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2023.03.21 04:46 amywood123 STONE TFT Screen ventilator Project: HMI Design, Control Creation, Hardware Connection and Command Testing

STONE TFT Screen ventilator Project: HMI Design, Control Creation, Hardware Connection and Command Testing
Introduction: This sleep ventilator screen interface uses a 5.6-inch STONE serial screen, with its own backlight, rich colors, a serial port to facilitate communication with the main control board, touch input also eliminates the keyboard, the appearance of the entire ventilator is more simple and generous. The adjustable pressure value and delay time are sliding options, which makes the operation more convenient.
Remember “Meet the Woofers”? As shown in picture (1), in this long story, the author Roku Mu Xue writes about the lonely old man Li Keng Chen and his daughter Dabao and the dog Dumbao. Li Keng Chen first did not like the dog Dumbao, his daughter left home to work in the north, it is the dog Dumbao has been with him; but the dog always woke him up in the middle of the night, and later learned that the old man Li Keng Chen suffered from paroxysmal sleep apnea syndrome, the dog Dumbao woke up to save his life!
Meet the Woofers
If you don’t have that smart a DOG, then you can get an Angel sleep ventilator, Figure (2). It can help you prevent apnea by opening your blocked airway during sleep with a continuous positive pressure —-CPAP mode with different weight pressure adjustment values see figure (3). You can also set a 15-60 minute delayed pressure boost (you can use sec instead of min for visualizing the effect during the demo) to bring the air pressure up gradually only after you fall asleep to avoid starting with high air pressure that will affect your sleep.
Figure (2) Main interface of sleep ventilator
Figure (3) CPAP mode air pressure adjustment reference values
The display interface of this sleep ventilator uses a 5.6″ STONE serial touch screen with a backlight, rich colors, and a serial port for easy communication with the main control board, and the touch input also eliminates the keyboard, making the whole ventilator more simple and generous in appearance. Adjustable pressure value and delay time are sliding options – Figure (4), more convenient operation. In addition, the delay time countdown and the pressure gauge display value are shown in a special interface — Figure (5), which is intuitive and clear. The development process is recorded as follows.
Figure (4) Parameter adjustment interface
Figure (5) Pressure and countdown ramp-up display screen


  • HMI and control creation instructions
  • Interface Download
  • Hardware connection and command testing
  • debugging code

1、Ventilator Screen Design And Control Creation Instructions

As in figure (2), enter the ventilator parameter adjustment interface through the enter button, slide up and down to adjust the air pressure value on the left, and also slide up and down to adjust the delayed boost time on the right. Click “Start” to start boosting, or delay boosting, with a red “STOP” button to leave or other needs to stop boosting at any time. Press the “Pressure gauge” button to enter the pressure display and time delay countdown display.
You can adjust the parameter: round_rsdius: 50 on the button property page to achieve round and arc-shaped buttons. Figure (6) shows a screenshot of the properties of the “STOP” button.
Figure (6) Parameter design of the circular button
The font will appear lowercase in the STONE display and larger in the PC, so design the font size as large as possible in the PC so that it doesn’t feel too small when downloaded to the screen, resulting in multiple version adjustments for font size.
Text_selector selector design middle highlighted font than the two sides of the font is larger, the color red more conspicuous, such as ts11 property parameters see Figure (7). The actual effect is shown in Figure (4).
Figure (7) Air pressure selector parameter design
Figure (8) Pressure gauge pointer properties
The icon style of the pointer gauge_pointer control is selected in the image in Figure (8), the anchor point of the pointer is set by anchor_x, anchor_y, range 0.0 – 1.0. angle setting, currently set in PC -140 is pointing to air pressure 0, in the screen, the original position is in the middle 0 degrees, need program command to re-specify.
Figure (2) and Figure (3) interface involving the name and range of controls and content needed for programming are displayed together in a unified manner for easy access during programming.

Programming Control Name

Figure (2) Parameter adjustment interface:
Start button name = b11 Stop button name = b12 Pressure gauge button name = b13 Delayed pressure boost selector button name = cb1 Pressure selector name = ts11 range 1-20 Delay time selector name = ts12 range 1-60
Figure (3) Pressure and countdown display screen:
Pressure gauge pointer name = gp1 Pressure value 0: -140, 20: -110 Min countdown name = l21 Sec countdown name = l22

2、Interface Download

By clicking debug — “download” under the main menu, select the respirator folder, and a subfolder with the same name as the project will be generated (the last generated folder should be renamed before each download. Otherwise, it will return an error);
check the dial switch on the back of the STONE serial screen to the “device” position above, and use the USB communication cable to directly connect the PC and the USB interface of the display, the PC will pop up the new disk folder, copy the subfolder of the same name of the project just generated /default/ to the “raw” folder of the display storage directory.

3、Hardware Connection And Command Testing

Verify the commands to be used before programming. Connect as shown in Figure (9), check the feedback from STONE, and verify the validity of the commands through the serial assistant.
This project involves five types of controls:
  • button
  • label
  • text_selector
  • gauge_pointer
  • checkbox
We will test and verify them one by one.
Figure (9) Serial Assistant test adapter board jumper diagram

Button Related:

0x1001 button key-value actively sent down
Key-value (last byte of the data section):
0x01 press down button pressed
0x02 press up button release (button complete trigger click event)
The parameter screen Start button (name = b11 ) is pressed to actively issue the command.
ST<0x10 0x01 0x00 0x04 b11 0x01>ET
The serial assistant returns hexadecimal data: Verify OK
53 54 3C 10 01 00 04 62 31 31 01 3E 45 54 5C 0B
Button release (completion of button click action) active command —- as a way to 62 31 31 02 decode feasible!
ST<0x10 0x01 0x00 0x04 b11 0x02>ET
The serial assistant returns hexadecimal data: Verify OK
53 54 3C 10 01 00 04 62 31 31 02 3E 45 54 18 0B
Note: Button b11 (ASCII code 0x62 0x31 0x31).

Label Related:

set_text Set the text displayed by the label
Set text: (min countdown name = l21)
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_text”, “type”: “label”, “widget”: “l21”, “text”: “29”}>ET Verify the top screen OK

Text Selector Related:

0x1081 text selector value is sent (int type Active posting: posted as soon as the selector is adjusted)
Data format:
value: the last four bytes of the data section
Example: (delayed boost time min selector control name = ts12, options: 1-60, current 16, reselect when 20)
The hexadecimal data received by the serial assistant is.
53 54 3C 10 81 00 08 74 73 31 32 00 00 00 14 3E 45 54 F8 4E OK
The screen actively gives instructions viz.
ST<0x10 0x81 0x00 0x08 ts12 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x14 >ET ts11 current value:20 = 0x14

Gauge_pointer Related:

set_angle Sets the rotation angle of the pointer (int type)
Example: (barometer pointer name = gp1)
Set the pointer angle parameter: the following are verified OK
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_angle”, “type”: “gauge_pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:-140}>ET
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_angle”, “type”: “gauge_pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:30}>ET
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_angle”, “type”: “gauge_pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:30}>ET
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_angle”, “type”: “gauge_pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:130}>ET pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:130}>ET
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_angle”, “type”: “gauge_pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:-110}>ET
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_angle”, “type”: “gauge_pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:0}>ET
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_angle”, “type”: “gauge_pointer”, “widget”: “gp1”, “angle”:270}>ET

Checkbox Related:

The multi-select button is actively sent down when the status changes.
0x1020 Active posting after check button value change
Example: (delayed boost selector knob name = cb1)
The “unchecked” serial assistant received when the value changed.
53 54 3C 10 20 00 04 63 62 31 00 3E 45 54 AC 46
Equivalent to a directive:
ST<0x10 0x20 0x00 0x0D cb1 0x00 >ET Unchecked
When the value is changed, the “selected” serial assistant receives.
53 54 3C 10 20 00 04 63 62 31 01 3E 45 54 50 47
Equivalent to a directive:
ST<0x10 0x20 0x00 0x0D cb1 0x01 >ET selected
With the above command tested, the next step is to program the function with confidence. Of course, the first thing is still the hardware connection. We are using the ESP32 development board to implement the communication with the STONE serial screen.
As in Figure (10), the NodeMCU-32S development board TX0, RX0, and GND is required to connect with the STONE screen adapter board corresponding to complete the HMI information interaction.
STONE screen interface is 232 signals, through the adapter board into the MCU interface needs TX, and RX signals, in order to level the match.
Figure (10) on the left is the NodeMCU-32S board, blue (TX0), red (RX0) wire connected to the adapter board jumper position (next to the blue jumper removed), black even GND.
Figure (10) NodeMCU-32S development board and adapter board communication connection diagram

