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Presidential Term of Thomas Custer (1889-1893) American Interflow Timeline

2023.06.03 08:30 BruhEmperor Presidential Term of Thomas Custer (1889-1893) American Interflow Timeline

Presidential Term of Thomas Custer (1889-1893) American Interflow Timeline
After 12 years of trials and errors, Thomas Custer would finally rise and claim the presidency in a Post-Barnum era. With the nation being fundamentally changed in the past 8 years and with the effect of Barnum’s administration still very prevalent, like the still persistent Revelationist and Communard issues, Custer would need to uncharacteristically tread carefully to prevail in such a climate.
President Thomas Custer’s Cabinet
Vice President - Alfred A. Taylor
Secretary of State - Francis Cockrell
Secretary of the Treasury - Adlai Stevenson I
Secretary of War - John Potter Stockton
Secretary of the Navy - Arthur Sewall
Secretary of the Interior - Thomas Goode Jones
Attorney General - Jesse Root Grant II
Secretary of Sustenance - Sylvester Pennoyer
Secretary of Public Safety - Lyon G. Tyler (resigned May 1891), John R. McLean
(read about the campaigns against the radicals here) Left? Right? No, Custerite!
During his election campaign, the president promised a wide-range of groups things he would do in a future administration. Appealing to liberals, conservatives, nationalists, populists, militarists, anti-imperialists, and pro-reconciliationists, Custer would be flexible and non-partisan in his policies in order to fulfil such promises. Custer would first appeal to the anti-imperialist wing of his support by renegotiating to United States' promised port in the Congo during the Berlin Conference, crafted by Secretary Francis Cockrell, the United States would sell their land claims to the French on August 1889 for $1,250,000. The move would receive praise from anti-imperialists like Senators George Boutwell (F-MA) and Grover Cleveland (C-NY), and Representatives Edward Atkinson (C-MA) and John Wanamaker (P-PA), although opposition was brought in by some Commons and the old Barnumites like Representative William McKinley (F-OH).
Land designated for the United States (dark blue) were sold to the French Empire
Appealing to the pro-reconciliationists would be a harder feat than any of this. Ever since the end of the Civil War, stigmatism between the black and white communities in the south grew, it was further boosted by the barring policy of the Davis and Hamlin administrations which divided communities between whites and blacks to prevent violence. Forced integration was implemented by Custer with the Integration and Co-operation Act of 1889 which merged local segregated communities and forced some citizens living in those communities to live within the other group's area. Anti-reconciliationists like Senator Arthur Pue Gorman (C-MD) and Representative Benjamin Tillman (C-SC) opposed the bill, as they were elected within or with the backing of a white-only segregated community, though the pro-reconciliationists, which composed of both of the old pro and anti Barnumites, populists, salvationists, and progressives pushed the bill to pass Congress.
Capitol Building 1889
The act faced major scrutiny from both black and white anti-reconciliationists, which pushed it as dictatorial and a breach of their civil liberties. The case made it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States in the case Jennings v. Gibbs, in which Florida county lawyer William Sherman Jennings sued Representative Thomas Van Renssalaer Gibbs (F-FL) for 'infringing on and decrying civil liberties' by his support of the act. Gibbs' lawyers sighted the act was to end possible future violence between the two groups and claimed it was for the overall wellbeing of the country and to the citizen as their move was paid for by the government itself and that it was within the government's authority to enforce such acts, while Jennings sighted the First Amendment, claiming to this act violated the right of petition the government as the citizens were more or less forced into integrating without a say. The court decided on June 10th, 1890, and sided 5-4 in favor of Gibbs, claiming that it was within the government's right to enforce such an act. Although the court did also sort of sided with Jennings, pushing that the citizens moved out of their communities must give their consent and approval of moving out. Justice Robert Roosevelt wrote the majority opinion: "It is within Congress' right to enforce such laws that they apply, although it is also important to receive the consent and approval of those being affect by the laws they apply, as without it is simple tyranny.". The Supreme Court just marked pro-reconciliation acts as constitutional.
Lawyer William Sherman Jennings and Representative Thomas Van Renssalaer Gibbs
With Custer getting the greenlight on reconciliation, he began to deal with those dissenting on his new laws. Some violence and unrest arose from anti-reconciliation protestors causing riots and clashes with the police, in one incident, an anti-reconciliation mob beat one police officer to death and threw in body in the streets. The incident shocked the nation and many demanded justice, this gave Custer the backing to enact another plan he had. In the span of June-August, thousands of anti-reconciliationist rioters were arrested and sent to 're-education facilities' to be 're-educated' about their beliefs, those re-educated would be release after a month and if they caused more dissent they would be thrown back into the facilities to be 're-educated' once again. No one exactly knows what happens in the facilities but rumors going from torture to brainwashing are common, but those released from the facilities never talk about their experience there. Although, anti-reconciliation violence has been significantly reduced ever since the program was created.
Custer's Politics for Dummies
The Presidential Cabinet has always been more or less been aligned with the president's beliefs, although in this case, with the president's beliefs all over the place, the cabinet would be quiet diverse. Some would have quite populistic beliefs like Treasury Secretary Stevenson and Sustenance Secretary Pennoyer, some would be traditionally conservative like Navy Secretary Sewall, War Secretary Stockton, and Secretary of Public Safety Tyler, and some would be considered more liberal like Secretaries Cockrell and Jones, and Attorney General Grant. This caused some division in the cabinet, with many members having different opinions on issues, like the admission of more states in the plain, with the more populistic members being for it and the conservative ones being against it. Vice President Alfred A. Taylor, who was often the most moderate within the cabinet, often had headaches due to the amount of bickering in the cabinet, privately saying, "I would rather have been the presidential cook than a member of this cabinet.". Taylor was known for serving delicious Tennessee Cornbread during cabinet meetings and public events, which were from his own recipe.
On the Congressional front, politics there too was starkly changing. The Radical People's and Christian Salvation Parties had faced a significant decline over the last election and were facing even complete dissolution. The bells did toll for the Salvationists, as on June 1, 1889, waiting for a train going from his hometown of Freeport, Illinois to Chicago, Senator Charles J. Guiteau was shot by an assailant who was connected to the Salvationists. The bullet did not puncture his heart though and he was immediately treated by doctors. The doctors, however, operated on him with unsterilized fingers and tools trying to find the bullet, and Guiteau contracted an infection which slowly weakened his health. Guiteau would pass away on June 30th, which ended a major figurehead for the Salvationists. With their main leader gone, the Salvationists and their party were now certainly going to fall, so once again they turned to the Populists to help, they proposed a merge of their parties, unlike the Visionary Alliance back in 1884, this move would be permanent. A joint Radical People's-Christian Salvation convention was called in D.C., in which they decided to form the Reformed People's Party which would incorporate both Populist and Salvationist agendas. All Salvationists and Populists would run on this party's banner starting on the 1890 midterms, causing a wave of new support of their joint movements to grow. Representatives like Jerry Simpson (RP-KA), Charles Tupper (CS-NS), and Marion Butler (RP-NC), and Senator John P. St. John (CS-KA), although notably the party leader Senator James B. Weaver (RP-IA) did not outright support the merger.
Representative Jerry Simpson and Senator John P. St. John.
Troubles also arose within the ruling party itself. With Custer's moves in office being controversial not only nation-wide but also within his own party. Many Commons were repulsed by Custer's appeal to nationalists and populists, like his push for isolationism, labor reform, free trade, and anti-gold standard policies, which saw as the reason why the current economy was entering a small recession. The Custer administration was also known as notoriously corrupt, though Custer himself was more blind to the issue than actually involved in it, it was well-known that politicians like Secretary Tyler were making backdoor deals with businessmen like J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, even personally aiding in putting down worker strikes. Representative William Kissam Vanderbilt (P-NY) even once said, "The difference between a crafty serpent and a pro-big business politician? They have heels, I suppose.". These anti-reform and anti-Custerite politicians within the Commonwealth Party were called 'Reactionaries'. The reactionaries would included members like Senators Arthur Pue Gorman and John M. Palmer (C-IL) and Representatives like John Carlisle (C-KY). The reactionaries would form a major bloc within the party, often favoring militarism and traditional values in Congress, as seen from there opposition of the pro-reconciliation bills and their support for things like the gold standard and imperialism. But also from the other side of the spectrum are the people who see Custer as not reforming enough. Although they weren't as loud as the reactionaries and still mainly accept the situation, many still want more reform coming from the high office. The groups members included the likes of Representatives Samuel M. Jones (F-OH) and Charles N. Felton (C-CA), advocating mostly for internationalism, taxes, anti-corruption measures, and tariff reduction. Though more extreme politicians like Jones would call for monopoly busting, strong regulation, and direct elections.
Senator Arthur Pue Gorman and Representative Charles N. Felton would represent two very different sides of the same party
The Freedom Party had faced its largest split since the Federalist-Freedomite split during Henry Clay’s term. After the elections of 1888, the former Anti-Barnumites had taken control of most major positions in the main Freedom Party after the Conservative Freedom Party remerged with them. Staunch Anti-Barnumites like the pragmatic Representative Thomas Brackett Reed and stanch conservative Senator William Pierce Frye (F-MA) would all head their party in Congress. The remaining former Barnumites such as Representative William McKinley sought to amend the wounds between their counterparts and began the works to begin reconciling between the factions. Though many Freedomites were unsure about reconciling with the other faction, members like McKinley, Reed, and Representative Henry Clay Evans (F-TN) were influential in eventually mending their relations by the 1890 midterms, showing a mostly fully united party. This also was partly helped by the fact that former President Phineas Taylor Barnum would call for his old party’s unification, which had some mixed reactions in the party.
The aging former President P.T. Barnum who would later die on April 1891
(read here about the Military Crisis of 1890 here)
The Military's Resolve
The government would once again refused the military extremists' demands of increased power. As such, the 700 or so extremists would attempt to storm the White House, with others were sent to seize government buildings and offices against the capitol. The D.C. police was immediately called to hold back the group and a shootout immediately ensued outside the White House. 2 hours passed as the shootout continued and both rebels and police were shot dead, the White House received significant damage due to artillery brought by the rebels, with some rebels even entering the now evacuated building. As the 3rd hour mark hit, military loyalist finally arrived at the scene, led by Harrison Gray Otis and Arthur MacArthur, the 3,000 loyalists sent engaged the rebels who were now resorting to guerilla warfare. 3 more hours would pass as the loyalists would trek to find the rebels scattered around Capitol Hill, it finally cease as the loyalists would find and capture both Jacob H. Smith and J. Franklin Bell hiding in an abandoned building, the remaining rebels would surrender in the 7th hour. Over 500 people would die in the so-called "Battle of Capitol Hill".
Government loyalist in the outskirts of D.C. looking for rebels
The affair caused a uproar across the nation, with some siding the government claiming the military was being spoiled, while some supported the rebel's calls claiming the remaining restrictions were still ruining their careers. It also divided the military more, with some siding with the loyalists and some adhering to the rebel's calls. Fears began to rise of a second Civil War due to such divisions, as some Reactionary politicians began to support the militarist cause. Immediate calls within the government were pushing for appeasement to the militarists to avoid another rebellion. Thus negotiators began to work on something to ease the stress of the military resulting in quite the controversial move.
The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution would add 9 seats to the House of Representatives that would be designated for the military. Called the 'Military Representatives', 9 servicemen would be chosen from either branch of the military to serve as Representatives for the military's interests. The Representatives would be appointed by the president and approved by the Senate and members could be removed by the president during House elections. The amendment was ratified with astonishing speed, being ratified only two months after it was proposed on February 23, 1891 right before the 52nd Congress met on March 4th. Custer also personally backed the amendment, with others like Representative Thomas B. Reed and William Kissam Vanderbilt supporting it. The 9 Military Representatives were sworn in along with the other 349 normally elected Representatives. Despite the amendment being quickly ratified, it still faced major opposition from anti-militarists and especially the remaining Populists and Salvationists. Representative Henry Clay Evans about the amendment, "If this amendment were to pass, we would be nothing but lapdogs to the armed forces, always in fear of a military rebellion.". Senator Daniel W. Voorhees (P-IN) stated, "Giving any more powers to the military would strip our fairly elected government of independence and reason, as fear would now dominate our politics.". Speaker Alexander S. Clay (C-GA) would be ousted as Speaker by John Wanamaker after the midterms in an anti-Commonwealth vote, Clay would later state, "Was supporting the amendment to the Constitution the right action? I do not know that answer. Yet I know one thing. It was the only action there was."
Results of the 1890 House of Representatives Elections
Results of the 1890 Senate Elections
Tommy the Man
After the meltdowns of the past two years, Custer would focus in his domestic and foreign policy. Custer would continue his pro-reconciliation policies, achieving slow success across the south, with some forcefully integrated communities prospering and with some having being burnt to the ground. Both pro-labor and pro-business policies would be implemented, such as an 8-hour work day and a shorter work week, other than this, businesses would be usually deregulated and were given reigns in handling any of their practices, with businessmen such as J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and John D. Rockefeller emerging as powerful figures nationally, with their monopolies being wide reaching.
Cartoon mocking the rise of corporations and their growing power over politics
Custer's more reformist policies would deter some of his allies against him, as the likes of Public Safety Secretary Lyon G. Tyler, who disliked Custer's rowdiness in politics in general. Tyler basically had enough went Custer vetoed many legislations that were drafted by the Commons themselves. Tyler resigned as Secretary on May 1891, being replaced by the more moderate John R. McLean. Despite being bashed for his reforms, Custer would also be criticized for his more conservative policies too. A believer in laissez-faire economics and free trade, Custer would refuse to intervene in the economy even when it entered a recession during 1890-91. Custer would often get criticized for allowing big business to skyrocket out of control with their monopolies and trusts, though he would claim his concern was only of the workers' well being. Governor Nathan Goff Jr. (P-VA) would criticize Custer's domestic policies by stating, "Protectionism, direct elections, and internationalism are core things we need in this day and age, not only in Virginia but nationally, yet the president has rejected all of them.". Custer's domestic policies would see opposition from the new reformed populists, which called the Commonwealth Party the party of 'Business, Booze, and Boors'.
Custer, despite being a self-proclaimed 'isolationist', often had interest in foreign affairs yet couldn't act on them as fearing it would deter his supporters. When war broke out in South America in December 31, 1891, when Argentina, who is run by the dictator Nicholas Levalle who recently staged a coup against the government, and Bolivia invaded Chile and Paraguay (more on in the foreign events section), Custer privately sought intervention in favor of Chile and Paraguay to preserve their democracies. Yet Congress and the general public were staunchly against any intervention in South America as they saw as another foreign war. Anti-intervention sentiment grew even further when the Empire of Brazil intervened in favor of Chile and Paraguay on April 1, 1892, their force now being called the 'Continental Alliance', causing the scale of the war to increase and the death toll to grow. Though the public opinion was firmly sympathetic to the Continental Alliance, some in government sought to aid the 'Golden Alliance' of Argentina and Bolivia, as they saw helping them as a way to control their economy and politics, though yet again the majority rejected intervention. Custer did consult his cabinet on what to do on the matter, which Secretaries Sewall and Jones were in favor of intervention, though other like Secretary Cockrell and Attorney General Grant were against it which ultimately led Custer to not intervene for the time being. The US did sell highly demanded imports to both sides of the conflict, which yielded major profit.
- Major Foreign Events -
The War Down Even More South
High inflation, corruption, and bad worker rights in Argentina caused major unrest against the government. The Revolution of Park broke out against the government then run by the conservative National Autonomist Party on July 26, 1890. The rebels captured an arms and ammunition facility in the city and began to arm themselves as government began to apprehend them. The government forces were caught off guard by the now armed rebels and were forced to retreat, the rebels then turned to the Casa Rosada and the president, the revolutionaries successfully broke through the guards and stormed the building, forcing President Manuel Celman to resign. A revolutionary junta was put in place of the government as a new larger government loyalist force was organized to recapture the capitol, which led was by General Nicholas Levalle. The loyalist force successfully defeated revolutionary resistance in the capitol and entered the Casa Rosada, the revolutionary junta was defeat although President Celman had been executed and Vice President Pellegrini had fled the city. Levalle, seeing an opportunity, declared himself emergency president, even rejecting Pellegrini when he returned to the city. Over the past months, Lavalle would style himself with dictatorial powers over the Argentine government, which only fueled his ego.
General Nicholas Levalle of Argentina
Lavalle was a man who opposed the resolve of the border dispute between Chile in Patagonia which restricted Argentina outside the Pacific Ocean. In tandem, Bolivia's Gregorio Pacheco, who succeeded his very pro-Chile predecessor, had designs on Chile after Bolivia had lost the War of the Pacific, as well as Paraguay. Lavalle had secret meetings with Pacheco regarding their plan on Chile, later including Paraguay to the discussion, many meetings later and they decided on a plan to demand land from both nations. Their militaries were built up in the coming months to prepare for the incoming conflict. On December 26, 1891, Bolivia sent an ultimatum to Chile demanding their coastal provinces lost in the War of the Pacific to be returned, Argentina would back them the next day. On the 27th, Bolivia demanded full recognition of the control of the Chaco region from Paraguay, which Argentina backed the same day. Given until the 31st to respond, the Chilean and Paraguayan governments refused to respond to the ultimatums, so on the 31st, Bolivia declared war on Chile and Bolivia, Argentina would declare war on January 2nd.
The campaigns at first favored the 'Golden Alliance' of Argentina and Bolivia, which saw advanced in the north of Chile and southern Paraguay. By February, the Golden Alliance would be nearing the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion, which worried their neighbor to the east, the Empire of Brazil. Empress Isabel I was facing a waning popularity, especially after her father abolished slavery, and the public were firmly against the Golden Alliance. Fearing Argentina's and Bolivia's victory would shatter trust in her even more, she decided to intervene. An ultimatum was sent to Argentina, dictating to end the war or face a blockade, the Argentinians ignored the order. Brazilian ships would begin a naval blockade against Argentina, but oddly some ships were ordered to go dangerously close to the Argentina coast on February 25th. As the ships grew near, the Argentine coast guard were unable to recognize the vessels and assumed they were Chilean and open fired. Despite Argentina apologizing for the incident, the affair caused enough outrage in Brazil to secure that a war was a certain. Brazil declared war on both Argentina and Bolivia on April 1st, forming the 'Continental Alliance' with Chile and Paraguay. The war would rage on from April-August as many foreign nations watched, with both sides gaining the upper hand many times and thousands dead or wounded. By August, both sides would be exhausted by war and bloodshed and needed something to tip the scales.
Empress Isabel I of Brazil
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Kraken Robotics Announces $9.5 Million Contract with the Navy of a Large Asia Pacific Country
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2023.05.31 15:27 Xethernety Kraken Robotics Announces $9.5 Million Contract with the Navy of a Large Asia Pacific Country

