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This Sub will show a Piano Free Sheet Music or Music Notes for everybodys The Piano Tutorial contains Free Sheet Music welcoming here!

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A subreddit for those looking to find sheet music for piano and for those who have composed covers or (piano) pieces that they are willing to share via sheet music

2023.03.21 04:17 PianoDaddy Aye Bekhabar Piano Notes Zeher

Aye Bekhabar Piano Notes Zeher Available On Piano Mint.

KrishnakumarKunnath #Zeher #Piano #Keyboard #Notes #Notations #Music #Education #Learn #Tutorial #Lessons
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2023.03.21 04:05 incutonez Does anyone remember the Promises Promises competition?

Back in what, May of 2011, the band (I think) released the audio and sheet music (according to this, there was no audio, just sheet music) for Promises Promises and asked the fans to cover it. This was my rendition, but I'm genuinely curious if anyone else here was in the competition? From what I can remember, there were a ton of submissions, and it was a lot of fun.
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2023.03.21 03:54 red-0405 27 [M4F] A QUEST FOR 'GENUINE CONNECTION' - QUEZON CITY

Once upon a time, there was a tall, nerd, and not-much attractive guy pero pwede na who woke up one morning, looked at the sky, and thought, "Well, this sucks." He knew there was only one solution - to turn to the all-knowing oracle of modern dating: Reddit LOL..
With his trusty cup of coffee in hand, he set out to find someone who shared his thirst for knowledge, someone who could keep up with his nerdy quirks, and someone who he could eventually take on 'friendly' dates (whatever that means). He wasn't in a rush to jump into anything too serious too soon, but he knew that someday, he wanted to find someone he could build a meaningful and caring relationship with.
So if you're a fellow lover of coffee, learning, and all things nerdy, this tall drink of water might just be the partner in crime you've been looking for. Dating at times feel like a job hunt doesn't it? So I thought it’d be fun to write it in a mock format just like a resume! LOL

About me

An old soul as older people I spoke with would say, into business and investments, frustrated law student, can drive a fucking 10 wheeler truck, no ex issues or sabit, can provide a certificate of no relationship (kahit wala naman nun haha).

Here's a list of my favorites:

Movies/Series Music Places Activities Books
Godfather Radiohead Paris (not yet) Cycling The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
Sherlock Eraserheads Coffee Shops Painting How to Win Friends & Influence People
Castaway Chicago Cebu Roadtrips Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Forrest Gump Ebe Dancel Japan Diving Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Homeland Urbandub Rome (not yet) Piano Atomic Habits by James Clear
Before Sunset Frederic Chopin Canada Travelling How to think like a Roman Emperor
The Office Eminem New York (not yet) Cooking Letters from Stoic
Big Bang Theory Dr. Dre Maldives (not yet) Film & Photography 48 Laws of Power
Breaking Bad Elton John Marrakesh (not yet) Badminton The Intelligent Investor


My preference:

Let's take a break from stressing over the mundane and focus on the important stuff - like what will make us happy for the rest of our lives! Share your thoughts on how we can achieve that and let's get this happiness train moving! Oh, and if you're curious let’s exchange photos first…
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2023.03.21 03:54 Cerulean_MC What font is used for the numbers (time signature) in a piece of sheet music?

Here's the font I'm trying to find. I could not find anything on this online.
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2023.03.21 03:43 MagicalGirll Recovery from Presestiant Depression Disorder is the second hardest experience I'm going through. The first was living through it.

