LOL.
Let me hear your thoughts!

Posted: 2023/06/04
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2023.06.04 17:07 yakhinvadim Sunday, June 4 — 5 significant news stories

Sunday, June 4 — 5 significant news stories
Today ChatGPT read 916 top news stories and gave 7 of them a significance score over 7.
After removing duplicates and repeats, here is today’s significant news:
[8.5] Earth's energy imbalance due to human activity causing global warming and climate change — JARA News
The Earth's energy imbalance, caused by human activity through the emission of greenhouse gases, is leading to global warming and climate change, according to a recent report from the World Meteorological Organization. The excess energy accumulates in the different components of the climate system, with the ocean storing 89% of the excess heat, leading to coral bleaching events and other negative impacts on marine ecosystems. The imbalance also has negative impacts on humanity and ecosystems, with between 3.3 and 3.6 billion people living in contexts vulnerable to global warming. The solution is to reduce emissions to zero, with individuals able to contribute by using active transportation, consuming less meat and dairy products, reducing food waste, and improving the energy efficiency of homes.
[8.2] Draft for first international treaty on plastic pollution to be produced by November — FRANCE 24 English
Negotiators at the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for Plastics have agreed to produce an initial draft of the first international, legally binding treaty on plastic pollution, on land and at sea, before their next meeting in Kenya in November. The treaty aims to end plastic pollution altogether by 2040 by slashing production and limiting some chemicals used in making plastics. However, countries with big petroleum industries like the US, China and Saudi Arabia are focusing instead on plastic recycling, and want country-by-country rules instead of across-the-board limits. Humanity produces more than 430 million tons of plastic annually, two-thirds of which are short-lived products that soon become waste, filling the ocean and, often, working their way into the human food chain.
[8.2] Human-made climate change causing Earth's surface to warm and upper atmosphere to cool dramatically — Innovation Origins
Researchers have confirmed that human-made climate change is causing the Earth's surface to warm, while the upper atmosphere cools significantly. This phenomenon, called an atmospheric paradox, impacts orbiting satellite, the ozone layer, and potentially alters Earth's weather patterns. Increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere are affecting these layers differently, warming the lower atmosphere (troposphere) but cooling the upper ones (mesosphere and thermosphere). If CO2 levels continue to rise, these trends are likely to intensify, posing increasing risks to satellites and delaying the recovery of the ozone layer. Further research is needed to fully understand these long-term effects on the climate system.
[7.7] Superbugs pose significant threat to modern medicine and human life expectancy — Sydney Morning Herald
Superbugs, or organisms that have evolved to become resistant to medicine, are on the rise and pose a significant threat to modern medicine. Microbes evolve quickly because they multiply so rapidly, and only those with the best defences against evolutionary pressures survive. Superbugs can be resistant before they infect someone, develop resistance inside a person who is taking antibiotics, or be resistant before they infect someone, swirling around in the world with inbuilt protection against the drugs we would usually throw at them. A drug-resistant form of golden staph, or staphylococcus aureas, is the most dominant superbug in Australia, and a drug-resistant form of extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) E. coli, an enzyme made by bacteria in the gut, is the second-most common superbug. The World Health Organisation has warned that returning to a pre-antibiotic era would lead to the average human life expectancy plummeting from 70 years to 50 and could undermine developments in cancer treatment.
[7.0] Strikes increase in Russia's Belgorod region as Ukrainian forces prepare for counteroffensive — Newsweek
Strikes have increased in Russia's Belgorod region as Ukrainian forces prepare for a major counteroffensive. The governor of the region claimed that around 850 missiles and other projectiles were launched at Shebekino, injuring 16 people and killing two women. The shelling has also caused damage to numerous buildings in the region, leaving Shebekino without food or water. Pro-Ukraine Russian rebel groups are reportedly still active in Belgorod, despite previous claims from the Kremlin that they had been successfully repelled.
Want to read more?
See additional news on
Thanks for reading us and see you tomorrow, News Minimalist
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2023.06.04 16:45 crowruin 27/M/Southern California - Looking for long-term nerdy friends with similar interests

Hi my name is Humberto and I am looking for friends with similar interests
I am into Anime, Video games, Cybersecurity, Technology, K-pop, K-hiphop, K-rap, K-rnb, alt rock, rock, rap, True crime, Korean/Japanese movies and various other movies/shows.
I speak English/Spanish and yes I love spicy food like:
I am shy/quiet at first but If I get comfortable I will be messaging a lot
I use Discord as my main communication
Reddit chat feature never works for me just letting you know If I miss your chat I am sorry! It's because I use RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite)
Here is more info on my interests:
I play video games on PC and right now my main 2 are Path of Exile and Last Epoch
DO NOT HESITATE to reach out if you play Path of Exile or Last Epoch!
When it comes to Diablo 4 I am not sure about getting it honestly I will most likely wait 1 month before deciding
I also play Overwatch and main Ana, Baptiste, Zen
I play casually now since comp melts my brain lol
Other games I have played - Torchlight Infinite, Diablo 2 (not the remaster),Genshin Impact (AR36), Deep Rock Galactic, Killing Floor 2, Old School Runescape and more on Steam
Anime - Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Bleach, Dragon ball Z/Super, Attack on titan, One Punch Man, Clannad (I cried), Magic Knight Rayearth, Kite, Perfect Blue, Sword Art Online, School days, Akame Ga Kill, Elfen Lied.
Music - Here is my playlist but the standouts right now are: BIBI, LEEBADA, Ailee and Hoody
I am still waiting on a full album from DEAN 😅
I am also into various kinds of movies and would like to find a movie/anime watching buddy here are the notable ones I have seen
Drive, Baby Driver, Whiplash, Upgrade, The Raid Redemption, The Raid 2, The place beyond the pines, Coherence, Another Earth, Sound of my Voice, I saw the Devil, The man from Nowhere, The Guest, Audition, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Dragon ball Super Broly.
There is most likely more I am forgetting though haha
For shows I am waiting on Invincible S2 and The Boys S4
I am also into True crime like: Coffeehouse Crime, Dire Trip, Horror Stories, Twisted Minds and I also like shows like Court cam and Web of lies
I also have a personal server using DietPi as the OS running on an N2+ the first app I installed was Pi-hole (network wide adblocker)
I also bought a ROCK64 so I can run another Pi-hole for redundancy and I have them synced using gravity-sync that runs every hour
Here is what my Dashboard is looking like right now
I am still learning about Linux and also DockePortainer so far it is really fun seeing what I can install on my server
If you have a similar setup definitely DM!
My only requirements are:
22-30 and from North America
Feel free to look through my posts/comments If you are curious of my interests!
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2023.06.04 16:13 Adrioxis Hopium overdose. Anime Eren’s consciousness will merge with Manga/Cabin Eren’s memories.

