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2023.06.04 08:58 marzimouse23 I don’t want to do this anymore

Warning in advance that this is going to be a pretty raw rant, and yes I’m aware how horrible it sounds, and I wish I didn’t feel like this but I do.
I wake up every day dreading the day. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to parent anymore. I can’t deal with the constant, relentless demands and interaction. I can’t deal with the crushing guilt from knowing I never do a good enough job as a mother. I don’t want to get out of bed. Some days I can’t. My body has this strong visceral reaction which makes me feel like lead and like I have to physically DRAG myself out of bed each day. I don’t know how to be or act around my husband and daughter. I never know what I’m meant to be doing at any given point and there’s nothing I want to do. Nothing. I don’t enjoy anything. I don’t enjoy family life. I don’t enjoy parenting. I can’t enjoy anything with a toddler around. I can’t get anything DONE with a toddler round. It just feels like my whole life is on pause whilst she’s awake and I hate it. I feel so stressed and restless and bored and frustrated inside. I love my daughter more than life itself and am putting every single bit of my very limited energy into gentle parenting and breaking the cycle and helping her to regulate her emotions etc. etc. whilst dealing with my own mental health issues. I never learned to regulate my own emotions as a child so I’m trying to build the metaphorical plane whilst I’m flying it. We have no local support network - it’s just me and my husband.
I hate that I constantly feel the need to explain myself and give context and justify my feelings. I don’t want to do this anymore. I want everyone to leave me alone. I want to be on my own. I want to SCREAM at the top of my lungs and smash everything. I hate it all
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2023.06.04 08:58 Chewbacca319 Test drove a Bronco for the very first time two weeks ago, was rather disappointed in quality of interior.

Don't get me wrong, the actual ride of it was amazing, specifically the one I test drove was a 4 door Wild track with the 2.7L ecoboost. Totally appropriate amount of power for the car, surprisingly smooth on normal roads given the 35 inch tires, and although I absolutely hate that you cant permanently disable auto start stop without physical hardware bypass I could totally see myself having a bronco as a daily driver year round from a drivability standpoint.
But my god, does the interior feel cheap. I understand that the Bronco's are purpose built as an off roading vehicle, but considering the premium they charge, especially for higher trim models, I was surprised. The entire dashboard of the bronco feels like a fisher price toy. Hollow thin plastics, creaky, not to mention that all the grab handles had quite a bit of play to them. The particular unit I test drove also had the leather seats which felt very cheap, like they wouldn't last especially exposed taking the doors and top off. The Wilk track I drove also had the factory 6 speaker audio system with subwoofer delete and it should be illegal to sell a car for $83,000 Canadian (that's sticker, no markup) with such a bad audio system, my old 2006 jeep TJ had a better sounding system... but that's besides the point.
I completely understand that there has to be concessions in the interior when it comes to a vehicle built for off road purposes, but immediately after driving the bronco I went to my local dodge dealer and test drove a fully loaded 4 door wrangler Rubicon. The quality inside was a night and day difference, and that's with the current JL wranglers having a carryover interior that has been more or less the same since 2012. All the plastics inside while still hard were solid, hardly any creaking and nothing sounding hollow. The leather seats in this Rubicon were not only comfier, but the quality of the leather was a huge step above. This Rubicon had the premium Alpine audio system, and my god did it absolutely destroy the broncos, although to be fair to compare apples to apples id need to hear one with the B&O system. The real kicker is that on top of this all the Rubicon was $13,000 cheaper.
I'm no expert by any means but from what I could find between the Wild track and the Rubicon there isn't a clear winner in terms of performance off the roads, both have their strengths and weaknesses and both have a lot of similarities, I just don't see the bronco being with that much more than a similarly spec'd wrangler, if anything bronco trims across the board I think should start a good $7000 Canadian less than they do. I don't think its unreasonable to want a better quality interior for $83,000 ($62,000 USD)
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2023.06.04 08:56 Any-Development-3338 Extreme fatigue

