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2023.06.04 10:17 Embarrassed-Dig-0 What the hell is wrong with me

I’ve been on antidepressants for several months. Started Zoloft 6 months ago then after 2.5 months tapered onto Viibryd. Was first on medications in high school, got off after a year, then hadn’t taken any for years until now.
1.5 months ago everything changed. I figured it was the Viibryd finally kicking in. I thought “wow this is it. This is my moment”. I was sleeping 8 hours a night at about 12-1am daily, waking up at about 8-9 am. I was showering daily. Shaving regularly. Brushing my teeth night and day, clipping my nails.
My thoughts were faster, like if the tar in my brain was removed. I was talking faster. I was dying to interact with people (have social anxiety)- though I needed a haircut and couldn’t afford one during that time so I didn’t do this, but I seriously wanted to. I was doing things quicker. I was smarter. I felt more like ”me” than I’ve felt in so long.
I was also working out 6 days a week.
And the craziest part? None of that was hard. Again… none of that was hard. I just did it.
After about 2 weeks that started ending. I didn’t want to accept it but yeah, it did. Im not depressed again but I haven’t been showering much, brushing my teeth at night, haven’t shaved in weeks, etc. And my mood is just different, I don’t have the same level of hopefulness or “hyped-up ness” that I had during that 2 weeks.
I’ve had periods like that before and it always ends. In a way I’m happy I had that period of time because I guess it shows I’m not completely worthless - I actually am somehow capable of being more functional at least during stints of time- but it always ends, LITERALLY AFTER 2 WEEKS - 1 MONTH MAX
Idk what to do. I feel like I’m wasting my time with therapy because I am literally back to not doing shit again. During those 2 weeks my 3-month old therapist said she was proud of me and that I made a ton of progress, just like my precious therapist from 4 months ago (not my choice to switch) when I had a shorter “good” period, though this time I don’t think I was sleeping much.
In terms of meds I mean I definitley was actually depressed before meds so they help me not be that bad I guess.
I don’t really know what to do at this point, I’m 21 and it’s simply not getting better despite what everyone says. Been having some dark thoughts about an old coping mechanism I used to use, but I’ve been able to control myself. And my sleep lately has been really bad (always hard for me to maintain) I’m having some mood swings recently and have been pretty irritable / not wanting to talk to my fam during a lot of the day though during that 2 weeks I was eager to talk.
Look I see a nurse practitioner for meds and a therapist yet I’m still doing shitty, so I really could use any advice. I really don’t know what to do. Should I try seeing a psychiatrist instead of my nurse practitioner or something? Do you think trying shrooms might be a good idea?
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2023.06.04 10:17 YourDarlingPrince I want to make a fanfiction to help my writing skills and mental health... But I have a few concerns.

Just a heads up, I mention a few things like mental health, trauma, and anxiety.
So to begin, I'm a minor. I want to clear up any confusion that this is a full-grown adult that hasn't let go of the fact they have a crush on a mutant turtle. And to continue... Yes, I have a crush on a mutant turtle.
With what I said in the title, I have alot of mental issues going on. Writing is something that helps me a lot, just makes me calm down a bit.
I was given the blessing of starting my TMNT journey very early, at around age 6 I was given a tiny little device that could show any video you downloaded from a computer. (Honestly, I have no idea what it was called...) I was introduced to the 2012 version, I fell in love with the characters very quickly.
Donatello was my first ever crush. I've realized later that my type is just people with unique voices or those who have an unusual sense of humor.
I found wattpad and began eating the stories up. I wasn't okay, and haven't been since I was about 8 or 9. I had my childhood ripped away from me and so as I grew up I wasn't able to let go of this series, this fiction that distracted me from everything going on. I'm aware I'm still young and have time, and I'm hoping I can get better.
Now... This is where I'm a bit concerned.
I want to write an X Reader fanfiction. Is this weird?
I never got to properly handle my sexuality, my anxiety is so bad that I can't handle people touching me without wanting to puke or cry, so dating alone was off the table. So I went to Fanfiction instead, imagining different scenarios of these amazing things and situations. (Reading back, this reads as sexual, this is not sexual. By “touching” I mean as little as holding hands, kissing, or hugging just made me sick)
I want to make people feel happy the same way I felt happy when I got to escape. Just the feeling of not being alone while being alone helped me through so much.
My nervousness to make this is also something I want to discuss. I've had an ex friend tell me that liking Donatello was Beastiality. I want to defend myself by saying, I've never been attracted to looks. I don't want to date a turtle, I promise. Due to the brothers having emotions, thoughts, and overall being alot like humans, I never really saw them as Monsters or animals.
So I wanted to know, is this weird? Should I do this? Should I let go of these silly little guys that fight crime???
To sum it up: I got some trauma, to escape I would read fanfics about TMNT x Reader, and I want to write one of those so I can help others escape for just a little bit while also helping my own writing skills. Is this weird or bad?
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2023.06.04 10:16 badatgamess Recurring dream about my dead dog

