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2023.03.21 05:39 traumatized90skid I had some issues with some assessment questions, it seems like a lot of the questions appear straight up bogus?

So I recently participated in an autism study at a university/hospital where they looked at by brain in an MRI while I was looking at images of faces.
Now they emailed me and sent me an autism assessment to take as well that they forgot to have me do when I was there.
I took like hundreds of tests like this online by myself before getting diagnosed by two therapists, so I basically know all the questions.
But taking one of these again, I'm realizing how many of the questions are unclear or just seem to imply bad assumptions? Am I "just being sensitive" again? Lol
So these are some of the questions I took issue with and the responses that I emailed to the university:
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2023.03.21 05:38 Due_Bug7786 What should I do I hate my great job

I a student university male 20 and I just got introduced to a great job by my neighbor it a very competitive position and it pay really well and it match enough with my school schedule that let me get by it start at 7:30 and end at 3:15 I work 3 day a week full on Monday Wednesday and Friday every time I woke up to work i literally want to die no I mean that I want a car to hit me or something but there is nothing wrong with the work place my boss is nice I got free food and like I said it pay very well for a student stander my performance is getting worse because I can't focus on the job I mean I try my best but you can just do so much when you rather get your leg broken or smt but like I said there nothing I can complain about the job I feel so shitty for hating it also my neighbor say if I won’t improve my performance soon I will get fire they say I was good and doing my job but I not up to their stander if there any advice on what should i do that would be nice please
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2023.03.21 05:38 hopeisdreaming my group therapists breached the code of ethics and i need advice from people in the field?

i have been in group therapy for a few months and individual therapy for 3+ years
i have bonded with the two group therapists well seemingly. i was discussing how i go to the gym now, and they both were saying how they also have recently started. they said that we could go to the gym together and i felt a little unsure, but then they asked about what exercises i do and part of my routine is the 30 min workout area at planet fitness. they said they were wanting to do that area of the gym and didn't know how, and so i said we could go to the gym and i'd show them.
i am 18F, and these two are both in their 30's(both F) we went. i don't know, it felt weird and uncomfortable because they are both much older than me. they initially said they were just gonna coexist to not break the code of ethics, but they were talking with me fully. at the gym they asked how i felt about my group members. i gave my honest opinion on them, then they asked about one in particular- and he doesn't pay attention in group and i made a remark about it and they talked shit about him basically.
another thing - the individual therapists told me the code to the conference door (which my ind. therapist later told me was confidential) and then told me to lie to my ind. about it.
my individual therapist happens to be the boss at the office they are all in. so he is the one that could get them in trouble. this all felt very uncomfortable and unprofessional. please give advice. ¡like my group therapists and the last thing i want to do is get them in trouble, but i was uncomfortable about everything that happened.
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2023.03.21 05:38 Tcartsid 34 [M4F] Missouri/Anywhere - Looking for a fellow nerd or gamer

I'm single and looking to make a connection with a woman. I'd love to get to know you and see if we hit it off. I'm also open to friends to play games with as well.
I'm mainly a PC gamer and I've been playing a lot of Overwatch 2, Fortnite, VRChat and World of Warcraft. I also love virtual reality games as well. I'll play just about any game though so let me know what your favorites are.
If you are down to play something or what not then hit me up. My favorite form of contact is Discord.
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2023.03.21 05:38 ThrowRA_popsicle Boyfriend said he’s confused about his feelings 2 years in with me. I’m lost.

Hi all. Brief details: were young/mid 20s, been with my boyfriend for two years, mostly LDR because of schooling, he’s on the spectrum (big part of that is he has trouble understanding and processing emotions) and enjoys some solitude, we both grew up in abusive households.
5 days ago when I came home for spring break, stopped by his house to say hi since it had been awhile. He broke up with me, citing that he feels the spark and passion and excitement has disappeared. (Note here: we’ve both historically agreed that the LDR works well because he enjoys his alone time and I need to focus on school). He told me I’m still his best friend, his person, the person he has the strongest connection with, just that the romance has died.
A couple days after, we agreed to talk in this upcoming week after taking some space. He told me he’s actually unsure of his feelings, although he’s very heartbroken, and that we might work it out, we might break up. But, ultimately, we agreed that we wouldn’t make any decisions until we talk.
My request for advice is two part: 1) if he TRULY wanted to break up, be done, would he be so willing to talk? I’m asking because I can’t get a read on if he will be receptive or not. 2) how do I explain that in a long term relationship, the excitement naturally dies down over time and the relationship and love turns into a warm home, a safe space, with your best friend.
I fear that I’m being strung along, but trying to convince myself that he wouldn’t agree to talking if he was entirely uninterested in me. Also, I fear that because he has only seen and had unhealthy relationships before, he doesn’t recognize that our relationship is taking what I believe to be a natural course, so I believe that now that the excitement has died down, he’s potentially panicking that it means the bond and love is entirely gone.
I’m a terribly anxious person, I don’t know what to think or expect, and I just hope he will give me the time of day to let me talk and hear me out. All I know is that he is my best friend and someone I care for and love very deeply.
ETA: when we talk I definitely plan to talk about ways to revive romance.
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2023.03.21 05:38 Then_Traffic745 My (F31) BF (M32) suddenly thinks we’re too different

