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2013.10.04 11:57 JawnZ Brigham Young University-Hawaii: The REAL Paradise

A Place for Redditers who are either attending, have attended, or want to Attend BYU-Hawaii. News about the school, and the surrounding area. Hopefully there is enough of a population to support this Subreddit!

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Unofficial subreddit for snowbird resort

2023.03.21 05:51 Loin1210 Tribe strikes back again… S2

I was the OP who wrote about how i was charged for the damage i did (its bird poop btw) on the car. They are back again putting the blame on me for causing the paint crack on the rear of the car. They claim that the damage was done from my booking on 15 february. The report of the damage was on 17 february by subsequent hirer as no one booked the car on 16 february. I normally book every tuesday and thursday to send my girlfriend to school. 16 Feb happens to be a thursday (i may be wrong) but the car wasn’t available (again i may be wrong, it’s been a month) and normally if there isn’t any car available, i will book a car from carlite instead (which i hard because nearest cat it’s quite a distance) which i checked on carlite (yes i did book on 16 feb on carlite). Conclusion for this, I don’t know what happened to the car on 16 february and something may have happened.
ok, apart from this. The end trip image i have submitted doesn’t show the damage but somehow magically the damage appeared 2 days later submitted next hirer.
Thinking about it. To those car expert, can weather cause the re-painted car (i’m aware that they repainted the car) to crack and chip by itself? If someone were to bump the car against the rear, is there suppose to have a dent to the car also?
I requested for the dash cam to view the occurrence on 16 feb but they said that the sd card has been overwritten whenever a new hirer book the car.
Please don’t flame me. I believe I wasn’t the one that damage the car that’s it. The repair cost is too much for me and I don’t have that ability to pay them back. (Can i just declare bankruptcy)
Do let me know your thoughts.
End Trip Photo on 15 Feb
Damage reported by subsequent hirer
Email From Them
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2023.03.21 05:51 Realistic-Milk-7461 The End...

It has been almost 4 months to the day since D-Day. Everything exploded and I am not sure that there can be any reconciliation. I will give a brief recap of events and then discuss the current status of the relationship after the infidelity.
About 9 months ago, my partner (bp) and me (wp) separated. At the time we were in couples counseling. During this time she made a statement about me sleeping with other people and getting it out of my system. I ran with the idea and began talking to one woman. I did not follow through with anything when talking to her because I was afraid to cheat. Then I started a relationship with a professional contact about 3 months later. This went on with us having secret meetings a few times a week until I was caught on Thanksgiving Day. I joined this group shortly after that and have had minimal interaction because of the overwhelmingly negative responses that I received in response to my public admission.
Fast forward 4 months later. It is a week from my 3-year anniversary with bp. We had a fight that carried on for a couple of days and now we do not have any contact with each other. Friday, we went out like we always do. I was in a funky head space due to a family death and my son overdosing on his antidepressants. I did not want to talk about the issue, yet bp wanted to know what was going on with me. I had been slowly withdrawing and holding my emotions in for a while at this point. We argued in the car as we drove around town. At one point I pulled the keys out of the ignition and left her sitting in the car with the windows down while I walked around the block. It was 30 degrees outside and I wanted her to cool off. That tactic was a dick move and didn't work.
We drove around more and the argument continued to escalate until the point that I pulled the keys from the ignition while the car was moving. I got out of the car and then gave the keys back. I began making the 7-mile march back home in the cold. All the while, bp followed me and yelled and screamed at me out the window. I managed to lose her walking back and made the entire trip in the freezing cold. When I told her I was home she made her way to the house and stopped driving around looking for me. Two more dick moves. We did not talk the rest of the night or the next day. I slept on the couch voluntarily.
The next night I was doing my homework when she came into the bedroom and proceeded to scold me. We attempted to talk things out. We were getting nowhere and she wanted me to leave the house for the night. We began yelling at each other to the point that I began spitting everywhere as I yelled. Including all over bp. It did not help that I was drinking the whole time either. I continued to drink and went into the other room to avoid further confrontation. By this point, I was too drunk to continue packing my belongings and could not find my keys to drive. Still, I was being kicked out of the house. So I began taking my belongings out to the car. The police were called and when they arrived I was belligerent. I fought with them, got my face smashed into the floor, and spent the night in jail. (I probably deserved worse but won't go into self-loathing here).
The reason I am writing this is that I am taken aback by the events that happened over those 2 days. Even worse, I am a mess over the things that she said to me. She said she hates me, she wants nothing to do with me, that she is not sexually attracted to me, she is disgusted by me as a person, that I am nothing more to her than a narcissistic sex addict, and she can not see us ever working this out. She said my cheating has hurt her to the point that she hates herself; she does not know why she is wasting her time with me; everyone around her was right about me. And yet, she cannot quit me.
It does not look like we will make it to our 3-year anniversary. I hate to see us end like this. I know that I created this set of circumstances through my atrocious behaviors over the past year. It still hurts. At times I cry at the thought of losing her. Others I cry because of the things I did to her. How real her pain must be for her to say those things about how she feels. I am such a terrible person. She deserves to be happy. She should let go and move on. It still hurts, and I can't take any of it back.
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2023.03.21 05:50 Due_Bug7786 AITA for hating a great job

I a student university male 20 and I just got introduced to a great job by my neighbor it a very competitive position and it pay really well and it match enough with my school schedule that let me get by it start at 7:30 and end at 3:15 I work 3 day a week full on Monday Wednesday and Friday every time I woke up to work i literally want to die no I mean that I want a car to hit me or something but there is nothing wrong with the work place my boss is nice I got free food and like I said it pay very well for a student stander my performance is getting worse because I can't focus on the job I mean I try my best but you can just do so much when you rather get your leg broken or smt but like I said there nothing I can complain about the job I feel so shitty for hating it am I the asshole also my neighbor say if I won’t improve my performance soon I will get fire they say I was good and doing my job but I not up to their stander if there any advice on what should i do that would be nice thanks you
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2023.03.21 05:50 HypeElite Buying Competitors?