4、Debug Code

This project focuses on the decoding of buttons, multi-selector buttons, and text selectors, as well as the algorithm of the barometer pointer drive, countdown timer, and delayed boost.
Start air pressure delay boost process, ESP32 board blue LED will flash prompt, barometer display interface air pressure pointer will simulate boost evenly turn to the target air pressure position (16cmH2O table with 160 instead), delay countdown will be dynamically displayed per second decreasing (for intuitive set 1min countdown, the actual use of the general set 15min – 60min).
The program code below the recording has been verified, please refer to the video for the operation effect.
/* Frank for Sleep Ventilator in 2022.05.03 use ESP32 of NodeMCU-32s in arduino 1.8.13 use STONE HMI in shenzhen int (-32768,32767) unsigned int(0,65535) button: start---"b11"---0x62 0x31 0x31 stop---"b12"---0x text_selector: pressure---"ts11"---0x74 0x73 0x31 0x31 delay time--"ts12"--- checkbox: delay boost---"cb1"---0x63 0x62 0x31 label: min---"l21"--- sec - "l22" - gauge pointer:---"gp1"-- */ //------Sleep Ventilator use----------2022.05.03------ int delayTimeMin = 1; //the min of delayed pressure boost int delayTimeSec = 0; int inPressure = 20; // cmH2O set int nowPressure = 0; // now cmH2O int start = 0; // 1 = start, 0 = stop int dealyedPressure = 1; // 1 = selector, 0 = not delay int minShow,secShow,pointerShow; float m1,m2,m3; int i1,i2,i3; //------time++ use------ int timeON = 0; // 0 = off, 1 = ON int ii = 0; unsigned int time_1s=0; unsigned int time_1m=0; unsigned int time_1h=0; int iii = 0; int LED_blue = 2; // IO2, turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level) void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); pinMode(LED_blue, OUTPUT); } void loop() { int inChar; // Read the information sent by the serial port and simply decode it: if (Serial.available() > 0) {inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x62) // 2 pcs button { if (Serial.available() > 0){inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x31) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x31) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x02) { if(dealyedPressure == 1 && start == 0) { time_1s = 0; time_1m = 0; timeON = 1; } start = 1; //62 31 31 02 is start ok! } } else if (inChar == 0x32) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x02) { start = 0; //62 31 32 02 is stop ok! timeON = 0; } } } }else if(inChar == 0x63) // 1 pcs checkbox { if (Serial.available() > 0){inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x62) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x31) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x00) { dealyedPressure = 0; // 0 = not delay timeON = 0; }else if(inChar == 0x01) { dealyedPressure = 1; // 1 = selector, if(start == 1) { time_1s = 0; time_1m = 0; timeON = 1; } } } } }else if(inChar == 0x74) //2 pcs text selector { if (Serial.available() > 0){inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x73) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x31) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x31) // 74 73 31 31 is proessure { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x00) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x00) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x00) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} inPressure = inChar; } } } }else if (inChar == 0x32) // 74 73 31 32 is delay min { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x00) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x00) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} if (inChar == 0x00) { if (Serial.available() > 0){ inChar =;} delayTimeMin = inChar; } } } } } } } //---------show------- min-------- sec--------- if(time_1m < delayTimeMin) { minShow = delayTimeMin - time_1m - 1; secShow = 59 - time_1s; }else { timeON = 0; } if(start == 1 && dealyedPressure == 1) { Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_text\",\"type\":\"label\",\"widget\":\"l21\",\"text\":\""); Serial.print(minShow); Serial.println("\"}>ET"); Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_text\",\"type\":\"label\",\"widget\":\"l22\",\"text\":\""); Serial.print(secShow); Serial.println("\"}>ET"); }else //stop or dealyedPressure == 0 { Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_text\",\"type\":\"label\",\"widget\":\"l21\",\"text\":\""); Serial.print(delayTimeMin); Serial.println("\"}>ET"); Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_text\",\"type\":\"label\",\"widget\":\"l22\",\"text\":\""); Serial.print(delayTimeSec); Serial.println("\"}>ET"); } //-----------show------pressure-------- if(dealyedPressure == 0 timeON == 0) { pointerShow = inPressure*17 -145; }else { i1 = time_1m*60 + time_1s; m1 = (float)delayTimeMin*60.0; m2 = (float)i1/m1; m3 = (float)inPressure*17.0*m2; pointerShow = int(m3) -145; } if(start == 1) { Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_angle\",\"type\":\"gauge_pointer\",\"widget\":\"gp1\",\"angle\":"); Serial.print(pointerShow); Serial.println("}>ET"); }else //stop { Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_angle\",\"type\":\"gauge_pointer\",\"widget\":\"gp1\",\"angle\":-145}>ET"); } //------------------time ++ --------begin--------- if(timeON == 1) { delay(10); ii += 1; if(ii > 29) //sec++ { ii = 0; time_1s += 1; if(time_1s >= 60) //min++ { time_1s = 0; time_1m += 1; if(time_1m >= 60) //hour++ { time_1m = 0; time_1h += 1; } } if(iii == 0){ iii = 1; digitalWrite(LED_blue, HIGH); // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level) }else { iii = 0; digitalWrite(LED_blue, LOW); // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW } } } //------------------time ++ --------end--------- }

Decoding Instructions.

The barometer pointer drive algorithm uses operations between integer and floating-point numbers, and care needs to be taken to use the following operation format specification, otherwise, you will not get the correct result.
Article Source:
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2023.03.21 04:45 duellingislands 5:59 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 391st Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is Nevytskyi Castle in the Carpathians, and the folklore about an evil sorceress who lived there! + Discussion + Charities

5:59 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 391st Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is Nevytskyi Castle in the Carpathians, and the folklore about an evil sorceress who lived there! + Discussion + Charities

🇺🇦 Слава Україні! 🇺🇦

Okay, at this point I can't really fool myself anymore. We have ourselves a Castles of Ukraine series in the making! Here are the previous entries:
Castles of Ukraine (Overview) Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle Tustan Cliff Fortress Pidhirtsi Castle

Nevytskyi Castle

Nevytskyi Castle
Nevytskyi Castle is one of the most mysterious and eerie places you can visit in Ukraine. It is not the most magnificent, or awe-inspiring in its scale, or even particularly beautiful, all things told - but it definitely has a vibe. Its precarious location at the confluence of several historically consequential borders, and of course the austerity of its ruins, make it so.
That Carpathian castle vibe.
This castle is nested on a mountain of volcanic origin, in a narrow valley that carries the Uzh River. If you travel on foot to the castle, you will pass a picturesque hanging bridge, which will swing and vibrate under your feet. The ruin is not far from Uzhhorod, a city with its own castle and a population center of the Carpathian region of Ukraine, about which we will write very soon.
A view like this kind of hits on a bunch of levels, doesn't it?
Some researchers believe that the history of this defensive structure begins as early as the 12th century, when it overlooked an important trade route on the approaches to the mountains. These trade routes to western Europe were very important to the Kyivan Rus, as we wrote about in our post about Tustan Cliff Fortress, which is about 93km (58 miles) away from Nevytskyi.
Some say that the name of the defensive structure itself comes from the word “Nevista” which in Ukrainian means "maiden", which has a few possible meanings. The first is the story of a maiden who leapt to her death from the castle walls after being kept from the one she loves. Another is a little more, uh down to earth - that at the sight of invaders, unmarried women would rush to refuge in its fortified walls. Another is related to the legend we recount for you below.
The earthen fort was protected by ramparts and ditches, however they could not withstand the attack of the Mongol-Tatar horde in 1241. It was restored in the second half of the 13th century by Hungarians, who have history in this area that we will shed more light on when we talk about Uzhhorod and its history.
Ruined 13th century walls.
At the turn of the 13th/14th centuries, during active civil strife, the castle started to be strengthened. Before long, a tower (preserved to this day) and a well appeared. Archaeologists have found other fairly luxurious things there, for instance plumbing and a moat fed by the physics of communicating vessels, and very high quality stained glass. One might think that such a castle could have enjoyed many years of existence, but the next few centuries were marked by many wars involving many Ukrainian neighbors and instability. The castle was severely damaged in 1644 and since then, it has not been rebuilt. Any preservation initiatives were simply not sufficient given the level of destruction and decay.
The approach to the castle.
Today, the remnants of thick walls provide an echo of a mighty past, and the hills nearby reverberate with a chilling legend about a wicked sorceress who, according to folk tales, lived there and kept all surrounding villages in fear and terror. I will recount this legend for you below so that if you ever visit Nevytskyi Castle and meet the evil former inhabitant of the castle, you can tell her to spare you the long introductions.