Kind of a long story and I’m sorry in advance as I’m not very good at writing out my thoughts. I’ve had very bad relationships in the past, my most recent (I say recent but it was more than a year ago) long term relationship being one of the worst. His reason for breaking up with me was because I didn’t exercise enough and we don’t have enough in common (he was really big on going to the gym and working out everyday). Before breaking up, he said let’s work on ourselves for a month or two and see what happens, With him, we talked a lot about living together and marriage so the break up, and his gaslighting and cheating (which happened during the one-two months), really affected me a lot mentally that I had to go into therapy and start medication too.
Skip to last October when I met my current bf. Due to my past relationship, I’m usually very weary whenever I start a new one but he has been one of the most respectful boyfriends i’ve ever had and we’re very open when it comes to communicating our feelings. We have talked about marriage often and our thoughts on marriage and family are very similar. I am currently working in Korea and my bf is Korean. Throughout our relationship, he has been encouraging to study Korean so that I can live more comfortably in Korea and also exercise as he is also into working out and he is worried that I get sick often ( i’ve recently gained a lot of weight from stress from work which has affected my health). I have been doing these two things often but sometimes I do not want to study or workout after having a stressful day at work. I have told him this too which he has understood. However, this past weekend, he suddenly started acting distant and last night he came round to my place and said that he’s been thinking a lot about our relationship and he thinks we’re too different and does not see me as a future spouse anymore (but during the previous week he did and told me he loved me a lot). I asked in what way and he said he wants things to be done quickly and doesn’t understand why I cannot, for example, lose weight or learn Korean more quickly. For me, I am willing to change for the better but I see change as a slow progress and it is not like I am not trying. He says that is the difference and thinks we do not match well because of that but I don’t think this is a big enough reason to break up over. I asked him to give us a chance and he said let’s try for one month. So I promised him that I would study more and try harder to lose weight. He feels bad because he feels he is forcing me to do this but I said I’m willing to change for the better so it’s not really force.
However, I am getting depressed about this situation the more I think about it. It feels very similar to the last long term relationship that I mentioned above and I’m afraid of what’s going to happen after one month. I can already feel my depressive symptoms coming back, such as lack of appetite, etc
I’m not really sure what kinds of replies I’m looking for to be honest but any advice/comments are appreciated.
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2023.03.21 05:37 SmallBallsTakeAll RICH KIDS

Im not in medical school. I had plans on going but never did. I was disgusted with academia.
Anyway my question to you guys who are medical students is how much do these rich students (parents with money who own business and are millionaires, not 6 fig kids, rich rich kids) impact medical school as a whole. Can daddy just toss a donation to the school if the student is having a tough time in say a program and the school get the director to make moves for the student for that donation? Does this happen? And how often. If you dont mind naming a school either.

Much love to all, hope all is well. Thank you to those that took the time to answer.
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2023.03.21 05:37 airyrice The irresponisibility and, simply put, stupidity of some of my peers amazes me.

I'm 16 and around a year and a half away from graduating high school. I may sound a bit like a boring and nerdy teacher in what I say below, but that's just because I'm amazed at the absurdity of what occured.
For some background, we had a school trip to another city where some of the really smart students decided to first of all, vape in the train bathroom, and second of all, drink alcohol gathered in one of the hotel rooms we'd bought because the trip required two nigths. That did not ruin or sabotage the trip, but got painfully close to that. (If anyone is interested, I'll make a follow-up post with slightly more details)
As soon as we got back home, the principal initiated an entire Nuremberg trial with everyone involved into the aforementioned activities. It got to the point where some people, or most, of those who had something to do with what happened back there, were banned from participating in any further school trips.
In my opinion, that's a fair punishment, because they threatened the school's reputation and could have gotten it into legal trouble, or at least problems with the railway company (due to the train bathroom smoking part). None of that actually happened, and the school got out of it all, but the students showed themselves as unreliable in these terms, so it'd be fair to apply something like that as punishment.
However, one of them did not think that. They started a literal petition. On a piece of paper, with all the formalitites (as if they were gonna hand it in to the principal and actually try to convince them something). The petition essentially stated everyone be allowed to go to the next school trip, basically cancelling the punishment assigned. But that just does not make sense, because as I've said, the punishment was pretty fair.
What makes even less sense is how my acquaitance, who made it clear that she wants to stay uninvolved (she did not drink nor smoke, so it does not affect her), was still literally begged by the starter of the petition to sign it, all along the lines of "for you, it's just a signature, but it'd greatly help our class".
Approximately the same thing happened with my friend, who was not only being pressured in a similar way, but it also led to a conflict with one of the stupidest people in our class (not being able to tell Mars and Venus apart stupid, that's a real story back from Astronomy class). They essentialy think that just because my friend does not want to sign a petition and has a differing opinion, he's immediately being aggressive towards everyone else and has no empathy. For who? For someone who comitted something our school openly considers an offence, and expects to not be punished in a fair way for it? Empathy is, in my opinion, mostly for those who ended up in dire straits due to circumstances outside their control. If someone, like my classmates here, however, did something, like drink and vape during school activities, probably very well understanding that it's something they can get punished for easily, and then still expect people to have mercy and empathy for them, they are just irresponsible and want to get away with everything they do.
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2023.03.21 05:37 FollowTheScript The wait felt like an eternity- My first sword. Albion's 'The Dane' Sorry for the poor picture, weather outside is horrid. Sword will be getting a proper photoshoot soon!

