Calories in stouffer's mac and cheese

Getting hammered while getting slim

2013.01.12 00:16 stupidrobots Getting hammered while getting slim

A subreddit devoted to the careful craft of the low-carb drunk. Too many sugary cocktails and carb-laden beer finding their way to your gut, ass, and thighs? We've got the cure for you! Self promotion of any non-alcohol related keto products is considered SPAM On this sub and you will be banned without further question.

2019.02.19 02:47 enjoyyouryak Cheesy Macaroni Is Life

Mac & cheese that's so sexy it borders on pornographic. Show us your noods!

2019.07.22 19:48 polyluti1 OMADCheatMeals

Hello this is a page for the unhealthy meals we stuff our pipeholes with and still lose weight eating. This is for the whole box of Kraft Mac N Cheese, the bag of Pizza Rolls, the huge platter of Fast Food, etc. The only rule is that the meal has to be within your maintenance calories or below. I will be posting Every Meal I eat on OMAD. One Meal A Day Is My Life One Meal A Day Can Be Your's Too!

2023.06.04 09:20 SoftManufacturer727 Why Aren't Scripts/Hacks/Cheats in League of Legends Subject to IP/MAC Bans?

I have a question regarding the usage of scripts, hacks, and cheats in the game. I'm curious to know why these individuals who exploit the game with such tools aren't subject to IP/MAC bans. It seems like a fair measure to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Could you please provide some insights into this matter? Thank you for your attention.
#LeagueOfLegends #FairGaming
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2023.06.04 09:16 Sakuraxo Need advice. My makeup routine hasn’t changed but now my makeup looks patchy

My makeup routine used to be bullet proof! I could sleep in it and still wake up looking pretty good. I haven’t changed a single thing but now a few hours into my day and you can see my makeup creasing at my smile lines and it looks all patchy above my upper lip. It’s so embarrassing. Any advice on how to make my makeup last ? My makeup routine consists of 1. First aide beauty moisturizer 2. Mac prep and primer 3. Liquid foundation from bareminerals with beauty blender 4. Concealer under eyes 5. Powder foundation from bareminerals 6. Setting powder Laura mercier 7. Setting spray urban decay all nighter. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you !
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2023.06.04 09:11 Josei-N-Koni I’m conflicted by my condition as I get older

I can’t eat anything that tastes even remotely sweet or it’ll send me into a nauseous state as if I’ve gotten food poisoning.
I’ve been okay with it my whole life but every once in a while it would piss off certain people.
Anything with red sauce makes me physically ill, but not immobilized. My mom once got mad at me because I couldn’t bear to eat spaghetti normally after I turned 16, lasagna was out of the picture until she decided to make one without sauce and more cheese.
People have either felt bad for me or given me weird looks when I ask for something other than cake for my birthday since I ask for weird things like vegetables, or fancy foods (caviar, mortadella, romanesco, brie, etc.)
I have to burn things to get the sweet taste out of them, like sandwich toasts and certain meats. The only bread I’ll eat comfortably cold is pumpernickel, sourdough, and French bread (garlic bread too but my mom doesn’t like those and I get those for me rarely)
If I forget I’ve eaten breakfast or at all and end up eating something as small as a single chocolate strawberry, I will keep getting more and more sick until I vomit and almost pass out from the stomach pains and overall exhaustion of trying to digest something so sweet on its own.
The only drinks I allow myself are milk and water (and technically coffee and fancy teas but those are just flavored waters), my favorite being milk because it has a good flavor, and a nice but subtle texture differing between whole, 2%, half&half, and whipping cream (I don’t drink it straight I like adding small bits to foods and coffee for mouthfeel). Anything else I end up wasting 15/16th’s of it if I’m curious enough to try it out. It usually ends in disappointment that I can’t broaden my horizons.
I like sour candies, but not the ones that get sweet after you’ve sucked all the sour off, those I sadly end up wasting. I really like warheads but they have a sweet center which I can’t enjoy. I like juicy drop pops, but I only ever eat the sour juice and discard the lollipop. I try and eat it but it makes me sick the more I try.
I’ve actually had a “sweet” candy that I can enjoy: smarties. I’ve eaten them ever since I was a kid. I looked them up and apparently they have dextrose, instead of glucose. They’re my favorite candy of all time, and if I could I would buy every version of them ever made.
It’s not about health, even if it’s “sugar-free”, or low sugar, there’s always some kind of sugar alternative that’s probably even more unhealthy than the original option.
I normally like the smell of sweet things, but if it’s too strong it makes me sick. If I eat something sweet and get sick, those things I liked will make me feel worse because they’re sweet.
I’ve basically blacklisted sweetness out of my tastebuds because of how painful they are to eat. Small test bites are slowly becoming less and less enjoyable. It’s unfortunate as well because I love trying new stuff even if it makes me grimace.
Just wanted to vent. That’s what this sub is for.
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2023.06.04 09:10 PsychoticChemist Saturation changes when MacBook is connected to external monitor in 144hz mode only