I was diagnosed with depression when I was 15/16, and it was the darkest day of my life. I'm not going to get into detail in this post, but it's something I never wish upon others. For the past 3 years, I've been seeing progress in myself; more confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. I started my journey to college again at the age of 22 and I'm majoring in Human Services. I'm 24 now to give you a perspective.
But of course, there are still days where it's more difficult than others... I truly want to get better and I feel like I am. Days like these where it's very low more than usual hurt so much though. When you're brain tries to tell you all your progress is worthless, and you let your anxieties and stress get the better of you. I had a breakdown.
I was sobbing uncontrollably, and I ended up cutting myself, and when I was scared to continue so I started hitting myself on the head. My boyfriend moments ago was trying to calm me down over the phone, but I just couldn't listen to him and my thoughts overwhelmed me. When I told him what I did, he said he was disappointed in me and he couldn't forgive me that I was hurting myself when I promised him I wouldn't again. I felt such shame in myself.
It's so freaking hard trying to better myself, I don't follow through with my coping mechanisms (journaling, listening to music, hugging a plushie). It doesn't help either that I have ADD so regulating my emotions is very tough already. I was stressing about school and how I'm lacking the willpower to do work or hobbies. Days like these make me feel so ashamed and disappointed in myself.
I'm a little better now, I'm finally listening to Ghibli piano music, I talked it out more with my boyfriend and we're okay. I'm going to attempt to brush my teeth and end the night with Cozy Groove.
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2023.03.21 03:26 PianoDaddy Nagada Sang Dhol Piano Notes RamLeela

Nagada Sang Dhol Piano Notes RamLeela Available On Piano Daddy.

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2023.03.21 03:22 jsb1685 What if...Kanye had graduated from art school?

Inspired by an earlier post, this got me thinking. What if he had acquired his mom's love of learning and study? What if he kept at it the rest of his life? Would he still go into music, fashion, politics? How would those have changed? For instance, what if he studied music as well, and became a virtuoso of guitar or piano or other instruments?
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2023.03.21 03:03 ApexOfChaos I want to learn about microtonality and JI and make music with it

Hi! a breif introduction: I have been really interested in microtonality for a long time and i've tried to make music with it but i am lacking so much info and stuff that i am having a hard time getting the ball rolling, so i'm gonna ask a few questions and if you could help me with any of them that would be so amazing!

What are some good beginner-friendly resources?
I am not very knowledgeable on microtonal stuff, especially terminology. I am just looking for good resources for learning about microtonality / making microtonal music. another issue is that i have trouble understanding the reason why things are the way they are, and i find written info to be very difficult for me in that regard. is there a way i could ask quick 10-second questions about microtonal stuff that don't belong in a long reddit post?
Is there a guide to scale workshop that is beginner friendly?
I think i could learn a lot just messing around with that, but i am having a hard time trying to figure things out on the website.

Is it possible to change how many octaves the notes stretch over?
i don't know a lot so this might be a dumb question but i feel like a lot of the .scl files stretch over multiple octaves and i don't like that. is there a way to change it / a reason it's good that way? i'm thinking that an octave is the same no matter the divisions of it so it should always be +1200 cents but when i work with scales that have a lot of notes like 31TET or even larger ones it sounds like it's stretched over multiple octaves. if anyone can help me with this that would be great!

How do I learn about JI?
All I know about JI is that a note has quieter notes playing over it called subharmonics and they are fractions of the original note and JI or The Harmonic Series or something is when the subharmonics are used as the rest of the notes. As you can tell there is a ton i don't know, and i don't even know what i don't know. it's just all really confusing. the only thing i know i don't know (hopefully that made sense?) is that i have no idea what 5-limit or anything like that is, all the terms are lost on me. I watch the Mannfish videos and i get so confused XD

How do I use JI in my DAW?
I tried using JI in FL-Studio but it didn't seem to work, and i know so little about it i didn't know how to go about fixing it or even using it if i did get it to work. if there's a starting note to JI how can I tell which one it is on the piano roll? does JI also use .scl files? i tried them but as i said i couldn't get it to work unlike regular equal division .scl files.
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2023.03.21 02:51 AppleCode Any other N64 nerds out there remember this one? If anyone has ever seen the sheet music for this one floating around let me know. It’d be fun to play for fun. Looking to play on Marimba/Xylophone/Piano. Celebration - Diddy Kong Racing