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2023.03.21 05:37 secretKinkk 36 [M4F] - Something simple and ongoing

Read this somewhere - For a discreet affair, its good to develop some kinda connection and its never totally no strings attached. I totally agree with this. Looking for someone with whom I can have a some strings attached relationship mid-long term. I'm single at the moment and looking for someone to hangout both inside and outside the bedroom. Interested in an ongoing arrangement - simple and drama free. Call it friendship or FWB or AP or whatever. Lets' get to know each other as friends and see if we have the chemistry to take it further. I'll respect your decisions and boundaries. I can host or come to you. Good Hygiene is a must, I'm clean and groomed. I have a lot of time & patience and I'm not looking to rush things. Lets’ take it slow, chat for a bit and go from there. I'm a practical guy and I expect to find someone similar who understands that reality is different from imagination.
Also, I've had some bad relationships in the past. So taking a break and not looking for any commitment right now. Like some folks call it, I'm looking for an ideal situationship. I'm not into ghosting anyone and this is not my rodeo. Body type, status or race doesn't matter. Will be discreet and expect the same. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to ask/discuss. No judgements. We are online for a reason and let us be honest to ourselves.
About you - Clean, smart and sane. Able to hold on to a conversation and communicate well. Mature enough to understand the current arrangement.
About me - I'm a 36yo single, stable and sane guy in San Jose area. Indian, 6ft tall, on the heavier side, clean, tested and vaccinated. I don't smoke and I drink sometimes. I'm educated and work in a tech company and I'm available in the evenings most days.
If you are still reading, thanks for your time. If interested, feel free to DM me.
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2023.03.21 05:37 Thin_Spell_1755 Ex boyfriend sending me mixed signals?

My ex (26M) and I (27F) split after trying to do things again… we had a lot of history and things just weren’t working out.
He told me that he just wants to be friends which I accepted.
I can tell that he has moved on or is at least trying to.
This past weekend was his birthday and we originally were going to go together but instead I came as a friend.
Well the other night, (after he sobered up) he started calling me babe.
He then told me he liked my face and we ended up having sex. Which I was okay with.
It was just odd because two nights ago he was very adamant on being friends and was acting distant.
He didn’t didn’t have to say these things to me in order to get in my pants because it was clear that we were already going to have to sex.
He also wanted to play music while we were having sex. Which is something I always liked doing… we also showered together.
I guess I was just confused about the whole thing. We also cuddled on the couch (per his decision).
Today before I left he kissed me.
I’m not really sure what to think here.
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2023.03.21 05:37 The_Savant_Seal Tracheal stent for a 1.5~ y/o dog with narrow trachea?

My dog Delta met with an internal medicine vet last fall after her soft palate surgery failed to improve her breathing. She was said to have a super narrow trachea and started taking bronchodilators (Terbutaline 2.5 mg) to help breathing, but it hasn't helped much either, so the internal medicine vet scheduled a follow-up appointment at the end of April with a bronchoscopy. I believe the idea is to do the bronchoscopy to check the nature of her trachea, if there is a sign of severe tracheal collapse, they will place a stent that very same day.

I am worried because it seems like stents come with a lot of associated risks - they could fracture, lead to infection, etc. And she is very young, it seems much younger than most dogs who get elected to do this surgery. When I had the initial consultation with this vet, it seemed like the first option suggested was to directly do the bronchoscopy, and trying out medication like bronchodilators to treat it was an afterthought that we ultimately went with because I was hesitant about the procedure. But it seems like other dogs with tracheal collapse may try to manage it with medication first, and getting a stent implanted is a last resort?