Just using this as a space to essentially think out loud.
When I started Rybelsus I experienced quite a bit of fatigue. I think on day of 7mg 2 I spent most of the day sleeping. It got better but didn’t fully go away.
Since staring 14mg the fatigue has been getting so much worse. I find it near impossible to get out of bed. When I’m out with friends it feels almost like an outer body experience after a couple hours because I’m too tired to be present in conversations. I haven’t done a workout throughout this entire journey until two days ago. This had such intense consequences, I was so sick and tired the day after. Felt like I hadn’t slept in weeks. It has been a month on 14mg and it feels like I’m slipping away. I spent quite some time on 7mg because it was working and I didn’t want the side effects to get worse. There are a few other side effects that make me feel worse too but it’s really the fatigue that gets to me.
On one hand I’m telling myself that maybe I need more than a month to adjust to the higher dose but on the other I’m not sure I can even take another day of feeling like this. Easy solution is to just stop the meds of course but then it’s back to constant food noise and bad food decisions. For the first time in years I’ve managed to reduce my binging. It’s almost not a problem at all now.
Then there’s also the worry that it’s not the medicine and if I stop it will then just be binging on top of everything else.
I’m on Rybelsus.
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2023.06.04 08:55 offbeatuser What does this mean?

No lucid dreams yet, working in my dream recall.
Now, I remember something over night, especially the end. Though the problem is I don’t know whether it was a dream or me just making it up?
Sea of thieves with friends, me and some friends were playing around in sea of thieves.
We kept attacking bigger boats and just trolling other people.
I remember near to the end we got into the weirdest situation but all I remember is at the very end our boats disappeared and sunk into the mountain on land.
The problem with not knowing if this is a dream or not is if I should write it in my dream journal.
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2023.06.04 08:54 MrsChess Working on my mental health as a parent feels impossible

I am struggling with burnout at the moment. I have some sick leave from work (not American, very happy that I have this opportunity to take some time off for my mental health) where I get time to recuperate and basically learn to relax a little cause I feel tense 24/7. I’m also looking into an ADHD/ADD diagnosis cause I have nearly all the symptoms and a major one is that I’m easily overstimulated by sound, touch and light. Combine this with being home with a three year old.
I really really really want to set the right example and teach her that it’s important to take care of our mental health, that everyone needs some alone time occasionally, that mummy needs some quiet time etc but she’s THREE so she does the opposite of what I need. When I say I need some rest she’s supportive but 90 seconds later I get a “do you still need rest mama? Are you okay?” and then suggests playing doctor with me. Like I totally get that this is developmentally normal and she’s not a bad kid but it’s driving me up the wall and I get into this panic mode where I can’t react kindly anymore because every sound or touch feels like I’m being attacked.
My husband is home too and he’s great and I barely have to do anything while I’m taking this mental health time but we all live together in a much too small space and I don’t really have anywhere I can go to turn the sounds off. I’m just exhausted really
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2023.06.04 08:54 RoeJoganLife Is there a way to “extract” stats

I have a pair of gloves that give me +2 ranks to ice shards which is insane as I’m frost build so having my ice shards 7/5 tank is really good
I literally have not swapped these gloves for anything
I’m nearly lvl 50 and ofc im finding gloves with better stats… but I can’t bring myself to lose the 2 ranks
Is there a way I can keep the +2 to ice shards if I replace my gloves?
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2023.06.04 08:52 Fit_Introduction2505 Intents

What u guys think about intents Saturday. I know there have been already some posts - but I’m particularly interested in the Music. I kind of had some times where I just didn’t know where to go because everything was not right. I do love uptempo - I even went there because the line up was promising. But even for me the ends where too hard and everything sounded the same. Just my opinion (maybe people who like uptempo should answer this question) Also I was really disappointed by the Rooler set - for me the worst so far? Also I was kind of sad that there was nearly no hardcore playing - but as it is intents that was predictable. I just wanna know if someone shares my opinion or not, maybe I‘m just getting too old..
Also I thought it was way to crowed, and at some points not really good organised. But that’s another topic.
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2023.06.04 08:52 simpletruths2 Should I be unhappy

My spouse has a party for a worker and wanted me to go to it with him. We drove 200+ miles. He told me it would be in and out. I figured it might be a couple of hours. Turns out it was all night. I knew no one and felt awkward. I left and walked for nearly 3 hours. I got my exercise but felt bummed about it. Made my spouse mad at me for not being more supportive and continue making this a night for him. Should I be happy with him or am I being unfair by being bummed and bored?
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2023.06.04 08:51 MarTheGhost 1 year, 3 months, 28 days.

My ragtag group of adventurers, brought to Barovia for one reason or another, has finally defeated the Curse of Strahd. This campaign taught me so many different things about not only D&D, but about my friends and the characters they played. This campaign was the reason my boyfriend became my boyfriend in the first place, the relationships I've built are truly one of a kind, and I genuinely am excited to see where the next one takes us.
Thank you, to my group, who allowed me to DM for them. It is something I will never forget. And to those out there just started this adventure or are somewhere in the middle or even near the end, give a round of cheers to you and your group next session for me.
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2023.06.04 08:50 Samwise-Skywalker24 AITA for wanting my husband to go to bed "early" the night before we drive across the country?