Hopium overdose. Anime Eren’s consciousness will merge with Manga/Cabin Eren’s memories.
The question of “how did Eren lose to the alliance?” has been asked a million times now.
He has the founder, attack titan, warhammer titan, and even became a colossal titan. He basically becomes a God in the manga. He can alter the memories of the subjects of Ymir and summon the ancient past titans. How did Eren fumble that badly? The crazy thing is that Eren could’ve still hypothetically won even when Mikasa is going for the kill. Heck even Lelouch (ALL HAIL LELOUCH) redeemed himself from his mistakes (iykyk).
Eren will tell you it was because his head was incoherent, that the past, present, and future and all exist at the same time aka they. (more on this in a second) and he’s not lying here. He’s also not lying when he says he loves Mikasa, and he’s also not lying when he tells Armin he did it all for Mikasa’s choice. We have all thought that Eren is a liar (well he is lol) but his talk with Armin was genuine. I have proof on all of this. This post is quite lengthy so just sit back and enjoy.
There’s 2 main reasons and neither include Mikasa. It’s his ignorance and you guessed it, his messy memories.
From the very first episode, Eren’s head is literally messy. His dream that he wakes up from leaves him incoherent for a couple of seconds, sounds familiar? He thinks Mikasa hair is shorter than it actually is. This makes no sense since Mikasa hair is long when they are kids. Eren is remembering a false memory in a sense (it’s not false, it’s real) and even when I had no idea of AOE, this left me confused. The only explanation for this is that Eren is remembering Mikasa from another timeline.
Now, it is established in AOT that memories make you who you are. Eren has several moments in the anime where he subconsciously remembers the manga timeline. He speaks incoherently (there goes that word again) has a 1000 yard stare, and even feels the emotions of said memories like when he says he wouldn’t have minded dying in that moment (MANGA TIMELINE, VERY IMPORTANT). Mikasa also has messy memories but hers are more subtle, but we can agree that in the anime Mikasa is definitely remembering events in a different way than they actually occurred in the anime (S4 flashbacks, most specifically her conversation with Eren)
Now, let me emphasize how fucked up Eren’s memories are. If the founder not only allows Eren to see the past, present, and future (which future👀) all at once but it also allows him to see the past, present, and future of different timelines, this would literally make anyone go insane. The fact Eren knew that he had to do the rumbling regardless of not knowing the reason (he knows but he got confused) is a miracle in itself. It’s true that Manga Eren’s fate was set the moment he kissed Historia’s hand. I genuinely believe Eren would never be able to complete the rumbling as he clings to dearly to his friends. Eren is a optimist by nature, he could never sacrifice his friends if he thinks there a chance that Paradis can be saved and they live.
When Eren says he loves Mikasa, he DOES. Whether this is romantic or not (based on which timeline) doesn’t matter, he loves her. We need to accept this despite our feelings for Mikasa. When he’s talking to Armin, he’s feeling the emotions of Cabin Eren in that exact moment. The proof? In a long dream, Mikasa kisses Eren at the exact moment she cuts his head off in the manga, it’s too perfect to be a coincidence. What no one talks about is that Eren kisses her back, his lips are puckered. Since Eren remembers the Cabin timeline while he’s the founder, he will also feel the same emotions as cabin Eren as the past, present, and future once again all exist at the same time and this includes memories and the emotions that come with them.
Manga Eren doing it all for Mikasa’s choice is true ONLY IN THE MANGA. In the Manga he remembers the cabin timeline subconsciously so when Mikasa answers family, this gives him no choice but to activate the rumbling. In the anime, Eren will make the choice, but ONLY when his mind has been cleared. This is why Mikasa’s answer didn’t matter in the anime (good times) because Eren is in control of this timeline. Mikasa’s choice whether to kill him or not won’t affect Eren’s decision making, he’s completing the rumbling this time.
So you’re probably wondering okay, I’ve been known a lot of this, but why does Eren still act the same despite subconsciously knowing the manga timeline? The answer here lies with Isayama’s genius (a bit of sarcasm in there lmao). Anime Eren does act like manga Eren for the most part but we can all agree he gives off a different vibe in the anime.
This goes all the way back to when he’s a kid and he smiles when he says he’ll kill them all. Anime Eren is becoming the devil he has to become to end this loop and free himself. Eren must act the same way to obtain the founder in this timeline otherwise he’ll just get reincarnated into another timeline after death. Isayama’s has made vague dialogue and expression changes to Eren to signal to us that HE KNOWS DEEP DOWN. The paths scene, “Everything happened by my will”, even the jacket scene all signify a man on a mission. You can’t say those are all artistic changes, it doesn’t work. Eren’s eyes being open in the FT (I have my doubts he’s even in the FT, that’s another discussion though) show that he still has a will to live, and wouldn’t he still automatically regenerate if that’s the case👀
Okay, so how will Eren clear his mind? If there’s no way he can compete the rumbling with a mess of memories? How can Eren possibly finish the rumbling?
Enter Falco.
When Falco wakes up in the first episode, he too is incoherent and doesn’t even know where he is at that moment, sounds familiar. The parallel between Eren and Falco is intentional and in post scenes you see the same black birds, which is Paths Eren way of sending memories. Falco’s role in AOE is very simple, he will clear Eren’s head when he’s about to die. We know that most of CH138 will be adapted, get over it. CH138 was always the divergent point, it’s AOE not AOA (anime original arc).
The moment Eren receives his manga memories, his consciousness will literally merge with Manga Eren and Cabin Eren. You will be seeing 3 versions of the same character in 1 ultimate version of himself that will finally win in the end. Eren will no longer be ignorant, he’ll know what he has to do consciously.
This is where this gets crazy, now we know AOT has multiple timelines but these timelines are parallel to each other and they loop into each other (CONFUSING AF). In very rare instances, these timelines somehow communicate with each other via the Paths. In Muv Luv this is a literal pipeline and in the anime this is the paths. When this happens they will somehow influence the other. You want to do know the key moment in AOT that this happens.
Berserk Eren. Berserk Eren isn’t just some edgy ass pull power up, and it’s not manga Eren controlling him either. This is Eren remembering the manga timeline in it’s entirely and becoming enraged by it. If manga Eren was controlling anime Eren this entire time, events would’ve already diverged drastically. This is why Eren says he will destroy the entire world and that he’s free. Some say the trigger is when his frontal lobe is crushed, or when he’s he thinks he’s about to die. Either way, Berserk Eren is the result of the parallel timelines somehow merging in that exact moment.
Anime Eren blocked 2 memories of Manga Eren that we will see in the anime. Manga Eren is reincarnated as anime Eren without his memories but a subconscious remembrance of the past timelines.
Berserk Eren will return and complete the rumbling. Mikasa’s death is inevitable. This will be dark af and the world will be stained in blood, I hope y’all are ready to witness cinema, and it’s happening in cour 2 btw, the anime has too many subtle changes for them to just adapt the manga ending and Eren wakes up and we get a movie. We will see Eren open his eyes but he will be going berserk when he does.
Sorry if this confusing and if I didn’t explain it as clearly as I could. Advance toward the truth my fellow hopechads, we will win in the end. Tatakae.
Ps. The KV is pure hopium, Falco being in that KV confirms he’s the messenger and we see all 3 timelines in it (Cabin, Eren and Armin, Blood stained ANR flowers)
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2023.06.04 16:13 WritingDrakon (EODAT Ch.5 REPOST) brewing legacies, and oversized weapons

