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Trifectrol Ultra or Shine N'Scrub
The curly font of Jen's handwriting stared back from the top of the yellow pad shopping list. Frank had no trouble locating the cleaning isle in the small town store he frequented. His wife usually stuck him with the shopping and truthfully he didn't mind, until today.
The two white brand name bottles of cleaner sat on the bottom shelf. He considered for a second then grabbed the Trifectrol Ultra. Something about it caught his eye. It was when he set it in the cart that he heard the voice start talking, like it had been there his whole life.
"I knew he'd choose Trifectrol. It's just a cool name that gets 'em. Plus the yellow bottle cap catches your eye. Computer, write that in the cooperate file!"
Frank heard the voice but brushed it off as a glitch with the intercom of the store. Next he considered three brands of toilet paper and decided on the 4 ply rolls. This time he noticed no one else reacted to the voice that seemed crystal clear.
"The new product, huh. Even though it has blue packaging? Interesting. Make a note of that. This sample has a record for setting trends. His product choices predict more than anyone could imagine."
Frank panicked when the voice stopped and waited for him to continue shopping. Instead he decided to check out. The voice didn't make another appearance until he hit the highway.
"Is something wrong with this guy's receiver? He looked pale as a sheet back there. Almost like he heard me talking. It's unusual but not unheard-of. Maybe I'm crazy. Up ahead he's about to pass two fast food billboards. Which one will he look at first? I guaranteed my bosses he'd look at the shrimp ad. It was designed to be appealing to the eye."
A receiver? Frank's chest hammered when he glanced at the two lit signs coming up.
"Choose the shrimp place!" The voice yelled loud enough to startle Frank. At first he looked at the shrimp, but decided to try and change his mind. This time his eyes found the juicy burger billboard.
"The shrimp place would save us money! Come on!"
He looked at both again. There was no denying the appeal of the billboard. Frank's eyes darted back to the shrimp ad one last time before hitting a concrete barrier at 70 mph. He heard the voice one last time.
"Huh. Sample lost. But successful advertising I'd say. Write that down."
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Snow White SVG
Snow White SVG

Snow White SVG

Snow White” is one of the most popular characters from Disney world, which made our childhoods magical. This princess was the lead character in the famous fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”
There was a powerful message conveyed by this fabulous princess’s story about how she remained beautiful and was saved from misfortune despite so many enemies around her. This character was so charming, kind, and compassionate that we could not leave it without loving it.
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2023.03.21 05:45 re-kidan Im terrible at scary games and decided to give it a go anyways, i think i've discovered something new

Since a kid i was really scared of movies based on terror and jumpscares, and that translated to scary games, the last horror game i remember playing was Amnesia like, 10 years ago.
So, fast forward to today, suddenly from one day to the other my YT is FILLED with Iron Lung videos even though they are from last year, and everyone was praising the game and it was less than an hour long so i thought: ok, i wanna try something new and got it, and ffs i just finished it and im trembling like really hard but way calmer than before, and well, i don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight
the 4 / 5 pictures i got were fairly easy but when i got the picture with the anglerfish, i took another picture with the exact same coordinates and angles again and it wasn't there anymore, that's when i knew i was in for a freaking ride
First time when i teleported i kinda brushed it off, i was so into being scared that i kinda let it go, but when i teleported the second time from the top left picture i geniunely began freaking out, and it was aaaaaall downhill from there.
The game had various moments of having something out there appearing in front of you and going away if you stay still a bit, suffice to say that the eye picture was the final nail in the coffin for me, i just wanted for it to end but i wanted to actually finish the game since i was so close
So i did
So i kinda pissed myself methaforically
To finish what i wanted to explain in the title, i realized im REALLY not into jumpscares, but horror done correctly is an amazing experience as good as having a wholesome moment or having witnessed a great story from your favourite game, it kinda stays with you in an amazing way of "goddamn that was really good", i think it's closely related to the semi horror you find in games like Gone Home, the Suicide of Rachel Foster and even Firewatch, it's really far from what Iron Lung is in a practical level, but the same suspense can be found in all of these games, it's a slow buildup to a final realization, and i love it
To conclude, i've got to say that i thought i'd be emotionally scarred for a long while, and even though tonight i'll sleep with my lamp on, i don't feel like traumatized like when i watched the first video of the Mandela Catalogue (never watched the others, too much for me), it was a special experience in a way, and i loved it as much as im scared of it
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2023.03.21 05:45 KingsGuardGT Baby Smitty Theory by Theorizer

