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A community for people to share learn and share their knowledge and experiences on charm casting, as well as other similar types of divination (osteomancy, conchomancy, etc) Charm casting is a form of divination that uses a variety of objects called charms, such as jewelry pieces or beads. These are tossed on a surface and interpreted.

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A friendly community for sharing inspiration, ideas, and techniques about jewelry.

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2023.03.21 06:08 tucckergordon The Basics of NFT Marketplace Development

The Basics of NFT Marketplace Development

The only way to trade NFTs is through an online NFT marketplace because these non-fungible tokens cannot be purchased or sold through either centralized or decentralized crypto exchanges. Hence, NFT marketplace development will become more and more profitable for NFT marketplace development businesses.
Benefits of NFT marketplaces
NFT marketplaces produce the same advantages as blockchain-based marketplaces do, including:
Transparency - While blockchain transactions are real-time and immutable, they are completely transparent and cannot be altered.
Decentralization - All data can be distributed and replicated among the network's nodes. The network is updated and each peer has access to examine the data each time a new block is added.
Security - Blockchain provides NFT marketplaces with built-in security features, cryptography, and consensus algorithms that guard against online frauds, breaches, or other cyber risks.
NFT marketplace development process explained
First, it's important to understand that, generally speaking, specialized NFT marketplaces are more desirable than those that are more comprehensive, such as an NFT platform that focuses on digital arts.
Marketplace apps that let NFT customers effectively do the tasks they need using a single user-friendly interface can be created by businesses with the assistance of NFT marketplace development providers. It's important to take into account the following features when deciding on your NFT platform's features:
NFT Minting
Listings and collections creation
Listing status and token details
NFT Filters
Advanced search capabilities
Bid-and-Buy functionality
Wallet integration
Ratings and reviews
How Does NFT Function?
With no setup fees or middlemen, decentralized exchanges make trading in NFTs easier and safer. We support goods that are straightforward but nonetheless great for customers. For use of NFT websites or platforms, no specialized knowledge or talent is needed. They use blockchain technology to do away with processes that are typically required but not necessary on centralized exchanges, making it as simple as possible for someone who has never invested in cryptocurrencies to use.
NFTs are distinct, immutable digital tokens found in images, sounds, GIFs, 3D models, and motion pictures. Furthermore, NFTs can be etched in a Metaverse, a self-contained virtual universe that can house a number of people and planets.
NFT marketplace development is expected to soar as the world goes more and more online. If you're wanting to create your own NFT platform, you should think about the features mentioned above, identify your target market, and pick the best software provider to assist you in creating your NFT marketplace and realizing your idea.
See how “Block Tech brew” blockchain expertise could help you meet your NFT marketplace development goals. Chat to one of our specialists today.
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It has come to my attention that only two pinned posts are shown on the front page of the subreddit at any given time, causing possibly important things to get overshadowed by more recent events. As a result, I have decided to compose a collection of everything currently going on, which can be edited every time something new happens.

The Russo-Ukrainian War

The Russo-Ukrainian War is a currently banned topic. This restriction is temporary and might be lifted after the conflict is over, but for now, any posts depicting it will be removed.
Here is the announcement post stating this. The rest of the post is either old news or outdated and as such is irrelevant.

Spring Contest

There is a contest going on right now, if you didn't know. To celebrate the coming of spring, we are holding a bit of a competition. Submissions can be in any medium whatsoever, as long as it's related to Countryhumans.
Just follow the rules outlined here. Remember to read carefully, as posts not following the instructions may be disregarded as a result.

Mod Applications

We're currently looking for new mods. If you're wondering why I put this last when it seems so important, it functions as a bit of a filter. If you were patient enough to read to the bottom, you would probably make a better mod.
Anyway, here's the post. If you feel like you're responsible enough to be a mod, we'd love to have you on.

See you!

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2023.03.21 06:07 Old_Ebb6366 Bullied and Ostracized at chicago bar for over a year

