Accident on 75 dallas tx today


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Discussion of everything bicycle related. bikeit! bike bikes bicycle bicycles bicycling cycling

2017.10.14 16:45 IHAVESEEN Black Cube UFO

This subreddit is dedicated to Black Cube UFO's. In late 2011 I witnessed a Black Cube UFO and my life has never been the same. This is a place to gather information and discuss the symbology of black cubes and how they are recorded in ancient history. I know what I saw, and now I need answers.

2023.06.04 19:18 captain_burat 11 years recap

I woke up midday craving Jollibee. I remember there is no tapsilog nor cornsilog somewhere, but that's ok; it is Sunday.
I had a nightmare and dreamed about you. 11 years ago, and I mustered my big balls to confess that from like you- I love you. It was the sweetest and happiest day of my life when I first held your hand; it was one of the happiest days of my life when you said yes; nobody beats first love. Yow! This would be a story from crush to friend to lover. I watch romantic movies, and yes, the sweetest first kiss.
If I remember 11 years ago, it fell apart when your ex was back in your life, and you made the simple decision it is him and not me. It was better because both of you have the same religion, culture, and beliefs. The same set of friends, and I am the outsider who made you feel good trying things you never dreamed of doing or trying.
Fuck romantic movies,eh? Moving on from a love you knew was the best and truest was difficult. That was 11 years ago.
There are random moments I remember you, but I am ok. I enabled my Facebook to stalk you, but you were not active anymore (or maybe I am blocked to this day); maybe you are now married (you told me you plan on getting married when you are before 30), and today I think you are 31. I hope you did not get into an accident, but who knows?
I learned from you that love is not always romantic; you forced me to learn to love myself first and find meaning in little details. I learn to become a Plantito because of it.
I learned how to sustain myself; love was not always a priority, but living was.
I learned that time heals and pain makes little kids grow tougher. Calculate risks, and as well as enjoy time to be a like a kid when it lets you celebrate little things.
I learned that love is not one-sided; it is not give-and-take but a reciprocation, empowerment and supporting the person who loves to live up to the fullest potential.
I learned how to give an ultimatum on toxic relationships and walk away when it is not amendable.
11 years later, I am happy somewhere in Rome, looking for Gelato, occasionally enjoying the Barcelona sun, freezing in the Canadian winter, and enjoying Portugal's breathtaking history and friendly locals. I enjoy the hot Philippine weather and motorcycle rides and compiling photos as a hobby when I return home.
I never felt weird going to places where people date and don't mind taking photos of them; I am comfortable being with myself, but I will never forget memories that you are present, but I no longer miss you nor love you the same way it was 11 years ago.
P.S. I think I am ready to date again :)
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2023.06.04 19:17 mango_conno1sseur chance me :3

**He is planning on applying through questbridge national college match - Demographics: Mexican, Low-income, First Generation, Public School in Dallas TX - Intended Major(s): Public Health or Biology Major, w/ minor in neuro (pre med track) - Test Optional - UW GPA and Rank: 94.5419/100, Top 10% of Class - Coursework: Most rigorous course load offered (10 AP classes, 5 dual credit, rest are honors) - Senior course load: AP Physics C Mech AP Calc BC AP Stats AP French AP Lit AP Psych/Gym Medical Laboratory II - Extracurriculars, most are circulated around either health science or equity, which are the 2 biggest aspects of public health (his prospective major): - Neuroscience Research at t25 med school, going to try to get it published Hospital Intern at a neurologic hospital for children in the clinical lab, radiology clinic, and phlebotomy Lab Clinical Lab intern at a different hospital/ER Shadowing Teaching assistant at a weekly program for elementary students teaching core subjects, helped raise avg staar scores from approaches to meets through diversifying curriculum Education Reform Associate, working with a non profit to reform the disd student code of conduct to make it more equitable Cohort Leader for a national non profit where i fundraised $2k through webinars to fund a trip to state board of education and testified against inequitable practices in education system HOSA Future Health Professionals President National Honor Society Vice President Senator’s Advisory Council - Awards: - College Board’s National Hispanic Honor Questbridge College Prep Scholar Griptape $500 Grant Recipient Finalist in HOSA State Competition for Clinical Lab Science and Winner at regionals Lion’s pride award (highest honor at his school) district’s scholar award
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2023.06.04 19:10 EurekaStockade 65--Convergence on 27 July--Jerusalem Plane Crash--Bitcoin Crash