I'm also a bit worried because it is SO VERY hard to book an appointment for any kind of specialized vet service in Seattle, and I am paranoid haha this vet hospital may be rushing the procedure just to quickly treat her because they don't have time to go back and forth trying different medications. I'm not sure if I should try to get a second opinion elsewhere (and the consultation may take months to arrange, so well after this current bronchoscopy is scheduled), or if I shouldn't be so worried about the risks of implanting a tracheal stent for a young dog.
Please include the following information in the text of your submission:
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2023.03.21 05:36 drawnyt I got banned from my friends house

So I was going out fishing with my friends today after we were done I went over to my friends house to go and hang we were chilling for a while a then started messing around before I continue you need to know what this is so my friend has a nose from a character one piece usopp and it's kinda shaped like a dick anyways back to the story we were messing around and throwing it at each other telling him to suck it or whatever just hanging out no homo anyways my friend got a text on his phone it was his mom she was like you need to tell them to go and then he told us we need to leave we left and then fast forward later to today we go a text in the group chat from my friends number saying I can't believe you guys were being disrespectful like that just to get this out of the way im a very well mannered guy just act goofy a lot around friends and she also said that we were banned from his house just kinda annoying and now my friend is grounded for it I feel very sorry for my friend.
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2023.03.21 05:36 Massive_Lesbian Foçalors character analysis, and what it means for Fontaine’s archon quests

Okay so, I’m obsessed with Fontaine, very obsessed. To the point where I will scrounge for lore crumbs wherever I can get them. And through my journey, I’ve hit some interesting snags, all of which lead me to the same conclusion. The current hydro archon, Foçalors is sabotaging her own country.
Note: I refer to her as Foçalors because it’s more accurate to how her name is pronounced in game, in addition to hee hee silly French ç
Okay, switching focus back: where’s the proof? In this upcoming blob of text, I will just be labeling things I will be referencing and numbering then, so I can refer to it later in my analysis.
1) Fontaine has a waterline crisis 2) Despite heavy involvement from its archon, the country is still corrupt, as stated by its citizens and Liben. 3) Due to Foçalors’ actions, the oceanids have gone on strike/ put themselves into self exile 3a)Rhodeia’s quote about “Assasins from [her] homeland” 4) Her gemstone quote: 4a) "My ideals have no stains. 4b) I must correct you. 4c) People here bear no sins in the eyes of the gods. 4d) Only laws and the Tribunal can judge someone. 4e) They can judge even me. 4f) So praise my magnificence and purity.” 5) As stated by Nahida, she attends practically every court case 5a) Nahida also adds on that it seems like she just likes being there 6) Félix Yogue (Evermotion painting guy) and his mission to use his kinises cores for, in his words, “perpetual-motion” 7) The Hydro hypostasis drop states that “They say that water contains memories and willpower, and that these things can grow when bodies of water meld together.” 8) Dain’s quote in the Teyvat chapter video: 8a) “The God of Justice lives for the spectacle of the courtroom, seeking to judge all other gods. 8b) But even she knows not to make an enemy of the divine.” 9) The story chapter’s name, “Masquerade of the Guilty” 10) Repeated mentions of purity throughout hydro drops 11) As stated in the Vibro Crystal verification event, buildings are exploding due to failed experiments, and things are generally a mess 12) As stated by Bertrand, “The energy system there is very special, and no one knows how long it can be sustained. Thus, we must find alternative energy solutions before it all comes crashing down.” 13) Celestia is (seemingly) right above Fontaine
Alrighty, so now that I got all the puzzle pieces on the table, it’s time to fit the puzzle together.
So, I’d first like to establish that Foçalors is majorly unlikable. Her own chief justice throws shade at her in Nahida’s drip marketing quote, implying that she has an apathy for her citizens. Nahida seconds her unlikability, with the only nice thing she can say about her being that she has “an interesting personality”. In addition, both Dain and Nahida seem to think that she just likes drama (5a and 8a), which, uhhh, probably isn’t a very good trait in an archon. She also comes off as really entitled in 4a, b, e and f, taking a holier than thou stance.
And now, I’d like to propose that she is also really sketchy and is hiding something. Despite being in just about every court (5), and maintaining a close eye on her citizens, things are still going poorly? Now, this at first made me think of Raiden, but even she remained fairly distant from the people of her country. Foçalors is not, so she can’t even feign ignorance about her country’s plights. She also seems to be majorly hiding something, as backed up by 9, but especially 3a. She’s literally trying to kill her own elemental creatures just because they disagree, which is either really petty or really desperate. 2 also backs up that her actions are contradictory. In addition, 1 should be absolutely impossible, because it’s literally a nation called fountain run by a water god, and she without a doubt knows about this problem and isn’t doing anything about it.
And now I’d like to explain why the heck she’d do this. So, remember 13? Well, I think that’s the answer to all our questions. Celestia has its eye on Fontaine. The Perpetual Caliber is made from Khaenri'an tech, and the key word here is Perpetual. 6 implies that Fontaine is starting to take after Khaenri'ah, in terms of its technology at least, explaining why Celestia might be wary. I think that Foçalors is engaging in self sabotage in order to save her country from Celestial nuking. Foçalors believes she’s doing what’s best for her country (4a and b), in order to keep them in a state of 4c, where they stay as out of harm as possible from Celestia. In addition, 8b shows that she has a fear of Celestia, and so it makes sense that she’d do anything possible to keep them as ‘pure’ (10), and shift all guilt to herself. Her arrogance might just be a way to point guilt at herself, and I believe she’s turning herself into the villain in order to stall, or possibly prevent her country’s nuking. Because of the metaphorical value of 7, Foçalors is trying to keep her country as divided as possible, in order for them to never reach its full potential, as doing that would put them in danger. I also think she has control over the steampunky energy system, hence 12, where she keeps the machine working, but will turn it off as a panic kill switch. It would make sense that a god of water could be able to facilitate or harm the function of a water based system. 1 could be a desperate measure because things aren’t going according to plan, and she needs to stall her nation as much as possible while causing minimum harm. All in all, she’s not a terrible person, she’s got good intentions, but terrible ways of going about it.
Thanks for hanging in on this rollercoaster of a theory formatted like a McDonalds order. Let me know if this was too confusing or if you have any other ideas on the theory (or if I forgot to use any numbers of evidence lol)! Thank you for reading!
TLDR: Foçalors is bad but she’s not really bad she’s just a scapegoat.
Bonus crack theory: Foçalors killed the previous hydro archon with the datamined weapon deicide. The weapon says it killed an archon, and was made of sheer will, 7 suggests that water and willpower have a connection. And it would be funny to have a god of justice be a murderer.
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2023.03.21 05:36 Interesting_Cherry_9 Please help

