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2023.03.06 06:14 Suza751 OSRS biggest issue

With everyone arguing over the new prayer book, it got me thinking. Endgame items/content are to easily locked behind money. Get a max melee account through nmz and bam! you just need a few bil gp. Torva, masori, tbow, scythe, shadow.... all just buyable items. Feel like it's a shame there is nothing like chaotics, ovl, turm, or summoning in OSRS. PVM feels so divorced from skilling - it's all just spending a bit of money. Best item we've gotten in probably years is Elidnis's ward (f) that actually requires stats to put it together. I don't feel like every item should require an alternative req but some should.
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2023.03.04 20:07 mastrncmmndr An Old School TOA Progress and Loot Log!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my Tombs of Amascut progress and loot log! After recently rediscovering my love for OSRS after a 2 year stretch of burn, I've decided that it's finally time to hit the lategame -- max combat, and more importantly, get some lategame gear! The Tombs of Amascut will be my first raids content done on the account -- I'm looking to consistently clear 400s with midgame gear and win the shadow lottery to push 500s!
And of course, I'll be logging each run -- what's more old school than an old-school-monsters-forum progress/loot log!


  1. Goals and Updates
  2. The Method
  3. Stats
  4. Gear + Inventory
  5. Invocations
  6. Fun Stats!
  7. The Log!
  8. Supporters
  9. Closing Thoughts

I. Goals and Updates

II. The Method

III. Stats

Hit Points: 95/96/99
Attack: 82/82/99
Strength: 78/88/99
Defense: 76/76/80
Prayer: 77/77/92
Magic: 97/97/99
Ranged: 98/99/99

IV. Gear + Inventory

Helm of Neitznot
Amulet of Fury
Barrows Gloves
Fighter Torso
Dragon Platelegs
Infernal Cape
Dragon Boots
Dragon Defender
Abyssal Dagger => Osmumten's Fang
  1. Crystal Body
  2. Crystal Legs
  3. Necklace of Anguish
  4. Ava's Assembler
  5. Bow of Faerdhinen
  6. Ahrim's Robetop
  7. Ahrim's Robeskirt
  8. Imbued God Cape
  9. Occult Necklace
  10. Book of the Dead
  11. Trident of the Swamps
  12. Toxic Blowpipe (Amethyst)
  13. Dragon Dagger
  14. Bandos Godsword
  15. Saradomin Brew
  16. Saradomin Brew
  17. Saradomin Brew
  18. Super Restore => Saradomin Brew
  19. Super Restore
  20. Super Restore
  21. Prayer Potion
  22. Prayer Potion
  23. Prayer Potion
  24. Super Combat Potion (3)
  25. Ranging Potion (1) => Crystal Helm
  26. Stamina Potion (1) => Abyssal Whip => Saradomin Brew
  27. Super Anti-Poison (2)
  28. Divine Rune Pouch (Thrall Runes)

V. Invocations

Starting (150)
Current (400)

VI. Fun Stats!


VII. The Log!

Also noting fail count on KC to mark how many attempts before that KC was achieved :(
  1. Dragon Medium Helm, 26 Raw Sharks, 2 Torstol Seeds 80k??? 35:26 150I 4 Deaths
  2. 634 Souls, Cache of Runes - 2045 Death Runes 467k 31:49 150I 1 Death
  3. 20 Dragonstones, 6 Ranarr Seeds, 5 Torstol Seeds 411k 31:59 150I 1 Death
  4. 398 Soul Runes, 14 Battlestaffs, 39 Diamonds 274k 31:34 150I 0 Deaths!
  5. 4 Dragon Medium Helms, 9 Ranarr Seeds, 14 Battlestaves ~568k 32:52 165I (On a Diet) 0 Deaths
  6. 37 Raw Manta Rays, 67 Potato Cacti, 67 Gold Bars 30k??? 34:38 180I (Mind the Gap, Blood Thinners) 0 Deaths
  7. 42 Diamonds, 28 Dragonstones, 7 Torstol Seeds 480k?? 32:43 190I (Ancient Haste) 0 Deaths
  8. 80 Sapphires, 14 Battlestaffs, 35 Raw Manta Rays 100k?? 35:16 200I (Penetrated) 1 Death
  9. 89 Sapphires, 71 Raw Shark, 4 Dragon Medium Helms 287k 33:33 215I (Stay Vigilant) 1 Death (Did not stay vigilant)
  10. ELIDINIS WARD 5.4M 33:33 (exactly same as previous???) 230I (Jungle Japes, Shaking Things Up 0 Deaths (w00t first purple!!)
  11. 25 Cactus Spines, 172 Gold Ore, 14 Lily of the Sands 87k 33:43 245I (Walk the Path, -EZ Invos) 1 Death (Obelisk lamps stay active after 0hp!!!)
  12. 114 Raw Sharks, 23 Dragonstones 316k ??:?? 260I (Not Just a Head) 2 Deaths (Zebak prayer greed, Akkha memory skip fail)
  13. 3 Blood Essence, 10 Snapdragon Seeds, 20 Coconut Milk 520k???
  14. 2 Blood Essence, 5 Dragon Medium Helms, 18 Lily of the Sands 456k
  15. 706 Death Runes, 23 Dragonstones, 7 Ranarr Seeds 542k
  16. 17353 GP, 69 Gold Bar, 2 Blood Essence 140k??
  17. 14 Lily of the Sands, 182 Mahogany Logs 91k ??:?? 280I (Blood Thinners, Jungle Japes, Shaking Things Up) 1 Death (Exact obelisk orb damage)
  18. 264 Gold Ore, 78 Dragonstone 968k 40:02 300I (Deadly Prayers) 0 Deaths FIRST EXPERT!!
  19. 9 Snapdragon Seeds, 14 Toadflax Seeds, Cache of Runes (1113 Soul Runes) 573k 41:07 315I (More Overlords) 2 Deaths (Slipped on a peel trying to reset red-x; Spitting scarab Deadly Prayer combo with melee scarab)
  20. 606 Soul Runes, 6 Dragon Medium Helms, 39 Dragonstone 951k 42:04 330I (Lively Larvae, Arterial Spray) 1 Death (Red-X screw up) FAIL COUNTER: 1
  21. 18 Snapdragon Seed, 15 Toadflax Seed 675k 42:14 340I (Gotta Have Faith) 1 Death (Zebak pot alignment) FAIL COUNTER: 2
  22. 5 Dragon Medium Helms, 249 Dragon Dart Tips, 99 Emeralds 768k 41:24 355I (Softcore Run) 1 Death (Mage Scarab had 2 hp) FAIL COUNTER: 4
  23. Masori Crafting Kit, 94 Rubies, 62 Raw Manta Rays, 1427 Death Runes, Thread Of Elidinis 384k 42:04 365I Blowing Mud 0 Deaths!
  24. 11 Torstol Seeds, 130 Sapphires, 87 Rubies 201k 45:59 385I 1 Death (Messed up my attack range w/ blowpipe at Zebak)
  25. 298 Gold Ore, 106 Potato Cacti, 12 Snapdragon Seeds 488k 45:04 400I 2 Deaths (Early Baba red-x death, walked into an akkha orb and combo'd for 70 damage) FIRST 400I!!!! 8.22% unique chance despite the deaths! FAIL COUNTER: 8

VIII. ~~ Supporters ~~

None yet :(

IX. Closing Thoughts

That's it! Supports, comments, or simple bumps greatly appreciated!
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2023.02.14 03:09 i_hate_fanboys My opinion about bad luck protection.