Hi Dreams, I think I need help figuring this one out because I've had basically the same dream at least three times now. Which is really weird since I rarely ever remember my dreams.
For some context, my dog died on December 27th, so relatively recently. She was a sweet old girlie with a lot of health problems, it was her time. I loved her with all my heart and since I'm on the younger side (and very forgetful) I barely have any memories of life without her in it. That's caused some weirdness in the grieving process, since I'm sort of stuck within the denial phase since I have to rewrite my concept of home life without my dog in it.
Anyways, over the past month or so I've had this weird dream about my dog a few times. The "plot" of what happens in the dream is pretty straightforward, with me mostly just doing normal stuff around the house, though not interacting with my parents much (we live in the same house).
The weird part is that for some reason, my parents bought/adopted multiple copies of the same dog, specifically my dead dog. The copies are slightly off from the real one visually in coloring, but I don't think that matters.
All of these doggie clones act and look exactly like my dead dog did, they just end up doing different things at different times. The number of dogs in the dreams fluctuates constantly, the lowest I remember being 3 and the highest being around 13. And this isn't just a weird dream quirk, "dream-me" actually reacts to the fact that the number of dogs is constantly changing which is really friggin weird.
In fact, "dream-me" seems to be fully aware that none of this was normal, and I feel really vaguely unsettled throughout the dream. Just that weird, distant "something is fundamentally wrong with this" feeling that you get sometimes. Other than that distant feeling, "dream-me" is usually pretty comforted by the fact that I'm surrounded by a bunch of sweet, sleepy puppers throughout my day.
However, "dream-me" did approach my parents about the weirdness of the situation a couple times, to which (I think) either they didn't respond at all or just dismissed it like it was normal or something.
Other parts that might be somewhat relevant: - If I remember correctly, "dream-me" may be aware that the real dog is singular, and is dead - All the colors in the dream are muted to greyscale (or close to it, with light yellowish tints instead) - My house in the dream is somewhat different, looking more like an extended version of my poorly designed basement than the real thing
I would really appreciate help in deciphering what the hell any of this means. The closest things that I can possibly glean from it would be 1. I'm not over it (yeah probably) 2. My subconscious thinks my parents aren't over it and are trying to replace my dog (maybe???) 3. My subconscious wants me and my parents to know that my dog cannot effectively be replaced, it would feel wrong (possibly???)
So yeah thanks for reading through this weird clone-dog dream.
TL;DR: My dog died and now I'm getting recurring dreams about sharing a house with 3-13 clones of her, what the hell does that mean
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2023.06.04 10:16 heyjenny25 Do You Think Jaclyn is Secretly Struggling Behind the Scenes?

Since none of her businesses are doing well and all of her lies are slowly starting to get exposed do you think Jaclyn is struggling behind the scenes to keep up her lifestyle? Do you think she is secretly struggling behind the scenes to get more money?
Even though she is continuing to show on her social media that everything is great (like getting a massage in her home, eating out at nice restaurants, etc.) I think she is struggling behind the scenes with her failing businesses. The money is slowing down and she is losing fans faster than ever. What's even worse is that she can't even depend on her husband financially to help her because he's a broke sorry ass dude with no real job, so it's all falls on her to continue to bring in the night money.
Also, now that the Makeup Geek emails and the Forma Brands/Morphe/Jaclyn Cosmetics bankruptcy documents have been exposed what do you think will be the next big thing to be exposed about Jaclyn?
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2023.06.04 10:16 UnanimousStargazer Lost the adapter of my old Zoom GFX8 pedal - Adapter is 12V/500mA - But what is the polarity?