For context, my (22F) husband (22M) Mike got a job across the country that has a start date in 10 days. We graduated college and got married this past month and have spent the past few weeks bouncing between mine and his family to visit people before we leave tomorrow.
We have the longest leg of our roadtrip tomorrow and Mike will be responsible for all or nearly all the driving as he gets car sick easily. I always offer to help drive, but he always turns me down because he doesn't want to be sick.
We are at his parents house currently and his little sister (18) Lacey had promised to come say goodbye today. Lacey and Mike are best friends and especially enjoy video games. This morning, Lacey decided she wasn't going to come over because she wanted to spend time with her friends and had already missed time with them by taking a family vacation with all of us last week. Mike was pretty upset. They talked it out back and forth and it was decided that she would come by late tonight, around 11 pm to say goodbye and see us.
Lacey shows up at 11 pm and then brings the boy she likes in to meet us. Lacey, her crush, Mike, Mike's parents, and me all end up hanging out and chatting for a solid hour.
It's now past midnight when the crush leaves and Mike and Lacey decide they still want to play COD. Their parents are immediately against it as Lacey has work an hour away at 6 am and Mike and I have to pack the car and leave tomorrow morning. I told Mike they should only play until 1 am. But they want 1:30. We compromise at 1:15.
They're playing COD right outside mine and Mike's room meaning as long as they play, I don't get any sleep (due to an ear thing, I can't sleep with headphones and the screen is literally against the wall my head is next to in bed. They talk and yell the whole time they play so turning volume off doesn't help) Mike and I already had to hash out a similar issue when he and Lacey stayed up late playing COD 6 months ago and kept me awake so he is aware that I don't get any sleep. He also promises that'll he be fine to drive, but I also know him well enough (we've taken several long road trips) to know that he's zero fun to drive with when tired. Not to mention, it's a danger to both of us to have him drive if he's not alert.
I feel like he needs to be adult enough to recognize playing video games with his sister late into the night before he and I have to drive for nearly 10 hours is a poor decision.
WIBTA if I tell him he's being irresponsible and selfish?
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2023.06.04 08:50 Mindful_Individual Company gave me early reliving date and not is threatening to extend it, is it legal ?

Hi I need your help guys,
So i work for an IT company and last month at end i gave my 60 working days notice(3 months) and told that that in middle of August i will have my final date. Company accepted my resignation and they sent me a mail few days later that in second week of this month i will have my final working day.
Later my manager removed me from my daily task and asked me to focus on one task that is not part of my responsibilities such as recording tutorials for their project that i still accepted it and did it earlier but i was not able to do it perfectly as i am not qualified for that. now they wrote script that is not grammatically correct so i am also fixing it, finishing last of my original working tasks and also focusing on videos, When i say it in my own ways they say that it's not good, when i follow the script they say that there is no engagement, i have recorded all videos earlier and they did not check until recently and now they are asking me to record videos again, i have recorded sample videos 4th time and now i feel like i will not be able to satisfy their requirements at all, they gave it to one senior but he did not do this for nearly a year so this task was given to me.
what should i do now ? I dont want to do it as it is not part of my responsivities, still i tried it and failed, i am am planning to send my manager an email if they reject my sample videos again that "I am not qualified for it clearly after multiple attempts so they should reassign it to some other person, i have my notice period and middle of august will be my last working day and after that i will not be available, if you want to relive me today or relive me on given date or extend my reliving date to the end of my notice period its her call " is it appropriate ?
can they force me to do this same work over and over again ? if they extend my reliving date from middle of this month to say end of this month, do i have to accept it ? I need proper guidance, please help me out if possible.
edit: "Relieving date" I should think before banking away on my keyboard
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2023.06.04 08:50 wutareyagonnado How I got to this point…need advice