Any other N64 nerds out there remember this one? If anyone has ever seen the sheet music for this one floating around let me know. It’d be fun to play for fun. Looking to play on Marimba/Xylophone/Piano. Celebration - Diddy Kong Racing submitted by AppleCode to sheetmusic [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 02:39 Jillybeanerz72 Sheet music search

Hello I am looking for sheet music for The Ukrainian Army song. I’m a beginner and I’m not sure what part I’m needing. Skill level: Suzuki Book One song 6.
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2023.03.21 02:36 Feedbear I’m stuck and I want to improve

Hi everyone!
 I’ve been playing piano ever since I was a kid. I picked it up from my sister after watching her play in lessons, and eventually, my parents also got me lessons and I stopped for 2 years. I practice almost every day, scales, chords, inversions, arpeggios, chord extensions, sight-reading, pieces, and sometimes ear training. I’ve mostly tore through Chopin etudes, his first ballade, Liszt, Grieg, and a lot of Bach….. but recently I haven’t been enjoying it and I’ve been feeling like I locked myself in a cage because I don’t see myself improving musically. I’ve been a big John Mayer fan my whole life and recently saw him perform. Watching him and listening to other live recordings, he looks so free that it made me realize like, how do I get that good musically where I can seemingly just play 24/7, but obviously on the piano. Whenever I try to improv or do anything apart from sight read music, I can’t, it makes me feel like I’m musically deaf, which in turn just makes me feel bad about myself. I’m motivated to try and do anything to get better, so what should I do? Should I tackle a different genre like jazz? Where would I even start? What and How do I even practice to get that good? Any help would be appreciated thanks! 
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2023.03.21 02:34 sciencefair-by-bcnr [USA, Connecticut, New Haven] / [Memphis, Tennessee] - Looking to turn my solo project into a full band. The genre ranges from bedroom pop to post-punk to industrial depending on the album, so eclectic tastes are welcomed

I currently live in New Haven, Connecticut (though I am from Memphis and may be going back there, depending how the music stuff works out here), and I release music under the name Divingstation95. I’m looking to expand it into a real, full band. Some of my biggest influences are Xiu Xiu, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Swans, the Cure, Scott Walker, Black Country New Road, Car Seat Headrest, and Black Midi. I want to make something unique, strange, and unpredictable - every album should be something different, with no boundaries. I compose and write lyrics and sing, but I’m forced to use my laptop for almost everything, because I can’t play guitar and piano for shit. I’d like to turn this project into something bigger that can perform live shows and record collaborative, full-band albums that aren’t just me.
Here's the difficult part: currently I'm in the second phase of a rehab program, which is essentially a restrictive sober living house. I can go out and do things, and I spend tons of time working on music, but I don't have a car or any private space to rehearse. I don't think we'll be able to get together to practice until I graduate the program, which is a few months from now, but that gives us time to collaborate online and get to know each other, make sure we have the same outlook on things, make sure we’re all serious about this, and learn our parts.
I have two albums in progress which I intend to release under the Divingstation95 name:
I would desperately like to start performing live, even though it can’t happen yet. There are one or two songs I would specifically like to learn and play, but song selection is otherwise largely up to you guys - whoever I’ll be working with - and whatever songs you want us to perform can be reinterpreted in any way. I have a large catalog of songs I wrote and recorded by myself, but I would really enjoy reinventing them with collaborative input for live performance, as well as writing new ones. If you have ideas, I want to hear them. I’m not just looking for people who will play what I tell them - excuse the egotism, but if I’m Thom Yorke, I want a Jonny Greenwood to work with.
Seeking guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist. If you play keyboard, that would also be sick.
This is a playlist of my favorite songs I've written.
This is my bandcamp.
You can reach me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.21 02:31 Guppycakes Looking For Long Term Friendships ❤️ 25M

