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if I wrote the series finale

2023.05.06 04:42 israelmbuela if I wrote the series finale

"Graduation Week"
The episode opens in Sikowitz' classroom doing a *silly* acting exercise. The bell rings; he reminds the class that there’s six more days of rehearsals until their graduation showcase.
The gang goes to lunch and discuss their post-HA plans. Everyone feels nervous and has different plans. Jade plans to study film but won't tell them where she applied to because she "doesn't like any of them ... except Beck, Andre, Cat and sometimes Robbie". Andre and Tori are planning to stay in LA and study music (but both feel high-key underwhelmed about it). Only Robbie and Cat are excited about starting college (Cat wants to study education and continue expanding her babysitting service with Sam and Co). Robbie tells them that he's hoping to hear from an elite tech school he applied to last-minute in New York, which upsets Cat. Beck announces that he's actually not going to college at all and he's going to focus on acting: in fact, he got a call to star in an independent film and will start shooting a month after graduation. End with Rex making a funny joke about Beck and Jade possibly splitting up and Jade picks him up and throws him into a bin. Robbie runs after him and the gang awkwardly laughs.
At the Vega house, Tori and Andre are jamming to a new song Andre wrote [OR they're jamming to "Countdown" again]. Tori brings up that she wished she never declined a record deal with Mason Thornesmith last year after the Platinum Music Awards (her parents wanted her to finish high school first) because she's afraid that that was her one shot. Andre feels similarly but assures her that everything has a way of working out.
Trina enters, coming home from a job at an old vinyl store; she's complaining about how much she hates it. Trina is taking a gap year (after having graduated last year) while she figures out her future after *finally* realising that she's not a great singer.
Suddenly, Tori gets a call from an unknown number and it's a new CEO from Mason's label. She takes the call privately, leaving Trina to annoy Andre by singing to him.
Whilst outside, the new CEO tells Tori that they were re-watching her awards show performance and then found her Splashface page: "I was so happy to see that you're still singing. I can't believe Mason let you go with all that talent. Are you currently with any representation?" Tori screams that she's a free book and this CEO is adamant on having a meeting with her. She comes back in smiling but then is shocked to hear Trina's bad singing. Andre sees Tori come back in and says "you can deal with her" and then runs home.
[Tori tweets to The Slap:
"I just got some great news!!! ALSO, Trina is so good at hurting my ears :("
Feeling: Mind-blown]
Next, we flash to Nozu and Beck, Jade, Cat and Robbie are eating at a table. They're all lowkey arguing because Jade is worried about splitting with Beck, and Cat wants Robbie to stay in LA. Tori walks in, greets them, but says she can't sit with them because she's busy, which they find weird. Tori meets with the new CEO [enter famous female, BRITISH celebrity] and they chit-chat [*enter funny and completely Nickelodeon-type reason for Mason leaving his job*]. This woman wants to sign Tori, even willing to offer her major creative control over her music. Whilst they're talking, the others start arguing really loudly and Mrs Lee (restaurant owner with the untalented daughter) comes in and tells them to shut up or get out. This commotion interrupts Tori's meeting with the CEO and she embarrassingly responds like she doesn't know who they are. Cat and Robbie come up to Tori immediately and tell her that they're going to her house later to rehearse + chill. Tori awkwardly agrees, laughs them off and tells them to go away.
The CEO then tells Tori that the label's HQ is now based in Atlanta. If she agrees to sign (within 48 hours), Tori would have to move there to start working on her first album *the day after Graduation day*.
[Scene opens with Tori tweeting to The Slap:
"It's always a weird time at Nozu. I'm ready to take my sushi home and think seriously about life"
Feeling: Pensive]
Now back at home, Tori is surprised to see the entire gang, forgetting that she agreed for them to rehearse there and play poker afterwards. Tori goes upstairs to her bedroom (which we see for the first time) and she asks her parents to come in and talk about the meeting. Her parents are reluctant to let her move cross-country by herself. While they're discussing, Trina overhears (she's coming to tell Tori to hurry up because everyone's waiting for her downstairs). She jokes that she should become her manager and go with her, which the parents suddenly agree to. Both sisters laugh at the plan because it was only a joke but then Trina starts to fight for it, insisting that she will quit her job at the Vinyl store and bring her stubborn and determined energy to being the best manager for Tori. Tori finally agrees but then realises she would be leaving very soon and doesn't know how to tell the gang who are literally downstairs chilling.
Tori goes downstairs and the gang are screaming "FINALLY, LET'S START!" [Enter more B-plot jokes about Cat and Robbie's, and Beck and Jade's drama]. Andre realises Tori's feeling nervous and asks her “what's up?” She tells the gang the news that she’s not going to college anymore because she's received a record deal. Everyone is surprised and *mostly* happy for her, and Jade immediately runs to give Tori a hug because she's *so happy* that she'll never have to see her again. She then immediately digs at Trina that "no one's calling you for a record deal" but Trina replies that she's actually moving with her and becoming her manager. During the festivities, Andre says he needs to go and *check on his grandma* and leaves suddenly, which Tori finds weird.
[Tori tweets to The Slap:
"Trina is my manager now? Oh and I'm moving to Atlanta!!!"
Feeling: Nervous]
Next day, Sikowitz, Helen and Lane are leading a rehearsal for the graduation showcase in the black box theatre, and Cat and Jade are practicing their final performance: they sing an acoustic version of "Give It Up". Their classmates applaud, and then Robbie gets an email on his big ass PearPad a minute later, finding out that he got into the tech school in New York. The gang is excited for him (Jade grills him about being too weak to live in New York) and Cat gives him a bittersweet hug and then runs off crying. Robbie runs after her and they have an emotional moment (two pretty best friends, they might kiss x).
Meanwhile, Tori speaks to Andre to see if he's okay and he tells her that he's super happy for her but he now feels really unsure about his own future. They have a small argument where he says that it's unfair that she gets to achieve her dreams and he has to figure it out alone. In this case, Andre walks off upset.
[Tori tweets to The Slap:
"Graduation week is becoming bittersweet :( Also, packing is a lot longer than I expected."
Feeling: Exhausted]
Back at home, Trina and Tori are packing and Tori says that she's nervous about working with a new team of writers/producers. And she feels bad about Andre because he's been so important in helping her grow as a singer. Trina says that she could write and produce with her but Tori quickly shuts it down LOL. She gets an idea!
Next, Tori is having a virtual meeting with the new CEO in her bedroom. Tori agrees to sign with the label only IF she can bring Andre with her as her executive producer. She also plays some of Andre's music insisting how great of a singer he is (e.g., Song 2 You).
After a few days, with graduation day in two days time, Beck is rehearsing his final monologue performance. Tori comes in and tells Andre that she spoke to the CEO and told her ^^^^. The CEO agreed to the plan AND wants to put him in touch with a friend she has at an R&B label when he gets there. Andre is so excited but tries to respectfully decline - "I wanna do this my own way"-type beat. But the rest of the gang pulls up to the convo and encourages him to do it, and he finally says YES (assuming his grandma is okay with it).
[Tori's final tweet to The Slap:
"Graduation day today! Everything's changing so quickly but I'm ready for the next chapter."
Feeling: Victorious]
It's graduation day. Helen is on stage in the big theatre welcoming the attendees. We see the Vega family, Andre’s grandma, and Sam Puckett sitting in the audience. The gang is in Sikowitz's classroom and he is giving them a goodbye and good-luck speech. After a hug, they start making their way to the auditorium. But just before they leave, Beck and Jade tell the gang that they've decided to break up. They love each other but are afraid they can't handle long-distance because Jade *finally reveals* that she's moving to study film in New York. Robbie revels at this news because they can hang out together but Jade screams "NO" at him.
Tori says "we're really going in different directions, huh? ... I'm gonna miss you guys". Cat starts crying and Tori tries to comfort her but starts tearing up herself. Then they all start low-key crying. Jade rallies them to go get ready for the showcase.
Scene pans back to Helen on stage and she welcomes the Hollywood Arts graduates of 2013. Tori is on stage, alone, and starts singing Make It Shine but then stops and says she wants to sing a different song dedicated to her friends. She takes off her grad robe and sings "Here's 2 Us" or an ensemble version of “Tell Me That You Love Me" and the gang joins in - they all have solo moments!
Audience applauds - we see the CEO clapping in the crowd too; the gang bows and then hug each other one last time.
Screen fades to black!
During the credits, the entire cast and crew is singing Broken Glass/I Think You're Swell.
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2023.04.10 06:41 ThisKid420 Adult Revival of Kids Shows Ideas