I really contemplated for a while not writing this. I’m someone that values harmony in my living environment so I don’t love to “ruffle” feathers unnecessarily but my personality is a little contradictory in the sense that although I’m not a “confrontational” person by nature, I have an intensely visceral reaction to injustice of any kind and if a confrontation is warranted I will not shy from it. I moved to the Gold Coast in may last year. This bar… "The Lodge" is right next to my apartment and it was one of my first stops. I’m going to be careful not to mention any specific names in this review because this isn’t meant to be an attack on any specific individuals involved in this situation. This is simply me speaking my truth. I enjoyed my initial visit to the lodge. I met a male manager who was welcoming and the staff seemed nice as well. I was definitely in a “post pandemic” mind space where I just wanted to go out and meet people. I am pretty extroverted for the most part so quarantine took a toll on my mental health. I was missing that sense of community and belonging. The Gold Coast had this energy of a quaint community oriented neighborhood and I was excited to get out there and make new friends. My second visit to the lodge was much less pleasant. A female bartender was working at the time. I got a cider and had my little service animal in training with me. I knew no one in the neighborhood at the time and it was nice to get out in a cozy bar near my home with my dog… it all seemed perfect. My pup was busy exploring the peanut shells on the ground which was so cute to watch… he wandered near a couple sitting at the bar and the woman understandably looked annoyed. I heard her audibly say something about me to the female bartender who chuckled. I decided to ignore it. Professionalism is a huge deal to me so I was a bit shocked when the bartender joined the customer in ridiculing me. It was hurtful and shocking. I should add that I’m an African immigrant and since moving to the US with my family I have experienced a lot of situations where I feel “othered” or “excluded” in predominantly white spaces for obvious reasons. Im used to this and unless it becomes direct…. I ignore it. And that interaction… although humiliating… wasn’t direct enough for me to make it an issue. I paid for my drink, tipped well and left. About 2 weeks later… I wandered into the lodge with two guys I met at another bar who wanted to come upstairs to my apartment to “hangout”. I suggested going to the lodge instead bc I just wasnt comfortable with having 2 guys I barely know to my tiny studio apartment. Upon arriving at the lodge I noticed that the same bartender who was working last time was working that night with another girl. I walked in and greeted them both and was responded to with smug looks and short responses. I thought nothing of it. Although this behavior is again hurtful… it just wasn’t direct enough for me to make it an issue. I’m grateful for my parents and the way I was raised… it’s not in my nature to make myself “smaller” or “dim my light” to make other people comfortable. I believe that as long as I’m respectful to others…. I give myself permission to be the most extroverted and brightest version of myself. I also believe respect should be reciprocal. Especially in the Midwest…lol it’s just socially awkward in my opinion to be be rude to others unprovoked. Especially if you work in customer service. The lodge has a very “laid back” energy and a lot of people in the Gold Coast are regulars there. That night… with the two male friends I walked in with $200 in cash and a card that had about $65 on it ( it’s not my primary card… I left my wallet at home and use this specific card for minor purchases). This is the part of the situation that I take complete responsibility for. I knew the lodge doesn’t take cash. I should have brought another card with. One of the guys I was with was getting increasingly pushy about me taking him to my apartment. That wasn’t going to happen and it wasn’t a friendship I wanted to continue lol but I wanted to have fun and knew I had enough money to pay for MY drinks. Like most girls at a bar… the guys I’m with usually paid for my drinks but in the particular situation where I didn’t feel completely safe with the guys I was with and I couldn’t depend on the female bartenders to look out for me I just wanted to pay for my own drinks so that I didn’t feel any pressure or obligation to take anyone to my apartment or do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. I had 4 shots. $65 on a credit builder card and $200 in cash. My bill came and my card inevitably declined for $70+ dollars. I was humiliated and the bartenders had been chuckling at me with regulars all night. At this point the guy I was with who was aggressively trying to come to my apartment and was realizing that would not happen took the opportunity to retaliate and walk out on me. The female bartender who I already had the previous unpleasant experience with proceeded to get in the middle of the bar, holding up my card and yelled that my card was declined and it needed to be taken cared of. I was mortified. There are usually cops outside the lodge… I’m friendly with most of them and I knew in that moment that I’d rather deal with a cop than this girl who insists on humiliating me every time I come into the bar. I’m no stranger to the energy I got from her. Women feeling eclipsed by my presence and wanting to humiliate me. I wanted no part of it. I asked to talk to the cops. She perked right up at the opportunity to throw the black girl to the cops. I’m not a criminal I have no reason to fear police officers whose duty is to make me feel safe. I think that’s a cultural misunderstanding on my part. I’m African…not African American and I’m still learning about race relations in America. I told her to “ move her fat ass out of my way” she was towering over me yelling at me while the entire bar watched and chuckled. It was humiliating. But I do regret insulting her. I think it gave her ammunition to demonize me in this situation and I also just hate being mean to people. The cops were actually very friendly….I was drunk and in a vulnerable state and I think they saw that. My card was eventually charged for the $65 dollars it would allow and I went home. Horrified. Embarrassed. I’m someone that struggles with depression and anxiety and I’m open about that bc I think a lot of people understand my struggles especially with all the social issues that have come up in the past couple of years. We’re all a little triggered.
In the society… in this world… as a black woman, I understand how the world sees me. But my personal power isn’t dependent on other peoples projections of my value. We all have power. My truth is my power. My rawness. My vulnerability. My compassion. My relentless pursuit of justice. That’s my power.
I wrote a review the next morning…. An extensive one like this one. Again….in a world where you aren’t seen… respected…. Loved… my truth is my power. I explained my experiences at the lodge till date… but I was immature in my wording. I didn’t call the female bartender by her name… I used physical descriptors that were offensive. I specifically used the words “fat ass”. I should ass that I use the word “fat” to describe myself all the time. It’s just a word to me…it’s an objective physical descriptor. But in this context it was offensive and I realize that. I was hurt by how she treated me… humiliated me. But it wasn’t an acceptable way to deal with the situation but relative to how I had been treated I felt justified taking that dig. In retrospect I realize that only decreased my credibility in the situation and created more animosity.
I moved on to the next phase of dealing with this very uncomfortable situation which was advocating for myself. I reached out to the HR department of the company that owns this bar and the lady I spoke with seemed like she cared and she told me she would investigate the situation. I waited patiently for 3 weeks or so…. Within that time… every time I walked past the lodge I was met with overt comments through their open windows from regulars. I can’t begin to explain how humiliating this was…this wasn’t the kind of attention I wanted in my new home. And as someone who is mentally fragile and deals with intense depression…this experience was deeply damaging. It hurt me to my core.