Hey all. I recently started using my MacBook Pro (2017) with my external monitor (1080p, up to 144hz). It looks great color-wise at 60hz, and everything works well. But when I switch to 144hz in system preferences, the exposure (pretty sure it's exposure rather than saturation) is slightly off. It's subtle enough that some people probably wouldn't notice it, but it's also significant enough that it really bothers me.
Does anyone know what's going on here? I have no HDR options in my display settings, so I don't think that's it. I also checked all the saturation settings and none of those are the culprit. I googled around and didn't find anything. The color profile setting also isn't changing when I go from 60hz to 144hz, so that's probably not it
Would really appreciate some pointers! Would love to get this fixed.
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2023.06.04 09:08 Goats247 Im blind and miserable but i was in the trenches... go live your life you only got one don't baby it's laid away for nothing

Im legally blind and i have miserable medical stuff going on 24/7
I wish it was better for us slaves
I worked in retail for 13 years until i coyldnt see hardly anything , i am bi polar and have muktiple anxiety disorders
My eyes are permanently damaged and I only have a few years of usable Vision left
I live on $2.50 cent meals (cheese tortillas) and $1.39 iced tea from Mcdonalds
I have no family help and have hardly any possessions
Iced coffee at Mcdonalds is as exciting as it gets
I just want to die soon so thjs doesnt go on for decades
For people that are working their asses off i salute you. Go get you want....if you want freedom buy a shack in a cheap state and start over with friends
I worked paid my taxes and i have nothing other than bills and debt with a tiny disabilities check
If you want freedom go for it
If you don't make much money go find some friends that aren't useless and go to a cheap state where it doesn't really matter how much money you make
There are huge sections of this country that don't have much people in it and you can get a house for nothing, the Deep South the Upper Midwest the Northern New England
Go where the cheap houses are
Just go get any Little Shack if anybody stands in your way just ignore them, you can either be a slave or have something
If I could work at all I would love to have extra income
It literally took 45 minutes for me to type this out and use text to speech
I would follow my own advice but all of my own friends are elderly and close to the Grave
All they did was work for a living and raise kids and really have nothing of Their Own
They don't even have their own house they live in senior apartments that are in bad areas of the country
You only have one life go live it
Don't be me and basically slave away for nothing
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2023.06.04 09:05 avarciousRutabega99 Some questions from a beginner that I cant seem to find answers to anywhere else

Does the schedule I choose to follow depend on what my goals are? I dont want/need to lose much weight in fact I’d actually like to gain muscle. All the resources say someone like me with my goals needs to eat between 1800-2000 calories per day. (32 year old male, 5’9, 155 lbs approximately 20% body fat)
Should I not be doing 16:8? Eating two ≈ 1000 calorie meals in 8 hours seems like a lot for my body to process, however wont a shorter fasting period mean I’m not reaping all the benefits of a longer fast such as lowering blood pressure, better mitochondrial function, anti-inflammatory/anti-aging, and leptin balance? One of my primary reasons for doing IF is that I’m obsessed with food, “always” hungry and pretty much addicted to high carb processed junk foods (potatoes chips and the like) as well as cookies, ice cream typical stuff like that.
Sorry if these questions are easily answered somewhere else and feel free to direct me to those resources. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 09:02 Distinct_Rub_1203 A guy was taking pictures of me and everyone sided with him.