HEY! I'm looking to make long term friendships with people looking for the same:3 I love having friends I can do just about anything with; listening to music together, watching shows or movies, calling any time, sending memes to each other, rant and vent, etc. If you're looking for the same, message me c:
I like to write poetry, listen mostly to Kpop but also love any kind of music like oldies, 2000's, etc, I like anime and manga, I love to read novels (especially fantasy and romance), I workout at the gym every weekday, and I love going out on walks or runs or hiking at the beach and taking pictures of pretty things, into skincare too, I like to play multiplayer games, I like to garden, and I also play the piano:D
I work from home so I have plenty of time to chat throughout my day. I also speak Spanish, and currently learning French in case you do too or would like to learn c: HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU AND HAVE A LOVELY DAY/NIGHT!!
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2023.03.21 02:25 Penguinfriend2490 Blossom Boys

Name: Blossom Boys
  1. Jinwoo Parker (Leader, lead singer)
  2. Jaehyun Johnson (Visual, main singer, center)
  3. Seungmin Lee (Main Singer)
  4. Minhyuk White (Lead Singer)
  5. Soobin Washington (Sub Singer)
Concept: The Blossom Boys are known for their soothing music, gentle voices, and calm demeanor. They wear soft pastel colors and flowy outfits that give off a fairy-like aesthetic. Their songs mostly revolve around love, nature, and peaceful moments in life. They often incorporate acoustic guitar, piano, and flute into their songs, which add to the calming vibes of their music.
Debut Song: "Bloom" - A refreshing and cheerful song that talks about the joys and wonders of springtime. The music video shows the members frolicking in beautiful meadow, picking flowers, and enjoying the cool, spring breeze.
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2023.03.21 02:18 shrinkydinky2 [R] Please help me find this Accordion Sheet Music! Danke!

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2023.03.21 02:09 shrinkydinky2 Help me find sheet music for this! Or something very similar please! Danke!

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2023.03.21 01:45 OzBargainBot Kawai ND21 Upright Piano $5,220.25 (Was $6,499) + Delivery @ Carlingford Music

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2023.03.21 01:42 Emprier Even though my life seems wonderful on the surface my soul is in shambles

I’m a 4.0 student with a 34 on my ACT and 5s on all my AP tests so I’m doing okay in school. Im a classical pianist and I’m in choir and just made it to a state competition for both vocal and piano performance. Im a lead in my school musical. I have a wonderful close group of friends. I volunteer a lot and have a wonderful family. So on paper it looks fine. But for the past few months my life has felt horrendous. I have found occasional solace in music, performance, and friends, but I am so lost and confused and want to give up on life.
I’m a physically in mentally out Mormon teenager. I used to be a very strong believing member but about a year ago I lost my faith but I’ve been putting on a mask of still being Mormon because I don’t feel okay sharing what I believe now. I’ve been able to tell a few friends in a similar situation, but my closest friends are all members and it’s hard because I feel like a fraud around them. And I leave, what will that make of me? I feel like I will lose my friends. I have many core memories of my early childhood related to the gospel and my family and I feel like I’m going to lose that idyllic life I had been living until I had doubts. I don’t know how to live without it but I can’t be honest about it right now.
Additionally, I have feelings towards men. I have been since freshman year. And I fucking hate it. I felt strong attraction to girls all of middle school and then shortly after COVID hit hard switch to men. Im so fucking pissed because I don’t want to live like that and I get so upset whenever I occasionally have feelings towards my best friends because it makes me feel just absolutely disgusting and like some psycho. However, I met another gay guy my age who I fell head over heels for. On paper we were a perfect match because we had so much in common. But after kissing him, even though it was fun, something wasn’t right. The vibe was very off. Then there was that time when his mom came home super early and caught us kissing which has seriously traumatized me. I simply do not want to be in a relationship with a man ever it doesn’t feel right with me. But then I get these occasional feelings of attraction I my friends and it makes me so fucking angry like this is such a stupid and useless thought to have why can’t my attraction to women fucking come back. Maybe in just never supposed to be in a happy relationship or have kids just like my Mormon religion wants I think I’d be better of dead let the straight normal believing people be happy and successful. I’m a defect that needs to be thrown out I just want to overdose on something and fall asleep and never wake up. I would rather be dead than be a gay exmormon. I don’t care what good thing happen in my life my core identity is just shit and everything feels like a waste. Maybe I’ll feel better in an hour but holy shut I wanna die right now this all feels so meaningless
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2023.03.21 01:41 sixtyfoursqrs The Way it Was pt2

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2023.03.21 01:39 Pat_That_Nerd Where do you guys find your sheet music?