65--Convergence on 27 July--Jerusalem Plane Crash--Bitcoin Crash
27 July= 27/7

27 July--
Day 155 of Lunar Year
Day 919 of Biden's Presidency
322 days after the Queen's death
119 days after Trump was indicted on 30 Mar (the day Ronald Reagan was shot)
30 months 22 days after the Insurrection

277 days after the Catastrophic Contagion event on 23 Oct 2022
2 months 23 days after King Charles Coronation
11 years after the London Olympics on 27 July 2012
444 weeks of Saudi King Salman's reign

27 July= 277
94 days before the 94th anniv of the Great Wall Street Crash on 29 Oct 1929
11 years 11 months 19 days aftyer Black Monday--8 August 2011
Dow dropped 10,800 points after the Fukushima nuclear plant accident

8 Mar 2023
Day 777 of Biden's Presidency
Annvi of Flight MH 370 crash
SilverGate Bank crashed
27 JULY 2023 BITCOIN CRASH= 223 & 277
2023 April Fools--Lightning strikes the One World Trade Centre
117 days later--
27 July

23 Aug 2022- Pope Francis ordered all funds of the Catholic Church be transferred to the Vatican Bank by 1 October
456 Spook Number
27 July= 223 days after the Pope's birthday

Feb 23= 2/23--Skull & Bones date
The Vatican announced that the Pope had a strong cold
223 days later--
4 October
277th day of the year


11 days later--
15 October
Day 999 of Biden's Presidency
223 Months after China passed the Taiwan Anti-Secession Law
My prediction for China Taiwan Wa WW3

27 July--
9 years 11 months after Flight MH17 shot down over Ukraine
5 years 5 months 5 days after the US Embassy moved to Jerusalem on Feb 23 2018
Feb 23= 2/23--Skull & Bones date
Israel will be exactly 75 years 75 days old

Obama visited Israel on 22 Mar 2013
22 Mar= 22/3 ---Skull & Bones date
Trump visited Israel on 22 May 2017
22 May= 223 days left in the year--another Skull & Bones Date
322 weeks later--
27 July

My prediction-- The Dome of the Rock will be bombed or plane crashes
213 days after Christmas

Expect a signalling event on --
13 June--
Day 888 after Capitol Insurrection
Fatima Miracle date
44 days later--
27 July
Keep an eye on actor Dwayne Johnson--known as The Rock

1 June-
213 days left in the year
Biden made world headlines when he stumbled & fell over a sand bag
Sand bad suggests the Middle East

1 August-- Full Moon
213th Day of the Year

other dates of interest---
7 August---Monday
777 weeks after Lehman Brother's Bankruptcy 15 Sep 2008--which triggered 2008 Global Housing Crisis

5 Sep
117th Day of the Year
666 days after Bitcoin hit its highest value on 8 Nov 2021
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2023.06.04 18:33 Wanderlust063 Update: How I disposed of the ghost woman.