Darkness and Torchlight

The castle at night.
Once upon a time, a noble Lady, who was secretly an evil sorceress, settled in the valley of the Uzh River. The Lady was proud and ambitious, and she decided to build a most impressive fortress on the top of the mountain. To make the walls strong, she ordered her builders to add cow’s milk to the lime used to secure the stones of the castle walls.
The people in the villages below the mountain were hungry and sick, but the Lady did not care. To make things worse, there was not enough cow’s milk to satisfy the needs of the construction. So the Lady ordered her men, who had lived in fear of her for so long that they too were filled with darkness, to collect milk from nursing women.
The Uzh valley descended into a deep despair as babies started to show the signs of starvation, but the Lady did not care. To the contrary, she was smiling seeing her castle being built. The final ingredient in her walls was the blood of village maidens.
Her cruelty earned her a nickname, whispered only in frightened tones, but it has long been forgotten.
When the castle was built, the evil Lady would sit by the window and watch passersby. Whoever walked past her castle and did not bow was as good as dead - she would order her men to hurry down the mountain and kill them on the spot. People would do anything they could to avoid the castle and the Lady.
In one of the neighboring villages there lived a simple farmhand named Ivanko. Ivanko boasted to anyone who’d listen that he would become King and kill the evil Lady. But Ivanko was a serf, so his master laughed at him:
“You can go off on your quest to become a king when my istik (stick for cleaning the plow) blooms like the springtime." But the master laughed in vain: soon the istik turned into a blooming rose bush and Ivanko was off to Uzhhorod, as the lords were choosing the next King.
They were bickering and could not settle on a worthy candidate. So the lords decided to leave it to fate - they threw a golden crown into the air to see where it would land - and the crown fell on the Ivanko's head, who was simply passing by the square where the lords had assembled.
The lords were outraged by the crown's magical choice, and tossed it in the air again. And then they threw it a third time.
Each time the crown had landed on the head of Ivanko. This is how Ivanko became King.
Soon, King Ivanko had raised a very small but poorly-armed army, and began to march to confront the evil Lady. But that night, while he fretted about the potential losses the good people of the land might take in the ensuing battle, he thought of a plan.
King Ivanko ordered a herd of cows to be gathered, a bell to be tied around each of their necks, and a small bundle of hay to be tied to each of their horns. Then he gave the order to light the hay ablaze, and set the cows loose into the darkness.
The evil Lady awoke to the terrible sound of galloping horse hooves, and red glimmering light from the valley below danced on the castle's interior walls. She rushed to the window, and when she looked out in horror, she felt the presence of a mighty army charging up the hill to assault her castle, with each warrior carrying a torch.
The evil Lady felt fear for the first time in her life. She was so scared that jumped on her horse and rushed to Uzhhorod. Ivanko swiftly rode after her and cut her down, ending her reign of terror on the Uzh River valley.
The 391st day of a nine year invasion that has been going on for centuries.

One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. He is currently selling rad t-shirts raising money to buy some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities list HERE.
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2023.03.21 04:45 throwmeaway7391 AITA for being cold to my bf for exacerbating my trauma.

This post will be on a throw away account as I still haven’t told anyone Im close with and don’t want to. As a child I was SA’d many times by someone In my family. I’ve kept it a secret for years because honestly i wasn’t sure it really happened, like somehow my mind made up this horrific thing that happened to me because he was such a terrific guy to everyone else in his life. I had good memories of him and I didn’t want to believe that he would hurt me. I truly thought that I was crazy until his funeral and during all the crying and reminiscing I remembered all the odd little things that made me uncomfortable . Like how he would sniff my neck when he hugged me or how much he cared about my nails being “an adult color “. Then the things that I started to remember only got worse and as hallelujah played and they threw dirt over his casket I thought now I could never tell anyone. And I haven’t for years I held my feelings in and I’ve been successful because I still was missing a lot of memories. I had only bits and pieces of creepy questionable behavior. And I was able to pretend it was all my twisted imagination. Then another person in my life died and while in attendance of their funeral they played hallelujah. I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breathe and all the memories of him standing at the edge of my bed or sitting me on his lap and not letting me move came back to me. I stood there crying and praying that everyone chalk it up to the loss of a loved one and not to me having a mental break. And they did. Needless to say that I have not been in a good place since and was going to try to ignore this pit in my stomach and the weight on my chest like I have been for years. But my boyfriend backed me into a corner begging to know why’ve not wanted to have sex with him recently saying he feels like I don’t want him anymore. I had tried using the old period excuse or “oh no I’m just exhausted” Because I didnt want to tell him the truth. He reminds me of all the bad things my abuser did to me. Incest arouses him… and almost Everytime we have sex he brings up incest. So I blew him off over and over again until he started trying to make me feel guilty. I told him what happened to me and that I didn’t feel like doing anything and he apologized. Then a couple weeks later he brought up incest trying to have sex again making me feel guilty for not being aroused by him. when I told him that was a trigger for bad memories and that I could no longer do that he apologized and then continued to try to have sex with me. I got angry and blew him off because it felt like he was ignoring my feelings completely. Afterwards called me and apologized but it always feels like he just wants me to make HIM feel better. Now I bearly want to talk to him and am thinking about breaking up with him. I don’t know AITA?
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2023.03.21 04:44 Belbelbelll anonette isn't allowed to use power tools

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2023.03.21 04:44 CeliaKnowsNada Jealous of a Porn Star?

In a nutshell, I (38F) am bothered that my husband’s (38M) favorite porn star looks and acts absolutely nothing like me. Not even close. He and I are both open about the porn we watch. We recently had to spend an entire year apart so porn was obviously going to be important. I told him who my favorite man was to watch and it was someone that shares a lot of attributes with my husband; he’s tall, lean, has short dark hair, and several other things. He then told me who he likes to watch the most and she looks nothing like me. My husband is a boob-guy so I wasn’t surprised that he chose someone with massively huge, natural tits which didn’t bother me. I’m quite well endowed myself. She’s got me well beat, but meh. What bothers me even aside from the fact we’re completely different physically is that we’re also quite different sexually, if that makes sense. She’s very, very, enthusiastic when performing BJs and PiV sex. My husband has never expressed that he’s not satisfied with our sex life. In fact we usually have to slow it down or he’ll cum too fast. We’re more of a foreplay kinda couple, although we do have PiV sex. We’re comfortable trying new things and talking openly about what we want, however I have Endometriosis which is partially why we don’t have a lot of penetrative sex because it’s too painful for me. My fear is that he watches this particular woman cuz she can really take it, which I used to be able to do but no longer can. I really want to please him. It turns me on to be able to get him riled up. I know she’s a paid actress and that it’s acting but it still bothers me from time to time. I guess my question is is the porn star you like the most representative of what you prefer physically and sexually in your partner? Am I being too sensitive about this (which wouldn’t surprise me; low self esteem issues)? Sorry for the long post.
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2023.03.21 04:44 the-vole-truth The TRUTH about Gordon Danimals and "BunHein"