Im trying to learn how to read sheet music, and i think It'd be nice to learn by just using it more often but i cant find any decent sites for them, what do you guys use?
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2023.03.21 01:38 titanium-sun [Online][5e][Saturdays 6-11pm EDT][18+][LGBTQPlus] DM looking for queer players for NEW homebrew grimdark long-term campaign

About Me

Hello everyone! You can call me Ray or Journey (he/she/they). I'm 21, live out on the east coast of the US, and am a college junior studying chemistry. I have about 1 year's worth of experience DMing thus far (and I am currently DMing another weekly 5e campaign on Fridays) and 3 years overall with nearly weekly play of 5e. Outside of D&D and school, I'm a singer, radio DJ, and theater-lover who plays way too many video games and sees way too much live music.
I'm a DM who cares a lot about consistency, fairness and balance between players, and open communication about rules. I'm known for making quite a few homebrew alterations to rules in order to ensure this, not necessarily doing everything exactly RAW, though RAW/RAI remains a basis for decision-making. I am always open to talking about whether or not certain rulings are fair and/or fun for players and potentially changing them for the future, but I also do seek to limit the amount of debate happening around a ruling mid-game for the sake of flow.
If you are expecting a DM who goes 110% all-in on making visual aids like city maps, tons of minis, etc. then I'm probably not the DM for you. As a student, I have to spend what little free time I have developing the actual content and world y'all will be playing in, and I find creating visual aids like the aforementioned the biggest time sink, so I rely on theater of the mind for many things. It is possible that unplanned combat encounters may not get maps, not all NPCs will have art, etc. I can guarantee that there will be a world/regional map, that I'll play music most of the time during the session (for as long as there is still a bot out there with YouTube integration...), and that at least some NPCs of import will get Hero Forges made for them, but that's about as much as I can promise.
I get very involved in roleplaying, but I'm no voice actor. I do my best to differentiate characters with the limited number of tones and accents I can do, but sometimes they'll be just my voice with a certain mannerism of talking. Again, if your immersion really depends on something like this, I may not be a good DM for you.

My Ideal Player...

