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my observations about penny stocks from an unsuccessful investor + questions

2021.06.02 02:51 dustin4you my observations about penny stocks from an unsuccessful investor + questions

I would call myself a beginner still with penny stocks I've been trying to focus more on penny stocks this past year. I can trade large caps no problem , but I still haven't cracked the code for penny stocks.
I have been observing penny stocks for about a year now. I've witnessed pump and dump stock, overhyped stocks that don't move, catalyst plays , and stocks that rocketed from $1 to $80+ since they when they were penny stocks. I've learned penny stocks aren't guaranteed cash like the social sentiment would have you believe and learned nothing is quick cash. As an investor who is more technical than fundamental. I've noticed these few little things and this is my two cents.
Penny stocks tend to do well in the long term in MY OPINION when they are/have:
There are many more points but, these are my top ones otherwise I'd be writing a book. lol
My Questions:
How do you manage risk on these do you hold them with a 50% loss or do sell at a 10% loss? I'm thinking I should should start cutting them after 10% loss.
How many penny stocks do generally you hold? and do you mix them with ETFs or large caps? or do you just diversify or concentrate in a few penny stocks?
Do you swing trade , day trade, or long term hold penny stocks?
If you were in my situation would you pick only a few penny stocks to hold and put the all the rest of the money in ETFs or large caps?
My current picks not sure if they are garbage: $HPIL , $XXII , $KYNC , $AABB , $SSVFF , $IQST (questionable)
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