I would like to share my opinion about bad luck protection, what it is, how it should work, and what jagex are currently doing against it.
Let me start by saying that I've, on average, been extremely lucky on my ironman. I have had some absolutely insane luck on a way too regular basis to ever personally complain. I am not writing this thread to benefit myself, I am writing this from a gameplay-design standpoint and as someone who wants to see osrs thrive.
Bad luck protection is any system that's in place that makes it so that somehow an rng component is reduced or even entirely removed from content. Bad luck protection is not simply there or not, it exists on a spectrum as there are many different possible implementations to combat many different possible rng occurances.
Bad luck protection should always be fair, to both mains and irons. Iron should never gain an advantage over a main, unless they are competing for interactive content. What I mean by this is that it is fair ironmen do not have to compete with mains for gwd rooms because the difficulty of the content is the content itself, not finding a free location to do it. When ironmen compete for content in which the competition lies in the scarcity, such as mining or woodcutting, ironman should not get any advantage. The content isn't difficult for mains either, the competition is the limiting factor.
How bad luck protection could be made fair does however involve mains. Ironmen bad luck protection can often best be given in forms of untradables. I will explain this in a moment with what i think is a good example.
The most recent bad luck protection jagex implemented was needing armadyl fragments instead of the actual pieces to upgrade masori items. This was a 10/10 idea and protects ironmen very well against duplicate armadyl piece bad luck, but not against general bad luck. If you get 0 drops at armadyl in 1500 kc you're completely unlucky. If you got 5 dupes you can now use those dupes to upgrade masori. You even get luckier if you get bodies rather than helmets because the plates (fragments) are worth more. And on top of that it's an armadyl sink for mains. This an absolutely genius idea.
The reason this works is because masori is an upgrade to old content. When completely new content is introduced, like when the dragon warhammer was introduced, you cannot upgrade old items, thereby adding them to the proverbial item food-chain again. This is when bad luck protection requires untradables in my opinion. Going dry on a dragon warhammer is complete ass. I might talk about CG as the next example, but I will continue with dragon warhammer right now.
For a long time, for ironman the dragon warhammer was the break-through piece. It has now been replaced by bowfa and crystal armour, but until quite recently dwh was the big drop. It allowed you to do gwd much easier, and most importantly was an absolute must for cox. This has now changed in more recent content where simply dwh speccing doesn't do that much (e.g. is toa; melee, ranged and mage setup all require bgs as spec weapon not dwh). Cox has also changed slightly as bowfa has higher dps than bp did (with the exception maybe being dragon darts but most ironmen do not have a dragon dart supply). And also dragon hunter lance increased dps, making dwh less necessary once again. If you went unlucky on dwh your entire progress would come to a break. It's why people like curtis (mmorpgrs) have 25k dwh drop videos grinding it out in one go. I understand some streamers like him take on massive grinds in one go, but in this case it was because the item was absolutely needed and not because he wanted to do it in one go or enjoyed it. With a break-through piece like this you need some form of bad luck protection.
So dwh was a problematic situation, these days less, but what would in hindsight have been a good way to solve the problem? If the dwh is a break-through piece, meaning a lot of content can't be done without it (even today cox without dwh is frowned upon, at the least), there needs to be bad luck protection. My solution would have been to introduce an untradeable 'old dragon warhammer'. It would be dropped at 12000 kills for every single person. Then this untradeable item would be chargable for 3000 kills, meaning it would max out at 15000 kills. This charge would be permanent and account-locked. When you lose this untradeable hammer, you can retrieve one for 500k. As the charges are account-bound, the old dragon warhammer would not need to be recharged like a dfs does.
What is this 'old dragon warhammer'? The actual dragon warhammer specs for 30% defence. This 'old dragon warhammer' would spec for, for example, 10% defence and then 17.5% at 3000 charges (so 15000 kills). I am not doing the math behind this, this is an example. 10% and 17.5% are examples of what it could be. So is the number 12000 kills and the charge of 3000 kills. I am trying to create an example. If you at this point want to write about the fictional numbers I am using, you misunderstand the intention of this post. I am giving a structure for how to assess bad luck protection and an example of how to use it. In this case, the 'old dragon warhammer' would also have slightly worse stats than the dwh, though that doesn't matter because the dwh exists for its spec. I don't think a worse accuracy would be fair, because the balance is done through the power of the special and not through accuracy, but a lower strength bonus would be a good compromise because the warhammer doesn't exist for it strength bonus, but because of its special attack + accuracy of its attack.
The point of bad luck protection like this is to ensure content doesn't get hardlocked because you are very unlucky. If you have to do 25000 shaman kills for your dwh, with around 100 shaman kills per hour (don't talk about ontask stats, you will not do this number on task. I personally have around 10% of my shaman kills on-task.), it will take 250 hours to get dragon warhammer. Let's look at other games for a second. The new harry potter I think is 40 hours of story line or something in total, excluding side missons. Imagine how bad it is to kill shamas for literally 6x as long as someone is playing such an interactive and awesome game. Look, we all enjoy what we enjoy. I don't buy this type of harry potter game and i stick to the grind because I do what I enjoy most, but thinking about possibly going 25k dry and wasting this much time on this game while I could have been doing anything else is simply not worth it for a lot of people. A healthy relationship with runescape is NOT "fuck everything else in my life, I am going for this goal in runescape, no matter what I sacrifise for it". This is why a lot of people here, myself included, always need to be careful about how much of this game consumes us. A healthy relationship is giving love and receiving love. The same is true for a game, if you put in effort you should be rewarded. Naturally rng is part of the game, but it can actually make this relationship kinda toxic because one party is putting in literal weeks or even months of effort. 250 hours for dwh is about 5-6 workweeks of playing this game 8 hours a day. For a single item. And right now it's happening again but with crystal gauntlet. People posting here every day about red prison and so many people writing about their biggest nightmare being bad luck at the red prison (< name indicates how we feel about it enough already). Right now our community mind is to support each other, but also to blame losers and to have a feeling of superiority over those who don't have those items. But their feelings and actual implications on their life are valid.
Jagex, here are the points to make a good, well-thought out bad luck protection system for a piece of content.
  1. Identify how 'break-through' the content introduced is. How badly is your accounts progression limited if you do not get it? Several examples:
  1. Identify how break-through content affects ironmen and mains differently, oand alike and identify the possible problems.
  2. Try to come up with all solutions you can think of to fight the problems regardless of whether it's good for ironmen or mains or not.
  3. Try to balance all these solutions together and find extra solutions to the problems that arive from implementing the solutions.
  4. Implement and see how the community reacts to it and how the item or content is used, what the profit or experience is, etc.
  5. Adjust in a reasonable time period. This needs to be done to make overrewarding content balanced, but also to improve underrewarding content. Sometimes activities into the game might introduce bad rewards and then jagex won't buff them because the designers know the rewards are good. If the content is tedious or not fun, there are two options; either adjust why it isn't fun or increase the reward. I personally favour the first for the longevity of game.
I will follow the structure to show how i came to my dwh balance idea.
  1. Between 2017 and 2021 Without dwh, you can't do cox. You had a worse time at all gwd. You can't do corp, you can't do tob because you didnt get cox items, because you cant get cox items inferno is terribly difficult without a tbow. Dwh is, even compared to bowfa today, the nr 1 break through item in terms of drop rate and possibilities.
  2. Mains and irons can do cox together. Sure you can say on a party of 5, alright if one guy doesn't dwh it's alright. But if you get groups of 3-5, which is most common in cox, you want everyone to be able to dwh spec. This means people with dwh get to demand others also have dwh, meaning people with dwh get into each others dating pool for cox teammates, and people without one, aka ironmen and general low level and low skill players. On a main account your gold is often an indication of how good you are, whereas on an ironmen your items and skills are the limiting factors. You don't want high level skill ironmen to play with low skill mains because they also don't have a dwh, in content like this where you work together.
  3. A possible solution is, which is one of the most important parts of the reason bad luck protection should exist, is that a weaker untradeable version of the dwh is introduced which makes it so the content is playable for ironmen but they do need to compensate with in game skill. I think the charge mechanic is very fair because then you have a solid reason to continue the grind, perhaps getting lucky but also motivating you. The problem is that with big ticket rng drops, especially single-entity drops such as dwh and bowfa+crystal armour together as a set (since it could just as well be one 1/400 item), is that we do not know how much time it will cost. If we know at 12k shaman kills i will receive the old warhammer, and i can continue to upgrade it for 3k kills, and it will cost me 130 hours to do, this makes it fair for a player to make this trade-off. We know how long the bare-minimum will take. However, right now with items like these you have no clue. I think for tbow, shadow and scythe it is absolutely fair to not have any form of bad luck protection. They are the 'godly' weapons and are never actually needed to do content. You can compensate tbow in inferno by either bowfa and being more skilled, or justiciar (regardless of whether this should be in the game in the first place), or both. But it's not needed, and therefore not a break-through item of massive scale. Sure it makes ironman life like you're on a luxury boat but there's nothing locked behind it, it just makes a lot of content easier. Actual break through items like cg dwh should be protected. They tried something with cg but it's really stupid rn. Alright on one hand it slows down the instant luck of getting enhanced seed kc 1, that's an epic idea. On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent you going 2500 dry. There is literally a mechanic to prevent you from getting enhanced crystal seed in 1 kc but on the other side nothing is compensated. It is not smart.
Please post the about grinds you find fair or unfair, and maybe even about your possible solutions solutions if you can think of any.
Thanks for reading
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2023.01.13 19:28 Low_Standard_802 How to have a good relationship with osrs GP?