One thing I started doing when I hit earning $2-3M a day in profits was buying up all my competition around me.
I’ve seen easily like 30-40% increase in profits by doing this in specific categories that high profit generators like Clothes, Jewley, Lawfirm etc.
Note: The competitors to appear eventually after a long while but by that time I own like 80% of the market in all the different neighborhoods. In addition to this, I also open up shops renting most the available retail space and offices. Literally monopoly style 😂
Is anyone else doing this? Or thinking of doing this or have a different experience.
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2023.03.21 05:49 TheIndianWitch What a beautiful weather!

Hasn't the weather been absolutely beautiful since the past few days? It takes me a few months back to OctobeNovember when the weather is cool, serene and so calm. How can we not enjoy this with a cup of chai and our favourite music?
What's your favourite music to listen to in this weather? Type in your favourite song in the comments section!
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2023.03.21 05:49 julzieanon Is my boyfriend (31M) only attracted to me because I’m (27F) asian?

I (27F Vietnamese) recently found out that my boyfriend (31M White) has only dated predominantly Asian women the past 10 years. We’ve been together for almost 3 months and he’s the sweetest man I’ve ever dated. An issue came up where I caught him in a lie and he asked me to look through his phone so I could trust him more, which only made things incredibly worse.
I looked up the word “Asian” in his messages and there were over 30 instances of his friends making fun of him for dating/hooking up with only Asian girls including texts of him saying things like “daddy isn't even seeking out asians anymore they're just finding him,” “there is one super hot asian on my plane but her boyfriend was absolutely all over her. not leaving much to the imagination” and late night texts to his friends saying “I am making out with Asians.”
On top of this, I looked at his Instagram explore page and it was riddled with huge tit asian women. There were 4 or 5 photos of these Asian women mixed into about 25 other photos on his explore page as I kept scrolling.
I am so devastated. In the past, I’ve done everything I could to avoid dating men who purely found Asian women attractive, I feel like those types of men find ALL Asian women attractive… as long as they were Asian. I feel extremely devalued and as if I’m just another Asian to him. I feel objectified. I broke up with him a couple days ago but we worked it out, but now I’m sitting on my couch alone and profusely crying because I can’t shake the feeling of being just a number to him, I think I would be more understanding if he had a preference for asian women and never said those things, but now I feel like he’s only attracted to me because I’m asian based on the texts I found. I keep defending myself in my head, telling myself that I’m more than my ethnic physical traits but now that’s all I see in myself when I’m with him.
I’m so extremely concerned that I will never feel the type of admiration I had for him again. I adored him, he was the kindest most sentimental man I’ve ever been with and now I don’t see him as that person anymore. I feel betrayed, manipulated, and tricked… even if he didn’t mean to do that. Can someone please give me advice? I’m spiraling.
TL;DR: my boyfriend is white with a preference for Asians and I feel like he’s only attracted to me because I’m Asian.
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2023.03.21 05:48 Slight_Trifle7811 my parcel hasn't moved in 26 days

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2023.03.21 05:46 houkmny Wanna Buy This Page ?

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2023.03.21 05:46 gauravmishra7 369 💦

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2023.03.21 05:46 persian3924 Dual Monitor Issues with AW3423DW

Got the AW3423DW a few days ago. I am running two monitors in total. The second monitor in portrait mode is not receiving a signal from the pc connected via display port (previous setup did), which is an Asus VG248QE. Windows recognizes a second monitor is plugged in, but no image will display. Tried to "Extended" the displays but no success. Can't find this issue reported online. Any help?
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2023.03.21 05:45 KingsGuardGT Baby Smitty Theory by Theorizer