So this is an update on how I accidentally killed a ghost. If you want to know how I accidentally killed a ghost, you can find the story here: [\_i\_accidently\_killed\_a\_ghost\_and\_i\_dont\_know/\].
Around 30 minutes after I made the original post, my coworker, Sunny, came down the basement stairs. Her mouth was agape as she saw the lifeless body of the ghost woman lying near the foot of the stairs. Her head had stopped bleeding the inky liquid, but her eyes were now a milky white color.
She stared at the horrific display before looking back up at me. I thought she would have been freaking out, seeing a dead woman on the floor, but her expression was more of dismay. She pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a sigh. "What happened?"
The coherent thoughts in my head that would have clarified everything came out as a jumbled mess from my mouth. "I-I was watching the tapes and sorting, and there were only two tapes left, so..." My rambly explanation was cut short by her accusatory shout, "So you watched the tape with the red strip!"
The conviction in her voice made my heart sink. I retorted as quickly as she had cut me off, "No! I said there were only two tapes. Of course, I would choose the one that I had to watch and not the one I wasn't supposed to!"
Sunny was taken aback by what I said. "So you're telling me the tape without the red strip caused this?"
"Yes! For crying out loud, she climbed out of the TV!" My voice cracked a bit after I finished my sentence.
Sunny breathed out a deep sigh and walked down the remaining steps, taking extra caution not to step into the black puddle of blood. She seemed to be investigating the scene, looking at the water that spilled out of the TV and ran down the TV cart.
"Where are her footprints?" the question caught me off guard.
"It dried up," I answered.
"In under 5 minutes?"
I stared at her, baffled. "What do you mean? I've been waiting for you for like an hour and a half."
"What? But I ran all the way here. 5 minutes," the sincerity in her voice was undeniable.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time displayed. "See, it's 7:30. I called you at 6:30. Where were you at that time?" I spoke while raising my phone up to her.
Sunny's eyes started to widen as she raised her arm, pulling back the sleeve to reveal a very fancy-looking wristwatch. "The time is six past six," her voice quivered. I walked over to also look at her watch, and she was right. The time on her watch was six past six, six minutes past six o'clock. We both looked at each other in utter shock.
Behind us, we heard the sound of a loud static eruption. Both of our heads turned in sync to look at the television set where we heard the loud bang. The sight was captivating. I don't know how to describe it accurately, but the screen of the TV was overflowing with blue static, like smoke pouring out and floating up to the ceiling.
I found myself walking over to the television set and decided to see if I could stick my hand in. I have no idea why I thought of this idea, but I did. Astoundingly, my hand went through the TV. It felt cold and wet, with the sensation of bubbles clinging to my arm, as if I had stuck my hand into a large bucket of club soda. I pulled my hand out, drenched in the bluish water. I looked back at Sunny and saw that we were both thinking the same thing.
Now, if you had told me that I would be dragging the body of a ghost woman across a basement to force through a TV that looked like a portal to a watery dimension, I would have laughed and slapped you across the face. But, with the help of Sunny, we successfully dragged the corpse all the way to the television. Now came the part of dumping her body into the TV portal. We managed to get her head into the TV and were busy trying to maneuver her shoulder in as well.
We took a break when half of her torso was in the TV portal, only showing her backside. Pushing a fully-grown woman into a box TV-sized portal proved really tiring. After the break, we went back to work. Only this time, the ghost woman's hand twitched. I yelped as I saw her index finger slightly curl, and Sunny let out a bunch of startled curses.
Our screams grew as we saw the ghost start to reanimate. Her hand curled into fists, violently swinging as her legs kicked. Her ear-piercing wails came back full force, as if her skull being cracked on a bunch of stairs had merely paused it.
Now, for the second and hopefully final time, I acted out of sheer panic. I ran up to the television, grabbed her legs, and shoved her deeper into the TV portal. She beat my chest with her kicks and made my ears ring with her blood-curdling screeches, but I refused to let up. I finally got her all the way through the TV as quickly as humanly possible. I yanked the cords linking the TV to the VHS player. Finally, her wails were cut short as the TV showed static.
For good measure, I also took the VHS out of the player and tossed it back into the box. I looked back at Sunny, who remained frozen, her hand covering her mouth as her eyes widened. For a long while, she imitated a statue. She finally spoke after a while, "Hey, um..."
"Yeah?" I said, perking my ears.
"We're not gonna say anything, right?"
"I wasn't planning on it."
She returned to her animated state, and we both walked out of the basement, climbing the stairs. "Are we gonna clean up the blood?" I asked from behind.
"I'll do it later tonight. But how did you kick a ghost?"
"I don't know. I either have a superpower, or it was just a really shitty ghost."
Sunny chuckled at the remark as we left the basement, now entering the warehouse. She stopped before turning around and flashing the light almost in my eyes. "Um... Are you gonna quit?" the question was a bit out of the blue but considering what happened, probably not totally unexpected.
"Maybe. I mean, other than what just happened today, this job is pretty sweet," my response seemed to ease her as she gave a light smirk. I then asked her, "You gonna quit?" She immediately retorted, "Oh god no. Where else would I go, retail?" I laughed at her response to my question, and we walked back to the front of the store. The manager saw me appear and walked down to greet me.
"Hello, new employee. How was your shift as an archivist?" The manager flashed his perfect row of teeth and smirked at me. "It went well," I responded, a bit nervous.
"Good, good. Did you watch all the VHS tapes as required?"
"Yes, sir, but there was one with a red strip that I didn't watch."
"Oh, yes, how fantastic. Now..." the manager pulled something out of his pocket, still maintaining eye contact. "Here is your bonus. Spend it on something good." He gave me a light slap on the shoulder before walking back to his office.
I looked down at the $20 bill in my hand. All that for $20. I can at least buy a couple of tubs of ice cream with this money. I grabbed my things and left the store, saying goodbye to Sunny as I walked out.
I am now typing this story in the comfort of my apartment, also with a half tub of ice cream on my lap. This might be my last post; I'm not really sure. I mean, some interesting things are bound to happen if I take the night shift, right?
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2023.06.04 18:25 Significant_Unit2885 18Mlost my v card to an escort yesterday