Since ICarly was able to successfully return to our screens with new episodes, I wish to hear yalls ideas on some for Disney or Nickelodeon? Here's some of mine.
Suite Life Of Zack and Cody/On Deck: Cody is a college professor who gets fired, and is hired as a professor by Mr. Moseby in the Tipton Hotel. Zack committed a crime which got him community service at the Tipton Hotel. Maddie is a single mother with a daughter. She lost her house in the divorce and is living at the hotel. London owns the hotel after her father's death. Bailey and Cody are not married. She does appear every so often though. Carrie still has her job and becomes a series regular again.
Victorious: Tori is a famous singer who finds out her husband has been cheating on her, and flips out on stage causing her career to fall. She gets a job teaching at Hollywood Arts. Sikowitz is principal and still the same. Andre is already a teacher himself and has a son going to Hollywood Arts. Beck does not work at the school. He is a famous actor, but visits Tori and the gang alot. Jade writes horror films and also does not work in the school. She is still dark. Sinjin is a janitor at the school and still weird. Robbie is the school guidance counselor. Cat also does not work in the school. She's still a babysitter. She mentions Sam leaving her for a motorcycle gang. Trina is still living with her parents and gets small gigs.
Jessie: Luke is dead and it prompts the Ross family to go back to the penthouse which is being sold. Jessie returns and they all agree to live together and pull the rent to keep the penthouse. Christina and Morgan get a divorce. Luke's death will be an emotional push for the series and will have emotional learnings from each character. Jessie is still an actress and will not be a Nanny again. Zuri is a manager for many famous people. Ravi is a science professor. Bertram is not a butler, he is in charge of the cooking and cleaning staff in the hotel. Christina owns the hotel die to Mrs. Chesterfield passing away. Emma's fashion business is failing, but she still gets some clients.
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2023.01.25 04:59 allycorn5082 I watched season 2 for the first time, here are my thoughts!