I was invited to a small social yesterday, me a guy I know, his friend and another plus his dad. The guys dad was there because he has autism and cannot function on his own.
This gathering was basically us all in a room drinking wine and eating cheese with some music.
Around an hour into it I noticed the autistic guy (I don’t remember his name, I think it was Sam) was taking pictures of me, I jokingly asked him if he was and he just said “ya but it’s ok” so then time goes on and on and I feel like he’s still taking photos of me.
I go over and look at his phone and I see around 15 videos where he’s just zoomed in and recorded me and around 60 - 100 photos of just me, not pics where I happen to be in them, just me.
So at this point I start to freak and I ask him to delete the pics, he keeps saying “why? I haven’t done anything wrong” we have this back and forth for a few minutes where he keeps saying he hasn’t done anything wrong, at this point his father steps in and says “just drop it” this makes me really angry and I raise my voice demanding the videos and pictures are deleted.
The father basically says “why are you getting angry and arguing with an autistic person? Just drop it, you aren’t gonna change anything he doesn’t even understand” so then I ask Sam do you even understand why I’m upset? Do you even know what you’ve done? And he just looks at with his mouth open while his dad keeps saying “I don’t know why your trying to argue with an autistic person” “you can’t argue with an autistic person he doesn’t grasp what’s going on”
Now he’s was very obviously special needs but he was capable of conversation, his speech was very slurred and rather basic, but he wasn’t so far on the spectrum that we couldn’t have a conversation about what happened. You knew straight away that he had severe problems but he wasn’t beyond understanding right and wrong.
At this point Sam got angry and just kept saying “I ain’t done nothing, I ain’t done nothing, I ain’t done nothing” over and over and over he must have said it 50 times in 10 minutes, everyone’s looking at me annoyed because I won’t drop it and I don’t so the two just leave.
What an awful night.
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2023.06.04 08:58 SylvieMariella Increase in Exercise - Weight staying same

Really appreciate help with this one.
I'm a 33F, 5'7 and 13.13st and in a calorie deficit, eating 1450-1750 daily depending on exercise amounts, and 2000 - 2500k calories at the weekend. I use a scale and log everything.
Recently have got a new job 3-4 weeks ago where my commute is walking 45 mins each way.
So my daily steps have increased from about 8k to 12-15k Mon-Thur, up to 20k on a Friday, depending on the weekend day anything from 1k-10k.
This is on top of hula hooping 3 x a week, and occasional cycle.
I'm really struggling to see any progression. I worked out for the first week I was getting dehydrated with the walking, so upped the water, and the scale is more stable now, and less peaks and troughs.
For example, I'll be 13.13st all week, maybe going up a couple, then at the weekend I'll go up 2-4 due to salt increase/water weight, and then I'll drop back to 13.13... im also not seeing any changes using a tape measure. The first couple of weeks I was on my period so scales went up to 14.4 occasionally.
Just frustrated! I don't know whether to up cals/lower them/drink even more water etc. I do feel better eating more at the weekend, less tired, more awake etc but am wary of this.
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2023.06.04 08:58 Terrible_B0T Pineapple in Macaroni Cheese!?!

Pineapple in Macaroni Cheese!?!
We were feeling rich on this cold, wet Sunday so decided to splurge with Macaroni Cheese (it had both cheese and milk in it!!!). We wanted to get it right, so went to the NZ food God - Alison Holst. And then we saw the "variation" - replacing Milk with Pineapple juice and crushed Pineapple. WTF! Has anyone ever heard or tried this?
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2023.06.04 08:58 DuckBetter4091 Holy mac

what do you guys think of holy mac? i got the fried chicken one and the chicken was super yummy but i thought the actual mac n cheese was SO average :( so disappointed
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2023.06.04 08:57 Abdel403 Help Upgrading a 2015-27" iMac.