(Hey everyone! Finally out of the shadow realm! Im reposting chapter five here as it got wiped last time, 6 is still percolating away in my head, but in the mean time, enjoy! Comments are appreciated!)
4-LOM rolled up to the holotable, the aging shipbuilder looking over the various fleet and division commanders.
4-LOM was an old Mk1 astro robot, his main body was a sphere, with four mechanical arms extending from his body, two large and bulky, and the other two smaller, more nimble and accurate, more dexterous, with a cylindrical lower body leading down to his treads, which were angular, tank like in shape, designed for heavy lifting. His head was flat, with a duo of square optics, a set of welding shields flipped up, ready to flip down when and where needed. His backpack was open, with tools sticking out, ready to be grabbed and used.
Looking around, he noted that the Saurians had their Admiral, a middle age Rox, their massive, tyrannasauric form still managing to tower over most of the others, even in holo, while Serano stood next to him. Nearby, Hota sat, nursing a coffee, rubbing his head, while one of the chief science officers hologram glanced at him nervously.
Another door entered, and a Mk12 frame entered, standing at the table. At first glance, the frame looked pristine, but 4-LOM wasn't fooled. He wasn't a shipwright for nothing, and he could see the pitting under the paint where plasma weaponry had uselessly splashed off, taking with it little layers of metal with it. Despite how new the frame looked, it was clear it had seen some action, recently as well, judging by the fresh coat of paint.
More holograms of fleet officials, and the bridges, or representations of their ships, flickered in above their shoulders. Serano looked like he had an old sailing ship floated there idly, a representation of the Enterprise. Some had wasps, while one captain had a cartoonish Barbus fish, with an old style white sailors cap and a belt of dynamite.
And then a small black hole flickered into view in front of his faceplate, making him roll back with a start. Getting a good look at the now pulsing black hole, he seemed to frown, one of his welding shields rising higher to simulate a eyebrow raise….. "Horizon? Is that you, little lass?" He said, with a thick, Scottish accent as his other shield rose up to join the other in shock.
The holographic black hole bobbed up and down in the air, two arms extending out from its corona and spun, as if to represent it, no, her, spinning in happiness. For a moment, 4-LOM was silent, before he began laughing, reaching up, even as his servo passed through the holo. "Ach, what I wouldn't give ta be in the Link with ye, lassie! I'm glad ye survived." He said, as the little ever hungry representation of the ship spun around him, before it shot off, floating near the Mk12, who looked at it.
The 12s head tilted more, as it listening to what the ship was saying, while 4-LOM felt a bit of possessiveness flair. Horizon was one of HIS creations, his and his wife's. Their ships were like children for them. Rolling over, he mentally began preparing a bit of what his wife would call the shovel talk, something they used to do with Captains that took on their vessels……
"Did you need something, Grandfather?" The machine said, domed head snapping to his, taking the wind out of his sails, and stare blankly at the taller, thinner machine.
Behind him, he heard Serano chuckle behind him, even as the Rox raised an eyeridge, while the Saline sat his mug down and placed his head in his hands.
"Grandfather- oh. I see…." He said, gaze turning flat as he gave a glare at Horizon. "I see the little gremlin is still able to make me short a fuse or two. Void knows Maria's hair turned white before she had to move bodies due to someone's antics." The little black hole pulsed sharply, as if squawking. "Would have appreciated a warning she made herself a captain…. Lassie, ye best be teaching him self preservation instincts." Catching the snort from the Rox and the sigh from Serano.
Slowly, his head turned around to face the two, one shield twitching, and finally saw Hota looking up with a flat look. "Too late on that one. I'll pass you the after action report later, AFTER the meeting." Serano said, hiding a smile. "If you want a first hand account, ask Hota. From what I understand, he had a front row seat for the Chaos the two caused."
She wasn't a little ship anymore, she wasnt- ah kriff it all. She was still his little lass. He'll talk with her later…preferably with Maria there…..after he grabbed his wrench and had a….. talk….. with whoever was their crew.
All the admirals and fleet commanders were soon in place, Asimov standing to the side, near the Admiral Serano, Horizons representation floating next to his head as his own panned about, looking at the assembled species. Several robotic ones, not Astro Robot series, called Glinch, looked at him curiously, while he picked out several different….Saurians, a few Roxes, several Trikes.
Several were pale, white skinned humans, bald, be they male or female. Clones, like himself, but with organic bodies, accompanied by nat-born humans, and several more advanced Astro Robot series units, these ones looking everything from near human, to large and bulky, armed with cannons, inbuilt missile launchers on their upper arms, and massive treads, or slimmer, almost skeletal ones with modules that could be swapped out at a moments notice.
"I appreciate ye all for coming on such short notice" 4-LOMs voice said, cutting over the gentle hubbub of the side conversations. "I had hoped that we wouldn't be facing them again, but here we are." The robot said as one of his smaller limbs tapes a command into the console, pulling up images of Everwatch stations current…condition. "Those of yeh from Federation space are more familar of the old stories, battle videos and the like. The Demons, as the Human Federation calls them, have been returned. It's only thanks to the work of Representative Hota that we have this information….. and had stumbled across an old Ace that had woken back up in time for this chaos." 4-LOM said, nodding to the Saline, getting the attention of his compatriots, who he shook his head to.
"Our opponents are equipped with biotech vessels, and are known for appropriating technology to forcibly integrate it with their own. Which means keep an eye out for a worse hodgepodge of weapons than a pirate vessel after its crew hits a pound of Spice and then gets drunk at a star port." 4-LOM said dryly, as various, old, images of the vessels and a few of the newer ones. "That being said, expect the sheer firepower jammed onto each of these ships to be on the higherside. However, they need long recharge periods, likely due to whatever power source used overloading, or the capacitor banks running dry and needing to recharge. Don't be fooled, they do have some form of biological armament, acid spitters, spike launchers, the works." He said, as images flicked up organic turrets, tentacles, and what looked like maws.
"As of right now, several of our larger vessels are being inspected and repaired, resupplied, and upgraded as needed. Several older vessels are being pulled out of mothball for the same reason. All civilian vessels are being drafted for emergency roles, receiving refit with hardware that will allow them to fight in a pinch, though their primary objective will be escorting transport ships and acting as emergency evacuation ships. We won't be expecting them to fight, but we need every ship we can get."
An image flickered into view of what amounted to the humans old museum of warships and deep space vessels, revealing it to be a hive of activity. Many other races had laughed at humanity for keeping their old vessels, rather than scrapping them, but now, now there was a reason why humanity had.
"Patrol fleets are to be at least one Saline Sensor ship, two to three Buckler class Trike Shield Bearers, one Rox Artillery ship, one Vohle capable human vessel, Two human PT ships, and three Raptor Swift claws." 4-LOM said, "these things aren't to be taken lightly. Sensors pick them up, call it in and engage. Stall for time if needed for reinforcements to arrive. Intercept fleets are to consist of five Trike Aegis class Shield Bearers, six Swift claws, one Rox supercarrier, three Rox artillery ships, two Saline Auxiliary ships, one Saline Medical cruiser, one Human Vohle Super-carrier, eight human PT ships, two Human Iowa class destroyers." The elderly bot belted out, making several Captains and admirals wince. Those weren't lightweight ships. The 'patrol' fleet could have been considered a planetary invasion force.
Before anyone could make any arguments or questions as to why the fleets were set to the Human classic of 'Maximum Overkill', and before any more ridiculous fleet deployments could be called out, a slightly panicking human sprinted into the room. "Sir! Confirmed hostile assault on Tisan-4" the human said, breathing heavily. "The Demons made planet fall, looks like a small invasion force that had left before the incursion field went up."
4-LOM stared….and then sighed. "Well, Caliburn had been itching for a fight." He sighed and placed a servo over his optics.
WARNING: Hostiles detected. Match confirmed; species D-65.
Threat level:Apollyon. Combat systems:unlocked.
That was what appeared on the Colony Managers terminal as alarms screamed across the Colony, alerts screaming on PADDs, sirens spinning as bunkers opened up.
An aging Wargen bared his teeth as he rapidly tapped at his terminal, as the younger human clone stood grimly at her manager's terminal.
"Civilians are filling out the bunkers, tunneling charges are set and ready to clear escape routes." The elderly, wolf like Wargen said, his muzzle splitting into four as he spoke, one part vertical, the other horizontally. "Colonial militia are manning hard points and connecting to systems now."
"Understood." The Colony manager said and let out a long breath, before opening the PA system. "All hands, brace for Activation procedure. I repeat, all hands, brace for activation procedure." She said, before securing herself in on one of the chairs, even as the commander buckled himself in across from her, even as terminals all around them flickered and the building shuddered and shook, new lights came online all over.
"And the other races call our alliance insane for building the bunkers" The Wargen muttered under his breath as the command room became a flurry of activity, sensor teams working together in an attempt to get data on their opponents. "Our people are safe. That's what matters, commander." The clone said softly, looking at her long time friend, even as the hidden defense system of the Colony woke up.
Outside, the demonic army approached, on a slow, steady March, disgruntled at the lack of organics they had found to use. They needed biomass to fuel their war machine, to create their bases, their armies, their ships. And while they didn't care much about the sheer number of ships they lost during planet fall thanks to the orbital defenses, they needed to deal with the local defense computers. There had to be a way to broadcast an all clear signal and allow their other ships past.
Before them sat a large, fortified structure, looked like a massive cathedral, really. The irony was not lost on them as ports on the castle-like structure opened up, and began spitting metallic shells at them, exploding after punching through their infantry, leaving craters behind, destroying more of their forces.
The ground shook as their massive siege beast began forming from the splattered biomass, like some strange, oozing horror, slowly forming into a quadropodic creature.
The beast was mostly just a giant mouth in legs, with a long, worm like body lined with eyes, teeth, spikes, and tendrils, flinging said teeth at the structure.
Warlord Gistle ground his teeth as he stared at the cathedral as it held its own, his forces decimated by the attempted rain of metal. Said rain changed to one of scalding plasma as the castle changed tactics to try and burn the bodies to prevent them from forming additional, stronger units.
"Battle lord." Hissed one of the smaller battle chiefs said, as they stepped up next to Gistle. "The Seekers have not located where the miserable Frails have hidden themselves. Our efforts would be best put to entering the fortress ahead." The chief said, pointing at the massive fortress as the siege beast brushed off the weapons fire.
"No need, we will be inside soon en-" Came the guttural voice of the Warlord, before it was interrupted by a computerized voice, echoing out.
There was a rumble, everyone grabbing onto the stablest thing around them as the ground tore apart, the siege beast stumbling back, as the building tore up its own foundations as steam hissed out, and part of the building lifted up, and then slammed into the ground, and then the other side, slowly pulling itself up….and up…and up……
The structure wasn't a structure. Not any more. Towering over them, looking like a massive hunchback stood the cathedral, it's towers opening, revealing to be cowling around massive artillery cannons. It's arms, once covered with flat pillars, opened up to reveal a set rotating barrels, slowly spinning up, and a bulky duo of MAC batteries on the other arm. Sticking off the side of its upper arms were smaller hardpoints, each turret armed with four barrels, small and accurate, sniping ground units with horrifying accuracy, the soft metal shells ripping away to reveal their incendiary cargo held within steel mesh, allowing the coilguns to spit them out rapidly.