I've lost the adapter of my old Zoom GFX8 pedal. The output of the adapter is 12V and 500mA.
But nowhere in the manual or on the pedal is mentioned what the polarity of the adapter output is. Positive or negative in the center?
Does anybody own a Zoom GFX8 that could check the adapter? Because it's probably written on the adapter with a symbol similar to this:
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2023.06.04 10:15 onqskonq1 GTA 5 Online Trophy help

I need help with the "Numero Uno" and "Backseat driver" trophy. I need only one more person and I'm down to help too.
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2023.06.04 10:15 Kroissanttman Not detecting my headphones or speakers?

Ok so: i have had my pc for like 2 years and yesterday when i accidentally hit my mic into my pc, it just suddenly restarted and after the restart my voicemeeter could not see my headphones or speakers?? at first i thought this was a problem with my voicemeeter, but when i checked from my settings, they werent there either? what should i do? (i have restarted a couple times, checked for window updates and all, cant get nothing to work) my friend says that maybe my audio drivers are messed up, dont know where to update those tho. i have minimal experience so there might be some simple fix that im missing. send help <3
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2023.06.04 10:15 Hyeroller Who to 6 star next?

Who to 6 star next?
I have way too many 5 stars and need to get more 6 stars. I’m almost ready to upgrade another champion to rank 6 but I’m not sure who to go for. I’m leaning towards Artak to help with spider dungeon, but I’d like to hear some opinions/suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 10:14 StripeyTiger1 59 [M4F] #UK, England (Northants) - seeking young "home-maker"

I work remotely and would like a young woman who would be interested in being my partner and 'housekeeper'. I wouldn't expect you to pay any living costs, and any money you earn from your full/part time job would therefore be entirely yours.
I'm probably going to be working two jobs, so I'm looking for someone who can 'fit in' and help me do that.
Might fit in with someone who is a remote student or worker, or someone who wants to look after 'daddy'. Suggestions as to how this could work for both of us are welcome.
Ideally looking for someone who would like to upgrade to 'full time parent', but that's entirely your choice and whether you use birth control 😈
Obviously you must either be in the UK or able to travel there without difficulty. As far as I'm aware if you are in the EU or a Commonwealth country you can visit for up to 6 months without difficulty/visa but longer than that needs some reasearch.
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2023.06.04 10:14 DearAI_official How do you feel about a GPT chatbot for customer support?

Imagine you are a business owner that currently receiving customer inquiries through email/intake form etc, now with AI tools' boosting, WILL you consider to use a tool that can build a customize GPT-empowered chatbot for your in an easy and simple way? So that your customer's questions or inquiries can be answered anytime through the chat widget on your website.
If yes, what features of this tool will you find be helpful? And what will you consider when deciding whether to use this tool?
If not, what prevent you from trying this tool?
Really appreciate and looking forward to hear how you feel about this? 👆
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2023.06.04 10:14 InferiusPH need help for particular budget (600 USD)

Can someone help me build a $600 PC build. My friend wants to build a pc and I don't have that much knowledge to build a good pc with that said budget or any budget in particular so if someone can help me build that would be good and thank you!
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2023.06.04 10:14 Gawesome [Support] Surface Book 2 GPU throttles immediately when disconnected from charger

Could use some help with this really strange problem. I have the 15 inch Book 2 with the Nvidia 1060. Windows 11 had a fresh install when I bought this item used.
Initially, the GPU was working completely normally when on battery. No slowdowns. But I did experience some oddness with the battery getting reduced to 0 very suddenly, possible after I detached and reattached the tablet from the base. I also had a problem with the DGPU not being used sometimes in games, possibly as a result of the above.
I read about a "fix" online which involved installing the latest Nvidia drivers and Geforce Experience software. After I ddi that, the problem started showing up.
GPU and video game frame rates are just fine with the charger plugged in. The INSTANT I remove the charger, the FPS tanks to unplayable rates. I checked MSI afterburner and confirmed that my GPU is getting dropped to 139 mhz and the memory to 405 mhz. With the charger in, it returns to 1404 and 4006, respectively.
I made sure to set my Windows power mode to "Best Performance" for both battery and plugged-in settings. I also set the DGPU as the preferred device in my Nvidia control panel. Nothing seems to fix this.
Really bummed because otherwise I think it's a really nice device. But this is kind of killing the usability of it for gaming.
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2023.06.04 10:14 BostonMA775 Getting back into it....where to start?

