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2013.12.31 12:23 FreedomFromNafs NoFap support for Muslims, help for Muslims struggling with porn

NoFap support for Muslims, help for Muslims struggling with porn

2023.03.21 06:08 LavishnessGood5441 rape porn lesbians

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2023.03.21 03:56 whatisthewifi Resources for partners of people with ROCD? Long Post.

Hi everyone, I'm a 26 year old woman who's partner struggles with OCD, and recently this past year has openly expressed/realized that he is struggling with ROCD. I was wondering if anyone here could point me to any support groups for partners? I've outlined my situation in more detail below.
My boyfriend lost his brother this year, and it seemed to have been a major trigger event for him in multiple ways.
Soon after he died, my BF came to me panicking and started compulsively telling me every negative thought he's ever had about me, my body, my intelligence and expressed how he's not attracted to me etc. These weren't expressed out of malice though, they were said coming from a place of grief and regret.
My partner had a bad relationship with his brother and regretted not having worked on his relationship and communication while he was still alive. It seems he turned that towards me, as his approach to discussing this stuff was because he wanted to finally be honest with me about everything that had been going on with him, and to give me all the information so that I could accurately choose for myself if I still wanted to remain in this relationship (and as we have since learned, from his ROCD and the need to ease his anxieties over these thoughts).
He had broken my trust by consuming porn and instagram photos that I had set boundaries with years prior. He admitted to comparing me to friends and strangers on the street. And frankly- our sex life has become practically non existent.
Now, I seriously contemplated leaving but since opening up about this he has completely full-stop quit using porn and insta. We see a couples counselor, and he now sees an OCD specialized therapist. He has put 100% effort into making ammends, healing his OCD and porn addiction. I still love him and want to try and make this work.
However, it has been 8 months and I am seriously struggling with knowing that my partner struggles with these thoughts all day and is constantly comparing my body to people skinner and more attractive than me. Constantly questioning my intelligence and abilities etc.
I know he can't help that he has this problem, but I am struggling with being on the other end of it and I think I would really benefit from talking to people in a similar situation. If anyone knows of any support groups or anything I would really appreciate getting pointed in the right direction.
I should also note that I do see a therapist myself who is also specialized in sexual addiction and helping partners of sex addicts. So these would be supplementary resources. Just in case anyone was concerned that I have not been getting help myself.
If you have read this far thank you very much! Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.21 03:49 warcriminalchurchill Record all sex

In the US prostitution is illegal and false accusations of rape can happen from attention seekers. So record all sex. Porn is not illegal so if you are with a prostitute but you record it you cant be charged as you are shooting porn. And if you face a false accusation of rape the video will clear you. Just dont use a phone as most phones auto upload to the cloud. Use a camera.
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2023.03.21 02:58 RoutineStrength6451 help me my nwords i dont know what to do

i need help
i realy don't know what to do anymore. I just started university and in every class i get the feeling that im alucinating, like it's just a dream. i need ways to solve this problem cause the only way i can get out of this problem is by getting drunk every day, tobacco helps to. to cope with this shit i got adicted to tobaco, alcohol, videogames and porn, and i really feel that this is getting weirder every day. everything feels weird and not real. the first time that i got it was when i was in class in highscool and this overwelming feeling that i we are gonna die came over me, non of my friends gave a shit so i dint mind, but then i smoked dmt twice in a week not having tried psychodelics ever and i think i has to do with the symtoms. i used to smoke weed every dayy for like 2 years snd i always overthint shit, but one day i smoked to much and the feeling of depersonalization came over me, since then i havent smoked weed. i tried smoking a little but the dr always comes back unless iam drunk. i drink everydsy to cope with it and iam afraid of trying meditation and shit because i think it's gonna make the feeling stronger. the only thing keeping me in the real world is my friends, my family and my dogs. i also dream that i die a lot of days, and thats just makes things worse. the way i live right now is by getting drunk, smoking and gaming all day. Please if you hsve any advice help a brother out, please.(also english isnt my first lsnguage so i write like a troglodite.) i need help.
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2023.03.21 02:38 RoutineStrength6451 i need help

i realy don't know what to do anymore. I just started university and in every class i get the feeling that im alucinating, like it's just a dream. i need ways to solve this problem cause the only way i can get out of this problem is by getting drunk every day, tobacco helps to. to cope with this shit i got adicted to tobaco, alcohol, videogames and porn, and i really feel that this is getting weirder every day. everything feels weird and not real. the first time that i got it was when i was in class in highscool and this overwelming feeling that i we are gonna die came over me, non of my friends gave a shit so i dint mind, but then i smoked dmt twice in a week not having tried psychodelics ever and i think i has to do with the symtoms. i used to smoke weed every dayy for like 2 years snd i always overthint shit, but one day i smoked to much and the feeling of depersonalization came over me, since then i havent smoked weed. i tried smoking a little but the dr always comes back unless iam drunk. i drink everydsy to cope with it and iam afraid of trying meditation and shit because i think it's gonna make the feeling stronger. the only thing keeping me in the real world is my friends, my family and my dogs. i also dream that i die a lot of days, and thats just makes things worse. the way i live right now is by getting drunk, smoking and gaming all day. Please if you hsve any advice help a brother out, please.(also english isnt my first lsnguage so i write like a troglodite.) i need help.
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2023.03.21 02:22 Any_Barber6187 A close family member is in a psychosis