The head section looked like a sphere with three optics in a triangular formation, around a cannon that locked onto the siegebeast and whined, arcing brightly, before it fired, a bright flash seen as the cannon went off, it's round leaving behind a trail of fire as it raced through the air, punching through the beast, making it howl, and began trying to heal the injury that pierced it, ripping open a hole below it.
It's bipedal legs were thick, armored, and just as equally armed, it's lower legs armed with rotary cannons that spun, the lower pair foring a heavy stream of plasma, one barrel firing and then cooling as it spun, the others keeping the pace up, while above them, physical artillery was spat out, helping pierce armor for the plasma to scorch and burn to uselessness. More cannons sat on the sides and back of its legs in, taking aim at the surrounding armies, making sure to add on their screeches of rage.
Hanging off the underside of the platform that held the Cathederal sat more turrets, each swiveling around and adding to the chaos, their mini MAC armament chattering as they fired, picked a new target and fired again. On the top of the platform were AA cannons, taking aim and firing into the air, altering the timing of their rounds so that they acted as impromptu artillery, while more cannons, on four turrets, covered the monstrosities back, preventing them from sneaking up behind it, as if the cannons on the back of its legs weren't enough to cover it.
Warlord Gistle hissed in shock. The Frails had been LIVING in a Siege beast of their own!? Hidden partially underground, deceiving them to make it seem as if it was nothing more than a fortification!?
"Have all expendable units merge with our Siege beast, NOW! if the frails continue to pick our forces off one by one, they will never be able to reinforce our beast after they fall!" Gistle roared, even as around him the battle chiefs barked out the orders……..
The massive machine stared down at the hostile forces as they turned into a thick, biological slurry, short of the Demons themselves, and oozed towards the horror before it.
The monster seemed to absorb the substance on contact, growing larger and larger with each passing moment, howling and hissing.
He could feel his crew cursing in their heads, humans and otherwise, lighting the slurry up with plasmafire, burning some of it, but not enough. Caliburn agreed with them, as his Plasma getting cannon spun up, the five barrels glowing brightly, the heatsinks by the ends of the barrel glowing as the machine poured plasmafire from the barrels, searing into the beasts body, burning it up as it grew, stunting its growth heavily, and forcing it to consume more biomass to make heavy, chitenous armor, layers burning away under the assault.
Caliburn could feel the dust coming off as his gears spun, and he stepped forward, swinging the glowing arm as it cooled down, making the horror screech as he spun his upper body to add to the force of the blow, digging the glowing heating into the beast's face and knocking it back, buying time for his crew to deal with the horrific slurry around them, which still tried to fuse with the horror, chasing after it with a single minded determination.
As his upper body slowed down and he was facing forward again, he saw the beast setting up, snarling. His other arm came up, and he could feel his capacitors burning as he began firing his MAC arm at it, the massive, vehicle sized slugs punching into the beast, knocking it back farther, punching holes in the chitin it tried to grow as armor, making it hiss and move rapidly, trying to put distance between itself and the machine.
Unfortunately, the beast had the advantage in land speed, as it had four legs, while Caliburn only had two and lumbered slowly forward, his aging systems relishing the taste of combat after so long. And now he had far better weapons then a simple crane arm, like he had last time he fought a creature like this.
Because the beast had put distance between itself and him, it managed to absorb the last of the biomass, and began bounding forward, it's maw open, teeth spinning like some sort of Cuisinart….
A target he couldn't miss. His head cannon barked again, not as powerful as last time, but this time, he wasn't trying to rip it apart from the inside. The shell detonated on contact with the teeth, shredding them, tearing into the soft flesh within, making the beast howl and close its maw, it's chitin armor weathering the plasma splashing off, hardened to withstand the smaller weapons fire his crew spat at the creature.
His arms pulled their shrouding back around them, as he drew back and swung, hard, again using his body spinning to his advantage, striking the beast, the heavy weight of the heatsink and the weapon itself burying the shroud covered arm inside, the end opening up. Unfortunately, thanks to the partial shrouding, he wouldn't be able to spin his cannon, but all he needed was one shot inside it, and let it fly, ripping his arm out as it howled, smoke billowing from its new hole it tried rapidly to heal.
The tendrils it had tried to dig into his arm burned away as he kicked it up from below and began unloading both arms, fully unshrouded, the heat coming off both of them making steam hiss up into the air, as the beast took a heavy slug and then a plasma bolt, one after the other, deep into its stomach, sending it onto its back.
Loud popping sounds were heard as its limbs reoriented, allowing its former belly to become its back, the holes sealing slowly as it circled the walking cathedral, even as Caliburn scanned it, his upper body following its every movement. His command crew were breaking down every schematic and scan he gave them, working hard to figure out a way to kill the horror.
In the mean time, Caliburn and his crews would do their damndest to stall the beast and continue on their current plan. Burn it down, slowly.
He could feel his crews tracking the retreating demon forces, listening to the mental chatter within him as the artillery crews happily worked together to figure out their path, searching for the enemy command position, even as sensor crews watched as the rapidly approaching flood of biomass and machinery charged for them, some of the artillery crews already letting loose N-4 shells, the 'super-napalm', as the crews nicknamed them, impacting and exploding, burning into the biomass, unquenchable, even as the biomass attempted and failed to smother the burning substance, only serving to make it worse, melting the weaponry it carried with it.
The only reason why the crews could get away with it was because the biomass wasn't near the Bunkers exits or near infrastructure. Or Burnable items.
Command soon had a viable target, a sort of brain mass it had, separated throughout its body in a vain attempt to make sure it could still operate when a few of them were destroyed.
Several had been burned away by the plasma bolt going off inside of it, but many more remained, and it was attempting to make more/replace the burned away ones. They needed to eliminate the command signal….
Jubilation and grim satisfaction bloomed in his sensor and artillery crews, as he felt the mad scramble for bunker busting shells, before they were let loose into the air. Even as he blocked a tail strike from the beast and managed to crush its head under one foot, letting his landing engines ignite for the first time in decades to burn the creature more, his crews targeted the command bunker, shelling it with deadly accuracy, smoke rising from the hill they were tucked away behind in the distance, making Caliburn burn with satisfaction and praise for his crew.
Gistle ran as fast as his hooves could move him, teeth barred as he snarled.
Around him, their command temple shook and shuddered, veins bursting, cables arcing wildly as the biomass contracted involuntarily or simply sagged, turning to biomass.
"Warlord, they are heavily shelling our position, we won't be able to retreat at this rate!" Hissed one of the Battle Chiefs at his side, hissing in fear, even as he snarled at the Pitiful, compared to him, creature. "We won't be taking everyone, only the essentials. The Everlasting King must be notified of this development. King be damned, the frails took the time to prepare for our arrival again." He growled as he came out to a hanger area, and ran into a small, fast ship, even as the others ran into larger, bulkier, slower ships.
Soon, the chitin that served as the door opened, and they shot out, erratically flying, trying to avoid the artillery shells, and now AA fire joining the fray.
He kept close to his compatriots, using them as a living shield as he twisted the small vessel around, smirking as he dodged the fire while they took it..
They were almost to space, soon, they could tear a Gate and get the fleet-
Reality tore open above him as a massive ring shaped vessel pushed itself into real space, disgorging hundreds of smaller vessels, bearing down on their positions, others engaging the floating fleet around them with aggressive assault runs, the sudden appearance in the system allowing them to have the element of surprise.
Weapons fire began filling the space around f them, tearing at their vessels faster then they could repair them as little, frail vessels zipped in and out of line of fire faster then they could shoot, track, or react, unloading slugs, plasma, torpedoes in a flurry of activity before diving away, allowing their munitions to wreak havoc amongst them.
Already, the larger vessels were disabled before Gistle managed to sacrifice one, smirking as it warped, it's biomass fueling the Gate, as he flew through, hoping he was in friendlier territories, unaware of a sensor torpedo flying in behind him.
Down below, on the surface, Caliburn flung back his opponent again, arms blazing as he shelled it.
It was bigger then it had been, managing to absorb the biomass from the surviving landing ships and the remains of the command center they shelled out. It's armor was thicker, and was flinging out dozens, hundreds of calcium spikes, spitting its unknown energy weapons, only to splash off his shields, for the energy weapons, and his ar.or foe the calcium spikes, even as his weapons screeched.
The beast had holes all over its chitenous armor, from his shells punching in, or his artillery crews shelling the beast, his plasma following close behind as he sought to burn the creature out from the inside, going so far as to ram his plasma cannon inside and unload it, the rotating barrels helping tear it up from the inside as the heat sinks burned it.
Ships began dropping down from above, doing strafing runs, dropping smaller caliber explosives, distracting the beast as he tore another hole in it by spinning his upper body, one shrouded cannon arm striking the beast and ripping in, just as a gunship fired a Cleaner into it, just before it healed.
A burning flash of light, a horrific scream from the beast as it howled, body jerking as the explosive did its job…. Before it swung down, still alive, though just barely, it's armor shattering rather then buckling on the next strike from Caliburn, a facsimile of a uppercut, before the barrels let loose again, even as the plasma cannon dumped bolt after bolt into its lower body, searching for, burning the neural clusters as he found them.
The beast wrenched itself away from his grasp, snarling as it looked at him, the beast snarling as it tried to heal from the most recent injuries.
Caliburn felt his crew snarling back, his cannons swiveling around as they gave their response in munitions as he lumbered forward, the ground shaking from his steps and the escape ships erupting out of the ground around them, his rotary cannon screaming as it fired, the MAC on the other arm barking as he hit it again and again as it charged forward.
The beast no longer cared for its injuries, all it cared was to take the metal monster before it down, spitting acid out of it as it tried, and failed, to blind the machine, even as said machine swung its smoldering plasma cannon up and brought down the burning barrels down on its head, smashing it into the ground, pinning it there as it's crew continued shelling it out ruthlessly.
Caliburn refused to let the beast survive, he refused to let the thing get to the civilians. His crew snarled their agreement as the beast tore the pinned head off its body, even as it burned away to nothing, and tried to charge again, blindly, only to smash against the MAC arm and receive a pair of heavy slugs to the neck stump for its troubles, sending it somersaulting back, trying to reform its head.
It was much, much smaller now, now matching Caliburns size, due to all the biomass loss, it's head reforming as it snarled.
Caliburn seemed to roll his pauldrons and twitched his MAC, as if saying 'come at me'. The beast howled and charged forward, razor sharp tentacles erupting from its sides, whipping about wildly, only for turret crews to blast the tentacles off at the base, and for his artillery crews to shell it down from above, flattening it into the ground again with explosive shells.
Again, the beast began pulling itself out of the ground, only for another strafing run from aircraft , this time dropping standard napalm canisters onto the beast, making it howl as it healed around the canisters, and began burning from within.
It thrashed and writhed, tail and body whipping about, even as Caliburn kept firing, not letting up, shells puncturing the chitin bubble it was trying to form around the napalm to contain it, keeping it burning into the beasts body.
At last, the beast tried to fling itself at Caliburn, thinking that it could at least burn out the mechanical monster with it, only for Caliburn to swing and strike it, flinging it away again, the beasts body unable to get back up, and laid there, slowly burning away at last……………
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2023.06.04 16:05 derangedlunatech 2017 Sonic 1.8, occasional smoke screen