I’m a married woman (31F) who has developed feelings for another married (34M) man with children. We ended up having sex. I know it’s wrong, but internally struggling with the aftermath.
Let me tell you how I got here. AP is a man from my past. We were very much attracted to one another, flirted but never dated due to “compatibility” issues. We come from different backgrounds and strict Christian households. There was some heartbreak on my end but I got over it and found a lovely man that loves me beyond words. AP got married to a nice woman that was more suitable for his lifestyle.
Fast forward 10 years, I don’t have children yet. He does. We’re from the same community in a small town but recently moved for my husband’s work. I’d see his family every so often for events and I eventually befriended his wife because we had previously known each other through friends. Over time, I developed a friendship with her. I didn’t think about him. Always remained at a distance out of respect.
That’s until he added me on social media and began to view/like my stories. Again I moved away thankfully so I don’t see them in person anymore but social media kept us in connection.
At first it was innocent, or so I thought. But it eventually developed into something else. He brought up the past, I expressed interest. We began talking and it quickly led us to our mutual attraction for each other. I’m convinced there’s no feelings from his end and it’s purely attraction. I mean how could he have feelings for me? But I’ve developed some feelings which absolutely terrifies me because I’ve never been a cheater. I’ve hated cheaters my entire life and know enough that it destroys lives. I don’t want to see his beautiful family get hurt. But this has been going on/off for nearly a year now.
I was just drawn to him. But there’s a lot of guilt, of course. We discussed for months about meeting up and kept deciding it was a bad idea. But I recently reached out and we did meet. We ended up having sex. It was some of the most intense moments of my life and felt connected to him.
I know how I got here but I also don’t know how I allowed myself to get trapped in this situation. It’s never been in my character to lie and cheat especially as a conservative woman. I can’t speak for AP. But he claims he’s never done this before. We don’t speak to each other anymore and I’m trying to move on for the sake of my marriage. AP is an unavailable man to me and has never given me the respect of wanting to be with me or expressed his feelings for me (apart from being attracted to me) perhaps it’s because there are none.
Men, have you had an affair with a woman? If so, are feelings usually involved?
What advice can you give me to help me make sense of what’s happened? And how do I get him out of my head…
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2023.06.04 08:49 RareGeometry Anyone else feel like you just don't know how to have fun/be fun?

I was just brushing my teeth before bed with the window open and overheard my next door and 2 doors down neighbors laughing and chatting on one of their decks.
Though I am friendly with both of them, and they both talk about having me over for these summer night deck visits all the time, they virtually never invite me. I've been invited maybe 4 times total in the 3 years living here.
Of course I understand they have a few more years of friendship but the one considers me her closest friend in our town. She shares her hard times and heavier stuff with me, but we don't really... do fun stuff
This has been a theme all my life. I've never been the fun one and I'm never invited to things because "I didn't think you'd want to come" "I didn't think it was your thing" "I didn't think your mom would let you" etc. .
My nmom was a bit more lax when I was really young, while my dad was alive. But once he passed (I was nearly 9) she tightened up a lot and nobody was around to temper her so she came down full force on me.
Besides the lack of social and relationship skills learning from an nparent, I feel like fun, being boisterous, being unfiltered, letting loose, whatever other phrases you could add, was sucked and taught out of me and my life experience.
I always had to look, act, talk a certain way because my nmom always told me it reflected on her. I was kept under a tight lead of "immediate obedience." I was absolutely allowed to roam nature and do quiet, solo things but not encouraged to, well, have fun and be myself and cut loose. Everything had to be calculated for some level if my nmom's reactivity or judgement. I was taught a lot about how to present this or that way and how certain behaviors were unruly and unbecoming. Also very strict about clothing.
I never went through a drinking, partying, experimental phase because I wasn't allowed. Even when I lived away from home my nmom found ways to torment me and keep a tight rein. It wasn't until I started my career and lived on my own I had some more freedoms but by then...I didn't know how and I was even sort of afraid of some of it? Not that I needed to go on some kind of spiraling bender walk of shame kind of event. But like, I just have this personality now where people continue to not invite me for hangouts and concerts and socializing, "fun" sorts of events. I get invited to go plant shopping, event attire shopping, helping plan things, occasionally thrifting but usually looking for a specific need like interview attire or mouse furnishings or corningware or something lol. Or I get asked to help with things, like not I'm having a barbecue wanna come over? More like, I'm having a barbecue and I need help with xyz can you do that?
I very much get treated like peoples moms.
I hear stories from wild adventures on camping trips and stuff from my husband and his mom/family and I absolutely cannot relate. Nada. We never drank on camping trips, it was never a group event, it was just my mom and I or my dad, mom, and I, sometimes my much older brother, and we did super quiet stuff and left no trace. My parents were/are supper hippie, survivalist, nature folks like that. Which of course has its place.
I just lie here in the dark in bed and hear the laughter and sharing stories and drinks and snacks and happiness and feel like I don't know how to have and be that and hope so much that my kids are more exciting but fear that my quiet background involvement will make them like me. Tomorrow or another day, while talking over the fence or out at the garden centre together, I'll hear about that time the neighbors got tipsy and did this or that or shared some story or experience and...I'm always just peripheral.
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2023.06.04 08:49 Shivaniverma1 Godrej Plots Kurukshetra Coming Soon