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it brings you joy, sometimes it brings you sadness, but meaning is found in the act of being. When you stop trying to solve everything, you come to realize that all of the answers are in front of you and have been all along. Babies are not ignorant; they're profoundly aware. I recently calmed my mind following a serious mental breakdown after making 23 theories on Mort from Madagascar. It was exhausting, but i've come out of this with a renewed sense of clarity that has granted me all of the answers. What does that mean, and how does this work? I don't know, but the result was a series of jokes I made coming true and then answering every single question I've ever had about Pixar. This metaphysical cipher has finally allowed me to figure out Monsters, What do you mean? You might ask what needs solving—haven't there been way too many Pixar theories? Don't think this is a theory, think of it as the key to every plot hole ever; it's not only logical, but poetic and sensible, and likely this video will serve to unify everything I've ever done. A few months ago I made a wild video that made a lot of bold claims about the Pixar company; I called it the twisted nest of Pixar," and that's becoming more true than ever. I hope you've seen it, and I hope you've heeded my warning, which suggested that you watch my three theories on Raw, three theories on Syndrome, and two theories on the Incredibles government because everything's about to connect perfectly, and this second Pixar dissertation is about to grind along the fringes of sanity and go straight off the rails!
Hello, I am the theorizer... Baby Smitty, the second I laid eyes on this character, I felt the overwhelming urge to hate him. He's just... i don't know how to put it, but for six months now I've been attacking him on social media. I made some bold claims intended to be slanderous about how he's an evolved form of the Spanish flu, how he's an anomalous Atlantic mime, and how he's the gastropod godfather, whatever that means. People have understandably accused me of losing my mind Baby Smitty is that little blue slug that wanders around with the preschool during the events of Monsters, Inc. and then bites Mike Wazowski's hand for no damn reason. Yes, this character with 30 seconds of screen time has earned my profound hatred; I can just feel that something's going on here. His name is yes, literally, "baby Smitty," and it's presumably because there's already another slug character named Smitty; he's the door shredder guy. This is the first clue that something's going on here; they could have named this child anything they wanted, but instead they named him "baby Smitty" so as to relate him back to the older Smitty. It signifies that blue slugs likely turn more green as they get older, and it means there's some fascinating continuity going on beneath the surface; in fact, all of the kids in this preschool seem to be related to the other older monsters we've seen. Let me elaborate: I have reason to believe that there is yet another smitty hiding somewhere out there, an adolescent smitty, dare I say. When Mike and Sully leave their apartment, we see some kids playing jump rope, and sitting right there on the steps is yet another blue slug with four arms; he's holding a soccer ball, and he says hi to them. With all of this in mind, I could easily believe that this is the house where the Smitty family lives, and in the window we see a giant eyeball; perhaps this is the head of the Smitty family, and it's kind of disturbing that they get so big. It's an interesting comparison to make though, because in Monsters University we see a giant slug octopus librarian who fits similar descriptions. This is the scary part. The Smitty family is well aware of Mike and Sully, the door shredder. Smitty is a super fan, and baby Smitty is freaking terrifying. They live right next door. Not only that, but Smitty shreds doors on Mike and Sully's own scare floor, which displays how they're always close behind them. When door shredder Smitty arrives on the scene, his job is to get rid of any unfit scare candidates, perhaps kids who are too jaded, too old, so on and so forth. I believe most of the Smitty family is indeed employed here, each with their own role to play, and then there's the baby of the bunch, i want to be clear, and this is about to get unlike anything you've ever seen before.
After uploading the matroshka video, I received numerous comments asking how the giraffe fits in. Yes, the giraffe, the bonus disc is filled to the brim with detail, more than any other bonus disc I've ever laid eyes upon, and it's all for a very specific reason. A while back, youtuber headache scanned this disc as well and was severely put off by the giraffe, rented an entire theater just to zoom in and screen and confirm its existence. What is it, and how could this even work? It would have to make a sneaky bee line for the door the moment where it needs to disappear, but it didn't take me long to realize it does at the exact moment in question boo leans up and points at her door. Sully assumes she's referring to the monsters scaring her but in fact she's talking about the stealth giraffe that just ran through and replaced itself. This still sounds insane and ridiculous at face value, but luckily it's just the missing piece i've been looking for, so is it some sort of monster? The answer is no. It's been a fixture of Boo's bedroom for quite some time, and this seems to be the two worlds colliding with full force. You'll see what I mean. Have you heard of the mans and the mons? It's a neat little story on the bonus disc detailing how monsters and humans lived in harmony until the humans bullied the monster's ugliness so bad that they had to flee to an enchanted island where they ate the food which made them scarier, and they began to spook humans out of revenge. They continued the tradition to this very day. This story upends a lot. I've constantly been saying that the doors go back in time, but that seems to be a falsehood. They refer to them as the human world and the monster world. I've been thinking about this little short for quite some time, and it seems to be a sort of bedtime story being told to younger generations. it's vague and seems to be somewhat metaphorical, what with enchanted islands, and so I've thought and thought and thought and felt like maybe it was a portal to a hidden world, perhaps underground, or something, so I scanned that bonus disk again and the answer hit me hard. the man's and the mons confirm it. It's a sort of propaganda, presumably by someone like Waternoose, and it also fully confirms hostility between monsters and humans. In the Himalayas, we see a village where we catch a glimpse of how scaring looks from the human side: lights constantly flashing, kids constantly screaming, villages in uproar — hold on, how would the human world not realize something fishy is going on? The human government must know that this is happening based on the history and the statistics. How can Mike and Sully traumatize adults at camp and just get away with it? How can they banish unruly monsters from the human world with such ease?