This is an update to my first post if you haven't read it yet
Beggin' On Your Knees: I really enjoyed this episode. I noticed the show barely has any plots about romance/couples besides Beck and Jade so I'm glad this episode happened. I'm mad that rider turned out to be a douchebag though. In conclusion, a good start to the season.
Beck Falls For Tori: Misleading title lol but I think this episode was kind of meh it wasn't bad, but it also wasn't good or anything. Just average. My favorite part of this episode was cat and her costumes lol
Ice Cream for Ke$ha: Again this episode was really boring and felt like the writers didnt know how to have kesha on the show. I was on my phone for most of the episode cause it was just really boring to watch tbh.
Tori Gets Stuck: Wow I had higher hopes for season 2 cause I really liked Beggin On Your Knees but this episode has to be the worst episode of the show by far. Literally this episode is Jade doing awful things to tori cause she's jealous about not playing the main character which makes no sense, like how does the school not hate her? how is anyone her friend after this?
Prom Wrecker: Wow Jade bullies tori again didn't we just see this episode (I like their performance of best friend's brother at the end though, ari's vocals are GOLDEN <3)
Locked Up: I liked this episode. It was pretty funny and it's nice to see them hang out outside school for once. I LOVE their cover of I want you back!! I also love the ending where they escape prison lol
Who Did It To Trina: WOW OMG ok this is probably one of the best episodes yet, I LOVE WHODUNNITS and this episode was kind of dark compared to every other one lol. Also the plot twist with rex being the one to cut the gimble was hilarious and terrifying at the same time. I love this interaction between cat and tori too: "And he was ok?" "no.." "But he's ok now right?" "no.. he's super messed up" LOL
Tori Tortures Teacher: Mehh it was ok I guess, I just think it's really weird for Tori to try to matchmaking sikowitz though
Jade Gets Crushed: oooh I kind of love this episode. Im loving that the show isn't afraid to experiment with couples but I am disappointed that it never went anywhere (like a heart-to-heart bwtween jade and andre). I think jade and andre would make a cute couple though. (also can someone post a link to the song she sings cause it is SO good)
Terror on Cupcake Street: This episode is so bizzare that it's actually funny and creepy at the same time lol, I really liked it but also like how do they end up in these situations?? Also sikowitz being arrested at the end was the funniest part of the episode hands down lol, my only problem with the episode is that it ends so abruptly
A Christmas Tori: This was a cute episode, It was kind of meh but it was fun to watch. I like the secret santa game they play, it's a cool concept for a tv show with a lot of characters. The song at the end is so good though and ari's vocals are FIRE as usual lol (i'm so happy she's getting more singing roles this season)
Blooptorious: Kinda boring, skipped it after 5 minutes

Season 2 was okay ig but imo season 1 was way better. You guys made it seem like season 2 was a lot better so i had high hopes lol but it's still fun.

Favorite ep: Who did it to trina (ofc)
Least favorite ep: Tori gets stuck

Lmk if i should continue with season 3 and 4
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2022.09.26 21:54 And_Jori Around a couple weeks ago, someone on the sub asked for our individual interpretations of a Victorious finale. I made a really long reply post and now I want to share it as an individual post. Hope you enjoy it!

Here’s my finale idea:
The gang are all at a table in the asphalt cafe, talking. It's their graduation day (but the ceremony isn’t until the late evening, so it’s basically a regular day so far) and while they’re talking, the topic of their future and what they wanna do when they leave HA comes up. The gang all take an awkward pause, as they realise they’ll be leaving after the school year is up (which is in a few hours) and before anyone can address the fact that they’ll be leaving soon, Cat interrupts with a story about her brother, the gang begin groaning as she tells the story.
We fade to the opening credits, a special edition, with the song sung by all of the cast and with some bloopers mixed in with the usual snippets from the show.
We fade back in and Cat is finishing up her story about her brother. Once she’s done, Tori then brings up how weird Cat’s brother is and how herself, Cat and Jade used his car to go to San Diego. Cat chimes with how she was the one who’s started the fire at Mona’s house and before she can reveal it, Tori interrupts her, with a ‘remember not to tell anyone’ look on her face.
Jade then points out how she wouldn’t have even driven Cat and she would’ve turned back if Tori wasn’t there to “annoyingly urge her to keep driving”. Robbie then says that he just noticed that if Tori wasn’t with the gang at the hospital a year ago to give blood, he wouldn’t have survived his car removal operation. The gang then all go quiet, realising how many of the good things in their lives wouldn’t have happened it it wasn't for Tori. The silence is broken when Tori jokingly says “Hey, how different do you guys think we would all be right now if I had never came to Hollywood Arts?”.
The gang all laugh at this for a couple seconds, before we transition to a shot of them all(except Tori) sat at the same table in the asphalt cafe. Robbie still has Rex, Cat doesn’t have a crush on Robbie, Jade and Beck are sending passive aggressive glares at each other (Tori wasn’t there to get them back together in S1xEp5) and André is trying to keep the awkwardness at bay. The group quite clearly unbalanced, and we see them go through an entire school day without Tori. (I’m leaving this part kinda vague, so you can leave it up to your imagination how they go through their day)
After seeing the gang’s POV of not meeting Tori, we cut to Tori’s life without the gang and Hollywood Arts. She’s going to Sherwood, still dating Danny (and they are both very clearly not happy in this relationship) and is kinda a shrugger of the school, but without the lack of free will. (I figured she would be a shrugger because she doesn’t feel motivated to try at Sherwood and therefore, reduces her efforts to just merely shrugging). We spend majority of the episode switching between the gang and Tori’s parallel fates and we even see Tori’s home life. (Leaving this part vague too).
We’ve now seen how the Tori and the gang‘s lives would be and we transition back to the six at the asphalt cafe table. The six are stunned by how much Tori has impacted their lives and are speechless. Before the six of them can say anything, Sikowitz runs through the cafe, yelling for all seniors to report to the blackbox. The gang all confusedly go and take a seat in the theatre.
Sikowitz goes onstage and surprises them, revealing all their parents and that the graduation won’t be at night, it’s happening right now, and that there'll be a big party after that WILL last until the night. The kids all get in their gowns, which they had to decorate and design themselves, and take their seats again. Before they start the ceremony, Sikowitz’s gives a speech to the entire grade, but we can clearly tell he’s aiming his words at the gang. He says he’s immensely proud of them and how far they’ve come, and that he’s never taught a finer group of people. He manages to get everyone in tears, he even manages to get a couple out of Jade! After this, the ceremony begins, each kid walks up and shakes Sikowitz’s hand, since he has been the head of their specific grade since the beginning. Once this is all done, the gang all stand together, huddled around the podium. They had prepared to give the speech at the ceremony that night and as they do, they all hold hands. (here’s the speech).
Tori- We are so proud of how much we’ve achieved throughout all of our years here.
Beck- This had been our second home for four indescribably amazing years
André- But now it’s time for us to go
Cat- We’re really gonna miss you, Hollywood Arts
Robbie- And you too, Sikowitz
Jade- We could not have asked for a better mentor, teacher or friend. We love you, Sikowitz
Tori- We may be moving on, but this will always be a home to us. We’ve learned so much, we’ve done so many amazing things, and it’s all thanks to Hollywood Arts. And as we move on, and grow up, we will never forget the amazing experiences, the once in a lifetime memories, the people we’ve met, and the amazing humans who have guided us along the way to finally….become….Victorious.
The room breaks into a deafening applause as we fade out on a shot of the gang throwing their caps into the air.
So what are your thoughts?
(Also, here’s the OG post- )
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2022.09.10 18:26 ELMZY123988 OMG! He/She was a villain the whole time?!?!?!?!