Hey guys,
So I'm an old Destiny fan I'm talking about hours upon hours of Destiny 1. So when Destiny 2 came out naturally I bought it but ended up getting disappointed (they took away my self res from my Warlock lol) so I ended up retiring the game. But now my kids are super into it and want me to dust off my old Warlock so we can game together.
So with everything I'm seeing there has been so many changes where do I start? I got all the expansions and I got them and me the new Lightfall with the pass. When Destiny 2 first came out i grinded and got a lot of stuff but i dont know if its relevant anymore or what. But should I just start a new Warlock or should I pick up from where I left off? which was beating the Cabal general trying to steal the light from the traveler.
A lil guidance would be appreciated and any type of help would go a long way. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.04 10:14 sojharo Elegant practices for validation rules in Nodejs application programmatically

This is my first question here. This may have been discussed before but I have not been able to find a clear and elegant solution to this.
I want to do data validations like certain fields should be unique or their value should be number which can't exceed a given max number in my collections. I have been using Mongoosejs successfully with Nodejs for this for years.
But as we know, Mongoosejs just do this validation on app level. If I use just MongoDB nodejs driver then I need to go to Mongo cli or any other client and then define validations there so that they exist on database level.
I want to do this programmatically in my code so that if I share the code with others, they don't have to create validations using cli on their own. I am sure there must be some ways community may have found out. Any migrations or anything which can help.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.04 10:14 practicallyperfectuk Help with son

My son is on the waiting list for diagnosis - it might be a while but he certainly has many traits.
One of them is that he very rarely sleeps. He is wide awake until very late and wakes up early too. Every 3-4 days he will end up falling asleep randomly a little bit like a tired kitten and have a two hour nap and then be bouncing off the walls again.
I have tried to manage but it’s exhausting. I work so struggle with tiredness and so the only way I cope is by Co-parenting. He goes to his dads a couple of nights so I can get rested.
My son is usually very compliant - possibly also looking at asd. He is also very clever.
Last week I woke up to the sound of rattling in the kitchen. My son was awake at 4am and had managed to microwave some chocolate chips to melt them in a paper cup and also turned the oven on and cooked himself a pizza.
This might seem like an okay thing to do BUT he’s only five and I really worry about his safety. We have laid some rules down but he did everything exactly right, mimicking the way I do things and even tried to wash up after himself.
I can’t put baby gates on his room, as he can get around them or lock him in (or any doors) as that’s a fire safety risk in itself, especially as we are home alone.
I’ve tried making some snacks and even left some bread and butter out for the toaster and milk/cereal too but he seems to be obsessed with actual cooking.
I’ve asked him to wake me up to help him and I’ve even tried sleeping on the floor in his room but the problem is he sneaks around me and I’m so tired I don’t wake up.
I’ll also point out that he isn’t hungry - (he is overweight). and I think food is fulfilling a sensory need of his - he loves spice, soucitrus and frozen things too and I do my best to help him with providing sensory seeking resources.
Any advice here….. or just to know I’m not the only one would be reassuring here.
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2023.06.04 10:13 Moelesterloool New to mordekaiser, need help with item builds.

