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2023.06.04 09:03 BajaBlastGOAT How do I (M29) get over my girlfriend’s (F26) past “experiences”?

I love this woman. I was after her for a whole year, she was into me and I was into her, we dated for a couple months, now we are an official couple. I know Relationships are built off of trust and communication. Without that, you have nothing.
We talk about anything and everything. Bad stuff/good stuff/likes/dislikes/intimacy/previous relationships/etc. So she’s had previous heart breaks and bad experiences with men when she was between the ages if 22-26. There’s one experience in particular she admitted to me that continues to irk me. She was in school (aged 22-23), met an older gentleman (aged 33-40 forgot what age she told me). They exchanged socials began talking on there, went on a few dates, and hooked up (most likely more than once). She would make the effort and drive 45min away to go see him, but he would not do the same for her. Until something personal happened to her (most likely involving him) and the dude ghosted her after that. And after that experience, she said she would not look for love anymore and that was it. No men, men suck. Until she saw something in me and agreed to go on a date and pursue more.
  1. I feel bad because my girlfriend is a good person and wants to do good. So how she was left alone by herself. Made me feel bad.
  2. Knowing that she was hooking up and having a fling with an older guy gets my stomach and heart twisted in a knot. This whole year of chasing her and thinking she was pure and innocent.. I was totally and completely wrong.
I should say, we both love each other and have each other’s back no matter what. But when I’m alone and think about her, point #2 comes crawling back in my head and gets me grossed out of the situation and the thought of “I can’t believe she did that with him and make the effort to see him and try to have a relationship with him”. Kind of like in Happy Gilmore when he tries to find his happy place but then Shooter comes and fucks with his thoughts
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2023.06.04 09:03 DevelopmentNo1350 Friend is out of my life

English is not my first language. Apologize for spelling error and whatnots.
Group of five that has been friends since we were 17 (now 30-31ish). Anna (fake name) I've known since we were four and are still close. Jenna (also fake) I met through Anna when we were 17. Tilda and Emma (fake ) were also a part of that group. Tilda and Jenna were also childhood friends since age 7ish.
All of them were at my wedding last year in September. We have a group chat we chat in sometimes since we all live a distance from each other. During adulthood we always made sure to meet up at least twice a year, but you know life gets busy. But we always made time for each other in the group chat.
After the wedding I started to notice that Jenna always read everyones replys or texts, but never answered. In November we started planning another get together, aiming for february. Never got an answer wether she could or not. We asked her, but didn't get any response. The rest of us decided to go ahead with the date and either Jenna joined or not. Might add she still read every single message, just chose to not respond. We never heard from her. During the last six months I've shared two major events in my life in that chat: that we bought a house and that I was pregnant. None of them I got any response from her or any congrats. The rest did.
Now Jenna and I used to be close from age 18-24 ish. Somewhere after that it sizzled a bit, but we still talked and did things. And then work came, boyfriends etc. I understand that as we grow and evolve relationships are never the same as they used to be. In time she got a job she loved, boyfriend, house, dog. And I noticed she liked meeting new people in the dog community and through work. I never blamed for anything. I also gained new friends and acquaintances. Maybe her avoiding us started earlier than the wedding, I don't know. I also chalked it up to her and I not being in the same phase of life.
Either way, back to an event yesterday. Now I've been pretty hurt that she at least never acknowledged the house or my pregnancy. The rest I didn't care about, but I thought at least that would warrant a response. Yesterday we were all invited, along with other friends and family, to Tilda to celebrate her finishing a bachelor degree. I had been debating wether I would talk to Jenna before about her behaviour, but both me and my husband decided to wait until this event. There was a chance everything would pour out with congratulations and whatnots. So I bid my time and off we went.
Adding: It was both me and Anna that experienced the silence and felt something was off.
At the party I saw her, we walked up, everyone congratulated once again on the baby and asked question. Anna? None. Zero. Never made any eye contact the entire evening. I made several attempt at saying hi, and everytime she turned her back on us and walked in a different direction.
At one point she, along with my husband, her boyfriend and another stood outside talking. Anna and I walked up to join and she immediately walked away.
Neither Anna and I know what's wrong. I've asked both Tilda and Emma and no one knows. She still talks to them (Emma is also her sister, so that's explainable). It was just Anna and I that was silenced.
I'm just so hurt and confused. We can't figure out if we have done anything wrong. I thought about writing to her about my feelings, but decided against it. Nothing will come out of it and I'm not sure I will get any closure from it.
I still talk with Emma, Tilda and Anna and we all still want to keep in touch. For now I've archived the previous group chat and started a new one with just the four of us (The old one will still be active, I just won't see any messages). I just don't want to have anything to do with Jenna at the moment. Maybe she will come around, maybe she will not. But Anna and I have accepted that we will have to live in the unknown.
It just hurts.
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2023.06.04 09:03 Ralfop Automatic needle threading device GIFT Good gift for your mother elderly people and stitching friends AUTOMATIC With a ring, easy and convenient to carry.Mini and fashion size, easy to use. A handy thread guide for all sewers, young and old. Help to solve the frustrating needle threading problem

