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Pierre Gasly is a French Formula One driver who drives for BWT Alpine F1 Team.

2023.03.21 05:39 bobbobbobbobbob2020 One election to rule them all.

The 2023 Alberta election is just around the corner, and it's shaping up to be a pivotal moment for the province. With the United Conservative Party (UCP) and the New Democratic Party (NDP) vying for control, this election will determine the direction Alberta takes for the next four years. As the incumbent government, the UCP's accomplishments and scandals are under close scrutiny, while the NDP seeks to remind voters of their track record and policy differences. This post, will delve into the intricacies of this election cycle, explore the key issues, and examine how voter sentiment may sway the outcome of this highly anticipated election.
Danielle Smith, the UCP leader, has been leading a government facing multiple scandals, which have eroded public trust in her party. Alohagate, for instance, saw UCP MLAs and staffers taking mid-pandemic vacations while the public was urged to stay at home. Additionally, concerns about the handling of education and healthcare policies have put the UCP on the defensive. However, Smith has sought to shift the focus to her party's economic accomplishments, emphasizing the importance of Alberta's energy sector and job creation in the province. As the election approaches, the question remains: Will the UCP's economic track record be enough to outweigh the damage caused by the scandals and policy controversies?
On the other hand, Rachel Notley's NDP has been steadily gaining ground by focusing on their previous accomplishments during their tenure in government. Notley's platform highlights her party's investment in infrastructure, support for renewable energy, and improvements to the healthcare system. Moreover, the NDP has been successful in contrasting their approach to governance with the scandal-plagued UCP, presenting themselves as a stable and responsible alternative. As the campaign heats up, Notley's strategy to emphasize the positives of her party's past performance, combined with a clear vision for Alberta's future, could potentially resonate with voters seeking change.
However, the UCP is not taking these challenges lying down. Danielle Smith's party has been actively trying to regain public trust by addressing the scandals and presenting a comprehensive platform focused on economic growth and job creation. With promises to reduce taxes, streamline regulations, and create a more business-friendly environment, the UCP aims to position itself as the champion of Alberta's economic recovery. As election day approaches, the UCP's effort to win back support by showcasing their commitment to economic prosperity may be enough to sway undecided voters who prioritize these issues above all else.
On the other side of the political spectrum, Rachel Notley's NDP has been highlighting their track record and emphasizing their accomplishments during their time in government. The NDP's progressive policies, including the increased support for healthcare, education, and social programs, have resonated with many Albertans. They have also demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility while pursuing resource development in the province. As a result, the NDP has successfully carved out a reputation as a balanced and forward-looking party, focusing on the well-being of all Albertans and the sustainable development of the province.
However, the NDP has faced its share of controversies as well, with critics accusing the party of mishandling certain issues and implementing unpopular policies. Some argue that the NDP's approach to resource development has been too cautious, hindering the growth of Alberta's economy. Furthermore, the party has been criticized for its communication strategy, which some feel has not adequately addressed the concerns and priorities of the electorate. Despite these criticisms, the NDP has remained steadfast in its commitment to progressive policies and the betterment of Alberta's citizens, hoping that their record will speak for itself come election day.
As the election approaches, voters must weigh the scandals and controversies associated with the UCP against the accomplishments and criticisms of the NDP. Public opinion remains divided, and both parties are actively campaigning to win over undecided voters. In these final days before the election, political analysts and the public alike are keeping a close eye on polling data and campaign strategies, as they try to predict which party will ultimately emerge victorious. Will it be the UCP, with their strong focus on fiscal responsibility and resource development, or the NDP, whose progressive policies have brought about significant change in Alberta?