Hello voles forum. I am using a new account in fear of reparations. I won’t mention where I am writing this from, but I just have to let somebody else know what has been happening these past few weeks. First, a little backstory. I am what most people would pretty well much call a normal folk-type, I am originally from New Mexico, but have been living about an hour outside of Reno, Nevada for the past twelve years. Like many of you, I am close friends with Bunhein. About a month back, I invited Bun to go to a Shen Yun performance to which he readily accepted.
Fast forward to the night of the show, we arrive, take our seats, and the show starts. About fifteen minutes into the show I noticed that Bun was more fidgety than usual. I asked him what was wrong, but he just shhh’d me and I continued watching the show. Another twenty minutes went by when I noticed Bun sweating, his eyes darting back and forth, scanning for someone, or something. This time I pushed him harder for an answer as to what was wrong with him, that is when he showed me the gun he was holding tight. My eyes went wide and I nervously asked what in the Sam Hill he was doing in a hushed voice. He replied with certainty in his voice that something was watching him, and that he had to be prepared. I looked around, trying to look for whoever it was that Bun thought was watching him. I looked for a solid five minutes before I told Bun that nobody was watching us. His eyes widened even more than they already were, staring blankly into the distance. I could tell something was wrong with him, so I grabbed him by the arm and tried to reassure him that he was safe. He started yelling, screaming, shouting that Hard Leon was coming, I was confused and Bun started running for the door. I tried to stop him, but at this point the music had stopped playing and everyone was staring at us. Bun burst out of the auditorium as I followed him out the door. He looked both ways, running across the street and into a nearby alley. Once Bun stopped running I just stood staring at him, he looked back, the panic slowly subsiding from his face. I shouted at him, asking him what the hell he was doing, why he ran away, and why the hell he a gun on him. Bun looked somber, and I could tell immediately that something was wrong. He spoke after about thirty seconds of silence and said he was sorry, he told me there was nothing to worry about and that he would talk to me later. I grabbed him by the shoulder, trying to stop him from leaving, but he was strong enough to push me away. In the end I let him go though, I shouldn’t have let him leave, but I did.
The next day I got a message from Bun, he said he was sorry for the way he had acted the previous night, and even invited me to watch the super bowl with him. Unfortunately, I had already made prior engagements, so I let him know that I couldn’t make it. He seemed slightly upset, but got over it soon enough. I told him that I would try to make the drive down to him the day after the superbowl, to which he agreed. I let him know that I would text him when I was close so he could lock his pets up for me, as I have severe allergies.
Fast forward to the day we were supposed to meet, and I wake up to a text from Bun, he told me that he wasn’t sure if I should come after all, stating that he had a feeling that something was wrong. I sent him a message back, telling him to loosen up, and that nothing was wrong. I got in my truck and started driving to Bun’s trailer in Tonopah, about 3 hours away from where I live. When I was close to his home I texted him, letting him know that I was nearly there and that he should start locking up the animals. Now usually Bun would reply within three to five minutes, but as I was driving down the road to his house I checked my phone and realized he hadn’t replied. I thought it was strange, but considered that maybe his phone was dead or something, I park outside of his house and get out. I made my way to his front door, but when I went to knock I realized that his door was already slightly ajar. Taking a step back I decided against knocking and tried calling Bun. From the open window I heard what sounded like buzzing, I tried looking through the window, but the screen door blocked most of my view. I contemplated turning around, but in the end opened the door to his trailer.
The first thing I noticed, upon entering his trailer, was the distinct smell of marijuana, nothing too strange, I knew Bun was a frequent smoker, but this time the smell was overwhelming. I walked into the living room and saw what looked like a small pile of green leaves with a smoldering pile of weed sitting on his table, Bun’s phone was on the floor next to the table, I went to pick it up, but felt that if something had happened here, the last thing I would want is my fingerprints all over the place. I made my way into Bun’s kitchen, and found a bunch of hand scribbled notes stuck to the fridge with magnets. Carefully grabbing only the papers I tugged them off of the fridge door. I didn’t stop to read them, but put them in my pocket to read later. I exited his kitchen, but stopped when I looked across the living room and saw that his bathroom door was now open, I felt my heart skip a beat as I slowly inched my way towards the bathroom. I peaked my head inside, and my cheeks went flush when I saw Bun’s pets, at least what was left of them, strewn about the place, awash with blood. I nearly passed out as I looked upon the mangled bodies of his animals. I rushed out of his trailer and made for my car, tripping over Bun’s trash on the way out. As I pushed myself off the ground I felt my hand press against a bundled up A&W wrapper. It was mangled and bloody, but I could make out something written on it in marker- “Hard Leon- transformation possible”. I had no time to think at this point, I just got up off the ground and ran for the safety of my car. I noticed, from the corner of my eye, that the curtains to Bun’s kitchen were now wide open. I distinctly remember them being closed, but I was in such a rush that I didn’t care to think about it at the time. I just put the keys in the ignition and hauled ass down the road from Bun’s trailer.
Making my way into town I spotted Bun’s truck pulled into the parking lot of his favorite donut place. I sighed in relief realizing that Bun was alright, so I pulled into the spot next to him and turned off my car. As I made my way up to Bun’s truck, I realized that the door was open already, and a trail of blood was leading away from the truck. Worried, I followed what was presumably Bun’s blood to a hidden door behind and underneath the donut shop. Hell, I don’t even know if the owners of that shop knew about this place. Lucky for me, the door was unlocked and I made my way inside. It was dark so I had to use my lighter to make my way down a ladder inside. When I got to the bottom I was able to make my way without the lighter, thanks to dimly burning lights. Cans of open food were strewn about, and posters of football teams hung the walls. He had really made a home out of this bunker. As I made my way into the center of the room, the light illuminating the far wall, I gasped. My chest suddenly strained, I found myself unable to breathe. Leaning against the wall was what was left of Bun, his stomach had been sliced pretty badly and his arms were hanging limply as if he was trying to keep the wound together with his bare hands. I tried to check his pulse, but he was already gone. I fell to the ground, nearly vomiting at the sight. I gathered myself and reached for the small journal hanging at Bun’s side. I pretty well much ripped the thing off his belt as I noticed the drawings of a coyote, but it’s face was drawn as if the thing had been smashed in with a cinder block. This same picture was on most of the pages, as I began to read I felt my stomach lurch.
As I’m sure you’ve heard him mention, Bun was always bringing up a cryptid he’d called “Hard Leon”. I had always laughed it off thinking him to just be acting like his normal aloof self, but now I started to realize how serious Bun had been about it all. I flipped through the pages, landing on the last one, the date read February 13th, today. At the bottom of the page was a number with the name Gordon listed next to it. I went to reach for my cell phone, but I had stupidly left it in my car. I placed a blanket I found in the room over Bun’s body, as I made my way back up the ladder.
As I exited the door leading outside I felt that presence again, as if something was staring at me. I hurried my way to my car, but stopped in my tracks when I realized my window was broken. I opened my door and rummaged through my car trying to find my phone, but realized that whoever had broken my window must have taken it. I nearly started panicking, but was able to remain calm for the most part. Sweeping the broken glass off of the driver's seat, I got in my car and made my way to the nearest motel. It was a gimmicky place, a clown motel, but I didn’t have any other options, so I booked a night. I made my way into my room and immediately went to dial the number I had found in Bun’s journal. You might ask why I didn’t call the cops, but to be honest I don’t trust the police all that much, and coupled with the circumstances surrounding Bun’s death, I doubt they would have believed my story.
I began dialing the number in Bun’s journal and waited for an answer, but none came. I decided to try again, and luckily this time Gordon picked up. First there was silence, but a second later I heard, “Hey, this is Gordon D! Who’s this?”
I waited a moment before telling him I was Bun’s friend. Asking why I was calling him, I ended up explaining everything that had just happened. The silence on the other end of the phone was deafening, and after what felt like an eternity, I asked if he was there. “I’m still here,” he replied, but I could hear the tears forming in his throat. “Where are you?” Gordon asked, catching his breath again. I let him know which motel I was staying at, and he said he’d be there in a few hours before abruptly hanging up.
And so I waited. This had to be the most agonizing six hours and twenty seven minutes of my life. I sat in this damned clown motel, pretty well much having Krusty the clown stare me down, it was around 8 in the evening when I heard three short knocks on my door. I cautiously made my way to the door, staring out the peephole I saw a middle aged man, who I assumed was Gordon. Opening the door, I asked his name and he replied in a sarcastic manner, telling me I was a dumbass for even asking. This guy was a grade-A asshole, I don’t know how such a kind hearted soul like Bun would have even known this guy, but here we are. I tossed Gordon the notebook, and he took a good long look at the thing. Muttering to himself, as he read, he took a pause before he spoke to me.
“Bun- he got himself into deep shit. I don’t think he will be getting himself out of it this time. If you didn’t believe in Hard Leon before, you best be begging for his mercy now. To make a long story short, Hard Leon got Bun. Killed him, twisted him up, ripped him apart however you saw. Before this, I knew what Hard Leon was capable of. He could take the form of other things. One moment, I see a damn tangue vermin hangin’ about around the trailer, after Hard Leon’s had his way with the thing, tell you what, you’ll still see the same damn tangue vermin around, but not the same mentally. Pretty well much what I am trying to say is Hard Leon took the shape of whatever he killed. I never thought he would have it in him to go after humans, but I guess he decided to prove me wrong today. Now Bun never believed me when I told him my theory of Hard Leon being able to take the form of his victims. I guess he ought to have changed his mind by now. Hard Leon done and killed Bun, and is now trying to impersonate him.” I stared at Gordon for what felt like hours, but in reality could have been no more than twenty seconds.
The silence was broken by a swift punch to my stomach from Gordon, he started laughing and said, “Hey dumbass, you there, why you staring like a damn fool,” I replied, “Sorry, just trying to figure out what in the sam hill you are talking about.” Gordon replied sarcastically, “A little slow in the heard, are ya? Need me to spell it out for you? Hard Leon killed Bun,” he said slowly, emphasizing how dumb he thought I was.
I tried to punch him back, but he easily dodged, and hit me again, this time a lot harder. I fell to my ass, and yelled at him to stop hitting me. I stood up and asked, “So, what do we do now? Now that Bun’s gone, do you think Hard Leon will come after you and me next?” Gordon laughed saying, “I hope he comes for me, bastard will be sent to the grave in about half a second flat.” I muttered an alright and asked about what to do if he comes after me, Gordon replied, “You’re pretty well much fucked if that happens.” My heart fluttered and I tried to ask what he meant, but Gordon only continued speaking, “Listen, what happened to Bun, it’s a real shame, but it also presents us with an opportunity,” I tried to hide my look of skepticism as I spoke, “Opportunity? What do you mean?” Gordon looked me in the eyes, all sense of humor gone from his voice he said, “A chance for us, to kill Hard Leon.” My voice came out weakly, “Kill… Hard Leon? How are we supposed to do that?”
Gordon smirked this time and laughed, “Now, you aren’t gonna like the sound of this one. Since Hard Leon presumably took the shape of Bun, well, we are gonna have to kill whatever monster it is that he’s made out of Bun.” This is when the realization hit me. Gordon wanted to kill Bun a second time. As I stared in shock, he continued, “I never have seen Hard Leon take a human, like I said, but we’ve got to make this the last time Hard Leon has this kind of power. I don’t know what he wants out of taking the shape of Bun, but I think for now, we will have to let this one set, and see what plans Hard Leon has. When the time is right, we will know when to strike back.”
And so it went. Gordon set up base in the motel with me, and we waited for the storm to hit. The first thing we noticed was Bun’s internet presence. He pretty well much fell off the face of the Earth for about a week. The Voles forum noticed his absence, users were concerned, but we couldn’t let them know what happened. We sat there, as hopeless and lost as the rest of everyone on the forum until a week later, Bun, or whatever creature he had become had made his return online. It started with him liking a couple of tweets on his account, and eventually him posting to the forum, squashing the “rumors” of his death that had started in his absence. Dear god, if only the users had known what truly happened. Everyone rejoiced, everyone was happy to see Bun back online, everyone but Gordon and I.
Of course, Gordon and I still participated in the forum with “Bun”. We would talk to him, but we noticed he wasn’t the same as he used to be. He was cold and harsh toward Gordon, who used to be one of Bun’s closest friends, but now he seemed to have made an enemy of Gordon. Gordon tried to post hints to the truth onto the forum. He faked a news article and an obituary for Bun’s death, but of course, with Hard Leon in control of the account, those were readily denied. I’m not quite sure how Hard Leon did it, he seemed to have matched the past Bun perfectly, in voice, in tone, in the way that he interacted with the fans. But this was most certainly not the same Bun I ever knew. The Bun I knew was dead and rotting under a donut shop in Tonopah, and he would be disgusted by the way this creature was abusing his power, tricking all of his friends and fans, slowly luring them into his trap.
A few days ago, Gordon had managed his way into a conference call with Bun and some of the fans of the forum. I sat and watched from afar, as I listened to perhaps the most sickening event I had ever seen play out before me. All Gordon did was play an audio clip, one that he was sure would help to convince the fans that the Bun they were talking to wasn’t Bun at all. It started with Gordon speaking, letting the fans know that he was taking over the show for a moment. He was trying to rile Hard Leon up a bit, calling Bun the dumbest redneck out of Tonopah, and the like. It was playing with fire truly, but we knew that this was the best way to get Hard Leon to shine through and show people the truth. And that was it, Hard Leon came out that night in a way we had never seen before. “Bun” had flipped out at the truthful accusations Gordon threw at him, breaking the rules of his own forum and disappointing everyone in the room. I know what I heard that night, I know what I had been hearing for the past month. I know that what I knew of my friend Bun is no more, but now I just need everyone else to know. We need to avoid Hard Leon before it’s too late. I know, I’m still torn up about losing Bun, pretty well much just like the rest of you. But the truth is out there, and the fact of the matter is, the more we play into Hard Leon’s game, the faster he is going to take each and every one of us, leaving us dead and rotting the same way he did Bun. Hard Leon wants to take over the forum. He wants everyone’s soul in the forum. I don’t know why, but I know it is happening. So please, spread this message. It is what Bun would have wanted. What the REAL Bun would have wanted.
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2023.03.21 04:42 nerdyspeechie Maximizing Kaidan's Content in ME3