Kraken Robotics Announces $9.5 Million Contract with the Navy of a Large Asia Pacific Country
KRKNF (ASK @ 0.43)
Kraken Robotics Inc. announces a $9.5 million contract to supply high-resolution seabed mapping sonar equipment to a navy in Asia-Pacific.
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Kraken’s equipment will be integrated onboard a vessel of opportunity selected by the customer.
Continuing to build off successful KATFISH deliveries with various NATO navies, this represents Kraken’s first KATFISH system sale in the Asia-Pacific region.
This contract follows the results of a successful in-country demonstration of KATFISH™ for the customer in Q1 of this year.
Kraken’s team worked in concert with a local survey company to complete a 200 km seabed survey that provided real-time ultra- high-resolution imagery and bathymetry of the seafloor along coastal waters.
Kraken is seeing continued opportunities for growth in all regions of the world as several trends are driving demand for Kraken’s synthetic aperture sonar technology. These include:
  1. A heightened focus on maritime security and protection of subsea infrastructure.
  2. An industry upgrade cycle and a gradual shift to smaller unmanned surface vessels for mine hunting. There are over 300 manned mine hunting vessels that are more than 20 years old and need to be upgraded over the next 5-10 years. Many of these will be replaced with smaller, unmanned vessels.
  3. Strong growth in the commercial market from growing requirements for high resolution data for seabed surveys and subsea asset inspection in the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind sectors.
The KATFISH is a high-speed seabed survey system providing ultra-high resolution seabed imagery and bathymetry for defense and commercial customers.
The acoustic imagery and bathymetry collected by KATFISH systems provides customers with actionable intelligence about subsea assets and infrastructure such as subsea pipelines and fiber optic cables, as well as important hydrographic information about the safety of key transit routes for ocean going assets.
Kraken has integrated KATFISH to a variety of manned and unmanned vessels of opportunity, providing both standalone turnkey seabed mapping as well as optional integration to a customer’s combat mission management systems.
Kraken Robotics Inc. (TSX.V:PNG) (OTCQB: KRKNF) is a marine technology company providing complex
  • subsea sensors,
  • batteries,
  • and robotic systems.
Our high-resolution 3D acoustic imaging solutions and services enable clients to overcome the challenges in our oceans - safely, efficiently, and sustainably.
Kraken Robotics is headquartered in Canada and has offices in North and South America and Europe.
Kraken is ranked as a Top 100 marine technology company by Marine Technology Reporter.
SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook YouTube Instagram
For further information:
Stephen Griffin, Group Marketing Manager [email protected]
Joe MacKay, Chief Financial Officer (416) 303-0605 [email protected]
Greg Reid, President & CEO (416) 818-9822 [email protected]
Sean Peasgood, Investor Relations (647) 955-1274 [email protected]
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2023.05.31 15:26 Xethernety Kraken Robotics Announces $9.5 Million Contract with the Navy of a Large Asia Pacific Country

Kraken Robotics Announces $9.5 Million Contract with the Navy of a Large Asia Pacific Country
PNG.VN (ASK @ 0.55)
Kraken Robotics Inc. announces a $9.5 million contract to supply high-resolution seabed mapping sonar equipment to a navy in Asia-Pacific.
The customer cannot be named at this time.
Under the scope of the contract, Kraken will deliver its KATFISH™ high-speed minehunting solution.
The contract also includes a variety of support and sustainment options,
  • including training,
  • spares
  • and operational support.
Under the acquisition contract, Kraken will deliver its KATFISH towed Synthetic Aperture Sonar, Tentacle® Winch and Autonomous Launch and Recovery System (ALARS) in Q2, 2023.
Kraken’s equipment will be integrated onboard a vessel of opportunity selected by the customer.
Continuing to build off successful KATFISH deliveries with various NATO navies, this represents Kraken’s first KATFISH system sale in the Asia-Pacific region.
This contract follows the results of a successful in-country demonstration of KATFISH™ for the customer in Q1 of this year.
Kraken’s team worked in concert with a local survey company to complete a 200 km seabed survey that provided real-time ultra- high-resolution imagery and bathymetry of the seafloor along coastal waters.
Kraken is seeing continued opportunities for growth in all regions of the world as several trends are driving demand for Kraken’s synthetic aperture sonar technology. These include:
  1. A heightened focus on maritime security and protection of subsea infrastructure.
  2. An industry upgrade cycle and a gradual shift to smaller unmanned surface vessels for mine hunting. There are over 300 manned mine hunting vessels that are more than 20 years old and need to be upgraded over the next 5-10 years. Many of these will be replaced with smaller, unmanned vessels.
  3. Strong growth in the commercial market from growing requirements for high resolution data for seabed surveys and subsea asset inspection in the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind sectors.
The KATFISH is a high-speed seabed survey system providing ultra-high resolution seabed imagery and bathymetry for defense and commercial customers.
The acoustic imagery and bathymetry collected by KATFISH systems provides customers with actionable intelligence about subsea assets and infrastructure such as subsea pipelines and fiber optic cables, as well as important hydrographic information about the safety of key transit routes for ocean going assets.
Kraken has integrated KATFISH to a variety of manned and unmanned vessels of opportunity, providing both standalone turnkey seabed mapping as well as optional integration to a customer’s combat mission management systems.
Kraken Robotics Inc. (TSX.V:PNG) (OTCQB: KRKNF) is a marine technology company providing complex
  • subsea sensors,
  • batteries,
  • and robotic systems.
Our high-resolution 3D acoustic imaging solutions and services enable clients to overcome the challenges in our oceans - safely, efficiently, and sustainably.
Kraken Robotics is headquartered in Canada and has offices in North and South America and Europe.
Kraken is ranked as a Top 100 marine technology company by Marine Technology Reporter.
SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook YouTube Instagram
For further information:
Stephen Griffin, Group Marketing Manager [email protected]
Joe MacKay, Chief Financial Officer (416) 303-0605 [email protected]
Greg Reid, President & CEO (416) 818-9822 [email protected]
Sean Peasgood, Investor Relations (647) 955-1274 [email protected]
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2023.05.30 22:11 lancerreddit Acceptable Regular Callers

From the Linda from Spokane thread, there were some regular callers mentioned that I didnt think deserved to be lumped in with the Corny, Mikey, TFLJ shithead group.
Here are some of my regulasemi-regular callers who I think are ok :
On the fence -
Who are yours?
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2023.05.29 17:05 sauna_apartment Carless: Escarpment Trail, the Catskills NY

I've been meaning to do this for awhile as I've found the info regarding backpacking without a car in the NYC area lacking, half-baked, or in practice, untrue. The thread in the sidebar is excellent, but AT focused. I'll see a post that say take this bus service to a certain town and taxi to the trailhead, but what it may not say is that there is no service to call a taxi on arrival or that line only runs on weekdays that direction. Not to say I won't be repeating common knowledge as I definitely will, but hopefully you'll find something in my logistics useful for planning your own ventures sans car.
A little bit about me: I am a lightweight backpacker (slowly working on dropping my last few ounces) living in Queens, NY. I generally love the public (and private) transit in NYC metro area, although it always could be improved and there are aspects that are deeply frustrating, large and small. In addition to not having a car, I also work a 9-5 job; this and future trail reports will reflect that I often only have a weekend to enact my plans.
The Escarpment Trail
Buy a ticket on the Trailways bus line from Port Authority to Windham, NY. On Saturdays, there is a bus that departs at 8am. That is the one you want. The Trailways' stations are in the bottom of Port Authority, terminals 28-34. Double check your bus is correct with the attendant as the what is on the directory and what terminal they're actually leaving from may be at odds. When boarding, tell the driver that you want the Escarpment Trailhead Parking lot, which is slightly before Windham; in between Windham, East Windham, and Hensonville; after Cairo; on route 23. If you pass Smitty's Nursery & Landscape on the left you've gone too far. I didn't know you could ask the driver to drop you off at a non-designated stop, but he said it was okay as long as its on route. I'm assuming this is a driver by driver thing, but as long as you're not an ass about it, I bet they'll say yes. However, I did not know this perk until a woman request to be let off before Windham, and I got off with her and proceeded to backtrack to the trailhead on route 23. If you have to walk the shoulder, maybe you can hitch a ride, but you'd be luckier than me.
Make sure you have water. At the trailhead there is a stream. There is no water after that until 0.4 miles past Dutcher Notch, which is ~12 miles away.
Starting from the first sign off 23, the trail is very well marked (until North South Campground), simply follow the blue markers. A commenter on Alltrails writes:
If you can get Wyndham and BlackHead out of the way on the first day the second day is pretty smooth after the initial climb out of the notch. Amazing view after amazing view.
Views translate to ascents. Climbing Blackhead was confirmed steep and arduous after already hiking 9 miles. But this is the hardest climb during the trip, so once summited, it's all smooth sailing. Day 1 clocked about 11 miles (excluding walk to the trailhead).
I camped somewhere on the backside of Arizona Mountain overlooking the valley. It was gorgeous, but unexpectedly buggy for no water nearby and a slight breeze. If you're hiking this in two days one night as I was, you need to get to around the Notch. In the notch, there is an intersection between the Escarpment trail (straight), the Colgate Lake Trail (right), and the Dutcher Notch Trail (left). A short ways down the Dutcher Notch Trail there is a spring (a pipe in the rock) where you can filter water. This is the last place to filter water before North Lake.
Not much to report for the first half of the day; the Catskills are beautiful. There is a very cool plane wreckage. The Escarpment trail gives views to the NorthEast, and often times you can see the Green Mountains, the Whites, and the Berkshires, depending on the clarity. Eventually you'll reach North Point on North Mountain. Here, you'll start to encounter day hikers staying at NorthSouth Campground. I was fairly alone for most of the path; some families at the start, a few day hikers going to Windham High Peak, but very few backpackers. Which imo is preferable; I like the solitude. The frequency of day hikers increased the closer you get to the campground, but most of them were heading out as I was heading in, and only one had a bluetooth speaker.
Reaching North Lake, you are a jungle person breaching civilization. People are grilling and getting stuff out of their SUVs, while you smell and swim in your skivvies. Or at least, that's what I did. After a nice dip, find the blue markers at the back of the campground. There is no more markings for the Escarpment Trail although you're still on it. The signs will say to Catskill Mountain House Site and to Boulder Rock. Stay on the blue markers.
Eventually you'll come to Kaaterskill Falls. I only went to the lookout not the base, as I was unsure how much more walking I'd have to do and I was anxious about the time (around 2pm, the bus back was 5:55pm.) Also Kaaterskill Falls was overrun by tourists, which are different than day hikers. I can't complain as Kaaterskill Falls has been a tourist attraction since the mid 1800s, but after two days in the peaceful woods, I wasn't keen about been around all the activity.
Instead of finishing the Escarpment Trail at Schutt Rd. Parking Lot, take the Kaaterskill Rail Trail to the Haines Falls Train Station. Its about a 1.5 miles of pathway that brings you back to route 23A. At 23A, take a right and walk along the shoulder for about 2 miles into the town of Tannersville, NY. On 23A, stop at the Twilight General Store for an optional ice cream, however the key stop is Bear & Fox Provisions in Tannersville. Great selection of beer and cider, one of which the proprietor brews from apple trees from the side of the road.
Catch the 5:55pm Trailways bus from outside the pharmacy (5980 Main St.), which after a brief stop in Kingston, returns to Port Authority. I would recommend buying both ticket ahead of time as I had varying degrees of mediocre service the whole trip. Day 2 clocked about ~14 miles (including walking to Tannersville)
The Escarpment is great trail for an experienced hiker. Like other Catskill hikes, it's as beautiful as it is difficult. It's very possible to do it in a weekend, but a slower paced individual or group may want to do it in three days, two nights which may affect bus times and accessibility. Enjoy a carless excursion and remember to bring an eye mask and ear plugs for the bus ride.
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2023.05.28 22:07 RabbitCoHabit Advice needed! All the advice!

So I hoping with a group of Jeep lovin people, I can hive mind my questions and get some great advice:
Background: I am a 39yo city girl who loves camping/backpacking. I have a partner, 3 cats and a large dog (Dalmatian/pointer mix) - I decided my midlife crisis (yep 40 is midlife to me based on family genetics) that I want a keep wrangler as a 2nd cafun car. Does my family NEED it? Hell no. We have a mazda3 hatchback that I love, however I’m being irrational and want what I want! But the only thing I know is I want a Jeep Wrangler for our camping/backpacking/fun times.
I live in PA where we do get winters, but have nice spring/summers. We camp/backpack in northern PA, NJ and NY however really want to go further north and south in the future. We want to take our pup with us but also want to make sure we can fit his crate in the car too.
Here are some of my questions/where I need help:
1) I think 4 door is what would be more useful for us based on the need for camping/backpacking and dog. Yes?
2) hard top?? This is my initial gut because I live in a major city with no garage so car is open to the elements 24/7. Is the hard top easy to remove? And where does one store it?? Yea I could watch YouTubes I know… I would probably leave doors on most of the time… safety….
3) I know there are so many customizations. Is there a custom hard top where it’s also a screen/sun visor type thing?? I’m a white walker as my friends call me and burn easily so love me some openness but also shade.
4) rubicon seems excessive for what I need. We aren’t going off roading. What’s the big differences between Sahara and the regular wrangler? Anyone have a preference?
5) I will most likely not be buying a new one, maybe 2 years old with low mileage. Prices don’t seem to budge that much but maybe someone has a thought on best time to buy a Jeep if I did go new
6) and then I saw the new hybrid jeep…. Does anyone have one?? Thoughts??
Help. Just all the help. Thanks!!
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2023.05.28 19:12 BR123456 Weekly Round Up: May 22nd - May 28th

Weekly Round Up: May 22nd - May 28th
Weekly Round Up: May 22nd - May 28th
Previous thread: May 15th - May 21st
If in case you missed any news, official posts, SNS mentions, milestones, or if you're curious to know what the sub has been talking about lately, this round up is a compilation of all of that and more. How can you find the weekly round up? There's a link on the /bangtan's sidebar, as well as a link to the archive of past round-up posts in the wiki index.


WE ARE BULLETPROOF: With the lack of new releases, it may seem that the fandom may have had a time to breath-
j-hope makes a triumphant return with a smile that will surely brighten your day, as well as giving thanks to those who have supported him as he completed the first part of his military service. RM & JK left comments congratulating him on the weverse post. RM went as far as to leave a new comment on the original farewell IG post as well.
In the meantime, the members have been keeping us busy with SNS updates this week. RM continues his daily IG stories. V was having a whale of a time in Cannes, France, being there to attend a Céline event. Jimin headed to WB London to check out the Harry Potter movie exhibition. JK went live on Weverse (with his glasses) for a chill night hangout, but otherwise our maknae & eldest hyung have stayed quiet online.

IDOL: SUGA, now back on the Asia continent, started & completed the Jakarta, Indonesia leg of his tour despite the awful heat & having a cough. The tour will be on another well deserved 4 day break before he performs in Yokohama, Japan on June 2.

BTS IN THE SUB: A deceptively quiet week...

STILL WITH YOU: It's now 583 days until they are past the edge of cold winter. But until their snowpiercer comes to pick us up, let's stay here a little longer...
🌸 🚂 🚉 ❄️
⟬⟭ 🐹: 380 🐿: 507 🐱🐨🐥🐯🐰


A quiet week...