Hi to whoever is reading this. I would love some help on navigating some of my issues. I suffer from a lot of things. I have PTSD, severe anxiety, bipolar manic depression(which comes in many shapes and sizes for me), I also have ADHD. I have attachment and abandonment issues as well. My PTSD comes from quite a few things (my stepfather abused my mom and myself, I was assaulted in high school by a male classmate, my dad abandoned me for 5 years, and I got out of an abusive 2 year relationship a year ago). When I’m entering either a panic episode or a bipolar manic episode, I am not able to identify that I’m in that state until after it’s passed and it drains the life out of me for the rest of the day, sometimes carrying out until the next day. It’s very hard on my mind and body. Sometimes it causes me to want to destroy everything in my path, and even the smallest thing can set it off. This causes a lot of bruises on relationships in my life. TLDR: my mental illness is getting out of hand and I need help on how to navigate it. I am looking for things that can help distract me, calm me, put me basically into a comfortable state that will help me not spiral and begin thinking the bad thoughts(we all know what that is) I’m looking for mainly activities to do. I’ve tried meditation and breathing and it doesn’t help me, my mind is too scattered to sit still for those remedies. Thank you all in advance. Thank you for reading my post. 🤍
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2023.03.21 05:35 My-depression-poster Choosing where to sleep is scary.

I’ve been living in my car for almost 3 whole months. I really thought I would be in a place by now… my main concern is getting wrapped up in a roommate situation and becoming dependent on that due to income relief.
That’s happened to me once before and it was a tough spot to get out of..
At any rate.. paying credit cards and late financial obligations hasn’t allowed much room to save. Plus ignorant spending last couple of weeks because I try to alleviate the loneliness by taking a leap into a social situation… it hasn’t ended well.. and I spent a bit more than intended..
it’s only helped to realize the true difference between solitude and actual loneliness.. I’ve been very ok in my solitude… the last.. few years. Now that I am attempting connection and failing… that’s tough..
So… I’ve created this situation that I should be working towards getting out of.. why even try to make a connection at such an unstable point in time..
So since I’ve realized just how bad it really is for me… I’m nauseous at the fact I have to find somewhere different to sleep every night.. I’m scared to be towed while sleeping… I’m afraid to get robbed.. somewhat.. I’m worried about getting in trouble if I encounter a police more than once.. I’m worried about my car getting damaged.. I sleep horribly… This just sucks… I hope I can really pull from my self discipline and figure this the hell out.. I just have to keep earning.. I’ve started delivering stuff to make extra cash.. but I also work a full time job.
And the little time I do get to myself is either trouble sleeping, or trying to motivate myself to do deliveries outside of time spent on my own moral imperatives.
That’s a good vent. sigh
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2023.03.21 05:35 No-Collection-8795 I (21M) want to continue talking to this girl (23F), but after asking her about a potential relationship. I’m unsure as to how I should proceed.