Oh...OH..OHHH...Mhmm, it's really simple. It's not that it's easy; it's that they've already been caught. It's happening, you feel it. It's likeIt's like a chill in the air. The puzzle, I did it. Oh, I did it. The humans, they know it's all a trap!Okay, so boo's bedroom is the nexus of multiversal overlap; it's the central focal point; I hinted at this in the twisted nest video; it's at the forefront of BNL's universal merge; it's the gateway between worlds, containing the layers below it in the form of toys; it's a crucial moment of overlap; but up until this point, I assumed it was all just a byproduct of the situation: reality bending in on itself. But don't you see, don't you understand it' It's all a setup and a lie. This isn't Boo's bedroom because there is no booze bedroom. This is a test. It's a facility. This is all BNL. The entire bedroom is an experiment by BNL monitored 24/7 to study the monsters so they can take over their world. They want Monstropolis because it's the mother lode, the nexus of the multiverse, with portals galore. All of their multiversal products are scattered amidst this fake room, all designed to catch the monsters. The giraffe is not a monster; it is BNL's modus operandi; it is robotic. The giraffe is the equivalent of a robotic animal, inconspicuously recording nature footage. Wait a second. Wait a second. No, I'm not crazy. I heard that this is familiar. Where did I learn this? [GASP]
Ms. Flint: Because...Mr. Bile: Um, it could... let in a draft (Girrafe)?
When I was younger, I always thought I heard giraffe never draft." I'm not alone in this; I've seen others online who heard this too. I bet this is purposeful. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the wall right behind him because, holy sh*t. There are literally giraffes right there, and get this: a toy giraffe angled perfectly as an inconspicuous camera. They're trying to tell us this was all a setup. It is complete and utter recon. The bedroom is a BNL venus fly trap. Do you have any idea how much this changes It means Bo was supposed to be captured. They put this child there for the sole purpose of getting snatched so they could send in the giraffe or any other spyware. Remember, we've established in the previous video that Boo has been screaming extracted many times. This is how she knew to open the secret door, and it's also why she's strangely comfortable around the water noose at first, and why Randall keeps going back for her and even mentions how she needs to take off a few pounds. This is how the giraffe was already in their world when the film began, and I mean, let's take a closer look at this supposed bedroom. For starters, the brightness of this moonlight is impossible; it'd have to be more like a street lamp, but it's angled in such a way that she'd have to be close to it. I don't hear any cars, only faint crickets and a subtle humming a humming you say like an industrial spotlight maybe. I'd also like to point out that this nursery mobile tilts slightly the moment we see it, even though this bedroom was completely empty.
How do you think BNL is accomplishing this? Yes, it would seem as though they've kidnapped a little girl and forced her to walk across the world. If this truly is the Incredibles universe, then could it really be true that she's a superhero? Or could it be how else she's full of energy that can power worlds? She's used as a lure. She can be screamingly extracted over and over again. And for sake, she literally teleports around. This is complete insanity, but something's still not adding up. I know BNL has the ability to kidnap superheroes; that's not an issue.
Oh, oh! I am so sorry! I don't know how to prepare you for this...[Robot test child acts as being scared and shuts down in Monster Inc. after being revealed and the simulation being terminated]They were telling us the whole time; can't you see what I've been saying? The whole film is bombarding us with it! They even do it again in the climax itself!
One question: why would it just be the giraffe? BNL is a company run and owned by robots; why would they stop? They wouldn't allof the toys here, these matroshka centrals themselves are spyware. The technology in the Incredibles world is so powerful that I've claimed Mirage as a robot. Do you see now that the giraffe isn't the only one being sent through, Boo is too? She teleports around, has no parents, is filled with energy, and everyone calls her Anita. She speaks like a machine learning algorithm, squealing "Kitty!' all over the place. She gives him tons of spyware as a last ditch recon op, and when she falls asleep she just shuts down! This child is not a child at all. Case in point, the cereal she eats repeatedly and doesn't die! Why would I be so insane to think that because i've read the ingredients, and I don't know about you, but I've never heard of an ordinary human being who can eat uranium, mercury, neurotoxins, and sulfuric acid, she physically can't be a human, but she mimics one perfectly like Mirage, ever the puppet with strings. BNL has been aware of the monster world for ages now, spying, prying, and planning a takeover of the world without energy as they use the same child targeting algorithm that the monsters themselves use. The end of the film is far, far darker this way; no wonder Smitty is shredding so many dead doors indeed. So this whole film was a plot staged by BNL to gain access to the master reality so they could collapse all of the layers. How deep does this go? First, thanks to my commenters, the ultimate proof can be found in cars.
[Truck Sulley and Mini Wazowski are scared and yell at Yeti Snowplow.]Yeti: "Welcome to the Himalayas!"Mack: "Oh, that abominable snowplow!"So this is unequivocal proof of films within films, but there's something else here to mention, and like A113 and the pizza planet truck, it's another symbolic representation of the states of these universes. The Chinese Food Boxes, this brand is located in every single universe except Monsters, Inc., where it's slightly off. This is because BNL owns fast food chains, but again, they've failed to assimilate Monstropolis. There is nexus upon nexus upon nexus as they try to break reality, and this restaurant is a nexus, upon nexus, hence Marlin literally being on the wall. BNL is trying to ram through these realities with a vengeance. It's obvious they're the humans who remember the monsters, the war, and the parallel worlds. That's how they've done all this, but here comes the true bombshell: here comes the mind to end all mine.
Mirage..the syndrome theories he's tied in to, he's creating increasingly human robots, it's all a part of the same thing, remember, he did all of this for the government! I told you they were shady, even back in the days when I had a text-to-speech and was narrating my videos. The incredible government syndicate, from their theories, has directed the syndrome from his theories, and they are building and funding massive quantities of artificial intelligence to consume the multiverse? You see, this government that suppresses supers and rules the world is BNL! I'm in a state of shock and I'm in a state of panic. It all makes sense. OH OH!!![Bud Luckey narrates: "The mons swam and swam."] The narrator of "The Mans and the Mons" ! it should sound familiar, because it's agent Rick Dicker himself! they remember the war! This isn't a story for monster children; it's for humans who were being inducted into their little cult, their little propaganda, and their little cartoons. Oh, now it makes sense why they targeted Winston and Evelynn Endeavor! It was their link to the telecommunications industry; they want to air their pre-emptive matroshka buzz lightyear shows, sure, but don't you see what's happening here? BNL is airing violence to children so they can desensitize them. This is what we see causes all of the dead doors. BNL is the true cause of the power crisis, robbing the energy that led to water news seeking out the greatest source, which was Boo's bedroom. The trap syndrome is a prime example of this violent fanboy youth.