I decided to try something different. I went back to the lodge and spoke with said female bartender….I asked her what her issue was with me? I brought up her damaging and offensive behaviors( gossiping and ridiculing me to customers at the bar). She denied it and in turn brought up the fact that I called her “fat” I immediately apologized. I’m not a body shamer and I’m someone that actively tries to support other women. I explained to her that I’ve had a ton of experiences in my life where I’ve been treated unfairly for the color of my skin or women ostracizing me because they’re threatened by the way I look when I have makeup and fancy clothes on…( I have two sides to me… the tomboy and the princess… I love putting on a little foundation, lashes and lipstick and looking like a doll lol) and my extroversion. This was my attempt at radical vulnerability and she dismissed it immediately. “That has nothing to do with it, you were treated how you were bc of the way you were acting”. An admission that I was in fact being treated poorly and an insidious attempt to use racial stereotypes to demonize the black girl. “the way you were acting”. How was I acting? I wasn’t being obnoxious… I was doing what people do at a bar. Get drunk and have conversations. My goal wasn’t to be “right”, my goal with restoring harmony. So I offered her a hug which she understandably declined. I was told that I wasn’t allowed at the bar anymore. I was enraged by this. In my opinion I hadn’t done anything to warrant a ban. Cards get declined. I didn’t yell or act aggressively when I was humiliated in front of the entire bar…. A ban was unfair. There are tons of bars in the Gold Coast I don’t NEED to go to the lodge. It’s the principle. You cannot ostracize people from spaces because of your personal bias against them. It’s unfair. And this in my opinion constitutes as “direct” discrimination and disrespect. It was subtle and insidious and I wasn’t going to just sit back and take it.
In the weeks that followed every weekend I walked past the lodge I was met with catcalling and obscenities being yelled at me. I was told on dating apps by people in the neighborhood that a rumor was going about that I was a prositute. I remember the black male manager at the lodge asking me where I worked when I asked him to advocate for me about the bullying situation. At the time I thought it was an odd… irrelevant question in response to such a horrifying and traumatizing experience. Apparently you can’t be black and attractive in the Gold Coast or you’re probably a prostitute. I have a rewarding engineering job that I love. He added “ well if your card hadn’t gotten declined none of this would have happened”. I have nothing against sex workers but the defamation of my character was getting out of control and I needed to do something about it. My mental health was on a steady decline. I couldn’t eat or get out of bed. I was too humiliated to even leave the house...to walk my dog…No one should ever have to feel that amount of discomfort where the live.
I decided to escalate the situation and I sent emails to every management person I could find online associated with the lodge management group. My first email was responded to and I was told the situation would be “investigated”. I know they have cameras. They could have easily rolled back the footage to see the bartender humiliating me. Was I overcharged? I ordered 4 shots. How was it 70+ dollars?. Weeks passed. The bullying continued. My depression worsened and nothing was investigated.
The security guards at the lodge and affiliate bars had heard about the situation at this point and every time I visited the hange uppe ( which I loved)or shenanigans…I was greeted with disrespect from the guards. There was an air of blind tribalism. It didn’t seem to matter to anyone who was right or wrong in the situation. It had been decided that I was a problem and that was the narrative.
I went to the hangeuppe one Thursday and had a great time like a always do. Going out on the weekend It’s my catharsis after a long week of work. I get to dress up and look cute and meet cute boys. My extroverted nature loved it. One this Thursday though when I got to the door… I knew the guards were talking about me. They were staring at me and whispering as I waited in line and when it was my turn to take my ID… they just starred at me with a scrawl on their faces. At this point in this neighborhood… about 5 months into moving here I’ve gotten very good at ignoring negativity. I simply walked past them and said nothing. But I was hurt…at the end of the night I drunkenly said to one of the guards… “I know you think you know me…but you don’t even know my name. You heard rumors about me and you’re acting based on those without giving me the opportunity to explain myself”. He replied “I do know you”. I responded “actually you don’t…for example we’re both black but I’m African… like from the continent of Africa… you wouldn’t know that unless you actually got to know me… we are both black but we’re different. It’s not fair to make assumptions about people…we are all too complex and layered”. I regretted my drunken attempt at teaching a philosophical lesson immediately. I should have never brought up me being African. It was just an example but I could tell he took it the wrong way. He got very offended and told me to leave. I cried the rest of that night realizing that this would only make the public humiliation saga I was in worse.
The Saturday that followed I went back to the hanguppe like I usually do and was immediately told I wasn’t allowed. In front of everyone. I asked to speak with a manager and was referred to the black male manager who was working at shenanigans at the time. It was a Saturday night. Division street was filled with people and in front of everyone he said “I was told that you were harassing some of my guys at The Hangge Uppe on Thursday it’s become a pattern and because of that you are banned from all of our bars”. He said this in front of everyone and I was sooo humiliated. I knew I needed to advocate for myself. I responded “ It makes me extremely sad that you specifically would say this to me because every time I see you I’ve been kind to you and even given you a hug despite all the horrible things that your staff and other people that are aware of this situation have done to me.I don’t understand why you can’t judge my character based on your personal experiences with me rather than hearsay and rumors“. He responded “ you’re mentally disturbed”. I am not being dramatic when I say this is one of the most painful moments of my life if not the most humiliating and painful moment of my life. I could feel the pain in my throat. I can’t describe to you how I felt in that moment. I had opened up about my anxiety and depression to management when I was being bullied by their staff and regulars. I opened up about my mental health because I wanted the to understand the severity of the bullying and how deeply it was impacting. I haven’t had suicidal thoughts since high school and now they were a daily thing. Because of the actions of a group of people I woke up every day wishing I wasn’t alive. I can’t change being a woman. I can’t change being black. I can’t change being “attractive”. I can’t change being an extrovert. Why would I want to exist in a would where I’m not accepted for who I am but instead punished for it.
The bullying at the lodge and their franchise bars only stopped bc I got a lawyer and a cease and desist was sent to management. I had to advocate for myself. In a messed up way I’m grateful for this experience. It forced me to grow in some pretty profound ways. It forced me to focus more on self care and self love and less on seeking external validation to feel loved. Not everyone is going to like me and that’s okay. If you’re someone that struggles with mental health know that you are not unworthy of love. Your very existence on this planet is proof that you are loved unconditionally. You are irreplaceable and you do matter.
PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 988 ANYTIME TO SPEAK WITH A MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE. You are loved. The universe loves you and so do I.
It’s important for us all to realize that you cannot project stereotypes and assumptions about groups of people unto an individual. I truly believe that if I wasn’t a black woman someone would have done something to advocate for me. But I’m not a victim. I never will be. I am love.
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2023.03.21 06:07 IndigoScribson I created a spreadsheet for Limited Life statistics