I was raised in an ultra conservative, traditional southern baptist family. I was homeschooled through high school, most of my friends were from the small church we went to. I’m naturally introverted and pretty solitary, so the few chances I had with women in my teens I was so naive or terrified nothing happened. The escort today has been the third person since I’ve started talking a bit more about how I was raised to ask if it was a cult. Yeah, kinda…
I left that state and headed west a couple years ago. I’ve had a pretty cool job, rebuilt(building) a new world view, and traveled all over the country. I’ve gained a lot of life experience…except when it comes to women.
I decided to go this route more because I couldn’t come up with a good reason not to, instead of a particular reason that I should. I’m going back to school this fall and wanted to get the first time out of the way. I’m heading out on another long road trip tomorrow, and when I started thinking about this a couple weeks ago just kinda said fuck it. What a way to start the summer
I stumbled across the sexworker and related subs which got this ball rolling, I followed their advice for finding a provider and read a bunch of threads from other dudes that have gone this route. I found a preferred provider and a back up that checked all the boxes for being legit in a nearby major city (I’m in the US). Booking and screening was a breeze, and then I just had a week to wait.
Overall, it was thoroughly enjoyable. The concept of kissing kinda grossed me out, but it blew me away. Making out was the best part, like seriously way better than I’d have ever guessed. I also didn’t have much expectation for a blow job going in, but again it was great. She gave it bareback which surprised me, then I got scared I’d nut in her mouth on accident.
We fucked in a few different positions, I guess I was just too nervous and eventually went limp. Ultimately I think the act (she was good, but I’ve been saying “but really?” to myself since her first response “I’d love to meet with you”) and getting psyched up for it all week just fucked with me psychologically.
I had a lot of fun, I wondered a couple times during the booking process if I wanted to follow through or just ghost. I’ve learned at this point never to say never, but I don’t have any immediate plans to see her again or another sex worker. Ultimately the goal is to make some new friends and have a relationship, this wasn’t a life changing experience. Im sure I’ll still be nervous around new people, and have to force myself to get out there, but at a minimum it’s a monkey off my back, and maybe it’ll be motivation to get in therapy, continue to grow, etc etc.
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2023.06.04 18:11 VegasIsMyBitch June 4, 2023

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2023.06.04 17:47 subredditsummarybot Your /r/indieheads [FRESH] recap for the week of May 28 - June 03

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2023.06.04 17:26 sunset1115 NIPT positive for trisomy 18- questions

So happy to have found this forum and knowing that there are cases for Nipt false positives - I have an appt with a MFM tomorrow but can’t stop thinking about this today. I’m 13w, nipt came back positive for t18 after I took the test at 11w. Sono was normal at 11w but it was at my ob’s office so probably not high tech enough to pick up markers. 169 bpm (not sure heart rate matters).
But I’ve been nervous that it’s unlikely to be a false positive, because of below reasons
I know I’ve been rambling but do any of these sound like indicators for t18? I’ve had a weird gut feeling on this pregnancy where I don’t feel connected to the baby at all. My husband doesn’t get it. I can’t believe I have to wait for amnio ti know for sure … ugh! Just needed to vent and would appreciate any voices of reason as I continue to spiral. Does not help that I live in Texas and if this does not go well I need to fly oos fo get tfmr. 😖
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2023.06.04 17:22 311voltures Timeline 88 Days.