I've solved it. This is why the Incredibles is so violent. I bet the government created superheroes to fight violence publicly and have children enjoy it. I mean, if it were poetic, they'd harvest the chains of monsters, which could be why they have owl creatures and stuff. It should be abundantly clear what I'm saying: BNL is the national superhero agency, the NSA has secret ocean bases to try and pinpoint the Bermuda Triangle, and Rick Dicker even vacations to one, just like the monsters! I'm shaking internally and externally, but wait, there's more! Because speaking of three-letter acronyms, the CDA is a crucial factor here too, a child-protecting team of monsters led by Roz after she quit being a scarer, at least according to my theories, but i do believe Waternoose and Roz aren't as clueless about all of this as one might think. Waternoose says 'she's seen too much', implying bad ramifications, and then babbles about how everyone's doomed as he's carried off, and it's because they know something -- their family created the portals after all, something's fishy, and i'm not just talking about this Bermuda crustacean, the CDA sees Mike and Sully's apartment light up, but they let it slide even though it's a sure sign of boo, I mean See their theories for more on that, and remember when Raz confronted Mike and Sully in the university and said she'd always be watching them? Why? They did nothing wrong except get on BNL's radar! I wonder how many kids are decoys adding to thecrisis Perhaps Roz has a counter giraffe she sent through, which is why she let Bo escape to begin with; all of her employees are yellow; she could have spotted it waddling out, even the news guy, who wink wink, is another A113 misprint uses telecommunication to say he's always watching them. They are targets after being seen by human adults, and I don't think it's any coincidence that Boo smiled as she smashed their telecommunications device. But before I wrap around to baby Smitty, I need to reach the holy grail of Pixar theorizing, which I found after months of analysis. You can probably feel it. We're building to one massive key that will answer everything related to BNL and Pixar itself. I hope you've seen everything i've ever said about BNL and Pixar.
Robots like Boo and Mirage don't seem like robots; they are so realistic it isn't even funny. It took mental gymnastics but also common sense for me to reach this conclusion, but there are certain things that robots notoriously cannot replicate, such as autonomy, emotion, and willpower. Recently, we got a movie named Soul, which focused on this most elusive factor: the difference between man and machine. boo isn't just a machine learning algorithm going around repeating "Kitty" She knows what kitties are, and she draws them on her wall as if she's learning about them with a purpose: is she artificial or a human? I also need to try and figure out how cars tie into this because evidently they do, but don't even get me started on what these things are supposed to be: are they artificial or human-like? I still need to bring Wall-E into this, but i can't for the life of me figure out how robots fall in lov--
[Theorizer moans Jumpscare]
I was right! I was right! I said it years ago, and I was right! The toys are possessed! BNL is using souls to power their machines., that's the key! [SOUL] That's the truth they've been trying to tell us for decades. It's right there. They trick you into thinking this robot is actually a child, and then they make the movie about robots who are humans who fall in love with Wall-E and Eve. They even joke in Monsters, Inc. about children's souls possessing a garbage cube. This is BNL's end game: full corporate control. We even catch a glimpse of Mike's new car, which literally tries killing any monsters inside of it. Chomp! Don't you see how much sense this makes? Please understand! this is why 22 was so hesitant to head to earth; everyone is being brainwashed into obsession, which we see drains their souls and is ready to be harvested by BNL. She finally has a fun experience with Joe and a cat, then proceeds to birth into this! kitty..kitty..kitty!!Don't you see that 22 could very well be boo? Emotion is the link to the soul. When kids turn inside out and display mass amounts of emotion, their soul is vulnerable, and the monsters feed upon it. Randall's scream extractor rips the souls out of children. They are energetic; they wanted boo because 22 is inherently already loose. This is the same film that has Joe Gardner's score like some sort of Matroshka linked in Jazzy Fever Dream. Waternoose stops it with evil; Roz stops it with heroism. This brings me to the most critical of all points: the toys, many of which are BNL products such as Buzz Lightyear, act as soul funnels for children's imaginations, which i already determined also greatly helped power Monstropolis. Do you see what I'm saying? Do you see what I'm getting at?For years and years, I said Andy's ancestors helped watch over him in the form of toys. Now I have proof that this can be the case. The first film feels like two dads fighting over a son: the birth dad and the stepdad, Woody, who has no memory beyond a very specific point in his past and who watches over Andy like a father.[Excitement at the realization that Woody is Andy's dad] I did it! YES finally!
I need to down several chill pills with a gallon of chamomile; somebody stop me before I do so. UGH! We're too late; I've read too many ofYour comments and I have ascended one too many layers for my own good, but it does seem to be the case that, if varying levels of reality all coexist within a recursive stack, then why would our layer be exempt? Um, wait, what is BNL?The company that owns fictional Pixar and runs the world and has a monopoly on merchandise in the economy, um, this should sound strikingly familiar...
BNL is Disney. BNL is Disney! Oh my fuck!This is how our world ties into the theory. This is how the story drags in our lair. The fictional premise is that BNL is based off of Disney itself. This is most certainly what they were going for when they created the idea of BNL in the first place. The freakiest part in all of this is that Disney's late acquisition of Blue Sky Studios would canonize my Katie Theory by proxy because if all the layers are involved in a nest of insignificant easter eggs then the multiversal goddess would technically be involved too, but obviously that's not intentional; that's just a fun by-product of the insane fact that BNL is disney. My main concern now is that Disney is in the housing market and people are already comparing them to BNL online. Layers of reality are converging, and luckily we can finally solve Baby Smitty with all of this.
On the night of boo's escape, she ambushes a sushi restaurant named Harry Housens (laughs), and the cda bursts onto the scene with full force. In later interviews, a scarefloor monster named Lanky Schmidt claims that Boo used laser eyes, and another monster says she shook him like a dog with her mind powers, which is confirmed by yet another monster. This is all very suspicious because the Incredibles and Monsters, Inc. overlapped like mad to the point where they even shared similar logos, and this led to all of you commenting about the very viral theory, which identifies the possibility that Jack Jack is the real culprit. jack jack has all of those powers and the ability to overlap dimensionally. The strangest part, though, is that it occurs at such a coincidental moment, right amidst chaos, so here's the kicker: Here's my theory: here we go, Boo jumped up on the counter and screamed boo at all of the monsters in a sort of climactic moment of terror. Remember what I said about this restaurant being a nexus point, nay, a weak spot between universes? Well, I believe this entire night of horrors was a controlled event by BNL. From the other side, this restaurant is so literally fishy that I might be inclined to brand it as the center of the Bermuda Triangle, the center of the Bermuda Triangle. What is their logo, the Bermuda Triangle?[Inception sound at Triangle Illuminati at the sushi restaurant menu cover]