Date Thread
230526 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Jakarta Megathread - Day 01
230527 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Jakarta Megathread - Day 02
230528 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Jakarta Megathread - Day 03


Date Thread
230523 [Notice] 『SUGA / Agust D TOUR 'D-DAY' in JAPAN』VIP Seat Sound Check Event Information
230523 [Notice] Information for fans while BTS member j-hope performs his mandatory military service
230523 Reuters: South Korea's HYBE signs deal with China's Tencent Music
230525 Sports Kyunghyang: FESTA to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS' debut
230525 K Channel: Jeonnam Women's Award, 2023 'BTS J-Hope Scholarship' delivered
230526 Beta News: [Breaking News] Army leaves without permission to see BTS Jin... Disciplinary committee opens, 'results closed'
230527 Colde: Colde 콜드 - 다시는 사랑한다 말하지 마 Don’t ever say love me (Feat. RM of BTS) Youtube Premieres 23 05 29 9PM (KST)


Date Thread
230522 [Teaser] 365 BTS DAYS (Korean Expressions Calendar)
230522 morningKall: [BTS POP-UP : SPACE OF BTS in SYDNEY] SPECIAL PROMOTION ANNOUNCEMENT 📢 Get your FREE Sydney Exclusive merch with purchases over certain amounts!
230522 Weverse Shop Global: Pre-order BTS 10th Anniversary Postage Stamp (form June 13, 9am KST, for local delivery in S. Korea only)
230524 iMe Indonesia: SUGAㅣAgust D TOUR 'D-DAY' IN JAKARTA [Official Merchandise Sales Notice]
230526 The Planet Bastions OST now available on Weverse Shop Global
230526 BTS Island: In the SEOM on Instagram: Just One Day compilation


Type Date Link Thread
SUCHWITA 230522 EP. 11 SUGA with Lee Nayoung Thread
Teaser 230523 [Official Trailer] 365 BTS DAYS (Korean Expressions Calendar) Thread
Teaser 230524 'BTS Solo Documentaries' In Cinemas Worldwide Official Trailer Thread
Teaser 230525 【BTS Island: In the SEOM】 Pt.2 New Chapter Teaser Thread


Date Thread
230523 Dispatch: JIMIN (BTS), "ICN INT Airport Departure"
230524 Dispatch: SUGA (BTS), “Departing for Solo Tour Concert"
230527 Dispatch: V·JIMIN(BTS), "ICN INT Airport Arrival"


Date SNS Link Thread
230522 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 2 & Jimin: 1) Thread
230522 IG V in Cannes Instagram Stories Compilation Thread
230522 TWT SUGA Agust D D-DAY Calendar Thread
230522 IG Jimin on Instagram Thread
230522 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUCHWITA EP. 11 with Lee Nayoung Thread
230523 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230523 IG V on Instagram Thread
230523 IG V in Cannes Instagram Stories Compilation Thread
230523 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 3 & j-hope: 1) Thread
230524 WV j-hope on Weverse Thread
230524 WV Weverse Compilation (j-hope post & comments by RM & JK) Thread
230524 IG RM’s comment on j-hope’s Instagram post (old post bidding farewell 5w prior) Thread
230525 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 1) Thread
230525 WV Jungkook Weverse Live Thread
230526 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 1) Thread
230526 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA / Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Jakarta Day 1 Thread
230526 IG V in Cannes Instagram Stories Compilation Thread
230527 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 4) Thread
230527 WV Jimin on Weverse Thread
230527 IG Jimin on Instagram Thread
230527 IG V on Instagram Thread
230527 WV Weverse Compilation (Jimin: 1 & V: 1) Thread
230527 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA / Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Jakarta Day 2 Thread
230528 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 2 & V: 1) Thread
230528 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230528 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA / Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Jakarta Day 3 Thread


Date CF/Partnership Thread
230524 Samsung Indonesia Wondering how cOOOl GalaxyS23 Ultra 5G can give you an epic result? ... You can borrow for free Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G for the concert...
230524 Samsung Mobile SUGA of BTS, Thank you for sending this epic selfie! 💜 This is THE Galaxy! 😉


Date Publisher Article Thread
230523 Fashions Addict Cannes 2023 : Happy Birthday Miss Campbell (V at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party) Thread
230526 Guinness World Records Jimin from BTS reaches one billion streams on Spotify in record time Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
230523 💜 Vogue Thailand Contributing Editor Nichapat Suphap on instagram (with V) Thread
230523 💜 Park Bogum on Instagram with V Thread
230524 💜 Actor Ma Dongseok Instagram Story (feat. SUGA) Thread
230527 Longtime BTS Producer EL CAPITXN posts Instagram story about updating Ddaeng credits Thread


Type Date Thread
Spotify 230522 Jimin's “FACE” has surpassed 500 million streams on Spotify
Melon 230522 “VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)” has surpassed 2 million unique listeners on Melon
Melon 230522 “DNA” has surpassed 6 million unique listeners on Melon, their 3rd song to achieve this! (Spring Day, Boy With Luv, DNA)
iTunes 230522 Angel Pt. 1 has achieved #1's in +100 countries on iTunes!
Spotify 230523 Jimin has now surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify across all credits. He's the fastest K-Pop soloist in history to reach this milestone.
Tour 230523 SUGA of BTS "D-Day Agust D" earns the highest-grossing tour by an Asian soloist in US history, with $30.2 million from 151,000 tickets sold in 11 shows.
Billboard 230524 "The Planet" debuts at #1 on this week's World Digital Song Sales chart. It’s the group's record extending 34th #1 hit.
Spotify 230524 "We are Bulletproof : the Eternal" has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify, their 61st song to achieve this!
Oricon 230524 Oricon Music: BTS's "Butter" won the Best Foreign Film Award for the 2nd year in a row following last year's "Dynamite" (by the Japan Music Copyright Assoc)
Spotify 230525 “Run BTS” has surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify!
Albums 230525 "Epiphany" has now sold over 500,000 units in the US.
Japan 230526 “Stay Gold” has been certified RIAJ gold in Japan with over 100,000 downloads, their 4th song to do so!
UK 230526 Angel Pt.1 debuts at #82 on this week UK Official Singles Chart
Albums 230527 BTS has now sold over 500,000 total album units in the US in 2023.

BT21 CFs & Partnerships

Date Thread
230522 LINE FRIENDS US: on Instagram: Did your heart just melt too? 😍 These soft and fluffy babies surely brighten the day! 💕 BT21 BABY Bean Dolls ✨
230525 LINE FRIENDS US on Instagram: Chill with BT21 💦 There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of ice-cold drinks to keep you cool 🥛
230526 LINE FRIENDS Japan 公式 on Instagram: BT21|sequence MIYASHITA PARK⚡️


Date Thread
230522 Bangtan Scholars on Instagram: 𝗕𝗧𝗦: 𝗔 𝗚𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗹 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗽𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 📚
230523 SFGATE: BTS rapper Suga pranked by front-row fan at Oakland concert
230523 Jon Batiste names Kim Taehyung as his celebrity inspiration
230524 BTS was a question on Good Mythical Morning
230525 Apple Music: Jimin: Springtime Sounds playlist
230526 Spring Day was #7 on Music Bank today!
230527 Spotify: My Top 5: BTS Songs
230528 Adora who did the chorus vocals for SDL, sang a bit of the song on her recent livestream


Community Posts


Agust D Tour

Upvotes Submitter Thread
198 neonaverse ARMYs who met BTS (not during a concert), what were they like in person?
91 mcfw31 Breakdown of BTS' albums that have charted on the top 10 of the Billboard 200
55 Similar-Judgment4188 what are your favourite collabs that BTS and the members have done
51 cosyacademic What's your Hogwarts House and who's your bias?
42 whoamisb Best Tae pic for use on a birthday cake?



Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan.
Submitter Art Thread
vindyamiriel I made little tangerines and Shookys to give out at the theater showing of the Agust D concert. Thread
sleepysleepykitty on the street 🦋 Thread
RiriTheUnicorn Haegeum Fanart I did Thread
Direct_Signal7668 Mang cookies made by my sweet friend Thread
maerlyn8 BTS is/in Art: Here are some edits from the last couple of weeks. Let me know what you like best! Thread
Check out the other top posts for the week here!
If there's anything missed or needs changing, feel free to let me know! :)
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2023.05.27 09:47 luciferlovestoo HELP--Was hit by NYPD--they were speeding in wrong direction and damaged my brand new Triumph

HELP--Was hit by NYPD--they were speeding in wrong direction and damaged my brand new Triumph
I just bought a brand new, Triumph Tiger 900 GT on Tuesday. Was a little bored at home this evening and decided to take it on a ride around Manhattan with the GF. I knew to watch out for cops because of the holiday weekend, so we were riding within the speed limit, but didn’t think to watch out for cops in this way...
On the way back up to Inwood, I decided to take the Cloisters exit before we called it a night to enjoy the view of the GWB with the nice weather. Gf and I were riding on the Margaret Corbin Dr loop (a one-way street) around the Cloisters, took the Eastbound turn that feeds into the southbound lane of Fort Tryon Pl at around 12:35 am. We were following speed limit—15 mph—and traveling in the correct direction of traffic.
Sorry for small size--wanted to add extra map for context
Two unmarked police vehicles came speeding in the wrong direction—westbound on the stretch of Margaret Corbin Dr just southwest of the Cloisters—at such a high speed that I, my GF, and bystanders could hear screeching of tires over the sound of loud music playing from a nearby parked car seconds before either car was within line of sight.
Both vehicles were moving at such a high speed, that neither driver had enough reaction time to come to a complete stop before reaching the northbound curve of Margaret Corbin Dr, approximately 250 ft. The first vehicle was able to swerve to our left without hitting us, but still could not come to a stop in a controlled manner (black sedan – unknown plates). The second vehicle (silver sedan – NY plates HTK7897) was driving close behind first vehicle, did not have enough reaction time to brake, nearly hit first vehicle, instead swerved into our direction, and hit the motorcycle head on after skidding uphill on an approximate 7% grade for roughly 150 ft. Using those estimates, it is safe to assume that both vehicles were traveling at least 55-mph in a 15-mph zone that is known to have many pedestrians, even at night.
As a result of the head-on collision, my right leg slammed into the front fairing of motorcycle, the bike tipped over onto my left leg, overall leaving me with just some scratches and bruises. The force of the impact did cause some tension in my lower back, and it remains to be seen if there will be any lasting damage. My GF was thankfully able to jump off without injury. Bike was damaged in following ways:
  • Front wheel misaligned as it took the brunt of the impact with the front bumper of the silver sedan
  • Left handguard scraped against pavement
  • Left, driver foot peg scraped against pavement
  • Left, passenger foot peg scraped against pavement
  • Left gear shift selector potentially damaged because of the drop
  • Potential damage to transmission because of weight applied incorrectly to gear selector
  • Potential damage to electronics
After the bike tipped over, 3 officers came out of each vehicle. Two officers helped to pull me up from the ground, and asked if I needed medical attention. I wasn’t able to answer clearly at the time as I hadn’t had enough time to recover from the shock of the incident. They asked if I could walk, I was able to, and so they presumed I was physically fine. They asked if there was any damage to the bike, and began to inspect the bike. I directed their attention to the likely places that the bike had damage because of the direction it fell.
I asked why they were going the wrong way on a one-way street, and they said they were responding to shots fired in the area, and suggested that their intension was to continue going the wrong way (north) on the west side of the Cloisters up Margaret Corbin Dr.
Within minutes the officers of the black sedan got back in their vehicle and sped off, and I was not able to retrieve plates, names, or badge numbers for any of those officers involved.
The officers in the silver sedan that hit the bike, did stick around and continued to take pictures and inspect the bike. They said that a police report would be filed, and because they were around long enough, I was able to get names and badge numbers for those officers:
  • Reynosa: 2922
  • Harrington: 16533 (driver of vehicle)
  • Parker: 16351
I aired my frustration that this was the second time within a month that I’ve had an interaction with the NYPD in which they’ve damaged my motorcycle—both times in which the vehicle was being operated completely legally, while fully insured, registered, plated, and while wearing full gear.
The officers suggested that the incident was my fault for driving in “such a dangerous neighborhood as Washington Heights at night” and that I was the one that needed to be more careful.
I inquired as to how I was going to be reimbursed for the cost of repairing and replacing all of the affected parts, and they told me I would have to file an insurance claim with my own insurance even though they were at fault.
They once again asked if I needed medical attention and I again said no. Officer Harrington then gave me his business card and told me to text him for updates on the police report. They then left.
A group of bystanders were in the south parking lot of the eastbound section of Margaret Corbin Dr and witnessed the entire incident. There was roughly 15 people total that saw the event and they themselves were nearly victims of the incident since the police were speeding within feet of where they were standing.
I talked with them for a few minutes to confirm they did in fact see everything that happened, and I was able to get a phone number from one of the witnesses. The officers in the silver sedan drove back around and seemed to be uncomfortable with the fact that I was speaking to bystanders and came back to ask me if I needed medical attention.
The bystanders all encouraged me to take them up on the offer, but then I asked if NYPD would pay for the ambulance ride, and they said no. They also said that they would have to have the bike towed if I decided to take an ambulance ride and I rejected that idea. As the interaction continued, the officers became more agitated that I was suggesting NYPD ought to compensate me for the incident.
I have good reason to believe that their body cams were turned off during the initial incident, and the reason they came back to check up on me is so they could turn them back on and have me on camera refusing medical attention.

So… I’m not really sure where to go from here. Lawyer? Any tips, any suggestions? I have a couple of ideas where to start, but I’m just curious if any of you have had to deal with something like this before.
Thanks in advance for your help
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2023.05.27 02:32 No-Replacement-158 Which city would be the best out of the options that I will list would be worth applying for?

I was looking either to join the NYPD, Atlanta PD, a PD in Southern Ohio, or Miami PD.
First for New York, I live here and I know for a fact that I can get into the NYPD. It pays the same as the others in the beginning for a much higher cost of living but I still have a base of people that can help me. I inherited a house that allows me to live here with little to no cost but I really don't want to live here. I also don't want to work for Suffolk County or Nassau county because NYPD pays equally or more until a decade in and I really don't want to live in New York anymore. Also I won't want to for other reasons that are too complicated.
For Atlanta, I also have a very good base of help from people but I heard the worst stories about Atlanta PD. I also know the controversies going on in APD but what would it be like outside of APD? I know that a few of my family members warn me about Sandy Springs and Marietta for being racist and Covington which I was just thinking about just had an officer get shot. I know however just like Covington there are police departments that are inclusive but my cousin warned me about compared to NY, police in ATL get shot at more. I like the city of Savannah as well but idk enough about the area as a whole.
Miami I have the least amount of family that can help me but South Florida as a whole is my favorite part of the country just beating out Atlanta by a hair.
And for Southern Ohio, I am only thinking about there because that would be the best place to start my real estate portfolio if I choose to get rid of the house mentioned. I have been in the area before and I have no problem living there if I had to.
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2023.05.25 18:31 homesNYCgroup The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home in New York City: Tips and Insights!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home in New York City: Tips and Insights!
The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home in New York City: Tips and Insights
Are you dreaming of owning a piece of the Big Apple? Buying a home in New York City can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. However, navigating the competitive and complex real estate market requires careful planning and expert knowledge. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and insights to help you make informed decisions throughout the home buying process. From understanding the local market trends to securing financing and negotiating offers, this guide is your go-to resource for a successful home purchase in the vibrant city that never sleeps.
Recognising the New York City Real Estate Market
Before diving into the home buying process, it's crucial to familiarise yourself with the unique dynamics of the New York City real estate market. This section will delve into the current market trends, including property types, neighbourhoods, and pricing. We'll explore popular residential areas, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, highlighting their distinct features and lifestyles. Additionally, we'll discuss factors that impact property values, such as proximity to amenities, transportation options, and future developments.
Financial Considerations and Mortgage Options
Purchasing a home in New York City often requires careful financial planning. In this section, we'll guide you through the various financial considerations involved in buying a property. From assessing your budget and determining your purchasing power to understanding closing costs and property taxes, we'll help you develop a solid financial strategy. We'll also explore the different mortgage options available and provide insights into obtaining pre-approval, finding the right lender, and securing favourable interest rates.
Working with Real Estate Professionals
Navigating the New York City real estate market can be overwhelming without the guidance of experienced professionals. In this section, we'll discuss the importance of working with real estate agents, attorneys, and home inspectors. We'll provide tips for selecting a reliable and knowledgeable agent who can assist you in finding the perfect home, negotiating offers, and navigating legal complexities. Additionally, we'll highlight the role of home inspectors in identifying potential issues and ensuring a smooth transaction.
The Home Buying Process
Now that you're equipped with market knowledge, financial insights, and a reliable team, it's time to dive into the home buying process. In this section, we'll walk you through each step, from searching for listings and attending open houses to making offers and conducting inspections. We'll offer practical tips for effective negotiations, understanding purchase contracts, and managing contingencies. By understanding the process, you'll feel confident and empowered throughout your home buying journey.
Closing the Deal and Beyond
Congratulations, you've found your dream home! In this final section, we'll guide you through the closing process and what to expect on the big day. We'll discuss the necessary paperwork, finalising the financing, and conducting the final walkthrough. Additionally, we'll provide insights on post-purchase considerations, such as homeowner's insurance, maintenance, and connecting utilities. This section aims to ensure a smooth transition into your new home and set you up for long-term homeownership success.
Buying a home in New York City may seem like a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be a rewarding experience. Armed with the insights and tips provided in this ultimate guide, you're now ready to embark on your home buying journey and make your New York City dream a reality.
Whether you are looking for your dream home or aiming to sell your property, our expertise and passion for real estate will guide you every step of the way. Home NYC Group Your One-Stop Destination for All Your Real Estate Service Needs! Contact us now ,we are here just one call away to help you.
Experience Excellence in Real Estate Services with HomeNYCGroup
Contact Us:
Ph: +1 (347) 236-6136
Email: [email protected]
Address: 101-05 Lefferts Blvd, South Richmond Hill, NY 11419, Suite 207
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2023.05.25 11:16 ChicagoGroupTravel How to Meet People in Chicago?

Is there anything I missed?