I have always been a little (very) salty that my favorite character is completely sidelined in ME2 and is out of commission for nearly 1/3 of ME3, so I did a little research to see how I could maximize Kaidan's content once he's back aboard the Normandy. Some of you (perhaps many of you) already know what to do, but I wanted to share my typical playthrough of ME3 to optimize the number of missions you can take Kaidan on. We know you have to complete Priority Tuchanka to unlock Priority Citadel II. So, the order I typically go in is Priority Palaven > Sur'Kesh > Attican Traverse > all expiring missions before Citadel Coup* > Genophage Cure > Citadel Coup > Turian Platoon > Turian Bomb.
*I distribute the expiring missions between the three big ones because I think it flows better that way (and I think some don't become available until specific missions are completed, and I'm too lazy to figure out the precise order at the moment, but you'll know it when you see it). Anywho, the missions that have to be completed before Priority: Tuchanka are:
- N7: Cerberus Lab / Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula
- Citadel: Barla Von
- Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation / Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces
- Citadel: Hanar Diplomat
- N7: Cerberus Attack / Citadel: Improved Power Grid
- N7: Cerberus Abductions / Benning Evidence
- Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components
You either have to complete the Attican Traverse or the quests involving the Primarch's son to unlock Cerberus Abductions (and avoid being locked out of Benning: Evidence) before the Coup. I like Kaidan's ambient dialogue if you take him to Tuchanka to rescue the Primarch's son, so I did the Attican Traverse and saved The Platoon and Bomb missions until he's back. Everything else (Eden Prime, N7:Cerberus Fighter Base, etc.) waits until I have him back on my ship after the coup.
HOWEVER, when making this post, I stumbled upon this little gem to further maximize Kaidan's content. It is similar to what I typically do with a few improvements, an alternate mission sequence, and suggestions for squad selection to unlock the most Kaidan banter.
Let me know if you need any help with this (or see any errors), or comment on how you typically structure your playthrough, tell me your favorite Kaidan banter, or say whatever you want.
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2023.03.21 04:42 BeautifulSurprise543 why do they get worse after

My ex, was the guy that I thought I was lucky to find. He dressed nice, was funny, liked art and poetry. Fast forward I unexpectedly got pregnant and as the months passed he got worse. In the beginning of the pregnancy he would feed me everything I wanted to hear, and by the end I felt like he hated me. He was never there. Regularly wouldn’t text back cause his “phone died” (we were long distance. He yelled at me a lot and put me down. And whenever he got the idea o was over it he would tell me it would be hard for me as a single mom and no one would want a single mom of 2. Then when he felt the time was right and broke up with me cause his ex was coming back to the state I jumped at the opportunity and agreed.
I don’t think he expected it to be permanent tho. I’m sure since I had our babies he thought he could have a fling with his ex and come back, but I always denied his begging. He called me a horrible mother. He swears I keep him from his kids (I never have). And he doesn’t pay child support cause he doesn’t want to pay my car payment. That’s what he says lol.
Anyway a year later and that man is horrible. He calls himself a manist. He hates women. Always posts anti feminist, homophobic, and fat phobic stuff on his social media. He posts videos of him talking shit about me. Oh an I guess he’s a Christian now.
And as ridiculous as it is, the fact that he got worse after our breakup scares me because I didn’t think he was like this. It’s scary to me and idk. I feel very alone because I don’t talk to anyone about this only my therapist
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2023.03.21 04:40 deezfuccinnutz These types of kids in school make me sad