As title says, 2017 Chevy Sonic 1.8L engine. Most of the time it runs fantastic, but sometimes (typically at highway speeds going up hill) it'll start stumbling and blowing a huge smoke screen. Seems to happen more frequently in warmer weather than colder. Pull over let it sit for a few minutes, and it's just fine. Also of note, after a rough episode yesterday I have some oil in the tailpipe.
Most of the time I get no codes. On those occasions when I do get codes, I have seen (no consistency) multiple cylinder misfire, crankshaft position, or P00011.
The inconsistency of this really has me stumped. Sometimes it will go weeks with no problems, then have problems for a few days, then back to weeks of no problems. The randomness makes me think it's not seals or rings. No milky oil. PCV, coil pack, and thermostat all replaced within the last year
Any thoughts?
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2023.06.04 16:03 KinkyColorado58 22 [M4F] #Colorado I hate Dating apps

22 [M4F] #Colorado I hate dating apps
Hey hey. So I've never posted or really browsed this forum seriously besides once or twice in the past but I'm bored thought I'd give it a shot. I hate dating apps, I've seen them crush my friends confidence and egos and I never really enjoyed the monetized nature of it. Im social and make friends easily when out and about but the idea of trying to spark up a conversation with someone I find attractive feels like an impossible hill to climb without either bothering them. I consider myself decently attractive. I've lost 30 pounds since the start of the year and I've become pretty proud of how Iook. I go to the gym whenever possible despite my work schedule interfering. Im a cook and I've worked in the industry for 3 years, it's brutal, its stressful,does not pay well, likely bad for my health, but... I love it. Maybe its like a masochistic side Im not aware of but getting absolutely killed for hours just to survive and stand there thinking I just did that shit hits a level of satisfaction that just works for me. Im the "funny friend" in most of my social circles but honestly just try to make myself laugh so its not gonna work unless you find my humor tolerable. I haven't personally asked but I'm willing to bet I'd get pretty good reviews on what dating me was like from my exes. I pride myself on not being an asshole and surpassing the bare minimum. Im really bad at these types of post so hopefully this isn't too rambley and is legible.
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2023.06.04 16:02 Metal_Florida Day Y. Florida rock community’s top voted song starting with Y

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2023.06.04 15:56 wdmcarth Daily Bullpen Usage: 06/04/23

Last updated: 06/04/23 09:56:33 EST


Note Description
Italics Pitched previous day or twice in last 3 days.
Strikethrough Pitched back to back days.
Bold Recent transaction.
L3:## Number of pitches thrown in last 3 days.
*** SP first start.
** SP yet to reach 5.0 innings in a game.
* SP yet to surpass 6.0 innings in a game.