Hi all,
My current bank value is currently around 2.1-2.2b. I have been in a constant gear battle for the past few months and just keep losing money from the GE Tax and getting merched because I can't decide what I want to do. The cycle usually goes something like this.
  1. Sell entire bank because I want to start maxing
  2. Get bored of skilling so I sell everything and buy a Tbow or Shadow to try and make money
  3. Go 100 KC dry at raids and get bored so then I sell Tbow/Shadow
  4. Buy other gear and have like 4-600m in cash sitting there because "this time i'm gunna save up for a tbow without selling gear".
  5. Get bored and feel like content sucks without bis weapons so then I sell everything and buy a tbow.
  6. Repeat.
Any advice on what I should do? My ideal is obviously to just to have all the big items I need to do any content I want. That would just include tbow/shadow/scythe. I don't care about masori or torva really and just want to have the "big ticket items" that really do make life in osrs just so much better. I also want to keep working towards max cape and need money to do that. Currently I am in the phase where I bought a scythe to tob and have about 500m extra cash lying around but i'm already feeling the itch to want to go back to cox or toa with tbow/shadow.
My mindset is also man I should just grind until I have enough money. Then I grind for a month at TOA and get absolutely nothing and then get burnt from trying to grind for money.
Thanks guys!
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2022.12.26 10:07 Arcane1140 How to solve power creep in OSRS

Its no secret that osrs has had a lot more power creep lately, and the biggest reason why this is a problem is because it makes items irrelevant which in turn makes large chunks of content irrelevant (nightmare). So the real problem to solve is making items irrelevant, and I believe there are pretty much two ways of making every item feel like a meaningful goal to achieve. Now both of these ways have been explored by Jagex in some capacity already, they are; Combining an item and a material obtained from newer content to create an item that is a direct upgrade in every way (Masori, Torva, etc.), and item sets. The method of item combination historically has been less creative and personally makes me feel like I have to do one big grind and then do another (I do however like when both items are useful in some way even before combination). Item sets are underused and frankly a bit underpowered when they are used. The Justiciar and Inquisitor armor sets are both mostly outclassed by Torva, but even these two armor sets are successful in my opinion because they have a couple of competitive uses, even if they are extraordinarily niche.
I think that the most successful item sets would be ones that give a very clear theme, and have a potent set effect. In my opinion, Dharok the Wretched's equipment is the pinnacle of a thematic and potent set effect, increasing damage as your health decreases. Doing barrows teaches you that Dharok is a warrior to be feared as he can very easily chunk your hp if you aren't careful. Dharok's armor set (released in 2005) is still widely used to this day in pvp, and pvm encounters where health is not easily lost due to its unique set effect.
I love games that make items feel like they mean something, Diablo 3 is a game that I loved specifically for the class fantasy, going from a ranger with high area of effect damage to a single target, knife throwing, boss killer was an experience I won't soon forget. I think there is plenty of room for item sets in oldschool, and I can think of so many cool thematic ideas that wouldn't break the game. These sets can also have the added bonus of giving lesser used item archetypes a chance to shine.
An item set doesn't even have to be the standard helmet legs and chest.
The possibilities are endless, you can even add or empower set effects to older armor by giving it an item combination from a new piece of content.
TLDR: Item sets have unlimited potential as sidegrades to avoid power creep.
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2022.12.25 05:17 Mandelius An OSRS Mining, Smithing, and Firemaking Rework

I have seen many posts proposing reworks for the skills mining, smithing, and firemaking as these skills are in need of some kind of help. I would like to propose a few ideas which would make these skills more valuable while also having as low a dev effort as possible. I want these to be low dev effort as that seems to be a common reason people are against bringing the RS3 rework over or any other kind of revamping. I also think that making a large impact change that adds new armors and weapons to the game would be not ideal for many of the community, so I made these changes with that in mind as well. I am aware that these ideas will not be perfect and that numbers would need to be adjusted, but hopefully this can spark an idea, or get Jagex to look at revamping these skills. Also sorry in advance, I am not a graphic artist, so no pretty pictures.
The main reason smithing is bad right now is that the rewards are terrible. The only reason to do Smithing is because 4 elite diaries arbitrarily use 88-92 smithing as a requirement (otherwise it would be literally useless). For this reason, I think the smithing rework should focus on making the rewards better. The rewards I would propose are simple. Give us the ability to upgrade our armor at certain levels. The current level rewards would remain, but these would be added. I am not some Runescape math guru, and I am also not a PVP participant, so take these ideas with that in mind. The numbers would likely need to change. For any of these numbers, if a piece of gear already has a bonus on it, it should be assumed that I mean you will get this amount in addition to the amount already on the gear.
  1. 50 Smithing- Members can upgrade the Granite chest to have +3 melee strength
  2. 60 Smithing- Members can upgrade the Dragon chest to have +3 melee strength
  3. 70 Smithing- Members can upgrade the Barrows chests to have +3 melee strength
  4. 75 Smithing- Members can upgrade the Slayer Helm (i) to have an additional 2% damage when on slayer tasks to kill slayer monsters
  5. 80 Smithing- Members can upgrade melee raid (Torva and future additions) chests to have +3 melee strength
  6. 80 Smithing and 80 Crafting- Members can upgrade range and mage raid (Ancestral and Masori and future additions) chests to have +3 ranged or magic strength (depending on which one is being upgraded)
  7. 90 Smithing and Crafting- Members can further upgrade raid chests to have an additional +1 strength in the combat style it is for
I personally believe only one piece should be upgradeable, but I will list some potential poll points here:
  1. Should the upgrade be allowed in PvP? If not, the upgraded armor will still function as it did prior to the upgrade in the wilderness and on PvP worlds.
  2. If yes to PvP, should the upgrade only be active when skulled?
  3. Should this be a charged upgrade? (I plan to link this to mining, so having a charge may be desired in this case to keep the ore profitable)
  4. Should upgraded pieces be tradeable?
  5. If the pieces are not tradeable, should the piece drop as the original armor and the thing used to upgraded it separated for PvP?
  6. Should the chest, legs, and helms of all stated armors be upgradeable or only the chest? The legs and helms would only add an additional +1 per piece.
  7. Should rune be upgradeable at level 40 and available for free to play?
There are plenty of potential ideas here, and more things might need to be polled, but I think this would be a start.
I think the main reason mining is bad right now is the xp rates are not great compared to other gathering skills. It also has the worst nodes of the gathering skills as most nodes are not shareable and scarce. With the above smithing rework in mind, I think it would be a decent time to either add a better higher-level AFK method with comparable xp rates to the other gathering skills, or to add another high-attention training method which can be used.
  1. Add a small introduction quest in Keldagrim for a mini-game. Perhaps the dwarves stumbled upon a mine in the extra-dimensional space on accident with strangely catalytic ores. The ores react with materials such as granite and whatever dragon armor is made of, and bind themselves to it, strengthening them.
  2. This new minigame should have shareable nodes and either be passive xp, or active xp with everyone inside trying to get whatever goal.
  3. If a new mini-game is not desired, just add a new section to a mine maybe still using the premise in point 1, and make sure people can bank conveniently and teleport there conveniently.
  4. The new ores should be stackable even if the stacks have some kind of limit if the training here is passive.
  5. If the new ore or whatever is used to make the armor upgradeable comes from a mini-game, it could be a reward for the mini game. Also, if the armor upgrades are chargeable, it can drop the charge material as a tradeable resource.
  6. I personally think it would be better to make the armor upgrade resource either a charge item so mining would have another reason to exist, (money and the resource will always be wanted) or the item that makes the upgrade should be untradeable.
Everyone knows why firemaking is terrible. It is worthless for the same reason as smithing, except it is slightly worse since smithing at least can give you something in return for your effort. The solution I propose here is similar to smithing. A new resource that drops from burning logs will be added. This resource would allow you to enhance your weapons, arrows, or staves with damage bonuses for a small amount of time. The time would be extended per level of the resource and higher logs can drop better of this resource. As a note, there is already a model for burning arrows in the game, so only the staves and weapons might need something. (Underground Pass Quest burning arrows). You would bring a tinderbox to light this resource.
  1. 1 Firemaking- Normal logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +1 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 10 seconds
  2. 15 Firemaking- Oak logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +1 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 15 seconds
  3. 30 Firemaking- Willow logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +1 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 20 seconds
  4. 35 Firemaking- Teak logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +1 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 22 seconds
  5. 45 Firemaking- Maple logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +2 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 25 seconds
  6. 50 Firemaking- Mahogany logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +2 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 30 seconds
  7. 60 Firemaking- Yew logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +2 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 35 seconds
  8. 75 Firemaking- Magic logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +3 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 35 seconds
  9. 90 Firemaking- Redwood logs will drop a tar that will enhance weapons by +3 ranged, melee, or magic strength for 60 seconds
Just like with Smithing, here are some polling points:
  1. Should this resource be tradeable?
  2. Should this resource be stackable?
  3. If this resource is stackable, should it have a stack limit?
  4. Should this be allowed in PvP? If not, attempting to use this on a weapon in PvP would give a "Nothing Interesting Happens" message in PvP zones and would automatically extinguish when entering PvP areas and worlds
  5. If allowed in PvP, should this upgrade only be allowed when the player is skulled?
  6. Should a tinderbox be required to use this item?
  7. If allowed in PvP, should the user be forced to unequip their weapon to apply the upgrade, then re-equip it? (Make it a higher skill type item, and could potentially be done the same way in PvM. Make it a thing you apply while switching gear)
  8. Should this be allowed in free to play?
As I said before, I am not an OSRS balance guru. Ideally, it would be balanced in a way that each of these only adds a +1 max hit to whatever style and armor. Even with just a +1 or 2 to max hit, these would still likely be highly desirable, thus making the skills much more valuable. I think these changes would be able to be done relatively quickly, maybe with the exception of the mining changes as a new quest and potential mini-game/new area could take some extra time to implement in comparison. Also, I am aware that there may be gear and logs I am missing here, but all of those could be added in and adjusted for. Hopefully this rework is old school and low-effort enough for others. If there is a graphic artist out there who wants to make this look shinier, feel free to do so. If you want to see me try my hand at a new skill idea in this same style, let me know.
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2022.12.23 19:13 Pallet_Town_151 New Skill - Musician/Passives