The restaurant is named after a famous real life animator, and it's because this whole situation is literally breaking down layers of reality and combining the easter eggs from our lair. Still don't believe me? Well guess what this restaurant is filled to the brim with, the Chinese food boxes. Are you kidding me? This is insane. So BNL is using children to minimize suspicions and keep them secure. Boo Jack Jack and someone else, another baby, a changeling, to swap universes with physical conservations. Now I didn't know who this was, and then every single layer of reality broke and I collapsed into a pit of my own broken existence.
The bonus disc ends with a series of bloopers that are literally showing how the film itself was filmed and have actors acting the act. matroshka! This is not what gets me, though; what gets me is that it finishes with a literal stage play retelling the events of the film, and who plays Boo? It's none other than baby Smitty; everything is collapsing. It's the way he stared down Lanky Schmidt himself that got me so much so that I tweeted about it without fully understanding what I was talking about, but it's him. This is what the giraffe teaches us about swapping universes. Baby smitty is a changeling with Jack Jack, and from that night forward, he's, "Oh, is it possible that baby smitty has no older sibling and that this was baby smitty until the night of living hell?" perhaps, perhaps, but that's not the point. Do you see what i'm really getting at, whichever method I use? Whatever happened, however it occurred, it did. BNL has been sending in decoy children to prep the universe for their takeover. Jack Jack's first big outpouring of power was during the short film "Jack Jack Attack." Near the end of this BNL inventor himself syndrome, Jack Jack arrives at the doorstep and makes a joke.Syndrome: "Then I would have been going around wearing a big BS, and you understand why I couldn't go with it."
[BS = Baby Smitty] What an absolute coincidence! I'm not sure what this thing is; it likely came through at some point somehow, but I don't believe this is a robot, at least not entirely. First of all, he has razor sharp teeth; slugs don't have teeth, not like this; look at older Smitty; those are teeth; they even make a point of how he can wear braces. These on the other hand are shards of bone. He slithers around like a leviathan and has a mouth like a lamprey off the top of my head. He shares a ton of characteristics with both leviathans and changelings from the show "Supernatural", which is a weird coincidence, but all this time my jokes were accurate. He supersedes gastropods. He is a virus spreading BNL in the atlantic hidden city. Baby Smitty is dumb and uneducated in parrots. He follows Mike Wazowski around like he's learning. His eyes are black and vacant, which is absolutely nothing with the older smitty or the other version of this child that we see earlier near the apartment. They chose him because of his proximity to Mike Sully and, most importantly, Boo.
I also believe Roz has ties back to this family. I believe this because we've established that the slugs turn green, grow massive, and may turn into old ladies who like administrative positions. She doesn't have the correct arm count, which leads me to believe she's only on one side of the family, but I do believe there's a slug conspiracy of some sort going on here in some form of 'Always Watching'
The film is quite upfront about it all, this is why Mike chose Baby Smitty to play Boo in the theatrical production, he sounds the same, he is a replacement, an imperfect one, and this brings me to my final conclusion and about what he's here to do. I believe BNL is already infiltrating Monstropolis, not in the form of robots -- that's just the equivalent of their reconnaissance drones -- no i think baby smitty is infectious I believe BNL is replacing the citizenry one member at a time. at first, I thought there's no way, but then i started getting advertisements for the new Monsters at work tv show, I haven't seen the whole thing, but here's the confusing part: I think i'm right, and I think the evidence is overwhelming.
In the show, we meet Gary Gibbs and Rose. Gary Gibbs is like Mike Wazowski, but blue and evil. Rose is similar to Roz, but she prefers Gary Gibbs and is less bubbly These are cloned villains who appeared out of nowhere shortly after the events of the film; Roz appears to be playing along; the bonus disc adds the CDA credits beneath Baby Smitty's preschool teacher, and all of them felt as though this meta-stage play was worth their time; cloning is occurring, but I don't know what the consistency was to be able to prove this, but then i realized the truth, it's all in the sounds! When Roz slams the door on mike's hands he screams yeaaaaahhhhhhh, later baby smitty parrot's mike wazowski, as if to repeat mimic clone it then as if informed by boo, he mysteriously stares at mike's previously damaged hands before chomping on them as hard as he can and what do we hear mike makes the exact same yeah scream once again, i have reason to believe that anyone who is bit by baby smitty is then cloned and prepped to be replaced it makes sense why this has already happened to mike and baby smitty's very own possible grandmother. It's in the bite, but as you should hear, it's also in the scream. It is a scream extraction. We've established that screams are funnels for the soul, and thus Baby Smitty is cloning people. Gary Gibbs is literally named after Mary Gibbs, which is Bo's real name and Bo's actress's name, and baby Smitty was the actor for Bo in the stage play. All of the levels of reality are collapsing, and Mike should have taken the hint when his hands were damaged at the end for more reasons than just fixing that damn door!
I hate baby Smitty! the scourge of Monstropolis, the doom of monsters BNLeviathan: This is what baby smitty is, because this is not baby smitty, let's be completely clear. The next step is to actually map this mitroshka and see what BNL's working with at the hypothetical maximum. The infinite mobius matrioshka, also known as the nested realities, are 20-dimensional. What i mean is that it would be easier if each film had every other film within it. It would be a diagram that would basically be a circle containing 20 other circles for each sub-universe, which contained 20 more circles infinitely. However, it's clear to me that this is not the case. I need to sift out every plot hole and every detail in every short film and shared universe. I need to interrelate every easter egg and display the omniversal container. How does Disney tie in? How do bloopers tie in? The result will be me having to visualize 20 dimensions in a single YouTube video, and then proceed to somehow illustrate approximately 20 to the power of 20 diagrams, which would require a hundred septillion pages. I'll have to find a workaround because that's physically impossible, so this will be graduate thesis material, and you better stay tuned. This has pushed me tremendously far over the edge, so subscribe and ring the bell where I'll find you until next time I'm the theorizer.
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2023.03.21 05:45 Korlog_Kashin for all those people complaining about how windows 11 looked when it first came out, i found an old screenshot of the beggining of windows 10 from 2015