Faith Based Organizations
When people get together and center around a shared faith, friendships form. We meet other people who have been in the same situation as us, who understand our struggles, and who share our faith. Below we put together a brief list of some spiritual organizations for young professionals in Chicago.
Park Community Church
Catholic Charities Young Associate Board
Jewish United Fund (JUF), multiple groups for young professionals
Muslim Urban Professionals
Muslim Women's Alliance
Chicago Tabernacle
Young Catholic Professionals
Catholic Charities of Chicago
Young Life Junior Board
Try a Workout
Our next recommendation is to find a fitness club or gym to become a local at. Pick your favorite activity or sport, and check online for a club in your neighborhood!
Chicago Runner's Association
Chicago Cycling Club
Climbing Gym
Title Boxing Club
Crossfit Gym
Yoga Studio
Lincoln Square Fencing Club
Fencing Center of Chicago
Red Star Fencing
Join a Martial Arts Class
Adult Karate
Premier Martial Arts
Warrior Institute of Chicago
Try an MMA Class
Join a Political Organization
Another commonality that helps people make connections is politics. By working on a cause that’s near and dear to you, you’ll be sure to find people with similar beliefs and values. We compiled a list of a few political organizations for young professionals in Chicago.
Chicago Young Republicans or Cook County Republican Party
Or Meetups like Chicago on the Right or Chicago Conservatives Meetup
Illinois Young Democrats and Cook County Young Democrats
Or Meetups like Chicago Democratic Socialists or South Side Chicago Drinking Liberally
Liberal and Conservative Common Ground Meetup
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Small Business Advocacy Council
Heartland Alliance Associate Board
Join a Professional Organization
Another commonality that brings people together is their occupation. While we were not able to provide a complete list of every professional organization, we compiled a few of the most popular below :).
Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section
Chicago Young Professional Illinois CPA Society
Chicago Actuarial Society
CFA Society of Chicago
Young Non Profit Workers Executive Board -
Society of Women Engineers -
Public Relations Society
Young Real Estate Professionals
Learn a New Skill
Another great way to develop new relationships is by taking a class or learning a new skill.
Developing relationships with other students who are also serious about learning the same skill can give you an instant commonality to bond over. Below we compiled some of our staff’s top picks for fun new ways to grow your skill set and meet new people.
Dance Classes
See Chicago Dance
Candace Dance
Chicago Dance Factory
Dance Party
Learn an Instrument
Old Town School of Folk
Chicago School of Music
Cooking classes
The Chopping Block
Wooden Spoon Chicago
Cozy Meal Chicago
Give Sugar
Comedy Classes
Second City Chicago
Lincoln Lodge
Annoyance Theater
Improv Classes
Second City Chicago
Annoyance Theater
Book clubs
List of Meetup Book Clubs
Women's Book Club Meetup's
Events at Chicago Public Library
Pritzker Military Museum Book Club
Other Random Classes
Scuba Class
Join an Art League
Penguin Foot Pottery
Chicago Ceramic Center
Screen Makers Society
Take a Rock Climbing Certification Class
Windy City Rollers
Toast Masters Chicago
Alumni Associations
While there are too many to name in Chicago do a quick google search to see if your alma mater has a Chicago branch (chances are they do)!
A great way to get involved that you may not have considered is joining a nonprofit board.
As a young professional, volunteering is a great way to connect and collaborate with others while also making a difference.
Growing friendships is easiest when you have a shared passion or interest. For instance, Bear Necessities Young Professional's Board, is a group of young professionals passionate about helping those with cancer. Personally, as someone who saw my sister struggle her way through cancer at 17, I connect with this mission.
Serving others also helps keep us humble and hone our emotional intelligence. I bet you’ll be a little more thankful after serving someone who is confined to a hospital bed.
Below are some possible organizations. For a more complete list of organizations please check out our blog How to make a difference while networking
Volunteering Focused Organizations
Volunteering Untapped Chicago - strives to “untap” resources and opportunities in Chicago for those we serve. There’s a huge group of talented young professionals in the city who want to volunteer. We connect those volunteers with a wide array of nonprofits in the Chicagoland area
Rotaract Club of Chicago - is an international organization of young professionals and students ages 18 to 30 that are committed to service and leadership in their communities and abroad.
Junior League of Chicago- is a group of young women who are committed to industrial and social issues of Chicago and researching ways to effectively address those issues, bring about positive change, and set an example for others about the importance of civic welfare.
Young Associate Boards
PAWS Chicago Professional Board - PAWS Chicago Professional Board is a group of young professionals committed to saving homeless pets from kill shelters.
Little Hero's League - is an Affiliated Organization of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, that seeks to help babies born with medical complexities like Livi achieve their best life outcomes.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Young Associate Board - is a group of young professionals that are passionate about supporting the work of St. Jude!
Chicago Children's Advocacy Center - is a group of young professionals who are passionate about raising funds and awareness for the center.
Project Vision Young Associate Board - has a mission of providing a safe place for teens to call their own, where they can find support and guidance as they navigate through high school.
Junior Council of Lurie Children's - is made up of young professionals who are committed to pooling resources and talents to help raise awareness and funds to support Lurie Children’s Pediatric and Adolescent HIV/AIDS Program.
Children's Research Fund Junior Board - is composed of young professionals who are committed to raising funds in support of pediatric medical research at the Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute.
Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Junior Board - is a group of young professionals united by a single desire to see an end to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.
Infant Welfare Society of Chicago Young Associate Board - is composed of young professionals passionate about children, families, and healthcare. They dedicate their free time to raising money and awareness for infants in need.
Compass to Care Young Associate Board - is composed of exceptional young professionals who are interested in impacting the lives of children with cancer.
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Associate Board - is a group of young professionals that are committed to farthing LLS’s goal of being the leading source of free blood cancer information, education and support for patients, survivors, families and healthcare professionals, LLS helps patients navigate their cancer treatment and ensures they have access to quality, affordable and coordinated care.
Family Focus Associate Board - is a group of young professionals that pursues a mission of strengthening families and their children in Chicago and NE Illinois so they build social capital and achieve upward economic mobility through high-quality innovative programs and services, grounded in anti-racism and social justice.
Project Exploration Junior Board - is a group of young professionals that are dedicated to advancing STEM opportunities for young children.
Blessings in a Backpack Associate Board - helps to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry.
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Young Associate Board - is a group of volunteers committed to advocating and raising awareness, in the city of Chicago, for homeless individuals.
Chicago Scholars Associate Board - is a group committed to building a future society that works for everybody. We believe education is social justice.
Girls on the Run Chicago Associate Board - is a group of young professionals that are dedicated to opening doors for women.
Little Brother Friends of the Elderly Chicago Young Professionals Advisory Board - is a group of young professionals passionate about helping the elderly.
Ravinia Associates - is a group for Chicago young professionals who share a passion for Ravinia and the musical arts.
Chicago Children's Advocacy Center - mission is to support ChicagoCAC within the young professional community by securing monetary and in-kind contributions, facilitating relationships, increasing awareness, and providing counsel.
American Heart Association Associate Board- members apply their time, talent and resources toward building resource capacity and improving the cardiovascular health of the community.
American Liver Foundation Young Associate Board - is a group of young professionals who are determined to educate young professionals about liver health, create funds for patient services and research on liver disease, and improve the lives of individuals and their families affected by liver disease.
Chicago Community Trust Young Leaders Fund - provides young professionals with an innovative way to make a difference. YLF empowers its donors to manage the grant making process. With support from the Trust, they research innovative grassroots organizations, conduct site visits, interview staff and evaluate grant requests.
Red Shoe Foundation - is all about – giving time, inspiration, creativity, and funds to help families with hospitalized children at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana get better together.
Chicago Field Museum Associates - is a group of young professionals dedicated to preserving and supporting the Chicago Field Museum.
Lincoln Park Zoo Auxiliary Board - works to support Lincoln Park Zoo by raising funds to preserve a free experience for the community.
Habitat Chicago Associate Board - is a network of passionate Chicagoans, ages 24 to 39, who raise awareness and revenue for Habitat Chicago through social events, volunteer days and fundraising efforts.
After School Matters Young Associate Board - invests their time, talent, and resources to build a brighter future for our teens and Chicago through fulfilling the following responsibilities.
Chicago Lights Young Associate Board - is a group of young adults who support the work of Chicago Lights and help raise awareness throughout Chicago.
Special Olympics Young Associate Board - is a dedicated group of young professionals who are passionate about supporting Special Olympics Chicago…and having fun while doing it!
Girl Scout Young Associate Board - the Girl Scouts needs no introduction from us!
Almost Home Kids Young Associate Board - Almost Home Kids provides a bridge from hospital to home through an innovative community-based care system for children with medical complexities.
Respiratory Health Associates Board - is a dynamic group of young professionals dedicated to volunteering their time, talents, and energy to preventing lung disease, promote clean air and helping people live better through education, research, and policy change.
Family Focus Junior Board - is composed of passionate and charitable young professionals dedicated to supporting the well-being of children.
Shedd Aquarium Auxiliary Council - achieves its mission through member-led committees that focus on fundraising, membership, conservation, engagement and social. In addition, they help plan fundraising events and work on creating a suite of virtual events in the community.
Reading in Motion Auxiliary Board - is a group of young professionals who partner with Reading in Motion to help young students become successful readers.
American Cancer Society Young Associate Board - has a mission of supporting the American cancer society.
Night Ministry Young Associate Board - compassionately provides housing, health care, outreach, spiritual care, and social services to adults and youth who struggle with homelessness, poverty, and loneliness.
Aspire Young Associate Board - the board serves as Aspire ambassadors to rally the community around our mission of inclusion for kids and adults with autism, Down syndrome and other disabilities.
Children’s Home & Aid Young Associates Board - Children’s Home & Aid is a child and family service agency. the agency helps children recover their health, hope, and faith in the people around them.
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago Associate Board - provides education, advocacy, and case management to people living with epilepsy, their families, and the communities in which they live, all in the service of helping our constituents seize the narrative back from epilepsy.
Chicago Lighthouse Young Associates Board - is a social service organization serving the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities.
Illinois Medical District Guest House Associate Board - IMD Guest House builds community and healing by providing comfortable, affordable accommodation for patients and their families throughout their treatment.
YMCA Young Associate Board - is a group of young professionals, and civic leaders working collaboratively to advance the Y’s efforts to develop stronger communities.
Recovery on Water Young Associates Board - is a rowing team that gives breast cancer patients and survivors the unique opportunity to interact, become active in their recovery, and gain support from their peers.
Erie Family Health Center Young Associate Board - is a group of young professionals dedicated to enhancing and expanding the reach of Erie Family Health Centers.
Journeys the Road Home Young Professional Board - is a group for Chicago young professionals passionate about ending homelessness.
Union League Girls and Boys Club Associate Board - is composed of emerging leaders striving for involvement and leadership in the Chicago community.
Heritage Based Organizations
Young Irish Fellowship Club
National Association of Asian American Professionals
United States Hispanic Leadership Institute
Chinese American Service League Associate Board
Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce
Sports Leagues
Sports brings together people of all walks of life that you will share a common interest with. I know people get nervous about meeting people, but sports really do bring people together. With sports you won’t need to worry about making small talk as most conversations will revolve around the game — it’s an automatic ice breaker! (For a more complete list checkout our blog on sports leagues Chicago Sports Leagues)
Multi Sport Leagues
Chicago Sport and Social - is known as the most competitive of recreational sports leagues in Chicago. If you are not good at a sport we recommend starting with Players or S3.
Athletic Alliance of Chicago - is a sports league dedicated to uniting the LGBTQ community.
Players Sport and Social - in my opinion Players Sport and Social is a happy middle ground between the seriousness of Chicago Sport and Social and the partying of S3.
S3 Chicago - S3 stands for “Simply Social Sports” and that is exactly what the league is. In S3 partying comes first and sports comes second. I recommend S3 for anyone under the age of 28.
Stonewall Sports - is an LGBTQ & Ally community-based, non-profit sports organization founded in 2010 that strives to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. Our league values each player for who they are and what they bring to the leagues community.
CSMA Chicago - is the largest not-for-profit gay and lesbian sports organization in the Midwest.
Catholic Sports - offers Christ centered leagues in the Chicago area!
Single Sport Leagues
Royal Palms Shuffleboard Leagues - offers shuffleboard leagues for all skill levels!
Bad Axe Axe Throwing Leagues - offers both axe throwing leagues and knife throwing leagues.
World Axe Throwing League - core values are fun, safe, and competitive. Axe throwing leagues are 8 weeks long and you’re allowed to practice beforehand.
Better off Bowling - is simply a social bowling league. The league has a tendency to play at nicer facilities than S3 or other sports leagues that offer bowling but still has the same laid back feel.
American Bocce Co - I mean who doesn’t love a good game of Bocce? American Bocce Co is a social bocce league that mixes competitiveness with a social atmosphere.
Chicago Fire Recreational Soccer Leagues - offers a variety of soccer leagues both coed and single gender on multiple nights of the week!
Indoor Hoops - offers high-quality pickup basketball every night of the week!
Ultimate Frisbee Leagues - From the experienced club player to the beginner, Ultimate Chicago offers leagues for every skill level.
Chicago Indoor Sports - offers competitive and recreational indoor soccer leagues every night of the week!
Australian Style Football League - Australian Rules football (or Aussie Rules Footy as it is commonly called) may look hard but it is a fun mix between soccer and rugby and a great way to keep in shape!
ChiTown Futbol - mission is to provide a high-quality sports and social experience for Chicagoland adults and youth which improves their community, their health, their sportsmanship, and their personal growth.
Skee Ball League - leagues are currently on hold due to covid but we’ll leave the link just for when they do come back.
Ping Pong League - doesn’t everyone enjoy a good game of ping pong?
Casa Italy Chicago Bocce League - is another smaller bocce league that is growing in Chicago.
Eataly Bocce League- While Eataly is a grocery store they are now offering a new bocce league!
Pinball League - for those who are competitive about pinball why not join in on the fun?
Chicago Cricket Club - Ever thought about giving Cricket a try?
Chicago CSMO - Why not try a Billiards League (Facebook)?
Darts League - Darts is another great social activity!
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2023.05.24 18:00 Unlikely-Alt-9383 I am 53 years old, make $255,000 base (~400K total comp), live in Brooklyn, work as a UX design manager, and this week I accidentally crashed a first date