Im not sure what I'm even looking for from this. Maybe if anyone else has been through anything similar.
I'm in my late 20s. I have two kids under 2. This whole week has been so full on. This family member has gone from. Missing. Feared dead (Suicide) Turns up like nothing's wrong Comes out with abuse from a child. Says I've also been abused. I confront asking for proof and he can't. Nothing makes sense. Cryptic notes for us to "figure out" Police and mental health teams have been called and involved the whole time. Gets taken by police to mental health hospital. Gets discharged that day, he talked his way out. Two more days of this passes of missing person to found to waiting for police. Police found in a park and took to hospital. Has been a week since admitted. Family meeting on Thursday to discuss with dr then dr will confront with accusations and such. Refusing medication. Very settled and happy a psychiatric hospital which the doctor said was strange. They thought they were getting out today but was told not till Friday re assessment. They are fine with it. says everyone there is just misunderstood. Tried to find proof of their mum's child abuse by searching through child porn...seem like was doing this under influence of lsd and marijuana. Mum was abused in 70-80s will most likely not be online or even filmed. Claiming a lot of women in the family has abused or raped them. All of this are their "sudden" realisations.
Seems almost like from what I've seen through their phone and sketch books they are now attracted to kids...? Or maybe always have.
Not sure. I never was cautious of my children around this person until last week. Not sure what to think but dr confirm psychosis.
So much more information but not sure where to start or finish. This is only really short bits of what I have remembered from the last week.
Apprehensive to share too much as the topic of child porn and rape is involved.
Ask any questions. Il do my best to answer. I guess this is a vent as well... I might delete later. I don't really want this hanging around on the internet


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2023.03.21 01:44 Lilith_Of_Hell_7891 I don’t know what to do (vent)

Within about six months, someone (was then 17) that I (was then 14) viewed as a brother tried to groom me and have sex with me. I can’t seek therapy or anything because no one would believe me. Everyone loves him. Even my mother, who I tried to bring it up with. She doesn’t believe me- she said that he’d never do anything like that. There’s constant examples of things he’s done/said that would prove her wrong. He told me that I’d I ever dressed in revealing clothes around him I’d be “asking for it.” He would make comments about my body and say that it would turn him on if I wasn’t his sister. I’m not sure if it was just homophobia, but he tried to tell me that I’d “eventually want to have sex with a man.” I understand that there’s worse things he could’ve done to me, but oh my god this is so fucking frustrating. I hate that I think about him almost every single day and that almost anything I do reminds me of him. I hate that he has any type of control over me. I don’t even know if he raped me or not- I remember waking up from a nap and my door being open(which i almost never do) and I was just in a lot of pain down there. It kills me that I don’t actually know. Today I was in the gym with my friends, and I went to see if I could push a certain amount of weight with my legs- I was in the same position you’d be in if you were trying to push someone off. It triggered me and it made me think about him, but I have no memories of being in a situation like that with him. Whenever anyone touches my hair or my back, which he used to do, I’ll get scared and freeze up. I can’t listen to certain music because all I hear is him. I can’t talk to my best friend about it because she also has trauma surrounding this. I don’t want to ask my other friends if I can vent to them about it because they too have trauma surrounding this. The only friend I have that doesn’t won’t want to listen to me talk about this person, because it’s his cousin. I’m so lost and I just want to stop associating almost everything with him. I thought I was finally recovering, but I recently read a comic with a character that acts similar and looks like him. It triggered me badly. I was able to talk to my friends about it a little but I feel so guilty for bothering them about it.
I’m sorry for such a long post. Thank you so much for reading it you did. ❤️
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2023.03.21 01:37 _Neonderthal_ Wojak Vs. Soyjak

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2023.03.21 00:09 DurinnGymir [Excerpt: Nightbringer] Uriel stares down the Nightbringer

Nightbringer is the first 40k book I ever read, and is one of my absolute favorites still to this day, in part because it started the trend of having Ultramarines as actual, believable characters with flaws, couched in books that were more than just pure bolter porn. The context for this scene is Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines have descended into a mine beneath the surface of Pavonis, an Imperial mining world, to stop the local rebels and Drukhari from awakening the Nightbringer. Faced with near defeat at the hands of a young god who is actively tearing them to shreds both physically and mentally, Uriel takes an unorthodox approach to victory.
Uriel roared with rage as the Nightbringer effortlessly butchered his men. Knowing that there was no chance to defeat this impossible creature, still they faced it, refusing to give in. Pasanius fought one-handed, slashing wildly at the creature as it darted about the chamber, cutting and slicing. A dazed Learchus bellowed at the Ultramarines to stand firm.
Horrid roars, like breakers against a cliff, echoed throughout the tomb and with a start Uriel realized that the alien creature was laughing at them, taking them apart slowly, painfully and sadistically.
Hot anger poured fuel on the fire of his endurance and he rose to his feet, a snarl of anger and pain bursting from his lips. He gathered up his fallen knife and hobbled forward, pulling up short as a sudden powerful imperative seized him. For a second he thought that the Nightbringer’s infernal presence had breached his mind once more.
But there was a familiarity in these thoughts, a recognition.
URiel turned to see Inquisitor Barzano staring at him, sweat pouring runnels from his face, veins like hawsers on his neck.
The metal Uriel, the metal! The metal…
The thought faded almost as soon as it formed within his head, but Uriel knew that the inquisitor had given his all to make sure he had heard it and he would not allow that effort to have been in vain.
He dropped to his knees at the edge of the slab, the glare of the glowing metal blinding to look at. He could feel its heat through the rents in his armor. What was he to do? Shoot it, stab it? Shouts of pain and rage from his men decided the issue.
Uriel hammered the power knife into the edge of the metal, wedging it between the stone of the slab and the glowing icon. He sensed a shift in the tortured energies filling the chamber and looked up to see the vast shape of the alien towering above the Ultramarines, two battle brothers held impaled on its claws.
He pushed down on the inlaid handle, feeling the blade bend as the metal’s substance resisted him. He did not have the strength to force it from the slab. The Nightbringer hurled the Space Marines aside, spinning with a ferocious sweep of its dark matter. Uriel felt its fury, its outrage that this upstart prey creature dared meddle in its affairs.
The alien’s mind touched his with an anger that had seen stars snuffed out and Uriel let it in, feeling its monstrous rage flood through his body, feeling that rage empower him.
His own hatred for this being merged with its fury and he used the power, turning it outwards, ripping the metal from the slab with the sheer force of his anger-fuelled strength.
The metal clattered onto the floor of the tomb, the Nightbringer roaring in bestial rage as the connection to its star-killing vessel was severed, stranding it once more in the haunted depths of the immaterium. Uriel gripped the blazing metal and scrambled backwards. He snatched at his grenade dispenser as Psanius leapt towards the creature.
A casual flick of its midnight talons sent him sprawling, but the veteran sergeant’s attack had given Uriel the chance he needed. As the Nightbringer swept towards him, he held up the glowing metal, showing the hideous alien what he had fixed to its surface.
Uriel doubted the Nightbringer had any concept of what a melta bomb was, but somehow he knew that it would understand what it could do.
The creature drew itself up to its full height, spreading wide its taloned fists, the burning yellow of its eyes fixing Uriel with its deathly gaze.
Uriel laughed in its face, feeling the alien’s terrible power pressing in on his skull. Visions of death tore at Uriel’s mind, but held no terror for a warrior of the Emperor. He could feel the creature’s consternation at his resistance.
The darkness began to swell around the creature’s form, but Uriel moved his free hand to hover over the detonation rune. He smiled, despite the pain and tormented visions in his head.
“You’re fast," whispered Uriel, “but not that fast.”
The Nightbringer hovered before him, flexing its claws in time with the boom of its alien heart. Uriel could feel its power and anger as a physical thing pressing in around him, but he could also sense something else.
Unease? Doubt?
The connection made between them by the Nightbringer granted Uriel the barest insight into the manifestation of this utterly alien being and suddenly he knew that despite the carnage it had wreaked, it was but a fraction of its true power. It was still so very weak and needed to feed. Uriel knew that every second that passed granted the Nigthbringer fresh power as it fed on the strong life energies blazing in this place.
This was as close a chance as he was going to get to defeat the alien. Keeping his voice steady he said, “This place is filling with explosive fumes and if I detonated this device, you will be buried beneath ten kilometers of rock. I don’t know what you are or where you come from, but I know this. You’re not strong enough yet to survive that. Can you imagine another sixty million years trapped below the surface of this world, with nothing to sustain you? You will be extinguished. Is that what you want? If you can reach into the minds of men, know this. I will destroy us all before I allow you to have that vessel.”
The pressure on his mind intensified and Uriel weakened his mental barrier, allowing the aline to see his unshakeable resolve. ITs claws rose and fell, the darkness swirling about its nebulous form as its rage shook the chamber. Cracks split the walls and the red soil of Pavonis spilled through.
Uriel watched as the veil of darkness spiraled around the Nightbringer’s form, sweeping up and over it like a dark tornado, gathering up the shattered remains of tis guardian creatures within its furious orbit.
Uriel had a last glimpse of the Nightbringer as its yellow orbs were swallowed up by the encroaching darkness of its ghostly shroud. An alien hiss filled the chamber as the black storm shot upwards, impacting on the gold cap of the ceiling, shattering it into a thousand pieces.
Then it was gone.
tl;dr: Uriel Ventris, on his first deployment as captain, stares down a literal god of death and death blinks first.
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2023.03.20 23:58 radpostmo I am not a rapist