I personally never used Macs, so I’m not familiar with all this, but my wife works on a super slow 21.5” 2013 iMac, really slow. So, I bought another old 27” iMac but with a removed HDD, so I have now to upgrade it and hoping/wishing to get a nice snappy machine! Hoping that nothing is broken inside though. I need your help if you could answer my questions below:
a. SSD choice (I’m thinking 1 TB – PCIe M.2)
Samsung 970 EVO Plus $-115 3500/3300 Yes No
WD SN770 $-83 5150/4900 No Yes
Hynix Gold P31 $-175 3500/3200 Yes No
WD SN570 $-80 3500/3000 No Yes
Samsung 980 $-110 3500/3000 No Yes
Samsung 980 Pro $-145 7000/5000 Yes N/A
Crucial MX500 $-70 550/510 Yes N/A
Crucial P3 $-63 3500/3000 No Yes
Kingston A2000 $-95 2200/2000 Yes No
b. MacOs
c. Thermal paste/Pad: While I have it open, I will try to clean gently any dust and also repaste/repad components inside, this is new to me, I just discovered it:
d. RAM: I believe it has an easy access from the back, so I will ask later about this part…. a, b & c are priorities to get me going.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 08:46 StoriesToBehold World Tour is fun but.... ( Rant )

Reaching certain stages in the game shifts the focus from learning the mechanics to adopting unfavorable tactics and exploiting loopholes for victory. It's common to encounter adversaries who, despite being the same level, deal significantly more damage. The only way forward seems to be resorting to tactics such as grab locking them or crafting the most cheesist range build possible to advance. The damage these opponents inflict is disproportionately high for the same level. At present, my stats hover around the mid to high 400's, yet it feels as if I need to reach the range of 800 to 1000 to compete with characters at the same or even lower level.
Capcom, could you please reveal the skill levels of each adversary? With this, I could better determine when to switch from dealing chip damage to replicating the amount of damage my opponents inflict on me, assuming it's feasible. Ideally, I would prefer to engage in an actual fight rather than resorting to tactics such as grab-locking, spamming, and other strategies that can potentially hinder my skill development on learning how to play.
I have to show you some of the cheese you're going to face in the future. The normal Mobs you can deal with pretty easily it feels like the normal mobs are just like you... But the "Boss" characters or your some of the oppoenents you'll face... Not it.. Reminds me of playing Like a Dragon where you can smooth sail all the way until you have to fight Majima and Saejima...
Don't even think you can fight fair with this guy... By the time you reach him you need to be in the 800s
Tournament 2
TLDR: Show us the Stats of the opponents we're facing because these guys are hitting like mac trucks and we're suppose to be the same level or lower or higher... But it feels like I am missing something.. It's forcing me to Cheese or grind for HP potions and brute force it.
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2023.06.04 08:43 Personal_Map_4610 18/non-binary/usa

hiiiii!! i’m 18 years old and looking for my very first pen pal! i have always wanted one and faintly remember writing to someone from another country as a kid in class- but im not 100% sure that really happened- so i want a real pen pal now! there is something so precious about opening ur mailbox and seeing a cute little envelope 💌
i’d love to learn more abt a stranger!!
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2023.06.04 08:41 Otherwise_Writing886 Happy, happy, happy (:

I lost 5.6 lbs in my first three weeks. I know it's not a lot but GUUUYS... I HAVE NOT LOST THAT MUCH WEIGHT IN THAT TIME FRAME.. EVER. This is the lowest I've weighed in years. I'm still able to eat what I want, I'm not starving, I'm not obsessing over food as much and I'm able to make changes I can stick to. I'm looking forward to making even more progess by incorporating more physical activity and improving the quality of calories I'm eating. Yay to small or big progress!
submitted by Otherwise_Writing886 to OzempicForWeightLoss [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 08:39 natural20MC journal entry: I abused pot from the age of 18 to 37 (I'm 38 now)