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it brings you joy, sometimes it brings you sadness, but meaning is found in the act of being. When you stop trying to solve everything, you come to realize that all of the answers are in front of you and have been all along. Babies are not ignorant; they're profoundly aware. I recently calmed my mind following a serious mental breakdown after making 23 theories on Mort from Madagascar. It was exhausting, but i've come out of this with a renewed sense of clarity that has granted me all of the answers. What does that mean, and how does this work? I don't know, but the result was a series of jokes I made coming true and then answering every single question I've ever had about Pixar. This metaphysical cipher has finally allowed me to figure out Monsters, What do you mean? You might ask what needs solving—haven't there been way too many Pixar theories? Don't think this is a theory, think of it as the key to every plot hole ever; it's not only logical, but poetic and sensible, and likely this video will serve to unify everything I've ever done. A few months ago I made a wild video that made a lot of bold claims about the Pixar company; I called it the twisted nest of Pixar," and that's becoming more true than ever. I hope you've seen it, and I hope you've heeded my warning, which suggested that you watch my three theories on Raw, three theories on Syndrome, and two theories on the Incredibles government because everything's about to connect perfectly, and this second Pixar dissertation is about to grind along the fringes of sanity and go straight off the rails!
Hello, I am the theorizer... Baby Smitty, the second I laid eyes on this character, I felt the overwhelming urge to hate him. He's just... i don't know how to put it, but for six months now I've been attacking him on social media. I made some bold claims intended to be slanderous about how he's an evolved form of the Spanish flu, how he's an anomalous Atlantic mime, and how he's the gastropod godfather, whatever that means. People have understandably accused me of losing my mind Baby Smitty is that little blue slug that wanders around with the preschool during the events of Monsters, Inc. and then bites Mike Wazowski's hand for no damn reason. Yes, this character with 30 seconds of screen time has earned my profound hatred; I can just feel that something's going on here. His name is yes, literally, "baby Smitty," and it's presumably because there's already another slug character named Smitty; he's the door shredder guy. This is the first clue that something's going on here; they could have named this child anything they wanted, but instead they named him "baby Smitty" so as to relate him back to the older Smitty. It signifies that blue slugs likely turn more green as they get older, and it means there's some fascinating continuity going on beneath the surface; in fact, all of the kids in this preschool seem to be related to the other older monsters we've seen. Let me elaborate: I have reason to believe that there is yet another smitty hiding somewhere out there, an adolescent smitty, dare I say. When Mike and Sully leave their apartment, we see some kids playing jump rope, and sitting right there on the steps is yet another blue slug with four arms; he's holding a soccer ball, and he says hi to them. With all of this in mind, I could easily believe that this is the house where the Smitty family lives, and in the window we see a giant eyeball; perhaps this is the head of the Smitty family, and it's kind of disturbing that they get so big. It's an interesting comparison to make though, because in Monsters University we see a giant slug octopus librarian who fits similar descriptions. This is the scary part. The Smitty family is well aware of Mike and Sully, the door shredder. Smitty is a super fan, and baby Smitty is freaking terrifying. They live right next door. Not only that, but Smitty shreds doors on Mike and Sully's own scare floor, which displays how they're always close behind them. When door shredder Smitty arrives on the scene, his job is to get rid of any unfit scare candidates, perhaps kids who are too jaded, too old, so on and so forth. I believe most of the Smitty family is indeed employed here, each with their own role to play, and then there's the baby of the bunch, i want to be clear, and this is about to get unlike anything you've ever seen before.
After uploading the matroshka video, I received numerous comments asking how the giraffe fits in. Yes, the giraffe, the bonus disc is filled to the brim with detail, more than any other bonus disc I've ever laid eyes upon, and it's all for a very specific reason. A while back, youtuber headache scanned this disc as well and was severely put off by the giraffe, rented an entire theater just to zoom in and screen and confirm its existence. What is it, and how could this even work? It would have to make a sneaky bee line for the door the moment where it needs to disappear, but it didn't take me long to realize it does at the exact moment in question boo leans up and points at her door. Sully assumes she's referring to the monsters scaring her but in fact she's talking about the stealth giraffe that just ran through and replaced itself. This still sounds insane and ridiculous at face value, but luckily it's just the missing piece i've been looking for, so is it some sort of monster? The answer is no. It's been a fixture of Boo's bedroom for quite some time, and this seems to be the two worlds colliding with full force. You'll see what I mean. Have you heard of the mans and the mons? It's a neat little story on the bonus disc detailing how monsters and humans lived in harmony until the humans bullied the monster's ugliness so bad that they had to flee to an enchanted island where they ate the food which made them scarier, and they began to spook humans out of revenge. They continued the tradition to this very day. This story upends a lot. I've constantly been saying that the doors go back in time, but that seems to be a falsehood. They refer to them as the human world and the monster world. I've been thinking about this little short for quite some time, and it seems to be a sort of bedtime story being told to younger generations. it's vague and seems to be somewhat metaphorical, what with enchanted islands, and so I've thought and thought and thought and felt like maybe it was a portal to a hidden world, perhaps underground, or something, so I scanned that bonus disk again and the answer hit me hard. the man's and the mons confirm it. It's a sort of propaganda, presumably by someone like Waternoose, and it also fully confirms hostility between monsters and humans. In the Himalayas, we see a village where we catch a glimpse of how scaring looks from the human side: lights constantly flashing, kids constantly screaming, villages in uproar — hold on, how would the human world not realize something fishy is going on? The human government must know that this is happening based on the history and the statistics. How can Mike and Sully traumatize adults at camp and just get away with it? How can they banish unruly monsters from the human world with such ease?
Oh...OH..OHHH...Mhmm, it's really simple. It's not that it's easy; it's that they've already been caught. It's happening, you feel it. It's likeIt's like a chill in the air. The puzzle, I did it. Oh, I did it. The humans, they know it's all a trap!Okay, so boo's bedroom is the nexus of multiversal overlap; it's the central focal point; I hinted at this in the twisted nest video; it's at the forefront of BNL's universal merge; it's the gateway between worlds, containing the layers below it in the form of toys; it's a crucial moment of overlap; but up until this point, I assumed it was all just a byproduct of the situation: reality bending in on itself. But don't you see, don't you understand it' It's all a setup and a lie. This isn't Boo's bedroom because there is no booze bedroom. This is a test. It's a facility. This is all BNL. The entire bedroom is an experiment by BNL monitored 24/7 to study the monsters so they can take over their world. They want Monstropolis because it's the mother lode, the nexus of the multiverse, with portals galore. All of their multiversal products are scattered amidst this fake room, all designed to catch the monsters. The giraffe is not a monster; it is BNL's modus operandi; it is robotic. The giraffe is the equivalent of a robotic animal, inconspicuously recording nature footage. Wait a second. Wait a second. No, I'm not crazy. I heard that this is familiar. Where did I learn this? [GASP]
Ms. Flint: Because...Mr. Bile: Um, it could... let in a draft (Girrafe)?
When I was younger, I always thought I heard giraffe never draft." I'm not alone in this; I've seen others online who heard this too. I bet this is purposeful. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the wall right behind him because, holy sh*t. There are literally giraffes right there, and get this: a toy giraffe angled perfectly as an inconspicuous camera. They're trying to tell us this was all a setup. It is complete and utter recon. The bedroom is a BNL venus fly trap. Do you have any idea how much this changes It means Bo was supposed to be captured. They put this child there for the sole purpose of getting snatched so they could send in the giraffe or any other spyware. Remember, we've established in the previous video that Boo has been screaming extracted many times. This is how she knew to open the secret door, and it's also why she's strangely comfortable around the water noose at first, and why Randall keeps going back for her and even mentions how she needs to take off a few pounds. This is how the giraffe was already in their world when the film began, and I mean, let's take a closer look at this supposed bedroom. For starters, the brightness of this moonlight is impossible; it'd have to be more like a street lamp, but it's angled in such a way that she'd have to be close to it. I don't hear any cars, only faint crickets and a subtle humming a humming you say like an industrial spotlight maybe. I'd also like to point out that this nursery mobile tilts slightly the moment we see it, even though this bedroom was completely empty.
How do you think BNL is accomplishing this? Yes, it would seem as though they've kidnapped a little girl and forced her to walk across the world. If this truly is the Incredibles universe, then could it really be true that she's a superhero? Or could it be how else she's full of energy that can power worlds? She's used as a lure. She can be screamingly extracted over and over again. And for sake, she literally teleports around. This is complete insanity, but something's still not adding up. I know BNL has the ability to kidnap superheroes; that's not an issue.
Oh, oh! I am so sorry! I don't know how to prepare you for this...[Robot test child acts as being scared and shuts down in Monster Inc. after being revealed and the simulation being terminated]They were telling us the whole time; can't you see what I've been saying? The whole film is bombarding us with it! They even do it again in the climax itself!
One question: why would it just be the giraffe? BNL is a company run and owned by robots; why would they stop? They wouldn't allof the toys here, these matroshka centrals themselves are spyware. The technology in the Incredibles world is so powerful that I've claimed Mirage as a robot. Do you see now that the giraffe isn't the only one being sent through, Boo is too? She teleports around, has no parents, is filled with energy, and everyone calls her Anita. She speaks like a machine learning algorithm, squealing "Kitty!' all over the place. She gives him tons of spyware as a last ditch recon op, and when she falls asleep she just shuts down! This child is not a child at all. Case in point, the cereal she eats repeatedly and doesn't die! Why would I be so insane to think that because i've read the ingredients, and I don't know about you, but I've never heard of an ordinary human being who can eat uranium, mercury, neurotoxins, and sulfuric acid, she physically can't be a human, but she mimics one perfectly like Mirage, ever the puppet with strings. BNL has been aware of the monster world for ages now, spying, prying, and planning a takeover of the world without energy as they use the same child targeting algorithm that the monsters themselves use. The end of the film is far, far darker this way; no wonder Smitty is shredding so many dead doors indeed. So this whole film was a plot staged by BNL to gain access to the master reality so they could collapse all of the layers. How deep does this go? First, thanks to my commenters, the ultimate proof can be found in cars.
[Truck Sulley and Mini Wazowski are scared and yell at Yeti Snowplow.]Yeti: "Welcome to the Himalayas!"Mack: "Oh, that abominable snowplow!"So this is unequivocal proof of films within films, but there's something else here to mention, and like A113 and the pizza planet truck, it's another symbolic representation of the states of these universes. The Chinese Food Boxes, this brand is located in every single universe except Monsters, Inc., where it's slightly off. This is because BNL owns fast food chains, but again, they've failed to assimilate Monstropolis. There is nexus upon nexus upon nexus as they try to break reality, and this restaurant is a nexus, upon nexus, hence Marlin literally being on the wall. BNL is trying to ram through these realities with a vengeance. It's obvious they're the humans who remember the monsters, the war, and the parallel worlds. That's how they've done all this, but here comes the true bombshell: here comes the mind to end all mine.
Mirage..the syndrome theories he's tied in to, he's creating increasingly human robots, it's all a part of the same thing, remember, he did all of this for the government! I told you they were shady, even back in the days when I had a text-to-speech and was narrating my videos. The incredible government syndicate, from their theories, has directed the syndrome from his theories, and they are building and funding massive quantities of artificial intelligence to consume the multiverse? You see, this government that suppresses supers and rules the world is BNL! I'm in a state of shock and I'm in a state of panic. It all makes sense. OH OH!!![Bud Luckey narrates: "The mons swam and swam."] The narrator of "The Mans and the Mons" ! it should sound familiar, because it's agent Rick Dicker himself! they remember the war! This isn't a story for monster children; it's for humans who were being inducted into their little cult, their little propaganda, and their little cartoons. Oh, now it makes sense why they targeted Winston and Evelynn Endeavor! It was their link to the telecommunications industry; they want to air their pre-emptive matroshka buzz lightyear shows, sure, but don't you see what's happening here? BNL is airing violence to children so they can desensitize them. This is what we see causes all of the dead doors. BNL is the true cause of the power crisis, robbing the energy that led to water news seeking out the greatest source, which was Boo's bedroom. The trap syndrome is a prime example of this violent fanboy youth.
I've solved it. This is why the Incredibles is so violent. I bet the government created superheroes to fight violence publicly and have children enjoy it. I mean, if it were poetic, they'd harvest the chains of monsters, which could be why they have owl creatures and stuff. It should be abundantly clear what I'm saying: BNL is the national superhero agency, the NSA has secret ocean bases to try and pinpoint the Bermuda Triangle, and Rick Dicker even vacations to one, just like the monsters! I'm shaking internally and externally, but wait, there's more! Because speaking of three-letter acronyms, the CDA is a crucial factor here too, a child-protecting team of monsters led by Roz after she quit being a scarer, at least according to my theories, but i do believe Waternoose and Roz aren't as clueless about all of this as one might think. Waternoose says 'she's seen too much', implying bad ramifications, and then babbles about how everyone's doomed as he's carried off, and it's because they know something -- their family created the portals after all, something's fishy, and i'm not just talking about this Bermuda crustacean, the CDA sees Mike and Sully's apartment light up, but they let it slide even though it's a sure sign of boo, I mean See their theories for more on that, and remember when Raz confronted Mike and Sully in the university and said she'd always be watching them? Why? They did nothing wrong except get on BNL's radar! I wonder how many kids are decoys adding to thecrisis Perhaps Roz has a counter giraffe she sent through, which is why she let Bo escape to begin with; all of her employees are yellow; she could have spotted it waddling out, even the news guy, who wink wink, is another A113 misprint uses telecommunication to say he's always watching them. They are targets after being seen by human adults, and I don't think it's any coincidence that Boo smiled as she smashed their telecommunications device. But before I wrap around to baby Smitty, I need to reach the holy grail of Pixar theorizing, which I found after months of analysis. You can probably feel it. We're building to one massive key that will answer everything related to BNL and Pixar itself. I hope you've seen everything i've ever said about BNL and Pixar.
Robots like Boo and Mirage don't seem like robots; they are so realistic it isn't even funny. It took mental gymnastics but also common sense for me to reach this conclusion, but there are certain things that robots notoriously cannot replicate, such as autonomy, emotion, and willpower. Recently, we got a movie named Soul, which focused on this most elusive factor: the difference between man and machine. boo isn't just a machine learning algorithm going around repeating "Kitty" She knows what kitties are, and she draws them on her wall as if she's learning about them with a purpose: is she artificial or a human? I also need to try and figure out how cars tie into this because evidently they do, but don't even get me started on what these things are supposed to be: are they artificial or human-like? I still need to bring Wall-E into this, but i can't for the life of me figure out how robots fall in lov--
[Theorizer moans Jumpscare]
I was right! I was right! I said it years ago, and I was right! The toys are possessed! BNL is using souls to power their machines., that's the key! [SOUL] That's the truth they've been trying to tell us for decades. It's right there. They trick you into thinking this robot is actually a child, and then they make the movie about robots who are humans who fall in love with Wall-E and Eve. They even joke in Monsters, Inc. about children's souls possessing a garbage cube. This is BNL's end game: full corporate control. We even catch a glimpse of Mike's new car, which literally tries killing any monsters inside of it. Chomp! Don't you see how much sense this makes? Please understand! this is why 22 was so hesitant to head to earth; everyone is being brainwashed into obsession, which we see drains their souls and is ready to be harvested by BNL. She finally has a fun experience with Joe and a cat, then proceeds to birth into this! kitty..kitty..kitty!!Don't you see that 22 could very well be boo? Emotion is the link to the soul. When kids turn inside out and display mass amounts of emotion, their soul is vulnerable, and the monsters feed upon it. Randall's scream extractor rips the souls out of children. They are energetic; they wanted boo because 22 is inherently already loose. This is the same film that has Joe Gardner's score like some sort of Matroshka linked in Jazzy Fever Dream. Waternoose stops it with evil; Roz stops it with heroism. This brings me to the most critical of all points: the toys, many of which are BNL products such as Buzz Lightyear, act as soul funnels for children's imaginations, which i already determined also greatly helped power Monstropolis. Do you see what I'm saying? Do you see what I'm getting at?For years and years, I said Andy's ancestors helped watch over him in the form of toys. Now I have proof that this can be the case. The first film feels like two dads fighting over a son: the birth dad and the stepdad, Woody, who has no memory beyond a very specific point in his past and who watches over Andy like a father.[Excitement at the realization that Woody is Andy's dad] I did it! YES finally!
I need to down several chill pills with a gallon of chamomile; somebody stop me before I do so. UGH! We're too late; I've read too many ofYour comments and I have ascended one too many layers for my own good, but it does seem to be the case that, if varying levels of reality all coexist within a recursive stack, then why would our layer be exempt? Um, wait, what is BNL?The company that owns fictional Pixar and runs the world and has a monopoly on merchandise in the economy, um, this should sound strikingly familiar...
BNL is Disney. BNL is Disney! Oh my fuck!This is how our world ties into the theory. This is how the story drags in our lair. The fictional premise is that BNL is based off of Disney itself. This is most certainly what they were going for when they created the idea of BNL in the first place. The freakiest part in all of this is that Disney's late acquisition of Blue Sky Studios would canonize my Katie Theory by proxy because if all the layers are involved in a nest of insignificant easter eggs then the multiversal goddess would technically be involved too, but obviously that's not intentional; that's just a fun by-product of the insane fact that BNL is disney. My main concern now is that Disney is in the housing market and people are already comparing them to BNL online. Layers of reality are converging, and luckily we can finally solve Baby Smitty with all of this.
On the night of boo's escape, she ambushes a sushi restaurant named Harry Housens (laughs), and the cda bursts onto the scene with full force. In later interviews, a scarefloor monster named Lanky Schmidt claims that Boo used laser eyes, and another monster says she shook him like a dog with her mind powers, which is confirmed by yet another monster. This is all very suspicious because the Incredibles and Monsters, Inc. overlapped like mad to the point where they even shared similar logos, and this led to all of you commenting about the very viral theory, which identifies the possibility that Jack Jack is the real culprit. jack jack has all of those powers and the ability to overlap dimensionally. The strangest part, though, is that it occurs at such a coincidental moment, right amidst chaos, so here's the kicker: Here's my theory: here we go, Boo jumped up on the counter and screamed boo at all of the monsters in a sort of climactic moment of terror. Remember what I said about this restaurant being a nexus point, nay, a weak spot between universes? Well, I believe this entire night of horrors was a controlled event by BNL. From the other side, this restaurant is so literally fishy that I might be inclined to brand it as the center of the Bermuda Triangle, the center of the Bermuda Triangle. What is their logo, the Bermuda Triangle?[Inception sound at Triangle Illuminati at the sushi restaurant menu cover]
The restaurant is named after a famous real life animator, and it's because this whole situation is literally breaking down layers of reality and combining the easter eggs from our lair. Still don't believe me? Well guess what this restaurant is filled to the brim with, the Chinese food boxes. Are you kidding me? This is insane. So BNL is using children to minimize suspicions and keep them secure. Boo Jack Jack and someone else, another baby, a changeling, to swap universes with physical conservations. Now I didn't know who this was, and then every single layer of reality broke and I collapsed into a pit of my own broken existence.
The bonus disc ends with a series of bloopers that are literally showing how the film itself was filmed and have actors acting the act. matroshka! This is not what gets me, though; what gets me is that it finishes with a literal stage play retelling the events of the film, and who plays Boo? It's none other than baby Smitty; everything is collapsing. It's the way he stared down Lanky Schmidt himself that got me so much so that I tweeted about it without fully understanding what I was talking about, but it's him. This is what the giraffe teaches us about swapping universes. Baby smitty is a changeling with Jack Jack, and from that night forward, he's, "Oh, is it possible that baby smitty has no older sibling and that this was baby smitty until the night of living hell?" perhaps, perhaps, but that's not the point. Do you see what i'm really getting at, whichever method I use? Whatever happened, however it occurred, it did. BNL has been sending in decoy children to prep the universe for their takeover. Jack Jack's first big outpouring of power was during the short film "Jack Jack Attack." Near the end of this BNL inventor himself syndrome, Jack Jack arrives at the doorstep and makes a joke.Syndrome: "Then I would have been going around wearing a big BS, and you understand why I couldn't go with it."
[BS = Baby Smitty] What an absolute coincidence! I'm not sure what this thing is; it likely came through at some point somehow, but I don't believe this is a robot, at least not entirely. First of all, he has razor sharp teeth; slugs don't have teeth, not like this; look at older Smitty; those are teeth; they even make a point of how he can wear braces. These on the other hand are shards of bone. He slithers around like a leviathan and has a mouth like a lamprey off the top of my head. He shares a ton of characteristics with both leviathans and changelings from the show "Supernatural", which is a weird coincidence, but all this time my jokes were accurate. He supersedes gastropods. He is a virus spreading BNL in the atlantic hidden city. Baby Smitty is dumb and uneducated in parrots. He follows Mike Wazowski around like he's learning. His eyes are black and vacant, which is absolutely nothing with the older smitty or the other version of this child that we see earlier near the apartment. They chose him because of his proximity to Mike Sully and, most importantly, Boo.
I also believe Roz has ties back to this family. I believe this because we've established that the slugs turn green, grow massive, and may turn into old ladies who like administrative positions. She doesn't have the correct arm count, which leads me to believe she's only on one side of the family, but I do believe there's a slug conspiracy of some sort going on here in some form of 'Always Watching'
The film is quite upfront about it all, this is why Mike chose Baby Smitty to play Boo in the theatrical production, he sounds the same, he is a replacement, an imperfect one, and this brings me to my final conclusion and about what he's here to do. I believe BNL is already infiltrating Monstropolis, not in the form of robots -- that's just the equivalent of their reconnaissance drones -- no i think baby smitty is infectious I believe BNL is replacing the citizenry one member at a time. at first, I thought there's no way, but then i started getting advertisements for the new Monsters at work tv show, I haven't seen the whole thing, but here's the confusing part: I think i'm right, and I think the evidence is overwhelming.
In the show, we meet Gary Gibbs and Rose. Gary Gibbs is like Mike Wazowski, but blue and evil. Rose is similar to Roz, but she prefers Gary Gibbs and is less bubbly These are cloned villains who appeared out of nowhere shortly after the events of the film; Roz appears to be playing along; the bonus disc adds the CDA credits beneath Baby Smitty's preschool teacher, and all of them felt as though this meta-stage play was worth their time; cloning is occurring, but I don't know what the consistency was to be able to prove this, but then i realized the truth, it's all in the sounds! When Roz slams the door on mike's hands he screams yeaaaaahhhhhhh, later baby smitty parrot's mike wazowski, as if to repeat mimic clone it then as if informed by boo, he mysteriously stares at mike's previously damaged hands before chomping on them as hard as he can and what do we hear mike makes the exact same yeah scream once again, i have reason to believe that anyone who is bit by baby smitty is then cloned and prepped to be replaced it makes sense why this has already happened to mike and baby smitty's very own possible grandmother. It's in the bite, but as you should hear, it's also in the scream. It is a scream extraction. We've established that screams are funnels for the soul, and thus Baby Smitty is cloning people. Gary Gibbs is literally named after Mary Gibbs, which is Bo's real name and Bo's actress's name, and baby Smitty was the actor for Bo in the stage play. All of the levels of reality are collapsing, and Mike should have taken the hint when his hands were damaged at the end for more reasons than just fixing that damn door!
I hate baby Smitty! the scourge of Monstropolis, the doom of monsters BNLeviathan: This is what baby smitty is, because this is not baby smitty, let's be completely clear. The next step is to actually map this mitroshka and see what BNL's working with at the hypothetical maximum. The infinite mobius matrioshka, also known as the nested realities, are 20-dimensional. What i mean is that it would be easier if each film had every other film within it. It would be a diagram that would basically be a circle containing 20 other circles for each sub-universe, which contained 20 more circles infinitely. However, it's clear to me that this is not the case. I need to sift out every plot hole and every detail in every short film and shared universe. I need to interrelate every easter egg and display the omniversal container. How does Disney tie in? How do bloopers tie in? The result will be me having to visualize 20 dimensions in a single YouTube video, and then proceed to somehow illustrate approximately 20 to the power of 20 diagrams, which would require a hundred septillion pages. I'll have to find a workaround because that's physically impossible, so this will be graduate thesis material, and you better stay tuned. This has pushed me tremendously far over the edge, so subscribe and ring the bell where I'll find you until next time I'm the theorizer.
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2023.03.21 05:03 Grandmastermoogle Any chance James reaches out to Pat to have him write a couple episodes?

Since Kieran left and Mike doesn't seem to be pulling away from streaming, it doesn't seem like a bad idea to call up the NES punk. I know Pat's reputation is in the drain after the Quartering drove the last nail through his Diablo coffin, but Pat don't give a damn 'bout his bad reputation. I think he could definitely write up a few simple but insightful scrips that people here would appreciate. Is there any possibility of this or did James burn that bridge too? Big flea market madness fan btw.
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2023.03.21 04:56 saidpiece Discovering the treasures of Eastern Bhutan: Tour to Mongar
Mongar, a picturesque town located in eastern Bhutan, is known for its stunning natural beauty, cultural heritage, and unique experiences. If you're planning a trip to Mongar, here are some things you should consider adding to your itinerary:

Visit Mongar Dzong

The Mongar Dzong is a 17th-century fortress and monastery that serves as the administrative headquarters of the district. Mongar Dzong, also known as Mongar Rabdey, is a historic fortress and monastery located in Mongar, Bhutan. It serves as the administrative headquarters of the Mongar district and is also a center of religious and cultural activity. The dzong's unique architecture, with its three courtyards and imposing towers, is a sight to behold. You can take a guided tour of the dzong to learn more about its history and cultural significance.
The Mongar Dzong is situated on a hill overlooking the town and is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful scenery. The dzong's unique architecture is a blend of traditional Bhutanese and modern styles, with three courtyards and imposing towers. The dzong also features a beautiful temple and a prayer hall, both of which are decorated with intricate carvings and colorful murals.
The dzong is open to visitors and offers guided tours that provide insight into its history and cultural significance. Visitors can also observe the daily activities of the monks who live and study at the dzong. The dzong is also home to several important festivals throughout the year, including the Mongar Tshechu, which is held in the 8th Bhutanese lunar month (usually in November).
The Mongar Dzong is a significant cultural and historical landmark in Bhutan and is a testament to the country's rich heritage and traditions. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Bhutanese culture and history.