As a TBM, I was convinced that I was addicted to porn. My porn consumption was pretty minimal and sporadic, but I never told my wife about it until after we were married (I still regret this part of the story). My TBM wife (now ex-wife) accused me of RAPING her because of this betrayal. The LDS family services therapist seemed to agree, offering absolutely no pushback. So I sat back and took it. I thought I was a terrible person. Thanks Mormonism. What a complete and total mindfuck.
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2023.03.20 23:50 ultalternate417 SR, Megalomania, Inadequacy, and Covert Lust

It is no secret that Semen Retention provides men with a source of great will and vitality. The zest for life, the vividness of your experience you feel after 30, 60, 90, 150 days and onwards feels like the way we should be living: empowered, right? Like you deserve to feel this way. That is, when you’re not flatlining. Then you think you deserve to feel that way too. Resetting dopamine receptors can be a bitch.
Speaking of, many of us have a pretty ugly past with porn or sex addiction. We know that lust, and those who we allow to inspire lust in us, cause us to lose that vital root energy, jing, ojas, nerve force, etc. But to a porn or sex addict, that doesn’t matter, because that is the default state they live in, being drained every which way they go, mainly by their own thoughts which they have no control over. But more importantly, because it’s the best way to turn a blind eye to your problems.
For something with such strong sensations of pleasure as sexual stimulation, it does a wonderful job of robbing you of the pleasure of living, particularly when you are binging it to the point that any possibility of seeing positive qualities from it is quashed. But despite this, people get hooked in all the same, because it’s the same draw that fast food has: it’s minimal effort to obtain, it’s tasty, it’s designed to make you become addicted, and for many, it’s the only thing that brings them “pleasure.” Some of us have experienced lows we never want to return to related to this problem. Lows in which we felt like wastes of life, insecure, emasculated, and without purpose. And we see this industry with lust and consumerism as it’s basis, and we say “that’s the core of my problems. This is the root of evil.”
And I do think that we are right to want to distance ourselves from such things, obviously. What sub are we in right now?
Consider this though.
That sense of smallness you feel when you relapse. Or when something generally embarrassing happens to you, or when someone challenges your integrity. It’s the same one that causes you to want to retain to begin with.
“Well no shit. Obviously retaining my seed makes me feel more confident. Who would want to feel small?” You might say.
Nobody. And nobody is asking you to feel that way.
But, I am asking you to take a closer look at that part of yourself.
It’s still there, isn’t it?
If not, and if you’re really being honest with yourself, if you can look in the mirror and say “There is not a single thing that can make me feel vulnerable or inadequate,” and know deep down that it’s the truth, then I salute you, and you should share your secrets with us.
But really take the time to be sure whether or not that’s you.
Perhaps those habits of hiding are deeply rooted. There is a possibility that you may be using semen retention in the same way you used porn/sex in the past: as a means of coping with a life in which you lack real intimacy (not just sexual), real success, real substance. Though they are opposites, both can be used as a way to fill the void. Neither by themselves are enough.
Now I’ve seen some retainers on here that are in it for reasons that aren’t in their best interest.
The attraction to the idea of being more powerful, of being above others, of having some kind of edge over them. Perhaps being in a falsely self-validating state of authority over the unwashed, ignorant masses who don’t even know what a nofap is.
These people are hiding too.
This is not to incriminate or lay blame on those of you who have this inclination, but it is a pointer for you to understand that SR is not the solution to all of your problems.
Just as one seeks lustful pleasure in PMO and loose women, it is easy to have lust for the material results of SR, and lose sight of why it is such a beautiful tool for our growth. It is a tool, and a wonderful tool to have been blessed with, and perhaps even a literal lifeline for many of us. I can personally say that it played a part in saving my life. But I use it first as a way to unify with the Eternal Now before anything else. It is an expression of devotion first. See the post pinned to the top of this sub if you have issue with this.
Acting from a place of smallness in any endeavor has a similar effect in creating Covert Lust, as it shall be called. One must overcome this by realizing they already are whole, and do not need to acquire some great quality or object from somewhere else just to become “better” than others. It’s not about being above anyone else. It’s about achieving the realization of unity by its very nature. It’s about God/Allah/Brahman/Shiva/Buddha-Nature first. Then, it is about seeing Them in yourself and in everyone you meet. It is realizing that you don’t need to hold onto anything outside of yourself to feel complete. Where do you think your ojas comes from?
So, to my brothers on this Semen Retention journey, I ask you to examine your deeper motives. Why are you doing this? Is it truly for spiritual growth and personal development, or is it another way to look away from your problems, or compensate for something you feel inadequate about? Harsh questions maybe, but ones that will allow you to accel if you approach them honestly and openly.
Let’s embrace our wholeness, and recognize that we are all in this together.
Just as when Hanuman was cursed to be ruled by his instincts and forget his divine nature, by the basis of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain at all costs, man’s mind will not find peace this way. Only when Hanuman scrutinized himself and sought self-knowledge, and ultimately met with Rama and was overcome by humility and devotion, did his power return to him.
Be like Hanuman, my friends.
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2023.03.20 23:29 jizzmenn I [F22] messed up with my boyfriend [M29] a day after meeting for the first time