So I met this girl (23F) 8 months ago. Our parents are friends (and yes I know that’s not a good thing, but it is what it is). She started her PhD in Michigan while I’m finishing my bachelors in Wisconsin. We maintain close contact over text. She stayed at my parents place for thanksgiving and Christmas break and we had a lot of fun and our chemistry seemed to really work. I also want to pursue a a PhD and one of the schools of interest is the one she’s at.
Following the new year, I went to her place on campus and we had a slew of deep conversations. She told me a lot of very personal things. I also opened up and told her some issues that I have with anxiety and stress and she was very understanding and supportive. She then asked me whether I had a girlfriend before and why I didn’t have one. I answered sincerely saying that it just never happened. I didn’t push the subject any further because I didn’t want to know whether she had a boyfriend before, I honestly don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me what happened before.
I went away to start the semester and we frequently (almost daily) texted and spoke over the phone. I began flirting with her and she received it quite well and flirted back. She had an issue with someone stalking her and I was the first one she contacted, I tried to be very supportive and it meant a lot to her. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but we share Spotify playlists and she adds quite suggestive music.
She has been super excited for the summer and booked a flight to visit me on campus in May when I finish school. She also wants to go on a road trip because my summer internship is very flexible. She is also really eager to meet my friends and has said multiple times that she wants to meet them.
So I recently came home for break and I went to visit her. She was pretty excited about it and planned out the entire night. We first sat at her place and talked for a while. She got kind of embarrassed because I got her a book as a present I found a couple months back. My birthday was a week before and she felt really bad that she didn’t get a me a present but it honestly didn’t bother me at all. I also wrote a nice note in the book that she really liked.
We then went to meet her really good colleague/friend (and her colleague’s boyfriend) at a pub. On the way there I side hugged her while we were waiting for cross walk. She smiled but didn’t say anything. We had a lot of fun with her friend and drank a little bit. Apparently she spoke about me to her friends many times which I found cute. After that we went to her place and we began talking again, but this time about some pretty deep stuff. She started asking me a lot of questions like: if I had a partner how would I deal with disagreements? If I had a partner who’s parent (singular) is disagreeable how would I manage that? And she asked me about when I want to have kids and when I would want to get married? I responded to all of those questions earnestly and she agreed with all of my responses. I then told her directly that I really cared about our relationship. I took her by the hand and looked her in the eye and let her know that she mattered to me. She smiled and responded saying she cares as well. She later told me that she was in a relationship for 6 years and she ended it due to long distance issues and other issues. I believe the other issues have something to do with one of her parents because she confessed to me that one of her parents acts very childish. I think that meant that she wasn’t big into long distance stuff and that there might be some other underlying issue, but I don’t want to overspeculate. Not exactly sure but I don’t think that’s a red flag for her as a person, she’s very honest and forthcoming. I think it also might give context that she said that she only looks for long term relationships, which I am very cool with.
I first slept on the couch to respect her privacy because I don’t want to drastically test boundaries. She then told me to come to her bed and we slept next to each other (no sex). The next morning I followed up on the questions that she asked and asked whether they were allegorical. She said no and was just purely interested in knowing. I then asked about her thoughts on a relationship and she told me that she is currently in a state where she can’t say yes or no. She explicitly said that she was definitely interesting in pursuing this route and really liked me but what wants things to unravel naturally and spontaneously. I appreciated that she was very direct when I asked her and didn’t beat around the bush. I was understanding and didn’t push it any further. She later asked me whether we would still do all the fun stuff over summer, which I said yes to as her response to the prior question doesn’t change my attitude towards her. We ate breakfast and I got ready to leave and she promptly hugged me.
That evening I sent her a text thanking her for a fun night and letting me sleep over at her place. She said that she had a lot of fun and that our deep conversations mean a lot to her and are a good stepping to stone to knowing each other a little bit better.
I’m honestly a bit confused. I’m not really sure how to feel. I think I misaligned my goals with my expectations. I feel pressure to push forward with intimacy but I like taking it slowly. I also don’t want to stagnate the progression of this relationship if that makes sense. I understand that we’ve only been physically together about 10 times (although extended periods of times) which may be the reason as to why she said idk. Am I just overthinking this and being an idiot? Am I being too forward? I would like get advice from the opposite gender on how I should go further and whether I’m being unreasonable. I really care about her and she still wants to continue all of these plans for the future. My plan is to lay it off a little bit and let her take the lead. What do you all think? Thanks.
TLDR: I’ve been intensively talking with this girl and she acknowledges that she really likes me and wants to pursue a relationship further (slowly) but is not currently in a state where she can say yes or no due to perhaps LDR issues and one of her parents.
Edit: for reference, she lives in a graduate dorm. Which is a shared living space.
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2023.03.21 05:34 SeaCherryCod I'm confused

Hello I am recently started a Ironman campaign as france and I was doing well and got into a war with burgundy and than the burgundian inheritance triggered and they chose austria to enter into a personal union and when I occupied all of burgundy I got a event to change the war into an inheritance war for me other than to conquer provinces and I have a high war score on them they also have hungary in a personal union and I want to get out but I can only peace out with austria and there is no option to take burgundy what do I do to end the war I want to end the war soon what can I do to end the war and take burgundy if additional info is needed I can give it sorry for lack of proper grammer I wanted to put this out quickly
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2023.03.21 05:34 Still-Jury7882 I (26M) and (27F) my ex-GF met each other for 3 years, several months ago she wanted to break up, and we did that but now she wants me back, advice needed.