Hike to Dramedtse Monastery

Dramedtse Lhakhang, constructed in the 16th century by Ani Cheten Zangmo, the grand-daughter of the revered Terton Pema Lingpa, is one of the most notable religious sites in the region, and was built with the intention of spreading Nyingmapa teachings in the eastern area. It is among the most popular monasteries in the region, with visitors mainly coming from Dramedtse and surrounding districts, particularly during the annual festival. The famous "Drametse Ngacham," or "Dance of the Drums of Drametse," was born here in the 16th century, and it is now a popular dance performed at major festivals.
This dance, which is considered the best-known of all Bhutanese dances, was created in the 16th century at Drametse Monastery in eastern Bhutan by a saint who had a vision of Guru Rinpoche's paradise. Twelve men wearing yellow skirts and animal masks perform the dance while playing drums; they represent Guru Rinpoche's entourage and celebrate the triumph of religion. It is believed that this dance brings liberation to those who witness it.
Although the road to reach the monastery from the Mongar-Trashigang highway is narrow and scattered with pebbles, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to get there. Each bend on the uphill climb offers a beautiful view of valleys and distant mountains. You may also catch a glimpse of Udzorong village in the Trashigang Dzongkhag.
UNESCO designated this dance as a "Masterpiece of the World Intangible Heritage" in 2005. The Mask Dance of the Drums of Drametse was choreographed in the monastery in the 16th century, after the founder Kunga Gyeltshen, the great grandson of Terton Pema Lingpa, had a vision of Guru Rinpoche's Zangtopelri (Copper-Colored Mountain Paradise). A total of 16 male dancers wearing masks and 10 musicians perform the dance. They first perform a prayer dance in the main shrine, and then, one by one, they enter the monastery's courtyard. The dance is divided into two sections: a quiet, meditative portion that represents the peaceful deities, and a fast, athletic portion that represents the wrathful ones. The quintessence of Bhutanese identity, this dance has been performed for nearly five centuries all over the country and has now become an essential component of Tshechu in Bhutan. UNESCO designated Drametse Ngacham as a "Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage" during the Third Proclamation of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in Paris in November 2005, due to its worldly, spiritual, and artistic values.
If you're up for a bit of a challenge, consider hiking to the Drametse Monastery. The monastery is perched on a hilltop overlooking the town and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The hike takes about 2-3 hours, and the trail is well-maintained.

Attend Mongar Tshechu

Bhutan is known for its vibrant festivals, and Mongar is no exception. The Mongar Tshechu is a colorful festival that takes place in the dzong courtyard and features traditional music, dance, and costumes.
Annually, for three days, Mongar Dzong hosts a Tshechu festival in its courtyard, drawing devotees from nearby districts who come to witness the masked dances, accompanied by cultural performances that entertain the spectators. In Bhutan, masked dances hold significant religious and cultural value, and attendees believe that witnessing these sacred performances liberates them. The festival attracts people dressed in their finest attire, and they often bring packed lunches to enjoy while watching the performances. The majority of dances featured at the festival are unique to the region.

Go birdwatching

Mongar, Bhutan is a haven for birdwatchers with its diverse range of bird species. The region's rich biodiversity and unspoiled natural beauty provide a perfect habitat for many endemic and migratory bird species.
To go birdwatching in Mongar, you can explore the forests and wetlands near the town, which are home to a variety of birds, including the endangered white-bellied heron. Some popular birdwatching spots in Mongar include the Yadi and Narang trails, which offer opportunities to see species such as the chestnut-breasted partridge, Ward's trogon, and the yellow-rumped honeyguide.
Another popular bird watching destination is the Kori La Pass, located about 20 kilometers from Mongar. The pass provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys and is home to species such as the rufous-necked hornbill, white-browed bush robin, and the dark-sided thrush.

Hike to Aja Ney

Aja Ney is a sacred pilgrimage site located in the hills above Mongar, Bhutan. The site is believed to be the spot where Guru Rinpoche, a great Buddhist saint, meditated and left his footprints in the rock. It is considered a place of great spiritual power, and many devotees visit the site to pray and seek blessings.
To reach Aja Ney, one has to take a short but steep hike of about an hour from the nearby village of Duksum. The hike is relatively strenuous, but the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys make it a worthwhile experience. The trail winds through lush forests, past small waterfalls, and across several suspension bridges over the Kuri Chhu river.
Upon reaching Aja Ney, visitors are greeted by the sight of a large rock with the imprint of Guru Rinpoche's foot. The rock is surrounded by prayer flags and small shrines, and many devotees offer prayers and make offerings at the site. The area around Aja Ney is also home to several other sacred sites, including a cave where Guru Rinpoche is said to have meditated.
Mongar presents an unparalleled mix of scenic splendor, cultural legacy, and conventional encounters. Whether you want to discover ancient dzongs, trek to isolated monasteries, or relish a relaxing hot stone bath, the town has something for all kinds of travelers. So, don't wait any longer, prepare yourself for a trip to Mongar, and explore the obscure treasures of eastern Bhutan.
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2023.03.21 04:31 DestroyatronMk8 The Privateer Chapter 110: Tactical Necessity

First Previous
At the Warmaster's words, the Oluken Security Officers moved closer, tendrils straying to their stunwhips. Yvian saw eyestalks shake and legs betray tremors of fear. The Oluken were scared. She didn't blame them. Eight more Vrrl stood in a loose circle behind the Warmaster. She'd seen how quickly they could move. Yvian suspected the Warmaster and his people could slaughter the Elders and every guard in the area if they wanted to. They could reduce the Taa'oor and the human delegation into quivering chunks just as easily. Even she and the Captain couldn't stop them, unarmed as they were.
The only thing keeping Yvian from being terrified was the presence of Kilroy and Zarkon. If the Vrrl tried anything, the Peacekeeper units could turn them into a puddle. She spared a glance at Kilroy and took a breath, trying to slow her heartbeat.
The Vrrl ignored the shaking Security. His three eyes followed the High Commander as the man drifted towards one of the Oluken Elders. A pleased rumble escaped him. He turned back to regard Captain Mims. "But he is a hunt for another day." Skrell Scatchach looked at the human, slowly blinking his eyes. He did the same towards each pixen, then the Peacekeeper. "From now until tomorrow, you will not be my prey." His shoulders relaxed, and he plucked a fish from one of the floating platters. "I have come to express my gratitude to you, human."
Mims met the monster's gaze, one eyebrow lifting. "Gratitude?"
"I am as surprised as you are." The Vrrl gave a low, rumbling chuckle. His eyes flicked to the High Commander and back again. "Do you know how long the Empire has been trying to capture Nexus technology? The Federation does not leave such things in the hands of civilians, and their military has been very careful. Even the Confederation Nodes self destruct before we can take them."
The Warmaster's lips peeled back, revealing sharp teeth and glistening fangs. Yvian realized it was his version of a smile. "Now, not only do we have a Node, you've given us a jumpdrive, stealth tech, and working samples of human weaponry."
"I didn't give you anything," said the human. "I gave it to the Oluken."
"And they sold it to us," the Vrrl agreed. "As you knew they would."
"It was a tactical necessity."
"So you told the High Commander." Scathach's unblinking stare switched over to Yvian. "But I am being discourteous." He held out a huge clawed hand. "I saw you on the little mechanic's station, but we have not been introduced. I am Skrell Scathach, First Hsst of the Priderender, Third Warmaster of the Vrrl Starfang Empire. It is interesting to meet you."
The Warmaster's claws retracted. Yvian allowed his fingers to engulf her own. His hand felt strong enough to bend tungsten, but he squeezed lightly before letting go. "Yvian," she gave her name.
Skrell Scathach gave a nod, then held his hand out to Lissa. "And you must be Lissa Kiver, the leader of the Pixen Technocracy."
"It's nice to meet you," Lissa said with a diplomatic smile. Technically, she shared the leadership with Yvian, Mims, and Kilroy, but there was no denying she was the face of the fledgling nation.
The Warmaster regarded Kilroy next. His brow furrowed. "I do not intend offense, but I cannot smell the difference between you and the other machine. Are you Kilroy or Ambassador Zarkon?"
"This unit and the other machine are standard and interchangeable," the Peacekeeper informed him, accepting the handshake. "There is no difference to smell. This unit is designated as Kilroy."
"Fascinating," said the Vrrl. "And are your kind truly treated as equal to the pixens? No better or worse?"
"Affirmative," said Kilroy. "We are treated as citizens. We are given neither restrictions nor extra privileges."
"How strange," said the Warmaster. "I may come speak with you later. It has been centuries since any Vrrl has spoken with a Synthetic Intelligence. There are many questions to ask."
"This unit will be available," Kilroy assured him. "As will Ambassador Zarkon."
"Very well." The Vrrl ate another fish. "On to business." He clasped his hands behind his back again. "The Vore have taken Histel."
"Histel?" Lissa frowned. "Is that a planet?"
"It was," Scathach growled. "Home to nine billion Vrrl, along with the majority of our breeding camps." The Vrrl didn't always kill and eat the pixenoids they caught. Many were brought back to Vrrl space, put into camps, and forced to breed. The Vrrl liked their meat sapient, and they liked it fresh. Yvian shuddered. Being bred and slaughtered like a grib was one of her personal nightmares.
The Warmaster continued. "We saw them coming. We were prepared, and it didn't matter. The Vore tore through us as easily as I would tear through a hignal." A cold fury grew in the Vrrl's visage. "We were forced to sever the sector from the Gate network."
"I'm sorry to hear that," said Mims. "That's not good news."
"It could have been much worse." The Vrrl held one his hands in front of him, sheathing and unsheathing his claws. "If not for the information you sold us, we would have been caught unprepared. The Vore could have escaped Histel Sector. The entire Empire could have been lost." He shook himself, tucking the hand behind himself again. "Emperor Chakla has declared the Vore a Scourge, and the Empire must see them destroyed."
"Ok," Mims nodded slowly. "That's good, but what does that have to do with us?"
"We know you have a weapon that can destroy the Vore." The Warmaster reached into his vest. He pulled out a small orb. The orb activated, showing a hologram of Skygem racing towards a Vore sphere.
Mims frowned at the hologram. The Warmaster grunted. "Did you not know that the Oluken who saved Yvian were spies?" Scathach chuckled. "Don't let their prattling about the Lifestream fool you, human. They are as underhanded as the humans, and nearly as cunning as the Vrrl." He put the hologram away. "I have spoken with the other Warmasters. With the Denmasters. With the Loremasters and the Mafdet. All have agreed. The Vrrl Starfang Empire does not have the power to destroy this Scourge on our own. For that reason, the Emperor has authorized an alliance." He held out all four of his hands. "Join us, and the Vrrl Starfang Empire will help you do what the humans and the Xill cannot. We will destroy the Vore, and wipe every trace of this Scourge from the Galaxy."
Yvian looked at the Warmaster's outstretched hands. This was above her paygrade. She cast a glance at Mims, who nodded towards Lissa. Lissa thought for a moment, then shook her head. "No."
"No?" Yvian had expected Skrell Scathach to react with anger. Instead she saw mild surprise.
"No," Lissa repeated. "You eat pixens. Why would we ally ourselves with people that see us as food?"
"I smell," said the Vrrl. He lowered his hands. "Unfortunate. I have seen your defenses. You will not be able to stop the humans from taking your world and your weapon the moment they learn its location. With us, at least, you would have a chance."
"We'll deal with the Federation when the time comes," said Mims.
"The time is sooner than you think," the Warmaster told him. "Did you think it was a coincidence your XTRO sent a strike team? The High Commander didn't stop them for your benefit, no matter what he says." He gestured towards the Oluken Elders. "He simply didn't want to anger the Oluken."
"The Federation's been hunting me a long time." Mims shrugged. "I can handle myself."
"It's not you they are hunting, human." The Warmaster regarded him with disappointment. "Do you really think they'd risk war with the Oluken for petty revenge?"
"Oh, Crunch." Lissa's eyes went wide. "They're after..."
"A tactical necessity." The Captain shook his head. "They want to use Lucendian tech. They want Yvian."
Crunch. A shiver traveled down Yvian's legs. She glanced over at the human delegation. Some of the men and women in suits had been glancing her way quite a bit. She'd assumed they were just checking her out, but now...
Yvian shook her head. "Doesn't matter." She pointed at Scathach. "You still eat people."
"Yes." Scathach was not repentant. He ate another fish. "Though I suppose we can stop eating pixens for the duration of our alliance."
"Not good enough," Lissa declared. "I want our status changed on your Predator Index."
The Warmaster's eyebrows rose. "You want to be Apex? Like us?"
"No." Lissa put her hands on her hips. "I want us listed as inedible. I don't want any of your kind to eat mine ever again."
"Hmm..." The Warmaster considered. "A high price, but not impossible." The Vrrl licked his hand and ran it through his mane. "In return, I will need something from the human."
"Me?" the Captain scowled. "What could you possibly want from me?"
"Mims," Skrell Scathach blinked slowly at the human. "You are the blood of our greatest foes, but you have done more for the Empire than most Warmasters ever will."
"That's not..." the Captain started.
"Now I will give you the opportunity to do more," Scathach spoke right over him. He gestured, and another Vrrl stepped forward. This one was nearly as large as the Warmaster, but a few centimeters shorter and maybe twenty kilograms leaner. His fur was light green, with darker green spots at irregular intervals. His mane was brown. His eyes were yellow. He marched to a stop just behind and a little to the side of the Warmaster.
"This is Scarrend, Ninth Hsst of the Priderender. A fine officer and a Mafdet of the Fifth Ordinance." The Warmaster clapped a meaty paw down on the green Vrrl's shoulder. He will be the newest member of your crew."
Captain Mims blinked. "What?"
Scarrend blinked. "What?"
"He will serve on your crew," Scathach elaborated. "And you will teach him your ways."
The Captain's face darkened. "Are you out of your-" Suddenly Kilroy was next to him, squeezing his shoulder. Mims paused, glaring at the Peacekeeper.
"For what reason do you wish your officer to join the Random Encounter?" the Peacekeeper asked.
"An apt question." Skrell Scathach crossed one pair of arms across his chest. "First, he will serve as a point of contact between your group and the Vrrl Starfang Empire, much as you do for your fellow machines." Scarrend opened his mouth to speak, but a look from the Warmaster silenced him. "Second, I know the Pixen Technocracy is lacking in Mafdet." He noticed Yvian's confused expression and elaborated. "Scientists and inventors. Your species doesn't have them."
"The Pixen Technocracy has Peacekeeper units," Kilroy pointed out.
"Yes, but you all have the same mind, don't you?" Scarrend spoke. His tone was more hostile than his words. "Learning and invention are a collaborative effort, and you only have a single perspective."
"The third reason is the most important." The Warmaster cut back in. "Scarrend is going to learn how humans fight."
"Warmaster," Scarrend objected. "We have been hunting humans for two centuries. We already know how they fight."
"We know how to fight humans as Vrrl," the Warmaster corrected. "You will learn to fight as the humans do."
"What? That's..." Scarrend stopped himself, then started over. "Why would a Vrrl wish to fight as a human? We are the apex."
"Are we?" Skrell Scathach asked mildly.
"Of course we are," the green Vrrl scoffed. "We are faster, stronger, smarter. The humans only have two arms, for meat's sake."
"And yet they've beaten us," The Warmaster pointed out.
"Their technology is more advanced then ours," Scarrend admitted. "But strip that away..."
"And they still beat us." Scathach shook his head. "Have you forgotten what happened on this very station? Or the experiment that followed. Human martial artists killed three Vrrl for every one of theirs."
"A single experiment proves nothing," Scarrend insisted. "Once we collect more data..."
"We have collected more data," Skrell's growl cut him off. "We've invited humans to three more tournaments after the first. The results were consistent."
Scarrend gasped, along with the other seven Vrrl behind him. "You mean..."
"Yes." For a moment the Warmaster looked very, very tired. "These martial artisans are more dangerous than we are." He took a breath and squared his shoulders. "That is why you must go with this human. If the arts that make them so powerful can be taught, you must learn them. You must bring them to the rest of us. If you cannot, then the Vrrl will lose our place at the Apex."
"I..." The green Vrrl swallowed. He looked down at the water they all stood in. "I understand, Warmaster." He faced Scathach, raising his leather shirt to show his belly. "I will grow the Mafdet, and bring cunning to the Hunt."
"Your prey is knowledge." The Warmaster took one of Scarrend's hands and rubbed his head against it. "Hunt it well."
"I haven't agreed to any of this," Mims objected.
"You will," Skrell Scathach rumbled, voice as cold and unyielding as tungsten in the void. "It is a tactical necessity."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Want more Privateer? Join my Patreon!
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2023.03.21 04:23 Chaotic_Egg_19 My entrance for my tropicore island