Link to the spreadsheet is here.
I decided around episode 2 to make a stats sheet for Limited Life, and so far I've kept up with every death and kill, how much life was lost and gained per player and in total, and even set up a leaderboard I plan on updating per session.
Given that reddit is full of nerds I thought you guys would appreciate my attempt (and also give criticisms where needed -- I'm still new to google sheets after all).
Feel free to send out ideas and corrections in the comments if you'd like!
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2023.03.21 06:07 cauliflowermilksing $30 Off Ignite Drops Coupon & Promo Codes

Use the link for $30 Off Ignite Drops Coupon & Promo Codes. The website features a wide selection of Ignite Drops coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly for you to choose from and make your purchase more affordable.
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2023.03.21 06:07 Dickieman5000 Thinking of Trying Something Ambitious...Any Thoughts?

I was asked by my longtime group to run some old-school World of Darkness, and it's been a blast, but looking over books reminds me that I've always wanted to try and find a way to do the "Under a Blood Red Moon" story with both vampire and werewolves at competing tables. My vision would see the two groups starting out following the module's timeline and start, but each table's actions affecting the other, and with a confrontation almost certain to occur by the end, resulting in a very lethal, high stakes fight.
Well, although I'm nervous about using Discord for PbP, I think PbP has the best chance of making this idea really fly, and I think Discord is the best vehicle for two tables running the same world from competing angles. I'm thinking I can easily have a channel for the garou, a channel for the kindred, oocs for both, and a main lounge for both groups, as well as eventually using one channel for the big finale.
The biggest issue I forsee is simply that because a confrontation is desired and the story focuses on a war between werewolves and vampires, characters are likely to die! Not that it's possible they will die, but probable. This would be a one-shot anyway, but it's a concern all the same.
The question is, what negatives (and positives) am I not thinking about? Would it possibly be best to get a co-GM? I feel like I'm missing some obvious stuff here, so thoughts greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.21 06:06 Difficult-Fall-2386 Make easy money by joining this activity. No experience necessary! Clicking back with 3 devices for every valid click! Click the picture and accept to start earning today! #clickforclick

Make easy money by joining this activity. No experience necessary! Clicking back with 3 devices for every valid click! Click the picture and accept to start earning today! #clickforclick submitted by Difficult-Fall-2386 to TEMU_Official [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 06:06 ThrowRA_AshesFlushed I flushed my husband’s late wife into the toilet and I am at loss of words