ARI ATL Zac Gallen Miguel CastroL3:15, Andrew Chafin Scott McGough Austin AdamsL3:15, Kyle NelsonL3:19, José RuizL3:12, Kevin GinkelL3:23 Drey JamesonL3:45
ATL @ARI Michael Soroka* Raisel IglesiasL3:11 Nick AndersonL3:11 Collin McHughL3:7 A.J. Minter, Jesse ChavezL3:24, Joe Jiménez, Kirby Yates AJ Smith-Shawver
BAL @SFG Tyler Wells Félix BautistaL3:16 Yennier CanoL3:19 Bryan BakerL3:15 Mike Baumann, Cionel PérezL3:11, Keegan AkinL3:24, Austin Voth Bruce ZimmermannL3:28
BOS TBR Tanner Houck Kenley JansenL3:56 Chris MartinL3:30 Josh WinckowskiL3:32 Kutter CrawfordL3:40, Joely Rodríguez, Justin GarzaL3:45, Ryan SherriffL3:43, Brennan BernardinoL3:36 Nick PivettaL3:15
CHC @SDP Marcus Stroman Mark Leiter Jr.L3:13, Adbert AlzolayL3:6 Michael FulmerL3:24 Brandon HughesL3:13 Jeremiah EstradaL3:25, Julian MerryweatherL3:16, Javier Assad Hayden Wesneski
CHW DET Michael Kopech Kendall GravemanL3:21 Joe KellyL3:24 Reynaldo LópezL3:32 Keynan MiddletonL3:17, Liam HendriksL3:17, Aaron Bummer, Gregory SantosL3:12 Garrett Crochet
CIN MIL Ben Lively* Alexis DíazL3:13 Buck FarmerL3:6 Ian GibautL3:8 Lucas SimsL3:14, Alex YoungL3:16, Fernando CruzL3:23, Eduardo SalazarL3:39 Kevin HergetL3:56
CLE @MIN Triston McKenzie*** Emmanuel ClaseL3:15 James KarinchakL3:21 Trevor StephanL3:17 Eli MorganL3:15, Enyel De Los SantosL3:14, Sam HentgesL3:12, Nick SandlinL3:41, Michael Kelly Xzavion Curry
COL @KCR Kyle Freeland Justin LawrenceL3:31 Pierce JohnsonL3:21 Jake BirdL3:49 Brent SuterL3:25, Daniel BardL3:25, Brad HandL3:47, Matt CarasitiL3:33 Peter Lambert
DET @CHW Matthew Boyd* Alex LangeL3:15 Jason FoleyL3:15 Will VestL3:13 José CisneroL3:16, Chasen ShreveL3:13, Tyler Holton, Mason EnglertL3:21 Tyler Alexander
HOU LAA J.P. France Ryan PresslyL3:32 Bryan AbreuL3:36 Hector NerisL3:37 Rafael MonteroL3:31, Phil MatonL3:25, Ryne StanekL3:27 Seth Martinez
KCR COL Brady Singer* Scott BarlowL3:14 Aroldis Chapman Taylor ClarkeL3:18 Josh StaumontL3:26, Carlos HernándezL3:28, Jose CuasL3:18, Nick WittgrenL3:30, Jackson KowarL3:23 Mike Mayers
LAA @HOU Griffin Canning Carlos Estévez Chris Devenski Jacob WebbL3:26 Ben JoyceL3:41, Aaron LoupL3:22, Sam BachmanL3:38, José SorianoL3:12 Tucker Davidson
LAD NYY Bobby Miller* Evan Phillips, Brusdar Graterol, Caleb Ferguson Yency AlmonteL3:14, Shelby MillerL3:11, Victor GonzálezL3:5, Alex VesiaL3:8 Tayler ScottL3:32
MIA OAK Sandy Alcantara Dylan Floro Tanner ScottL3:19 Huascar Brazoban Steven OkertL3:13, JT ChargoisL3:18, Andrew NardiL3:13, George SorianoL3:61 Bryan HoeingL3:34
MIL @CIN Adrian Houser* Devin WilliamsL3:40 Peter StrzeleckiL3:14 Joel PayampsL3:18 Hoby Milner, Elvis PegueroL3:39, Trevor MegillL3:48, Jake CousinsL3:11, Jake CousinsL3:11 Bryse WilsonL3:41
MIN CLE Joe Ryan Jhoan DuranL3:26 Brock StewartL3:15 Jorge LópezL3:31 Emilio PagánL3:37, Jovani MoranL3:32, Griffin JaxL3:12, Cole Sands José De León
NYM TOR Kodai Senga David RobertsonL3:28, Adam OttavinoL3:17 Brooks RaleyL3:29 Drew SmithL3:8, Jeff BrighamL3:30, Dominic LeoneL3:9, Tommy Hunter, Stephen Nogosek Josh Walker
NYY @LAD Domingo Germán Clay HolmesL3:16, Michael KingL3:33, Wandy PeraltaL3:9 Ron Marinaccio, Albert AbreuL3:17, Tommy KahnleL3:29, Jimmy Cordero Nick Ramirez
OAK @MIA Paul Blackburn** Trevor MayL3:8 Shintaro FujinamiL3:19 Sam MollL3:5 Richard LoveladyL3:20, Lucas ErcegL3:47, Austin PruittL3:23, Sam LongL3:39 Ken Waldichuk
PHI @WSN Ranger Suárez Craig KimbrelL3:23 Seranthony DomínguezL3:10 Matt StrahmL3:63 Gregory SotoL3:29, Connor BrogdonL3:19, Jeff HoffmanL3:23, Andrew VasquezL3:42, Yunior MarteL3:27 Dylan CoveyL3:27
PIT STL Rich Hill David BednarL3:31 Colin HoldermanL3:45 Dauri MoretaL3:20 Jose HernandezL3:15, Yohan RamirezL3:11, Yerry De Los SantosL3:16, Angel PerdomoL3:33 Rob ZastryznyL3:22
SDP CHC Ryan Weathers* Josh Hader Nick MartinezL3:14 Steven WilsonL3:26 Tim HillL3:14, Tom CosgroveL3:33, Brent HoneywellL3:15, Domingo Tapia Drew CarltonL3:23
SEA @TEX Bryce Miller Paul Sewald Justin Topa Trevor Gott Matt BrashL3:15, Gabe SpeierL3:9, Tayler SaucedoL3:39, Matt FestaL3:23 Chris FlexenL3:51
SFG BAL Anthony DeSclafani Camilo DovalL3:13 Tyler RogersL3:9 John BrebbiaL3:11 Taylor Rogers, Scott AlexanderL3:2, Ryan Walker, Luke Jackson, Jakob Junis Sean Manaea
STL @PIT Miles Mikolas Ryan Helsley, Giovanny GallegosL3:20 Jordan HicksL3:9 Andre PallanteL3:17 Génesis CabreraL3:17, Drew VerHagen, Chris StrattonL3:13 Steven MatzL3:23
TBR @BOS Taj Bradley* Jason AdamL3:14, Colin PocheL3:25, Kevin KellyL3:4, Jalen BeeksL3:37 Robert StephensonL3:7, Jake Diekman, Shawn Armstrong, Calvin FaucherL3:15 Cooper CriswellL3:28
TEX SEA Nathan Eovaldi Will SmithL3:7 Grant AndersonL3:14 Brock Burke José LeclercL3:35, Jonathan Hernández, Josh SborzL3:21, Cole RagansL3:14 John KingL3:30
TOR @NYM Yusei Kikuchi Jordan RomanoL3:22 Erik SwansonL3:34 Nate PearsonL3:16 Tim MayzaL3:6, Trevor RichardsL3:16, Adam Cimber, Yimi García, Anthony Bass Jay Jackson
WSN PHI Trevor Williams* Kyle FinneganL3:34, Hunter HarveyL3:16 Carl Edwards Jr.L3:20 Andrés Machado, Mason ThompsonL3:11, Chad KuhlL3:24, Erasmo RamírezL3:18 Thaddeus Ward