Hello, thought I’d just make a post because I’m bored no one may see it but that’s okay. I’ve just been pondering about some certain things and people. So I see myself as a pretty mature person for my age. So maybe that’s why I see things the way I do. But some of my friends and others in general. Seem to just not really show up or do anything they come to school and do nothing but cause problems. Constantly getting in trouble messing with random people for no reason ect. It really does make me think that these parents don’t care about their child and what they do. Not saying for everyone because some parents can be great and their kids not as much….. It really does make it seem like the parents/guardians don’t care about them. And usually the kid really doesn’t care either. It makes me sad to see these people basically throw their lives down the drain. Because nowadays you usually can’t usually find and get a good job without doing good in school and going to a university or college. Not saying it’s impossible but you can get at what I’m implying about. Some of these people really are smart and bright one of my friends calls me “smart” but as soon as he focuses he does the work just as good as I do. Sure I might have to help him through some bits time to time but he really is a nice and smart guy. It’s just the fact his mom doesn’t do anything about his behavior she basically doesn’t care about anything he does. He’s currently suspended as I’m writing this and might be expelled because of the amount of times he’s been suspended. He has a 1.07 GPA because he doesn’t do anything he’s perfectly capable and smart enough to succeed it’s just he doesn’t care and neither does his mom. Most people at my school see these types of people as “lucky” when in reality it’s a much more depressing situation. It just makes me sad to see all this wasted potential of all these kids and knowing that this will most likely effect them later in life.
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2023.03.21 04:39 XavHann Atheist Speaking in Tongues

Last fall, I was at a function with mostly extended family that I knew well as teenager but have long fallen out of touch with, most are Pentecostal Holiness. There were some folks that I did know better and had kept in touch with are a bunch of kind hearted, Pentecostal - traumatized heathens… ya know kindred-spirits. The K-S’s and I were exchanging our favorite memories, ranging from Brother Cousin John, jumping on the altar, where the Holy Ghost blessed him with a fantastic two-step dance to our great-great Sister Aunt Doris, who was known to wield God’s sword as the people she touched when laying on hands were slain in the spirit. The mental souvenirs of God’s glory took us down many paths, which all led back to the straight and narrow. My closest K-S, Brother Isaiah, spoke up about the Baptism of the Ghost and the evidence of speaking in tongues, which God filled us both with the Holy Ghost on the same night. Sister Ashley felt the stirring of the Holy Ghost “Keytahmuhhunday” was spoken, and we all laughed because Brother Uncle Carlos was always losing things. Brother Isaiah asked if I still had the gift of tongues, when the Holy Ghost came upon me and spoke through me the most elegant language that I had ever uttered. We all laughed again and talked about how it’s like riding a bike. As it was lunch time, we noticed people getting prepared to eat, which naturally a prayer of thanksgiving would be offered up. Brother Isaiah mentioned how exciting it would be if I were to be asked to pray, which as a young, devout, well-groomed, long-sleeve wearing, shorts hating, no jewelry, Pentecostal poster boy, I was always requested to say grace. He continued on enthusiastically, talking about how it would be even better if the Holy Ghost would come on me a second time today, and allowed the Spirit to speak. Since I’m disconnected from most of the sanctified fundamentalists, they are unaware of my backslidin’ ways, and Brother 3rd Cousin Wayne asked me to pray. Brother Isaiah looked at me and we both smiled, it was truly a sign from God. Honestly, the only thing I can say is that God took over my body, and I began to pray over the food. (Naturally, I’m a very mild mannered person when in front of others and work hard to remain respectful. Normally, I would have declined.) As I was sending up my words to God, the gift of tongues began to pour out of my mouth, hallelujah. I made eye contact with Brother Isaiah, we were both in total disbelief as the words danced from my tongue. After I asked all the things in Jesus name, my distant uncle, Brother Pastor Uncle Lonnie approached and said, “I had heard that you had fallen away and turned your back on God. I am happy to see and hear that you have come back into the flock. I really felt the Holy Ghost flow from you. Praise God.” I awkwardly stood there and laughed, but by the glory of God, his wife, Sister Aunt Unis, called for him and he hurried away.
I walked around for the rest of the day feeling like a super proud rebellious, 41 year-old teenager. It all just reaffirms everything I’ve grown to understand about the BS of religion, including God’s Glorfied Sanctified Filled with the Holy Ghost Born Again Pentecostals
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2023.03.21 04:39 bajablastfrozone Does he like me?

This guy (20m) followed me on Instagram (19f) a few months back because we had a few mutuals & people in common & go to the same school. A few days later I posted a pic of my dog on my story and he responded, so we started chatting back and forth a bit. Now, pretty much every story of mine he will either like or sometimes respond to. And I mean every story, even if it’s something irrelevant or not a picture of me. One time I had put a petition I needed signatures for and he even took the time to ask me about it and sign it which I thought was pretty kind. We haven’t met before but I’m not sure if him interacting with every single one of my stories is flirting or just him being friendly, he seems really cool either way but I don’t know what this means. My friends seem to think he’s crushing but I’m really not sure… I’ve been considering texting him but really don’t know what to say
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2023.03.21 04:39 themomthewaterboy [QCrit] : YA Romantic Fiction THE BRINK OF SOMETHING (75K, 1st attempt)

I’ve lurked here for a long time and it’s finally my turn to post. All your feedback is appreciated and I promise to consider every suggestion. Thank you.
Dear Agent,
Eric has always had a reserved and anxious social nature. He was able to get through Highschool the same way he got through everything else in life. He followed the steps and played the game according to the rules.
Except now Senior year is coming to an end and Eric can’t help but feel distressed. With all the pressure of figuring out what he is supposed to do with the rest of his life, and a longing to capture what’s left of his youth, Eric fears he may be swallowed up and disappear in adult society. Into the Machine.
All those uneasy feelings are sent reeling when a girl Eric knows from school, Mika, suggests a spontaneous expedition to the beach together. Contrary to Eric's worrisome nature, they head out, completely unsure of what’s to come.
Mika introduces Eric to a vagabond lifestyle with bonfire parties, abandoned buildings, shady characters and new friends. In a place where trouble flows like the magnificent Oregon tides, haunting and beautiful, Eric learns what he must do to become the man he knows he can be. He feels himself falling in love with Mika, and he doesn’t want to let her drift away from him. Not without risking it all by confessing his love for her.
Complete at 75,000 words, THE BRINK OF SOMETHING is a stand-alone YA Romance novel inspired by my own life an love story. It would appeal to readers who enjoyed John Green’s PAPER TOWNS, and PLACES WE’VE NEVER BEEN by Kasie West.
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2023.03.21 04:38 bluebunnny101 Hilton La Romana- beware of salmonella and careless staff

(Posting for a friend that doesn’t have Reddit but wants to spread awareness about their experience)
Stayed at this resort for a week in February. I’ve been coming here for the past 15 years. This place has changed ownership 3 times meanwhile. It’s always been the best place to go but this time changed everything for me. I went with my boyfriend it was his first time.
On the second full day there we had a problem on the beach. A family put their beach chairs way too close to ours leaving absolutely no room to walk and kept sitting on our things. The mother was also sitting there brushing her daughters hair out for lice which was my main concern. They spoke a different language so there was no way to communicate with them. We went to a resort worker for help who called a concierge named “Allen”. He said that they are not allowed to put their beach chairs that way as it’s a safety hazard on top of the lice which is a health hazard. To make a long story short Allen kept stalling all day saying someone was going to come to tell them to move but no one ever came. We kept coming back to Allen for updates and at one point he came but then said “don’t worry I’ll be right back in 2 seconds”, lied, and went on his lunch break. (We couldn’t leave and move to another place on the beach because there’s a shortage of beach umbrellas) Instead of actually fixing the situation Allen kept throwing gifts at us which we didn’t want. The situation was never dealt with and I told Allen I’ve never seen something like this before. For those that don’t know lice is extremely contagious
Since Allen made it so obvious that we complained the family then followed us and would give us dirty looks everywhere for the next day until they left.
A day or Two later my boyfriend got sick and started throwing up. That night I went to the buffet to get him some rice as there is nothing on the room service menu to accommodate an upset stomach. The workers were adamant about not letting me leave with a plate. I begged and they allowed it but as I was walking out of the restaurant they stopped me and told me they’ll bring me the plate. It would have taken me 5 seconds to get to my room with this plate and then we ended up waiting 45 minutes for the same exact plate. We heard the waiter drop the fork on the floor on his way to our room. I opened the door and saw him pick it up and he handed it to me. I asked “can i have a new fork” he said “this is the fork”….
Because of the whole lice debacle we were gifted a dinner on the pier. No one ever confirmed it with us so we called to confirm. Apparently it was never booked and the pier was fully booked so the best they could do was the beach which was fine. At the dinner the waiter forgot half of the order and then served me a raw steak. When we called him over to look at it before even saying anything he was profusely apologizing because he saw that the steak was literally mooing. We sent it back and got a new one that was well done when we asked for medium well…. We got up and left.
The next day we went home and were both sick. At first I thought it was the stomach flu but later found out it was salmonella. I tried reaching out to Hilton and they brushed it off when they thought it was the stomach flu same as I. But then when I updated them furious that it was salmonella they completely stopped answering me. They don’t care.
Save your money. We spent so much money going there and now need a vacation from this “vacation”. Came back home to sit sick for a month!
It’s not a nice feeling to know that if you’re in a foreign country and something goes wrong the staff won’t do anything about it.
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2023.03.21 04:38 Icy-Statistician2379 How to help a friend