My entrance for my tropicore island
Design codes: Palm leaf, red and yellow hibiscus: MA-4522-0119-5541
Daisy 2x2: MA-4019-4067-9725
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2023.03.21 03:59 Milesss001 Pin Nailer

When driving tiny, elongated nails into wood, a pin nailer is a compact, handheld power instrument used for the task. The available smallest power nailer is this one. It uses tiny, headless 23-gauge nails that resemble sewing pins. The most common nail sizes for 23-gauge pin nailers are 38-inch to 1-inch, while some can take up to 2-inch nails. With demanding standards in quality, design, and ergonomics, Miles, from the house of KGOC, offers a professional range of staplers and tacks, pneumatic tools, tape tools, staples, industrial fasteners, stitching wire, and staple removers. It has always been our goal to introduce items to the market that increase users' productivity and efficiency while also being excellent and cutting-edge.
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2023.03.21 03:50 ObviouslyOblivious90 Random Rivality Round 14

Random Rivality Round 14
Look. Normally I would greet you all with a 'dearest Polinators' or a 'fellow Polinators' or perhaps even an emotionally-vulnerable 'beloved Polinators.'
But today? Today, I don't even know what to say to you. I don't even think I know who 30.6% of you are anymore. Has it all been a lie? That's all I keep asking myself. And in the words of one Blink182-loving ex-mod who will remain incredibly and entirely anonymous: 'what kind of sub are we running here???'
Because seriously. If 30.6% of you are willing to vote for a spoon over Colin's bench, then I really just don't know what any of this has been about. Some of you were similarly bewildered: 'Was this round even really necessary? I mean, there's no competition here. It's Colin. COLIN! I think anyone who voted for The Spoon needs to spar with Colin himself. You would be 'on the floor' in a matter of minutes.'
I'm hearing talk that people gave the spoon a 'pity vote' because they thought it had no chance of winning. Believe me, as a Brit who lived through 2016, let me warn you now about how dangerous a game that can be. You play with fire, you get burned. Most of the 30.6% spoon lovers stayed silent though, hiding behind anonymity, but one or two of you did confess to your betrayal of Colin.
'Me. I’m the agent of chaos. I still love you, Obvs but in my defence I just wanted to give spoon a chance…'
To that I can only say:
I once had dinner with this particular sub member. Imagine thinking you know someone and then they turn around and vote for a spoon over a bench. I should've known from the moment they suggested we order dessert. In the moment, I believed that the suggestion of dessert was a sign of devotion to Colin and his love of food. I now know that it was all just a ruse designed to get their hands on a spoon. I am beyond words.
Of course, there's still almost 70% of you who remained true to Colin and his bench, and for that I am grateful. Imagine supporting the bench through all the earlier rounds and then suddenly turning on it at this point in the game? Unimaginable. But thankfully 70% do indeed deserve such praise for your loyalty.
I'm not sure if these wounds will ever heal but let's put Spoongate behind us and press onwards. It's time for our final battle in this quadrant of the board as quarter-finalist faces off against quarter-finalist.
First up, we welcome back an old victor:
The Fan Prudence Seduces Her Cousin With. Or at least, TRIES to seduce him with (it was a good effort, Pru, and I personally would have been very seduced. And tbf, you did end up engaged to him so all's well that ends well. Ish.) If you're creeped out by her attempting to hook up with her cousin, please kindly remember that it is 👑regal👑 to marry one's fourth cousin so please stop being so judgmental. The fan itself is a rather delightful peachy orangey-yellow, adorned with tiny blue, red and white flowers and flutters faster than Colin's eyelashes at the races when he's looking at Pen.
I just wish to add: Many voters have been seduced by this particular fan, not because they are a cousin, but because they have noticed the fan is the same colour as Newts' wrap t-shirt. At this crucial moment in the game, I beg of you to let go of that fact. It's time to focus on what matters and what matters is Colin's thighs bench:
Oh my life, it's time to take a trip back into the Bridgerton back garden to pay another visit to The Bench Blessed by Colin's Thighs. What a splendid bench and what devastatingly fine craftsmanship we have on display. I'm sure we would all enjoy sitting on this bench very, very much. This resplendent bench gave us a scene-stealing performance in 2x02 and will return for Season 3 to hopefully once again support Colin's thighs. Oh, to be a bench. Or a glove. Or a belt. Or a - uh, maybe we should stop ourselves there.
The beloved bench. The beautiful bench. Who could ever forsake you? Let's hope the answer isn't 30.6% of this sub again. If you are struggling to place your vote today, may I remind you once again that this is PolinBridgerton. If you think you are lost, please alert a Mod and we will direct you to the nearest Prudence Featherington sub as a matter of urgency.
Choose wisely, dear voters. This game has the potential to get messy, there's no doubt, but we still have a long way to go. As Colin would say: 'Bravery, my sweet.' That's if you even care who Colin is. Tsk.
Obvs x

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2023.03.21 03:22 kcamhawaiiowa [WTS] Isham Bladeworks Blackstar, Civivi Sokoke and a $20 budget bundle

Sup swappers! Got a few up for grabs. Only looking to sell, no trades please.
Isham Bladeworks Blackstar SV: $100 Titanium/marbled CF and satin 20CV. Double detent slipjoint designed by Elijah Isham 🙏. Factory edge, never sharpened, blade centered. Carried a couple times, never used. Disassembled once for cleaning/tuning and now it’s smooth as butter. Incredibly fun lil fidget piece. Can even reverse flick the nail nick with a bit of finesse. First owner, excellent condition with no noticeable flaws whatsoever. Comes w/ original box and zipper pouch.
Civivi Sokoke SV: $55 First owner, excellent condition. Brown linen micarta, 14C28N. Was my secondary carry for a week or so, don’t recall ever using it for more than opening some mail. Factory edge, never sharpened/disassembled. Blade perfectly centered with no play. Super smooth action, great ergos, and impressive build quality overall for the price - honestly my favorite Civivi I’ve handled so far personally. Comes with original box and pouch.
Budget Bundle SV: $20 or $10 add-on Three-knife bundle includes:
Ganzo F753M w/ axis-style lock in orange G10, 440C blade. Smooth yet snappy deployment, action rivaling some of the higher end axis lock knives I’ve handled in a much more affordable package. Great condition, little to no use.
Case Lockback has seen some use and carry. Edge could use a touch up, tip is slightly bent and blade shows some wear. Don’t know much about this one or where it came from but it locks up solid and has some life left in it with a bit of TLC.
Kershaw Cinder Nifty lil keychain blade/bottle opener. Opened a couple bottles, otherwise like new. Never cut/carried.
First claim/YOLO/dibs via comment takes priority.
Payment: PayPal F&F, can also accept Zelle, CashApp, Venmo. Shipping via USPS to addresses within US only please.
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2023.03.21 03:06 Reasonable-Issue3275 Let's hammer last nail in the coffin bois

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2023.03.21 02:26 amywood123 Portable Monitor with STONE serial Touch Screen and ESP32

Portable Monitor with STONE serial Touch Screen and ESP32
Using STONE serial touch screen portable monitor, the hardware department decided to use NXP’s 32-bit microprocessor chip as the whole machine monitoring, ECG analysis, control center, by ECG bioelectricity acquisition amplification, right leg drive, import MIT ECG database to do an algorithm, but also monitor SpO2 sensor electrical signal, blood pressure, respiratory electrical signal amplification, and filtering processing, through high-speed baud rate communication, drive STONE serial touch screen to display waveform and parameter changes in real-time, and compare with a reference value to make a judgment, and monitor and alarm the changes of human body parameters. If there is a range deviation, it automatically issues voice prompts.
The new version of the STONE serial touch screen perfectly supports curve depiction and display, the communication protocol is simple and easy to remember, microcontroller engineers can use it after reading the manual, there are many examples of drivers in the command set, directly copied to modify the name and parameters can be used. Serial connection is simple, you can use the official adapter board, whether it is a direct serial connection or USB to serial, it is very convenient and easy to use. The monitor displays multiple groups of vital parameters at the same time, especially 3 curves that are dynamically drawn and displayed at the same time very smoothly, and should be able to draw more groups of curve graphics at the same time, you can try as needed. Of course, the command set curve function has an example of multiple data pushed at the same time, but the actual use of the current hardware does not respond, I hope the official can be optimized as soon as possible. It may also be solved by updating the firmware. For this new version of the drawing curve function, I first tried how can not be tuned out, and finally learned that the serial screen has a new firmware, brushed the new firmware to see the “real face of the mountain”. Seeing the smooth ECG curve coming out of the serial screen with the firmware brushed, the mood is happy, huh ……
The design picture of this project is shown in Figure (1). The interface is based on a STWI101WT-01 serial screen with 1024*600 resolution, the left side shows 2/3 of the waveform curve and the right 1/3 shows the value.
This article will focus on the creation and depiction of the curve chart view. It is completely according to the production process of the project demo, with no classification, maybe you feel messy, but it is the real process of real development.

First, We Decided To Fix The Curve Depiction Of ECG.

Figure (1) Project Design Expected Interface
This demo simulates a 75bpm heart rate, which is equivalent to an 800ms heartbeat, i.e. one point every 40ms, one cycle every 20 points, based on the whole chart view control X axis divided into 100 equal parts, 4s waveform per screen, screen refresh rate 25Hz, looks very smooth. The line series element of this chart view control is set to smooth = false (ECG waveform is sharp), the lower envelope is not displayed, and the point marker is not displayed. area. Here see Figure (4), min = 0, max = 140 for the Y axis, the maximum value given in the program is 130, and the range is relatively full. See Figure (2) – Figure (7) for other parameters, which are set for chart view1 and its elements X axis1, Yaxis2, bar series1, and line series1. We choose transparent rgba (0,0,0,0) for the bg color of the chart view control, which reveals the base color (black), and other controls, such as view, have the same characteristics.
Figure (2) Property settings of chart view1
Figure (3) X axis1 property setting of chart view1
Figure (4) Y axis1 property setting of chart view1
Figure (5) bar series1 property setting of chart view1
Figure (6) The line series1 property setting of chart view111
Figure (7) line series1 property setting of chart view12
The programming code to simulate the ECG waveform (75bpm) according to the above settings is as follows.
First, define two variables as follows.
Int num19_1 = 0; Int num19_2 = 0; Then generally in the main loop main.c, the ECG curve is depicted by the following code. delay(10);
num19_1 += 1; if(num19_1 >= 4){ // Draw one point every 40ms. num19_1 = 0; num19_2 += 1; if(num19_2 == 3){ Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series1\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :10}>ET"); }else if(num19_2 == 4){ Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series1\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :130}>ET"); }else{ Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series1\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :40}>ET"); } if(num19_2 >= 20){ //every 20 data is a cycle num19_2 = 0; } }

Then You Want To Take Care Of The CO2 Curve, Focusing On Scan Synchronization.

The 3 curves of this project, chart view2 is for the SpO2 blood oxygen sensor and chart view3 is for CO2 respiration.
Chart view2, chart view3 X axis are set min = 0, max = 100, and ECG chart view1 the same, curve sweep to keep synchronized, chart view2 Y axis2 max = 100, so the preparation of the program Y-axis value is given to 95 maximum, the algorithm is shown in the following program code.
First, define 3 variables as follows. Int num19_3 = 0; Int num19_4 = 0; Int num19_5 = 0; The CO2 curve is then generally depicted in the main loop, main.c, by the following code. num19_3 += 1; if(num19_3 >= 4){ //one point every 40ms num19_3 = 0; num19_4 += 1; if(num19_4 <= 10){ num19_5 = num19_4\9; //the first 10 points increase linearly* Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series3\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\":" ); Serial.print(num19_5); Serial.println("}>ET"); }else if(num19_4 <= 40){ // the last 30 points decrease linearly num19_5 = 95 - (num19_4 - 10)\3;* Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series3\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\":" ); Serial.print(num19_5); Serial.println("}>ET"); }else{ num19_4 = 0; Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series3\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :5}>ET"); } }
Figure (8) shows the ECG waveform at the top and the CO2 waveform at the bottom (symbol round radius = 4)
Figure (9) shows the ECG waveform at the top and the CO2 waveform at the bottom (symbol round radius = 30)
The following CO2 waveform in Figure (8) is the effect of the above program when the attribute symbol round radius = 4 for line series3. We try to modify symbol round radius = 30, hoping that the curve transition is more rounded, but the test result is no different from Figure (8), see Figure (9), which shows that when the points are denser, the rounding effect is not obvious. This can only be achieved by changing the point coordinates.
Figure (10) with coordinates separating axes
Let’s take a look at the properties of the X axis in Figure (3) by using Figure (10). In Figure (3), when show = true for split line, the long vertical bar (separator bar) will be displayed; when show = true for line, the horizontal line of X-axis will be displayed (such as the horizontal line at the bottom of the top chart view); when show = true for tick, the thin line of the scale below the horizontal line of X-axis will be displayed; when show = true for label, the number below the horizontal line of X-axis (the value filled in data) will be displayed. = true, it will show the number below the horizontal line of the X-axis (the value filled in the data). That’s all.

Now It Was Down To The SpO2 Curve And Decided To Use AD Conversion.