for all those people complaining about how windows 11 looked when it first came out, i found an old screenshot of the beggining of windows 10 from 2015 submitted by Korlog_Kashin to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 05:44 wage92 [WTS] Optic Cuts are Back!

Finally got the shop together enough to start offering these cuts again. While we are still getting used to the new shop and reopening the lead times may be a few days longer than the 3 days I was doing before. I hope to get back to the 3 days within a few weeks.
As thank you for everyone who has been waiting for me to get back up and going, I will take $10 off all the states prices below until Friday 👍
I am offering optic cuts on your pistol slides. They will be CNC machined on a Haas Milling Machine by me. I can also finish them with bluing on the cut area (as long as the slide isn't stainless) or I can cerakote the entire slide. My standard turnaround is 3 business days from when I receive it. Here are the slides and optic cuts I can currently do:


Double stack models- RMR (fits rmr, sro, holosun 407c/507c/508t, and several other optics), holosun 509t, holosun 507k, RMRcc, ACRO, DPP, 509 ACSS
G43, 43x and 48- holosun 507k, RMRcc
G43/43x/48 MOS - convert to 507k direct mount


P320 - RMR Cut, Holosun 509t
P365 - 507k Cut


75 - 507k cut
P07/P09 - RMR Cut (Irons Must be Moved in Front)
P10 - RMR and 509t Cut (509T uses factory iron location, RMR requires Glock rear dovetail to be cut)

Smith and Wesson

M&P 2.0 - RMR cut (Glock rear dovetail)


Graphite Black, OD Green, FDE, Tungsten, Burnt Bronze


Glock: $75 for just a cut, $85 for cut and blue, $110 for cut and full slide cerakote
Sig: $90 for just a cut, $125 for cut and full slide cerakote
CZ: $95 for just a cut, $130 for cut and full slide cerakote (+$25 for iron sight cuts if required)
S&W: $85 for cut (extra $25 if you want a Glock rear dovetail) and $120 for cut and full slide cerakote
Add-ons* (Glocks only for now, other than the sight installs):
Front Side serrations ( I can do factory straight or interrupted around the text): +$30
Iron Sights moved in front of optic: +$25
Iron sight install: +$10
Add a set of Angry Bear Arms Ironsights and get free install : +$40
Payment must be by Venmo.
More Glock pictures
CZ P07/P09
CZ P10

Glock 19x Color Comparison (Burnt Bronze left, 19x Center, FDE Right)

509T Cut over a Previous RMR Cut
All the cerakote colors (left to right - FDE, Burnt Bronze, Tungsten, ODG, Graphite Black)
M&P 2.0
Sig P365
P320 509T
Single stack MOS conversion
Angry Bear Arms Ironsights
Thanks so much everyone!
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2023.03.21 05:44 DifficultHat I had chat CPT write a biography of my favorite unseen character, Arsenio Billingham.

Prompt: Write a psthumous biography of “Arsenio Billingham” as if he were a real person. He is a character from 30 Rock. He is not friends with Tracy Jordan or Jack Donaghy.
Chat GPT: Arsenio Billingham was born on July 12, 1948, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up, Arsenio had a passion for the entertainment industry and dreamed of one day becoming an actor. He moved to New York City in the early 1970s to pursue his career and quickly made a name for himself in the theater scene. He appeared in several off-Broadway productions before landing his first on-screen role in the film "The French Connection" in 1971.
Over the course of his career, Arsenio appeared in numerous films and television shows, including "Hill Street Blues," "The Cosby Show," and "Law & Order." However, he is perhaps best known for his small but memorable roles in two of Tracy Jordan's films, "Who Dat Ninja" and "Honky Grandma be Trippin'."
Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Arsenio was often mistaken for comedian Arsenio Hall, which he found frustrating at times. He once joked in an interview, "I've been Arsenio Billingham for 60 years, and all of a sudden this guy comes along and steals my name!"
Tragically, Arsenio passed away on May 3, 2010, at the age of 61 due to complications from diabetes. He is remembered by his colleagues and fans as a talented and dedicated performer who brought joy and laughter to many through his work on stage and screen.
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2023.03.21 05:44 theBolsheviks How can someone at home do paleontology?