Hi, I just started learning mordekaiser. I want to ask morde mains, what items i should go against bruiser match ups against: Darius, Jax, Fiora, Sett, aatrox, etc. Vs tanks: Ornn, Shen, Mundo, Malphite. Ranged: Quinn, Kennen, Aksahan, Teemo, Kayle. Can you give me a general idea on what items to do against these champs? Would really appreciate it. I also want to know if against range, am i better off with tp or i should go ignite for kill pressure? Vs all in brusiers like sett, jax, fiora, darius what summoners should i ago against these guys specifically.
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2023.06.04 10:13 xokyliee Help with Uwowo shipping company

Hey! Has anyone ever heard of Far800 and know how to contact them? I’m from canada and I paid express shipping for a cosplay from Uwowo. The tracking site is in full Chinese so i’ve been forced to google translate everything and apparently it was out for delivery on the 2nd but the delivery failed? I live in an apartment and i was awake and home all day, i never heard anything but now my tracking says they left a message for me to contact them? There was no email, no text, no phone call and no note anywhere near my suite or in the lobby of the building. If anyone knows how i can contact the courier company i’d really appreciate it, I’ve emailed Uwowo customer support but i won’t be hearing back until monday. I have a Con coming up very soon so i gotta get my hands on the cosplay ASAP
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2023.06.04 10:12 YourLocalDuskFox I've reached 20 vouches!

I've reached 20 vouches!
After over 25 trades I've finally reached 20 vouches on my vouch post 🎉
Much appreciation to everyone who has signed and traded with me!
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2023.06.04 10:12 Beremeniy_Pauk Palantir of Tron

Hi guys!
Whenever WotC starts the season of spoilers of a new sets, I first of all pay attention to the cards that can strengthen/ complement the classic strategy of Tron decks. Yesterday we were shown [[Palantir of Orthanc]] and I still can't get it out of my head. This card is incredible! Artifacts for 3 colorless mana always seem interesting to me, due to their obvious compatibility with [[Karn, the Great Creator]] and this one is no exception. The card can be played from a sideboard with a natural t3on, this is a big plus, but more importantly, it brings card advantage almost immediately. The card can both filter the topdeck and act as a good finish.
What do you say about this? Does the card have a future in the right formats or not? It will be interesting to read your opinion.
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2023.06.04 10:11 Goldenduck345 I need desperate help with my Parsons Russell

I need desperate help with my Parsons Russell
This is my two year old Parsons Russell. His name is Wilbur and we can’t mentally deal with him anymore. We love our dog to bits but we can’t take it. In the night he screams and screams and my mother has to go sleep downstairs with him to keep him quiet. My dad is unable to sleep which is affecting his work. We have tried behavioural classes. We have tried calming tablets and calming treats. We’ve tried so many things. He barks every single time someone goes out he barks at almost everything. We can’t get any sleep, and it is affecting us as a family. We need help.
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2023.06.04 10:11 icyrainz Need help with tmux search (with copycat or fuzzback) giving results off by 2 char

I'm using latest wezterm with tmux. The search in scrollback somehow off by 2 chars. Not really sure why. I also have the same issue with Alacritty so it's probably not related to the terminal.
My tmux config:
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2023.06.04 10:11 UdatManav Would y’all be interested in trying to improve the traffic situation in Pune?

It seems like every single day the traffic just keeps on getting worse. 2 wheelers and autos flood the roads with no regard for traffic laws or lane discipline while people in cars think parking anywhere on the road is fair. When you explain to someone that “if you put your auto onto the wrong side, how do you expect that gigantic bus headed out way to get out of here so we can all go about our day.” They tell you to gtfo like I’m the idiot. We need new laws or at least some effort from the cops in penalising people who do this shit. The wrong side thing just boils my blood, I’d be waiting for my 3rd red light at the same traffic signal just cause I’m not an asshole who will bottleneck the oncoming side of the road, I get punished for doing that cause the bikes and autos just go on ahead making traffic worse for everyone else in the process. I’m sure I’m not the only one effected by this, and I wish there’s something that can be done about this. Mumbai had mad traffic (it’s still bad) but the local police made sure at at least the people follow lane’s properly which don’t 100% solve traffic but sure as hell helps a TON in avoiding gridlock situations where entire areas are stagnant with nobody going anywhere and more vehicles piling up by the second, that we have almost everyday and is only going to get worse during monsoon. I don’t know if petitions even work (I don’t wanna make this discussion about the government’s competence) but what do y’all think should be done? Because it’s clear that as long as we don’t very vocally ask for it, we’re never getting a solution, between the “adjust karlo” mentality and the politicians who are happy to not do the one thing they got elected for, we’re are the people paying.
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