Curve simulation using ESP32 ADC, it is 12-bit, full scale 4096. chart view2 Y axis max = 255, the ADC read-in value divided by 20, can meet the curve display. The full-scale SPO2 display is 100%, so the ADC read in value divided by 20 and then divided by 2.55 can be displayed in label2, the program because it is an integer number operation, the algorithm is corrected, please see the actual test ok program code. Use the function analogRead(32) in Arduino to read the AD conversion value of GPIO32 (also ADC-CH4) of ESP32 directly. The test can be done by a potentiometer, but also simply connect the ADC-CH4 pin to GND, to +3.3V, to +5V, or overhang to see the interference waveform, see video effect (shown at low when grounded, connected to +3.3V, +5V is the same high full amplitude, the overhang is a spurious curve), the right label2 control timely display ADC voltage changes. The code and algorithm code is as follows.
//--------ADC------- int adcPin = 32; // GPIO32, also ADC-CH4 int adcValue = 0; int num19_6 = 0; delay(10); adcValue = analogRead(adcPin); // Read in the value of the AD conversion adcValue = adcValue/20; //-----SPO2 curve plotting ------ num19_6 += 1; if(num19_6 >= 4){ // one point every 40ms num19_6 = 0; Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series2\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\":" ); Serial.print(adcValue); Serial.println("}>ET"); adcValue = (adcValue\10)/21;* Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"label\",\"widget\":\"label2\",\"value\":"); Serial.print(adcValue); Serial.println("}>ET"); }
Fig. (11) The actual completed 3 groups of curves partially
See Figure (11) for a partial shot of the actual picture, and Figure (12) for the design interface in the computer. As in Figure (3), when the show = false of the split line of the X axis2 of the chart view2, the separator bar of the yellow SPO2 area in the middle of Figure (12) will turn off the display (like the real picture); the smooth waveform of the video display can be done completely as a real-time oscilloscope.
Figure (12) 3 sets of curves completed by computer

Reference Points

  • The structure of the STONE designer platform chart view control is shown in Figure (13). There is a detailed description in the official User’s Manual 8.1, including the explanation of each property and parameter; the instruction set 4.24 gives the method of data pushing, see Figure (14), and there are examples of instructions used in the program here.
Figure (13) Structure of the chart view of the curve control
Figure (14) Instructions for using the chart view of the curve control
2. Arduino’s analogRead() read function for analog AD conversion. In the Arduino version 1.8.13 menu “Help”—“Reference” —- “learning —– “Analog I/O”, you can see the description of the analogRead() function As follows.



The Arduino board contains a 6-channel (8 channels on the Mini and Nano, 16 on the Mega), 10-bit analog-to-digital converter. This means that it will map input voltages between 0 and 5 volts into integer values between 0 and 1023. This yields a resolution between readings of 5 volts / 1024 units or, .0049 volts (4.9 mV) per unit. analogReference ().
It takes about 100 microseconds (0.0001 s) to read an analog input, so the maximum reading rate is about 10,000 times a second.




pin: the number of the analog input pins to read from (0 to 5 on most boards, 0 to 7 on the Mini and Nano, 0 to 15 on the Mega)


int (0 to 1023)


If the analog input pin is not connected to anything, the value returned by analogRead() will fluctuate based on a number of factors (e.g. the values of the other analog inputs, how close your hand is to the board, etc.).
However, please note that here the ADC-CH4 of ESP32 is 12 bits and the return value will be 0 to 4096. For more details, please refer to the related link in the original article and the ESP32 manual.
Article Source:
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2023.03.21 02:16 Inorai [Menagerie of Dreams] Chapter 2 - He's a Problem

[Menagerie of Dreams] Chapter 2 - He's a Problem
Cover Art Cover Art (Alternate) First Chapter Patreon Playlist
The Story: When a seemingly-powerless human walks straight through the wards shielding her bestiary, Aloe finds herself with a mystery on her shop floor - and with her merciless kin eager to get their hands on him, they've got a deadline on solving it.
Aloe took a step back, green eyes wide.
Behind her frozen facade, though, her thoughts raced at a hundred miles an hour. A human. Here.
That was a problem. A big one. It meant something had gone terribly wrong with all of the enchantments on the Dragon—and now, she had to move fast if she wanted to keep Secrecy intact.
The man took a shuffling step backward, going paler by the second. Sweat beaded on his forehead. “Shit,” she heard him whisper. The tension building in his voice was clear.
So when he turned, bolting for the door, she was ready. A trilling whistle exploded from her throat, her lips shaping the tone to a high, looping pitch. The door of the Dragon slammed shut. The deadbolt clacked home.
The human hit the wood a heartbeat later, wrestling with the latch. “Open,” Aloe heard him gasp. “Open, dammit!” His expression twisted even as he said it. Recognition, Aloe knew.
One last slam of his fist against the wall, and he spun, glaring at Aloe from beneath a mess of sandy brown hair. “What the hell is this?” he spat. “Just- Just let me go. I’ll call the cops.” As if remembering himself, he started patting at his coat, his bag dropping forgotten to the wooden floor.
Aloe had already put a hand to her belt, running her fingers across the blocky, wood-and-metal shape hanging at her hip. A kalimba. Not the most complex instrument ever devised, but simple was all she needed. She plucked one of the tines, letting the smooth, bell-like note ring through the shop. Centering herself, she started to play, fingers flying faster as she settled into a rhythm. Her magic rose, called up by the clean, pure melody.
“You’ve got to be shitting me,” she heard from across the room. Her brow furrowed. She’d already started her lullaby—there was no way anyone should be left standing still, much less a magic-less human.
But when she looked up, she found the human man scrolling through his phone, terror steadily replacing confusion on his face. “That’s not-”
“No service in here,” Aloe said softly. The man looked up at the sound of her voice, and she sighed inwardly at the frenzied look in his eyes. She dragged her fingers across the kalimba, letting another chord sail out. Nice and slow, Aloe. It’s no different from calming a scared gryphon. “It’s okay. Nothing is wrong. No one will hurt you.”
The words were laced with another enchantment—a sedating charm, this time—but once again, her magic seemed to vanish when it brushed his skin. He shook his head wildly, wordless, and returned to wrestling with the door. The phone fell from his fingers, forgotten.
Aloe’s heart started to pound. Daisy was there alongside her, hackles raised and a snarl on her lips. When a knurl got to growling they growled, and she could already see the impact it was having on their unwelcome guest. She dropped a hand to the hound’s head, still strumming the kalimba with her other.
“You’re safe,” she murmured, reaching deeper into her well of magic. “Breathe, friend. None will harm you here.” Her unease grew by the second, even as she wove a sleeping charm over the entire Dancing Dragon. She was old, yes, and her magic was powerful enough she didn’t fear often for her safety, but it was specialized. She had sleep, and she had dreams. If they didn’t work on this human, what else could she bring to bear here?
Carefully, agonizingly slow, she inched to the side, to where her field kit sat forgotten alongside the counter.
The tension in her eased as she felt the magic start to take hold, the whole room resonating with the steady peal of the tines. The sunbirds overhead came to rest on their beams. The sprites drifted back to their crystal orb, their light dimming. Even Daisy sank to the ground with a whine, laying her head on her neatly-crossed paws.
The human, however, whirled back around to face her, face wild. “Let me out!” he roared—and he broke into a mad dash back toward her, a wordless cry on his lips.
Aloe was faster. She snatched her hand crossbow from the top of the kit, leveling it at him. He was halfway across the shop floor when she pulled the trigger.
The dart notched against its string shot forward, lancing deep into the man’s shoulder. She had a frozen moment of fear as she saw it bite home. If this didn’t work, she didn’t have any other options—but the poison it was loaded with was made from a heavily diluted basilisk venom, brewed by a dear friend she trusted wholeheartedly. She’d seen the same darts take down a charging troll.
It’d work.
The man pressed onward another lumbering step, and Aloe danced back, her breath catching in her throat. It wasn’t working. She had to-
One more lurch, and she saw the man’s eyes roll back in his head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes, hitting the ground hard.
And with that, finally, the Dancing Dragon was quiet.
Aloe took a long, shuddering breath, pressing a hand to her chest. Her other hand shook as she laid her crossbow back atop her field bag. Her heart hammered away fast as a hummingbird’s, her blood rushing through her veins. “That was too close,” she whispered, eyes still fixed to the motionless form of the human. “What in Ora’s merciful embrace was that, Daisy?”
The knurl let out a whine in her sleep, rolling over to her side. Despite the panic of the moment, Aloe let out a shaky laugh, casting a derisive look toward the hound.
And as she collected herself, she started to circle the fallen man, her mind churning away. “What are you?” she whispered, crouching down beside him. Warning bells rang in her head, screaming for her to stay back, to get away. She ignored all of them, reaching out to grip the man gently by the chin.
Well, he looked human enough. Aloe grimaced, leaning in a bit closer. Dhumir were hardy folk, and they had a bit of magic resistance about them. Maybe this fellow had a few drops from one of their bloodlines to his name. He certainly didn’t have the delightfully solid bone structure of most of them, but neither could she place him as belonging to another of the light-touched races.
Releasing him, she stood with a groan. “What am I doing?” she mumbled, burying her face in both hands. The truth of the situation was obvious. He wasn’t a dhumir, or one of the diminutive gallafi, or an erelin like herself. No matter how hard she tried to find another alternative, there was only one answer. The same one she’d been staring down from the start.
He was human. And yet somehow, he’d blasted her wards to smithereens, shrugging off every last spell she threw at him.
“Lucky I still had my kit out,” she mumbled. Her hands raked through her hair, teasing at the strands that’d fallen from her knots and ties.
Underneath it all, she recognized that she was just wasting time. She’d laid the human flat, but considering her magic had had little effect on him, she couldn’t guarantee he’d be down for long—or that she could do it a second time.
Which meant that as little as she wanted to, she had another job to take care of before he woke up.
Heart leaden, she eased her phone from its pocket, staring down at the blank screen. She wouldn’t have service here any more than the human did. Cell phone towers hadn’t learned how to penetrate a seemspace yet, Mother be praised. But she still had options.
Her nostrils flared as she eyed the device like it’d leap from her hand and attack. Do it, you coward. Finally, she dragged a finger around the phone’s outer edge, clearing her throat. “Heed me,” she mumbled. No song required—it was just a sliver of Rote magic, like any light-touched child of Ora could perform. “Sing out across untold distances.”
The magic took hold—and as the phone started to glow in her hand, she raised it begrudgingly to her ear.
Daisy whined, fixing a red-eyed, mournful look on her.
Aloe shook her head. “No.”
The knurl let out a low whuff, barely audible.
“I said no.” Aloe raised an eyebrow, turning her gaze more fully onto the beast. “I’m sorry I enspelled you. But you already had your dinner.”
Daisy’s flank heaved with a heavy sigh. She dropped back to the floor, laying her head on Aloe’s leg, grumbling all the while.
Aloe smiled to herself, thoughts a thousand miles away. Rat was still curled up on her shoulder, where he’d ridden out the whole boondagle. Her phone lay abandoned across the room. It’d bounced when she’d thrown it. It might even be broken. She’d regret it later, she was sure.
Right now it was all she could do to sit there, trying desperately to will away the sick feeling in her stomach.
The human hadn’t moved. That was the one blessing through all this. She’d pulled him into a more comfortable position after giving him a once-over, and fetched a pillow from her room over the shop. He’d snored away through all of it, totally unbothered.
“You’ll be fine,” she whispered, her gaze lingering on his face. He was young. Too damned young to be mixed up in something like this. “The district mages will get you sorted out, and you’ll toddle on your way none the wiser. You won’t even-”
Right on cue, she felt something prickle at the edge of her freshly-reapplied wards. Her skin prickled.
“Stay,” she said, laying a hand on Daisy’s shoulder. The knurl’s eyes snapped open—but she stayed where she was, lifting her head from Aloe’s leg and laying it back down on her paws. Aloe smiled, ruffling the hound’s yellow-green fur. “Good girl,” she murmured. “Just stay here.”
The fact Daisy was out in the open at all made her gut twist a little. Knurl weren’t exactly domesticated, generally. On the contrary, they were usually considered an aggressive breed. She knew what the prickling at her magic meant. Her visitors had arrived. The thought of them panicking and attacking her hound sent shivers of fear through her.
She stood, though, rocking a bit unsteadily on her feet. The tingle of magic against hers came again, more insistently, and she scowled. “Impatient bastards, as always,” she muttered, swiping a hand across her kalimba again. The Dancing Dragon filled with the clear notes, carrying her magic with them, and she felt her wards come open.
The others wasted no time. A blade of light lanced through the air at the front of the Dragon, tearing wide a breath later. A trio of figures piled out through the brilliantly-lit gap, emerging to gape, blinking, onto the Dragon’s shop floor.
Aloe grimaced at the sight of Willard among their number, his slicked-back hair recognizable even at a cursory glance. He’s Kyran’s advisor. You knew he would come. The other two mages she’d never seen before, but their gear was sturdy, padded out with thick leather and kevlar over their rough canvas uniforms, and that didn’t leave many options. So he sent his soldiers, too.
The pair of soldiers stiffened at the sight of Daisy lounging on the floor—then sprang apart, grabbing brass-and-elm wands from their belts. “That’s-”
That is one of my registered and approved familiars,” Aloe said, darting forward to place herself firmly between the soldiers and Daisy. Rat raised his head alongside hers, letting out a strident chatter. “This is my bestiary, gentlemen, not your damned shooting range. I have a license with the kingdom. If you harm anything here, I’ll-”
“Peace, Miss Aloisia,” Willard said, holding his hands up. He stepped past the two goons, offering her an easy, friendly smile. “No one intends a fight. It seems you’ve, ah…” His gaze dropped to the slumbering human. His eyebrow arched. “Run into a snag?”
“You could say that,” Aloe mumbled. She pressed her fingers to her temples for a moment, pressing gently. Calm down. Just do what you have to do, and they’ll leave. Pulling away, she stroked Rat’s head, taking a slow breath. “He waltzed straight in here.”
“And he saw?” Willard said, arching one eyebrow. He bent over with a groan, crouching beside the man, and started to probe for a pulse.
She was forced to nod. “I’m afraid so.”
“Haven’t you heard of wards?” one of the soldiers muttered under his breath. “Damned big shop like this, and you haven’t even-”
“I had wards,” Aloe snapped. She folded her arms, drawing herself up to her full height—however much good that did. She wasn’t exactly large, and Kyran’s troops both towered over her. “He walked straight through them, shredding the whole lot in the process.”
All three of her new guests stopped in their tracks. “Pardon?” Willard said. “You’re certain?”
“Absolutely sure of it,” Aloe said. “All of my lullabies bounced right off him, too. I had to stick him with basilisk poison to put him down.”
One of the soldiers snorted, a towering erelin with cobalt blue hair. Not a bloodline she recognized, that one. “A lullaby?” she heard him say, a derisive laugh under the words. His eyes swept up and down her form. “Will you sing somethin’ for us too, love? I wouldn’t mind seein’ you-”
“Watch your tongue, Jarlon,” Willard said, not looking up from his search of the downed man. “You’re biting off more than you can chew, and I won’t be the one to save you.”
The soldier stopped, surprise flashing across his face. He gave Aloe another look, then edged away.
“I don’t know what exactly he is,” Aloe said with a sigh, turning an admonishing look back on Willard. She pulled a bundle from her pocket—the man’s wallet. “I found this while disarming him.” Flipping it open, she showed them the ID within, labeling the man as one Rowen Cole. “It’s just basic human stuff. Nothing magical.”
“Very interesting indeed,” Willard murmured. He took the wallet from her, nodding along. “I’ve never seen a human who could do…well, anything like this.”
“Neither have I,” Aloe said. She pressed her lips tight together, starting to frown as one of the soldiers took the sleeping Rowen’s arm. “You’ll see to him, right? You won’t harm him?”
“He will be safe within Kyran’s territory,” Willard said smoothly, gesturing for the other soldier to join the first. “Worry not. We do have a protocol for such breaches, you know.”
Memory wipes and a toss back out onto the street. Aloe nodded, relieved. “Right. Good.” She’d feel more than a little bad if her duty to the kingdom’s precious Secrecy wound up getting the poor fellow killed. She hadn’t opened the Dragon to cause more bloodshed.
And as the two soldiers hoisted the human’s slumbering form up between them, Willard straightened, turning to Aloe. “Thank you for contacting us,” he said.
She shrugged, even as her skin crawled at the feel of him there in her shop. “Something like this needs to be dealt with promptly,” she said softly.
“Just so,” Willard said. He smiled, drawing back toward her. “Kyran was pleased to hear you’d contacted the district.” A moment of long hesitation, and his eyebrow quirked. “He speaks of you often, you know. I know he would be gladder still if you returned. If you’re ever of a mind to reconsider-”
“I made my decision clear,” Aloe said. The sentence was sharper than it needed to be, and she softened her expression not at all. Perhaps she’d be better served by demurring, here, but she’d told the bastard she wasn’t interested. It was time for him to respect that.
Willard waited a heartbeat longer, but sighed, nodding. “As you will,” he said. “Just know that door remains open, if your mind should change.”
It won’t. “Thanks,” she said, not an ounce of gratitude in the word. “Is there anything else I can help you with? I need to reopen my shop.”
“Yes, of course,” Willard said. “Thank you again, Miss Aloe.”
Her expression twitched. Her nickname, on his lips? She almost lost her cool then and there. It’d feel very good to finally tell the greased-up bastard where he could stick that presumption of his.
She nodded once instead, lips tight, and said not another word. The trio seemed to recognize they were on thin ice because for once they let the silence stand. Pulling their cargo a little higher, they trudged back toward their portal.
Aloe didn’t relax until they vanished through it, the magic sealing up as though it’d never been there at all. When the Dragon was dark again she sagged, suddenly more exhausted than ever. “Well, that’s about enough excitement for one day,” she mumbled.
Daisy lifted her head, letting out a low whine. Rat hopped down from her shoulder, trotting over to press his face against the hound’s, and earned a sloppy lick for his troubles.
She really should reopen the shop, like she’d told Willard. There were a lot of critters living inside the Dragon, and all of them liked to eat. She couldn’t afford to pass up the chance of a walk-by. At a minimum, she should just call Kanna, tell her about what’d happened, and keep her doors open.
But the odds of running into another Child of Ora out here randomly were low enough she couldn’t quite muster up the effort, and as much as she loved her friend, the thought of trying to rehash, just…everything, left her more tired than she already was. She turned away instead, trudging over to her field kit.
The dart she’d fired off had to be replaced and reloaded, of course. It wouldn’t do to leave herself unarmed in case something else went wrong. Then there were a whole mess of dens that needed to be mucked out. There were feathers and sheddings to be collected after that, nails to be trimmed and coats to be brushed.
She went through the motions, her head lost somewhere in the cloud of unease that still hung over her. It’d just all happened so quickly, started in a flash and ended with a bang. She had so many questions—and she’d let that bastard’s people tromp around in her shop.
That wouldn’t do either, so she mopped the place down for good measure, arms aching and eyes starting to go bleary. With every shove of the fibers, she drooped a little lower. The water splashed back and forth, roiling in its bucket like a miniature ocean. Her breath slipped from her chest, her eyes misting over. The waves crashed on, back and forth. The water was beneath her too, buoying her up with every breath. Back and forth, until-
Daisy barked.
Aloe jerked upright. Her eyes snapped open. Her chest ached, her lungs burning as she refilled them with sweet air.
Shaking her head, she started towards the Dragon’s shop closet, tucking the mop and bucket away. “That’s about enough of that,” she mumbled. Her eyes drifted back to her desk in the back, and the narrow drawer mounted beneath it.
It…was probably time. She really should call it a night.
With Daisy padding along at her side, she finished closing the front door up tight, wrapping her illusions snugly enough about the store that not even a light-touched would be able to spot it. The lantern, she pulled from the ceiling, blowing it out. The creatures quieted as the wick smouldered, recognizing the signs of their day ending. Rat ran circles around her feet, chirping in protest.
And with the shop darkened at last, she strode back to that desk. The drawer came open at a touch. Aloe stared down into it, eyes vacant as she scanned the rows of neatly-wedged vials.
There was no getting around it, though. Not tonight, with the stink of that bastard’s court still lingering in the Dragon and the ocean lapping at her mind. The dreams would have her tossing all night if she didn’t shut them up. Sighing, she pulled a vial out, popping the lid off. Down it went, swallowed in a single shot before she could taste the horrible bitterness of it.
Aloe felt it immediately, though. The heavy weight that settled across her shoulders, the cold numbness that spread through her veins. She grimaced. Daisy sidled over, ramming her head into Aloe’s leg, and she couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m fine, dearest,” she murmured, giving the knurl’s head a rub. Stepping back, she held an arm out for Rat to jump onto. “Ready?”
Together they rounded the corner in the back of the Dragon, pushing through a set of swinging doors to the stairs beyond. Aloe waited, pausing a step at a time, as Daisy clambered up the stairs, whining. The sight and sound of it all made her sigh. The leg must be bothering her. She’d have to find an ampoule of salve for it soon.
By the time the two of them trudged down the hallway through the living quarters, the edges of her sight were starting to go fuzzy. She grimaced, rubbing at her eyes, and pushed through the door into her quarters. “Damn stuff works fast.”
As she flopped down on the mattress, though, vanishing into the well-worn covers, that same unease still lingered at the back of her mind. She stared up at the rafters. When Daisy crawled up alongside her, Rat taking up a position on her nightstand, she only gave the knurl a good rub.
But how had a human gotten into her shop in the first place?
That was the question that still burned at her, stuck in her craw. Who had that man been, and just….how?
“Rowan Cole,” Aloe whispered, and sighed. Kyran had him, now. That should relieve her, and yet…she’d met Kyran before. More often than not, being somewhere far, far away was preferable. A twinge of sympathy ran through her for the poor kid.
Well, he wouldn’t have to suffer it long. She allowed herself a tiny smile, eyes drooping closed. Her face sank into Daisy’s thick fur. The district’s mages worked fast. Rowen would be off and back to his business by the time morning came.
No reason at all to be worried.
Exhaling, Aloe curled up tighter against Daisy, succumbing to the waves.
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2023.03.21 02:10 xsourmouthx Need opinions