Unlocks a book of songs to play that adds a passive effect to combat/skilling things. Some possibilities could be:
-Not meant to be clicked frequently during a fight like prayer, more so one time before you start and lasts until you leave.
-No flat damage increases, but mechanical effects like the Low Life passive they were originally going to give masori.
-Cause all nearby enemies to attack you -Enrage certain enemies turning them into a stronger version -Sprint for x amount of time outside of wildly
-Increase damage dealt the farther away you are but increase damage taken the closer you are.
-After x amount of time in combat, increase your damage output but you take increased damage and taking any damage resets the boost timer.
This is definitely focused around combat, but they could selectively add a little spice to all content already in game. It would be critical to make sure this is not another thing to click during combat and really only make it a passive effect in the background of the already perfect OSRS combat system. At most, you would be able to change passives in between raid rooms.
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2022.11.22 22:47 Undercover-C-I-Agent Clarity - Jagex is currently the most competent company in gaming, I'm serious

The downed servers have given me the time to reflect on Jagex's management of OSRS.
Bit lengthy but what the hell else are you going to do

Since 2013 the development team has actively communicated and listened to the community allowing us to shape the future of the game (mostly), perhaps this is due to the democratic way the game came to be. Either way this is in stark contrast to the majority of others, particularly AAA, developers (EA, Blizzard, Bethesda, 343 etc). Who not only ignore their fans but in some cases take away features or implement changes that make their game worse only to create a solution that costs the player their arm, leg, and dignity (loot boxes, seasion passes, pay to win upgrades).
In almost all cases, microtransactions devalue achievement and mark the beginning of the end as development time is diverted from core game features. This is something Jagex has fought vehemently to prevent in OSRS. Hopefully this continues, hell, given the hourly cost of membership I could afford more if it came to it, or id pay to enter a DMM tournament with a prize pool or some shit, anything other than treasure hunter.
While this may hurt short term profitability, longevity is all but ensured. On the topic of longevity, Jagex has struck a good balance with the gradual BIS upgrades for each niche. Not only combat and attack style but stab, crush, slash, high defense mobs, low defense mobs, mob size (scyth), and mob type (dragon, demon bane). These often requireing cannibalization of the previous BIS (boots, torva, crystal equipment, kodi, ZCB, masori). This has allowed for different levels of pvm to remain viable as someone just starting out at Bandos can still make a good profit as the drops are required for torva. Pluss if someone reaches the end game, completes all the combat achievements ect ... starting an ironman. This could be viewed as recycling content, but doing the same thing through a new lens is a core pillar of Runescape.
Tldr; Jagex is a more competent developer than any other today. They deserve our respect but keep giving them shit when they fuck up because the memes that have come from the downed servers are fantastic.

Thank you Jagex,
Keep doing what your doing

That being said if there is a rollback I'll be in Falador until the full masuri, shadow and pet I just got on my ironman is reinstated
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2022.11.16 00:01 SKTisBAEist [Suggestion] Keepsake keys in osrs

Just a simple idea that'd probably require some extra effort (Native equipment lookup, not just the runelite plugin)
Keepsake keys in RS3 allow you to turn equipment into a reclaimable cosmetic override. While you lose the key, you can always reclaim the physical item.
This way, you're free to wear any of the other 99% of the equipment you can find ingame outside of the ge. There's a lot of neat costumes/bankstanding outfits people already like to use and show off, but as soon as you leave it's either graceful outfit, or whatever your best bossing gear is. (In rs3, overrides are disabled in pvp enabled zones, so they wouldn't be useable in pvp worlds fight areas/wilderness.
One issue some people used to have with them was the idea you could hide your actual gear under cosmetics for team forming. With either native equipment lookup, or simply telling someone to temporarily turn it off for gear check, this never became a problem.
While I do appreciate osrs has some pretty reasonable cosmetics already (Namely, the ornament kits received from high level pvm), it still stifles creativity and individual uniqueness for players outside of the GE. Players should be able to enjoy their outfits creations anywhere and keepsake keys would rectify that problem.
Finally, I'm aware the idea of keepsake keys are directly tied to mtx. It doesn't have to be that way in osrs. There's no harm in adding them as tertiary drops to high level content so players would need to grind them out. Or just sell them from a shop directly with gp to remove some from the game.
Anyway that's that. I know cosmetics aren't popular with osrs, but it can't be argued that everyone doesn't look the same. It's visually unappealing at least to me. I don't particularly care if someone's wearing torva with a scythe or masori with a tbow, because pretty much anyone else with money in this game is. If they're not, it's gwd armor. If it's not, it's graceful. Adding some visual variety to players in this game isn't a bad idea and it's already being done with ornament kits, but there's 99% of the other equipment in this game never being seen because it's not feasible for pvm/skilling/outside of ge and I wish that would change.
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2022.11.06 21:38 Suza751 Unpopular Balancing Opinions

Its 2022 OSRS with so many new items, raids, etc. that many outdated items from across the game are underwhelming. From a main-man-mode perspective it's mostly fine, from an ironman perspective there are plenty of progression sequence breaks. I'd say the worst offender is range in the mid-game, and magic in the endgame. Here's my list of balancing changes I think would better the game.
Staff of the Dead
  1. Have Staff of Light and Staff of Balance capable of being upgraded w/ Magic fang.
  2. Staff of the Dead should be crush, Light slash, and Balance stab centric weapons.
  3. Each should be able to to be charged with runes (store up to 2500 casts) of their respective god spell. When using one of these staffs - auto charged (base max hit 20 -> 30) at no cost.
Armadyl Armor
  1. Each piece needs slight ranged strength bonuses (+1 for helm and skirt, +2 for chestplate) to bridge the gap with Masori. Currently Armadyl armor is a worthless upgrade unless you have a twisted bow and cannot afford masori (yet).
    Armadyl Crossbow
  2. Add +5 range strength.
  3. Add a passive that stacks with Assembler, +5% bolt recovery.
Zaryte Crossbow
  1. Add +10 range strength.
  2. Add a passive that stacks with Assembler, +10% bolt recovery.
Suggestion: Sorcerer Robes
  1. Allow the Fusion of Infinity and Dagon'Hai robes to create Sorcerer Robes. Sorcerer robes would have the same bonuses as Ancestral robes, excluding the Magic damage bonuses.
  2. Sorcerer robes would require 70 magic and 60 defence to wield. They would not degrade like ahrim.
Suggestion: Sarachnis Bow and Wand
  1. Sarachnis bow would be a level 65 short bow capable of shooting dragon arrows. It would have the same stats as a 3rd age bow.
  2. Sarachnis wand would have identical stats to the master wand, able to auto cast Normal and Arceuus spell books
  3. The bow and wand would have same drop rate as Cudgel.
Dragon Crossbow
  1. Dragon crossbow requiring 64 range was always odd, change to 70.
  2. Increase Range attack bonus to 100.
  3. Change the special attack to require only 50%.
Suggestion: Corrupted Crystal Bow & Crystal Shield
  1. After the completion of West Prov. Hard diary & SOTE, add the ability to upgrade the crystal bow and shield to a corrupted version.
  2. Upgrading either item will require 1,250,000 gp, crystal seed, and 150 shards.
  3. The bow would work with crystal armor as does the normal crystal bow.
Swamp Bark and Blood Bark Armors
  1. For the love of guthix -> Swamp bark should be better than mystic, Blood bark better than infinity. Get on it.
Suggestion: Aquanites
  1. Level 78 slay monster with magic and melee combat styles. Weak against stab and range.
  2. Located in Fremennik Slayer Cave.
  3. Unique drops (1/512) are Ranging Necklace (15 range attack), Mystical Necklace (10 mage attack & +10% magic damage), and Necklace of Attack (+12 stab/crush/slash attack +7 melee str).
Magic Shortbow (i)
  1. Adjust to Level 55 range to wield.
Elder Maul
  1. Anything is better than nothing. It has its niche in pvp but i'd like to see it become useful in CoX.
Suggestion: Weaver's Bow
  1. With level 82 fletching a Dark Bow and Sarachnis Bow can be combined to create a Weaver's bow (70 range shortbow)
  2. This insidious bow can fire up to dragon arrows, the special attack is a binding shot (5 second stun + 0-5 damage) followed by a dark bow styled spec with lower hit potential but devastating accuracy.
  3. Weaver's bow would have 86 range attack bonus + 7 range strength.
Suggestion: Chivalry, Hex-hunter, Conjurer
  1. Chivalry - Adjusted to specialize is range defence and Melee offense. Requiring 60 prayer + King Ransom.
  2. Hex-hunter - Created to specialize in range offense and magic defence. Requires 63 prayer + ???.
  3. Conjurer - Created to specialize in magic accuracy and melee defence. Requires 67 prayer + ???.
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2022.10.15 05:06 Moppypop I want Void Deflector in OSRS and balance wise I think it would be fine