The 2023 Alberta election is shaping up to be a highly contested battle between the UCP and the NDP. With the province's future hanging in the balance, voters must carefully consider the achievements and controversies associated with each party before casting their ballots. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: the results of this election will have a lasting impact on Alberta's political landscape and its citizens for years to come. As the province moves forward, it is crucial for Albertans to stay informed and engaged in the political process, ensuring that their voices are heard and their interests represented in the government.
United Conservative Party (UCP) Achievements:
  1. Economic growth: The UCP has worked to stimulate the economy, reducing red tape for businesses and attracting investment to the province.
  2. Job creation: The party has focused on creating jobs, especially in the oil and gas sector, to address unemployment concerns in Alberta.
  3. Education reform: The UCP has implemented a new curriculum and increased funding for school infrastructure projects.
  4. Healthcare improvements: The party has expanded access to healthcare services and increased funding for mental health initiatives.
  5. Fiscal responsibility: The UCP has committed to balancing the budget and reducing the provincial deficit.
New Democratic Party (NDP) Achievements:
  1. Progressive taxation: The NDP implemented a progressive tax system, replacing the flat tax, which has been praised for promoting income equality.
  2. Climate leadership plan: The party introduced a comprehensive climate plan, including a carbon tax, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Diversification of the economy: The NDP worked to diversify Alberta's economy, promoting renewable energy and supporting small businesses.
  4. Infrastructure investment: The party invested heavily in infrastructure projects, creating jobs and improving the province's transportation systems.
  5. Labor legislation: The NDP introduced legislation to protect workers' rights, including increasing the minimum wage and implementing workplace safety standards.
United Conservative Party (UCP) Failures:
  1. Alohagate scandal: Several UCP MLAs and staffers were caught taking vacations during the pandemic, leading to public outrage.
  2. COVID-19 response: Critics argue that the UCP's handling of the pandemic was slow and inefficient, leading to high infection rates and deaths.
  3. Environmental policy: The UCP has faced criticism for rolling back environmental protections and not adequately addressing climate change.
  4. Education controversies: The new curriculum has been met with criticism for its content and the lack of consultation with educators.
  5. Healthcare system strain: Despite increased funding, some argue that the healthcare system is still strained and needs further investment.
New Democratic Party (NDP) Failures:
  1. Public dissatisfaction with carbon tax: Many Albertans opposed the carbon tax, viewing it as an unnecessary burden on families and businesses.
  2. Pipeline controversies: The NDP faced criticism for its handling of pipeline projects, which some argued was too slow and indecisive.
  3. Fiscal management: Critics argue that the NDP's spending on social programs and infrastructure projects led to increased provincial debt.
  4. Bill 6 controversy: The NDP's Bill 6 faced backlash from the agricultural community, who felt the legislation was poorly communicated and implemented.
  5. Struggling oil and gas sector: Some argue that the NDP did not do enough to support the oil and gas industry during their time in government, leading to job losses and economic struggles.
As the 2023 Alberta election draws near, the political landscape in the province is heating up. The United Conservative Party (UCP) and the New Democratic Party (NDP) are battling for control, each touting their track record and vision for the future of the province. With so much at stake, this election is more than just a contest between two parties. It's a pivotal moment that will determine the direction Alberta takes for the next four years and beyond. As the campaign intensifies, both parties are pulling out all the stops to win over voters and secure their position as the leading voice in Alberta politics. It's a high-stakes game with no clear winner, and only time will tell which party emerges victorious.
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2023.03.21 05:35 Koreankiwi7 Ogryn FW 19 help - roster posted, struggling as I don’t have block buffs