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement/Investments Balance: $2.6 million, which is still mind-boggling to me, even as I know that with better choices I might have even more. More about that later. $1500 in my HSA, $519,000 in traditional IRAs, about half of that in a Beneficiary IRA from my late mother, $10K in a Roth IRA, $40,000 in my employer’s stock from RSUs, $145,000 in my 401K, $990,000 in an unmanaged taxable account, and $920,000 in a managed one.
Equity: Probably about $500,000. I bought my co-op apartment for $500K in 2008, and put in $120K worth of renovations in 2019. I still owe $251,000 on a 3.75% refi, but it’s probably worth close to $800,000 with the updates and as the neighborhood has continued to gentrify; it was assessed at $720,000 when I took out a HELOC for the renovations. I was able to make the 20% downpayment of $100,000 the co-op required because of the money my mom left me; she was very clear that she wanted to enable me to buy a home, and we’d even discussed her helping with a future downpayment before she passed.
Savings account balance: $60,000 in a HYSA. Some of that is earmarked for quarterly taxes, further renovations, and self-care but I try to always have $30,000 which is about 4 months’ expenses available as an “emergency fund.” I also have a non-high-yield savings account, which has some funds earmarked for my nephew’s bar mitzvah but is mostly used as a transfer point between other accounts until I get my act together and close it: current non-earmarked balance of $2000.
Primary checking account balance: $4800. My first post-grad school checking account required a $2K balance for no fee on ATM transactions, and I still try to keep a $2K balance in checking. I tell myself it’s so nothing ever bounces, but actually it’s a mix of habit and superstition.
Secondary checking account: $9,000. This account is funded mostly from dividends from my REIT shares (see below) and used to pay the co-op maintenance fees. I keep saying I should combine the two accounts now that I could theoretically pay the maintenance out of my take-home instead, but I am lazy!
Credit card debt: None currently. I pay my cards every month, though because it’s not automated I fuck up maybe once a year or so.
Student loan debt: I graduated college with about $12,000 in debt, but my grandparents died while I was in college and my mom paid it off from her inheritance, saying “I got this money when I don’t need it, you should have it now when you do.” My siblings and I plan to pay off my nieces/nephews’ college debt in turn to pay it forward. I didn’t take on grad school debt -- never take out loans to get a humanities advanced degree! -- but I racked up $10,000 worth of credit card debt in grad school because I made so little money. I paid it off with work for an early dot-com while I was still in school.
Anything else that's applicable to you: my siblings and I inherited shares in a private company that later sold off assets and turned itself into a REIT. My mom said “never sell those shares!” and even though that company doesn’t exist anymore, we haven't, and selling private REIT shares is a PITA anyhow.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for 23 years, my starting salary was $50,000
I was originally going to be a humanities academic, and went to graduate school in the Midwest in the 90s. For most of my 20s, I lived on around $20, $25K a year, eating a lot of beans and rice and sharing a house with lots of roommates. I did a bunch of early digital archive work, so when the web really took off and I realized that I didn’t want to be a professor after all, I had a few skills and some options. It was a big shift, though!
I grew up in the NYC area, but I got my first web job in NYC through the Internet. It was running the website for a magazine. I was 29 and I made $50,000: what one of my still in grad school friends called “grown-up money.” I was able to find a rent-stabilized apartment and live by myself. When my mom, who had raised us with help from her parents, was diagnosed with cancer, I was very glad to be close to home while she fought it into remission.
That job fell apart after a year and a half -- pay attention, it’s a theme! -- because the magazine didn’t really understand what going digital meant and had second thoughts (They have since gone out of business). I saw this coming and had already been networking hard, so I was able, through friends of friends, to land a job doing information architecture for a legacy technology company. That was my first job in UX and really where I count the start of my current career. The starting pay there was $77K, which went up to $85K: I learned they’d started me low because they weren’t sure I could do the job.
Between 9/11 and the dot-com crash I got laid off a year and a half in. Then followed another year and a half of scrounging for freelance work and relying on the occasional help from Mom to get by; according to my records, I was averaging about $40K a year in income.
I had a favorite client -- a small design firm that did very cool stuff -- and I worked hard to stay in touch with them even when they had no work for me. Eventually, that paid off in a longer-term freelance job. I was hoping to get hired there but also actively interviewing when my mom died: she hadn’t told us her cancer had returned until very late. When the design firm offered me a job, I took it, because I knew I would be a mess for a while and they already knew and trusted me and my work.
Starting pay at that job was $80K. I loved it until I hit the glass ceiling, which was unfortunately during the ‘08 recession, so I stayed a little longer than I would have liked. Final pay when I left after 6 years was $115K.
I joined Startup A as their first full-time UX person and design manager. We structured the pay so that while I started at $110K, when they got their B-round funding a few months later, it went up to $120. I got a raise to $130 before I and most of my team got laid off after, yes, a year and a half.
At this point, I knew more people in the NYC UX community so getting freelance work was a bit easier, and I thought about just going freelance for good. I had one great long-term client, let’s call them Client X, that I did most of my work for, and also did some stuff for big name companies. I was making about $120K as a freelancer and doing well.
I got an opportunity that I can’t be specific about, because it’s extremely dox-able, but it was a long-term project that took up 2013 and 2014, into the first months of 2015. It paid $150K/yr, plus I did a little extra work on the side for Client X, an additional $5K/yr. On the long-term project, I was a creative lead, but not a design manager, which was what I wanted to be doing, so when I had a chance to renew my contract, I didn’t re-up. I thought I had a design leadership role lined up, but it fell through, and I fell into a burn-out depression that led me back into therapy and onto meds for the first time.
I kept interviewing for leadership roles and not getting them, and went back to doing work for Client X as well as other freelancing. It didn’t go as well this time. My freelance income in 2015 was $80K and for 2016 it was only $50K. I had to break into my emergency savings.
Client X was falling apart, and I needed a new job, stat. I spoke to a former manager who had followed a similar in-house-freelance-in-house career path, and they told me to look for an individual contributor role rather than a leadership role, and transition once I was inside. So I changed the way I was looking, and eventually opportunity knocked.
In 2017, a professional friend who was at Startup B, in a job I’d applied for and not gotten, reached out and asked me if I would be interested in joining his team. B has a complex enterprise product and he knew I was good at products like that. I asked if there would be leadership opportunities in the future and he said it was a possibility, so I took the job. (I probably would have taken it even if he hadn’t, tbh, I was broke!). It paid $160K, so I felt like I was making progress again.
The professional friend left, I got the lateral move to manager, and I had a fantastic team I really liked. I also had a narcissistic boss, so that job ended in tears a year and a half later. (I really do have a pattern!) My salary was at $168K by then.
Since I started interviewing before I was actually fired, I was pretty far along in the interview process when it actually happened. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have a long painful job search: in fact a job doing what I’d already been doing, for a large public company, had been posted in an online community I was part of, and I got referred in by someone I didn’t know (but who I am still friendly with now!). I was out of work for only about six weeks.
My starting salary at Company C in 2019 was $202K, with a 15% bonus and $100,000 in RSUs over 4 years. I was so wowed I didn’t even negotiate, though now I realize I still should have. With a promotion and other annual salary increases, my base salary is now $255K, with a 20% bonus. I have gotten RSU refreshes three of the four years I’ve been at this job. Between those and the ESPP discounts, my W2 shows about $400K the last two years.
I should also note that this job is fully remote, and my team is distributed across multiple cities and timezones. My apartment is a two-bedroom, and I use the second bedroom as a guest room/home office.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
My take-home pay is $9100/month. That’s after $7200 in taxes, $2800 into my 401K, $125 into my HSA, $100 for dental/vision/high-deductible medical insurance, $18/month for the company's legal plan, $30 to my commuter plan, and $1600/month into my ESPP.
Any Other Monthly Income: Not monthly but quarterly: The REIT mentioned above pays dividends of about $10K a year, but this year and last there has been an extra payment of $5K. Starting back in the days when I first bought my apartment and could barely afford to make the mortgage payments, I have set this money aside for the co-op maintenance fees.
I also get a 401K match up to $5000, and a HSA match of $1000 from my employer annually.
Section Three: Expenses
Mortgage: My monthly mortgage payment is $1690, to which I add $140/month in additional principal payment so it’s $1830.
Co-op maintenance (which includes gas, heating, and property tax as well as property management) is $1100.
Co-op insurance: $185/month
Savings contribution: $800/month
Investment contribution: $800/month, plus any RSUs/ESPP shares as they vest: I still have some shares from when I was holding long-term, but now I sell at or close to vest.
HELOC: I took out a $50K HELOC to help pay for the renovation of my kitchen and bathroom in 2019. I’m listing it because I just paid the last of it off a few weeks ago with $10,000 from RSUs. Until then I was paying about $200 a month plus an additional $200 to the principal. It was an adjustable-rate loan so the amount I was paying had gone up to almost 9%, so paying it off ASAP made sense.
Donations. This past year my charitable donations were almost 1% of my W2 AGI, and my goal for 2023 is to reach at least that 1%. My donations include:
Electric: average about $100/month
Groceries: average $500/month
Wifi/Cable/Landline: $200/month, of which my employer subsidizes $50. I’ve been planning to downgrade but keep putting it off because I don’t want to deal.
Cellphone: I have a corporate-subsidized AT&T plan for $80 with unlimited data. I have been considering switching to Mint: any NYC folks who have it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Subscriptions: $30/month on Patreon; $28.53/month for an All Access subscription to the New York Times, $10/month for Spotify with bonus Hulu, $21.76/month for Netflix (shared with my siblings). I have annual subscriptions to the Washington Post, the Atlantic, Disney+, FreshDirect, One Medical, a couple of Substacks, Duolingo, and CityMapper. I also have the Lyft All-Access plan because it comes with Citibike membership.
Gym membership: I will be paying $180/month when the gym I joined opens near me, unless I cancel in the first week they’re open.
Pet expenses: My pup is expensive! $40/month for pet insurance; $800/quarter for doggy daycare 2x/week; $40/month for food and treats; $115 every other month for grooming. She also gets boarded once or twice a year while I travel, which is $75/day plus transportation.
Car payment: None! One of the upsides of NYC living. I do budget $75/month for Lyft and most months don’t spend even that much.
Regular therapy: Right now, I am seeing a therapist through a company-provided service. I’m almost out of sessions though and need to figure out next steps.
Cleaning: every other week at $150 per visit. (just raised from $140 when I got a raise)
Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?
My mom and my grandparents taught me to save, and to pay my bills on time, but they never taught me to invest: my mom’s idea of teaching me to invest was getting mad that I wasn’t, and telling me I needed to buy a specific index fund without explaining why or how, before there were things like e*Trade. When she died, I was still getting used to making a middle-class living for myself, and I was thrown into this situation where I had money and no idea how to manage it.
Did you worry about money growing up? Do you worry about it now?
Growing up, I was always aware that we needed to be on a budget, that my dad was cheap about giving money to things outside of the basics of child support, and my mom worked two jobs sometimes to make sure we could do extra things like go to camp. My grandparents helped a lot, both on money and on child care, and their Depression-era mentality about money definitely is part of my psyche now: I get stressed when I don’t have a full pantry, even though I live alone!
I get very anxious about money and spending, which is part of the reason I wanted to write this up to be honest. I have almost all of my bills on autopay because before autopay, I would joke that I paid my bills “every other month like clockwork.” Maybe it’s my family, maybe it’s how little money I had for most of my 20s, but I still get freaked out by an unexpected bill, even though there’s plenty of money to pay for it.
Tell us more about those bad financial decisions you referred to earlier?
Mom had bought some bonds with an investment manager she liked, but he had retired, and the person his office assigned us to in his stead really didn’t know what he was doing -- he knew how to sell annuities to senior citizens and that was about it. When we realized this was a problem, we got a referral through one of my siblings’ coworkers to someone else, who unwound our previous mistakes but made new ones. My siblings managed their own money (with or without partners) but I stayed with that financial advisor, who liked selling options and calls. Tl,dr: I missed basic growth for years because he was focused on short-term wins. At a certain point I knew enough to tell him to stop doing that and start focusing on long-term index funds, but I didn’t know enough to pick low-cost ones. The only good decision I made at that time was that I also told him to hold onto the Apple stock he was selling calls on: 12 years later, an investment of $57,000 is worth nearly $500,000.
When I worked at Startup B, I got options, and on the advice of a smart friend, I bought them, selling a little of the Apple stock to cover it. Startup B went public during the final days of the latest tech boom, and for a brief period my $60,000 investment in those options was worth over $3 million (!!). I wanted to be smart about the tax implications of selling my shares so I decided to wait until 2022 to start doing that, and of course the tech market collapsed: shares were down over 80% at one point. They’re better now but still below IPO price. Right now I’m holding on at $800,000 because the company’s basic business model still makes sense, but the regret is real, not to mention that it’s stressful to have nearly half of my holdings in just two companies!
I had stopped working with my previous financial advisor when Startup B went public because it was clear he really didn’t know how to help, and I found a tax-knowledgeable advisor who set me up with something closer to Boglehead strategy.
I have been thinking it’s time to stop working with that third advisor because basically I’m not going to need the help until I’m ready to retire (hopefully not more than 10-15 years from now!) and the fees stress me out, but my general tendency towards avoidance of all things financial is making this hard.
Day 1, Friday:
I wake up before 6 because I’m out of town on a work trip and need to catch an early train home. I did most of my packing the night before so it’s just a little stumbling around the hotel room, leaving a tip for the maid ($20), checking out and getting in an Uber ($16.67, on company card). Not a lot is open at the train station but thank God the Dunkin’ Donuts is, so I get a medium coffee and a blueberry donut ($6.36, on company card). I’m listed as out of office on my calendar and Slack, but I do some time-sensitive work on the train and call it a week.
At Penn, I’m really tempted to take one last eye-wateringly expensive cab ride on the company dime, but I can’t bring myself to do it when it’s a straight shot on the subway instead ($2.75, prepaid on my commuter card). I get home and maybe because I know I’m reporting to you all, I unpack and get everything put away with record speed. I should do these diaries more often!
It’s a beautiful, unseasonably warm day in NYC, and everyone is out. The place I’d been planning to go for lunch is packed, the cafe I tried next was sold out of pastries and sandwiches, even the bagel joint is low on bagels! I finally get a BLT on a brioche roll and a Diet Coke at the bagel joint ($15) and I sit in their street seating and eat and read my library book on my phone.
Finally, the reason why I wanted to eat on this particular corner happens: the van from the dog boarding facility where my pup has been while I’m traveling shows up. My doodle (let’s call her Ada) and I have our little reunion on the street-corner, and then I walk her home. She runs around the apartment making sure everything is right where she left it, and then she eats some food. We have plans tonight so we both take a nap.
My friend K is having a birthday party in an outdoors venue, and I know she will want to see Ada. If I were going alone I would take a Citibike ebike (presuming one was available), because getting there by train from my place means switching trains or taking a bus to the right subway station. But I have great plans to take Ada on the bus/train route! Of course, those plans fall apart after the nap, when I recognize just how beat I am. I get a “wait & save” Lyft to the venue that shows up while I’m still looking for my keys, put Ada in her bag, and we go ($26 including tip). The venue has non-alcoholic frozen drinks, so I get one of those and a fancy grilled cheese ($29.50).
It’s great to see the birthday girl and our closest mutual friend H, who is also a UXer. H and I talk shop for a bit, catch up, and make plans for a day trip to Beacon over Memorial Day weekend. K is one of those people who is always out doing something, going to art shows or playing sports, and has a wide range of friends at her party. One of them is a guy I knew from abortion clinic defense work when I was 22, the year between college and grad school, and who got me some freelance work when I was starting out. We are surprised to see each other but eventually remember that we both knew we each knew K! It’s been a while. We catch up and he tells me about his current job. Someone else mentions his book and so he admits he has published a graphic design book since we last saw each other. He tells me to check out the website because I’ll get a kick out of it. When I get home ($26 again) I buy the book on Amazon ($23.50) to support him.
Total: $140, plus $2.75 pre-paid and $23 on the corporate card
Day 2, Saturday:
Both Ada and I are up unusually early today and it’s a nice day. I get her into a harness, and we head towards Grand Army Plaza. I’m carrying a big FreshDirect bag full of clothes to donate, which slows me down a bit, but we still get there before off-leash hours end and I get a donation receipt.
I drink a La Coulombe canned latte (which I keep for mornings like this) while Ada plays and rolls around in the grass. She’s not usually all that interested in playing fetch, but she will happily wander the paths of the park with me, occasionally chasing a bird or squirrel who can handily outrun her. She’s wearing a new Wild Ones harness that is too big for her -- I make a mental note to look up their return policy.
I take a couple of wrong turns and we spend longer than I’d planned in the park, but it’s hardly a problem to be outside on a nice day. On the walk back, we spot one of our neighbors, who’s set up a stand among the group just outside the Greenmarket. I didn’t know they had a side gig, so I stop to chat with them for a bit, and I buy (let’s call it a soap) for $6.
Back at the Greenmarket, I make a beeline for the Ronnybrook Dairy stand, where I get 6 drinkable yogurts for $2.50 each, which is $1.50 less than the regular price at stores, and even $.50 less than the on-sale price at FreshDirect. I also buy one of their new no-added-sugar drinkable yogurts in a smaller size for $1 ($17 total, including tip). Next it’s to Roaming Acres for their smoked bones for Ada -- the ostrich ones still aren’t in, which are the best, but we get 2 of the bison bones for $26.13. It’s pricey, but they last her for weeks. I also get 2 bunches of Swiss chard for $8, and stop at Bread Alone for a ciabatta roll and a piece of lemon-poppy pound cake. I throw in a loaf of sliced peasant bread because I’m just in the zone by this point ($10.50). The pound cake prevents me from stopping for something else to eat on the walk home, much to Ada’s dismay.
When we get back, I feed her, have the no-sugar-added yogurt and the pound cake, and put stuff away. I also take out her old harness and open the straps as wide as they will possibly go, hoping she can wear it again.
It’s only 11am and I’ve put nearly 9,000 steps on the ol’ pedometer, so it’s time for another nap.
Much of the rest of the day is spent lazing about, scrolling through Reddit and doing the Sunday crossword. I get a notification that my domain name has renewed ($17.17). I make a pasta dish with one bunch of the chard for dinner. We go for a decently long walk after dinner and the harness seems to be fitting her fine. I do my Duolingo practice in bed.
Total $84.80
Day 3, Sunday
Mother’s Day is fraught when your mom is gone and you don’t have kids. I’m happy to hang out in bed till 10:30, and thankfully so is Ada. She’s had a hectic week too! We do our walk and I make two slices of toast from the Greenmarket peasant bread for breakfast.
I call my aunt, my sister with kids, and my female cousin. My cousin and I discuss my BIL’s upcoming birthday party on Saturday, and the logistics of getting to the party in the suburbs. I don’t know what I’m going to do about Ada, either then or next weekend when I have told H I’ll go to Beacon for a day.
It’s a beautiful day, so I figure a shortish afternoon walk or just hanging out outside the local cafe would be nice. I buy the cafe’s iced tea special ($6 including tip) and am ready to stroll or sit, but Ada is not having it and literally pulls me back towards my building. I decide to take the hint, and go home. I measure Ada to pick out a new harness, order one on Amazon that the Wirecutter recommends for small dogs ($18.21), and spend an afternoon reading with a dog on my lap.
For dinner, I order Indian food. I have a Seamless promo, so I get enough for a few meals ($35.60). I clean up a little for the dishwasher repair tech who’ll be coming tomorrow, and watch Succession. I’d forgotten it was going to be the election episode, so I’m completely nerve-jangled at what’s supposed to be bedtime. Walk, crossword, Duolingo, and a little more reading in bed. I finish the book (don’t like it so I won’t mention the title).
Total: $41.60
Day 4, Monday
Before I left for my work trip, the upscale dishwasher I bought for my kitchen renovation stopped working and was throwing an error code in its display screen. I called the manufacturer and scheduled a service call for as soon as possible after I got back, and that was this morning. The technician arrives as I’m coming back from Ada’s morning walk.
I describe the problem to him and he’s unable to reproduce it. He runs the dishwasher for a while, shows me how to restart it when there’s an error, and listens to it run for a bit. He thinks that leaving it unplugged and open while I was away allowed the water that wasn’t draining right before to drain. It’s still a bit noisier than it was before, but I can’t deny that it’s actually working. An expensive lesson in how “have you tried turning it off and on again” almost always works -- $150 for the visit plus half an hour on site. He can’t get through to the office to process my credit card number so I have to write him a check ($260.21).
My first meeting of the day is canceled and my next one, our group leadership meeting, is just me and my boss. We compare notes on our respective travels over the last week -- she twisted her ankle -- and talk about some of the ideas that came out of our meetings. She tells me about the very nice cane she bought at CVS -- a collaboration with the Michael Graves studio, which has done some great stuff for people with disabilities -- and I look it up online. I have a cane I bought when I broke my ankle, and I’ve kept it because you never know, but now I’m tempted to replace it. Oh great, I think, I’m going to make people believe that your 50s are about impulse-purchasing canes!
My team has our weekly sync, and then I have a lot of email to catch up on, mostly bureaucratic stuff. There’s an invite to an event next week featuring an old professional friend: I RSVP yes, because networking is more fun when people you like are involved.
Lunch is some soup I defrosted and the ciabatta roll from the Greenmarket, reheated. In the late afternoon, I have a telehealth therapy session, and afterwards, I take a long walk with the dog. As we head out, we see several of the building’s other dogs, and the pre-schooler who Ada is special friends with. It’s extremely wholesome.
We pass a local restaurant where an old friend is eating outside with someone I don’t know. I catch her eye and we exchange a look, and I’m certain she’s on a date until she gets up and greets me and invites me and Ada to join them. I order the same drink the guy she’s with is having, talk to them both, and I’m relaxing a bit until I ask him how he knows her and yep, it’s a first date. Both of them seem totally fine with having me there, though I don’t stay for another round. I try to pay for my drink and they both refuse. He seems nice, and he liked my dog: if they end up dating I’ll have a funny story to tell.
I go home, heat up a meal I took out of the freezer back on Friday, and have dinner. I’m still a little tipsy so I drink water and eat Trader Joe’s lentil curls till the feeling subsides. I get a notification that a Substack I forgot to cancel just charged me the monthly subscription fee ($6). I cancel it moving forward immediately.
Walk the dog, crossword, Duolingo. In bed, I start a new library book: Scorched Grace, a mystery that got a rave review in the NYT, about a punk queer turned novice nun, investigating an arson at the school where she teaches.
Total: $266.21
Day 5, Tuesday
My super is at the door at 8:30 am, delighting Ada -- they are besties. He has a package that has his name on it but the number of an apartment in the building: a mystery! I point out that the apartment on the address label is not mine, but the same line, a floor down. I joke that he just wanted to come see Ada, who does in turn want to follow him to his next stop. I put on street clothes and take her for her walk.
Coffee and toast for breakfast again. I notice my AmEx payment has cleared, and schedule payments for the two credit cards (Chase and Apple Card) that I pay at the end of the month. I don’t like to set credit cards to auto-pay, because I like to keep an eye on my spending, but I do like to set up payments in advance. I do a little quick math with the help of the iPhone calculator and work out that even with my savings deductions, I should have about $500 extra left at the end of the month. When I have over $1K extra it will go into investments.
My first meeting of the day is with my favorite colleague J, and we catch up on some organizational challenges and talk about next steps on a project that she is leading. I’m really excited about how much positive attention her work has already gotten.
Lunch is some of the Indian leftovers. Then there’s a boring status meeting, and then I have a one-on-one with one of my direct reports. I’m very serious about making sure I do these every week, because I have had so many bad managers who didn’t. He suggests that he try working on something that I was hoping he could work on, so I am thrilled that he volunteered and tell him what a good idea he has.
My team member mentions that he needs some coffee, and I remember that I’m running low on beans. I click over to Fresh Direct and order coffee beans, a 12-pack of Sprite Zero cans, and a bunch of on-sale yogurts to be delivered same-day. ($45.22) I go through so much Sprite Zero. I got spoiled having free soda at office jobs, and now I probably drink 2-3 cans of soda a day at home. I also finalize my CookUnity order for next week, which I think will be a busy one: 8 meals for $91.17.
I have a meeting with the most senior designers across my boss’s organization, and we talk about holding an internal conference to align on a long-term UX vision. It’s an idea that I brought to my boss, though I give my team credit in the meeting, and I’m happy to see her want to invest in it.
Between meetings, I’m scrolling through Twitter and I see an old friend retweet her friend’s GoFundMe for his mom to help her keep her house. I’m moved by it, so I donate $18 (in Hebrew, letters=numbers and the number 18 has the same letters as the word for “life” so 18 or multiples of 18 are typical Jewish donation/gift amounts). Then I see a GoFundMe for a former colleague who has a lot of mental and health issues and is living out of their car. I donate $100 to that one rather than trying to work out the correct multiple of 18. ($120 total including GoFundMe “tips”)
My last meeting isn’t until dinnertime (the joy of working across time zones!) so I have to feed the dog as soon as I’m done. For myself, I heat up the leftover pasta and fry an egg to go on top. I put all the dishes in the dishwasher and set it to run overnight. By the time the FreshDirect delivery arrives, I’ve forgotten I ordered it!
When I check my email there is already a thank-you note from the friend of a friend whose GoFundMe I contributed to. I click over to his fundraiser, which has gone up a bit in the hours since I donated, and then also to my former co-worker’s, which has already met its goal! I scroll through the list of donors, seeing many familiar names. Most of our former colleagues who have donated have given more than I did: $200, $300 and the like. One, who was always prone to extravagant gestures, gave $1,000! I find myself second-guessing myself and wondering if I’m too cheap -- not just in this case but in general.
Crossword, Duolingo, bed. Whether it’s because of my worries or the lack of exercise I’ve been getting after a very active week last week, I don’t sleep well.
Total: $256.39
Day 6, Wednesday
Toast and coffee for breakfast again. I start my day with a few team one-on-ones. Then I have a meeting with other UX managers about our new talent management system: fun stuff. There’s some talk about how it might impact bonuses for next year, which is depressing. I use part of the meeting to buy new jeans, since the ones I’m wearing have the inevitable thigh rip, and while I’m on the Everlane site I see a gorgeous spring coat on sale and add that too ($244.05).
I check my personal email and there’s a pub announcement for a book on leadership from a design press. I meant to pre-order it, but I guess it’s too late! I buy directly from their website because they offer an ebook/print copy bundle, plus I always order directly from small presses when I can ($36.98).
Microwave mac and cheese for lunch. I take Ada out, planning to walk her to her doggy daycare, but about halfway there, she starts pulling emphatically towards home. Again, I take the hint, and we go home so she can sleep. I email them to let them know we will only be in once this week, and apologize for the short notice.
When I get home, I review my order from Saturday for a new harness. It’s not coming until Friday and I could still cancel it, since the old one is working for her again. I decide not to, since she may need a light-weight harness when it’s really hot out. I also check on an order which never showed up, and learn that it got returned to Amazon. I reorder the dog treats and Vitamin D ($26.14).
The afternoon is taken up by a complete clusterf**k at work, where different teams are working on related products and not working together. One of those teams now wants to launch their product in a couple of months, even though it’s a mess. We talk about it in my team crit, since one of my designers has been asked to do a heuristic review of the product. The designer who asks “Two questions. First of all, why?” makes me lolsob. My manager and I spend our entire one-on-one discussing it, agreeing we are hosed (and agreeing that we can only say “hosed” to each other since none of our younger colleagues use the term). My colleague J and I have a “wtf” moment about it in a meeting that’s supposed to be about something else. Lots of Slack messages going back and forth all afternoon as well. It sometimes feels like this job is just one firedrill after another.
I decide to order in dinner: a carne asada bowl and a side of chips and guacamole from Dos Toros ($33.91). The bowl comes without guacamole, and I get a $4.97 credit from DoorDash for my troubles. I give Ada a bunch of the chips.
I show up for my monthly Zoom call with a small group of professional friends and no one else is there. This used to be a monthly after-work drinks thing that my friend H organized. It went online with COVID and it was just easier to keep online, and it’s been a great way to keep in touch with people whose opinions I value. H doesn’t always come anymore but there’s usually at least three of us. I missed the last one myself so I’m hoping this is a one-off.
Instead, I continue reading Scorched Grace (a banger), play with Ada, and then take her for a walk. (Assume that this walk, like all Ada walks, includes chatting with her friends, talking with people who want to pet her, talking with people who she wants to have pet her. She’s a very sociable dog for an introvert to hang out with!)
When I get home, I check the mailroom and there is a package from my dad -- a god-awful sculpture/lamp thing that looks like a cricket. Apparently, it’s made by an old friend of his who’s an artist in a touristy part of the South. He calls it “a gift of the heart” and thoughtfully includes the receipt -- which says “exchanges only.” Sigh.
Evening routine as per usual.
Total: $341.08
Day 7, Thursday
I oversleep and feel groggy all morning. Luckily, Ada is not a morning dog, and she’s still pretty wiped out from her week at boarding: usually she’d be climbing the walls not having been to daycare all week.
Toast and coffee again. Today I mix it up with some of the last of last year’s homemade jam.
More meetings about the clusterf**k and it’s all going to get argued out well above my head. Lunch is the last of the Indian food, plus the last of the Dos Toros chips and guac. It’s international!
An old friend is speaking at a local conference, and had asked if I wanted to be her guest: the invite from the conference organizers finally arrives and I accept. I’m reminded that the two of us had agreed to see Just For Us during its Broadway run (I saw it off-Broadway and loved it!), so I text her to find out when she’s in town. We quickly agree on a night and I buy the tickets ($279 including fees). She’ll pay me back for half, or buy dinner on the night.
I call my dad to thank him for the gift, and we talk about British mysteries on PBS. Dinner is a peppers, onion, and mushroom omelette. I should use the second bunch of chard, especially since I know I’ll be dining out Friday and Saturday, but I’m too tired to be creative.
I spend the rest of the evening tidying up for the cleaner who will come in the morning and then doing the evening routine.
Total: $279
Categorized Expenses for the Week:
Food + Drink: $262.40
Fun / Entertainment: $314.50
Home + Health: $267.21
Clothes + Beauty: $244.05
Transport: $52
Books: $50.48
Dog: $62.34
Other $143.17
Lastly, reflect on your diary!
My week totals out to about $1400, which is more than I would ideally like, but with the dishwasher repair, the Broadway tickets, and buying food for next week via Cook Unity, it doesn’t feel wildly off. I did notice a lot of quasi-impulse buys -- “oh, I just remembered this, need to buy it now!” -- which is something I should be more mindful of. It makes me more confident in my budgeting to know that even when I’m not watching my money I’m spending reasonably (except perhaps too much on Ada? Never!).
I’m still pretty anxious when I have to think about larger financial decisions, but at least about the day to day, I think I’m doing mostly all right!
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2023.05.24 13:35 For2ANJ FWIW Some history around NJ Road Rage and Guns 2012 to 2023 Incidents