Timeline 88 Days.
For context I started the process Online after finding this subreddit and took many advice as lurker, and I would like to thank to this community for sharing the hurdles and struggles which allowed me to keep my application simple and to the point, my Field office was Dallas, Tx for Biometrics, Irving, Texas for Interview and after a post asking about a little correction on my form (mistyped a date which was corrected on the interview as probably they have all this information already and disclosing the discrepancy promptly worked in my favor) they mailed me the Ceremony invite and probably delivered one of the best feelings since I migrated to the US. TLDR; thanks for the useful information and experience shared.
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2023.06.04 17:19 justafanofz Addressing No-True Scotsman fallacies in religion

Something that often comes up is if a defender or supporter of a religion is committing a no-true Scotsman fallacy when addressing if particular followers are following the faith being discussed. This, I believe, muddles the discussion unnecessarily and I wanted to address it.
Firstly, what is the no-true Scotsman fallacy? As stated here, it is an informal fallacy that attempts to exclude a counter example from a generalized statement when the counter example ought to be included.
So, for example, if someone says "Christians believe that the rapture will occur." and someone points out "well, I know these Christians who don't believe in the rapture" and the response is, "they aren't Christians", that is a fallacy.
So first, what is a Christian? According to the oxford dictionary, a Christian is "a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Christianity." Depending on how strict you want to be, one could replace the "or" to "and", as I have seen individuals get upset at the idea that Catholicism, for example keeps the baptismal records and when asked or is putting forth numbers on the amount of baptized individuals, it doesn't take into account non-practicing Catholics who were baptized.
But from this definition, it is fair to say that, as long as they are baptized, they are a Christian. Notice, it doesn't require them to accurately follow, to be practicing, or anything like that, they just need to be baptized, or believes in Christianity.
Now, if the individual in question says "Catholicism teaches single predestination," and someone points out that there are some Catholics that don't, it doesn't make them less catholic, it makes them in disagreement with the church. However, it also doesn't affect what the original person stated, the focus now is on what the official dogma and doctrine of the religion officially teaches.
It would be like saying, "the route of I-45 from Houston to Dallas has an average speed limit of 75." and someone says "well, I know of people who drive an average of 90 mph on that road". That has no bearing on what was originally stated.
If an individual is focusing on the black and white letter of the faith, bringing in the statements of the laity has no bearing on the discussion.
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2023.06.04 17:06 911one87 WNBA PICKS 04/06/2023

Bet Record: 22-23 Individual Picks: 23-25

Yesterdays Picks 03/06/2023

Minnesota Lynx Vs. Washington Mystics @7PM

Minnesota Lynx +8.5 ✅ F: 80-78 MIN
MIN/WAS OVER 162.5 ❌ T: 158
Minnesota Lynx ML ✅ F: 80-78 MIN
Napheesa Collier O19.5 PTS ❌ T: 17

Seattle Storm Vs. LA Sparks @10PM

Seattle Storm +5.5❌ F: 92-85 LA
SEA/LA UNDER 166.5❌ T: 177
Ezi Magbegor O7.5 REB ✅ T: 9
Jordin Canada U4.5 AST❌ T: 7

Todays Picks 04/06/2023

Dallas Wings Vs. Connecticut Sun @ 1 PM

Dallas Wings +7.5 odds -115
DAL/CON OVER 166.5 odds -110
Arike Ogunbowale FIRST BASKET odds +480
Dallas Wings ML (.5 u) odds +285

Chicago Sky Vs. New York Liberty @ 2 PM

Chicago Sky +13.5 odds -110
CHI/NY OVER 158.5 odds -114
Sabrina Ionescu U14.5 PTS odds +114
Chicago Sky ML (.5 u) odds +710

Las Vegas Aces Vs. Indiana Fever @ 4 PM

Indiana Fever +15.5 odds -110
IND/LV OVER 171.5 odds -110
A’ja Wilson U19.5 PTS odds +106
Aliyah Boston O13.5 PTS odds +100
Indiana Fever ML (.5 u) odds +980
Last night wasn’t excellent. Hitting that juice on the Lynx Moneyline was the saving grace. Rolling half units on the Moneyline Dogs again tonight because the juice is too good to pass up. So far watching these games I really think every team has a shot to win on any given matchup despite the odds.
BOL to anyone tailing, let’s bleed em today!💪
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2023.06.04 16:35 i-itchmyballs Bridgecrest loan advice.