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2023.03.21 05:34 Riverflowsuphillz We need aggro champ riot! badly

As a aggro player last expansion was horrible there were bearly new cards in comparison to other and no new champion.
And we got majority of nerfs while control and midrange/ combo still stupidly broken interaction
Also ps if rioter is reading this buff jinx back to 4 on rocket that nerf was unjustified and a overcorrection
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2023.03.21 05:30 jalenp16 [Post Game Thread] (4) UCLA defeats (5) Oklahoma, 82-73

Despite a big rally from the Sooners, UCLA holds on and knocks off OU to advance to the Sweet 16. They will take on the defending national champions South Carolina in the Sweet 16.
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2023.03.21 05:30 44825forgetit I wish the world just kind of changed more as you progressed! Spoilers ahead!

Like why does every member of stormveil castle want to still kill me when I have setup the new ruler? Are Nephali and Kenneth stranded in the Throne Room? Why does Ranni’s Dragon Adula want to fuck me up when I am literally her champion/consort by the second time I see them?
What I don’t get is that I know the world is not stuck in a loop, the Radahn Festival is proof! If you attempt Redmane castle before activating the quest, it’s super hostile. Activate the quest? very docile, finish the quest, once again Super hostile.
I really love the game, but it’s basically Mario pretending to be an rpg.
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2023.03.21 05:28 Gavins1234 Sorry Brandon

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2023.03.21 05:24 other-world-leee Noob question and maybe some helpful tips?

long story short, my brother got me the wrong gift card so out of all the blizzard games I decided to try out overwatch.
Are there any characters that are inherently bad? Or overpowered? Or is it true freedom in champion select?
Other than that, any tips for a noob? like i assume some people are harder to unlock than others, so what’s the fastest way to get them?
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2023.03.21 05:22 cheeselikeabrie Can I just start a thread praising bed sharing?

I said I would never bed share. My SIL was 1 trimester ahead of me and planned to bed share. Based on her experience, along with my MIL and my sister, I began considering it.
I. Love. Bedsharing. I returned the bassinet. We mostly contact nap, too (since about 4mos my LO prefers to contact nap). Sometimes he will go down in our bed and I can do a few chores, but unless I need to do something I prefer to hold him (8mos now) on the couch and just let the time go by.
Night 1 in the hospital (I delivered at 6am) my husband was asleep and I swaddled my LO and put him in the bassinet. I immediately started crying, uncontrollably. He was awake, just staring at me, not fussing a bit. I COULD NOT put him down. I stayed up most of the night until my husband woke up and caught of few hours of sleep at that point.
There is SO MUCH research/talk - both for and against bedsharing. Recently I’ve been feeling bogged down by people who are against bedsharing/people who are pro-sleep training. I just want to hear people’s positive experience with/thoughts on bedsharing!
(Note: My husband and I are both sober, non-smoking, drug-taking, check-off-the-safe-sleep-7 champions.)
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2023.03.21 05:22 dudebro1107 My pulls from the pre release at my local card shop. I was ready to spend it all on this art rare

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2023.03.21 05:13 pinkytwigosh Extra 2022 World Championship Code Cards

My 10 year old daughter recently got into Pokemon Trading Cards and because me and her just play casually I bought her all 4 of the 2022 world champion decks. Well she redeemed 1 code and then realized that the others would only net her 25 coins each so here I am to give away the extra 3. I will randomly edit this post until all 3 are gone in the next 24 hours.
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2023.03.21 05:10 HonoredMatrix I'm not impressed by Leon The Cheater Edwards

Edward scissorhands, groiner kicker and cage grabber and glove locker
Have you ever seen a fight where a ref had to take a point off the champion and reset the ground position? Leon is the only one who had it happen
He cheated his way into his first defense and wanted to dodge Colby Covington which is literally a bigger threat than bum masdival.
I'm calling it as it is. He makes Jon jones look like a true Christian
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2023.03.21 04:59 mArTiN-kArIeN (rant) Gnar sucks

Playing Gnar is like bringing an old blunderbuss to a shootout vs AKs. He's so forgotten and underwhelming. Having is to face champions like K'sante really is an eye opener towards where they chose to take champion balancing because when he's dashing around everywhere doing true damage to me with ever auto attack I'm struggling to kite and build my rage and I die before entering mega. Really fun. And it's like I can't get strong no matter what I do because this champion came out 2014 and I have no built in armor pen anywhere and black cleaver doesn't cut it against todays resistance numbers. It's insane how balanced this character is in a game where everything has been power creeped to hell. He'll remain 48% wr D tier until he receives a minirework or needed changes. Atleast he's fun to play, but it's frustrating seeing all the new characters stat check their way to victory while you're left behind in the dust, tucked into the forgotten corner. Sad reality
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2023.03.21 04:52 professorearl Schadenfreude

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2023.03.21 04:52 professorearl Schadenfreude

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2023.03.21 04:50 9Arca9 Some QoL Adjustments I Don't See In BUNGOPLS