For context, Void Deflector is a shield slot item in RS3 that let you replace any void item except the helmet and still receive the set effect, so i.e. melee builds could swap in barrows gloves or range builds a d'hide body.
Void currently sits as an mid game budget setup where the melee setup is pretty alright for high defence targets, but the range set struggles against high defence targets. And let's not talk about void mage.. It's good for learning easy gear swaps, but if you are a med level account with a decent budget then the alternatives outperform it pretty quickly ontop of having higher defences.OSRS has also seen the inclusion of sets like Masori, Dagon'hai and Inquisitor that compete with void for 30-45 defence accounts, so things wouldn't be upset too much here either with the inclusion of the Deflector.
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2022.09.26 11:19 Borchert97 Grandmaster Quest: The Fallen Empire/Desert Treasure 2

There have, for awhile now, been a lot of hints and rumors towards a potential Mahjarrat/Zaros-themed quest that has gone by the names "The Fallen Empire" or referred to as "Desert Treasure 2", but whatever you want to call it, it would basically be an OSRS-take on Temple at Senntisten/Ritual of the Mahjarrat/Curse of Arrov and all those 2010ish era quests from the RS2 days. Notably, these were some of the quest lines that gave players access to things like Ancient Curses, Storm of Armadyl, and the game itself got things like a graphical rework done of the Mahjarrat (similar to what happened to the elves with Song of the Elves) and related in-game areas, new dungeons with new monsters like Glacors, or maybe frost dragons. Maybe we could see a new Slayer monsteboss variant above Hydra, so a level 96 Slayer unlock above Hydra (Hydra came out as a level 95 Slayer unlock nearly 4 years ago, I think we're due for a new one), there's a lot of possibilities that they could go with for this, just some reward ideas to consider.

If I were to make the quest, I'd design it to be similar to Desert Treasure but with influence from all the aforementioned RS2 quests acting as the four subquests, before the final fifth challenge at the end (which in this case would be the Ritual of Rejuvenation boss fight from RotM). There would be four subquests, or paths, that would need to be completed, in any order, to proceed to the final ritual fight. These paths would tie together the plots from previous Master quests.

Quest Requirements:
-Desert Treasure
-Beneath Cursed Sands
-Making Friends with My Arm
-The Fremennik Exiles
-Sins of the Father
-Temple of the Eye
-Enakhra's Lament
-Hazeel Cult
-What Lies Below
-The Slug Menace
-The General's Shadow (miniquest)
-The Frozen Door (miniquest)
-Into The Tombs (miniquest)

Quest Start: After speaking to Azzanadra and receiving an intel update on the fast-approaching ritual, he asks you to assist both himself and several other Zarosian Mahjarrat, while also requesting that you to try to sabotage some of the Zamorakian Mahjarrat, these requests will turn into the four subquests.

Azzanadra's Path, Subquest 1: This subquest would have you work together with Azzanadra to restore the Temple at Senntisten and aid Azzanadra for the purposes of him accessing Ancient Curses, like the ones Nex uses, to buff his strength for the final fight. This subquest will also require several trips to the desert, revisiting locations from Desert Treasure as well as Beneath Cursed Sands, with a tie-in to the Tombs of Amascut and Amascut herself, in order to require items needed by Azzanadra.

Jhallan's Path, Subquest 2: This subquest will mainly revolve around the Fremennik and Weiss areas, as you learn from Fremenniks about tales of the ritual being witnessed by them long ago, and Azzanadra sends you to Weiss to prepare the ritual site in advance, this leads to the discovery of Jhallan, a weaker Zarosian Mahjarrat who intends to stay hidden near the ritual site to absorb power from the ritual without participating, and you can either choose to help him with his plan to hide near the ritual site, or report the discovery of him to Azzanadra, and Azzanadra would instead convince him to fight and ask that you bring Jhallan to him. During this path you would also discover that Koschei the Deathless from the Fremennik quest series is actually a Mahjarrat in disguise who stored his own memories of being a Mahjarrat away, named Kharshai. In RuneScape 2, he did not take place in this ritual, and was discovered afterwards. This small change would bring the dynamic of a neutral, non-Zarosian and non-Zamorakian Mahjarrat to the table for the ritual.

Zemouregal's Path, Subquest 3: In this subquest, you'd work with the Temple Knights following your promotion to Proselyte in The Slug Menace to conduct espionage on the Zamorakian Mahjarrat working out of the nearby areas, Lucien and Zemouregal, Azzanadra will also ask that you do things while spying on them to sabotage their battle efforts during the ritual. It would be during this section that you'd discover the current whereabouts of the Stone of Jas, an artifact hinted at in both Temple of the Eye and Sins of the Father.

Sliske's Path, Subquest 4: For this subquest, you would meet the slippery Mahjarrat Sliske directly, for the first time. He would reveal himself as an ally of Azzanadra's and as one of the Zarosian faction, and ask you to help him empower his Barrows brothers for the upcoming fight. He would also reveal that he was the one that guided you towards reopening Nex's prison, and he'd ask you to go and battle Nex in a one-off quest solo fight to recruit her to the Zarosian Mahjarrat's side for the ritual. After defeating her, Nex agrees to lend her support as a fellow member of the fallen Zarosian Empire.

Final Challenge, Ritual of Rejuvenation: During the final challenge near the Ghorrock Fortress and the Ritual Marker, you'd team up with Zarosian side of battle, which includes past characters like Azzanadra, Sliske, Akthanakos, Jhallan (if you reported him to Azzanadra and coerced him into participating), as well as some Temple Knights and Fremennik, vs. Lucien, Khazard, Zemouregal, Enakhra, and Hazeel (if you freed him during The Hazeel Cult). My pick for who the sacrifice is this time would be Lucien this time around, since he dies anyways during the ritual, after the sacrifice, which was Jhallan, in Ritual of the Mahjarrat, but I don't really care who Jagex wants to make it, that's just my opinion.

As for rewards, things I already mentioned, such as:
-Nerfed and rebalanced Ancient Curses, maybe a built-in anti-flick system, where upon initial activation of any of the curses, it would cost you 1 Prayer point. Turning on more or switching combat or overhead prayers wouldn't cost more, only the initial activation, this would curb one-tick flicking from allowing a player to gain a serious advantage, but you could still flick between overheads at no further cost besides the natural passive Prayer drain. This kind of system would mean that you'd run out of Prayer points within 99 ticks of constant one-tick flicking (at 99 Prayer), since each tick would cost you 1 Prayer point. They could also do without such a system if they just rebalance the curses well enough. To keep from powercreeping the normal Prayer book completely, there would be no Magic or Ranged equivalents to Turmoil like what RS3 has, this would basically mandate that you use the normal Prayers for Magic and Ranged still, so you can access Augury and Rigour.