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2023.06.04 09:03 Kuteandconfused Hopelessly Stuck: My husband (M 32) cheated on me (F 39) multiple times then wants to make me feel guilty.

Hello, my husband and I have been married almost 4 years and together for 9. I found out a little more than a year ago that he’d been having an affair. I was shattered as it wasn’t the first time he’d cheated on me but the first time it was an actual affair. He’d previously slept with an old friend from high school which caused us A LOT of trouble and before that he had a threesome with this girl he dated on and off before me and a friend of hers. So when I found out I didn’t know what to do.
About two months later I started flirting with a coworker of mine (M 33). At first it was just harmless flirting but then feelings developed and without realizing it I was having an affair of my own. My husband found out and was furious!! I’d never seen him so upset! At that point the thought of breaking it off with the guy was close to devastating even though we hadn’t been together very long. My husband and I somewhat tried to rectify our marriage but eventually the guy and I started seeing each other again. A little while back my husband told me that if I slept with him he and I would be done. So he was looking at pics on my phone and came across something related to the guy so he snatched my phone and locked himself in a room and read our texts. He didn’t speak to me for a week. At this point I never know if he’s going to be heartbroken, cruel, loving he changes minute by minute. The problem is we have 2 amazing little girls together and I’m not financially capable of living on my own. There’s a part of me that wants to stay and fight for the marriage and another part of me that wants to at least separate temporarily. The next problem is the guy feels horrible about breaking up a marriage and even though we talk EVERYDAY and have told each other we love each other he says he’s not looking to be in a relationship anytime soon! So what exactly did he think we were in?? I just don’t know what to do!! Do I stay and fight for my marriage meaning I lose a man I love or do I leave and maybe still not be with him? Oh I left out another juicy detail, he has another woman he’s speaking to/sleeping with and the first woman that he had the affair with they’re friends now and he picks her daughter up from school once or twice a week!!! AND they’ve both met my kids!!!! Sorry for rambling on so long. I appreciate any advice. 🙏🏽
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2023.06.04 09:02 Naugrith Sunday Lectionary Reading (04-Jun-23)

First Sunday after Pentecost

Welcome. The practice of reading regular set passages from scripture each Sunday is an ancient tradition, and it can be beneficial for faith and wisdom. Therefore I would like to make a regular post each week - providing a link to the Sunday readings so those who find it helpful and wish to participate can read together and encourage one another with our thoughts, answer each other's questions, or respond with any inspiration we have.
Each week the Lectionary provides a selection from the Old Testament which are intended to complement readings from the New Testament, alongside Psalms to accompany both readings.