My boyfriend is the sweetest man I have ever met, we are very compatible and love each other, other than his hectic schedule because of his business, and from the beginning of the relationship he has made it clear that this is long-term and he intends to date for marriage. Which is also how I feel. I've been in a long distance relationship with said boyfriend for a month now and we finally met a few days after three failed meets. We were supposed to meet the next day at the villa he booked but when I arrived he was not there as we had planned. I get a text two hours later and he says his phone is bugged and he's stuck at a family's place to do some work. He doesn't tell me to wait or go home so I decided to wait. I waited till it was almost getting dark and it started raining. I had my laptop, phone and BT speaker on me and I was really hoping he'd be back to drop me home because stupid me forgot my purse at home and I did not have money on me. That was my mistake, I know, I should have been prepared for the worst case scenario to be able to get myself home. I didn't want to walk home either cause; one, it was raining heavily, two, the neighbourhoods leading to my place have been really dangerous recently (robberies and rapes happening more often now) and three; I had to be home before dark as my parents gave a curfew. I really wanted to call my parents to pick me up but I didn't want to tell them the truth or else they'd be upset with the situation and it would have ruined the impression my boyfriend gave when he dropped me the previous day and met them briefly. I didn't know anyone else I could call until I suddenly remembered that my ex has a car. I hadn't spoken to him in a long time so I decided to unblock him and see if he'd pick up my call. He did and I asked for a favor to drop me home after I explained how I'm stranded. I informed the villa host that my boyfriend will return with the room key because he was supposed to book out that afternoon. My ex arrived ten minutes later and as awkward as it was, he dropped me home immediately and just made small talk asking about my school and work life. I thanked him and then he made it clear that this is the only and last time he'll save me, and for me to never leave my home without any emergency cash on me. My brother was at the door and he asked, "Why is he dropping you home?" So, now my brother knows what time I arrived home and the villa host knows what time I left. Literally just in 15 minutes I was home. I messaged my boyfriend and explained how my day went and if he was trying to ghost me. He gets back to me the next day in the afternoon, telling me he went back home to get his phone fixed because it was cheaper to get it fixed in his city. He gets hurt and upset by the fact I called my ex and I tried to explain the situation and my decision as much as I could. It seems that he doesn't trust me because he assumes I did something behind his back with my ex. I understand I made a stupid decision but I was honestly desperate to get home and I didn't want to burden my family. He had left some things back at the villa, including a gift I made for him. After he says he needs to clear his head, I ask my parents to drive me down to the villa and I just said that he forgot some stuff and asked me to pick them up, parents believed me. I got the things now. I'm really confused and hurt too on how the weekend went. I regret the decision I made and now I feel like I should have just walked home while it was still daylight and good weather. I'm guessing we haven't built a deep sense of trust within the relationship for him to actually realize when I'm bring truthful. I genuinely could never lie to him or sneak around with any of my exes behind his back, because I really do like him a lot, hence why I told him truth straight up. I wrote him the longest letter I've ever written as a gift and I gave him my late-grandma's ring (which she gave me) as a promise ring and I wore one too on the same finger. To give these gifts to my partner had never crossed my mind when I was with my ex (the one that I called to drop me home) until I met my boyfriend. My question is; how can I explain all this to him (again) without making it seem like I'm probably lying to him or gaslighting him. I really don't want to lose him, he's the best person I've ever met.
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2023.03.20 23:05 BigEdsBun Woman asks women about travelling alone safely. Man responds.