As I write this Reddit post, with a phone in my hands and tears streaming down my face, it feels debilitating waiting for my husband to come home.
He’s on a work trip and he’s going to be coming tomorrow morning
I never thought that my own husband's deceased wife would be the source of such bitterness, resentment, hurt, and anger in me. My retroactive jealousy has been heightened since we moved in together, and I discovered the urn containing her ashes. It's like she's a constant presence in our home, claiming a piece of my husband's heart that I should rightfully have.
I suffer from bipolar disorder, and this situation has intensified my feelings of jealousy to the point where I can't stand the idea of her memory or her taking a piece of my husband's heart. I just want to be his soulmate, not the late wife. It's like I'm constantly competing with a ghost, and I'm losing.
My husband talking about their life together only makes me feel worse. Every time he mentions her, I can't help but feel like I'm second best to a woman who's not even here anymore. It's not that I don't understand how much he loved her, it's just that I want him to love me more.
I asked my husband to get rid of the ashes, but he didn't listen to me. He says that keeping the ashes is a way to honor her memory, and it makes him feel closer to her. But for me, it's disrespectful to keep such a profound reminder of a past partner when we are supposed to be building a life together. I needed to reclaim my husband back, and I felt like I had to take drastic measures.
In a moment of jealous rage, I flushed down the ashes. It felt almost evilly amazing, like I finally won the competition with a dead woman for my husband's love and attention. I felt relief that finally, the house we live in reflects the love and memories we share, not the life he had with his late wife.
In that moment, as I watched the ashes being flushed away, it felt almost evilly amazing. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn't help feeling a sense of satisfaction that I had finally reclaimed my husband back completely. For once, the house we lived in felt like our own, not a shrine to his late wife. The relief I felt was immense, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
But I know my husband would be devastated, and I don't know what to do. I feel guilty for potentially hurting him, but at the same time, I'm relieved that I won't have to compete with a ghost anymore. I love my husband, but I can't keep feeling like I'm a consolation prize. I need to figure out a way to move past this jealousy and find a way to honor his late wife's memory without it hurting our relationship.
Does anyone have any advice or experience with this kind of situation? I don't want to lose my husband, but I also don't want to live in the shadow of his past.
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2023.03.21 06:06 cosmicwolfspit Does anyone else have an intense itch to fix the plants in shops/restaurants??

Hey y’all, I’m what you could call a bit “plant obsessed”. I work at a plant store and I am a proud parent to more than 100 plants at home, and I take incredible pride in how healthy they are and how lovely they look! Does anyone else who is like me get incredibly bothered when they walk into a store front or restaurant and every. Single. Plant. Is dying?? I totally understand that the employees probably don’t have the time or training necessary to take care of plants AND do their regular jobs but it just makes me sad! Why have plants (and waste the money) if they’re all going to look like they haven’t been loved in 10 years? I just want to walk around and snatch every baby off the wall and give it a good home. Anyway I’ve decided the way I fix this is by having my own side hustle where I offer a fixed rate to acquire and take care of plants for a number of stores/restaurants each week/month. Does anyone have any experience with a job like this, is there any advice you would give? Thanks so much!
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2023.03.21 06:06 Doomcaliber12 My brother is everything I’ve ever wanted to be

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for him and happy that he was able to get to this point, but he’s 4 years younger than me (19) and he’s accomplished things I’ve only dreamed of and surpassed them by so much. It doesn’t make me jealous, just makes me sad realizing I will probably never get to experience those things. Thing is, I can see my progress, I’m getting closer to my goals, but the progress that’s taken me five years to make, I’ve seen done in less than a year by so many including my brother.
Tbh I think when my parents and cats are gone it might be time for me as well. I get it’ll be hard on my siblings, but hopefully not as hard as I’ve struggled to stick around.
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2023.03.21 06:06 TitaniumNipplez Need help adding GBA game.

Been at it for awhile, but for some reason I can't get The Urbz to appear on the Miyoo. It is in the ROMS GBA folder, where it should be. Refreshing doesn't make it appear. I have tried clearing cache, and the OSX system files. I can't for the life of me figure it out. This is day 2 of trying.
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2023.03.21 06:06 Aldijoy3319 From Blunt to Wispy: Which Bang Hair Extension Style is Right for You?

From Blunt to Wispy: Which Bang Hair Extension Style is Right for You?

Make a bold statement with bangs hair
But with so many different types of bangs, it can be overwhelming to decide.
In this blog post, we’ll be taking a closer look at three popular bang styles: wispy bangs, curtain bangs, and side-swept bangs, and helping you decide.

1. Wispy Bangs

Add fun and flair to your hairstyle with wispy bangs
Wispy bangs are a great option for those who want to add some texture and movement to their hair. These bangs are cut with a feathered, tapered edge, giving them a soft and wispy look. They work well with both straight and wavy hair, and are a great way to frame your face without being too heavy or overpowering.
If you have a round face, wispy bangs can help elongate your face shape. They’re also great for those with fine or thin hair, as they add some fullness and dimension to your look. To style your wispy bangs, use a round brush to blow dry them forward, or use a flat iron to add some subtle waves.

2. Curtain Bangs

Frame your face with curtain bangs
Curtain bangs are named for their parted look, which resembles the opening of a curtain. They’re a versatile option that can be worn in a variety of ways, including parted in the middle or swept to the side. Curtain bangs are typically longer than other types of balayage hair, which makes them a great choice with oval or heart-shaped faces, as they help balance out your features. They’re also a great option for those with thicker hair, as they add some movement and texture to your hair without looking too bulky. To style your curtain bangs, use a round brush to blow dry them forward, or add some waves with a curling iron.