-A new dungeon under the Ghorrock Fortress containing glacors, frost dragons, and a new Slayer monster unlocked at 96 Slayer, dragonkin, as well as a Dragonkin Slayer boss that can be killed on a task (but you don't need to be on a task, you just need the level to kill it). The boss would release the next set of Magic robes beyond Ancestral, something akin to Virtus to parallel the releases of Torva and Masori, so T80 Magic robes, basically, most likely as attachments to Ancestral, some ancient magical fabrics lost in the icy cold area that can be sewn to pieces of Ancestral. It can be killed in a group but the boss fight itself is instanced. It would be soloable. This Dragonkin boss wouldn't need to release with this quest and the rest of the content in the dungeon, it could come later, similar to the Tombs of Amascut coming out awhile after Beneath Cursed Sands, giving players plenty of time to prepare for the boss release. Some other drops could be included as well, like the Staff of Armadyl being introduced as an obtainable item and redesigned to more closely resemble the RS2 HD version, unlike the Storm of Armadyl spell though, this would instead be a powered staff, a T85 1-handed powered staff, something slightly stronger than the Sanguinesti staff but able to be used with a shield, the Tumeken's shadow would still be outright more destructive in it's overall DPS. Instead of runes, you'd charge the staff with collected nihil shards from the Ancient Prison, and residual Jas energy that is dropped in varying quantities from all monsters within this new dungeon as a result of the Stone of Jas being kept in the area recently for the ritual. All of these rewards would be locked behind quite a bit of content so I feel like prices would stay relatively high on them for awhile. This new Staff of Armadyl would need a unique passive effect to keep the Magic metas interesting. As for the Dragonkin boss fight itself, I'd love if it was a tribrid, but primarily Magic-based encounter, maybe give the Ancient wyvern shield a use, since the shield is currently basically dead content, and if the dragonfire shield variants are mandatory for the Dragonkin boss encounter, and Magic was the primary combat style, it would make this shield almost a must-have. As you can imagine, this would mean the Staff of Armadyl I'm proposing, would probably be the BiS weapon of choice, since a near hard-requirement for a shield would make the Tumeken's shadow difficult to use.

-Another reward I'd like is for this quest to come with the reward of the Temple Knights promoting you from a Proselyte to an Acolyte rank, with this rank-up, you'd gain access to new degradable Temple Knight equipment, some Prayer-based equipment, maybe some sort of hybrid armour set, something similar to Warpriest armour on RS3. Basically tank hybrid armour that has decent stats for and against all combat styles. I'd imagine something like this would be BiS at a place like the Dragonkin boss, or would be useful gear for content like raids to cut down on switches. As long as it costs money to upkeep, similar to Barrows equipment, I think it would be worth the cost to use such a set. Ideally it would be a body, legs, boots, and gloves. No helm slot, this is so you can use it with a Slayer helm or other helms like a Serpentine helm if needed. The items would all be part of the Acolyte armour set. Since the colors of an Acolyte are white and green (as seen by the acolyte white knights having green helmet plumes), this set could be color-matched to match the Twisted slayer helm extremely well, to make it look like a set of 5 items. It goes without saying but the set would likely have a set effect to incentivize you to wear all four pieces together, similar to Void/Crystal/JusticiaInquisitor, but something you can also stack with a Slayer helm.

If they staggered out this content in waves of releases following the quest, they could easily spread all of this out over an entire year and it would be a very interesting content year, to say the least.
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2022.09.19 03:15 Slay3d ToA breaks the progression system of an MMORPG

Typically, in an mmorpg, you do early game content to get early game rewards and armor, mid game content for mid game rewards, and end game content for end game rewards.
ToA has broken this cycle in osrs.
you can get the BIS range armor, BIS melee weapon (for most things), BIS mage "tbow tier" weapon, and BIS ring while using mystics, barrows gear, and lvl 80 combat stats. This raid has substantially stronger rewards then ToB yet is easier and more accessible. CoX has soft requirements with high herblore levels, and items such as dragon hunter lance. ToB can be done decently well with a tent whip, but compensates with high skill floor.
while im sure all the low levels love the current design, its not healthy or sustainable for the game. we can see this by how fast the items from this raid have plummeted.
masori is better then torva, yet within weeks, worth substantially less. fang is absolutely insane, yet already below 200m. the rapier held a much higher price for a lot longer after ToB release. the ring is BIS almost everywhere, yet its already under 20m. the staff, which is the scythe of this raid, has collapsed incredibly fast (it was saved for a moment after they buffed it and released ornament kits, which staff was very useful for getting).
you simply cannot make end game content the "everyone content"
and if you do, you need to at least lock the rewards behind the end game invocation levels.
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2022.09.17 18:36 spicy_malonge What do you want to see for the future of endgame content in OSRS?

With ToA being out for a tiny bit now and everyone seeming to love it, bar a few bug abusers and potion dose changes... I wanted to ponder a bit on what we could potentially see in the future of this amazing game.
I love the direction we are taking with things like masori and torva - scraping items for components to keep old content relevant is something OSRS excels at where other games that I love (like WoW) fall very short.
While there is a lot that I'm sure we all love I would like to see certain things get added or at least thought about for the future, to either make certain aspects of the game feel relevant again.
A few things I would like to think about are rewards that are not always X chest from a raid, what if instead of looting a chest and getting X item you have a chance when you kill Y crazy boss to get a rare ore spawn or something or the sort.
You would either have to have some high level gathering skill to even be able to obtain this item if it were dropped for you, an example could be a super exclusive ore node that has a chance to spawn when you kill a boss and then this ore can be further manipulated by arguably one of the most useful skills in the game (smithing obviously) and these special bars could be affixed to torva and maybe require less bars to attach to inquisitor.
I feel as though the current system (and servers- obviously) overall could use some love and in terms of this, while puzzle rooms like ahka's are a good start I think something more along the lines of this should be added for true "endgame" content.
Also much further into the future I would be interested in exploring raising the level of certain skills past 99 but I feel we are much too early for that stage now but find it an interesting prospect for OSRS nonetheless .

TL;DR Make true endgame content intertwine with endgame stats of other skills that aren't just simply combat related to give relevance to a plethora of new possibilities for endgame skills/combat items.
Also entertaining the idea of skills going past 99 later in OSRS's lifespan.
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2022.09.13 20:47 OsrsGamer420 Item Shards - An OSRS bad luck protection idea

I know the community has been very split on this topic in the past and some people will just downvote without even reading the post. But I feel like with the ever-increasing drop rates of newly added content this is something that could be crucial for player retention and the longevity of osrs and I would really like to get Jmods attention and thoughts on something like this. I would especially like to hear what Kieren's opinion is on the matter. As a sort of disclaimer, all of this is just my personal thoughts and the values/specifics could easily be changed. The entire system could even be polled separately for each game mode but I think this should apply to all types of accounts.

My attempt at a bad luck protection system in osrs would be boss and raids unique shards. Every kc would award some untradeable shards or currency for that specific content, for example each ToB completion would award some amount of (at least one) Theatre shards. Then the shards could be used to craft any of the unique items from tob. The costs could be set to the drop rate or subject to change. So if you'd like to craft a rapier then you'll need 86 shards or if you want a scythe you'll have to spend 173 shards. Of course the values can be set to anything - it could be the exact drop rate or double rate or something else. Another way of implementing it would be to have each completion guarentee one shard, but the shard could be different for each unique. So a theatre kc will always award at least one avernic shard, one sanguinesti shard, one justiciar shard, or one vitur shard. Each shard can only be used to craft its respective unique item. This system can be implemented on all bosses and raids or really any content that has a unique drop. So you could have lizardman shamans drop 1 shard each and a warhammer cost 5,000 shards and no one would ever have to go 20k dry again.
I think the main point is that every kc will award a shard and this gives players a form of progression even if they are going dry on uniques. This can help players keep their goals in mind and give them something tangible for their efforts. The currency doesnt need to be shards specifically and it doesnt even need to be an item. Jagex could add reward screens to raid/boss specific npcs like pest control void knights and players could just receive a chatbox message after each kc "You receive 3x masori shards" and then the currency would be viewable at the npc that gives the capes for each raid, or the captain where you check your shaman kc. The currencies could be viewable in the collection log too.

A few counterpoints that I've read in the past on previous posts like this - "This will bad for the economy current prices for uniques will plummet" and other things along the lines of "This will devalue my 3,000 kc dharok's axe". To the first point I believe there are a few easy solutions, but we could come up with something better as a community. Jagex has already created a system that will remove items from the g.e. and they can easily modify the rate of deletion. They could also instantly delete an item from the g.e. whenever someone crafts that item. Additionally, we could make the crafted items untradeable and destroy on death in the wilderness(if not protected).
As for devaluing the people's items who have already done the insane grinds, maybe the crafted variants of the items could have their saturation toned down so they look a little more dull and are distinguished from items gotten as a drop. Personally I think it would be best to move on and make things better for people in the future so they don't have to go through very high dry streaks like that, but I know this is a big reason why many players disagree with bad luck protection suggestions. I would like to challenge players who have this mindset of "I already did it the hard way so you should too." Think back on the grind, and pose these questions to yourself - "Was I enjoying my time playing the game during this grind?" and "Was my health negatively affected physically or mentally during the grind?" In regard to going hundreds or even thousands of kc dry on some drops, I think that if players are honest with themselves they will realize that this sort of thing is truly not enjoyable or healthy.