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2023.03.20 23:04 axlain deplorable & disparaging

J, She asked me, “why do you stay?” “What do you want from this relationship?” “What’s the point?”
I don’t even know anymore. I’m at a loss for words.
We’ve both turned into gross bastardizations of ourselves, so toxic. I know half of it is my fault. I can own up to it and fix it if you tell me how.
Why don’t you take ME with YOU? Don’t YOU want ME? I know you like to make characters for your stories, but rest assured when I said someone else’s name I wasn’t talking about you.
I just wanted to be treated like a person. Empathy. Understanding. Working WITH me.
You found it flattering when I compared you to my mother. I told you our history so many times. my other girl listens and pays better attention. I’ve known her for less time.
If only you knew that you reminded me of my mother because you don’t listen, you think I’m lesser than you, expect me to solve all your problems, and you hurt me. (I don’t hold hate for her- that’s just the reality of the nature of our relationship)
You never listened. You never cared. You let me know that I was “so fucked up.” You let your silence speak because you knew it would be the safest way to hurt me and not have me fight back.
I’m so tired of fighting.
We didn’t make those notes together. Your hands clicking on your keys.
I wish it was beyond the fact that you’re a nice piece of eye candy, that I still want you, and I thought your friendly exterior was true and indicated good intention.
(Seriously. You look like you lost some weight. You look like a heroin chic model. You’re gorgeous but I really hope you’re eating enough and being healthy. Not just starving yourself.) (I really had to take a double take when you stood up, my eyes went right to your bubble butt and it was like everything was in slow motion. Even to my most attractive interaction, this has never happened to me. I felt like my eyes were gonna pop out of my head with my heart pounding like a cartoon. I’ve seen porn and good asses and drawings. But you’re so much better, even better than something artificial designed solely to be sexy. The way the light shined off that thing. AWOOGA!) (I kept looking at how uneven your mask was because it was bothering me. I feel like a dick now, I should have told you. It’s kind of like having something stuck in your teeth right? Or maybe it’s just because you want me to look into your eyes.)
You give me no benefit other than making me aware of my body’s changes. I can’t take heartbreak and major life changes now.
I’ve had vivid dreams before but my senses are usually nulled to some extent. I saw you, you kissed me aggressively. The first time I’ve felt something that felt so real. The first time I tasted something in a dream. I remember my first thought was, “you had coffee didn’t you?” I don’t know for long I can live on memories, desires, things we both want and can’t do.
I’m in a new state with nobody I know and feel so alone. You are my only constant. Even though I’m just a sex object to you at best.
Break my boundaries and get off on the fact that you can hurt me however you want. Why can’t I break away?
I only don’t leave you because I know I’ll find something worse. And I can’t risk that, I don’t want to lose myself again. And always be blamed because I’m not normal. I know I’m not perfect, hell, I’m terrible sometimes. But I wish you helped me through that. You didn’t ridicule me and boast about how you’re so much better.
You remind me of my first relationship. I didn’t love him. I was wild about him though, I didn’t want to let go.
You show me you want me. If it was a good gift, I would have given it to you. What kind of crazy person gives another a garbage bin? Either you think I’m crazy, or just insanely petty. How we’ve known each other for so long, and you still don’t know me. Fuck, come get me. Let’s release this tension.
All of you makes me feel so damn unpretty.
I’m lost. I’ll see you in another life, brother.
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2023.03.20 22:57 Oxytocin_kid DAN IS SO WRONG. PARASOCIAL POSTING.

EDIT: This is not a Brittany Hate Thread Fuck Off if you think it is.
Brittany is a very intimate and emotional person. She doesn't like generalities because it means she has to extend an charity to people she doesn't know. For the people she deems close to her she put a very heavy tax on intimacy. The involves a lot of things but she put openess at the highest.
Now here's why things are being messed up. Destiny doesn't seem to allocate a lot of time to the relationship he has with Brittany that she requires to feel that she can say she's intimate with him. And definitely after the rape talk she's drop him lower on her scale of intimacy most likely. She wants Destiny to come to her like her brothers and family do. IT IS NOT DESTINY'S JOB TO CATER TO THIS NONCOMMUNICATED ASK!!!
Destiny also needs to sit and restate that unless you reach out to him that he will assume your relationship with him is fine. I've heard him say it like 30 time in the last 3 months alone. Brittany doesn't understand this. But Destiny doesn't understand it either
Brittany thinks Destiny should confide in her more so that she can feel better about their relationship, but neither one knows that is what she is doing.
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2023.03.20 22:00 Fair_Taste_4606 Where did you get your eye-candy growing up?

As a teen, during the good weather I'd spend literally hours doing laps of the park, where there'd inevitably be plenty of cute guys playing sports with their shirts off. It could get quite time-consuming in the summer months but it had to be done.
I also had a friend with a very attractive older brother, and I'd spend hours scrolling through his photos from summer holidays, looking at his cute body. He also had lots of photos from what seemed like some quite scandalous parties and drunk nights at the time, with guys messing around in their boxers. It was the closest thing I had to gay porn (which I didn't know existed)
Where did you get your cute guy fix, growing up?
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2023.03.20 21:40 Vibe_Shifterino_ The things people refer to as "trauma" is getting out of control

Used to be a "traumatized" person was someone whose life and ability to function were significantly impacted by an unspeakably horrible event they endured. They were violently raped, they got their leg blown off by an IED, they were paralyzed in a car accident, their brother shot himself in front of them. They have flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares, they fly into an uncontrollable rage at a smell, they descend into alcoholism. And the last thing they want to do is tell everyone about their trauma.
Now I never know if people are talking about actual trauma when they say trauma or if they're just talking about something that made them upset. People will say that reading mean words online was "traumatic." A kid watching a cartoon where someone dies can be "traumatic." Your grandma not calling you by your new pronouns is "traumatic" and "abusive." My therapist keeps referring to my parents fighting or my mom yelling at me when I was a kid as "trauma."
Therapists are now using the term "secondary trauma" to refer to people who are traumatized just by hearing about something that happened to someone else. A social worker in a thread was talking about how when they saw a guy in public who they knew had abused his kid they "broke down crying because of how much that man traumatized me." Traumtized me! Not the kid he actually abused but this social worker who had never met him lmao.
Why is every single fucking word overused so much until it means nothing? Literally just anything that makes you feel bad is now "trauma." What are we supposed to call real trauma now??
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2023.03.20 21:15 Niar666 [TOMT] [EPISODE] [2005-2015] Crime drama where a woman (allegedly) stops someone from assaulting her, has a restraining order against a stalker but he lives across the street, and has illegal stuff "planted" on her pc, but I believe she staged it all