3. Side-Swept Bangs

Create some movement and dimension with side-swept bangs
Side-swept bangs are a classic option that never go out of style. They’re cut at an angle, sweeping across your forehead to one side. Side-swept bangs work well with all face shapes and hair types, and are a great way to add some dimension and movement to your hair.
If you have a square face, side swept bangs can help soften your features. They’re also a great option if you want to add some volume to your hair, as they create a natural lift. To style your side-swept bangs, use a round brush to blow dry them to one side, or add some loose waves with a curling iron.

4. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are a bold and dramatic option that make a statement. They’re cut straight across your forehead, giving them a sharp and edgy look. Blunt bangs work well with all face shapes, but are particularly flattering for those with long or oval-shaped faces.
Blunt bangs can be a great way to add some structure to your look, and they work well with both straight and curly hair. However, if you have thick or curly hair, you may find that blunt bangs require some extra styling to keep them looking polished. To style your blunt bangs, use a flat iron to create a sleek and straight look, or use a round brush to add some volume and movement.


Bangs can be a great way to switch up your look without committing to a major cut. Wispy bangs, curtain bangs, and side-swept bangs are all popular options, each with their own unique look and benefits. When deciding which style is right for you, consider your face shape, hair type, and personal style preferences. With the right bangs, you can create a whole new look that complements your features and adds some fun and flair to your hairstyle with bangs hair from Halo Couture hair salon today!
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2023.03.21 06:06 trabstreecss Principal benefits of serviced apartments

An entirely furnished private apartment suitable for both short and long stays is referred to as a serviced apartment. It is excellent for both leisure and business travel. You're never far from where you need to be thanks to our excellent location in Whitefield and serviced apartments for rent in Whitefield Bangalore. You can easily access transportation options from this place, as well as other key areas of the city.
The following are some benefits of serviced apartments:
1.) They have the atmosphere of a home away from home. Sometimes we want to leave home but still want to experience some of the same comforts. These apartments are perfect for longer stays because they have spacious kitchens, bathrooms, and multiple bedrooms. This is the ideal setting for both work and relaxation.
2.) Ideal for extended stays: Serviced accommodations are ideal for medium- to long-term stays because they are reasonably priced, regularly cleaned, and have a homier feel with proper kitchens and bathrooms.
3.) It is ideal for privacy: Corporate travelers find hotels unsuitable because of late-night birthday celebrations, stag parties, and loud guests. However, serviced apartments are ideal for professionals because they give them the privacy they need to finish their briefings, meetings, or presentations.
4.) Willingness to adapt your plans: We are all aware that the corporate world is a dynamic environment and that plans can change at the last minute. This is why at our serviced apartment for rent in Whitefield Bangalore, we make it simple for you to change, book, and re-arrange. It's uncommon to find this level of flexibility at major hotel chains.
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2023.03.21 06:06 digitaldrive_360 Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option?

The world is now going online. Thus, digital marketing is in great demand now. There are companies and individuals who are looking for experts who specialize in digital marketing. Seeing the demand for the same, there are now multiple digital marketing courses, both online and offline. The number of people interested in completing their certification program is quite high.
With businesses going online people now require expertise to handle the job and manage things better. It helps them stay ahead of the competitors. Thus, the demand for digital marketing is ever-growing. It is one of those industries that will be a great career prospect. So considering a good digital marketing course will be extremely advantageous?
Why choose a career in digital marketing?
Marketing over the last few years has become a focus for the customers. Irrespective of the product, industry, or services the company offers, they want to stay ahead of the competition. This makes digital marketing a great professional career for anyone planning to take digital marketing as a career. The industry requires skills in marketing and technology domains. This is why it is important that you start with your digital marketing course in Gurgaon and complete it as soon as possible to get a certification. This will give the employer the assurance that you are well-versed in the job and can handle things better.
Working as a digital marketer will not only bring you a good salary and a stable job but will also allow you to learn new things regularly. After all, digital marketing is a fast-paced environment where innovation is common. It is a good field to work in as it will provide continuous learning for experts with challenges and tough tasks that you will have to complete to meet customer demands online.
Now it is absolutely possible for digital professionals to start their careers individually and quickly. But still, it is advised that you find a good digital marketing training institute to complete your certification program. After all, this gives proof of your learning. Also, it will bring in better job opportunities for you.
Besides, a major reason digital marketing is in great demand as a career is its versatility. The professionals are specialized in multiple areas based on their skills and professionalism. As a result of industrial growth, people will have more choices to choose the career option that will be best suited to their requirements.
In the coming 5 to 10 years, marketers will be bound to make use of digital marketing for the success of the business. This means there will be better career opportunities coming to you. Besides, online visibility for individuals is quite an essential part. So brands and even personal individuals can hire you to help improve their online presence. But you need to understand that digital marketing is an ever-growing industry. There are updates every now and then. So you can look for digital marketing courses online and continue learning from wherever you are. It will ease the experience and bring better learning to your fingertips.
If you are looking for a good digital marketing institute in Gurgaon, then you can consider trusting Digital Drive 360 to get the best learning experience. They have qualified and experienced teachers who will help ease the learning experience. They will offer you all the assistance you require to become an expert in the industry. Irrespective of experience level or specialization, they will help you make your way to the top. They are the most trusted ones to complete the course and get the certification for a good career ahead.
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2023.03.21 06:06 Still_Needleworker11 The Popular Lamia girl of school wants to talk to you [F4M] [Wholesome] [Reassurance] [PTSD?] [Comfort] [Confession] [Kissing]