Godrej Plots Kurukshetra Coming Soon
Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra Haryana are one of the most sought after properties for those looking to invest in real estate. Located close to Delhi, these plots offer a great opportunity for those who want to live near the capital but still enjoy all that rural life has to offer. With direct access roads and easy connectivity with nearby cities, Godrej Plots make an ideal option for both investors and home buyers alike. The area is also well known as a hub of educational institutions which makes it even more attractive as an investment destination.
The Godrej plots come with various amenities like 24x7 security, power backup facilities, water supply connections etc., making them extremely desirable from a practical perspective too. In addition they have provisions made by local authorities such as sewerage systems and drainage channels ensuring proper sanitation facilities within each plot boundary line thus providing utmost safety & hygiene standards at all times . Moreover , there’s plenty of open spaces around these residential areas where people can take leisurely walks or indulge in outdoor activities like jogging or cycling without worrying about traffic congestion on roads .
Apart from being conveniently located close enough yet far away from Delhi , another major advantage that comes along with investing into Godrej Plots is their low pricing compared to other similar properties available elsewhere in the NCR region . This allows individuals & families belonging to the lower middle class category to buy themselves their own piece of land here without having to burn huge holes into pockets while doing so ! So if you are looking out for property investments then look no further than Godrej Plots – they provide excellent value-for-money proposition amidst beautiful natural surroundings !.for more help visit my site:- https://godrejplots.in/
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2023.06.04 08:47 BitElonTate What small business can I start with 100K

Hello friend,
I am 27 years old immigrant working a full time job, have managed to pile up ~100K in savings.
For a long time I eagerly wanted to have my own business but didn't had the money, not sure if 100K will be sufficient.
My big dilemma is what business to start 😕. Can anyone recommend me what would be a solid long term small business. I am new to this country so don't have a network and know much about localities, I am not emotionally attached to any particular idea or sector, open to anything and willing to give my blood and sweat.
Thank you for your help in advance 🙏🏻 reddit peeps keeps be going.
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2023.06.04 08:47 jellomellow000 [anti-aging] Why do retinol products make my eye wrinkles SO much worse?

It’s driving me insane, I’m so frustrated. 1 month ago started a new retinol/hyaluronic acid eye serum. Results? My eyes look like they’ve aged decades. New wrinkles and super deep smile lines have formed. I thought the opposite was supposed to happen, less wrinkles. Time and time again I’ve tried to give retinol products a chance and this always happens. It’s so noticeably worse that even my siblings/family is wondering why the skin under my eyes looks so “deflated” and “wrinkly”
Yes, I’ve always used sunscreen and avoided sunlight. It’s so disappointing. My skin just hates retinol. Also, nearly all moisturizers will make my eye wrinkles worse too! Skin care is just a bust. Have bought so many products over the past couple years (often they do contain retinol, like night creams) but it has produced no results and actually done a lot of damage. I’m only 24 and have the under eye wrinkles of someone much older.
Could my only option be professional skin treatments like Botox?
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2023.06.04 08:46 PiggyMcoof Article 22: Mimic