I (cis man) was in a party with my friend (ftm), he's one of my best friends and I really care about him. Everyone know he is ftm, except he have never take testosterone or any surgery.
So we were in party and it was all going well, we were dancing with all people, i said to him that I want to drink something and i ask him if he want to go with me to drink but he said he is ok and he will wait me there, so I left to buy something for drink.
When I came back he wasn't there so I searched him, I found him in a corner sitting on the floor while crying, I actually have never see him crying so I was a little surprised, I sit in front of him and asked him what happened, he told me crying that he want that people would see him a a real man and not a fake, that he think he will never be able to be a true man and that he doesn't want to live more like that, if before I was worried now I was extremely worried and nervous, so I try to confort him hugging him very tightly and I say to him that everything will be ok, I say that I love him for who he is, that I see him as a man and everything you say in this situation, he stop crying a little and I say that I will take him home.
Now when we were in his home, I help him to go to his bed, he goes to bed and tells me to stay here, so now he's sleeping on his bed and I'm sitting in a chair by his side. I don't know what to do, should I left now that he fell sleep, should i stay awake here, what should i say to him tomorrow? Help Sorry English isn't my native language
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2023.03.21 04:37 krazycashmere Girl Code?

(( Disclaimer: I don’t really know if pwede ba ito dito, I just need advice. Mods, feel free to remove if hindi pwede huhu))
Counted ba sa “girl code” yung dating a guy na nakadate ng friend mo?
I’ve been going steady with this guy (Adri) who is 3 years my junior. We met through a dating app and had planned for dinner when we learned that we are in the same city. That same night, I decided to tell my one of my trusty girl friends - let’s call her Cee - about him and suprise! They both know each other cause they have gone on a movie date and were chatting. They have done nothing far more than flirting (and doing dirty talks raw.) So I asked her if she was okay with me going out with the guy and she said na okay naman raw since wala naman raw may nagprogress sa kanila. I asked her this one a lot of times and had the same response, na okay lang raw. I believed her and isa pa, if I was in her shoes too, I’d be okay kasi wala naman nangyari or nadevelop sa kanila.
Both confirmed to me that Cee “left” him because she was not over the guy she once dated. Adri said na he knew his worth and did not try to bargain and just asked her to delete everything, and then he blocked her on TG.
Cee is one of my go-to friends and when we hung out last week, she asked me about Adri and I. Syempre I told her that we are getting there and were simply getting along well. Kinikilig pa siya tas may pareminder pa na to guard my heart and to ask him for a label na - which I and Adri are still waiting for the right time for - kasi gusto niya pag nakilala niya na raw parents ko.
But just late last week, I received weird messages from my ngl (na hindi ko alam paano nakita kasi hindi naman ako nagpost ng link) saying na “you deserve better”, “na-myday pero ikaw lang nakakita” and such. Another message asked me to email them and there isispill nila ang tea about Adri raw. I told Adri about it and he said na to email daw and ask the person what they want because he’s confident naman raw na wala siyang ginagawang ikaka-upset ko.
So I emailed using my fan email and the anon accused na ako raw si Adri because the profile pic was Twice’s Sana (who is mine and Adri’s bias in Twice). I won’t mind na sana because I find it funny but I remembered something — only Cee have pointed out that we have the same bias in Twice.
Then I remembered the hate messages from my NgL were sent around the same time Cee responded to my chats. At this point I was suspecting na baka si Cee yung naghehate message pero sabi ko baka nagkataon lang. But then I checked tge time the anon replied to my emails and it had only 1-2 minute gaps then Cee replied to my ig dms. My gut tells me the same thing - that Cee is the one who sent those messages and the one i’m fighting sa email.
Hindi ko gets ano gusto niya if ever siya nga yun. She dumped him but once she saw na happy ako with him napapa “that should be me” siya?
Ngayon mas lumala yung suspetsa ko dahil nagsend si Cee ng super haba na message na kinukumusta ako and Adri and apologizing if naging masamang friend ba siya. I mean, for what? That’s so sus.
Do you guys think I broke the girl code here or is Cee just one annoying bitch who thinks she can hust dump anyone and expect them to not get over her?
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2023.03.21 04:37 turbo6666666 My boyfriend(34M) has never said he loves me(21F). Is that normal?

My boyfriend and I dated for 11 months, broke up, and have been back together for 6. During this whole time, he’s never explicitly said the words ‘I love you.’ I know he really cares about me—he says I’m his best friend, his favorite person, and the person he wants to see the most. He’s very supportive of me and compliments me all the time on how smart, funny, and beautiful I am. He does a lot of small gestures to show he cares, and he asks me about my interests. He’s a great guy, but the fact that he won’t say he loves me honestly kind of destroys me a little bit. We’ve talked about it and he says he doesn’t like to say it to anyone at all, ever. I understand that but a tiny selfish part of me thinks he’s a grown man and needs to get over it. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but every time I say/text him that and don’t get anything back my heart breaks a little bit. I don’t know how long I can wait to hear the words. Is there anything I should do?
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2023.03.21 04:36 throwaway98012 Me [27 M] with my GF [25 F] of 2.25 years, struggling with her feeling understood and supported

There have been many situations recently with my girlfriend that have had me questioning a lot of things in our relationship. It is possible I may be a very bad partner and need a lot of work as she says, but I feel like not everything can be my fault. I know I am telling stories from my point of view, so technically you all have a biased point of view anyways, but I will do my best to keep everything neutral/to the facts.
I will give two examples of some recent things, since there are so many, I am starting to forget them. Just recently my girlfriend has been having a stressful week at work. I have done the best I can to support her during the work week, and send her food if she every needs it. She works from home. Additionally, one of my friends I have not seen in a long time was coming out of town last Thursday to see me until Saturday. This was planned months in advance. Her friend came the weekend before, and even though I was a little tired from work as had some stuff to do, made sure to take them downtown, take them out, and accompanied them to a concert so they would feel safe. I never once tried to make her feel stressed during her visit.
However with my visit, I could tell the entire time she was less than pleased. I invited her to brunch on the Saturday before he left, and she knew the small amount of time we had together was valuable. She threw a fit Saturday morning, unable to make the agreed upon 10AM brunch time, saying it was my fault she was so tired, and that I am forcing her to drive to my side of town etc. It was a long battle, I suggested we change plans and come to her side of town for brunch but that was not sufficient for her. I was willing do whatever to make her happy. Apparently since I didn’t think of the idea of picking a place in between us in advance, I was the bad guy. She consistently questioned “why am I even spending time to drive to your side of time and have brunch” as if I was a waste of her time. I told her it was no big deal if she needed some time to herself and that we could go without her. Eventually she said she was coming, and essentially pushed our plan lunched to 12PM. I got less time with my friend since I had to call her a few times and talk to her to calm her down.
Just recently, we have been planning a trip to see her grandparents in another state farther away than ours (So plane). I offered to buy the plane ticket for the both of us, and help pick up a big gift they had for her. She recently told me she had some bad news and that her grandfather had is cancer slowly returning, alarming but not life threatening yet. I called her immediately very distraught, as I lost my aunt a similar way. She was sad on the phone and I sort of emotionally rambled about my aunt for a little bit and mentioned I knew how she felt and I would help however I can. She hung up on me (She does this a lot) and messaged me that she felt like an idiot telling me, and that I didn’t even ask her what she needed or wanted for support.
She said I bulldozed over her with my experience and that I did not care about her feelings or what she wanted at all. She wasn’t talking at all when I called her, and yes I did get a little emotional and started talking a bit, but none of that is even true. I had texted her I was going to stay up all night to plan the trip to see him, and even cut out seeing my friends as I originally planned. She told me to “leave her alone” and that she “Feels really alone”. She always says these things when I try to support her in the exact ways she wants to be supported. I will admit I am not perfect and don’t get it right a lot of the times.
Reddit, how can I improve as a partner so she feels understood and supported?
tl;dr: Girlfriend has been, for the past couple of months+ been getting very upset (irrationally in my mind sometimes) over small things and I seem to take the brunt of it. I try to do my best to be supportive, but it seems according to her I am doing a poor job and don't care much about her.
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2023.03.21 04:36 anoncanid How to make conservative guy take the hint