I personally feel quite strongly that a system like this would greaty benefit osrs. I felt the need to address this issue after reading a post earlier that made many good points but then ended in "Personally I think that 1/50 at 150 and 1/20 at 300 would be fair". I think the majority of players are just accepting these increasingly rare rates and it doesnt have to be this way. 1/50 for a raid that takes around 30 minutes means there is a good chance many people can go over 100 hours dry. I just fell that it takes the fun out of the content to an extent and it makes it difficult to stay motivated in reaching your goal. I think osrs is one of the greatest games of all time and I really want to see it continue to grow and captivate more players, which is why I feel that it is important to share my opinion on this matter in an attempt to improve the game. I know a lot of players will agree and many will disagree so I hope this post can spark some constructive conversation on the topic.
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2022.09.11 20:43 retroc1 ZCB in TOA (solo) is good at which demi-boss?

I happen to see the OSRS Wiki's strategy guide for TOA and having a Zaryte crossbow + ruby dragon bolts (e) was being brought for the MAX setup.

Which demi- boss would it be useful? considering I'll be bringing full Masori, I usually bring the BGS and dragon claws to combos for defence reduction and burst dps to the start of Zebak and Baba and along start of Obelisk from 1BGS Spec to 3Dclaws spec with having liquid adrenaline.

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2022.09.02 05:40 Howardmoon227227227 Changes to ToA: This Community Is So Entitled And Whiny

Let me just preface this by saying that I am a casual player. I do not do high-end PvM, nor have I ever shit my pants smithing. I have done about 60 ToA at ~150-200, and a few entry modes learning mechanics. I support Jagex's changes.
Why does every piece of content nowadays have to be (1) super rewarding AND (2) have low barriers to entry?
ToA literally drops some of the best items in the game. The Shadow of Tumeken is the BiS mage weapon basically everywhere. No weapon in the game is stronger for its particular combat style relative to the other options.
Masori armor is BiS ranged armor.
And then the remainder of the rewards all have some uses in the bossing/PvM meta.
Objectively, ToA is one of the most rewarding pieces of content in the game.
Here's the problem: the invocation system is really hard to balance difficulty around, and this super rewarding Raid could be done in normal mode (150+) by people in mid-level gear and mid-level combat.
In every video game in the history of the world, there is a relationship between quality of rewards and content difficulty. Generally, the more difficult the content, the more valuable the reward. ToA breaks this unwritten rule.
I hope everyone can recall that when the Rewards were originally announced for ToA, this entire SubReddit cried that they weren't powerful enough. Jagex listened and gave you uber powerful rewards. The least you can do is accept that those rewards shouldn't be easily farmable by mid-level accounts.
----I fear for the longevity of this game when this Subreddit is so vocal about Ezscape. Across the board it's mostly the same: buff rewards, nerf challenge.
Obviously growth and evolution is crucial to OSRS' survival, but it's core appeal is being an "old school" MMO -- grindy.
It's precisely because I am shit at OSRS that I don't think I should be able to efficiently/easily farm ToA in normal mode (150+) with a couple hours of practice and mediocre gear -- like I have been doing. I want to have to actually work at this content since it's extremely rewarding; that's a fair tradeoff.
If you want instant rewards for minimum effort, there are a thousand games on the market. And plenty are pay-to-win.
tl;dr I hate Generation Z. You guys are so entitled.
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2022.09.02 04:03 Zyc0acc Recent ToA Changes...

So lets get this out of the way and be honest. A raid is supposed to be challenging content. A raid, in any MMO that provides BIS gear, is going to be difficult and requires some level of skill to complete and have a chance to be rewarded for demonstrating such skill. This isn't your sons little league baseball team, not everyone gets a participation trophy...
My opinion on the recent outrage is split in the middle. On one hand I understand the changes, on the other, I disagree with them.
First lets talk about drop rates vs raid level difficulty:
To start, allowing the fang and ring to be reasonably obtained in an entry mode raid was just plain stupid. I say "reasonably obtained" because that is the definition used by Jagex for an item on ToA's loot table outlined in gold. Entry mode, plain and simple, should be used to learn basic mechanics and get a feel for the raid. The invocation system made this process even EASIER by slowly adding additional mechanics chosen by you.
It is my personal opinion that the loot table items should have hard point thresholds. For example: In order to have a chance at obtaining Osmumtens Fang or the Lightbearer ring, a raid level needs to be at least 150. Raid levels of 200 would allow the previous and the ward. Raid levels 225 would allow the previous and Masori armor pieces to be obtained, and, raid levels 250 would allow everything to be "reasonably obtained" within a normal raid.
Some would ask: then what is the point of doing level 285 raids when I can just do 250's for a chance at everything, and its easier. Well the point is your working your way up to the next tier of additional drop chance, expert mode.
I do not agree with people in budget gear flying through 150's with 8 doses of ambrosia with access to the entire loot table, I just dont.

I could go on for days but all in all, previous to the changes I was doing 250's. Even with all the ambrosias and adrenalines, a raid still took me 30 minutes, which is quite a long time per KC, BUT, it was fun. Some of the most fun I've had on OSRS in a long time. Being able to quad dragon claw spec multiple times in a raid, make dumb mistakes and being able to recover via 8 doses of ambrosia. It was fun..
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2022.07.22 21:31 averkf Why can't the community decide whether we want high fantasy or low fantasy style?

Like, so many previous designs have been shit on because they look too "high fantasy" or "RS3" in style - the elite achievement diary armour, the dragonstone armour, the various splitbark recolours. When the osrs design for Torva was first shown, people shit on it HARD. It's understandable for a lot of these designs because OSRS has always had a tradition of fairly grounded styles of armour. I personally think Inquisitor's and Justicar fit the balance between fairly low fantasy while also looking really cool, but I've definitely seem a lot of people tear into them as well. And one of the biggest justifications for these attitudes goes along the lines of "OSRS isn't a game about fulfilling some 14 year old's power fantasy, if you want ridiculously OTT and impractical armour go play WoW or FFXIV"
OSRS' design mentality in general gets criticised a lot, because people accuse Jagex of abandoning the game's original fairly low-key style in favour of more typical fantasy designs and environments - Prifddinas seems to be one of the biggest victims of this attitude. There's a video
But now the complete opposite seems to be happening - the Masori armour design is revealed, and it looks pretty cool but also low-key as hell, and so many people seem to be completely outraged about this. People are even posting anime armours from Yugioh and unironically claiming Jagex should go with a design inspired by that instead, despite it looking impractical as hell to use in battle. I've also seen ingame designs passed around with a big dog head helmet - it looks cool as hell but why would a ranger want to use that in battle, when having a clear line of sight is the most important thing? These armour designs being thrown around work for like ceremonial pieces but no one would use them in battle.
I'm not saying Masori can't be improved in some way, but the armour looks like it was literally designed with all the previous criticisms of high fantasy OTT armour in mind. Now I get that a lot of the people criticising the design might not be the same people who have criticised armour for looking too "RS3" in the past, but it just seems like there's no consistency in what the community actually wants to see. Do people actually want less realistic but cooler looking armour? Or is that just a niche opinion that is getting elevated by a small minority?
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2022.03.22 19:26 LordGozer2 With ranged equipment rebalance out of the way, it’s time to give Magic some love. An in-depth discussion about Magic as a combat skill, and what can be done to improve it

With ranged equipment rebalance out of the way, it’s time to give Magic some love. An in-depth discussion about Magic as a combat skill, and what can be done to improve it


Greetings, this is gonna be very long post so consider yourself warned. Feel free to skip to the bottom for DPS graphs if you don’t feel like consuming the wall of text in between.
This post is divided into 3 main sections: Identify current problems with Magic (motivation), attempt to address these problems with specific changes, all which are listed in an attached word doc (suggestion), and lastly various DPS graphs to help visualize what the outcome of this hypothetical rebalance would be (effects).
Just to be clear, Magic IS a useful combat skill. It’s the best option against multiple bosses, it’s essential in reaching the highest possible Slayer xp rates, and it plays a crucial role in PvP. It’s true that Magic falls behind melee and ranged in terms of raw DPS, but instead Magic offers a plethora of combat utility spells like thralls, debuffs, freezes, teleblocks, vengeance, AoE and healing to name a few, not to mention non-combat spells such as teleports, alching and various skilling support spells. All this makes Magic a truly unique skill and something that stands out from melee and ranged.
Instead, I do wanna focus on all the unused potential within Magic. Magic meta doesn’t have the most variation or depth, and the selection of viable equipment is low compared to melee and ranged. After ranged equipment rebalance brought more variety to the ranged meta, I’ve been intrigued by a “What if…” scenario where we take a couple steps back and identify existing spell groups and equipment sets that could do with a fresh coat of paint. It’s not about turning everything on its head like some sort of *evolution*, if an item/spell was useful before, it’s most likely gonna be useful afterwards.
Following this rebalance, the goal is to:
  • Lessen the gap between various top-end magic DPS options by applying an overall buff to standard spells and various target-specific spells to better compete with powered staves (which have their DPS roughly unchanged).
  • Create a more gradual and sensible magic gear progression system, which includes making magic damage and other non-accuracy effects (rune-saving and utility in general) far more accessible, then rebalance spells accordingly.
  • Buff various spells and magic gear which are currently either dead or mostly forgotten about. To increase weapon and spell variety further, various endgame weapons become more specialized so they excel in different areas.