Lectionary Readings from the Old Testament and Psalms

Genesis 1:1-2:4a and Psalm 8

Lectionary Readings from the New Testament

2 Corinthians 13:11-13 and Matthew 28:16-20
Click the above link to read today's passages
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2023.06.04 09:02 Wonderful-Hall-7929 Player stutters at/after Adams AFB

Ok, i've tried everything on "the internet" i could get my greedy mitts on but i can't get that error go away:
I "continued" my game after a good night of sh*tty sleep in the middle of the Adams AFB mission (Continue quicksave from the main) and lo and behold:
My char stutters when moving or really doing any action!Reload? Forget it!Put weapon away? If you're lucky!
I think you get the basic idea.
Since i'm not new to games being "a bit random" (heck, i started gaming in '83 on a C64, so i'm used to old and slow) i changed to 3rd person view:Yep, the stutter still is there!
Ok, close the game and reload:Still there!
Close the game and load an earlier save from before the stutter occured:Dafuq? It stutters!
Scout the internet for tips, update everything, go over each ini with a fine toothed comb:Nopers!
Another night of restless sleep later and i'm sitting here posting this in the vague hope someone can help me: I've NEVER had that issue with either FO3, NV or 4 - let alone 1,2 and Tactics, but than again those were iso ;-)
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2023.06.04 09:02 Sailorgirl06 Son's original language?

Not sure where I should post.
My 5, almost 6, year old son is a normal, happy, healthy kid. He is bilingual (French Canadian).
Since he was about 2 and could speak well, he always had a little "language" of his own that he called "Shpikov" (I am spelling it the way I hear it being spoken to me, by my little guy)
It was adorable. His little made up words were adorable. They brought so much happiness to my heart because I felt he had great imagination.
But, these words were consistent. Same words, same intonation, same phonology for each of these "invented" parts of his vocabulary... I thought it was strange, but, he's a smart kid.
(That's difficult to do, even if you're a smart kid)
He hasn't spoken "shpikov" in well over a year.
Today we were coming home from the park. We had what seemed like normal 5 year old/mom conversation, until I decided to build him up a little, tell him he's beautiful, hilarious, smart... because he knows TWO languages.
He stops and tells me with great authority that he knows and is fluent in THREE languages. That I forgot about "shpikov" (again, my version of the spelling according to what I hear)
The language he hasn't entertained in well over a year. That he started speaking again, today... fluently, with the same intonation and phonology as before.
He tells me in great detail (again, over a year since he last told me) that shpikov is his "real" language. I have to take a lot of planes to get to his home, but it's real and shpikov is what everyone speaks.
I've been searching for years to find this "shpikov" language, and would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. I came across one language today (which gave me and my eldest son goosebumps) but, I can't be 100%
Not sure if I can post the link to what it sounds like, but will of allowed.
Posting here to ask if anyone else has had a similar experience, if they haven't heard of the "shpikov" language?
Is there somewhere else I can ask?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 09:02 murrimabutterfly Being gone has shown me I can't go back

I'm on a month leave from work. I never took time off in the year I worked there, and decided to cash it all in to focus on my mental health. I work retail and am a sales lead, for reference. It's been two weeks, and even though they unintentionally got busy with stressful things, I'm still feeling less stressed than before. I actually wake up rejuvenated and ready to start the day. I actively spend time cooking and doing home projects and actually living in the apartment I moved into a year ago. I've been casually perusing jobs since my store seems to be sinking faster than the Titanic, and I've realized there is no paycheck worth going back to retail. I'm excited over being a clerical assistance at a start up wellness clinic or receptionist at a nursing home. A boring office-y job of filing, invoicing, and bookkeeping for a car dealership sounds divine. It's just nice to think about working in a place where I'm not utterly demeaned and abused just for some petty power trip of an old money witch. Obviously, dealing with the public is never sunshine and rainbows, but the customers I'd be working with would largely have valid reasons for being upset. I'm genuinely not sure how I can manage to go back to work, after feeling so at ease for the first time in over a year.
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2023.06.04 09:01 throwaway174738274 I'm so tired

I've been living as a girl for so long. I think its around 4 years now although i don't remember exactly. Yet i don't know if i am trans anymore. I don't even have a good idea of if i am or not. I no longer no who i am. Its so hard. It has been around a year and I'm still struggling with this. And it keeps getting worse. I don't know who i am and i don't know how to find out because i no longer understand my feelings
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2023.06.04 09:01 yumitumibumi my dreams linked up to consequences?