After that article yesterday about the road rage shooting incident,
Fuming NJ man shoots at driver in road rage terror, officials say (
I was curious how common this is, as PTC or not they will try to exploit that incident. Here are the facts to show it's common, funny 95% of articles no photo of the suspect........
From all my research NONE of these were PTC holders.
(Dark tint is a very good deterrent for RR, they don't know how many people in car, and often the other car is looking to flip out and get a rise out of you). Tint also gives a good strategic advantage.

Starting off with the THREE MOST egregious incident IMHO:

  1. NJ public safety official pulls gun after hit-run, report says (
A hit-and-run incident in Washington Township last Thursday led to Jack DeAngelo, the deputy director of the Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management, pulling his gun on the person who allegedly hit him, the New Jersey Globe has confirmed. DeAngelo was not issued a gun by Gloucester County, the NJ Globe has confirmed.
  1. COP: Cop Arrested, Resigns After Pointing Gun at Motorist in Off-Duty Road Rage Incident (
  2. COP: Off-duty officer accused of pulling gun on driver during road rage incident in Rutherford County WKRN News 2
  3. COP: NJ cop tried to get disability pension after road rage with gun (
Starting Oldest to Newest
October 2012
COP: Retired N.J. Cop Can't Carry Gun To 'Protect Family,' Courts Cite Road Rage Newark, NJ Patch
July 2013
COP: N.J. detective from Mount Holly indicted for murder in road rage incident -
July 2015
Dash cam video shows New Jersey road rage incident involving gun - ABC7 Chicago


February 2016
N.J. man uses gun in road rage incident, found with drugs, police say -
April 2016
Fender bender leads to road rage shooting in New Jersey - ABC7 New York (
September 2016
Sheriff's officer denies pointing gun in road rage incident -


February 2017
  1. Police tell 'cautionary' tale of road rage after driver flashes gun on Turnpike -
  2. Road rage incident leads to arrest, gun and drug charges (


May 2018
Road Rage driver gets life for shooting a woman in Freehold (
November 2018
Masked man pulls out BB gun in Alpine NJ road-rage incident (


Aug 2019
Driver admits fatally shooting innocent motorist in apparent case of road rage -


January 2020
Moonachie PD Turns up Gun in Arrest for Road Rage Incident in Teterboro Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge/Teterboro, NJ News TAPinto
February 2020
2 men charged in Route 80 drive-by in Lodi linked to Long Island murder - ABC7 New York (
March 2020
ROAD RAGE: Driver With 1-Year-Old Son In Car Pulls Gun On Motorist In Garfield, Police Charge Garfield-Lodi Daily Voice


January 2021
Suspect In Road Rage Incident Arrested In Atlantic City Traffic Stop, Gun Recovered Atlantic Daily Voice Your Local News for Atlantic County, New Jersey
March 2021
Men Pointed Rifle In Rt. 202 Road Rage Incident: Prosecutor Bridgewater, NJ Patch
June 2021
  1. New Jersey State Police investigate two incidents of gunfire on South Jersey highways, believe 1 may be road rage - 6abc Philadelphia
  2. US Marshals Nab PA Driver In South Jersey Road Rage Shooting, Authorities Say Berks Daily Voice Your Local News for Berks County, Pennsylvania
  3. Holland Tunnel lanes to NYC shut over armed road rage: Sources (
July 2021
  1. NJ State Police arrest man who allegedly fired gun during road rage incident in Vineland (
  2. Driver charged with pointing ‘ghost gun’ during road rage incident -
November 2021
  1. NJ Road Rage Victim Recalls Incident Ending in Gunfire: ‘Scares the Hell Out of Me’ – NBC New
  2. (Off Duty Cop Victim - Full NJSP Code 3 Response) NJ Turnpike Chase Result of Gun Used in Road Rage Incident: NJSP – NBC New York
December 2021
Man jailed pending trial on road rage shooting charges -


January 2022
  1. Paramus Police: Airsoft Gun Pointed at Individual During Road Rage Incident Paramus, NJ News TAPinto
  2. 2 Charged In Eatontown Road Rage Shooting That Began On Rt. 35 Long Branch, NJ Patch
  3. Monmouth couple arrested as Road Rage turns into Attempted Murder (
  4. NJSP: Ocean County Man Charged in GSP Road-rage Incident (
  5. I-76 killing allegedly stemmed from road rage: NJ police (
February 2022
Monmouth couple arrested as Road Rage turns into Attempted Murder (
March 2022
N.Y. man, 22, arrested for road rage shooting in N.J. -
June 2022
West Orange Police Respond to Isolated Road Rage Incident West Orange, NJ News TAPinto
October 2022
  1. Man Pointed Gun At Driver In Road Rage Incident: South Jersey Police Gloucester Township, NJ Patch
  2. Vehicle fired upon in apparent road rage incident in Kearny: police -
November 2022
  1. Loaded Gun Found With Man During South Jersey Road Rage Incident Ocean City, NJ Patch
  2. Driver pulled gun during Atlantic City road rage incident, cops say -
  3. Road Rage Incident Leads To Arrest In Atlantic City: Police Atlantic Daily Voice Your Local News for Atlantic County, New Jersey
December 2022
Galloway Twp., NJ, Police: 2 Arrested in Armed Road Rage Incident (


March 2023
ROAD RAGE: Woman Wanted For Questioning After Driver Points Handgun At Victim's Head In Newark Essex Daily Voice Your Local News for Essex County, New Jersey

Other related articles (pushing the nationwide narrative)
  1. Road Rage Shootings Are Continuing to Surge Everytown Research & Policy
  2. Safety groups say road rage incidents are on the rise nationwide (
  3. Are Road Rage Shootings Increasing? (

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2023.05.23 08:42 TerribleSell2997 On-Demand Home Services Market Sluggish Growth Rate Foreseen by (2023-2029)

On-demand home services market is anticipated to grow at a considerable CAGR of 14.8% during the forecast period. The growing demand for on demand home cleaning due to convenience offered by the online vendors is one of the key factor driving the growth of the global -demand home services market. The increasing usage of internet along with the rapid penetration of e-commerce and internet-enabled devices globally has driven the global on-demand home services market. With the advent of smartphones and the internet, the demand for several home services, such as house cleaning, medication, plumbing, lawn mowing, and painting, is likely to increase. Several innovative features in smartphones promote on-demand home service providers to increase their visibility.
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full report of On-Demand Home Services Market available @
· Market Coverage
· Market number available for – 2023-2029
· Base year- 2022
· Forecast period- 2023-2029
· Segment Covered- By Source, By Product Type, By Applications
· Competitive Landscape- Archer Daniels Midland Co., Ingredion Inc., Kerry Group Plc, Cargill
· Inc., and others
Market Segmentation
Global On-Demand Home Service Market by Platform
o Web
o Mobile
Global On-Demand Home Service Market by Type
o Home Cleaning
o Repairs & Maintenance
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Regional Analysis
o North America
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o OutSystems - Software em Rede, S.A.
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2023.05.22 22:41 subredditsummarybot /r/Hockey's top highlights for the week of May 15 - May 21

Monday, May 15 - Sunday, May 21

Top Videos

score comments title & link
7,576 397 comments [Video] [CAR 1 - FLA (1)] Barkov fakes the between-the-legs and buries it to tie the game
3,656 684 comments [Video] [CAR 1 - FLA (2)] Tkachuk scores on the PP for his second straight OT winner
2,623 175 comments [Video] “I’m so, so sorry” - Hurricanes PA announcing the 6th intermission
2,416 47 comments [Video] Not everyone can stay up this late
1,096 134 comments [Video] [DAL (1)-0 SEA] Roope Hintz Jacks the Puck from Jamie Oleksiak and Roofs it to Open the Scoring in Game 7
1,019 147 comments [Video] [Awful Announcing] Here is how ESPN aired the opening goal in Vegas-Edmonton Game 6. With Karl Ravech calling a split-screen during a 9-1 baseball game.
1,007 54 comments [Video] Smooth on the ice.
943 85 comments [Video] Center Nathan Gerbe (listed at 5-4, 176 pounds) gets the takedown on defenseman Travis Sanheim (listed at 6-3, 181 pounds).
815 61 comments [Video] The kid is a spitting image of his dad, crazy.
745 126 comments [Video] [DAL (2)-0 SEA] Wyatt Johnston Scores on a Sexy Backhand Shot After Beating Out the Icing to Make it 2-0 Late in the 3rd Period
733 103 comments [Video] Snoop Dogg with a message as the Senators bidding process continues
701 143 comments [Video] Christ Johnston (TSN) says there is a 32 GM Whatsapp Group they use for communication.
524 118 comments [Video] [VGK 3 - DAL 2] Chandler Stephenson puts home the rebound to win it in OT for the Knights
520 325 comments [Video] [CAR 2 - 2 FLA] Ryan Lomberg's disallowed OT goal
476 34 comments [Video] There are two kinds of NHL overtime fans.
418 34 comments [Video] The Handshake Line Between the Dallas Stars and the Seattle Kraken After Game 7
380 70 comments [Video] DAL 2 - [VGK 2]: Marchessault buries it to tie the game late off a no-look, behind his back pass from Jack Eichel
377 18 comments [Video] Ex-Canucks captain Trevor Linden appears in YWCA concussion PSA
347 42 comments [Video] [VGK 3 - DAL (3)] Jamie Benn sweeps the loose puck in and ties the game with 1:59 remaining
203 16 comments [Video] [CAR (1) - FLA 0] Chatfield gets Carolina on the board 1:43 into the game
190 43 comments Cha Cha Cha being played in Dallas at an NHL playoff game (Finnish commentator has a "hol up" moment)
172 36 comments [Video] [VGK vs EDM] The final 3:28 of game 6 between the Golden Knights and Oilers
162 43 comments [Video] [CAR 1 - FLA (2)] Verhaeghe gives Florida the lead
141 11 comments [Video] [CAR 1 - FLA (1)] Barkov gets Florida on the board
141 12 comments [Video] [VGK 2 - DAL (2)] Hintz ties the game and passes McDavid to take the lead in playoff scoring
133 170 comments [Video] Kyle Dubas Out as Leafs GM, a Look at His Time at the Helm
126 32 comments [Video] The handshake line between the Vegas Golden Knights and Edmonton Oilers
109 5 comments [Video] Down 4-3 with a little over 2 minutes to go, the Remparts come back to tie it and to win the Gilles Courteau Cup
106 3 comments [Video] What a sight! Youngstown Phantoms win the Clark Cup at home.
104 17 comments [Video] [CAR 0 - 0 FLA] Kotkaniemi makes a play from his knees and Bobrovsky robs Drury