I have a BMW I financed through birdgecrest. I used a family members credit since the pandemic had wiped me out... now that family member is going to file for bankruptcy. I owe(well they owe) $16500 on car. Which if I went out today and bought this car again it would be about the same price to finance today. Issue is last fall I was rear ended at a red light. Car should have been totalled, had 10k in collision repairs. Car was valued at 10.5k by state farm at the time of the accident. Going based off market value quotes from sites like kbb, ect... the car is said to be worth about 6-8k now. Anyways my question is based on this info, can someone file for bankruptcy and keep a car? At this point its not even worth me paying 16k more imo. Could I contact Bridgecrest and negotiate the loan, lets say lower interest (its at 9%), or for them to change the loan amount to this cars market value instead of a repo? I have money from injuries due to the accident.. had anyone heard of bridgcrest settling on a payoff for market value? As of 11 days ago I havent made the last payment on the car, I placed the money in my savings account to hold while I figure this out. I was just gonna use the money to buy a beater and pocket the change... but this BMW is at 95k miles and I being an enthusiast I already did all the major maintence items, not even a leak which is rare for any BMW. With this market any car under 100k miles are going for a stupid premium and the rest are really trash. Anyways I am open for some advice. Thanks peps.
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2023.06.04 16:33 DotMiddle Potty training not working or normal behavior?

I could use some hive mind on this because I swear all the potty training resources contradict each other.
My son is 22 months old and we’re doing the naked 3 day potty training thing. I initially was going to wait until he was at least 2, but based on everything I read he’s ready. Today is day 3. We’re giving him a chocolate chip every time he sits, 5 if he goes and he can pick from the prize chest if he poops.
On day 1, he did really great. Pooped in the potty twice, peed 4 times and 3 accidents.
Day 2, he was more reluctant to sit on the potty and seemed to be holding his poop a bit (though he’s on iron, so mild constipation is an ongoing issue). He still did fairly well, though.
Today (Day 3) he doesn’t want to sit on the potty for the most part. Not like huge tantrums or anything, but sits for a second then runs off.
My concern is he doesn’t really understand/care about the reward system, doesn’t care if he pees on himself, and really just seems tired of having to sit.
Is he perhaps too young and not ready, or is this all very normal? Everything I find online addresses setbacks or regressions once the kid mostly has it down, not so much in the learning process.
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2023.06.04 16:23 Lineworker2448 Light Up Navajo

Light Up Navajo
If you ever get the opportunity to do Light Up Navajo, I highly recommend doing it. Four of us from my utility went in early April. It was honestly one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in life. In the week we were there we were able to get 5 homes energized. Bringing power to people who have never had electricity in their home before is an incredible feeling. Electricity is such a necessity that most of us never even imagine living without for vast periods of time. These people have lived their whole lives without it. One home we energized had been on the wait list for 27 years to get power, another 23 years. One older gentleman told us after we energized his home that this was going to be the first Easter his whole family was going to sit together for dinner with power.
A little bit about Navajo, it is a Native American Reservation in the 4 corners covering Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. The reservation has very minimal distribution infrastructure resulting in 14,000 homes still without power. Navajo Nation makes up 75% of the homes in the United States without power. Unfortunately the federal government only provides them a minimal grant each year that allows them to energize 500 homes per year. At this rate it will take 28 years to get all the current homes without electricity energized. The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority has done the numbers and determined it would cost $1 billion to get every home energized right now. They have tried asking the Federal Government for a one time payment to get everyone energized today, but the government has no interest.
Some references below for more info:
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2023.06.04 16:21 bhandweiser For those who need an ELI5 on Orissa train accident