Okay I know they would NEVER have done this at all but in a finale if any Victorious character or protagonist turned out to then be a villain whether that is as of probably recently or was for a while or just now or has been since the beginning who do you think would turn out to be a villain? I have different reasons for being so.
Trina - reason being: jealousy of Tori - from the start
Sinjin - reason being: neglection - as of recently
Sikowitz - reason being: drank an out of date coconut and went on a destructive rampage
Robbie - reason being: Rex is telling him what to do - can not decide where to put this
Andre - reason being: somebody in their group (most likely Tori) has taken his place in some kind of big music thing that he has been training for his whole life and now his chances are completely ruined - final season only
Beck - reason being: he left the group due to their craziness this would (would later plan on ruining them due to being held back from his dream and therefore will dump Jade again)
Cat - reason being: her brother visited her and Sam and she hasn't recovered from any trauma left on her that day therefore she forgot to take any of her meds for a while and then eventually went insane - series finale (this would make for a dark finale)
Jade - reason being: LITERALLY TORI VEGA'S SIMPLE EXISTENCE! - since the start of the entire series

Tori would never be a villain just because but if any of you have any good reasons for her being so please write them in the comments below
Weirdly enough though I will say this. The one out of all of this who is LEAST likely to turn out to be a villain is actually JADE! For many reasons
  1. Jade is too obvious
Jade has been acting like the evil bitch of the group from the start so this won't give the viewers any surprise at the end
  1. Jade is all bark and no bit
Despite her HATING Tori's guts she would never do anything to physically hurt her
  1. Because of how Jade has been portrayed through out the entire series chances are she is mostly likely going to save Tori from something in the finale like a near death experience or something like that

Anyways yeah those are my fan made plot twists and my reasons for thinking those
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2022.09.10 01:31 ELMZY123988 Meredith - A potential villain