Context: The most popular girl in school (A Lamia) wants to talk to you,
Tags: [F4M] [Wholesome] [Reassurance] [PTSD?] [Comfort] [Confession] [Kissing]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script.
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! YouTube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
[Scene opens with school getting out]
[SFX: Bell ringing]
[SFX: Slithering tail]
“Hey, you got a minute?”
[You nod]
“Meet me out by the cafeteria in five minutes.”
[You go to the cafeteria]
“So, you made it. Sorry for all the secrecy going on.”
[You say its fine]
“I do appreciate you seeing me here. If word got out I was talking to you, who knows what would happen.”
[You ask what’s up]
“Always straight to the point, so it’s more about you. More specifically; about the last time I went over to your house.”
“Your dad, he seemed a little out of it. Was he ok?”
[You say that he was fine]
“Look, I know when people are trying to hide something from me. You’re better off just telling me straight up. What was wrong with him?”
[You ask if she wouldn’t judge him]
“Okay, fine. I will not judge him. So what was wrong with him?”
[You explain the situation with your dad]
“*Gasp* so, seeing me in your house made him…?”
[She starts getting flustered]
“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”
[You say its fine]
“No it’s not fine. I was indirectly responsible for giving your dad an episode? Do you see the issue here?”
[You nod]
“And you’re still ok with this?”
[You nod]
“How? How are you ok with this? I mean, if your dad was suffering like this-“
[You interrupt her and tell her]
“Huh? You talked to him?”
[You nod]
“Okay, so what did you talk about?”
[You talked about her]
“Me? Well…I…*Sigh* Tell you what, I think it’s better if you tell the entire story.”
[You tell her why your dad was afraid of snakes]
“So if I understand correctly, your father went through basic and had to deal with snakes. One hazing moment later, he was mortified of snakes, snake girls, and anything snake related.”
[You nod]
“I guess that would bother anyone, regardless of what background. Anyways, if we’re going to work on projects now I think it’s best we do it at my house.”
[You look down saddened]
“Look, it’s probably best that I stay away from your dad. At least for now. I’m sure he’ll come around.”
[You say it’s dumb that the two of you have to do this]
“Huh? You find it dumb that we have to do this? Well, we can’t really force him to accept me as a student by force. Lab partner’s or not, It’s best that we let him settle this in his own paste.”
[SFX: Hand brushing on your arm]
“Trust me, there’s nothing worse in situations like this than to force people to accept you. It’s best that you ease into this.”
[You ask how]
“Well, for starters; with compassion. If I being there is giving him flashbacks to his basic training days, then maybe I shouldn’t be there.”
[You try to interrupt her but she shushes you]
“Shh. I shouldn’t be there…For now. Not saying that I should not go over there eventually.”
[She holds your hand]
“Trust me, its better this way.”
“I...Um…*Clears throat* anyway, let’s move on.”
[SFX: Papers shuffling]
“Now, we were told to go over the lab notes again, and I was wondering if I can cross-check your notes.”
[You nod and hand over the notes]
“Oh, thank you.”
[SFX: Shuffling papers]
“So everything seems in order. Good to know that at least one other person got the same notes.”
“I know it seems odd or pointless, but I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”
[You say its fine]
“I’m glad you’re so understanding. I do appreciate it.”
[You ask her if you could ask a question]
“Hm? Ask me a question. Well I don’t see any issue. What is it?”
[You ask why she wanted you as a lab partner]
“Why did I want you as a lab partner? Well…I…You see. *Sigh* Well I guess I might as well tell you.”
“Just don’t be to weirded out by this ok?”
[You nod]
“Good, well you see. When we first met. I…kind of thought you were cute.”
[You’re surprised by the response]
“Well, you see. High School wasen’t the first time that we meet.”
“We actually meet back when your Mom use to be part of a book club.”
[You vaguely remember it]
“You see, back then we were in a separate part of the library and the other kids use to pick on me. All because I was a Lamia.”
[You wonder who those jerks were]
“*Giggle* No need to bother hunting them down. Back then, you actually stuck up for me.”
“It did take those kids a while to finally stop.”
[You try to remember her]
“Maybe this will help.”
[She takes out a glasses case and puts on a pair of glasses]
“Back then, I use to wear these a lot. Thankfully, no one knows that I wear contacts now.”
[She gets closer to you and whispers]
“Although~, I heard that this look is coming back as fast as a Hurricane~.”
[She laughs a little]
“Yeah. So anyways, I know that there will be some issues with your dad. I think he just needs a little time. There is one thing that I wanted to say to you though.”
[SFX: Arm rubbing]
“It’s something that I have been practicing all this time. You see, back then…”
[She clears her throat]
“I…I love you.”
“Now, don’t get me wrong. If you believe that we can’t be together because of your father, I totally understand. I just want you to know-“
[SFX: Kissing]
“Wait, does that mean…?”
[You nod]
“Oh, darling~”
[SFX: Tail moving and coiling]
“You have no idea how happy this makes me. I have to ask though; how did you explain it to you dad?”
[You go over how you did it]
“So your dad is willing to try to get over his fears…for you and me?”
[You nod]
“I just want you to know, I don’t want him to do anything he doesn’t want to. If he needs space, I’ll give him space. Like I said earlier, we have to do this slowly. Understand?”
[You nod]
[The two of you kiss again]
“I just want to say how happy I am right now. I know like I’m seeming like I’m rushing. It’s just, I have an image to keep. So, my place for the lab work?”
[You nod]
“Great, See you next lab study.”
[She slithers away as it fades to black]
[To be continued…?]
Note: The next part might dive into the father's PTSD. So, if I do this I might as well have it from his perspective. Maybe him overcoming his demons and nightmare. If that might seem too dark, I'll dial it down (Obviously). I've still been struggling not to give to much info in the brackets. Hopefully this one is better, and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a lovely day/night.
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2023.03.21 06:05 publicspeakinglondon The Importance of Dressing Up in Public Speaking Situations