For those who need an ELI5 on Orissa train accident
TL/DR at end of the post
So, since dust has settled post the Orissa train disaster, time to point out the reasons. I've handmade a schematic to illustrate the scenario.
Incident- 3 trains got into an accident at Bahanaga Bazaar in Orissa due to multiple factors at around 7 PM on June 2.
What actually happened?
We look at the above schematic to understand what happened. In normal train operations, slower trains (like Goods) make way for faster trains on the route (like SMVT Howrah and Coromandel in this case). Hence they are put on loop lines (also called sidings) marked as Loop1 and Loop 2 above.
In this case, goods 2 and goods1 occupied loop 2 and loop 1 respectively. This looping happens due to mechanism used to switch between tracks. These are called switches or points. The troublemaker in this case is Switch/Point no 17A, (labelled towards center right in diag).
Now Indian Railways uses something called Route Relay Interlocking/Electronic interlocking, to ensure that these web of switches are set such that 2 trains do not end up on same track. The same mechanism also controls the signal viz if there is train ahead, the signal will duly turn red.
Goods 2 was duly looped by setting switch 17A towards Loop 2. Later, to allow Coromandel Exp, switch 17A was aligned such that it would have allowed to Coromandel to pass through Main Down line (labelled at extreme center-left). Ideally, the train should have followed the black (C) marked path, meanwhile overtaking Goods 2. The signal S1 (at center right of diagram) should have displayed Green signal, meaning proceed at full speed (or permissible speed, which is 130 kph for this section). Similarly, the Bangalore SMVT Howrah train on Up Main would have crossed Coromandel, going towards opposite direction.
Hereafter, based on reports of Railways (link of which will be mentioned below) 3 scenarios emerged-
  1. Scenario 1- Most plausible- Someone in the control cabin of the particular station decided to flip switches at very last moment and thereby changing orientation of Switch 17A (directing coromandel to loop2, on which goods2 was standing), which was set for high speed passing of Coromandel through Mainline, overtaking goods 2. As a result, the signal S1 would have turned Red because of goods2 standing in path of coromandel. The driver couldnt brake and dashed into goods
  2. Scenario 2- The switch 17A never oriented towards mainline after looping of goods2. It was still oriented towards loop2, despite controller switching it towards mainline. This may have happened due to switch servo failure (the motor which controls the switch), while the computesystem thought the switch has been changed and thus signal S1 being green. In this particular case, possibility of sabotage cant be ruled out
  3. Scenario 3- Switch 17A would have been set towards loop2. In this case, the signal S1 should have duly displayed Red, but there is a possibility that Signal S1 did not show any aspect, thus pointing to a potential signal failure
Whatever scenario may have been true, the coromandel, instead of going through mainline, changed tracks and entered loop line 2 (marked by Red (E) arrows) at a speed of 128kph (the speed while entering loop should never exceed 30kph). This 128 kph entry into loopline first derailed the train and at the same time, locomotive of Coromandel dashed with rear of goods2 and landed on top of it. So it came across as a double whammy for the train- collision and derailment at same time.
Where does Bangalore SMVT Howrah Exp come into picture?
As the Coromandel derailed, its coaches went flying in all directions. Some coaches of Coromandel hit the rear 2-3 coaches of SMVT Howrah Express, which was crossing coromandel at the same time through Up Mainline.
Could Kavach have prevented the accident?
While KAVACH anti collision system is a good mechanism to prevent accident, it unfortunately couldnt have prevented the accident
Did coaches play an important role in reducing impact of accident?
At 128 kph, all coaches would have failed due to extreme stresses. However, the LHB coaches (the red and silver ones you see in max trains today) still prevented telescoping of coaches (meaning coaches dashing into each other), and rather allowed coaches to fall on its side.
Who do we blame?
  1. The maintenance team, who didnt expect the switches and signal beforehand (in case of scenario 2 and 3)
  2. The section controller, who changed switches at wrong time (in case of scenario 1)
  3. Ultimately railways, because of a. Heavy freight movement at cost of neglecting maintenance coz, well, freight operations bring in $$ b. Understaffing of railways, esp when 3 lakh posts are vacant
TL/DR- accident happened due to any of 3 causes- signal failure or controller failure, thus sending coromandel directly in line of freight train, derailing and colliding at same time. THe other train, Bangalore Howrah, was merely at wrong place at wrong time, and collided with coaches of derailed Coromandel Exp.
Feel free to ask follow up questions
Source- Internal report of railways -
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2023.06.04 16:08 Halo2wasfire New users please!

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2023.06.04 15:31 FewDirection7 I got rear ended today...

Got rear ended for the first time today. I was just chilling in the queue of traffic at a junction looking to my right and all of a sudden a load bang from behind and my bike launched forwards. No injures to me and the bike didn't even fall over. As far as im aware no damage to the bike either.
Quickly got off to inquire what had happened with the driver behind and he responded by saying "its just an accident, drive on traffic was moving.". I told him we need to swap insurance details and he just decided to drive off. Got his license plate and called 999. They didnt send anyone out and just advised me to report it online. Thou the guy on the phone did give me a reference number.
I just reported this to the police online and called my insurance. Not sure whats going to happen now. I feel like shit. I was planning on cooking today after doing my shopping but nah, went straight home after this incident. Might order some chinese later.
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2023.06.04 15:31 joesphisbestjojo As excpected, homophobia at my grandparents' church