Not so long ago (or maybe long ago idr how long ago I made that whole 'Tori fixes Beck and Jade' post) I made a post on this subreddit saying how I feel the episode 'Tori fixes Beck and Jade' should have been an hour long special. Well one thing I forgot to mention about that episode which I feel needs to be spoken about is Meredith.
Meredith could have been such a good villain in that episode!
She could find herself becoming obsessed over Beck Oliver and do everything in her power to make him hers as she may reveal at some point of the episode that she has always loved Beck ever since her and him were in that play that Andre wrote.
Meredith could then get really mad at Jade as she knows about their past relationships (and yes I am making Jade Meredith's target not Tori) and tries to go on a little spree to do whatever she can to ruin Jade and her reputation. And yes all of this will happen WHILE Tori and Andre get Jade a new boyfriend so Beck can date Meredith but what if Meredith used this to her advantage and privilege?!
All of the "Jade being in hell business" will start to occur just after the confrontation between Jade and Tori and Andre including Beck in the janitors closet.
Meredith will still act like a 'total sweetheart' to everyone in school but when her and Jade are alone that is when she torments her and tortures her and it turns out that Meredith acts way worse to Jade than Jade has EVER acted to anyone in her whole life! And then like with that crazy Ponnie episode nobody in the group will believe Jade because they all know Meredith to be totally harmless even though Jade is the ONLY one who knows that Meredith "acts like the innocent flower but is the serpent beneath" when it comes to her.
Eventually Jade ends up falling out with Beck and not even being his friend anymore as she gets annoyed at him for not believing her and eventually Tori and Andre and Robbie distance themselves from her and Trina starts bullying Jade along with everyone else! Heck the only person Jade has left at that point is Cat! I don't know whether to make Sinjin still be a creep or start disliking Jade as well. And that is another point of this one, Jade starts to get bullied by everyone but unlike in the past where they never would they actually would bully her until Jade yells at them after being in school with her for so long they know that Jade is "all bark and no bite" so they just go on until she roars.
Eventually Jade almost leaves the school and plans to leave the school after she sings her "serenjade" to Beck after the moonlight dance (I think thats what it was called idr) and is a second away from doing so and while she is getting ready Meredith starts to bully her and all the times she has she has only been verbal and has only verbally and mentally abused Jade and socially destroyed her in an unfriendly mocking way and in an aggressive way but now after her performance she attempts to physically assault Jade and even goes as far as to take her scissors from her to try and terrorise them with it backstage just before her performance and that is when Meredith is FINALLY caught in the act!
It turns out that Meredith actually went in disguise as a unknown account on the Slap and started exposing stuff about Jade which is why everybody started bullying Jade also Meredith played the victim and said it was Jade bullying before all this mess happened but then this is how everybody found out it was her and that she was lying. Tori and gang (yes all 6 of them despite all of them apart from Jade not being dressed up for the concert) all go up on stage and get handed mics and they all sing an extended and remixed version of 'Beggin on your knees' and after the song they then get a huge screen down and EXPOSE the shit out of Meredith and then Helen comes out with Sikowitz and Helen expels her and then after that everybody walks off stage except for Jade (and her performance band of course) and only then Jade FINALLY sings 'you don't know me' and then from there the episode just plays out the same with her singing that song, Beck coming on stage and the two getting back together and then Andre's grandma cheering for Beck "GO GET EM BECK" I think she says and then Tori saying to Andre "you know Cat hasn't dated anyone for a while" and then Andre just leaving.
I think I may have missed a few bits from the last bit of that episode but hey! Anyways that's what I think should have happened. Honestly Meredith would have been THE PERFECT villain for that very episode, that and the episode itself being an hour long special I mean one or the other I would've been calm with but both of them at once just woulda been a double whammy! But either way I'm still happy and grateful for that episode as even though I still feel certain stuff could have made it better, 'Tori fixes Beck and Jade' STILL remains one of my favourite Victorious episodes of all time!
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2022.09.02 08:00 forceuser1998 zerkka looking like professor sikowitz from victorious

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2022.08.29 02:43 And_Jori Victorious Headcanon List

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2022.08.22 00:15 jjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeee i just finished the show. lemme share my thoughts

- i have to say season 1 was the best. the show became pretty shit especially in season 4
- bruh the best song in the show is take a hint don't even fuckin argue w me cause you know you're wrong
- my favorite ships: cabbie (adorable as fuck), cade ("you owe me babygurl" holy fuck am i gay?), tandre (how were they NOT A COUPLE), maybe bori but idk beck is a shitty boyfriend)
- my least favorite ships: bade (fuckin toxic), jori (even more fuckin toxic), cori (ehhh... theres no chemistry)
- best episodes: terror on cupcake street, a christmas tori, beggin on your knees, wanko's warehouse
- worst episodes: the hambone king (were the writers high or what) , the gorrilla club , the bird scene (boring as fuck)
- andre and tori are the best out of the friend group don't even deny it
- what in the name of sikowitz is up with cat's brother?
- victorious is better than icarly. fight me.
that's it. lmk if sam and cat is worth watchin
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2022.08.01 08:10 TenthBasilisk88 Why am I not seeing anyone talk about this?

Sinjin, that odd background character, actually went missing in the victorious universe. In Victorious’s sister show “Sam and cat” you can actually spot a missing poster with sinjins photo on it. (It’s in the episode #MommaGoomer on Sikowitz door.) When I first spotted it, it blew my mind because of how odd and out of place something like that was. Does anybody know anything about this? And was did they ever reveal what happened to him?
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2022.07.24 22:46 ELMZY123988 ''Scream' 'iCarly' and 'Victorious' style' Sikowitz and Trina and Sinjin and Burf and Rex are also options but there weren't enough space on the Powerpoint canvas. Does anyone remember these shows? If so who do u guys think are the two killers?

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2022.07.13 03:24 ELMZY123988 Twilight Saga Victorious style

Okay so I know this is like the most random post to ever come up on this subreddit but I've been rewatching some Twilight content and being the Victorious stan I am I decided to cast the Victorious cast as the Twilight cast (or the Cullens anyway) so here is the Victorious cast as the Cullens from twilight. Comment what you think and whether you agree or disagree
Tori - Bella
Andre - Edward
David - Charlie
Sikowitz - Carlisle
Holly - Renee
Mrs Ackerman - Esme (ik she's an iCarly character and a one episode one too but I feel like for some reason her and Sikowitz are compatible)
Cat - Alice
Robbie - Jasper
Beck - Emmett
Jade - Rosalie
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2022.07.07 00:01 99999999999999999699 Complete Archive

Hey! This is still a work in progress but feel free to check out everything! Bloopers and behind-the-scenes are not included.
The default quality is 360p so make sure to switch the quality to 720p in settings if you want a clearer video. If a video doesn’t load, try refreshing the page! (Yeah Google Drive sucks)

Tori Vega

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Public Service Announcements

Robbie Shapiro

Robbie's Reviews
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Robbie's Magic Show

Jade West

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Cat Valentine

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The Funny Nugget Show
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Trina Vega