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2023.03.21 06:05 pennylessz Boxing sim games where you manage a boxer rather than play one? (Fair warning, I'm asking here because I feel I've seen most.)

So I've sort of kind of run out of boxing sims to play, and the existence of TEW for wrestling makes it incredibly sad to me that there aren't more boxing manager games. I mean, to my knowledge I've done.
If anything else of this degree is worth playing, please fill me in. I just can't seem to get the depth I want in a single experience, each has its own downsides.
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2023.03.21 06:05 rezdogs870 CMV: Youth often identify as trans as a social fad

I’m extremely reluctant to post this, but I promise I am well-intentioned. Taking data from the Youth at Risk survey, 1/5 high school students identify as transgender (USA). I work in a school, and the number is probably 30% trans males. And 0-1% trans females. The percentage of adults claiming a “trans” identity has remained steady over time. Meaning: most trans youth now shed the identify by adulthood.
Kids should be fully supported and accepted in their process of developing their sexual and gender identities. No shit. Fight me, right wingers. But I can’t help but think that many kids who identify as trans or non-binary are doing so in the same way that I identified with a certain band or hairstyle in the 80s. If a kid comes out as trans, they have a built in social group, and an automatic identity. Even if that identity is online. Very attractive to a 12-18 year old. The fact the identify often changes week to week may support my claim.
Caveat: I do live and work in a culture that is aggressively accepting of any gender identity or sexual preference that deviates from the “norm”. So I understand that I may be overlooking a lot. In my isolated experience, coming out as trans always yields social rewards. Or at least attention. I reluctantly am starting to believe this is part of the fact that 20% of kids are trans. More where I am. 20% can’t be the true underlying figure, can it?
I’ve considered the possibility that these numbers were always accurate, but improved social conditions simply make it more possible for kids to be themselves. That would be awesome if true. But: 1) I’d think we’d see similar numbers of trans men and trans woman. And 2) those identities wouldn’t be so transient.
CMV, please.
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2023.03.21 06:05 c0wgirlfromhell funeral attire etiquette?

I have a funeral service for a close family friend. I already plan on a dark, modest, simple dress with little to no adorning. But, i’m conflicted about makeup because my normal makeup includes a pale face and large eyeshadow. I don’t feel all that comfortable abandoning makeup altogether or doing “regular” makeup, but I also want to make sure I am being respectful and not drawing too much attention to myself. Should I make the eyeshadow smaller? How do you tone down makeup? Or is it more appropriate to just leave my preferred style at home for the day?
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2023.03.21 06:05 Unbewitch Pistol Mix Modding?

In the road map the pistol mix modding tool was put before the 5 new scenes. The five new scenes are coming May 1st, but no mention of the modding tool.
Anyone know when it's coming?
I love that there's going to be new levels for sure, I just really can't wait to start modding stages and songs. I know the modding community will go crazy making content to enjoy so I'm really hoping that it releases soon!
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2023.03.21 06:05 l___I [spoiler]Just beat a boss and have a question

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2023.03.21 06:05 ow1gu 35 [M4F] - Kansas/Anywhere - I'm looking for a girl ready to settle down

My dating experience has been very limited. I'm not really experienced and am no more than average looking. I've been trying to find somebody for about six months. Previously I accepted my life but have been trying to make improvements.
I believe I am in a better position now and am ready to try to find happiness and somebody to share new life experiences with.
I game a lot. I also live to watch TV shows/Anime/Movies. I also love to cook, whether it be in the kitchen or on the grill. I love everything by Gordon Ramsay. I own a few cookbooks by him, but I also have always love Emeril for the last 20 years. I have made so many recipes by him and love his food. I'm probably a foodee and am always willing to try new stuff. Reading wise I have a strong preference towards Stephen King.
Are any women out there looking to skip the normal talk for 1-2 days with all the boring intros to end up with the person ghosting you? Let's skip that part and see where this goes and if anything truly can come of it. Ideally possibly marriage and a family.
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