Hi, before I start, some infos about us, We have different backgrounds, we speak totally different languages (i speak in her lang, her language is the weakest of mine, something like upper-intermediate English, 4th on my list), we have a different point of view in life, she is mostly a career-oriented woman, and I`m a very introverted person and love to spend my time alone or with her (used to)
Before the breakup, for 2+ years straight we shared the same apartments, doing everything together, day and nights, after 2 years she decided to go abroad for working and making a career, and we were in a relationship mostly long distance and we communicated every day through messages and video calls. Soon, I began to have difficulties in life, my mother got sick and she had no one who could look after her except me (we live separately in different cities, my mother lives separately, but at that time she wanted to live with me, She didn't see me for a long time. Perhaps most of you understand how morally difficult to watch parents get sick, I spent days and weeks with my mother, supported her in everything, and honestly, I felt very tough inside. Everything that happened in my life, exgf knew each part of that, hence, I`d been receiving moral support from her, soon after my mother recovered and went back to her home. A month later, I got sick (I lived and live alone). My health problems lasted more than 2-3 months, but at the moment I feel much better. Every day in my life passed with stress and depression, and at some point, she declares that she doesn’t want a relationship with me (all she heard from my side is that I`m having problems and how sick I`m, this was the main conversation for a couple of weeks), and She decided that it would be better if we break up and be good friends. I didn't blame her and let her go. As many have already guessed ( I hope), it was such a powerful blow to my mental state, I felt destroyed even more and it was very insulting that when she had problems, I was there, and when they arose for me, she left me. After that, she began to msg me "as a friend" how am I doing ?, after her messages I felt even worse, I decided that I would block her everywhere, on any social networks, I did not want to see her photos/videos/whatever or even hear.
I will describe the feelings with an example: I am walking down the street already wet, hungry, tired and suddenly someone comes and beats me, I fall, there is no one who could help me, I get up and go on my own, but already with beatings and other mental problems plus. And a few days later, the same person comes to me and asks how am I doing?, For me, it was a mockery, so I blocked her, I did not want to feel pain.
Since, I didn’t communicate with anyone, except my mother, I was alone, with no alc, no smoke, and with my problems and mental surprises. And now, two months later, she wrote to my friend to tell me to unblock her in social networks, I was wondering if everything was all right with her, if she had any problems. After that, she wrote with apologies that she wanted me back and was very sorry about her decision, and that she was selfish. In response to her, I asked several questions such as how can I trust you again if there is no reason, and where is the guarantee that you will not leave me again, as well as why I should choose you instead of others. She replied, her words: I wrote to you because I miss you very much, my heart is bleeding and it is very difficult for me without you, I love you so much, I think about you everyday. She started calling to hear my voice. Accordingly, I refused her, only chatting, but said if she would go to a therapist first and have some lessons, then we would talk, before that, no, period. Due to that, she has the personality to trash talking whatever comes to her mind, she has no boundaries, She stated that it is totally "fine", in this way she describes her feelings. We had fought before the same as other couples do, but I heard some painful words/expressions, Like go and *ill yourself or GTFO from the house and so on, from my side I always think before I say some because I know those words are not okay and can be really hurtful, so I keep my line and never cross it.
A little about my character: I am very straightforward, responsible, keep my word, stubborn, love difficulties, and very strict with myself. For me, it takes nothing to ignore or ghost people, even though I want to speak with them or love them, my discipline and respect for myself are much higher, compared to my feelings
Please, I really need all of your thoughts and advice. Should I give her a second chance? After that events in my life, I changed a lot, I feel like I`m a monster rn. To be honest, replacing her is a matter of seconds.
P.S. Personally, my opinion is 80% no / 20% yes, I generally think that 20% is still a lot for her, thanks for your time.
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2023.03.21 05:34 LPL-Official LPL Week 9 Recap, Awards, and Standings