Trina's Open Letters
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Sinjin Van Cleef

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2022.06.21 22:16 refdep My Second Semester Grades (Information Systems)

ECON 101 w/ Dr. Francis "Nick" Kelly
Professor Kelly is a kind man who truly cares about his students. He makes Econ 101 fun using pop culture references to explain complex microeconomic topics. The economic department is known for having terrible Professor, however Professor kelly is a true gem. There is tons of Extra Credit opprutinuties, and he is hilarious. He makes Microeconomics fun by incorporating a lot of creative assignments. Aslo, he is easy to talk to, and very understanding. He also brings snacks to class! Overall Great Professor. I HIGHLY recommend taking him for Econ 101.
Grade: A
ENGL 100 w/ Shane Mortiz
Professor Mortiz is like a dapper posh version Sikowitz from Victorious. He incorporates a lot of creative writing assignments into the circullium which I highly enjoyed, and overall is a great person. He is a understanding benevolent man who wants to see his students succeed. Highly recommend taking him for English.
Grade: A
IS147 w/ Shiva Sharma
Professor Sharma is awesome, he teaches you more than what you need to know for become a competent, well-rounded Programmer. You will utizlies project management tools such as Kabanflow, and use Git for version control for your group project. Also all tests and exams are open book, and straight forward. He is a chill guy, however, lecture can very boring.
Grade: A
PHILL 100 w/ James Thomas
Jim is a real life Sikowitz. This man is absolutely hilarious, and has no filter. Please take this class. I actually looked forwards to going to his lectures, because he is that funny.
Grade: A
MLL 305 w/ Dr. Arevalo-Guerrero
Awesome Professor who loves ranting. She is very energetic, and the course material is very easy. She is also very linenet in grading late work, and sometimes brings snacks to class.
Grade: A

Overall GPA: 4.0
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2022.06.09 16:38 darkshadow237 Victorious series finale

If Victorious got a proper series finale how would you plot it out?
Here’s my series finale plot.
Tori gets a invitation to attend a performing arts school in Paris, France that with some encouragement accepted the invite. Trina (who finally found her true talent), her parents, both former and current principals, Sikowitz, Jade (whose struggling to say goodbye to Tori), Beck, Andre, Cat, Robbie, Rex, Sinjin, and all the HAH students throw her a surprise farewell party at the Asphalt Cafe after she finished packing all of her things at home, and Tori along with Andre, Jade, and Cat perform Don’t You Forget About Me then during the performance switches to the airport with Tori on a Airloft flight to Europe by herself watching clips of her time in Hollywood Arts High as it ends with Tori writing on TheSlap her final update to everyone that we are Victorious, and Tori closes her laptop with the song ending as we watch Tori’s flight to Europe during a sunset.
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2022.06.09 03:54 maeveelizabee drewth

drew gives mr sikowitz energy from victorious.
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2022.06.01 07:12 Pure_Management_1414 Does Murray remind you of Sikowitz from the show Victorious?

Do you think the character was inspired by him or someone else?
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2022.03.11 19:01 SynthFrenetic [Update] I've finished watching ALL seasons of Victorious. Here are my thoughts!

Some of you might remember this post from 15 days ago, where I analyzed season 1 of Victorious and later updated saying I got an Amazon Prime access to finish the series. Well, here I am with the full thoughts!
If you haven't, I heavily suggest you to read that post because all my considerations will be based on those facts.

So, now I must say I loved the show. It's a bit hard to say this, but I don't have doubt I liked more Victorious than iCarly, and it's now, for sure, my favorite Dan show. For a little contextualization, I watched Drake & Josh, which was overall good, but soon lost interest in finishing it. iCarly I watched the entire series and was relatively perfect, but now I feel Victorious is even closer to being my favorite. Sam & Cat I've tried a few episodes (about 4) but eh, it soon felt I was just watching to reach the end. The only other series from him, which I remember from my childhood, would be Zoey 101, which I may catch on later, idk.
But let's get straight into the review.
My points regarding acting, episodes plots and being a more serious series, still stands up.
As I expected, the series finished giving more character development over the seasons. My point about having too many characters on the series still stands, but I think as soon as you have lots of episodes to watch, you don't really bother to think "Oh, [character] is missing in this episode"
About their age, I mentioned they acted a bit older than what I remember from when I was at their age. Interestingly, this also coincided with me getting into a classroom in person for the first time in about 2 years, and now I see our reality aren't much different, so the pandemic did blur a few of my memories. (I'm about 2 years older than most of the characters at the time/Circa 10 years and a month younger than Victoria)
Except perhaps regarding driving. In the US it seems the minimum age is 16, in my country is 18 and still, I'm 19 and don't feel ready yet. By the way, all this just to say those green screen car scenes were very eeeeh....
I won't dive into their characters personalities again as I don't really think my thoughts on them really have changed: Tori is that uncool friendly girl who I can relate, Trina the annoying older brother, André the wholesome best friend, Jade the Frenemy, Beck the supportive background friend, Robbie a peculiar character which I still have trouble to have an opinion and Cat the fluffy silly redhead.
Two other characters which I believe also deservers an honorable mention are Sinjin and Sikowitz. Not really much to say about Sinjin, but an interesting background character nonetheless. Sikowitz, on the other hand, was one of my favorite characters, which I think I'd even rank higher than a few from the main group. Other than saying he would probably be a weird but funny teacher, I like the fact that you knew whenever he got into the scene, he would make you laugh. I said similar things about Spencer on iCarly.
One thing I've also noticed is that the series, more or less, aged well. I think this probably is because it's the newest from the bunch: Drake & Josh, iCarly and Victorious, so cellphones and notebooks are extremely common things to the point an episode like "Cell Block" is as relevant as it was back in the day. Another thing is (hopefully) there's not even a need to update/remake the series, like you could argue with iCarly.
Other than that, another point I could comment is regarding how the series got more complex, especially on seasons 3 and 4. iCarly had a similar thing with more scenarios, and it was interesting on having other peoples posts on TheSlap, although it could become a little confusing.
But definitely, one thing which really putted the series down for me was the lack of a finale, despite most of the plot were finished by Season 4, even hinting m.ore or less what would happen afterwards, it definitely needed an episode for this: Tori and André becomes really close friends, Jade and Beck becomes definitive lovers again (although I believe they worked better alone), and they even tease a little of a Cat and Robbie ship.
Could also be intriguing to show (on the finale) more or less what everyone done after Hollywood Arts, probably Tori becoming a very talented and high selling singer, André maybe even an instrumental partner, or working on the same field as some kind of record label owner. Jade and Beck probably applies more into the acting field, possibly Jade doing some one-off singing appearance. I believe Robbie really missed the opportunity of doing some kind of comedy with Rex and Cat going to star Sam & Cat.