(((flagged for deletion)))
tldr: to manage a 'manic head' well, I don't know of any method better than practice.
whatever...I'm drunk. 'my pot use' is something I've been struggling with posting about for a while now. ...I want to portray myself as a "role model" or something for those who struggle with mania and wanna find a successful path with little-to-no psych drugs. ...fuckin, pot is likely NOT a good idea for those with a 'propensity for mania' that wanna stay stable.
That said, I credit my success largely to pot abuse. Pot induces a "salience network disconnect". Mania induces a "salience network disconnect". Managing the "salience network disconnect" is one of the most difficult parts of managing a manic head.
It's easy to reduce episode frequency & severity through 'behavior based neurotransmitter adjustment'. Even with the best management practices though, mania will still happen. When mania strikes, it's a fuckin bitch to manage if you don't bone tf up on some cognitive engineering techniques to manage a "salience network disconnect".
read: I trained myself to operate a manic head by abusing tf outta pot and forcing my thought patterns & behaviors to be aligned with 'how I WANT to think' and 'doing what I WANT to do' while I'm high.
quick example: I trained myself to be productive while high. If I'm high, I can't have fun (play games, watch a movie, whatever) till everything is clean and organized and I've exercised and stretched. Side note: cardio while high is fucking amazing for thought processing.
quick example 2: I trained myself to be "appropriate" while high. ...mostly amounts to STFU while high. I'm "inappropriate" by nature and 'the things I think are funny and worthy of comment' do not align with what others think. Training myself to 'keep my words to myself' was quite helpful.
The SN disconnect you get with pot is def not a 1:1 correlation with the SN disconnect you get with mania. err...maybe it is? IDK. but mania def comes with tons of other baggage, in addition to the SN disconnect. read: mania messes with thought patterns in unique ways...though I'd wager that the way mania messes with YOUR thought patterns is uniquely consistent. read: mania is a simple beast's gonna push your thoughts/behaviors in a consistent manner. Figure out how it's pushing you and devise counters. If you can make mania your bitch, it will forever be your is not capable of adapting.
So, not a 1:1 coloration. but...inducing bruh. Pot helps to induce mania, hypo/mania, and/or pseudo-hypo/mania...depending on the catalysts you're using and how you dose them.
Practice makes perfect bruh. Or rather 'perfect practice makes perfect'. That's my "secret" or whatever. [hubris/brag] I have induced tf outta mania, hypo/mania, and pseudo-hypo/mania, to the extent that I can dose some catalysts and know 'to a high degree of certainty' if I'm gonna get mania, hypo/mania, or pseudo-hypo/mania. 'Stress' and 'excitement' are the hardest catalysts to control, but easy enough to factor into the equation if I'm aware of em. Also, 'time since last real episode' plays a big role (refractory period).
The key to my success is the fact that I've practiced tf outta operating on a manic head. It's to the point that I can present myself as euthymic while I'm in 'MANIA with psychosis'. #pimp shit. Ask my wife and mom. [/hubris/brag]
Important note: I do not recommend inducing. I recommend that those with a 'propensity for mania' avoid pot. 'Inducing' and 'regularly experiencing the SN disconnect' are important for FIGURING OUT how to operate a manic head. I've figured it out bruh. Take my advice and avoid the dangerous bullshit. #someJesusshitbout sacrificing myself or whatever so you don't have to [/hubris]
fr tho...perfect practice makes perfect. Expect mania. Go into mania aware that you are going into mania. Make it a point to "do better" each episode. Do better. Win.
Starting points:


Psuedo-hypo/mania. How I define it and how I induce it.