Kona gave everyone a tour of his base. When he was done, it had become night. "It's nighttime, I recommend everyone gets a bit of sleep. We don't want to work on this project tired." Kona said. When everyone was asleep, a figure explored the lab and temple below. This figure is blended to look like Ron but yet isn't Ron. Kona saw this on his camera and grabbed his blowtorch. Kona went into the room Ron was sleeping in and used his blowtorch on Ron's hand. "OWW!!! What was that for?" Ron says as his hand was burnt. Kona responds "You went downstairs without permission. Of all it had to have been you." Kona remarked. "You fried my hand. Isn't that a bit much?" Ron asks. "Well, I guess I have been known for getting carried away in situations like this, but still you shouldn't have been down there." Kona replied. Ron was shown the footage and just ran outside where the swarm of infected grew. In the night Ron had abandoned everyone at Kona's house and started going on his own. The frigid temperatures were nothing for his suit and helped soothed his burn to the point where it just needed to physically heal. Some time later Annie and Duocara went down to the downstairs temple to clear the way for everyone. The first thing they encountered was the thousands year old pharaoh. His claws were long and sharp... He went straight for Annie. Annie tried her best to dodge the pharoah's blows. Duocara's face switched to it's blue sad state "Nobody touches friend..." Duocara said in his robotic voice. Ron was walking through a snowy forest when he found a couple of old Festive (or not so festive because this timeframe isn't anywhere near the holiday season) Cabins. Ron knocked on the door and an older wolf opened the door to greet him. "Wanda Wolf..." Ron said in awe and shock. "Yes it is me. It's been so long since the last we've met hasn't it?" She said admiring how long it's been. "You know when you officers locked me up in the slammer." Before Ron could respond to that, she said "Through my time in there, I've learned a few things. But the struggle of money was a big hassle. Regardless, I hope my children are doing well." Ron paused and asked "Willow and William?" "Correct, do you know what happened to them?" She asked. "I do but unfortunately nothing good." Ron told her. "William died and Willow as far as I know sacrificed herself to an infected." Ron says while taking his hat off and holding in in both hands in front of him, like what he did in front of Willow. "Well, before I loose myself, I want to show you to my friend." Wanda told him. Wanda and Ron walked into a room where there was an elderly tiger staring at a drawing. "What are you look at?" Ron asked the old tiger focuses his eyes on Ron. "It's a drawing my son made of himself, after I haven't heard much of him after he left." he answered. "What made him leave you? And what's your name?" Ron asks "My name's Tank and my son left us because of the things my wife did to him, I remember sneaking him out of the house when she was asleep because I didn't want to see him live life suffering like I did, we got him enlisted to the military and that's the last I've seen of him." He said you could tell he's being fully honest. At that moment Annie found what looked like Ron. With his head down and his back faced towards Annie then Annie says "Ron, there you are, why did you run off? It's okay to tell me anything and you know that." She said in her nice gentle voice. But the reaction she got wasn't so nice and gentle... At that time Kona came down to the temple to see what was going on. That's when he tapped a golem statue made it come to life. "Gryffyn, catch." The Ron-like being said and soon enough Annie and Kona had been picked up by the Gryffyn. Duocara saw this but the Ron-like entity pulled several gears out of Duocara's chest resulting in Duocara breaking. Eventually Annie and Kona were tied together and brought to a dangerous place... The military base of Outpost Echo. Hanging in the cave over a high edge Annie and Kona had be taken. Back at the cabins with Tank, Wanda, and Ron a full on military aircraft landed in the front. Where Commander Fergus hopped out and took Wanda and Ron to see Sgt. Monroe. "Well, what's this? Cop and criminal. We've been flying around for a while. Didn't think we'd see other survivors. Now, we got a distress call from Dr. Payton. The mission would be to get to him and get rid of all the infected." Sgt. Monroe says in his gruff and deep voice. It was then where Ron said "I think I'm feeling a bit queasy." before falling to the ground and blacked out. Purple spirals surrounded the scene. Ron saw Markus and then Dessa then Zizzy, Glenn, Willow, and Marley Russell surround him. "No, you lot are not real." Ron says denying what he sees. Out of all of them Dessa walks up to Ron and put her hand on his arm. "Come with us Ron." She says in a soothing voice that sounds a