When i was younger, maybe 8 years old, i used to spend summer at my grandmothers house. she had a nice place and her house was very connected. when you walked in there would be a kitchen on the left and behind the kitchen looking further there would be my grandmas bed, then to the right would be a door. going through that door would be another bedroom with bunkbeds, a tv and a fireplace. looking forward there would be a toilet that had two doors- one to grandmes bed, and the other to this bedroom.
anyways once i was sleeping in my grandmes bed with her and i woke up at night and saw shadows on the ceiling. it was like two men were talking and i heard whispers. every time i blinked they would go away - the next time i blinked the shadows came back. so i just played with the shadows for a little bit until they were gone and wouldnt come back. when that happened i heard wet grass footsteps and the bed was facing the front door where the eye hole was. from there was shining moonlight. but when the wet grass footsteps faded it was like a shadow walked through the front door.
i got scared so i just turned away and went to sleep. after a few days i went home. then after a few weeks my mother told me that there was a stolen chainsaw from my grandmas garage.
the next time i slept there i had this dream. it went like this: i wake up i look to my left where grandma should be and shes not there. she left the covers like she hurried to go somehwere. its the middle of the nightand the front door is a bit opened. in the bedroom i can hear the tv but not see it. it was breaking news something about a white figure like with a greenscreen suit but instead it was white and he walked on all fours. they said to be careful. then that same white figure stepped into the bathroom and turned to look at me. i froze in schock and the dream ended.
the second night i dreamed the same thing but this time when the figure walked out i atood up from the bed and said "i am not afraid of you!". he didnt do anything and the dream ended.
the third night i had the same dream but this time i went to look for grandma. i stepped outside and looked around for her. i went behind the house where cows usually would be. there i saw the greaper holding my grandma and looking at me. keep in mind there wasnt tiktok then so i didnt even know about the grim reaper. i started shouting at him to let grandma go but he just stood there. after a few seconds of silence he dropped her and the dream ended.
i was shook but didnt say a thing to anyone. after i went home a few days later grandma went to the hospital. she layed there for a few weeks before dieing.
only now i have linked up the dreams with these events. i stopped having nightmares after grandma died. till this day i am terribly scared of ghosts and dont know if i believe them or not. thoughts?
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2023.06.04 09:01 helloiamjoshua Escape the Night Season 1 is the best season in the franchise.

In my opinion, the first season is the best season of Escape the Night. Everything about it was amazing, from the vibes, the cast, and the challenges. They were able to capture well the essence of that era. The setting and the challenges and editing were reminiscent of that year and it truly felt like we went back in time.
One thing that Season 1 had that the others failed to do so was the eeriness and horror that the franchise wants to achieve. The first season was dark and creepy which can be felt and seen through the eerie challenges and scary monsters. The other seasons felt less scary and horror-like probably because it became too colorful and bright for a horror series. The jumpscares in season 1 were also pretty good and watching the death challenges always made you feel like sitting on the edge.
Another reason as to why it is the best season is because it was the first. It set the standard to how the other seasons play out. It has an advantage because it was the first season, which means that the viewers have zero idea what it is about and what’s going to happen, it was truly full of twist and turns. Since the other seasons follow the format, nothing about it is really shocking or surprising, compared to season 1. Each episode had a different twist in the challenge, I remember being just shocked each episode on who dies and how. Justine’s death is still the best death scene in the franchise. It just felt so authentic and real, and the aftermath was great as well.
The cast were also pretty good at its time. Everyone in it was pretty relevant and were also friends with Joey. The only one I didn’t know then was Matt. The drama also didn’t seem forced and most of the comedic moments were timed correctly. The personalities were also distinct and everyone had their own thing going on about them.
The only thing I didn’t like about it was the twist at the end. It would’ve been more gagging if it was one of them (I remember putting my finger on Eva). That would’ve made it feel more like a murder mystery.
If I were to rank the seasons, it would be:
  1. Season 1
  2. Season 3 (very great as well)
  3. Season 4
  4. Season 2 (can be interchanged with number 3)
Anyways, if Season 5 happens, I hope they do well and bring back the creepy horror vibes from the first season.
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2023.06.04 09:01 AutoModerator [I HAVE] JOEL KAPLAN - SMMA 7 FIGURE AGENCY CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227