Let's break it down.
hypo/mania = the hypo/manic engine is running.
Mania is subjective af. hypomania is subjective af. They operate under the same engine, but mania is subjectively more intense than hypomania, subjectively. Duh.
"Manic" and "hypomanic" states of mind are largely classified based on "OBSERVED BEHAVIOR". ...if you're "manic" and just STFUing and sitting in a corner or whatever, are you really "manic"?
It is possible to present yourself as "hypomanic" while "manic". It is possible to present yourself as "manic" while "hypomanic". It is possible to fluxuate between "mania" and "hypomania" multiple times within the same day, or even within an hour. It is possible to present yourself as "euthymic" while "manic" and vice versa (if you don't believe me, go slam 10 shots of espresso and take 2-6 hits of pot on a "euthymic" head...see if folks don't think you're "manic").
"hypo/mania" is the term I use to remove some subjectivity. Maybe I'm "manic". Maybe I'm "hypomanic". All I know is that the "hypo/mania engine" is running. (reference:
Pseudo = fake. Not genuine.
Pseudo-hypo/mania = the hypo/mania engine is running, but it's not really an episode. The positive feedback loop has not taken hold and the "episode" can be terminated quickly if fuel is not injected into the engine.
Pseudo-hypo/mania = one (1) to three (3) days of low-grade "hypomania", with little-to-no risk of the "episode" devolving into something more serious.
to achieve pseudo, I gotta dose catalysts to blast tf off in the span of 1 day then slam the breaks hard for the next 1-3 days.
How do I induce pseudo/blast tf off? I jump-start the 'hypo/manic engine' by injecting the proper brain chemicals (catalysts).
The catalysts I typically dose are as follows:

The ritual to induce pseudo takes me one (1) single day. At the end of the day, I am fucked up. I am not in pseudo-hypo/mania at the end of the day, I'm just "high" or "drugged" or whatever. Pseudo-hypo/mania is what happens on the following couple days.
I rarely dose all the catalysts in a single day. That would be overkill and possibly induce real-hypo/mania. I dose myself accordingly. Took a ton of trial and error to figure out what "accordingly" meant.
The first step of my 'pseudo induction ritual' is to assess the abstract catalysts. Stress & excitement. Those are not something I can 'dose at will'. Those are catalysts I need to be aware of, so I can adjust the dose of the rest of my catalysts "accordingly".
note: I was once hit with a 'huge fuckin spike of excitement' after dosing all my other catalysts for the day. The result was MANIA. An episode that lasted about a month.
This shit is dangerous bruh. Playing with your head like I do is not advisable [/hubris]

Four (4) to eight (8) cups of coffee (or shots of espresso) throughout the day. Starting at like 10am and ending at like 7pm. Ten (10) cups/shots is def too much and will result in a panic attack.
Do not drink caffeine ever, unless I'm trying to induce. Reduce tolerance to a minimum.

Calorie deprivation
Eat 'just enough to not be uncomfortable' from when I wake until midnight. Like 1000 calories max. The caffeine helps to curb appetite. Not advisable to consume caffeine on an empty stomach (cuz ulcers).
Avoid fatty protein when inducing.

When midnight hits, slam sugar into my face. Sour patch kids ftw.

Starting at about 10pm, smoke 3-5 hits at a time spaced out by 2-3 or so hours per session. Continue smoking till like 4 or 6 or 8 am.

Sleep deprivation
Def less than 4 hours of sleep. Often 0 hours of sleep. Get at least 2 hours of "meditation" in if getting 0 hours of sleep.