little chaotic Ron then blinks and all of his dead friends disappeared and TIO takes his position in front of Ron. "Ron..." TIO says. "I've been fascinated with you for a while. You humans are rather... Unique. You see, you nor Annie can't get infected." TIO continues. "And you're calling me unique... Take a look in a mirror." Ron responds. "I love making deals, deals nobody can forget. Look what has happened to Markus, Dessa, Zizzy, Glenn, Willow and Marley Russell." TIO says before talking a bit of a breath and then continues."Join me and we'll get the upper hand on the infection." He continued. "What makes you think I'd join someone like you?" Ron asked. "Why you..." Ron says in frustration as he woke up. He woke up in the military vehicle. "You fell sleep, no worries. You didn't miss much." Said Commander Fergus. Wanda and the Sargent talk about day-to-day lives. Ron walked up to the commander. "So, did you loose anyone near and dear to your heart, Commander Fergus? "Oy, I remember when the troops die to infection. So sad." It was the Ron noticed Commander Fergus' thick and Russian accent, "How about people like family? Maybe a friend you made?" Ron asked Commander Fergus and the commander answered "Oy, it's been so long since I've seen them. They're probably the infected now." Commander Fergus says, his expression being a bit sadder than before. Meanwhile Tigry and Delta led Doggy, Pony, Bunny, Laura, Katie, Mr. P, Sheepy, Torcher, Mimi, Giraffy, Shardantus, Silzous, UNIT-10, Robby, Georgie, and the twins to Outpost Echo. Tigry and Delta along with the other aforementioned personel arrive to Outpost Echo first, only to be greeted a cold welcome... The coldest welcome by Mr. Bliss. The living snowman caught Mimi by surprise but before he could attack, Mitch stopped him, it was living scarecrow vs. living snowman. Mr. Bliss was using his icesicle hand to Mitch's axe, Mr. Bliss then hopped on a building and then Glenn was summoned as shards of ice and crystal blocked the entrance. Mr. Bliss now holding Mitch by the neck while Glenn and the infected soldiers terrorize everyone. That's when Anteo (Another one of Dr. Payton's projects) enters the scene and holds Mr. Bliss by his ant hands, releasing Mitch that's when Mimi recognizes Mitch and gives him a hug. Glenn has cornered Bunny and Giraffy but then Glenn sinks to the ground. That's when the military vehicle arrives at the base opening to reveal Sargent Monroe, Commander Fergus, Ron, Wanda, and some living soldiers. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Sargent Monroe asks himself, "The king of Dolovia, some scientists, civilians and a bunch of deserters and a criminal." The sargent says while looking at everyone. "A serial killer and don't get me started on you..." Sgt. Monroe says while looking at Silzous and then Laura. Doggy was less focused on the military but wondering what Ron was doing with the military. "Ron! There you are. Where have you been? I missed you." Doggy asks. Ron explains it "So, I saw an odd version of myself on Kona's camera and went to blow off a bit of steam when I find a cabin where Wanda here was waiting for the infection to roll over." Meanwhile Shardantus asks the Military to give him and his friends access to the base's lab. Fergus pulls out a white key from his pocket and hands it to Shardantus. "Good luck with that cure. We'll handle things from up here for you. Tigry, Torcher, Delta, do you three mind? Rockets, petrol, and ammunition are plentiful in here." Said Sgt. Monroe. Sargent Monroe looked at Mimi and said "Mimi, it's been so long. Good luck in there." Mimi then responded "Thanks dad, and may the best of luck on blowing brains out of infected." She says while hugging him. In the cave they find Annie and Kona tied up dangling over a ledge. "Hey guys..." Annie says in bit of a struggling but also relieved to see everyone, Kona on the other hand is sleeping heavily. That's when everyone witnesses the other version of Ron appear even though the real Ron is standing between Doggy and Mimi. Ron then charges at the other version of himself and then Ron and his mimic got into a fight, punching, kicking one another. Kona woke up to the sound of Ron and the imposter Ron. The imposter Ron falls over and then a spirit or some sort of entity comes out of it. She flew herself over towards Annie and Kona. She hops into Annie and the imposter Ron disintegrates into nothingness while an imposter Annie falls to the ground on the opposite side of everyone else.
End of Article 22.
"Master would be proud of me. I'm making his distraction."
"No one can hear me down here and Anteo is gone. It doesn't matter, I have you to at least keep me company. Though you may be an infected... A darker, creepier infected... You have kept me company for this long."
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2023.06.04 08:46 horrible_lake Spiraling, again