The episode starts with a woman calling 911 because someone broke into her apartment and attempted to sexually assault her (through her skylight, I believe). When asked if she needs an ambulance she says no, but he does. The suspect is beaten and tied to her bed.
The police get there and she says "Guess all those self defense lessons paid off". The police go over to the suspect tied up, and he says he wants to file assault charges against her. He insists that he was just responding to a post on some kind of fake rape/Consensual Non-Consent site, and outright says "She wanted me to rape her!"
They bring this up with the woman and she denies it, but says she has a restraining order against a stalker and maybe he made the post. The 'stalker' is actually living in an apartment right across the street, even though they've both moved since the restraining order, making it seem like he is still stalking her, but he claims he had no idea.
She seems to freak out at this. The police also check her pc, where they find her desktop wallpaper is a picture of herself scantily clad. She says "That's photoshopped, right?!" The police assure her that pornography isn't illegal, but then one of the cops brings up CP that's on her pc. I believe after this she was claiming it must've been planted somehow, which the cops say is certainly possible. This is as far as I remember.
My brother and I both concluded by this point she was faking it. The woman seemed half-sincere throughout all her freaking out and accusations, but whether that was a character thing or a bad actress/directing thing, IDK.
My best guess for the series this was from is CSI: NY or SVU. I can't remember any main characters with a distinct quirk/focus (Numbers, Lie to Me, Bones, Castle, etc).
Previous thread with two guesses.
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2023.03.20 21:12 Tobyv0 Idiot Karen thinks dinosaurs are fake, ends up staring one in the face.

This is a story for those who are huge fans of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World saga and have seen ALL of the films(including Dominion).
Cast: Me=Me, OG=Owen Grady, CD=Claire Dearing, ML=Maisie Lockwood, EM=Entitled Mother, CLD=Cool Dad, ND=Nice Daughter
This takes place about 2 weeks after the events of Jurassic World: Dominion.
With Dinosaurs now back in the world once more, we have started attempting to coexist. Owen Grady has decided to turn his ranch into a safe haven for some of the dinosaurs. Mostly herbivores like Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and a couple small Carnivores, including Velociraptors Blue and Beta, who are now tamed.
One very early crystal clear morning, when the sky was just starting to turn that lovely shade of orange, after we got up and had breakfast, we heard a noise coming from outside. We got outside and saw Blue growling loudly near the paddock fence.(despite being tamed, Blue can still be aggressive, but only when the situation is justified)
We looked in the direction the raptor was facing and saw 3 people get out of a car. A woman(the entitled mother, complete with Karen haircut, posture and face), a man(the cool Dad, who actually looked quite shocked at seeing real dinosaurs) and a 19 year old girl.(the nice Daughter, who despite having a similar hairstyle to her mom, wasn’t entitled or snotty)
Owen ordered for Blue to stand down and, like a good girl, she did.
Owen: *shouts* “Hey!”
CLD: “Hey! You’re Owen Grady, right?”
Owen: “Yes I am. How’d you know?”
ND: “My dad is a big fan of you. He saw videos of you training actual Velociraptors! It’s sucks that they’re gone though.”
CD: “Theyre not ALL gone. Blue is still alive.”
ND: “Really?!” *her eyes widen*
Me: ”Yes! And she has a baby.”
CLD: “Like, can we see the raptor?”
CD: “Absolutely!”
Owen does his thing with the clicker and calls out Blue’s name and she immediately comes running, followed by Beta.
ND: “Awwww she’s adorable! Can I pet her?”
OG: “You have to be careful though. She can still be very dangerous.”
Thats when the EM started.
EM: “Well if she’s soooo dangerous then why do you even have her? Besides, you’re not fooling me.”
CLD: “EM, what’re you talking about?”
EM: “This isn’t real. These things are all fake. In my church, I was taught that there are no such things as “dinosaurs.” The earth was only born 6000 years ago, not 4.6 billion. These are all, what, stupid people in costumes or some type of animatronic stuff. This is all Stupid Blasphemy.”
Owen, Claire and Maisie all shared a WTF expression. Blue even tilted her head in confusion.
ML: “Um, this IS real. You are looking at a real dinosaur in the flesh!“
ND: “Mom, please don’t start. How could you even THINK these are fake?”
CD: “You seriously can’t be that delusional.”
EM: “First of all, these so called “bones” and “fossils” were not from real animals. Satanists put these on earth to scam true religious people. And I also heard about this THING *she gestures to Maisie* being a “Clone” of a young human who “presumably” died in a car accident. Gimme a break! *mutters the R word under her breath* kid.”
Maisie gasps at this response and she is nearly in tears.
Me: “How could you say something like that?! This little girl lost her grandfather at a young age and she was kidnapped by poachers, along with the baby raptor!”
EM: *now being all smug like she knows everything* ”Well, she probably had it coming for being a disgusting FREAK of nature! Claiming to be a stupid clone and all.”
Claire gasped at this and Maisie was crying.
The baby Velociraptor came up to the ND and started nuzzling her hand, but EM decided to fricking KICK the baby dinosaur like a dog!!!
Beta shrieked and fell into the snow, but she got up. To say that Blue was pissed was an UNDERSTATEMENT! She ran up to the EM and full on TACKLED her to the ground, but due to being tamed, she knew not to actually bite. She was just growling and snarling loudly.
CD: “Call the police!”
OG: “Already on it.”
He whistled for Blue to get off of the EM and she did, but was still growling.
About 5 minutes later, the Police arrived and PO1 and PO2 walked up to us.
PO1: “What seems to be the problem here, folks?”
Before any of us could even get a word in, the EM started twisting the story and putting on fake tears.
EM: “I was just coming to tell them how beautiful their animals were, and then that A**HOLE *points at Owen* told his stupid pet Velociraptor to attack me for no reason! I want that THING KILLED RIGHT NOW!
OG: “I did no such thing, you lunatic!”
CD: “This coming from the moron who KICKED a baby dinosaur like a dog because it was playing with your daughter! And called MY Daughter a Freak of nature and a r****d!”
EM: “THAT ABOMINATION WAS GOING TO MAUL MY DAUGHTER TO DEATH YOU FAT COW!”(Claire Dearing is pretty curvy, but is in NO way shape or form, obese.)
PO2: Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to put your hands behind your back right now.”
EM: “WHAT?!”
PO1: “You’re under arrest for lying to a police officer, threatening to kill an animal and promoting kidnapping towards people with special needs *referring to Maisie*. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you say may be given in evidence.”
OG: “Oh, cut the crap! You brought this on yourself. Take her away.”
Me: “Hold up there, officers! I’d like to just do one more thing!” *I do a two finger whistle like in cartoons or movies and we hear thudding footsteps.*
EM: ”Oh that was just a stupid earthquake or a tree falling down.”
Trees were indeed falling down, but the thumps were rhythmic, and getting louder.
Me, ND, and CLD all said in unison “Don’t move!”
There was something beyond the leaves.
The EM looked up, higher.
Behind the foliage, beyond the cabin, she saw what looked like a thick body with a pebbled, grainy surface like the bark of a tree. But it wasn't a tree. She continued to look higher, slowly tilting her head upward.
She saw the huge head of Rexy, the elderly Tyrannosaurus just standing there, looking through the trees at us! EM turned her flashlight on, and the big animal rolled its head and BELLOWED in the glaring light! Then darkness, and silence again, and the chittering of night critters.
There was another pause. EM watched the scarred Tyrannosaur. The head was huge! The animal looked around slowly, scanning its surroundings and searching for prey. She seemed to stare right at EM!
In the flashlight, the eyes glowed bright red.
EM: "Jesus Christ!”
The greatest predator the world has ever known. The most fearsome attack in human history. Somewhere in the back of her Karen brain, EM was in disbelief, but she could feel her knees begin to shake uncontrollably, her trousers flapping like flags.
Man, she was frightened. She didn't want to be here. Alone among all the people on the scene, EM was crazy religious. She didn’t believe in dinosaurs. She thought that all the fossils and skeletons were a scam by satanists to thwart religion, or in her words, “Blasphemy.”
She tried to reassure herself that she was hallucinating, but her eyes were not deceiving her at all! She was looking at a giant dinosaur! But it wasn’t just any dinosaur, this was a rex! Much, much bigger! The greatest meat-eater that ever walked the earth!
When the Tyrannosaur roared it was TERRIFYING, a SCREAM from some other world! EM felt the spreading warmth in her trousers. She’d peed in her pants! She was simultaneously embarrassed and terrified. But she knew she had to do something. She couldn't just stay here. She had to do something. Something! Her hands were shaking, trembling in her pant pockets.
EM: “Jesus Christ!”
ML: (While wagging her finger at her) “Bad language!”
EM started whimpering and we swung our heads away from the Tyrannosaur. Our flashlights streaked laterally-in time to see EM tripping over her high heels and struggling to get back up.
The police officers cuffed her and dragged her into their vehicle while she was screaming gibberish about knowing the mayor, having a cop brother, threatening to sue.