Stress & excitement
Be aware. It's possible to dose these to an extent

If all goes according to plan, I wake up from my "sleep" or "meditation" or whatever slightly high and slightly wired. The "high"/"wired" shit or whatever will wear off by like 10am and after that I'm in pseudo.
The key to managing pseudo is to understand that if I push it I will likely enter a real episode. I take a nap the day after if I can. I avoid caffeine and other catalysts. I eat as much as I can, especially fatty protein. I go to sleep on time and get at least 8 hours. etc etc. I ensure there are checks on my wife knows me & my head quite well and she knows to speak up if she sees something that could possibly be worrisome.
I've found that the biggest factor determing how long pseudo lasts is 'where I am in my refractory period'. If I've been in a real episode recently, pseudo will usually not last as long. If it's been a year or two since my last real episode, pseudo will last 2 or 3 days. ...if it's been a year or two since my last real episode, the danger of devolving into a real episode is greater.
dooood. I've written out & rewritten a form of this post like 30+ times. It typically devolves into disclaimers and clarifications. Fuckin, I do not wanna be responsible for someone with 'a propensity for mania' doin some stupid shit.
disclaimer: if you try to do the shit I did, you're gonna fuck some shit up. I fucked up a ton. I have an expansive safety net. I am #privilaged. Don't do what I did unless you are well prepared to fuck some shit up, like your life.

for anyone paying attention to my account: sorry bruh. I've been afk like a motherfucker this past year+. I'm focusing my attention on my family and my QoL has gone way up cuz of it. I've stopped inducing pseudo and fuckin with my head. I've stopped smoking pot. ...the lack of pot is likely a big driver with me writing less. This shit's less fun on a sober mind and feels more like work, ya know?
I will finish my guide eventually, but right now I got a toddler and raising him right ranks higher than anything else for me.
I expect I'll hit a real hypo/manic episode sometime in the next year or two...I'll likely be writing a bunch, focused on my guide, when that happens. Till then, I'm prolly gonna be mostly afk.
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2023.06.04 08:38 AWaterDogArt TIFU with garlic bread

It was a late spring (is it summer now?) Evening and I had a craving for some food. After having a civilized conversation with my roommate about ivar the boneless turning his crutches into swords, I decided to begin my journey in food making. By having gotten high an hour prior and once again puffing on some of that sweet devil's lettuce.
It's the next paragraph now. Now, I like my garlic made from scratch the right way. Which is way I used prepacked frozen stuff from the freeze that was made by professionals. Upon reading the instructions it said to set that bitch oven up to 425, I I set that bitch oven to 425. This was a mistake one. You see, the metal baking try I used was made of metal. And the oven was getting hot. I should not of been near hot things at the time.
Got my garlic bread in the oven, after five minutes I threw some cheese on it. Not the fancy kind, the shredded kind cuz I'm a rock the peasant life like that. Stay struggling y'all ✌️. Anyways I grab it with my mitted hand. While holding it over the oven, I tried to use my non mitted hand to grab the garlic bread. But the bread was to hot.
Some of you may have caught onto the tragedy that was about to befall me on this not so dark and stormy night, that had a pleasant breeze and I petted the neighbors cat earlier. I proceeded to grab the try with my bare hot, less than thirty seconds after pulling it out of the oven. Here's the fun part.
I then proceed to try and grab the bread with my mitten hand. The pain, has yet to reach my brain, possible due to a previous decision which may technically be mistake 1. So this was my third mistake. After a few seconds of basically trying to coax the bread off the tray and admiring the beautiful cheesy goodness that I had been blessed with, pain. Several of the pain. In a calm state of absolute panic and dread, I switched the tray to my non mitted hand and only then did I actually put it the fuuuuck down.
Right after, I proceeded to immediately get back to claiming my prize, while accidentally using my bare hand to hold the try occasionally in order to peel the bread off. Afterwards I loaded it with grape jam and honey from hardies that I had stashed to have a lovely dinner. That consistented of just the bread. Burned my mouth a bit because I haven't learned anything at all from this event. Thank you for attending my Ted talk that has been brought to you by raid shadow legends.
TL;DR made garlic bread, burned myself in the process
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2023.06.04 08:37 3wizemen very picky college diet

i would really like to start eating healthier and with more variety in my life, but due possibly to my ocd i am incredibly picky and don’t like much outside of most meats, plain grains/breads/chips and such, red apples, common cheeses, and that’s pretty much it. i dislike most if not all vegetables which is a bummer :/ are there any good foods out there i should try to incorporate into my life at college with this stuff in mind??
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2023.06.04 08:33 AgitatedAd6435 Fenix 7 rocks!