So I’ve battled with an idea for a tattoo for years—I’ve wanted it so badly, but for the life of me I can’t nail the design. I’ve wanted it to represent both me and balance simultaneously, and have sketched massive amounts of scales, yinyangs, and the like.
For Christmas, my brother, knowing how badly I’ve wanted this tattoo, bought me a certificate with his favorite artist. I was ecstatic and reached out to her as soon as I could. I informed her that though I’ve been eager to get this, I still don’t know exactly what I want, but she assured me we’d work something out. Well the appointments tomorrow, and I have my sketches out in a frenzy.
I think I’ve settled on an idea that is a mix between the golden ratio that’s known for balancing art pieces, math equations, nature structures, and more, with a fern inside. I’d prefer the fern to look hyper realistic, while the golden ratio is simple line work.
My sketch is here
My question is, does anyone know anything negative about this that I don’t? Is it a decent idea? I’m non religious, adore art and nature, but I also appreciate the more straightforward and simple things in life. I’ve sought balance, like many, in the things I do, even down to the placement of my other tats, and in the way I think. Thoughts or complaints?
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2023.03.21 02:07 Symbiotic_Aquatic Can I be optimistic? Help!

I have read a couple of dozen (or more) posts in this aspergers over the past month and the majority of posts are filled with sad stories and examples of how difficult life is with AS/ASD. I came here for help and inspiration and instead just feel even more depressed. However, there are certainly people who have asked for help and advice that really made me feel like a part of a good supportive community. So I will ask for help!
My background: I wanted to be normal, have a good job, and start a family. I got a Ph.D. in Biology (my special interest), got married, and started a new job as a researcher with an actual salary (my first real salary). In the meantime, my wife got in a car accident and lost her job during quarantine and hasn't been able to get back on her feet. As soon as we moved for my new job we found out that she was pregnant with twins. The twins were born early and spent over a month in the NICU. I had kept my Aspie tendencies pretty well regulated, I struggle from time to time but I was pretty good at self-regulating. But now with less sleep as a new parent and caring for my wife who is also neurodivergent, I started to crack at the seams. Some examples include multiple emotional meltdowns, and self-harming behavior like ripping my hair out with my teeth, head banging, and cutting myself with scissors or knives. All of these episodes include:
1) Sleep deprivation
2) Stress from childcare, and doing 90% of chores.
3) Desire to work and actually earn my pay
4) Sensory or processing sensitivities (house guests, motion sickness, strong cologne)
5) The nail in the coffin is being told by my wife that I don't care enough.
I have an NT therapist with no experience with ASD, and an NT marriage counselor which my wife has been too anxious to meet. I am on anti-anxiety medication and am on the waitlist for an official diagnosis and support from the nearby autism center. I rack my brains asking myself what I could possibly do to make things better, I've even asked my parents to move and they are coming in July. I literally can't think of anything. Sorry for adding such a long story, I am not trying to rant. I genuinely want help and suggestions.
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2023.03.21 01:53 Select-Bridge-371 The Gadsden Flag

Many Americans of the Left believe the Gadsden Flag represents Slavery, Racism, and Terrorism. I have put together a rough definition of the Gadsden Flag, please feel free to comment on anything I missed.
The Gadsden Flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike, along with the phrase "Don't Tread On Me". It is named after American statesman and general Christopher Gadsden, who designed the flag during the American Revolution in 1775.
The Gadsden Flag has become a symbol of American patriotism and liberty and is often associated with the conservative and libertarian movements. It has been used by various groups and individuals throughout American history, including the United States Marine Corps and the Tea Party movement.
The flag's imagery and message are intended to convey a message of defiance and resistance against tyranny and oppression. It has been adopted by some individuals and groups who advocate for limited government, individual rights, and the preservation of traditional American values.
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2023.03.21 01:42 Gutt3r__Snip3 How did your devaluation phase begin

Mine was a trigger I believe that put me into the devaluation stage. I forgot about a date we had planned. From that day onward it was a two month slow descent into devaluation leading up to my discard. I assume her abandonment fears were already secretly eating her alive in regards to our relationship before (judging by some of her behaviors) the forgotten date incident. I think the date thing was just the final nail in the coffin.
It was strange, when I asked her why can’t she just forgive me and we can move on (as it didn’t seem serious). She raged and told me her brain doesn’t work like other peoples, she can’t control her feelings. They just take over her thinking and she’s powerless over it. I realize now her fear of abandonment was so strong her mind physically couldn’t let her forgive me. Thus began her “stop caring about me escape plan”. UBPD is some scary shit man.
How did your pwBPD begin to devalue you?
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2023.03.21 01:15 JacobsSadder Come Find Me