This might sound like a stupid question, but I was listening to a Scott Manley video the other day, and he said anyone can do astronomy, you don't need access to Hubble or JWST, you can look at the decades of publicly available data, and you might end up making a discovery. (The video on question was about a scientist idly looking at 30 year-old images of Venus and discovered evidence of active vulcanism, which we thought only Earth and Io had) but it made me wonder what a regular person might be able to do with paleontology/evolutionary biology, which are two things I'm really interested in, but I'd kinda resigned myself to listening to PBS Eons and Moth Light Media videos
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2023.03.21 05:43 DeepSpaceHorizon I'm looking for a good VPS host that has cheap 30-day plans with good hardware

For Minecraft but also for other game servers like World at War, DayZ, Gmod, etc.
Looking for a 30-day plan that's under 25$
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2023.03.21 05:41 bubbles147 New bugs. Anyone else having these problems?

The first one is the bonus challenges haven't been registering for awhile for me, this started happening to my friends this week, for me it's been since season 1. The regular daily challenges register but not the bonus so I'm losing 10k XP a day. The other bug just started 2 games ago. Whenever I get a killstreak that requires that ipad like the sae or vtol it won't let me click where to place it, making it unusable, and I'm stuck in place for 30 seconds making me a free kill.
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2023.03.21 05:40 ivanandleah will i get my first learning point reward if i purchase 30 days prem on top of my founders pack?

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2023.03.21 05:38 Due_Bug7786 What should I do I hate my great job

I a student university male 20 and I just got introduced to a great job by my neighbor it a very competitive position and it pay really well and it match enough with my school schedule that let me get by it start at 7:30 and end at 3:15 I work 3 day a week full on Monday Wednesday and Friday every time I woke up to work i literally want to die no I mean that I want a car to hit me or something but there is nothing wrong with the work place my boss is nice I got free food and like I said it pay very well for a student stander my performance is getting worse because I can't focus on the job I mean I try my best but you can just do so much when you rather get your leg broken or smt but like I said there nothing I can complain about the job I feel so shitty for hating it also my neighbor say if I won’t improve my performance soon I will get fire they say I was good and doing my job but I not up to their stander if there any advice on what should i do that would be nice please
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2023.03.21 05:38 Kazekumiho Thought on a personal loadout/kit (EDC, lab, and light outdoors oriented)

Hi folks, hope your week is off to a bright start! I come to seek advice and thoughts on a small personal collection.
My flashlight story starts over a decade ago (wow, it's been that long?) when my algebra teacher whipped out a Fenix PD30 during a power outage at school. He told us about how it had traveled the world with him, from the dark caves of Thailand, to mountain peaks, now it was lighting our little room. Us students were kind of surprised that anyone would just carry around a dedicated flashlight since smartphones were becoming popular, but his simple statement of "you never know when you could use a little more light" really stuck with me and I immediately saved up for Fenix's latest and greatest PD32 Original, which is no longer made. I carried it for four beloved years, also around the world, before I eventually lost it ironically somewhere in the hills behind my house. I never saw it again.
Fast forward an entire decade, and I've always missed that light. It was supremely built, brighter than anything else I had, and easy to carry in the pocket. I felt like I had the sun in my hand at night. Since then, it seems like flashlight technology has grown in every way -- from build quality to emitters, drivers, batteries, and more! I'm looking to return to the scene with a few lights in the following categories: EDC, lab, and light outdoors. I've done some research and checked the various lists on the sub, here's what I've come up with:
So there it is! I'm happy to hear any thoughts y'all have -- and if you have other recommendations, please feel free to share and let me know why you think I should give it a look. Looking forwards to y'all's thoughts, and can't wait to stay strapped with a light again!
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2023.03.21 05:36 SleepingJoey CA - am I entitled to 60 days notice for termination of lease?

My landlords have decided to notify me that they need me to move out in 30 days, due to them needing to move their daughter into the property. I am month-to-month, and have been here almost 4 years. I believe after reading 1641.1 of the civil code that I am entitled to 60 days notice, but I just want to make sure before I notify them I'd be staying the full 60 days (if I can't find anything sooner). Am I legally entitled to this or am I reading the code wrong?
Another thing is if, since it is a no-fault just cause, am I entitled to financial compensation, or waived rent in that remainder of my last month?
Thank you!
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2023.03.21 05:36 DragJonFruit 24M Could use friends

Anyone welcome!
Hey im Jonathan! I would love to meet new people from wherever to game, make jokes? Text, anything! Let me tell you more about me!
About me: I’m from Texas
I am LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 Friendly
Lover of memes
I love to watch sci fi/ fantasy movies the most. Favorite would be LOTR : The Two Towers. sci fi would be tron legacy.
I enjoy gaming a lot and would love to play with people. I play a lot of multiplayer games. I love stardew and halo the most, but i play zelda, mario, doom and a whole lot of other games so just ask me what else i play.
On my free time i like to write about fantasy short stories and Or about my days.
I like to go on walks of hikes depending on the weather.
I like to explore more of nature by heading into a nearby forest.
Music: i like daft punk and metallica.
Reading: i like to read young adult fantasy and non fiction books. Percy Jackson and The Mortal Instruments especially. And ACOTAR Too
I enjoy Studio Ghibli, Anime, and Marvel and Dc Movies
I have a couple of dogs if you want to see them, just ask me :)
Currently plan to work on my masters this fall!
Thats mostly everything from me but if you’re interested to learn more just ask!
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