Other Posts

score comments title & link
12,075 587 comments [Image] Canes’ graphic designer doesn’t miss
7,132 2,368 comments The Edmonton Oilers have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after losing to the Vegas Golden Knights in 6 games
6,924 454 comments [Meme Monday Winner] Unpaid overtime
6,837 2,316 comments [Lorange] Breaking news: Tempe citizens say no to mega development project that would include a new arena for the Arizona Coyotes.
6,183 1,057 comments The Seattle Kraken have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after losing to the Dallas Stars in 7 games
5,300 406 comments Cool story of Sidney Crosby in the Bahamas recently
5,134 804 comments [FLA (3)-2 CAR] Tkachuk scores to end game 1 in 4OT
4,779 586 comments [NY Post] Slap Shots has also learned that Coyotes players filed multiple complaints with the PA during the season about sub-standard travel, lodging and logistical issues that were in violation of the collective bargaining agreement.
4,736 451 comments [Satire] [The Beaverton] Oilers and Leafs fans seamlessly transition from arguing about which team is going to win the Cup to which team shat the bed worse
4,665 1,504 comments [Friedman]Hearing Kyle Dubas will not be back as GM of Toronto

Top Comments

score comment
4,000 beer_down said Well it was a run. Not a good one but definitely a run
3,427 Icommentoncrap said Rip expansion team conference final. Good work tho squid bros, very entertaining series
3,187 BonnorBorris said More like Paul miss the net
2,574 Sarcastic__ said Players are so much nicer when they don't have to work unpaid overtime.
2,547 _fuckernaut_ said I think the funniest part about this is -264 points. Hilarious

Awarded Posts

score/comments awards title & link
1,418 - 819 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote, 1 Burning Cash [Seravalli] Brendan Shanahan's timeline outlining negotiations with Kyle Dubas is a bombshell. After Dubas' press conf (against Shanahan's wishes), Shanahan had a "shift in thinking." And when Dubas' agent presented a "new financial package," Shanahan said he "got to a different place."
1,279 - 264 comments 1 Wholesome Seal of Approval, 1 To The Stars My first time watching hockey
1,894 - 512 comments 1 Take My Money [Image] This is the dump that has defeated the Coyotes franchise. It will continue to pollute as Arizona relocates
2,573 - 1,305 comments 1 Press F [Strickland] Options the league is exploring for the Coyotes includes this coming season. Chance the Yotes have already played their final game in the desert.
880 - 297 comments 1 Bless Up (Pro) [Wyshynski] Slow that Arizona Coyotes relocation talk down for now. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly tells ESPN: “I don’t envision a scenario in which the Coyotes are not playing in Mullett Arena next season.” Coyotes have confirmed. Story soon.

Awarded Comments

awards score comment
1 Silver, 1 Hugz 1,377 DELCO-PHILLY-BOY said This is ridiculous. Philadelphia definitely deserves a professional hockey team before Kansas City.
1 Silver 623 McGrevin said Somehow, Chiarelli returned
1 Silver 589 freelancer799 said Seattle you were so much fun to play, GG
1 Silver 471 QueenIsTheWorstBand said The Kraken’s first heartbreak. Congratulations on becoming full fledged members of the NHL
1 Silver 671 dolewhiplash said Hockey doesn't belong in the south. Hockey belongs to the south.
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2023.05.22 14:11 modernarms_swfl Trying to open up Fort Myers Gun Shop as soon as possible. It’s been extremely difficult. Looking for help.

Basically I moved here from NY once Hochul implemented that all persons, wanting to purchase a semi auto rifle now needed a rifle permit - a permit that is a 2 year wait in some NY counties… absurd. I was under the impression that once I got to southwest Florida I would be able to open a gun shop. It’s Freedom Florida, pretty easy you would think…
I live in fort myers and was looking to go south, and get some exposure on route 41 (Tamiami trl.) Get myself near Naples, Estero and Bonita Springs. There isn’t much for gun shops down there and they are developing big time! I would be able to grab clientele from naples all the way through north to fort myers.
Long story short I was quickly shunned by Bonita Springs and Estero. Was told - “sorry there just isn’t zoning for your type of use” … which is retail gun sales aka “specialty retail group III” in Lee County.
Ok, so now I move the search north into fort myers. And, I had a handful of places that fell within the needed zoning. Only for the deal to be crushed by the landlords. Most landlords aren’t Floridians, may not even be conservatives. And they just don’t want to deal with guns. So now I’m getting desperate and other guns store certainly exist… I guess those guys have their footprint? Oh and on a side note 9 out of 10 real estate agents I call, won’t even return my call.
So I’m reaching out to Reddit. Does anyone here know any building owners, developers, or real estate agents in my area - Fort Myers? Someone who would welcome retail firearms sales?
I didn’t expect this out of Florida. In the meantime I do have my class 7, SOT out of my residence. But it’s not enough.
I joined a conservative business group I’ll be asking the same question amongst them tomorrow.
Any advice or help here would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.22 10:01 ThePowerRanker Domestic Leagues: Belgium on the RISE, Mets & Rebels winning Warsaw and Berlin Derby!

I will break down some domestic league standings and results of the last weekend:
Italia IFL
Parma Panthers 56-12 Verona Mastini
Milano Rhinos 24-60 Firenze Guelfi
Ancona Dolphins 35-9 Bologna Warriors
Lazio Ducks 38-14 Legnano Frogs
1 Firenze Guelfi 7-1
2 Parma Panthers 6-1
3 Ancona Dolphins 6-2
4 Milano Rhinos 4-2
5 Lazio Ducks (+2) 3-4
6 Varese Skorpions 3-4
7 Legnano Frogs (-2) 3-4
8 Bologna Warriors 0-6
9 Verona Mastini 0-7

Austria AFL
Traun Steelsharks 21-26 Graz Giants
Vienna Vikings 52-3 Telfs Patriots
Mödling Rangers 13-21 Danube Dragons
Prague Black Panthers 59-13 Styrian Bears
Tirol Raiders 23-30 Salzburg Ducks
1 Graz Giants 6-0
2 Prague Black Panthers 5-0
3 Vienna Vikings 5-1
4 Danube Dragons 4-2
5 Salzburg Ducks 3-3
6 Tirol Raiders 2-4
7 Mödling Rangers 2-4
8 Telfs Patriots 1-4
9 Traun Steelsharks 1-5
10 Styrian Bears 0-6

Semis on 3rd June!

Limburg Shotguns 23-20 Amsterdam Crusaders
Izegem Tribes 0-48 Brussels Black Angerls
1 Brussels Black Angels 6-0 *qualified for final
2 Amsterdam Crusaders 5-2
3 Limburg Shotguns 4-2
4 Izegem Tribes 1-6
5 Ghent Gators 0-6

Triangle Razorbacks 0-40 Copenhagen Towers
Aalborg 89ers 54-21 Aahus Tigers
1 Copenhagen Towers 3-0
2 Aalborg 89ers 2-1
3 Sollerod Gold Diggers (+1) 1-1
4 Triangle Razorbacks (-1) 1-2
5 Aarhus Tigers 0-3

Winterthur Warriors 21-28 Geneva Seahawks
Basel Gladiators 31-38 Zürich Renegades
Calanda Broncos 52-31 Thun Tigers
1 Calanda Broncos 6-0
2 Thun Tigers 5-1
3 Zürich Renegades 4-1
4 Geneva Seahawks 4-3
5 Winterthus Warriors 1-5
6 Basel Gladiators 1-6
7 Bern Grizzlies 0-5

Helsinki Wolverines 0-45 Kuopio Steelers
Helsinki Roosters 14-21 Seinäjoki Crocodiles
Porvoo Butchers 14-35 Vaase Royals
1 Kuopio Steelers (+2) 2-0
2 Seinäjoki Crocodiles 2-0
3 Utd. Newland Crusaders (-2) 1-0
4 Vaasa Royals (+2) 1-1
5 Porvoo Butchers (-1) 0-1
6 Helsinki Roosters (-1) 0-2
7 Helsinki Wolverines 0-2

Stockholm Mean Machines 31-13 Tyresö Royal Crowns
Örebro Black Knights 21-28 Carlstadt Crusaders
1 Stockholm Mean Machines (+1) 3-0
2 Tyresö Royal Crowns (-1) 2-1
3 Carlstad Crusaders 1-2
4 Örebro Black Knights 0-3
last matches before playoffs:
La Courneuve Flash 14-21 Thonon Black Panthers
Saint-Ouen Cougars 42-0 Amiens Spartiates
Aix-en-Provence Argonautes 34-32 Nice Dauphins
Toulouse Ours 21-14 Marseille Blue Stars
Tours Pioneers 34-24 Asnieres Molosses
Grizzlys Catalans 50-38 Grenoble Centaures
Standings Confernce A:
1 Thonon Black Panthers 9-0-1
2 La Courneuve Flash 8-1-1
3 Tours Pioneers (+1) 5-5
4 Asnieres Molosses (-1) 4-5-1
5 Saint-Ouen Cougars 2-7-1
6 Amiens Spartiates 0-10
Conference B:
1 Marseille Blue Stars 8-2
2 Toulouse Ours 7-2-1
3 Grizzlys Catalans 6-3-1
4 Nice Dauphins 4-6
5 Aix-en-Provence Argonautes (+1) 2-8
6 Grenoble Centaures (-1) 2-8
Tours jumping into the playoffs with that last week win! Wild Card Playoffs starting this weekend:
La Courneuve Flash (2nd A) vs Grizzlys Catalans (3rd B)
Toulouse Ours (2nd B) vs Tours Pioneers (3rd A)

Great Britain
Bristol Aztecs 43-0 Kent Exiles
London Blitz 48-0 Cambridgeshire Cats
Edinburgh Wolves 30-7 Tamworth Phoenix
Solent Thrashers 0-48 London Warriors
Leicester Panthers 6-46 Manchester Titans
Standings North:
1 Manchester Titans 4-0
2 Edinburgh Wolves 4-1
3 Tamworth Phoenix 2-2
4 East Kilbride Pirates 1-2
5 Leicester Panthers 1-3
6 Merseyside Nighthawks 0-4
Standing South:
1 London Blitz 5-0
2 London Warriors 4-0
3 Bristol Aztecs 2-1
4 Cambridgeshire Cats 1-4
5 Solent Thrashers 1-4
6 Kent Exiles 0-4

I got no updates on the games
Standings Group A:
1 Kragujevac Wild Boars 3-0
2 Beograd Vukovi 2-1
3 Novi Sad Wild Dogs 1-2
4 Beograd Blue Dragons 0-3
Standings Group B:
1 Bucharest Rebels 2-0
2 Kikinda Mammoths 1-1
3 Pozarevac Pastuvi 0-1

Czech Republik
Znojmo Knights 14-28 Ostrava Steelers
Brno Alligaros 8-20 Usti nad Labem Blades
Vysocina Gladiators 41-42 Nitra Knights
Standings West:
1 Vysocina Gladiators 6-1 *claimed first place
2 Znojmo Knights 2-5
3 Usti nad Labem Blades (+1) 1-5
4 Brno Alligaros (-1) 1-5
Standings East:
1 Ostrava Steelers 7-0
2 Nitra Knights 5-2
3 Bratislava Monarchs 2-4
4 Brerov Mammoths 2-4

Lisboa Navigators 20-12 Braga Warriors
1 Cascais Crusaders 6-0
2 Lisboa Devils (+1) 4-2
3 Salgueorios Renegades (-1) 3-2
4 Maia Mutts 3-3
5 Lisboa Navigators (+2) 2-4
6 Lisboa Lions 1-4
7 Braga Warriors (-2) 1-5

Krakow Kings 10-7 Tychy Falcons
Warsaw Mets 13-7 Warsaw Eagles
Silesia Rebels 26-23 Katy Wroclawskie Jaguars
Olsztyn Lakers 0-32 Bialystok Lowlanders
Standings North:
1 Bialystok Lowlanders (+1) 5-1
2 Warsaw Eagles (-1) 4-2
3 Warsaw Mets 3-3
4 Olsztyn Lakers 0-6
Standings South:
1 Tychy Falcons (+1) 3-3
2 Katy Wroclawskie Jaguars (-1) 3-3
3 Krakow Kings (+1) 3-3
4 Silesia Rebels (-1) 3-3

Balkan Football League BFL
no matches last weekend
Standings East:
1 Beograd Blue Dragons 2-0
2 Sofia Bears 1-1
3 Sofia Knights 1-3
Standings West:
1 Novi Sad Wild Dogs 1-0
2 Zagreb Patriots 0-0
3 Sarajevo Spartans 0-1

Scandinavian Cup
no matches last weekend
1 Carlstadt Crusaders 2-0
2 Örebro Black Knights 2-0
3 Oslo Vikings 0-2
4 Eidsvoll 1814's 0-2

This week, GFL starts. I will cover it next week but this are the matchups in Week 1:
Straubing Spiders 0-34 Braunschweig NY Lions
Berlin Adler 13-21 Berlin Rebels
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 30-44 Potsdam Royals
Marburg Mercenaries 6-59 Dresden Monarchs
Ravensburg Razorbacks 12-52 Ingolstadt Dukes
Paderborn Dolphins 33-28 Kiel Baltic Hurricanes
Allgäu Comets 52-48 Saarland Hurricans
Standings North:
1 Dresden Monarchs 1-0
2 Braunschweig NY Lions 1-0
3 Berlin Rebels 1-0
4 Potsdam Royals 1-0
5 Paderborn Dolphins 1-0
6 Kiel Baltic Hurricanes 0-1
7 Berlin Adler 0-1
Standings South:
1 Ingolstadt Dukes 1-0
2 Allgäu Comets 1-0
3 Munich Cowboys 0-0
4 Saarland Hurricans 0-1
5 Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 0-1
6 Straubing Spiders 0-1
7 Ravensburg Razorbacks 0-1
8 Marburg Mercenaries 0-1

I hope you like this kind of post, if you like drop some feedback and thoughts.
Any more leagues I should cover next week if you want to see it?
submitted by ThePowerRanker to elf [link] [comments]

2023.05.21 23:25 SabineRitter [ROUNDUP] Possibly UAP-related reports on here last week. Countries: USA and 🇲🇾🇻🇳🇬🇧🇩🇰🇮🇳🇫🇮🇦🇺🇯🇵🇨🇦🇫🇷🇬🇷, colors: 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣, shapes: orb/sphere, rectangle, triangles, acorn 🌰, cigar/tictac/oval, disk 🛸, worm 🪱, barbell, V shape, etc