He has my number and I can't really block his number or start shit bc he will confront me (and likely embarass me) at our shared club. Im trying to politely (and not so politely, sometimes) hint that Im not interested in him and that Im gay but something isnt clicking for him. Worst yet, he is a "nice guy" (while very extremely bigoted views, albeit moreso racist and transphobic than homophobic) so I can't really get mad at him publically for talking to me without looking like an ass.
Im selectively out and not entirely opposed to telling him im gay straight up, but Id rather avoid it in case he spread it to my sister at school, who Im not out to.
He is "polite" and probably wouldn't out me maliciously, but I still wouldn't be surprised if his dense ass accidently said it out loud in front of me and my sister if I told him in a message, so idk if I should risk it. I MIGHT be able to strongly hint at it tho, but frankly, I already have and something isnt clicking up there.
Also for the record, most people don't know his political views and we refuse to talk abt it during club so if I got mad at him for talking to me there I would 100% just look like a jerk out of context. Besides, as much as I despise this guy, I dont want to humiliate him. He's already desperate and friendless and probably only clinging to me because Ive made the mistake of being nice to him prior to knowing his views...
Ugh. If anyone has similar experiences dealing w this, please lmk.
Im worried he's going to publically GIFT me something based on earlier texts, and I would really hate for him to court me publically. Prom is coming up so Im doubly concerned. I hate when I reject men its always so awkward. And if he whips out the "whaaat. Im doing these things platonically" card then Im the one who looks foolish. Gahhhh
Any advice is appreciated! 😭 Ive already tried responding late, unenthusiastically, being kinda cold, and have outright told him I find his opinions bigoted and shitty. What else can I do to get him to take the hint and leave me alone?
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2023.03.21 04:35 hogsout333 Delerium Mind Flayers

So for one of my characters back stories he was part of the AA years ago and was sent on a mission to investigation a part of Drakkenheim post fall. On that mission, his party was attacked by a Mind Flayer and long story short he survived but suffered grave wounds that left him with a kind of psychic connection to this mind flayer. This is how that player choose to be a abhorrent mind sorcerer.
A member of this player's original party on that mission was Ryan Greymere who also survived the attack. Fast forward to today Ryan and player are reunited through a long string of events. Ryan tells said player she has been tracking that Mind Flayer and knows where it claims home. Deep down in the Crater. Player has now convinced the rest of the party they need to slay this horrible creature before it gets any power from the meteor.
So my question is, what would a mind flayer who has been living in the crater for, say, five years look like? What powers would it have? Just trying to bounce some cool DMing ideas off you guys. I'm already thinking there might be more than one and they may have some meaty meat shields under their control to make things even more interesting.
P.s. the players have/are working on ways to combat the deep haze so that's not an issue I would really like to air out. We're in session 18ish of this campaign and the party started at level 3. Really just solely looking on advice on how you think a mind flayer encounter would work in the deepest of hazes :)
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2023.03.21 04:35 BadIdeasxoxo I made a post about someone and they attempted suicide, what should I do?

I posted on a completely anonymous app and did not name any names nor give any personal indicators away. A kid in my class today was 20m late, after skipping for several days after our teacher yelled at him, came into class wearing a black trench coat, a ski mask, and sunglasses.
This scared the absolute shit out of me and many others in my class. I posted something along the lines of "I should not have to explain how scary it is for you to walk into a classroom wearing a black trench coat, a ski mask, and sunglasses. Seriously what the fuck dude?" I followed up by posting in comments the context of him not coming to class after the teacher yelled at him, coming 20m late today, sitting next to the only exit in the room, and not even pulling out his notebooks or anything. He just sat there, looking over the class.
I was honestly terrified. And so were some of my classmates. I couldn't focus for the rest of the period because I was just watching his movements.
I emailed our teacher and told her that it made me very uncomfortable and scared. And i asked her not to take away any of his opportunity for education but to perhaps have a conversation with him to prevent this behavior and get him the help he needs.
At this time my post popped off. A bunch of comments were agreeing saying they were also scared and are scared in their other classes with him. Then it started to get derailed and some assholes decided to name drop him in the comments. I reported the comments to get them deleted but it was too late. I tried to deescalate by saying he clearly needs help and I don't want any privileges to be taken from him. I said to give him the benefit of the doubt.
His friends started DMing me and telling me they're scared of him too and stopped being friends with him as a result of his lack of desire to get any help for his conditions. I noticed they deleted their DMs after this all happened.
Later that night, he found the post and responded to it. He said that he didn't mean to scare anyone and that he has body dysmorphia and that's why he wore all of that. I responded and said I'm sorry that he's experiencing that and told him about some of the resources on campus if he ever needs it. I asked if he could just not wear a ski mask to class because that's going to scare people, and that everything else was fine by itself. I said that although he may be harmless, people who don't know him won't know that, so he may be perceived the wrong way (as he was). I couldn't see any responses after this point because of glitches so I don't know what was said to or by him.
Later in the night i got a notification that one of the students had attempted suicide and everyone was posting saying it was him. I deleted my post about him as I should've done earlier. Updates say he's completely fine.
But idk what to do now. It's entirely anonymous so idk if they're going to try to find me because of my original post? Should I try to reach out to him or something? I really didn't mean for it to turn out this way. I vented online because I was scared and then angry that he made me scared, but I should've kept it between me and the teacher. It spiralled into something a lot worse.
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2023.03.21 04:34 Nitika-Lee_0 I Like Two People, and I'm Not Sure How to Feel About it...

I like a guy and a girl and I'm not sure how to feel about it... I've liked this girl for 4 years now, we've been in the same classes for the past 4 years, we're on friend terms ATM, so me and her talk a little every now and then. She's amazing, she'd funny, she's pretty, she's smart, she's confident, not to mention she's stubborn and when she's set her mind to something good luck getting her to stop, she'll do the craziest things to get answers about who's talking bad about her friends or family. I've been trying to work up the courage to talk to her more but I see her and my stomach just starts doing flip and no words come out. The guy he's cute and he's nice, like he's kind, he tries to help me get involved if I'm standing to the side lines trying not to panic about group interactions, and lately he's been coming up to me starting conversations and he notices when I do something different, like the small things. He notices if I do something different with my hair or if I've got new earrings (I got a new pair of spider earrings about two weeks ago and finally wore em yesterday), or a different piercing or something, small stuff that not even my friends notice unless I point it out. Sometimes I'll catch him staring at me and it's started to make me nervous (good ways not creeped out way). I'm use to being the "loner" at school I sit in like a corridor thing outside of the art classroom because no one else comes here so I can be by myself because I don't have friends (at this school, me and g/crush are kinda friends but doesn't count). But yet he comes to me and starts small talk with me and will sit with me sometimes even tho he's got a bunch of friends, and these small interactions have caused me to develop a crush on him. I'm not sure what to do with 2 crushes... I feel bad for having two crushes.... Is it wrong to like two people at the same time..? What do I do...?
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2023.03.21 04:34 Livielives03 My heart broke for another mom at the pediatrician

My first post and just wanted to share an observation/food for thought.
I took my 1 year old in for his checkup and while in the waiting room, another mom was leaving with her two young children; presumably around 3 years of age and maybe a one year old. She had to go to the desk to sign papers and while her back was turned, the two children were climbing on chairs. The older one was pulling on the younger one, and in doing so, he smacked his face on the floor and began bleeding. I got up to get him but she came over and screamed. A loud, echoing, cursing cry. She yelled at the daughter but also out of frustration saying “It’s always fu*king something.”
I understand her reaction probably wasn’t the best, but I just couldn’t help but feel sympathy for her in that moment. Frustrated with her older child, possibly herself, and the weight of motherhood. Also I could feel myself relate to her to a certain extent. I know nothing about her home life or situation, I just know being a mother is damn hard and we do carry a heavy weight with all the mental load.
Thinking of her, and her babies tonight. Hoping they’re safe, and loved. Also to all of you, it’s ok to cry and ask for help or even vent on here. 🤘🏼❤️
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