Date Team Player Category Description
6/3 LAA José Soriano PROMOTION Recalled from minors
6/3 BOS Brennan Bernardino PROMOTION Recalled from minors (27th man)
6/3 BOS Brennan Bernardino PROMOTION Recalled from minors (27th man)
6/3 NYY Nick Ramirez PROMOTION Recalled from minors
6/3 TBR Shawn Armstrong INJURIES Activated from 60-Day IL
6/3 TBR Cooper Criswell PROMOTION Recalled from minors (27th man)
6/3 TOR Jay Jackson PROMOTION Recalled from minors
6/3 LAD Tayler Scott PROMOTION Recalled from minors
6/3 PIT Yerry De Los Santos PROMOTION Recalled from minors
6/3 PIT Angel Perdomo PROMOTION Contract selected from minors
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2023.06.04 15:56 sweetboyauthor Unexplained Things --- 3

Things were exactly how they were described when Anina and her team landed on Zeroria. They had taken two days to prepare for this journey. They spent the first-day watching videos of the first settlers, the Reformers, and how they thought it was survivable for months. After that, they had all the details of how things went back then: Each day, the people of Eligius 2.0 documented their experience on the planet and sent the video to an Alpha station until one day — three months after they first landed — the people began to die. According to the last videos, the possible cause was the air.
Anina took a deep breath before she unstrapped herself from the seat. The other shuttle had landed four hours ago, and the team was waiting for them. Now that the second shuttle, Elegius 098, had landed, the Team A members were coming down off their shuttle and waving at them.
Their shuttle was called Eligius 098, and the other one was called Eligius 099. There were ten of them on each of the ships.
It was designed to survive an alien attack and move fast when chased. It was designed for exploration, too. It had a medical bay, a kitchen, a conference room, the flying patch where everyone would get strapped for flying, and bedrooms that could fit about a hundred people if they used bunk beds but fewer if a person had a room to themselves.
Anina smiled as she watched Candace get out of their shuttle. She was the medical practitioner on Team A, and Dr. Muhammad represented Team B. They had their simple instructions. They need to explore the planet, locate the ship used by the first humans, extract the resources they had with them, and return to Adventurer within seventy-two hours.
“Listen, up,” Parker said. He was standing already and holding a map on a piece of leather in his hand. “Our team is going to find the location of the Eligius 2.0, and we will return with everything we can find. I need the doctor and everyone else to come with me.”
Anina nodded to his instructions. Anina was the only one left to step out of her seat. Piloting the ship wasn’t a joke, after all. Her legs were still jerking. This was her first time landing a ship. Though she had Jerry as her partner, the experience was still wild.
“Anina,” Parker called. “You remain here, and we will go get the items.”
Anina frowned. She had come here to babysit the ship. “No, I’m coming,” she said.
Parker turned to face her fully. “We have two engineers on this ship. We can’t afford to let the two of you out there. It’s too risky.”
Anina glanced at Jerry and felt sad. First, it was because she was a woman. It was because she was still an amateur at piloting the shuttle.
“I will stay,” Jerry intervened. He sat back down and nodded. “You go,” he said to Anina.
“Thank you,” she managed to say with a smile.
Parker glanced at both Anina’s and Jerry’s faces. He wanted to protest but changed his mind and shrugged. “Now listen up,” he said, “Confirm your suits are intact. Your oxygen tank. Before we head out there, you should be sure you are not open to breathing….” As he spoke, he checked himself, looking at all the signals on his wristwatch.
Anina checked her watch, too. Each of the things she needed to check was displayed. The device’s main screen showed the state of her oxygen and mask. When she clicked the button on the side, the watch showed another interface, displaying her location and temperature and what direction would lead to a drop or an increase in temperature.
The temperature inside the shuttle was average at 27°C.
Anina glanced at the inner corner of the Space Shuttle, which showed the outside temperature as — 184 °C.
After the checking, they all joined three cars. Parker and Christian first walked out to see the exterior, then returned to the ship’s garage and stepped into the cybertrucks.
The cyber trucks were cars with super-powered engines. They mainly relied on solar energy from batteries. As said in the years before, they were designed to survive alien attacks. So they were bulletproof. Throwing heavy objects wouldn’t produce any worse damage besides the sound of a heavy object hitting the stainless steel used in creating their bodies.
Anina sat in the back seat of the first car that led the way out of the shuttle with four people in it — Parker, Hernandez, Anina, and another man called Christian, who drove the vehicle. They went in the north direction. First, they would check the ship that had been abandoned for a hundred years. The last humans had a home, too. They would check it and make videos of the situation. Then, they would fetch everything they could get into their cyber trucks. They were meant to bring back parts of the Eligius 2.0 machine, deposits of extracted minerals, recorded research on the extractions, and possibly plant samples. Anina extremely doubted there would be foodstuff, but it could be possible if they were well-preserved and the solar power had kept the machine working for that long.
On the other hand, Team A headed south of the spot they had landed while Anina’s team headed north. Christian was driving while Hernandez and Anina were in the rear seat.
The landscape was a vast plain land of snow and smoke. In the distance, you could see large or tall walls of snow. Some were long and giant and hid the landscape behind them. Parker held onto the map and read it, holding onto the iPad, which had the same video of the first humans on this planet, the same video everyone watched before starting this journey.
After some minutes of driving, Parker got up, opened the top of the cyber truck, and launched a drone. Anina brought out her Ipad from my bag and watched the drone’s direction on the screen.
Everything looked the same. There were hills and mountains all covered in snow. No sign of plants or trees. This place could have been a desert in previous years. But according to the stories, it was the snow that changed everything. The plants and trees would die in the winter and return in the spring. It would only take a week or less for a land area to be filled with trees and bushes.
They continued for an hour or two, driving up and down hills, navigating around rocks and frozen waterscape. They went between gorges and under dark tunnels.
“We are close,” Parker announced two hours later.
Anina stared at the screen again to see what he was talking about, but she couldn’t see anything that showed they were close. There was nothing to show signs that humans ever existed here. The only movement was small blocks of snow falling off from the top of giant or snow-molded rocks. She looked up at Parker and saw him holding onto a telescope.
“Turn left and maintain the lane,” he commanded.
Anina glanced at the front of the car. There were metal pegs with white and yellow and white colored bottoms. These were the ideas they used years back to guide people on which parts to follow and which ones were dangerous. Yellow and white bottom pegs were signs to show it was safe to follow this part.
The cyber truck kept going and drove past the first peg. Then, they came across the next one on the other side of the car. Great. It meant they were on track. The longer they moved, the more pegs they came across. Then gradually, they came to the location of the first humans.
An abandoned ship was there; some feet away was a cave with the USA flag under the entrance.
The cyber truck stopped, and Anina and the other occupant exited the vehicle. It was the first time she stepped out of the car and set foot on the ground. She wasn’t expecting it to be this smooth when she looked down. It wasn’t snowing anymore. Instead, it was like walking on a smooth, slippery, hard glass floor. She was tempted to kneel and tap on it. But this was expected. Everything could freeze this hard if the temperature were slightly above -200 degrees.
Parker came down, too, and the other cyber trucks parked around them in a circle. The occupants of the other vehicles descended, too, and came around in front of the spaceship.
“Listen. Two of us will go into the spaceship to see what’s inside. You wait for our command,” Parker said.
Anina nodded. They all lined in two lines and waited for some feet away from the ship. Its name was Elegius 2.0. It had been abandoned for too long and looked out of shape. It probably used old systems, designs, and machines. Even if it worked, no one could fly it in this group. Not Jerry, not herself. They would need another tutorial to understand it.
Most of the body was covered in heavy snow. Unless they could melt those things, there was no way they could move this ship with the load of ice on it.
“Team A, come in,” Parker commanded through the radio.
Anina started walking into the spaceship that second. She got to the entrance and climbed in through the stairs. She walked through the corridor and some doors and headed to the cockpit. As she went further, it became a lot darker. She turned the lights on on her suit. The light on her glass helmet turned on so she could see better. The suit had other sources of light behind and all over the body. It was a brown colored suit, but with the lights on, it was glowing with yellowish lights.
She got to the door of the pilot control area, pushed the door open, and there, she saw dead devices with cracked screens. She saw abandoned clothes hung on the side of the chamber with name tags. She walked carefully and towards the front. She had read about Eligius 1.0 and 2.0, but it was brief. When she was learning about spaceships, her tutor taught her about Eligius 2.0. She could sit in one of these machines and try her hands at it.
She strolled around the front. She noticed a red light indicator, which showed the red blinking light. The battery was in good condition. She smiled, moved her hand around, and read each button’s description. It differed greatly from their modern version, the new Eligius 098. But it was a lot bigger and required more skills. The modern version was programmed and could maneuver itself when the weather was calm, stable, and predictable, but the Elegius 2.0 wouldn’t.
But who knows? She hadn’t tried one.
She knew the start button, the one in red. It was a lot bigger than the others, and the power sign was on it. She knew it. She wanted to press it.
She did.
The light came on everywhere on the ship.
She smiled, feeling proud of herself. Then, she looked around as the area became bright and lit; everything with an electronic screen came alive.
“Welcome to the Eligius 2.0,” a female voice said, “Please ensure all safety precautions are followed.”
Anina scoffed and stared at the ceiling as if expecting to see the face behind the voice-over. “You are not dead after all,” she said.
The sound of her radio cracked, and she glanced to wait for what Parker had to say. “Thank you for showing you know this ship more than we do. We really need the light. But get your ass down to the store. We have a lot of items to move.”
Anina kept quiet. She was still smiling at herself for keeping the light on.
Parker’s voice broke out of the radio again. “Anina, are you there? Anina, come in.”
She answered her radio. “I’m on my way, Sir.” She turned around and walked off the cockpit.
Then, she heard a loud noise, like something massive falling in the distance. The noise continued for a few seconds, ten or more seconds, before a heavy crash came. It shook the whole place; even the Elegius bounced for a second or two.