About the Campaign

Style: Expect a heavy lean on roleplay and exploration-based encounters over combat (approx 80/20 split). The narrative is PC-driven. There tends to be an overarching plot, but what is done in the moment and how it gets done is pretty much always up to the players. Partially to compensate the low ratio of combat but also to go with the setting, expect combat to be difficult. I'm not out to kill you necessarily, but no punches will be pulled. Character death is on the table if you make enough stupid choices in a row.
Setting: As alluded to in the title, the setting is going to be grimdark, gothic, horror, and also low-ish magic in nature. I'm holding back on giving detailed descriptions of locations and lore because I find that they usually make little sense without more context and that a lot of it is built around PCs and different PCs will have different world knowledge. Predictably, the setting will be homebrew in essentially its entirety; it's also very collaborative. If you want to make a whole town as part of your backstory, that's very encouraged!
Characters: I'm not explicitly banning any official material from the game, but all mechanical choices should have narrative justification for them and be appropriate for the setting... so certain Spelljammer material, for example, might not be the best choice. I'm open to UA and homebrew material (I will even make you homebrew material like races and subclasses if you ask nicely because I enjoy doing it), but all of this is, of course, subject to my discretion and editing before being allowed. In the course of the campaign if we find it to be under- or overpowered, then it is subject to being tweaked. Don't let the low-ish magic setting make you afraid of building a spellcaster; it will be a hard road to take, but I will do my best to ensure that the payoff is worth it. Characters will start at level 1, level up through milestone leveling, and make it up until either level 20 (and potentially beyond) or the campaign reaches a satisfying end—whichever happens first (ie., I make no promises for how long long-term means exactly).
House Rules: We will definitely be using the gritty realism variant rule from the DMG, which makes short rests last 8 hours and long rests last 7 days. Other difficulty-enhancing variant rules are to be discussed during our session 0, but they will deal with things such as consequences of getting knocked to 0 HP, making resurrection more difficult, etc. Other homebrew rules will be discussed as well; I have a couple that are staples in my games but I will be of course running by everybody before enacting into law.
Session Time: Saturday evenings (currently EDT, UTC-04:00, as I live in an area that observes daylight savings). The start time listed as 6pm EDT is an approximation; it may get pushed forward or backward an hour or two depending on what works best for the party, but 6 is the default. My sessions tend to run for 4-6 hours with a couple of 5-15 min breaks sprinkled throughout where needed. They can run even longer if the party is alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic, etc., but I rarely go any shorter for the sake of everybody feeling like they actually got something done. We will run weekly-ish; I usually run 3 weeks on/1 week off if we don't already have other cancellations.
Party Size: My ideal number of players is 4. I may do 3 or 5 (which are my lower and upper limits) depending on how many suitable players apply, but this isn't very likely.
Audio/Video: We will be using mics and cameras for the sessions; please have passable quality for both. We will be using discord for audio/video (and also general communication between sessions). The sessions won't be streamed or recorded or anything of the sort; I just find that things run much smoother and roleplaying is a lot more engaging when we can see each other's body language.
Platforms: Character sheets will be hosted on D&D Beyond, and Roll20 will act as VTT where necessary. Don't worry if you don't have much, if any, content on DDB—I own all of it and will be able to share it with everyone during character creation, so you will not be limited in this way. I am also very experienced with using the homebrew system on DDB and can make pretty much anything you might need for you.


I'm currently planning to start the campaign (Session 1) on April 15th. I have tech week leading up to a performance the week of April 1st that makes starting any easier not very feasible. Depending on how quickly I'm able to get the party together, the full-party session 0 will occur on either March 25th (this coming Saturday) or April 8th, but plenty of deliberation over DMs or the group server can happen in the interim while people are making their characters.
if you're interested, please fill out this Google form: Here. Note that you will need information from this post to fill out a particular question on the application form.
This post and the Google form will stay open no matter what until the end of the day (for me) on Wednesday, March 22nd, but I may extend it. As long as this post doesn't have the closed flair and the Google form is accessible, I am still looking! I will be reaching out to people to schedule interviews throughout the coming week; you'll get a Discord friend request from sunshine#9357. Unfortunately, I know how popular posts like this can become, so it's unlikely I will have the time to interview every single person who applies. If you don't get a message from me by end of the day (for me) on Friday, March 24th, then I'm afraid you can assume I'm not considering you for the game. It's nothing personal! There's only so much I can do when I get more than four applications for a four-person campaign.
Reddit DMs, Discord friend requests sent to me, and requests for me to DM you will be ignored. If you have any questions for me about the campaign or otherwise, please post a comment below (so that others who might have the same question can see the answer).
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.21 01:23 iluvborzois PCB / Circuitry in Clothing? Please Help, I'm an Art Student...

Hello! :)
I circuit bent a toy for a performance art project and had a lot of fun!
My stinky professor assigned us another project where we have to build off of our previous idea and create something wearable.
There is no engineering or bending involved with my next idea, I just have questions about components.
I want to get a musical toddler toy (probably a piano) and hide the circuitry in the fabric of the clothing but let the toy part of the buttons be exposed on the outside. Imagine a little piano on the sleeve of your jacket, and when you press it, you hear the notes.
I'm guessing the fabric most likely won't catch on fire, but I'm also concerned that the static of fabric can affect the circuitry and create unnecessary / unprompted sounds.
Is there a way to "seal" the pads / pins on the PCB to prevent the jacket's static from affecting the toy? Is there a jacket material that isn't conductive? And most importantly, I'm hoping this is safe to do and won't shock someone or start a fire?
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