Needless to say, we never saw her again.

TL;DR Stupid entitled Karen who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, comes face to face with one.
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2023.03.20 21:09 OrdosDeluxe AITA for deliberately embarrassing my Father in Law in front of his family?

I (M36) am absolutely not what you would call a "handy" kind of guy. I can build an IKEA flatpack, and I can follow a YouTube tutorial to find out how to de-clog my washing machine, but I don't have any (what my Father in Law (M60) would call) "worthwhile skills". I have to give him the credit that he's due, and say that he's knowledgeable about plumbing, joinery and electrics. He has often helped me and my wife with matters in our home (leaky pipe, some plastering work etc), and we have always been grateful and appreciative of his efforts.
My skills are more IT based. I work in this field for a living, which means I often get saddled with the old chestnuts such as "can you fix the printer?", or "the internet isn't working". To me these are simple issues to fix, but he's very IT illiterate. I never make a big deal about this, because it's the least I can do to repay his help. However, he spares no opportunity whatsoever to take shots at my lack of "worthwhile skills". He'll say (often in front of family and friends) that im not a real man, or that I'd be useless in an emergency, that sort of thing.
Because he does a lot of stuff that I generally suck at, I bite my tongue and don't say anything to him. This week changed that. We bought my daughter this massive climbing frame/swing set for her birthday. My wife and I were able to assemble most of it, but the last few bits, as well as anchoring it to the ground were giving us issues. My brother happened to stop by to visit, so he helped, but my wife also phoned FIL to come and help. We got the job done, but again, the commentary continued, which was especially insulting considering my brother was there.
Yesterday we were up visiting him. I was there, as was my wife, his wife, and my wife's brother and his wife. He asked me if I could look at his laptop, as he had some sort of virus. When I fired it up, it was one of those ransomware programs - camera was showing the webcam feed on a fake police website. I was able to get his computer somewhat back to normal after a while, which took longer than he'd have liked according to his comments. While I was bringing it back, he kept badgering me about what had caused the virus. A peruse through his internet history revealed a LOT of porn. Nothing particularly embarrassing, but probably information that he wouldn't have wanted shared.
It was out of my mouth before I had even finished processing the thought. "Loads of these porn websites have a lot of viruses and dodgy stuff, I'll get you a membership from my Norton account." You could have cut the tension with a knife. His wife looked super angry, and sister in law stifled a laugh. We left shortly after that, but on the way out we heard the two of them arguing.
My wife gave me both barrels in the car, but I said he is always giving me hassle and I keep my mouth shut. Things have been frosty ever since, and I wonder if I went too far. AITA?
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2023.03.20 21:04 Ready-Ad-4549 Lucky Star lyrics meaning v2 - Madonna

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You must be (White 4) my (Grey 5) lucky star (White 4)
'Cause you shine (White 4) on me (Grey 5) Wherever you are (White 4)
I just think (White 4) of you (Red 1)
And I start (Red 1) to glow (Grey 5)
And I need (Grey 5) your light (White 4)
And baby (Red 1) you know (White 4)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
Make everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5),
yeah (Grey 5)!

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You must be (White 4) my (Grey 5) lucky star (White 4)
'Cause you make (White 4) the darkness (Grey 5) seem so far (White 4)
And when I'm lost (Grey 5) You'll be (White 4) my guide (Grey 5)
I just turn (Grey 5) around (White 4)
And you're by (White 4) my side (Grey 5)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
Make everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5),
yeah (Grey 5)!