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The Course includes:

• Welcome
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20+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.06.04 09:00 AutoModerator Weekly Reading (Sunday 04-Jun-23): 2 Corinthians 13:11-13 and Matthew 28:16-20

First Sunday after Pentecost

Welcome. This is our main Sunday Weekly Reading and we encourage everyone to participate and comment below with your thoughts, questions, or helpful quotes.
The New Testament passages for Sunday are intended to complement each other as well as to complement the Saturday Readings from the Old Testament.
I have also included some brief questions below to help focus your thoughts.

Sunday's Lectionary Readings from the New Testament

2 Corinthians 13:11-13 and Matthew 28:16-20
Click on the above link to read today's passages
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2023.06.04 09:00 Important-Asparagus5 What do you do about work?

I'm really struggling to keep jobs. I usually make it about a year or two, but I then have to leave because I'm just struggling too much to keep going, and I've used up all my sick days (keep in mind that I am not in the US so I have quite a few sick days). Going on disability is not an option - I know that along with my BP2 diagnosis I'm "sick enough" to get it approved, but financially it would absolutely ruin me as you don't really get enough money to make it through the month, and I don't want to lose my apartment, I need money to take care of my dogs, and I want to have a higher life standard.
I can work remotely, which was great during the lockdown period of covid, but all the jobs where I live have adopted the "hybrid office" now which means that you're expected to go in about 2-3 times a week, you work the rest of the time from home, but the time spent at the office is a minimum that is non-negotiable.
So this post is kind of somewhere between a rant and asking for advice. I'm angry with myself for not studying something practical that can easily be done 100% remotely like IT, programming, or graphic design, and instead, I studied something I find really interesting, but the jobs are far between, and you usually need a PhD in it to get the "good" jobs.
I haven't been able to find any "proper" jobs that are fully remote. It doesn't need to be within my field of study, I just need it to be fully remote - and pay the bills.
I'm just feeling quite frustrated by the whole situation to be honest, and like the whole concept of working is rigged against me. I feel like a failure for not being able to function like NT's do in work settings.
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2023.06.04 09:00 United_Wrongdoer2086 Struggling about a tricky dilemma, apps advice needed

So I’m graduating highschool in the spring of 2024, though I’m completing my AA the following summer. My advisor told me by the time I finish, I would have completed a lot of the prerequisites with labs included for (Bio, chem, physics, and ochem) for my upcoming major (biomedical sciences). As a result I’m set to graduate early in the fall of 2025! I did well on my SAT earlier this year and am currently applying for a full tuition free of cost scholarship at the moment.
Option 1: Should I apply for the 2025/2026 (technically during my junior year) right after I finish a semester biochem and some behavioral science classes? I know it’s going to be really hard as there are going to be applicants with way more compelling and stacked apps. I have plans for studying for the mcat in the future already so I hopefully will have that under control by then. What is a good breakdown of how many hours of shadowing,research, non clinical, clinical volunteering and experience I would needed? How many LORS would suffice? Any tips on personal statements?
Option 2: Apply for the 2026/2027 cycle by which I would have more experience in all the areas listed above with another year worth of classes and opportunities?
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2023.06.04 09:00 ladymidnight13 This is an ugly ass newborn [source: This Baby Isn't Yours]

This is an ugly ass newborn [source: This Baby Isn't Yours]
I don't know why but I get so mad whenever I see this "baby." It's so ugly and the proportions make it look like a 5 year old. I feel like I waited 49 chapters for this ugly thing. Takes me out of the story every time.
Like please learn some anatomy, you're killing my eyes.
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2023.06.04 09:00 Nomoriah New to this need some help