I bought it 1.5 weeks ago in an attempt to encourage me to be more active, help me monitor my sleep & stress levels, sort of like an accountability buddy for my stupid mental health.
To say I am impressed is an understatement. I've been doing the yoga routines daily, I just found a butt ton more of the workouts in the app which I have just uploaded to my watch and I can't stop smiling. I know, super cheese but whatever. I've been out on my bike again, finding some routes near me. This thing is absolutely dope.
Thanks Garmin for your technological wizardry :)
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2023.06.04 08:24 A_Salty_Cellist This burrito has eggs and cheese in it

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2023.06.04 08:20 DefiledTarnished Is anyone else in love with this game?

I'm talking addiction man, that sweet love that keeps you coming back. Like when you date that one person who you know is bad for you but their backstrokes make you forget that they get mad at you because they think you're dreaming about other women kind of love.
I can't put it down. I keep getting drawn back to this game even though I've done so many new game plus runs. I'm either finding something new, or trying out a new build and I'm hooked again.
I might need to play other games for a while but I'm not gonna lie when I say seeing Latenna turn bosses into pin cushions is something I never get tired of seeing. She's a top tier waifu, she's no Tiche but I had no idea she could be so effective against the likes of Malenia once she's properly leveled up and she is still my little weak legged sniper.
I might pick up Dark Souls 3 to hold me over, I want to complete my new game plus four but I want to savor the game a little more, I might even start invading just to try it out.
And then there's the community, there's so many creative, funny, and skilled people it's pretty wild. Sure, from time to time there's bickering and I even partake in throwing tomatoes at invaders for the memes but this is one of those communities where you can just cut back and enjoy the content. Brothers there's someone roleplaying as a torch maiden, just for the fun of it that is spectacular, heck, I've even met some fellow foot enthusiast and by golly man this game enables the heck out of us I tell you what. GRRM was looking out for the brothers with this one.
Now, I'm not trying to dig for berries in a concrete parking lot here. This is just met espousing my praise, my warmth, and my white hot love for this game and my fellow people who play it.
In the words of a wise man this is some good shit, and I can't wait to see what they do with it. I might name my first born Elden Ring. But yeah I just wanted to spew my thoughts onto you, you read this, and now my thoughts are in your head.
Maybe this game is like fine whiskey or the love of a Canadian, you get lost in their visage just once and the next thing you know you're in Alberta, freezing your ass off and drinking milk out of a bag while they make you poutine and despite your reservations you still eat it, you have to because you love them but your stomach isn't going to love those cheese curds and the last thing you want is to blow up their parents bathroom when you just made a good impression but I digress there are woods for a reason and you're practically a bear.
I just want to say I love Elden Ring and I love how different the community around it is. If you read all this, thanks for reading.
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2023.06.04 08:15 slicky13 27 [M4F] San Diego, CA /anywhere - Looking for a bae

Maybe gym up together??? Spot each other so we won't die mid set. Call you up on Saturday to get cheeked up then head out to a nice place to eat or drink 🍷🍻. Mostly eat though (#1 munch and all 💀 👀). Maybe catch a movie? Mozzarella cheese sticks? Nachos, my arm? Around your shoulders (maybe? 💀). Always willing to lend an ear too, not literally, metaphors and all, tryna to get to know you whoever you could be. I'm into many things, trying to be into you though.... In the metaphorical way xD. Yes I lift to Paramore too. I like the usual dude things, like the gym, squats, deadlifts, PC gaming, Zelda, smash, anime, etc. There's more but I'm kinda hoping to chat about it with you 😘✨
Looking for someone in the same boat, any color, race, big or small, tiny or tall, just be 1000% female. Look forward to hearing from you.
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