Oof, this might have been my longest Reddit post ever. Well, I think that's it, not really much to criticize and a lot to praise, I guess my favorite kids live action show now. I thought about writing what could have been of a reboot, but I don't really see it happening, the series needed a finale, but there's no way to do this in 2022. And a reboot, I also don't know how they would tie everyone in a way to make some sense, unless they change completely the premise of the show. Pros that the whole cast seems to be up to it, and I'd watch it anyway, even if a one episode reunion or a whole season.
If you liked my review, please check some of my other works!

Victorious (Season 1 only)
iCarly (Seasons 1-7 + reboot)
Gravity Falls
Sonic Boom
The Beatles: Get Back
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2022.02.22 04:43 TypeAffectionate Victorious Timeline

A long time ago, I decided to make a Victorious timeline. I was gonna go analyze every episode and give individual dates. Then I figured that'd be an extreme amount of wasted time. But with the help of a few episodes and some past posts in the reddit, I did manage to create a brief timeline.
Starting with season 1...
As Trina states in the Pilot, Andre is a sophomore. This would put Tori and her friends in the 10th grade and ages 15/16. I don't remember if Tori ever states how hold she is in the pilot, but in "Beck's Big Break," she says she is 16. If she wasn't already 16, her birthday took place somewhere between 1.01 Pilot and 1.10 Beck's Big Break. Andre, Jade and Beck are already sixteen. Andre drove to Tori's house multiple times in the early episodes and left by himself in 1.06 Tori the Zombie. Beck is seen driving in 1.08 Survival of the Hottest. Jade drove in 1.05 Jade Dumps Beck and 1.13 Freak the Freak Out when she steals Beck's car keys.
In episode 1.08 Survival of the Hottest, there is a heat wave in Los Angeles. In both 2010 and 2011, there was a massive heat wave in Southern California - September 2010 and August 2011. There's no way to accurately pinpoint the year, but telling by the episode number, that would put them in late September 2010.
In episode 1.19 Sleepover at Sikowitz's, if you look closely, Robbie's PearPad is dated as March; therefore, it is March 2011 when the events in that episode take place.
That's all the hints I got from season 1.
Moving on with season 2...
Tori is obsessing over prom in 2.05 Prom Wrecker. The prom usually happens in March or April. So the episode would be taking place in April due to how many episodes have taken place since Sleepover at Sikowitz's.
In 2.06 Locked Up, Jade says that there is a semester break coming up. It's a fancier way of saying "summer vacation". If Hollywood Arts is a year-round school, the quarter could simply be coming to an end and there is a few weeks off. So it is May or June 2011. Tori and her friends are still 10th graders at this point, as Tori says she is 16 when it has been a little over a season since she first said it.
2.07 Helen Back Again could take place in August or September 2011. The gang has returned to school; a new year, a new principal, etc. They are now 11th graders.
In 2.13 A Christmas Tori, Robbie says that it is December (and obviously the episode is a Christmas episode) so it is December 2011. That means that 2.07 Helen Back Again to 2.12 A Terror on Cupcake Street takes place from August 2011 to November 2011. 2.12 A Terror on Cupcake Street gives off a very Halloween-y vibe, so I'm going to say that one might take place either October or November.
That concludes the hints from season 2...
Now season 3...
There weren't very many hints (the show has never been big on details anyway). I just ignored all the silly episodes (April Fools Blank, Brain Squeezers, etc).
The Breakfast Bunch could've easily taken place in December 2011 or January 2012. The whole episode spans one day so in-universe, it could take place a day after the end of A Christmas Tori. In 3.08 Driving Tori Crazy, Beck says Tori is almost 17. That episode could've taken place February or March of 2012. And between DTC and Brain Squeezers, Tori turned 17.
In Robbie Sells Rex, Jade refers to the events of 1.14 Rex Dies as 'last year'. This could have multiple meanings. She could mean the literal last year (2011) or the grade they were in when it happened. So past Driving Tori Crazy, there's no actual way of telling if they have moved from being juniors and are seniors, or if they are still juniors in Robbie Sells Rex.
As for Trina...there's no way to tell. Maybe they are seniors in the last episodes and she somehow got held back. In one of the early season 3 episodes, Trina and Tori's dad mentions Trina going off to college in a passing comment. Due to Tori and her friends being juniors and in the 16/17 range at that point, she would be a senior. Sikowitz's refers to her audition being four years ago in How Trina Got In, and that further supports her being in the 12th grade.
Anyway, there's a 'brief' little timeline for the show.
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2022.02.13 02:12 Professional_You1585 Sikowitz from victorious, Lake Ontario, Dead Grandma, and a Breakup at the Grand Canyon