I just recently have been seeing posts about gold and everything. Part of that being seeing ads for Acre Gold. It seems like a good idea but I’ve seen some things about them on other subreddits but that was also a few years ago. I have many questions like 1. Where should I start? 2. Is getting physical gold as worth as some people say 3. What’s the benefits of having gold? 4. Is Acre Gold worth getting gold through or is there a better option? I would really like to get more info about gold and how everything works so thank you in advance
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2023.06.04 09:00 starhouseestofficial Preserving Summer's Bounty: Exploring the Benefits of Canned Tomatoes.

Summer brings with it an abundance of fresh produce, including ripe and juicy tomatoes. These vibrant fruits not only add flavor to our meals but also offer numerous health benefits. However, as the summer season comes to an end, it's essential to find ways to preserve the bountiful harvest. One popular method is canning tomatoes, which allows us to enjoy their goodness all year round. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of canned tomatoes and explore why they deserve a place in your pantry. So let's dive in and discover the wonders of preserving summer's bounty!

The Art of Canning:
Canning is a traditional method of preserving food that involves sealing fruits or vegetables in airtight containers, such as jars, to prevent spoilage. This process not only extends the shelf life of the produce but also locks in their nutritional value. When it comes to tomatoes, canning helps retain their essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Nutritional Value of Canned Tomatoes:
Contrary to popular belief, canned tomatoes can be just as nutritious as fresh ones. In fact, certain nutrients are even more bioavailable in canned form. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant known for its potential health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain cancers and heart disease. The canning process breaks down the tomato's cell walls, making lycopene more easily absorbed by the body.

Convenience and Versatility:
One of the significant advantages of Canned tomatoes is their convenience. Having a well-stocked pantry with canned tomatoes allows you to whip up delicious meals with minimal effort. From classic pasta sauces and hearty stews to vibrant salsas and flavorful curries, the possibilities are endless. Canned tomatoes provide a quick and easy way to add depth and flavor to your culinary creations.

Year-Round Availability:
Fresh tomatoes have a short growing season, making them a seasonal delight. However, by canning tomatoes at their peak ripeness, you can enjoy their flavors throughout the year. Canned tomatoes offer a taste of summer even during the coldest months, allowing you to savor the essence of sun-ripened tomatoes in every dish.

Cost-Effective Option:
Canned tomatoes offer an economical solution for those looking to save money without compromising on taste and quality. Buying fresh tomatoes off-season can be costly, whereas canned tomatoes are often more affordable and readily available. By opting for canned tomatoes, you can stretch your budget while still enjoying the benefits of this versatile ingredient.

Sustainability and Reduced Food Waste:
Preserving summer's bounty through canning is an eco-friendly choice that promotes sustainability and reduces food waste. By canning tomatoes, you can make the most of surplus produce, reducing the likelihood of it going to waste. Additionally, Canned tomatoes require less energy and resources for transportation and storage compared to their fresh counterparts, making them a greener option.

Quality Control:
When canning tomatoes at home, you have full control over the quality and ingredients used. You can choose to can organic tomatoes or those from your own garden, ensuring that you have the freshest and most flavorful base for your dishes. By canning your tomatoes, you eliminate concerns about preservatives or additives that may be present in store-bought canned goods.

Health Benefits of Cooked Tomatoes:
Cooking tomatoes, whether fresh or canned, enhances their nutritional value. Heat breaks down the tomato's cell walls, making the beneficial compounds more accessible. This process boosts the release of lycopene and other antioxidants, leading to increased health benefits.
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2023.06.04 09:00 PHDinGenius why are there no gaming benchmarks for server grade cpu's like the Intel Xeon W5-2465X

so as title says, im keen to see gaming benchmarks for large HEDT cpu's by intel, against something like a 7800x3d. or 13700k. im not expecting it too blow them out of the water by any means but im interested in gauging the performance of Q1'2023 HEDT cpu's or even and AMD 5975WX vs gaming desktop cpus.