Last week's post
.1 sighting description and reference image, triangle, urban area, stationary, loud sound, it made a lot of noise, like a heavy roar, dream of luring, I had to go towards something
.2 information, family history, bigfoot
.3 photos, metamaterial
.4 video, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, Phoenix Arizona ("mothership day"), duration 30 minutes, single light object
.5 photos, single object visible only in infrared video , USAF, over decommissioned base, daytime cloudy sky, contemporaneous report, "moon" video analysis of location
.6 photo and drawing, nighttime sky , twolights or single barbell, light object, contemporaneous report, possibly over water new York harbor, Staten Island NYC New York state, two witnesses
.7 photos, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, possible triangle, similar to .5 above
.8 photos, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, over water gulf of Mexico, gulf shores Alabama, single object blackwhite
.9 sighting description, has anyone seen?, rectangular prism shape, Tampa Florida, possible military response black helicopter, duration 1 hour, three witnesses, possible human initiated contact
.10 video, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object flashing, Northern Virginia pretty close to Dulles airport
.11 sighting description and video, single light object, telepathy, had this weird feeling that tonight would be the night I would see another strange object,possible luring, went outside, "Tiangong space station"
.12 sighting description, lights very far away in the sky rotated in a very weird way crossing each other and in front of these lights I saw a little white flying thing looking like an airplane but it wasn’t because was very fast. It seems like the white flying object was chasing the lights., fleet, following, nighttime , South Padre Island , similar sightings in comments
.13 videos, repeat visitor, Coosbay oregon, nighttime, animal reaction agitated,
.14 sighting description, dover Delaware, triangle, yellow and white lights 🟡, stationary, hovering, approximately 30 feet in length and had a central circular illuminated area that shone brightly, silent, emotional reaction awe and bewilderment, duration several minutes, multiple witnesses, unsourced information, possible LARP or from the future
.15 photos, nighttime sky, fleet, "fire lanterns", Philadelphia Pennsylvania, [GOODPOST]
.16 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, Phoenix Arizona, "mothership day", green 🟢 blinking light, silent, zigzag movements, trajectory change, it did a side to side move and then started coming back in our direction, flew overhead
.17 video, nighttime sky, single light object, Los banos California
.18 video, daytime cloudy sky, over water pacific ocean, somewhere around Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz California, slow motion video, repeat visitor, two witnesses
.19 video, daytime cloudy sky, single object, blackwhite, possibly rotating, sphere shape observed, single flash of light, vanishing
.20 experience description, entity, repeat visitor, information transfer, Morse code
.21 childhood experience description, entity, nighttime
.22 sighting description, orbs, repeat visitor, emotion effects frightened confused and bewildered
.23 childhood sighting description, single light object, red 🔴 metallic , has anyone seen?, similar sighting in comments , Orlando Florida, two witnesses, event amnesia
.24 sighting description, nighttime, single light object, approach, low over treeline, flying saucer, metallic, sudden departure upward, trail
.25 video, nighttime cloudy sky, diffuse blue 🔵 light, repeat visitor, also observed in daytime
.26 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object moving fast
.27 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object moving erratically and stationary, plane for comparison, Copenhagen Denmark 🇩🇰, repeat visitor, two days straight
.28 sighting description, Ales France 🇫🇷, orb, found on ground, witness picked it up, 2cm diameter sphere consisting of two hemispheric white parts, covered in a liquid substance, possibly water. The bottom part had a matte appearance, while the upper part was slightly transparent. At the top, there was a small metallic-like circle surrounding a powerful ponctual white light. The sphere felt somewhat heavy, as if it was filled with something., apathy in other witness, I showed the object to someone behind me, but they didn't recognize it or show any interest, downvoted to zero, possible physical effects eczema on palms of hands
.29 sighting description, family story, Montana, 1963, three witnesses, duration 10-15 minutes, nighttime, animal reaction dog barking, single light object, very bright, blinking, over home, low over rooftop, sudden departure , similar sighting in comments
.30 sighting description, contemporaneous report, happening at time of posting, nighttime, fleet, Chicago Illinois, has anyone seen?, similar sightings in comments
.31 sighting description, contemporaneous report (same day as .30 above), nighttime, two witnesses, west Virginia, single light object moving, human initiated contact, trajectory change, approach, flareup, apathy in other witness, sudden departure, zoop, repeat visitor, Throughout the rest of the night, this same UFO continues to mess with us ,telepathy, similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST], possible physical effects left eye/cheek was twitching, emotional reaction feeling more confident, and I feel like anything is possible now
.32 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, single light object moving straight and slow, red 🔴, blinking, silent, duration 5-10 minutes, downvoted to zero , Ottawa Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
.33 video , nighttime sky, single light object, trajectory change, zigzag, Hazleton British Columbia Canada 🇨🇦
.34 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, animal reaction dog barking to go outside, audio I heard a strange sound through the window - sounded like consistent beeps but with the sound wave tapered so it faded in and out, telepathy, possible luring, witness went outside home, fleet, flashing, moving downward, trajectory change, sudden departure upward, event amnesia, even though this happened last night, it slips my memory, emotional reaction something abnormal and my stomach dropped, anomalous to witness, downvoted to zero
.35 video, daytime cloudy sky, single dark object irregular shape, moving straight, rotating, comma shaped or coiled worm 🪱
.36 video, nighttime sky, single light object moving fast and straight, contemporaneous report, ISS
.37 sighting description and reference image, Sendai Japan 🇯🇵, two witnesses, triangle, nighttime cloudy sky, very large, low and silent, flew overhead, duration 7-10 seconds, similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST]
.38 sighting description, nighttime, fleet, moving stars, repeat visitors, has anyone seen?,Lights in the Cassiopeia constellation have been appearing and flying back and forth and even meeting up, accelerating, decelerating, brightening, dimming, etc. for the past 2 weeks
.39 video, nighttime cloudy sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, reddish haze sometimes, similar sightings in comments more video, similar sightings in comments
.40 dream description, repeat visitor, entity, mantis type, emotion of fear
.41 childhood experience description, entity, hand 🫳, similar sightings in comments
.42 childhood experience description, nighttime, bedroom, noise, approach, breathing noise started to get louder and louder to the point where it was a very clear, inhale, exhale.. inhale, exhale. It was loud like someone out of breath but not that same speed (now saying they sounded out of breath, but just a refference for the volume of it). Just very slow, deep, meticulous breaths.
.43 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, fleet, following and moving erratically, southwest Arkansas
.44 photo, nighttime sky, single light object, orange 🟠, fleet observed, threelights
.45 sighting description, nighttime, telepathy, human initiated contact, blue 🔵 light in bedroom, Next thing I know I have a blue circular light pulsating on the left side of my chest. At its maximum extent it was about three cm in diameter and its smallest about half cm. It had a darker blue outer ring which had a gradient from blue to white as it reached the centre. In the middle it was white, emotion of fear, physical effects better vision in my right eye and my heart palpitations don't seem to be as bad anymore, possible medical treatment
.46 sighting description and discussion of audio, two witnesses, Queensland Australia 🇦🇺, noise (low rumbling noise) that just kept getting louder, possible luring, witnesses went outside, single light object, similar sightings in comments
.47 sighting description, nighttime, two witnesses, single light object moving erratically, duration split second
.48 video, nighttime sky, single light object moving downward behind building, purplish 🟣, Helsinki Finland 🇫🇮 , repeat visitor, two objects observed, big debunker energy, "bird"
.49 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, single light object flashing, possible reaction to being observed, witness waved 👋, telepathy , lighting configuration change to twolights, zigzag movements , emotional reaction stunned and kind of scared, emotion of fear , Kerala India 🇮🇳
.50 photos, evening cloudy sky, vertical contrail, white
.51 sighting description, has anyone seen?, Newark New Jersey, airport, evening sky, roundish metallic something with a single blue 🔵 light on the bottom, from car,
.52 sighting description, contemporaneous report, Mallorca, two witnesses, single light object moving fast downward, green 🟢,
.53 reference video nighttime, ISS, Denmark 🇩🇰
.54 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, single light object, repeat visitor, Leicester the UK 🇬🇧
.55 sighting description, contemporaneous report, two witnesses, metallic sphere with tendrils, reflective metal ball with like 8 or so trailing lines, daytime
.56 sighting description, three witnesses, from car, metallic sphere, silver colored sphere with a slight point on the top of it floating really high in the sky, splitting, it started to shoot these cigar shaped objects out of the top right side, the objects would disappear within seconds
.57 sighting description and reference video of quarks, particle physics, multiple witnesses, twolights, dancing, nighttime, splitting, lighting configuration change to threelights
.58 photos, daytime sky, single light object, possible barbell, NYC New York state, downvoted to zero, OP comments downvoted, big debunker energy
.59 photos, orb, downvoted to zero, OP comments downvoted
.60 sighting descriptions, repeat visitors, stillwater and Oakdale Minnesota, loud sound, crash noise, triangle observed, emotional reaction shock, owl
.61 sighting description, three witnesses, Napoleon North Dakota, camping, nighttime, sound of static and voices, approach, sound grew louder and louder until it was undeniable and all that my brother and I could hear, very loud, missing time, luring, witness followed it
.62 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, animal reaction dog making weird barking sounds and started sprinting back towards the door, V shaped light chasing dog
.63 video, daytime sky, single dark object irregular shape, "balloons", similar sighting in comments
.64 dream description, entities
.65 photo, mark on body, Y shape
.66 video, daytime cloudy sky, single dark object moving straight and slow, observed vanishing and reappearing, Vietnam 🇻🇳, similar sighting in comments
.67 analysis of crop circle, boolean lattice code
.68 childhood sighting description and drawing, fleet, splitting, multiple witnesses, similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST]
.69 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, single light object moving erratically, wandering around, low over treeline, duration 3 minutes
.70 sighting description, contemporaneous report, teluk nipah pulau pangkor Malaysia 🇲🇾, green light 🟢 moving downward, has anyone seen?
.71 experience, entity, information transfer
.72 sighting description, nighttime, single light object, close, two witnesses, new jersey, blue white 🔵, low below treeline, possible reaction to being observed, approach, right angle turn, silent, emotion of fear, you could sense some form of intention/intelligence in it’s movement., telepathy, repeat visitor, seen by another witness different time same location, duration 1 minute, similar sighting in comments
.73 discussion of sound, woodknocks
.74 sighting description, contemporaneous report, has anyone seen?,fleet, green 🟢 crafts, near pinebush new York state, 60+ witnesses
.75 sighting description, no craft, portal, black spot in the sky, two witnesses, event amnesia in the other witness
.76 sighting description, contemporaneous report, moon anomaly, full moon observed during waning crescent phase, very bright, Yellowish 🟡 white gleaming pearly moon and a perfect circle., similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST]
.77 video, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, two witnesses, from car, single light object, color change observed white to red, observed vanishing and reappearing, Ohio near Stony Ridge, big debunker energy, OP comments downvoted, blinking, shape change observed, was "winking" for lack of a better word, then turned red. It almost seemed to change its shape
.78 video, nighttime sky, Sonoran desert Arizona, single light object, orange 🟠
.79 sighting description, black triangle, Southwestern USA Prescott Arizona, nighttime, two witnesses, silent, low overhead, pacing witnesses, we walked with the craft for about 30 seconds or so, sudden departure
.80 photos, nighttime sky, contemporaneous report, Toronto Canada 🇨🇦, single dark object, elongated, tictac
.81 sighting descriptions, Whangaparāoa new zealand, nighttime, moving stars, fleet, repeat visitors, has anyone seen?, similar sightings in comments
.82 photo, nighttime sky, flash of light observed, single object irregular shape
.83 video, nighttime sky, single light object low over treeline, near home, backyard , silent, observed rotating, duration a couple minutes, similar sighting in comments
.84 experience descriptions, Michigan, loud sound from overhead, light in bedroom, camping, paralysis, foul odor, family story, single light object
.85 sighting description, black triangle, overhead, observed moving and stationary, sudden departure, silent, camping, emotion of fear, discussion, similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST]
.86 photo, nighttime sky, single light object, zigzag movements, fast walker, eastern North Carolina
.87 experience description, two witnesses, loud sound of crying, growl, physical effects hair turned curly
.88 photo, daytime sky, contemporaneous report, two witnesses, from car, stationary, single object blackwhite, elongated, cigar shape, Strasburg Colorado, observed black and grey and seemed reflective, orientation change, It would angle up and down and horizontal
.89 sighting descriptions and discussion of repeat visitors, has anyone seen?, similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST]
.90 photos, over water, Atlantic ocean, North Caicos Turks and Caicos Islands
.91 compilation of astronomer sightings
.92 discussion thread of military family sightings
.93 video, nighttime sky, single dark object, storm, lightning, salt lake city Utah , appearing and vanishing, upward trajectory
.94 video, nighttime sky, fleet, 5 objects observed, Wilmington Delaware, moving straight, duration 1 minute, similar sightings same area in comments
.95 video, daytime cloudy sky, santa Ana California, single dark object, irregular shape, triangle or diamond, tendrils , contemporaneous report
.96 sighting description, downvoted to zero, south central Pennsylvania, nighttime, single dark object, black dot ⚫️, stationary
.97 video, nighttime sky, single light object, telepathy, felt something wrong and like something was looking at me, north Hollywood California, similar sighting in comments, fleet observed, red green yellow 🔴🟢🟡, contemporaneous report
.98 video, daytime cloudy sky, single light object, jumpy movement, vanishing and reappearing, directly above central Washington DC
.99 sighting description, two witnesses, evening, Phoenix Arizona, backyard, single light object, low below treeline, green 🟢, very bright, moving and stationary, large oval-shaped ball of bright green light shimmering like fire or light through water, sudden departure, duration 30 seconds
.100 photo sequence, daytime cloudy sky, single dark object moving fast, possible disk shape
.101 ai generated images, mathematics, art 🎨
.102 childhood dream description, repeat visitors, abduction, secret soldier, similar sightings in comments
.103 video, daytime cloudy sky, from airplane, over Austria 🇦🇹, single light object, tictac
.104 sighting description, cloud anomaly, fleet different OP, possibly similar, photos, daytime cloudy sky, group of near identical clouds different OP, possibly similar, photos, daytime cloudy sky, fleet different OP, possibly similar
.105 USA tech, airplane, possible reverse engineering
.106 sighting description, repeat visitor, The first was a rectangular object standing up like a white refrigerator slowly cruising across the sky at low altitude over an urban neighbourhood. The second was what looked like a pair of clear orbs shooting across the rural sky at hypersonic speeds, revolving around each other as they went. The last one over my house was a triangular shape, simply parked in place at extremely high altitude, with multicoloured lights on each point of the triangle pulsing on and off, eventually disappearing before my eyes., discussion of movements
.107 sighting description, similar sightings in comments, [GOODPOST], two witnesses, forest, sound of static, single light object, undulating, low below treeline, physical effect transfixed, city observed, descending down, entering the earth, loud sound guttural scream, emotion of fear, witnesses left the area.
.108 military information, aliens exist, ufo landing pad on base
.109 sighting description, contemporaneous report, nighttime, single light object moving fast, zigzag movements, two witnesses , Queensland Australia 🇦🇺
.110 discussion of event amnesia, similar sightings in comments
.111 photo, daytime cloudy sky, single object, disk shape, contemporaneous report, Los Angeles California
.112 sighting description, contemporaneous report, happening at time of posting, nighttime, fleet, Robertsdale Alabama, repeat visitor single light object, sudden departure east
.113 video, daytime sky, single light object, palm springs California,
.114 video, nighttime sky, single light object, green 🟢, Oahu Hawaii, two witnesses, observed splitting, barbell, observed moving and stationary, repeat visitor, moving erratically, duration 10 minutes, downvoted to zero, second video, downvoted to zero
.115 sighting description, evening, urban area, the Bronx NYC New York state, black rotating oblong shaped object slowly drifting across the street, rotating, physical effects loss of function, I could barely get up the flight of stairs leading to my apartment. I go into the bathroom to shower and at this point I could no longer stand., possible dehydration unrelated to UAP
.116 childhood sighting description, near Washington DC, deep red glowing tube tumbling end-over-end across the sky, totally silent and faster than any airplane I ever saw, three witnesses, duration 20 seconds
.117 sighting description, airplane anomaly, fleet
.118 sighting description, missing time, has anyone seen?, V shaped formation observed, green light observed 🟢
.119 sighting description, out of body experience (OBE), law enforcement response, Alaska
.120 sighting description and drawing, acorn 🌰 shape, single dark object stationary, two witnesses, Right off the county highway in north east Iowa, daytime
.121 sighting description, from car, nighttime, triangle, Kittery Point Maine, has anyone seen?
.122 childhood sighting description, twolights, two witnesses, approach, flareup, very bright
.123 analysis, sightings by day and time
.124 discussion of perception discrepancy, similar sightings in comments, childhood
.125 photos, metamaterial
.127 audio description, no craft, music from the sky, repeat visitor, Greece 🇬🇷
.128 sighting description, Southwest Florida, from car, three witnesses, dawn, single light object stationary, sudden descent downward, entering the ground or water, Atlantic ocean, physical effects witness yelled
.129 photo, contemporaneous report, celebrity, Travis Walton, McMinnville oregon
.130 information, USAF, monitoring UFOs, sighting description, three witnesses, Georgia, event amnesia, I had forgotten about it until I visited Eglin, similar information in comments, [GOODPOST]
.131 photo, daytime sky, single dark object, observed moving fast and straight
.132 sighting description, from airplane, pilot confirmed, California, golden orb, single light object moving fast and straight, similar sightings in comments
.133 discussion of lighting configuration of triangle sightings , [GOODPOST]
.134 discussion of sightings of brief duration
.135 photos, nighttime sky, single light object, irregular blocky shape, USAF, color change observed, silverish white object that changed into a golden object, shimmering
.136 childhood sighting description, Hockley Texas, two witnesses, paralysis in other witness, entranced, single light object, daytime, very bright, yellow 🟡, flareup, physical effects eyes hurt, event amnesia and confusion and anxiety in the other witness
.137 video, daytime cloudy sky, contemporaneous report, single object, blackwhite, possible disk shape, vanishing and reappearing or lighting configuration change, object alternately appears solid and misty, santa Ana California , moving erratically, zigzag movements, [GOODPOST]
.138 childhood drawing, art 🎨, entities, flying saucer
.139 discussion of entities descriptions and reference images
.140 discussion of abduction experiences
.141 experience description, entities, traumatic, telepathy, big debunker energy, clowning on OP
.142 video, nighttime sky, single light object, diffuse, possible disk shape, from car, possible pacing car, vanishing, Austin Texas
.143 childhood sighting description, nighttime, single light object, red 🔴, over water, rotating, splitting, fleet, multicolored, men in black response
.144 experience description, drops of blood on pillow, similar experiences in comments
.145 photos, nighttime cloudy sky, diffuse blue light 🔵, Sydney Australia 🇦🇺, duration less than 10 seconds
.146 video, nighttime sky, single light object stationary, orange 🟠, pulsated irregulary and changed size, duration 90 minutes
.147 sighting description, Greece 🇬🇷, nighttime, blue light shining in bedroom 🔵
.148 video, daytime sky, Trenton new jersey, single lightobjectmovingfast, elongated, worm 🪱, wiggling, observed vanishing , repeat visitor, following, Less then a minute before this a similar object went by in the same place
.149 possible metamaterial
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2023.05.21 18:09 ReferendumAutonomic rikers; northwell electrocutes guyana and south oaks

Lock-Up - Prisoners of Rikers Island (1994)
"saner than he is when he's on the medication...zombie...haldol shuffle." 25% are considered mentally ill. Pregnant drug dealer is being poisoned as with nassau university medical center. Stabbings (73 deaths per year), AIDS, tuberculosis, "no writing material, no radio." HBO NSFW

Executioner guyana wasting $100 million on psych ward instead of legalizing marijuana, cocaine, " from Northwell." (the monopoly who is torturing me for being bisexual since 2006) Life in jail for LGBT

$4.85 million for "children ages 5 and older," why not poison toddlers at the largest prison? "South Oaks Hospital...202-bed...part of (23) Northwell" concentration camps "600 outpatient facilities, 63,500 employees, and nearly 15,000 affiliated physicians."

They hire mostly foreign doctors such as taiwanese 10 times perjurer chenen hsiesh who refused to read history and let me say anything, educated in barbados. His boss from Sint Maarten praises injections.

I will sue muhammad muzaffar from dictatorship of pakistan college for injecting me 1 year as "religiously delusional."

Led by a businessman who never answered the phone while doctor sheikh hoque assaulted me with his hands October 2022.

"you get written up for not being in the "correct" group...So unprofessional and not even close to therapeutic. They'll zombie u out on meds, that's it. Ppl were literally passing out n peeing themselves cuz they were so over medicated."

Buddhism "Psychosis of enlightenment."
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