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
C'mon (White 4), shine (White 4) your heavenly body (White 4) tonight (White 4)
'Cause I know (Red 1) you're gonna make (White 4) everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Um (Anti-Christ heroin man Grey 5),
c'mon (White 4), shine (White 4) your heavenly body (White 4) tonight (White 4)
'Cause I know (Red 1) you're gonna make (White 4) everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You may be (White 4) my (Grey 5) lucky star (White)
But I'm (White 4) the luckiest (Grey 5) by far
Cocaine Rock Heroin Roll cycle
Kingdom of Light = forever, always = all cocaine, History = His Story
9PM-12AM only cocaine during cocaine high
9PM Christ cocaine born (Christmas)(cocaine shot right arm)
10PM Father God cocaine (cocaine shot left arm)
11PM Holy Ghost cocaine (cocaine shot both arms)

12AM Anti-Christ wakes inside Christ cocaine when Christ cocaine shoots heroin

Rocking = Christ cocaine dominant, cocaine addiction
(12AM-3AM zigzag heroin during cocaine high)
shoot (heroin) to thrill (cocaine)
sometimes, something = some heroin
light, American Pie, drive, music, life, go, where

1AM Red = some heroin mostly cocaine (black dot white bar) I
wind, mountain, walk, story, speak, spring, queen, money, buy, battered, black hole sun, head, spick, forest, why, reason, know, stop, breeze, strong, speak, write, words, everything, all, diamonds, business, want, A, work, (1), style, how, got, I, eye, free, body, young, girl, mile, make, build, give, teacher, rock, do, the way, where, everyone, one eye open, stand, now, something's right, light thoughts, loose, believe, stand, wake up, pinky (1), easy, give, index finger (4), horns sign thumb out (1,4&5), love, thought, nose, sex, right, city, world, shaka sign (1&5), earth, whole, think, here, baby, light, see,
the answer (White 4) is blowing in the wind (Red 1) I

2AM Blue = more heroin mostly cocaine (white bar black outline)
rain, air, sea, run, road, sky, cry, song, wild, summer, king, change, sell, bruised, blue moon, mind, trees, fool, 17, illegal, go, speed, weak, superstition, feel, heard, no words, symbols, numbers, what, anything, hearts, church, B, play, vacation, holiday, 2, use, fake, matter, try, take, soul, boy, blow, time, move, challenge, risk, dare, student, do it, better way, hum, bawler, dance, bawl, (black Lamborghini), forget, say, something's wrong, heavy thoughts, bed, (let it go), lie down, this morning, thumb (5), hard, material, action, smells, rape, lust, endless day, wrong, fine, the blues, wish, pay, well, ocean, everywhere,

3AM Mercy hour
lavender, clear
Anti-Christ heroin kills Christ cocaine, mostly cocaine syringe becomes mostly heroin syringe
(3 = middle finger = Anti-Christ heroin fucks over Christ cocaine)
(Ouroboros = Dragon heroin addiction consumes body of Christ cocaine addiction)
(the day the music died)

Rolling = Anti-Christ heroin dominant, heroin addiction
(3AM-6AM zigzag cocaine during heroin high)
play (cocaine) to kill (heroin)
somewhere, somehow = some cocaine
night, dead, underground, alone, ride, come, need, star, when

4AM White = some cocaine mostly heroin (white dot black bar) you
Anti-Christ heroin woman, fall, dove, little bird, answer, smoke, sweat, tear, speck, pool, cat, (dead cat bounce), bone, good luck, clubs, agriculture (sowing the seeds of love), Sisyphus, whistle, orphan, bounce, bastard, call, (call of the wild), ball, little one, my son, tonight, forget, sleep, pillow, noise, skeleton, (skeleton in the closet), free from sin, (white from black), pray, prey, grain of sand, tucked in, mama, frontline, one in a million, shine, hitchhiker, flying, today, wonder, meaning of things, remeber, sing it, town, train station, help yourself, ringing, wife, mother, sister, wonder, times like these, pretend, wedding, (white wedding), message, SOS, apple, crazy, wherever, just think, your light, you must be, starlight, rock star, first star, alright, so far, found, blind, around, (she'll be coming around the mountain), you will be, c'mon, gonna make, your heavenly body,

5AM Grey = more heroin (black bar white outline) me
Anti-Christ heroin man, winter, question, fire, nowhere, rat, bat, wild, Blackjack, 21, fear, cannonball, pistol, bullet, spades, (the ace of spades), military, V, 5, hand, peace, pain, horn, shadow, grave, brawler, telephone, thing, hair, it, (shot caller), race, warm within, sand, war, liar, bite, kill, dream, die, hold, grip, tight, (hold on tight), take, hush, silence, beast, closet, wolf, beast, predator, squeeze, pressure, gravity, train, truck, keeper, yeah, deep down, gun, papa, chosen one, burn, horns sign thumb in (1&4), thumb, bad sign, last night, so low, appear to others, sleepless night, shame about it, shotgun, just can't, bell, (hell's bells), (brothers in arms), father, husband, brother, appearance, broken, drink, bottle, restless, hole, insane, star, me, need, glow, my, mine, star bright, lost, finder, (finders keepers), keep, guide, appear, my side, just turn, time, lucky, um, lucky star

6AM Black = (Black bar)
All heroin, Devil, Devil heroin castle, (The Wall), jealousy, home, hell, grass, mother nature, sunrise, Dragula, Sandman, never never land, yeah-yeah, Lord above,
More Metaphors:
cocaine: rock, moon, son, stone, Dutch, pink, letters, white, snow, hills, sweet, sugar, northern, 9, uptown, highlands, shiny, new, west, fly, truth, smile, hard, touch, silver, paper, sheets, sail, urban, west, god, hope, ...
heroin: roll, slip, strangle, slam, smack, dig, ditch, soft, velvet, sun, sunshine, Italian, brown, country, man, downtown, southern, poison, 8, rural, shelter, east, dark, misery, dirt, luck, mud, gold, frown, low, mule, madness, wrong, weak, broken, lonely, alone, gone, watch, strange, stranger, trunk, spread, nobody, nothing, bad, lies, trouble, dream, change, ...
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