Tyler and his kid sister sat at the kitchen table and ate uncooked pop tarts with milk. He glares across the table at her, right at the bright pink Hannah Montana shirt she wore all the time, the image of that teen idol's plastic smile burned into his brain. "So is Taylor still messing with you?" He asked. "No, not since you beat him up." "I wouldn't have had to if you hadn't of pissed him off. What did you do to him anyway..." "Oh you're gonna think I'm evil for this," She smiled with that same shit eating grin she knew annoyed him. He shook his head, "You are evil." He said taking a bite of poptart. "I kinda started a rumor that he had a crush on that guy Josh." Tyler made a *thump*on the table with his glass. "Well I'd kick your little ass too if I were him!" She busts out laughing, unconcerned with waking their hungover parents. They knew an earthquake wouldn't wake them after date night. "I didn't mean for it to get around as fast as it did. Me and Katy were joking around and I mentioned that I thought I saw Taylor trying to kiss Josh!" She washes some pop tart down with milk and wipes her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket. "Somebody must've overheard us talking and started spreading it around, so it was just an accident." Tyler shrugged just as he heard the bus pulling up. Then he turned his glass up, enjoying the cold milk falling down his dry throat. He threw his backpack over his shoulder and said, "YOU ARE AN ACCIDENT...let's go." Her grin turned upside down as she followed him out the door. "Well I'm mom and dad's favorite so BLAH."
They walked through the front yard heading toward the bus. Tyler comes to a halt and reaches his hand in front of Angel and stops her. "What?" she said. "You see Taylor right there don't you..." He nods toward the middle window of the bus where She recognized the chubby pale freckled face of Taylor Barns. "Yeah, so?" "He's not alone." Then she notices the other two boys glaring right at them. "Crap! they're gonna try and jump us! What do we do!?" She imagined herself getting beat up by Taylor's big ass while his friends beat up Tyler. "We're gonna walk to school. I don't feel like dealing with these assholes today." "We can't! That'll take forever to walk!" "I know a shortcut through the woods. We'll get there before they will." "I've never been in the woods...what if we get lost!" She insisted. Tyler grabbed her wrist and lead her away from the bus as it's doors closed and moved away. On the same block, stood the remains of a condemned house. She thought they were going inside, but then Tyler cuts and walks around it. Behind the old house was the beginning of thick brush and tall trees that had dead limbs hanging above. In front of them, leading through all of the fading green red and yellow colors of autumn, was a walked down path that stretched forward as far as She could see, and fallen leaves covering the ground every step of the way. "We can cut right through the woods and come up behind the school. It's only about a mile walk."
Tyler stepped into the edge of the forest and made it several yards out before he realized he was alone. He turned around to see his little sister standing still with wide eyes. "Come on! we gotta hurry or we'll be late!" He yelled. "I don't want too..." Angel said, her voice shaking. "We don't have a choice, now come on!" "It's scary in there! I'm not going..." "Don't do this to me angel, not now goddammit..." He groaned hard, already feeling groggy from poor sleep, and more than pissed about the long terrible day he predicted would end with him fighting off three overweight kids with bad breath. Angel folds her arms and says with a smart ass tone, "I won't do it! and you can't," Tyler all but leaps over to her and grabs her by the scruff of her coat. "You listen to me you little shit, because of you I'm gonna have to deal with those assholes probably all year!" He growled through his teeth. "I don't want to walk through these woods either and because of you I don't have a choice. Now follow me or I'll leave you here!" She starts welling up with tears, but Tyler didn't buy it. She did that all the time with their parents just to get her way. "You won't leave me here! mom and dad will kill you!" calling Tyler's bluff. "FINE!" Tyler pushed her down on her butt and leaving her behind. "Tyler if you leave me here I'll go wake mom and dad up right now!" her confidence faded when he didn't look back or slow down as he marched forward on the trail. She didn't want too, but she knew she didn't have a choice. So she followed. "Oh God...I don't like this...HEY LET ME CATCH UP!" she began running through the brush trying to catch up to her brother.
He didn't want to talk to her or let alone even look at Angel. All he did was try to tune out her complaining for most of the walk. He kept a quick pace to stay ahead of her, and still kept track of her by listening to her bitch about the woods and how mean he always was to her. She dragged her feet through the leaves, sounding as though they were hissing at her for disturbing them. He could hear every step she took and knew she was still right behind him. *CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of her. *CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of her getting everything that he wanted . *CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of being her caretaker. *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of his parents treating her like a princess and treating him like a workhorse. He was so tired. The injustice of his situation was getting to be too much. He did most of the chores around the house and always after a full day at school. He wasn't a slacker academically either. He maintained a B average and could even score an -A- in math when he felt like it. Sleep was a problem lately. Now it was bad dreams. They started over a few weeks ago and he had been dealing with the grogginess and fatigue from it everyday. As he followed the path, he made wishes that his parents would stop dismissing his complaints and would actually try to help him with his sleep problem. Maybe they could take a little bit of that money they blew every weekend on weed and booze and get him some medicine that'll help him sleep. That's all he wanted. Maybe he'd Just skip school today, go home and lay back down in his bed. He didn't care if he got yelled at. He didn't care if he had another nightmare; bring on the damn SPIDERS! He started to enjoy the walk some. The weather was cool and the woods were grey and beautiful today. And It was quiet. Not even the birds were chirping like they do in the summer. Save for the sound of shuffling leaves under his feet, it was calm and tranquil out for the sound of leaves.
He stopped in his tracks. Now it was almost silent out there. After he enjoyed only a few minutes of a relaxing walk through the woods, he realized something terrible. Dread came crawling up in his guts as it dawned on him that he hadn't heard a second shuffle in the leaves this whole time; he had blocked it all trying to escape this day. He turned around to see that Angel was nowhere in sight. As far as he could see, she was gone.
He kicked up leaves and dirt running back down the path. He reached the spot in the trail where he thought he last heard her. He looked all around, but saw nothing; no evidence that she was ever here. He looked at all the rotting crumbling leafs and sticks littered on the ground everywhere searching for a trail she might have left behind, but he couldn't even find his own tracks in the cold dried dead earth that blanketed the area. He took a deep breath. "ANGEL!!! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS WHEN I FIND YOU!!!" He yelled as loud he could in the slim hope that she was pranking him for earlier. "THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANGEL! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE US LATE!" He heard nothing but the little cracks and twitches of nature. He took another deep breath. "FINE THEN! I'M GOING HOME AND WAKING MOM AND DAD UP AND TELL THEM EVERYTHING THAT YOU DID, LIKE HOW YOU GOT ME INTO FIGHTS AND HOW YOU AIN'T LISTENING AND HOW YOU WANDERED OFF AWAY FROM ME!" He took a quick breath to yell even louder; he was crying now. "GOD DAMN IT I HATE YOU!...YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!!!" He hurt his throat yelling so hard. He knew he'd be blamed for losing her as he was nearly hyperventilating. Then something merciful occurred to him, and it made so much sense that he immediately calmed down.
(That little brat turned around and went home! He turned around and started walking back down the trail. Thank God!)
He could make it to class and not have to deal with her, and if he saw Taylor, he could just walk wide circles around his fat ass. Then he could go home and maybe his Mom and Dad will hear him out and Angel will get scolded for once in her spoiled rotten little life. The best part of it all was that he could go back to bed and sleep; nightmares be damned. He'd grab the biggest fattest spider and use it for a pillow! He'll sleep and... and... then... Then he heard it. Something, a voice, a whisper, dancing through the silence of the woods. What is that? Faint, far away, but he heard it. It almost sounded like a person singing a note, dangling in the air like it was tied to a string. It was resonating with him, within him. He thought of a fishing lure in the water, flickering beautifully for any big mouth that might bite at it. That memory coming from fishing trips with his father. Yes. Think of a little fish swimming around in the bottom of the ocean, the pitch blackness of the deep. As black as space, minus the stars as not even the sun can be seen in the deep waters. What would you do if you were down there alone and scared and then suddenly you spotted salvation? A light! A little bulb of light just floating there in the nothing; Beautiful, Warm and just for you; would you have the sense to question it, or would you just chase it? And he chased it.
The voice sounded light and female. Sweet and calming. He didn't understand, but somehow he's whole mind was calm, yet his thoughts were clouded. His judgement subdued, but he was okay with it. Where is it? Where is it coming from? He could almost figure out the direction, but it still felt like it was in the air dangling just above his head. The longer he listened, the more it sounded to him like a woman singing. No words; just harmony. For a moment, a small opening in the dark clouds in his head, allowed for pessimism to shine through.
(What's happening to me... This doesn't make sense... I need to go home...)
Above him, the voice began to fall, creeping down, leading off the trail and deeper into the woods. The song was all but a lustful taunt now, beckoning him to give chase.
"Who's that!" He heard it. It was in his head, an alien voice spoke so loud that he actually heard it more clearly than if it was spoken aloud. The opening in the dark clouds were closing and becoming darker like heavy storms with only glimmers of light showing through.
And with that command, he obeyed.
He pushed through the dying forest. A machete would be handy. Either way, he was hell bent on finding her, or whatever it was calling him. He forgot about school, about Angel, about getting in trouble with his parents, and about Taylor's fatass. He wasn't studying anything else except,
There she was again. There was no mistaking it: this was the voice of a woman. He imagined her features that went along with that sweet voice. Long dark flowing hair, a perfect glowing face with almond eyes and a bright smile. Breasts, hips and long legs, Yes; there was a woman in these woods. Maybe she needed help? Maybe she needed a young man to come save her! Tyler knew none of that made sense, but he still had to find her no matter what. He reached a thick bush that seemed there was no getting around it, and there was a deep ditch on the other side that he hadn't noticed. He pulled his hands into his jacket, got down and fought and crawled through whatever openings he could find through. And what if he did find some weird woman out here; what was going to happen? It was unlikely that he was going to lose his virginity to some sexy siren out in the middle of these woods. He figured he had made it at least a mile or two away from the trail, and considered the trip back. The bush and brier patches annoyed him, as cracks in the dark clouds were letting more light shine through; then the voice would repeat itself:
And the dark clouds would regain control over him. This voice was engaging his adolescence with promises limited only to his imagination, and he had a healthy imagination for his age. She'd be waiting for him on the other side of this shit, he'll emerge all cut up and bleeding, he'll see her standing there, she'll turn and see him down on all fours exhausted and go to him, drop to her knees getting dirt on her angelic white dress, he'll look up at her and see the most beautiful face he'd ever laid eyes on, she'll smile at him and put her soft warm hands on his face, he'll lay his head in her lap and she'll gently pet his head. Then she'll bend down to tell him something as her bosom squishes against the side of his head; her lips will move and,
The ground he reached to grab wasn't there; he fell forward and rolled down the sudden drop into the ditch on the other side, landing flat on his face, hissing at the scraps and cuts. "that hurt..." The lights were on and he escaped the clouds; whatever had him, lost its hold in the fall. He couldn't hear her anymore. He didn't feel tired anymore, just slightly dead inside. Face down in the dirt, he thought about how there was no chance at making it to school on time, how horrible this day was, how things would be if Angel hadn't started shit with Tayler. Better yet, what if she had never been born? The day started off bad enough, and now here he was laying down in the dirt, in the middle of nowhere miles away from home and not sure how he was going to get back. Hell, he wasn't sure how he made it this far. He turned his head and saw more woods, then he turned the other way, resting his cheek on the cool dirt: The sun was setting. Already? How long had he been,
His head lurched up to the loud metallic shriek. He saw nothing, Almost. He would have missed it otherwise, but he remembered now: the dream; there was something from it that this place conjured up. Right in front of him was a hill where the noise came from. At a first glance, there's nothing remarkable about it, yet somehow, Tyler knew the secret. He pushed himself up to his feet. He'd seen it before; that's what it was. He couldn't think of it that morning; he had to see it play out in front of him before he could remember it: There was a faint outline in the hill and Tyler reached and grabbed the side to feel around for..."There!" He pulled with all his strength, then he let go of the big rusty metal door as it fell open, unveiling metal stairs leading down into darkness. He knew this was here! Maybe an old cellar or a storm shelter, but how did he know it was here? He looked down and thought of going in, but then thought better of it. He stepped back away from the entrance, then lights flickered over the stairs defeating the darkness that covered them, leading down to a metal door. Tyler realized that it was dark all around him; the sun had finished setting and the daylight was over. The woods around him now scarier than the hole with lights reflecting off the steel walls and stairs. He took his first step following them down careful to not make a sound. He wasn't trying to sneak, but was ready to turn and run back up the steps and into the woods in case he might jump an animal or a homeless man living down here. The metal door wasn't closed all the way, as if someone left it cracked. He pushed and it swung open, revealing a long hallway with more lights flickering on. He went forward, and wasn't so afraid; now he was just curious.
(Some kind of bunker maybe? Old and abandoned, but still has electricity?)
The hallway made a sharp right turn, then there was another metal door left open as well. The lights were already on inside. Tyler peaked through the crack and saw a room filled with lab equipment.
(Some mad scientist's hidden laboratory? How the hell could something like this be here?)
None of the equipment was like anything he had ever seen before; even the tech displayed in science fiction movies did this stuff justice: it was all shiny and well kept. Whatever science project that was going on down here was serious, and obviously, a secret. He passed a file laid open and couldn't resist taking a look.
"1973 The M.A.W. Project. by Dr. Les. Entry##113 submitted at 4:54 AM 'On behalf of the staff at NEW CELL research LAB #13, we require further funding: This project must be finished. It is necessary to do this at the site of where this strand of the NEW CELL anomaly, was located and is where we need to conduct our work. We do not know how to make CELL grow on its own yet, but this environment seems to encourage a reaction. It takes the form of a gas, reduced to a molecular level and singled it out. That's how NEW CELL's R-strand was discovered. It infects organic tissue with a compound never seen in history. It's proven to have high mutative properties, like other NEW CELL strands, but the R-strand has an amazing effect: psychokinetics is developing in the subjects! The R-strand will catapult Bio Engineering to places never thought possible!"
Tyler skips a few pages.
"It was necessary to have built 'Lab #13 at the sight where R-strand was discovered; It is imperative that our research continue, and is the opinion of this department and myself. The location isn't ideal, but this is also closest to civilian life that NEW CELL has been found to inhabit. It is costly -and risky- but necessary in order to collect this priceless data. You of course have seen the product of the remarkable capabilities of the R-strand with the M.A.W. Project; It's still to soon to move on from this location! So much we still have to learn! This is about the future of our species!"
Tyler flips to the last pages in the file:
Request to terminate the M.A.W. project.
"We have accomplished huge strides with the research of the R-strand. We've concluded that this location is not in fact the place of its origin. We can't prove it yet, but we believe now that the R-strand isn't native, or that the location is consequential to the mutations. The cells of R-strand cover this area, slowly growing like any organic matter. We are close to making a significant breakthrough on R-strand, and likely a huge leap in the NEW CELL anomaly.
Concerning The MAW Project, she has proven R-strand's remarkable capabilities, but we feel the project has hit a dead end, and is no longer a viable source for further study. I will note that with careful planning: further development of NEW CELL Projects can heed viable results, and we shouldn't shut the Lab down just yet. However, MAW'S devolvement has hit a brick wall. Her higher brain functions mimic that of the human host used, and this could be what is making her feral. However, I don't believe that to be the case. There's something else I've been looking into: It is possible that R-strand itself is where this intelligent/malevolent behavior is coming from. We had removed her brain and three of her limbs for our own protection, yet these problems persist. If my theory is true, then that means that the NEW CELL anomaly is the most intelligent viral life form ever exhibited. It goes beyond what human evolution has ever been capable of.
Concerning MAW: it is understood that the resources expended on her were substantial, but we've got all that we need and then some from the project. Immediate termination of MAW is requested. Let me also clarify the problems arising for the Lab in keeping her contained here: we believe she's been telepathically commuting with sentient life outside of the perimeter. First we notice an excess of animals wandering closer to the lab, then our security was finding civilian life wandering in the area, and furthermore, somehow getting inside; they never remember how they got here. One poor soul actually made it inside MAW's containment: what we found wasn't a pretty sight. We have other issues of MAW affecting Lab #13 personal. Mostly complaints of strange dreams and emotional problems. Working within such close range of MAW is subject to high stress, and the project wasn't recommended to personal with pre existing mental conditions, as it became common that She could exacerbate the conditions. I myself am having trouble, as I haven't been able to sleep well in months. I and my staff humbly request that a N.C.H. team is sent to sterilize this area, and to terminate the MAW Project."
Tyler saw there was a tape recorder next to the file. He pressed rewind, and then the Play.
'Those bastards. They actually went ahead and did it. The data we collected over the course of L thirteen's establishment was more than viable enough and worth saving, but no, those bastards never cared. They really went ahead and did it! They're gonna leave us and L thirteen to rot! We got them everything they wanted from the NEW CELL growing in this area, and then they cut their losses and abandon us! R-strand is growing; its infecting this whole area. Yes we were here to research it, but also to contain it! The civilian life that's anywhere within a thousand kilometers will be totally lost...
They sealed us in here. The team we requested sealed us down here to die! I Wonder how far they'll get before they too are...
It's MAW again...
I hear her now, she's tempting me. I'm out of time..."
The rest of the tape was nearly silent save for steps on the tile floor, echoing as they got further away, until they couldn't be heard, and then silenced altogether. There was nothing now but the light hiss of the tape spinning, and there would be nothing else on the rest of the tape either.
Tyler heard something. He turned to see another door. He carefully pushed it open, and there was more stairs. No lights flickered on this time. It looked like the stairway to hell itself. Briefly, there was no way he was going down. So turned back. He was done with this. He was frightened and wanted nothing more than to leave this place and forget about it, the tape, everything. It was cold and lifeless in here. He had to get home. Then, he heard her voice; not the woman, not the sirens song he heard all afternoon, but his sister's voice.
He heard it. And it wasn't in his head. "Hello?" "Tyler..." "Angel? is that you!" he yelled. It was coming from down the rusty stairs, coming from the bottom. No response. He took a deep breath, and then he took the first step down, then another, then on the third, he heard Angel's blood curdling scream eco from the bottom. "Angel! Hold on!" He yelled going down the steps as fast as he could, nearly slipping on what he thought was rags or towels, following Angel's scream all the way to the bottom; down to the precipice. The scream ceased just he saw a metal door hanging from bent hinges; It was decimated, ripped through like tissue paper. His gut told him to turn and leave now, then something caught his eye: Something familiar was hanging on one of the sharp pieces of the metal door, slivers of cloth. He approached and grabbed it: on the front was torn ribbond of tHanna Montana's face still smiling that plastic smile. Tyler felt terror crawl up through his guts. Suddenly the lights came on above. The floor was covered in discarded clothing. Most of it was adult sized: white lab coats, leather shoes, male and female undergarments, socks, and more laying everywhere. Watches, cellphones, pens, wigs, jewelry, etc. He looked up the stairs, and saw even more just littered all the way up. He realized something horrible: Nothing can get close to this place without coming under the influence of this MAW...How many people had wandered down here just like himself? Facing the stairs, he stepped on something sizeable. He bent down, and found that it was a backpack. Hanna Montana's face plastered on it too. It was Angel's. He went down to his hands and knees and found a small pile of clothes, jeans, pink socks, a bright pink jacket and white panties. He became nauseous, his stomach twisting itself up as he understood that Angel, along with all these other people had all been...
The sickening sound found his ears, and then, he heard that woman's voice speak aloud,
"Tyler, You found me."
(The little fish that swims in the darkness will see the dangling light and approach it; never seeing the terrifying mouth of the anglerfish waiting just behind the light.)
A moist and warm gust of air covered him, and behind it was the mouth that exhaled it. Tyler on all fours, turned his head around to see it, and what he saw was a giant gaping mouth, filled with large jagged teeth, smelling of death and wide enough to bite him in half. For a moment, he didn't want to run away. For a moment, the mouth seemed to not be so threatening. For a moment, he was almost at peace with it, then that turned into a euphoria, rapturous, pleasurable even. The dark clouds were thundering, blocking all light, all sense. He was okay with this. Even wanted it...for a moment. Then, as the mouth neared and began closing down, he saw something hanging from one of the long yellow stained teeth: something little, long and black. Like a worm? No... He then realized what it was, and all the clouds blow away as sheer horror swept through like a 200 mph wind: It was in fact, a lock of hair from Angel's head. The mouth spoke once more as the fresh stince of blood and guts seeped from the beastly dripping mouth:
"You found me."
He screamed louder then he ever had in his life. His fight or flight chose the latter. His prone position was almost that of a runner's stance, as the mouth started to close down for a bite. Tyler lunged up the metal staircase, the piles of clothes, phones and jewelry impeding him every step of the way, all the while that hot sick breath was rushing up his shirt. He made it halfway up the stairs and looked back at it to see if he was getting away from it. When he did, an even louder scream erupted from him with tears and mucus pouring from his face. He saw a massive hand reaching up for him, big enough to grab him around his waist and crush him into pulp, and pull him back down to face the same nightmarish death that his kid sister met. He caught a good look at the thing: a huge humanoid, that looked like it would have been a giant, but there was nothing below its lower torso. The hand swiped at him just barely missing the temporarily despondent boy, its large nails making deep scratches on the metal, sending an ear splitting shriek through the air. Tyler cuffed his ears in pain. He saw it trying to orient itself to take another swipe. It seemed to look up and let out a guttural roar at him, spitting its saliva and little tiny pieces of Angel all over him. Then he saw that the thing was missing its eyes: above the mouth, everything; a nose, its cranium, eyeholes, were gone. Atop of the mouth was just the healed over stump from where those things used to have been, maybe. That huge hand was connected to a long muscular arm, the only limb it seemed to have left. Then all at once, Tyler understood it:
(It can't do much else but eat. So it got good at luring its meals down to it... Like one of those parasites that wiggle into the head of a grasshopper and make it commit suicide and that's how the worm survived...That's how this thing survived. He could hear it; feel it. The same voice the owners of these piles of clothes heard. The same voice that Angel heard. That same sweet voice that lured him down, all the way from home, was now trying to wiggle its way back into his head. She was telling him that everything was alright; come back down, take your clothes off -and anything else that if wouldn't like to chew on- and everything will be alright. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down.)
Tyler snapped out of it for the last time as She lurched forward, mouth open wide. Tyler turned to the metal stairs, crawled up the rest of them and finally reached the door. He bolted through the lab, hearing both her voice in his head, beckoning him, while the monster was bellowing from below; cursing at the escape of its meal. Tyler passed the file, and grabbed it thinking he might need it later with all the rational thinking he had left, besides running. He reached the long hallway, the echo of his shoes coming down on the metal engulfing everything including her cries for him. He leaped out of the big metal door, and he got on the other side of it and pushed with all his strength, making slam back shut. Then he was out into the dark woods, at this point the safest place in the world to him. He didn't stop. He ran back the way he came. He made his way around the hill he fell down, found the path through the brush that he made earlier and finally after scurrying through all of it again, he found the path to the school; the same path he could take home. The running wasn't over; not yet; Not until he saw his parents.
His mother and father sat on the front porch along with several police officers who were gathering up for a search party. The mother with her head in her hands and the father was speaking to the police officer taking down descriptions in his book. The red and blue lights of the police cars lit the whole street up, and that's how Tyler found his way back. He saw the lights and new that that had to be his block. He held the file in his hand that would prove that everything he saw was true. He finally took a moment to catch his breath...
Then, she spoke to him again, and he listened...and he listened.
His mother looked up with tears in her eyes and almost didn't see him: her son was standing there covered in dirt, grime and little bleeding cuts all over him. He was empty handed. She cried and ran to her son and embraced him as his father and the police officers followed. She hugged him tight. She loved him and he felt it. His father kneeled down with tears in his eyes, checking Tyler's wounds. "Tyler, what happened?" "Tyler, are you okay?" "Tyler, talk to me baby!" "Tyler...where's Angel?" He was in awe. He looked up to the night sky without saying anything. He saw that the stars were out. They cared. They cared. He felt like he was the center of their world. And it made him feel good. This felt good. She was right.
Tyler woke up at 6:00 AM to the sound of his alarm blaring ZZ Top. He was sleeping so well that he hated the alarm. He stretched and pulled himself out of bed. He looked out of his window and saw the sun creeping up from behind the line of trees of the woods behind that old house. He grabbed the window seal and stretched himself. He left his room, past the hallway bathroom, and then went into the room that -use to- belong to Angel. The posters still hung, but the room was a mess where the police had searched it for any possible leads. He ignored the mess like his parents did, albeit for different reasons. He enjoyed a shower. Angel's shower that was. In the kitchen he ate uncooked poptarts with milk. He was feeling great, well rested and had a sense of wellbeing he hadn't felt in a long time. He thought about trying out for basketball, or maybe football. The school bus pulled up outside and he slammed his milk and ran out the door. On the bus he sat in the middle, right next to a girl he had never talked to before, and they struck up a conversation. As they got off the bus she waved at him and saying whe would love to have lunch with him. He smiled and turned to go to class. He ended up trying out for football and fell in love with the sport that day. He liked his coach, and he made friends with almost everyone on the team. Everyone except for one big freckled face Taylor Barns. When Tyler caught up with him after school, Taylor didn't know what to say to this knew and very chipper Tyler. They had gotten into a fight over his sister, and then she was pronounced dead, all back in the fall. When the bus passed his house, it seemed to be a ghost house with nobody home. Now here he was trying to make friends? How could he say no. He thought that he should try and be nice. Felt like he owed him that much. He didn't have much of a choice though... No choice, really. See, Taylor had recently been experiencing some sleep deprivation, all from some recurring nightmares within the last week, give or take. Perhaps brought on by some remorse; an underserved guilt over the disappearance of Tyler's kid sister. He didn't know why it was happening; he definitely didn't know that Tyler knew about it, either. Taylor agreed to hang out with him after practice, and they would walk to Tyler's house, play video games, and talk about football. Tyler told him that he knew a shortcut through the woods. Taylor Barns smiled, and Tyler smiled right back...
and so did she.
Written by Jacob Pittman.
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2023.03.21 01:10 Better_Owl_1519 Dyna LP6 Wiring