LPL Week 9 Recap, Awards, and Standings
This is it. We are now entering the final week of LPL, with some predicted top teams barely hanging onto qualification hopes. There are however, many fortunate teams that have already locked their spot in the playoffs - and these are the people that made that possible:
MVP of the Week:
It is rare to see someone go off this hard. In a crucial week for BLG, they swept both Top Esports and ThunderTalk, in massive part thanks to their AD Carry. Over the entire week he had only a SINGLE death, in comparison to over thirty kills for his team. Considering his matchups into proven world-class players in Jackeylove and huanfeng, this achievement hits just that much harder.
Rookie of the Week:
LGD had over the last weeks been trying to prove that they are not a bottom team. After sweeping TES, some of their players may have even had dreams of a miracle run.
One person put those dreams to death quickly - WE’s Heng. Although the Week 9 series between WE and LGD was a close one, Heng’s smart Vi engages and jungling knowledge ultimately tipped the balance in favor of the former. One of the last Young Miracles junglers, if his performance continues this way he may just live up to the prestige of that moniker.
Positional Standouts:
It is quite literally impossible to get Scout off of this list. And as long as he keeps leading LNG into a leading position, who can blame the awarders?
What is great to see are the people flanking him. Both WBG and BLG have been rosters fans have been wanting to see take that next step forward, from a middle of the table team with great potential to a top team with explosive force. After a week where both had clean 4-0 score lines and exceptional performances top to bottom, this might just be well underway to becoming a reality.
What is undeniable - the race is heating up heading into playoffs. Don’t miss any of the action!
Week 9 Standings:
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2023.03.21 05:34 ThrowRAbirdrodeo My(20M) girlfriend(20F) told my parents she hates them

My parents and my girlfriend Olivia do not really get along. I've dated her a year and from the start, my parents, being more old-school traditional, whatever you want to call it, were not very subtle in calling out things like, the short outfits she likes to wear.
The fact that she is pretty open about hating/being bored in class and putting forth minimum effort, and being open about things like getting drunk on " school nights". Its not lost on her how they feel about her.
She's different from any girl I've dated before and it's been fun & refreshing for me so far. Where I see a fun, kind, sweet, beautiful girl, they see a lazy, image obsessed "brat"( as my mom once called her).
My parents 25th anniversary was last weekend and they just wanted my sister and I to come home & celebrate with them. They invited my sister's BF and Olivia as well, my guess is, they really only wanted to invite my sister's BF but felt it'd look weird if only her bf was invited but not my gf, so they felt obligated.
So, we're at the house, and Olivia starts really throwing back the wine before dinner. I could tell she was buzzed when dinner started, and my the end of dinner, she was full on nodding out, slurring, the whole thing.
Out of nowhere she looks at my parents and goes, " I don't know why you hate me. I don't give a fuck if you hate me. I love him, and if that pisses you off. I don't give a fuck. I'm not playing their game." I tried stepping in, she goes, " No, this is important, I'm done. They hate me, I hate them. Fuck it, who gives a shit. We'll just keep going and they can stay mad". She started giggling, put her head on my shoulder & I decided it was time to leave.
My parents haven't spoken to me since that night. Olivia has little memory of saying what she said, but, refuses to apologize. How do I reconcile this?
TLDR: Girlfriend told my parents she hates them
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2023.03.21 05:34 Satansito Please help me naming my Hankyu bow?

so, I have been practicing Kyudo and Kyujutsu for some years now, definitely not in the traditional Japanese style that you may be used to, but a different way taught by a Sensei from Brazil (who learned from Japanese immigrants) who taught my current teacher in Chile, which is based more on introspection and breath control.

We don't wear a hakama, or any part of the uniform for that matter (due to money issues) but despite being so different in that aspect, the bows are handmade by the teacher in Brazil, as well as the arrows. I have my own Hankyu. The kyudo teachings are also there, along with all efforts to be as authentic as possible, it is normal when acquiring one's own bow (and not one loaned by the dojo) that it is to be named.

My current teacher tells me that the name should be in Japanese, and have some meaning that identifies my path as an archer. My main idea is based on the fact that my bow has the highest draw weight of all the bows we have, which caused the arrows to be embedded very deep in the target and that when I just started shooting with it, I used to hit my hand to the point of generating superficial wounds, which urged me to improve my form to not keep hitting myself, until I healed and forgot my form again, repeating the cycle. I rarely hit myself anymore, and have been adjusting the string to make the weight ideal for the size of my bow, but the inside joke that "my bow needed to taste blood to shoot with that much energy" is still there, and my buddies always jokingly complain when it's their turn to use it.

All that story is so I can ask if there is any legend, or mythological being or fable in japan that talks about something similar (a weapon/entity/situation that requires a "sacrifice" to function effectively maybe?) that I can find a name for my bow with, OR your opinion regarding my idea, maybe it's in bad taste and I should look for another one hehe.

another notable event in my "archer's path" is that after participating for about 4 years, I missed another 3 (because of covid and the political situation in Chile during 2019) and my teacher joked that maybe a name related to "getting lost and coming back after a long time". like the prodigal son in the bible, would be somewhat appropriate.

Anyways, thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a very nice day.
sorry for long post tldr. I need to name my Hankyu bow and woudl really appreciate some inspiration.
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