Not even 10 minutes into the men's sunday school class at my grandparents' church and the lgbtqphobia comes up. This is why I loath coming to this church. The group leader said Christians can't allow lgbtq rights, or something along those lines.
As Christians it is our DUTY to fight for the opressed and rights for all.
I only came today for my Grandpa who's giving a testemony about surviving an accident that should have ruined him.
I thank the Lord for giving me the control not to lose it. I got up and left saying I didn't feel well (which wasn't really a lie). I just pray the pastor doesn't go full-on hate in his sermon (he has a history of it, and it is the first Sunday Pride month).
I can't wait to go back home to my affirming Church.
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2023.06.04 15:20 Competitive-Ad-247 Recovery %

Friday I had a weird sleep day. Had a 2.5 hr nap after work by accident lol which played in my favour because I was going out that night. This lowered my sleep need to 4.5 hrs. Ended up going to bed at 2am and waking up at 7:30am. No alcohol was consumed that night. Accumulated a strain of 7.7 for Friday (it was a rest day).
Woke up with a decent recovery (70%) on Saturday. Had a pretty strenuous workout and accumulated a 16 strain on the day.
I had more sleep need for Saturday night (8 hrs) which I hit (8.5 hrs). Woke up with a lower rhr (49 vs 51), same hrv (92 both days)...but lower recovery score? Anyone know why that might be? It's just weird to me because I feel like my numbers would reflect a better recovery for today?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 15:12 Tough_philosopher13 How do you cope with unexpected events?

Hi, I have bpd and a huge trigger of mine is when something (bad or neutral) happens which forces me to change my plans or to do something I don’t want to do. It could be someone canceling plans with me or maybe some small accident. I feel so stressed that I literally panick and feel like my life is falling apart. It gives me a lot of anxiety and I’m not able to change my mindset even if I am aware that the situation is not that bad.
For example, today I had planned to see my ex girlfriend (which I still love, btw, not a great idea), but this morning she cancelled. She also didn’t want to tell me what she had to do and I started spiraling (but I didn’t say anything to her), so first huge trigger but I tried to remain calm.
Then I had to go to the hospital because apparently I have an infection in my eye , the doctor prescribed some medicine and told me to go there again in a few days because he needs to visit me again. This is a lot of money and also I have to make time for this, which is difficult since I have to work and other appointments.
I know this is not a big deal, however now I’m so stressed that I can’t go on with my day. I know this is my bdp reacting but I don’t know how to feel calm again. Do someone ever feel the same way? How do you cope with this feeling of frustration?
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2023.06.04 14:41 BreakUpstairs544 Need your advice and opinions on my profile on Upwork

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2023.06.04 14:40 pawntoc4 About to make a big change to the loan structure for our home. Could someone please sense check the plan before we make any silly moves?

Situation: Currently have a mortgage of about £220k and our low fixed rates (1.12%) will expire in August. We've also secured a 5 year fixed rate of 4.0% which will be valid for the next few months and that could kick in from Aug if we wish.
We have a HTB loan which is interest-free until next July, after which it would charge 1.75% interest; the year after that, it'd be around 1.94% and that's assuming inflation is still high, with RPI at 10%.
We've saved a lot over the past few years with the intention of using these savings to pay off a good chunk of the HTB loan at the end of year 5 (from date of purchase), but now that HTB rates are much lower than high street lenders' mortgage rates, our plans have swapped.
So our new plan is to: use the money saved up to pay off the bulk of the mortgage in August, leaving a very small balance on the mortgage (~£50k) which we'll soon pay 4.0% on. Reason for not paying off the whole mortgage is that you can't have a HTB loan without a mortgage. So most of the home loan will be on the HTB, and we'll likely keep that until we can pay off the HTB in one go in about 2-3 years using savings we'll have then. Then in about 4 years' time, we'll likely want to buy our next home and will take on additional financing (mortgage) then.
In the unlikely scenario that mortgage rates drop below HTB's rates before we sell this home, then we'd get another mortgage to pay off the HTB rates.
The only major (potential) downside I see to this plan where we shift our debt stack from mortgage to our HTB loan is that it will likely mean that when we do sell our home, the capital gains will have to be shared with the government (40% going to them if we've not paid any of it back to them before then). But the way the property market is/may be in the short to medium term, I don't personally mind this since I see having the HTB as a form of hedging.
Am I missing anything/glaring mistakes in this plan? I just think it's crazy not to take advantage of the low HTB interest rates based on where things are in today's mortgage market.
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