So my dream started off by getting kidnapped by sikowitz -from victorious- and my old seventh grade history teacher(they both gave creepy vibes). They took me to their basement and released hundreds of thousands of snakes on me; the objective being whether I could escape of not. Since this was a dream, was able to escape. Sikowitz responded with, “you’re free to go.” I grab my coat and dash out the door where I see someone I was friends with in eighth grade. They saw the snake and also started running but then sikowitz caught them. I took Sikowitz’ s car and started to drive (I was in eighth grade when this dream occurred). Anyways, the car had a lot of beach equipment and kayaks. The roads got swirly and then I started to drive in too of a wooden bridge. I completely lost the wheel and feel down into Lake Ontario. Thankfully i took the kayak and landed perfectly fine from that escalated height. I kayaked to a highway which went across from the lake and got out of the kayak. There, a black car pulled up and out came my friend from school. They had a message for me on one of those ant farm holograms. It was a message from my parents which said, “You have HIV and AIDS all because of that god damn phone.” Then I cry and go to this dark room with neon splattered paint everywhere, like a laser tag arena. My friend and I were completing an obstacle course in order to meet her dead grandmother. Eventually we did, and I’ve never met her grandmother in real life. Her family was banging on the door for us to let them in. We opened the door and I got transported to the Grand Canyon. There my uncle told my ex and I to break up. We did and I got sent to quarantine. This dream occurred on 01/05/2020. If anyone could do a dream analysis on this I would be grateful!
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2021.11.12 13:04 panashechd Victorious: The Movie

Victorious should have a one off movie used to tie up all the storyline’s and plot holes left from the original show. I’d like a situation where Tori is a broke aspiring musician who has failed to make it in the industry and lost all her money after being signed to a label that didn’t properly push her music. She can even be a one hit wonder who never managed to gain the same success and peaked in high school. I’d like a situation where Jade and Beck are married and have one or multiple children, but they’re constantly fighting and never seem to be on the same page. Beck is a huge movie actor who is constantly busy and has the attention of women everywhere while Jade, a stay at home mother, never has any time alone to be with her husband who is constantly travelling. She has dreams to produce movies and has dozens of scripts all around the house but never embarked on these ideas because she was stuck taking care of the kids at home so that Becks career could flourish.
Robby has become a massive booking promoter, he’s worked with so many musicians and is constantly being called to book big time shows and tours. I’d have Cat be a backup vocalist with a secret talent for songwriting, she considers going solo and doing her own thing but her label continue to underwork her and put her behind people they see as “more marketable.” They don’t see Cat as marketable because of her personality, they think she’s too unintelligent to be a pop star in her own right. I’d have Andre be a big time writer and producer (kind of like Leon in real life) who actually loves being behind the scenes and helping boost other talented artists. Then for Trina, I’d have her take over Sikowitz job as a teacher at Hollywood Arts after he is promoted to the school principal.
I’d have a scenario where Andre’s client is having their album release party in LA, where he invites all his old friends to attend. Long story short they all catch and up and figure out that they can help each other. Andre’s client does something at the album release party and gets cancelled, leading to booking promoters and sponsors pulling out, ultimately cancelling any hope for a world-tour after the album is released. Andre (with the help of Robby) is able to book an entire tour for his client. Andre then convinces Cat to break free from her label and work with him and his label where he can help develop her into a musician, while simultaneously making her an opening act for his client’s upcoming tour .
He then helps Tori out of her depression as he plans to have her be another opening act on his clients tour. They spend all their time together as he helps her make 2-3 songs for her to perform during the tour. This is when I’d have a relationship slowly develop between these two characters with them finally coming together towards the end. I think these two characters are too alike for them to have never had anything romantic occur during the show. I’d have a moment where Jade talks to Tori and Cat, a moment where Cat tells her that she can’t let Beck and his career stop her from achieving her goals something Cat is awfully familiar with. Then I’d have Tori talk to Jade about whether her mental health is okay and open up that discussion since that’s something Tori is awfully familiar with. Jade eventually confronts Beck and from here I’d have them either divorce OR Beck chooses to step out of the limelight and take a hiatus from acting to be an at home dad allowing Jade to pursue film writing and producing full time. If they don’t have kids I’d have them simply divorce but if they do have kids I’d have Beck take the backseat.
I’d have Robby join Andre, Tori and Cat on tour since he’s booking all their shows which would set up a possibly relationship between him and Cat. For Andre’s client that got cancelled I’d have him or her seem like a terrible person for the first half of the movie who progressive gets better and becomes more likeable as it continues, someone who we all root for in the end. I think this would be the perfect movie but I’m curious to hear other peoples opinions.
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2021.10.24 17:45 Dull-Western7187 Are we not gonna talk about how Lou Burke is Sikowitz from Victorious?!

I knew i recognised him from somewhere..this is an incredible jump from Sikowitz to extreme baddy lol
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