Has anyone successfully wiring a Baja Designs LP6 to an early twin cam Dyna? I have an 05 superglide that had a HD LED headlight with 3 wires (yellow, white, black). Looking for anyone that has wired one up successfully for some help.
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2023.03.21 01:08 Tayarda Names of My Planets

I am making a space fantasy setting and came up with some planet names. I wonder whether they are any good. Below are the names and short descriptions of every planet. If this interest you pmease share your criticsm so i can improve my worlds.
A Super-Earth and a cold version of a Tidally Locked Eyeball Planet. Plants look like rocks or are animals that part-time masquerade as plants for this planet orbits a flare star that periodically bombards the world with radioactive blasts. The planet is divided into the Sunside boreal marshlands, the great tundra steppes that surround it, and the dark side glaciers and cold deserts. Magically average.
A cold sub-earth terrestrial planet. Is in an eternal ice age. Plants range from tones of reds to oranges and yellows. Harbors civilizations of four Intelligent species that look like Archaic Birds with a pair of extra limbs and an extra pair of eyes. Magically Strong.
A sub-Neptune planet with an incredibly geologically active surface and an atmosphere 10 times thicker than Earth. Most life lives in the upper and middle atmosphere as floaty things and such but complex Life still exists on the surface even though humans need pressurized suits to survive down there. There are no photosynthethysers on the surface world for cloud coverage blocks around 85% of the light from the planet's sun. Instead, many complex chemothropes take advantage of the wide-scale volcanism. Magicsally Strong.
A true water planet that's only slightly larger than earth. Continents on this planet are swimming colonies of gigantic tree-like lifeforms which are closely related to Insects of the world. This is apparent in their mobile seeds. Vertebrates exist too but Insects are the dominant form of life. Has two sentient species the deep water-going Shellings and the Flying Orboneans. Both are rather primitive technology-wise. Has a very high percentage of Oxygen in the atmosphere so lightning causes explosions. Magically average.
A false water world with four island archipelagos. The largest landmass is the size of Sulawesi. Recently(16 million years ago) was hit by a comet that wiped out 80% of life. Still haven't fully recovered. Recently colonized by Gerbani(Crab People from planet Encehapaloan). Magically Average
In the same solar system as Thypoel. Sixteen times bigger than Earth, this is the largest terrestrial planet with ever discovered. Is geologically active but plate tectonics don't happen due to the lack of oceans. Has a thin atmosphere. Life is inorganic and relies on a mix of magnetic forces and magic rather than on chemical reactions. Natives can survive in the vacuum of space for long periods. Mining colonies present. Magically very strong.
A hot desert world like Tatooine. Has one small sea half the size of mediterranean and many lakes, however. First planet colonized by Humans. magically strong.
A cold moon with taigas in the tropics. Poles can reach temperatures as low as 110 degrees celsius on winter nights. Has three sentient species. The ground sloth-like Aruuls, Human offshoot Ereleans and winged predatory Shadefolk. magically strong.
Ecumenopolis like Coruscant. Not the capital of but the most important industrial hub and the most populous world of the Universalist Confederation(Name is not final and will be changed.) Humans dominated but most species of the galaxy can be found around here. Native silicon-based lifeforms still live in the planet's mantle and are both a resource and pest, seldom fished through large industrial oven tunnels. magically average.
The planet is a climate anomaly. Around the size of earth but has an atmosphere three times thicker and is also richer in CO2 and CH4. This would be a problem if the planet did not orbit its star just outside the Normal Habitable zone(still not beyond the frost line, however). As it is, has a global oceanic climate with little variation. magically strong.
Basically, Khasshyyk from Star Wars crossed with Pandora without the living planet shtick. Is a global forest world with high temperatures much like Early Eocene Earth. Has some variation in biomes and vegetation depending on latitude and altitude, however. magically average.
An irradiated Desert world that would have lost its atmosphere in a couple of million years if not for the intervention of native Chntoni. Kind of Like Geonosis but less dystopian. This is weird because this is supposed to be a more grimdark ripoff of Star Wars. magically average.
A hot planet with a giant desert in the tropics and subtropics that fades to a subpolar Savaanah that borders polar seas. İn the equator there are "sauna regions" where moisture gathers but can't rain because of the heat. Home to humanoid caterpillar people. magically average.
A hot tidally locked world. Basically Ryloth but less slavery and head tentacles. Terminator region has some idyllic lakes and seas but otherwise, the light side is a giant oven-like desert while dark side is frozen. Natives are basically alien Treeants. they take human-ish forms due to the passive human centrism of the galaxy but they don't always nail it well or bother with it. Most animal life is aquatic or microscopic but there are a few exceptions. Magically average.
A very hellishly cold and toxic hellscape. where it rains tar and migratory acid seas carve away at the crumbling civilization. Native Sinni and Asi peoples survive through magic. In fact, current lifeforms are mostly spirit entities rather than physical lifeforms. Magically strong world.
Basically Felucia but has fungi forests are ripped in two by an irradiated wasteland in thje equator. otherwise, lichen-derived flora covers everything. Natives look like flatworms trying too hard to be vertebrates. Magically average world.
A very polluted world where human colonists have to live underground or in domed cities. Seas have turned to sludge and smoke makes the air unbreathable. Expect all rain to be acidic. Life still persists despite this. Centuries of rigid caste system divided humans into the Pipemen, Nihilians, and Maraki Aristocrat species. Nihilians are closest to humans, differing only in having a cartilaginous skeleton and a better immune system. Magically rather weak world.
The world where the order of Hulf was established 460 years ago. Most current magical practise were reinvented by them. Is a very earth-like planet but has smaller obliquity so the difference between the equator and poles is much more extreme. magically rather strong world.
A rather earth like planet. Notably has little land in the equator which makes the ocean currents stronger and distributes heat more evenly. which makes it ice free despite being a similar temperature to earth. Current headquarters of the Sorcerers guild of the Federation. magically strong.
A moon until recently ruled by a military dictatorship. Inhabitants face stigma because of this. Is a very cold planet where only a thin strip of tundra in the equator is habitable. Native people mainly live underground and thus have no eyes, only skin covered vestigial eyes sockets. They see neurological implants or through sorcery. Magically strong.
A cold desert planet. Basically if Gobi Desert was an entire planet. Boreal regions have some meltwater lakes where most of its inhabitants live. Native life is rich in arsenic and phosporus. Every 45 years it passes between the two stars of its binary solar system which creates an eternal day for 6 moths. The period is called the burning. Magically strong.
Europa like Moon. Got nothing more for it. Has life below its ice sheets. Magically average.
Gerbani Homeworld. A crumbling aquatic Ecumenopolis. Mostly Abandoned due to widespread abuse of nanotechnolog creating horrors of artificial life. Is a false waterworld like Torval but is warmer. Magically average.
The home planet of Omomoi species who are based on Star Wars Sith. Planet is irradiated due to nuclear weaponry and cursed due to sorcerous weaponry used in the last great war which lasted for over 100 years. Some abominable creatures shamble and try to make a life in the wastelands while Omonoi of thw winning side live in decadent crytsalline palaces, uncaring of what they made to their world. Lossing side suffered massive genocide and no longer exists. Magically strong.
A tidally locked planet that has a magma ocean in its day side. Fumes from this ocean causes it to rain rock in terminator region and acid in night pole. Was once a prison colony. Has 5 times the gravity of Earth. Native life is unicellular but human settlers diverged from mainline humans and look like fantasy dwarves. Magically average.
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2023.03.21 01:05 Conference-Massive w or l

w or l
my coffin boat for yellow and red kraken armor sea beast core ito magu sp reset zushi and all of these fits in my inv
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