  1. Fix enemy continuing to melee track when player goes invisible
Invisibility is one of those things that doesn't seem to play very well with AI. I've seen enemies continue to track but not fire at me, and enemies continue to rush at me while invisible because they've engaged their melee ability. This system needs some polishing. I understand "dropping agro" might cause unintended side effects but we need you guys to give this another QA pass.
2) Make hitting a Blinded/Suppressed/Etc champ stun, not just when the effect is applied.
Due to the recent changes in enemy difficulty (I'm not going into it) champs often survive long past the initial stun caused by these effects. This is annoying as many classes have a limited number options outside of weapons to apply these effects. If the champ is still under the effects of any of these debuffs, then the next incoming damage should restun. This will help supers feel more consistent if they apply debuffs but only once
3) Remove forced movement in supers such as Silkstrike and Blade Barrage.
I have (because i'm bad) on more than one occasion killed myself using Blade Barrage. I hit the jump button to peak or get a better view, then when activating the super it pushed me higher into an overhang and I dumped everything into a wall. I have also fallen to my death because Silkstrike (Which btw should be adjusted so it's thrown where you're looking vertically but.. you know) pushed me forwards each strike off a ledge while attacking a hydra. On top of that the small "hop" you do on silkstrikes aoe attack has pushed me up higher than some hitboxes of targets when falling. There are some supers that obviously should move you like titans thundercrash but these supers don't need the "flair" of additional movement. Leave me where I clicked the button, please, I chose to be here for a reason.
4) Champions stay stunned when "engaged in combat" flag is turned off
this is more for solo content. When a player dies, but can come back in time (ESPECIALLY for overload champs) the champion should still be stunned. Just because the player disappeared doesn't mean the effect should end (like debuffs, i think?)
5) Support Scroll wheel zoom when changing sharers and ornaments (Additionally Integrate Loadouts into the fashion area)
This one is self explanatory
6) Xur Improvements: Add deepsight weaponry. Add a catalyst exchange.
Xur should offer 3 random catalysts purchasable for exotic cypher tokens. I have run so many strikes and nightfalls but continue to not get the catalyst i need. Now, yes, this may take away player incentive to run playlist content but 3 random catalysts should not be a problem. The rewards for said content need to be adjusted to improve player desire to run them. Regarding deepsight weaponry, this doesn't have to be the weapon itself, rather it can be something that's a little more integrated into the crafting system. If you go to the crafting table you should be able to select a weapon you do not have crafted and obtain a quest for playlist activities. Once completed, you should hand this into Xur who will give you a deepsight weapon. Yes, this is only 1 pattern a week but it gives Xur special value outside of a mule and gives players the ability to get ANY craftable weapon in time. (This can be done in other manners but the point of giving xur deepsight still stands)
7) Fix AI pathing so that champions do not body block each other (Especially Barrier champs)
This one basically says if the intended stopping point is within X distance of an entity flagged as champion to select a stopping point OUTSIDE a 3+ meter radius even if the entity doesn't have a line of sight to the enemy. It is incredibly frustrating to burn down a champion only to have ANOTHER champion stand infront of it blocking weapon stuns or damage overall
8) Change the map so when a user is over a interactable element in the top right that the map stops scrolling. Additionally add and option to change the distance to edge to start moving the map
This one is pretty straight forward, The map in game moves WAY too soon when moving the mouse around near the edge (yes that's why i have made it an option rather than a complete change because console), which leads to the map just straight moving you off of interactables like strikes, events etc. Additionally when you're going to an element in the top right it continues to move while over them. This is just UI polish but for a game as old as this I am surprised it wasn't implemented.
9) Included in please bungie ( Give players an option to automatically dismantle Blue / Lower level gear) I would like to expand on this and say give the player the option to auto dismantle gear below a specific stat quantity. No, I do not want legendaries with less than 55 stats. Unless it exceeds the light level of my currently equipped item.
Unfortunately I don't have 3 well received posts about any of this in my pocket, so I can't request it to be added to the actual list. If someone finds posts about any specific topic please link it and i'll request it. All of this was compiled in 2 days. If given more time I could make a more comprehensive list (Like teleporting enemies, Knockbacks being tied to fps, etc etc but I feel most of these are achievable with minimal engine interaction)
I do not have notifications on for this post so I might not see everything until I come back to check. If I am incorrect in anything (Specifically 1 and 2 let me know so I can change them). If you specially Agree with one of these please say so, and share your frustrations or concerns.
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2023.03.21 04:49 professorearl Schadenfreude

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2023.03.21 04:49 professorearl Schadenfreude

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2023.03.21 04:48 professorearl Schadenfreude

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