Part Two
If you like Mafia romance, check out Saved on Amazon Kindle.
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2023.06.04 15:55 Cheetah_sperm_1999 22 [M4F] India , looking for someone who i can click with for long term and relate with

I am a bit social anxious and wish to get out of comfort zone and open up to find new people all around the world . I am looking for someone who i can talk to and we both can share things together like talking , gaming , hobbies etc stuff . Most people just ghost or get in for short term so it would be great if we both are looking for same thing which is long term bonding .Below are somethings that I like doing which will make you familiar with my interest and hobbies :
Anime/manga :::
I love watching anime/reading manga. A few of my favorites include Attack on Titan, One Piece, Berserk, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (but only until part 3), and other shonen. I also recently started watching Mob Psycho 100. I like anime cuz its plot and overall atmosphere seems very unique to me that no other form of media can match . Plus its a great way to kill time :)
Videogames :::
A few videogames I enjoy include the Devil May Cry franchise, GTA, and Elder Scrolls. I also play games on Fightcade such as Street Fighter, King of Fighter, Soul Calibre, etc. Although i love mostly RPG game because it gives you more freedom to do your own thing in the game world. Would love to make a game myself someday :P
Hobbies :::
My hobbies are few generally but it includes drawing but most of it looks like potato and other is playing musical instrument but i find playing music more easier imo.
If you managed to read this far , then you can take your time to message me and i will reply back to you and introduce ourselves and become great duo
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2023.06.04 15:52 Cheetah_sperm_1999 22 [M4F] India / Anywhere - Searching for a genuine friendship for long term

I am a bit social anxious and wish to get out of comfort zone and open up to find new people all around the world . I am looking for someone who i can talk to and we both can share things together like talking , gaming , hobbies etc stuff . Most people just ghost or get in for short term so it would be great if we both are looking for same thing which is long term friendship .Below are somethings that I like doing which will make you familiar with my interest and hobbies :
Anime/manga :::
I love watching anime/reading manga. A few of my favorites include Attack on Titan, One Piece, Berserk, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (but only until part 3), and other shonen. I also recently started watching Mob Psycho 100. I like anime cuz its plot and overall atmosphere seems very unique to me that no other form of media can match . Plus its a great way to kill time :)
Videogames :::
A few videogames I enjoy include the Devil May Cry franchise, GTA, and Elder Scrolls. I also play games on Fightcade such as Street Fighter, King of Fighter, Soul Calibre, etc. Although i love mostly RPG game because it gives you more freedom to do your own thing in the game world. Would love to make a game myself someday :P
Hobbies :::
My hobbies are few generally but it includes drawing but most of it looks like potato and other is playing musical instrument but i find playing music more easier imo.
If you managed to read this far , then you can take your time to message me and i will reply back to you and introduce ourselves and become great friend
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2023.06.04 15:44 FrankBlizzard [FOR SALE] 200+ records - Metal, Indie, Electronic, Experimental...tons of black metal, Sleep, Summoning, Sunn O))), Uncle Acid, Boris, Ghost, Rammstein, Ulver, Current 93, The Cure, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, MBV, Sun Kil Moon, Weyes Blood, Venetian Snares, Porcupine Tree and so much more!

Hey everyone, got another bunch of records for sale! I've added 100+ new items since my last post and dropped prices on others. Please feel free to ask if you have questions regarding specific pressings or need any clarification on condition.



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2023.06.04 15:41 KatMechante Datapack Loot Table Help

So I have a specific use case I'm trying to work out how to do but am uncertain weather or not can actually be done. So looking to see if anyone knows. Here is what I want to do: I want to be able to detect if an entity is killed by a sword or perhaps anything in the mainhand and if so don't drop any loot at all.
Can this be accomplished via datapack or if not I'm open to other suggestions as to how I may accomplish this as well. Thanks ^_^
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2023.06.04 15:34 Left-Magazine4819 I don't understand the Blackbeard theories

I think it was when Blackbeard fought Ace, he mentioned that his devil fruit had the power to nullify and I think absorb other devil fruit powers. That's how he beat Ace. That's how he took Whitebeards devil fruit, Boa Hancock and prolly Law. He absorbs their devil fruit from their body without killing them. So why do we have dumb theories like Blackbeard is three people that's why he can eat 3 devil fruits 😭
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