It’s kind of a debilitating feeling to know that you don’t think of me nearly as often as I think about you.
It suddenly went from days to years of me thinking about you every day.
I know we’re both busy and going in very different directions. But I still day dream about this one conversation we had after you moved, where we joked in 5 years we’d see each other again and have a farm together. And it’s crazy to think that it’s probably been almost a few years since we joked about that.
A pipe dream I know. But I still think about it all the time. I think about you all the time. And i know it goes without saying, but if you told me to meet you out there. I’d literally drop everything at this moment and drive across the country to be at your doorstep tomorrow.
I don’t have to tell you I love you, because you already probably assume so. But I wish I could tell you so badly. I think at some point you felt the same. But I could’ve just been entirely imagining it and been just conjuring it in my head out of desperation. But I truly believe if things had been a little different that we would’ve been together. It drove me crazy at one point.But at this point in time I’d settle just for being able to talk to you on a regular basis again.
I feel so pathetic. Laying up at 1:40am wondering if you’ve even thought for a moment about me lately. Rambling anonymously on Reddit of all places.
Dear lord I’ve really lost it, huh?
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2023.06.04 08:45 Secure-Platypus-8982 My friend of 6 years blocked me on everything without telling me and I am extremely upset.

I've known one of my friends for nearly 6 years and he's been by my side through a lot of changes in my life. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't gotten comfortable thinking that he'd always be there to support me. Well, a few times now, he's confessed that he is interested in me and would like to take me on a date (usually with months if not a year between confessions). Each time, I have rejected him outright and told him that I don't view him in a romantic sense and that the way I view him isn't going to change. He always acts like he's okay with it and then he changes the conversation and doesn't bring it up again. I may be naive for having assumed that meant he understood and accepted the rejection. About a year ago, he got drunk/high (I don't remember which, only that he wasn't sober) a couple weeks after his relationship ended and started ranting to me about how he found me attractive. I turned down his advances yet again and when he sobered up in the morning, he apologized for his behavior so I thought we were okay. That is, until he blocked me for a couple months. He unblocked me and explained it away saying he "needed to get over his feelings" for me. We never really had a conversation about it but the whole thing made me upset and uncomfortable. However, as time went on, he wasn't displaying any behavior that showed he still was interested and our friendship didn't change. Well, a couple weeks ago, he asked me out AGAIN. Except, he was sober this time. Once again, I rejected him and within a day or two, I was blocked on everything. I'm pretty sure he'll unblock me in a few weeks and everything will "go back to normal" but honestly I don't think I can stay friends with him anymore. I don't like that he's tried to make a move on me multiple times despite me rejecting his advances (especially since he does so within a few weeks of telling me he's talking to a new girl). It makes me feel gross and extremely uncomfortable. At the moment, I am extremely upset. I don't think it'd be fair to either of us to continue this friendship as it seems we both view the relationship differently and it puts both of us in an uncomfortable position. But, I don't want to lose out on a 6 year long friendship as it's one of the only friendships I have left (which might be part of the reason why I haven't unfriended him thus far). I apologize for the long winded explanation I just genuinely don't know what to do at this point and I think my judgement is definitely being clouded. Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated.
TLDR: My friend of 6 years asked me on a date and then blocked me on everything and I am upset.
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2023.06.04 08:45 gustavo337 It literally took me ONE minute of Googling to find a forum FULL of hacks for the game.

The problem is outright massive. Battlestate doesn't care at all because hackers ARE their main income of money.
Banning an account means another account is to be sold in the near future.
A few days ago they boasted how in a month they will get 5200 x $45 = $230.000 in revenue!
They don't care about you, the player that bought the game and plays normally, you are just bait and fuel for hackers to keep coming.

Prove me wrong Nikita 👍
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2023.06.04 08:44 northernbreezy94 Employer withholding last paycheck

Hey all so I quit a job and told employer I would pick up check on next payday. Employer said you signed a paper stating if you quit without two weeks notice, check will be mailed (which I'm learning might actually not even be legal for them to do??) I said ok, figured I'd at least have it in three days with that being standard local mail time. Waited a WHOLE WEEK. I went to their office, manager says oh mail is slow, if you don't have it by Tuesday let me know and she (owner of company) can write you a new check. I say ok and leave cuz I'm not good at confrontation. Anywhooo. How do I tell them to give me my paycheck immediately in a legally threatening way without making myself sound silly? I am beyond sick of playing their games and did nothing to deserve this plus I've got bills to pay dammit. I apologize for the novel, I'm not great with words. Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.04 08:44 tinyrebel777 How do I move mortgage into my name only?

We live in England. Myself (46f) and STBXH (45m) are currently in the process of divorce. Together since 2007, we bought our current house in 2012 (married in 2015). At the time of house purchase, I was a SAHM to our 3.5yo and 10 month old, so we had better interest rates if I was not put on the mortgage and was classed as a dependent as well. (I know, I'm an idiot, but I wasn't thinking of separating at the time).
I put in 25k into the mortgage deposit from money I saved pre-relationship (I have bank statements to prove this), he put in about 12k from the sale of his house. So mortgage and deeds are in his name only.
We now have three kids, 14m, 11f, 9m and STBXH left in Nov 2019. At the time, we had to be separated 2 years before we could divorce. I instigated divorce in January 2022 and find it really hard to get replies from him, even to my solicitor. He's only just given his solicitors details to me, which I've passed to my solicitor.
I've been paying the mortgage and all bills alone for nearly 4 years now and I really don't know how to move forward on this. I'm now working FT and can afford the mortgage by myself but how do I transfer it to my name without having to buy the property from him, as I already bought it 10 years ago and don't want all the fees? I've also been paying him £800pm towards his equity, so about 27k so far (all documented).
I've recently spoken to a mortgage advisor who said I should be added to the mortgage and then he can be removed as a transfer of property (not sure if there's a time limit on this) or I'd need to buy the property from him. I've asked STBXH to be added to the mortgage but no reply. Is there anything I can do? Please help.
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