because of the large multi channel bandwidth memory support, and multi access cache levels (i think its called Mesh caching) i would suspect these cpus to have fairly good Single core performance, making them quite good at pulling frames for the graphics card. especially the threadrippers large cache size, overclocking the single core boost speeds on these types of cpus, would effectively allow for a higher avg gaming FPS, possibly making them usefull for multiple generations, instead of us upgrading from as an example, a 3600x to a 5600x, to a 5800x3d to a 7800x3d just to achieve a 10-20% avg gaming performance boost, which i believe is tied to cache size (obviously) and single core performance for cpu fetch and delivery operations to the graphics card, memory instructions, etc.
if this is the case, that these cpus large memory bandwidth busses and cache's why dont we just move to HEDT and buy the cheapest of the lot in here, instead of buying 7950x's and 7800x3d's and upgrading them every year and selling your old stuff. sell the 7800x3d, buy the 8800x3d. OR just by an intel HEDT or amd Threadripper

i feel as though intel and AMD are striking or removing gaming benchmakrs of these CPU's on the internet. because i cant find any.

Oh, and if you have a 7800x3d, post up your OC results and ZT's.
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2023.06.04 08:58 OrneryWishbone1567 Years ago some friends and I saw something we can’t explain. What is it?

We were in our car philosophizing about whatever stoned 20 year olds do when we saw a column of white light shoot straight down from the sky and at the exact moment it hit earth all the lights in the neighborhood went out. House lights and streetlights out. The white column of light was reminiscent of the transportation beam from Star Trek. I’ve tried to find a natural explanation but have not been able to. From what I understand for a meteorite to have some sort of emp effect it would have to be fairly large and I’m sure a large enough meteor to do that would have been on the news or something. Another thing is that from what I’ve read is that meteorites give off a green hue when they enter the atmosphere and the light we saw can only be described as white. I won’t be surprised if some of you can show that it was a meteor but if it’s not, what natural explanation is there for it?
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2023.06.04 08:58 Shessokawaiiiiiii Which GTX 16XX GPU would be best for my Ryzen 3 3200g setup?

I got this pc 3 years ago in the middle of the pandemic and it's still holding up like it's brand new. It's my first time finally getting a gpu after upgrading from 1x8GB to 2x8GB RAM last year.
I have a choice between GTX 1650/1650S and GTX 1660/1660S but the only reason I'm conflicted is because I have a generic 750W psu. I will not be able to afford both a cpu and a gpu just yet since I don't have enough saved for them. I know you shouldnt get a gpu on a generic psu regardless but I'm gonna do it anyway.
Which would be my best bet? I finally have a chance to experience 1080p gaming at good performance so I'll go on with it. I will eventually get a better psu after though.
But I hope it turns out okay in the end.
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2023.06.04 08:58 Gyro88 Does the Nouvelle Chicane Help or Hinder Overtaking?

It's no secret that Monaco provides almost no opportunities for overtaking during a Grand Prix, and the circuit is much-maligned for it. The one "typical" spot for a move is under braking at the Nouvelle Chicane, at the end of one of the longest uninterrupted runs on the circuit (the tunnel section).
However, even that stretch isn't long enough to really allow a modern F1 car to slipstream and make up ground on the car in front after exiting Portier, so moves on the brakes into the chicane are still fairly rare, and usually pretty clumsy, at that. At the same time, a hard braking event is one of the ingredients that often makes for a good opportunity to overtake, so it's hard to say whether it does more harm than good, or vice versa.
What I'm wondering is: hypothetically, would overtaking at Monaco be improved or worsened by removing the Nouvelle Chicane entirely, and simply extending the "back straight" of the circuit by about 50% (from ~650m to ~950m), stretching directly from Portier to Tabac? Would Tabac itself provide a sufficiently-energetic braking event from the resulting top speed to allow reasonable overtaking attempts? Would it need to be reprofiled somewhat? I've wondered about this a lot over the years, and would be curious to hear what others have to say about it.
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