Some problems with Magic:

  • Powered staves are kings, and Heka + Ward from Raids 3 will further cement their position. By choosing a powered staff, you choose superior DPS, can’t lose autocast if your Magic is lowered, runes are stored in your weapon and not inventory, and freedom to be on whatever spellbook you like (enable thralls for instance). Harm staff was an attempt to fix this, but the execution wasn’t up to standard. And sadly, now it seems to be left in the corner to die.
  • Standard spellbook is weirdly balanced. The highest base max hit spell is unlocked at level 50. Then take fire surge for example, the highest-lvl combat spell in the entire game. Is says it all when the ONLY WAY to make it somewhat decent is to add a 50% multiplicative damage bonus through an offhand obtained from an easy skilling boss, AND require a specific staff to increase attack speed by 1 tick, effectively increasing damage by another 25%. Cool, but I’d still prefer my sang staff for convenience and passive healing.
  • There are PLENTY of spells and magic equipment sets that could get some love and increase diversity and depth for Magic as a whole. Some gear examples are skeletal/bloodbark/infinity armour, Ahrim set bonus, staff of light/balance, obby staff & Thammaron’s sceptre. Harm & Eldricht staff are other examples that don’t live up to their expectations. And then we have all the spell groups that get as much attention as the average OSRS player on Tinder. Wind, water, earth, curse, smoke, shadow and to an extent demonbane spells are mostly spellbook fillers at this point. But in an alternate Gielinor, it doesn’t have to be like this.
  • There are virtually no variations in magic accuracy among top-end weapons and spells, making the magic meta very one-dimensional and all about damage. All spells (except demonbane) have the same accuracy, and magic accuracy on weapons ranges from a whopping +28 (100m kodai wand) to +10 (100gp magic staff). Why is the variation so low? Tome of fire vs. arcane, and Heka’s Arceuus effect do create some disparity, but that’s about it. No matter what end-game magic setup you’re rocking, you’ll have roughly the same accuracy -> same meta regardless of target’s magic defence (though I guess against high-def targets you wouldn’t use Magic at all). Meanwhile, ranged weapons present in current meta has wildly different ranged attack bonuses (e.g. blowpipe with +30 vs. zaryte crossbow + buckler with +128), which IMO enriches it and allow for weapons with wildly different properties to have a place.
  • Magic damage bonus is rare to come by, and how it’s distributed doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I think history is partly at fault here. Magic damage didn’t exist in RS2, and naturally single-target DPS was terrible. This was identified early on in OSRS, leading to SotD (+15%), occult (+10%) and slayer helm (i) (+15%) being added within 14 months, not to mention Trident of the seas. But after that, magic damage upgrades have slowed down considerably, and weird inconsistencies have emerged. I mean, occult necklace is essentially a cheap by-product from the best slayer task in the game, and it still offers more damage bonus than full ancestral + imbued god cape combined. Furthermore, there are several weapons that give +15% magic damage bonus, lots that give no damage bonus, but almost nothing in between (only smoke & Ahrim’s staff). Where is the gradual progression? Which leads us too…
  • There is a drought of meaningful magic gear unlocks for mid-game ironmen. After getting your hands on Iban’s staff and imbued god cape, you have a loooong grind ahead before obtaining any big new gear upgrades. Trident is locked behind 87 Slayer, occult behind 93 Slayer. SotD is a 1/508 drop from K’ril. Tormented bracelet requires MM2, very high crafting and a potentially long demonic gorilla grind. The rest are mostly Raids uniques. Ahrim robes are kinda nice, although you’ll rarely be in situations where that extra magic accuracy and melee defence makes a big difference. Ice blitz/barrage or fire wave + tome of fire? Sure, but they’re really expensive to cast, be it in runes or precious burnt pages. Speaking of, Magic is quite expensive, isn’t it?
  • Maging while wearing full melee armour is perfectly viable, nice job combat triangle! Until you start unlocking proper boss content, you really only mage NPCs with practically zero magic defence. And as mentioned above, at this stage in the game you’ll struggle to find magic gear that offers something else than just extra accuracy. Therefore, you’re just better off wearing tanky melee/prayer armour in places like Barrows, Rex or while bursting.
  • Magic prayers & boosts are lacking compared to melee and ranged, and they benefit powered staves far more than spellbook spells. It’s true that magic level boosts can indeed be very useful to cast higher-lvl spells you’ve yet to unlock, however this benefit goes away once you approach 99 Magic. Powered staves scale really well with your Magic level, so where an imbued heart provides a big boost to your powered staff DPS, you have to settle for a slight accuracy boost for spellbook spells. Augury is just bad. Piety and Rigour boost your damage by 23%, so you really must be praying to a shitty God when they give you 0% damage bonus in return. Even while 25% magic accuracy and defence boost can be decent in many places, we should expect more from a raids unique.

Overall changes

Below are some of the more important changes I’d like to see. This is only a smaller selection however, every change is listed in this word doc.
  • Magic gear upgrades are more gradual, and magic damage bonus + other non-accuracy effects are far more plentiful and easier to obtain. Some changes are: Obby staff is reclassified as a powered staff below trident, staff of light/balance are now competitive with TSotD (making all 3 god spells useful), Ahrim’s new set bonus provides a small damage buff, MTA rewards specialises in rune-saving effects, Dagon’hai offers minor damage bonus, Skeletal is potent against Waterbirth creatures, various offhands from mage’s book and above offers magic damage bonus, and slayer’s staff (e) & demonbane spells are nice options when applicable. Not to mention big bois like Harm staff and Eldricht staff have received a facelift. More rune-saving effects are also added to help alleviate the high cost of using Magic in combat.
  • Magic weapons are given an accuracy and damage buff so there’s a bigger difference between BiS and cheap low-lvl weapons. This magic attack buff is accompanied by a corresponding magic defence buff to retain balance in PvP, so in a fight against a similar-geared player your magic accuracy shouldn’t change much. With more stat variations it’s also easier for weapons to be assigned different purposes and areas where they shine.
  • And lastly, all magic damage modifiers now respect your base max hit (slayer helm, salve, tomes etc.). There are a couple of reasons why I’d like this change. First, it’s just easier and more intuitive to calculate when your max hit is base_max * magic damage bonus and that’s it. Second, you get into all sorts of weird rounding errors when various damage modifiers are multiplied with each other, and then rounded down between each step. This can cause adding just +1% extra magic damage to increase your max hit by 2 or 3 (Scythe and DHCB have this issue for instance). With all magic damage boosts only enacting on your base max hit, getting additional gear upgrades will always ensure a smooth increase in max hit. Note that in situations where your base max hit changes (e.g. when your stat boost decays while using a powered staff), you might still experience jumps of 2-3 max hits by a single Magic level. Accuracy buff still stacks and are applied multiplicatively as before.
Prayer and stat boost rebalance:
  • Augury: +5% magic damage
  • Ancient brew: +1% magic damage to Ancient spells for every 3 Magic levels boosted
    • Ancient brew (max boost): + 6 Magic lvls -> +2% magic damage
  • All other magic-boosting potions: +1% magic damage to all *spellbook spells* for every 4 Magic levels boosted
    • Magic potion (max boost): +4 Magic lvls -> +1% magic damage
    • Imbued heart (max boost): + 10 Magic lvls -> +2% magic damage
    • Overload (max boost): + 21 Magic lvls -> +5% magic damage

Standard spellbook

  • Overall buff to standard spellbook to make it more competitive with powered staves. This includes harm staff being excellent with any elemental spell and not just fire, and lessen the gap between TSotD and harm staff. Mid-game elemental spells are far more potent, though still not as strong as Iban blast for its level. Consequently, tome of fire will be less powerful, but tomes remain the best option for elemental spells.
  • Wind spells: 4-tick speed, low max hit and 30% reduced accuracy. Best against targets with no magic defence.
  • Water spells: 5-tick speed, medium max hit and lowers your opponent’s Magic lvl by 1 per successful hit. Best for group content and synergy with curse spells. Generally, not as strong as wind or fire spells in solo PvM, though they might have some applications in PvP.
  • Earth spells: 6-tick speed, high max hit. Best for increased KO potential in PvP, although their raw dps falls slightly behind the other elemental spells.
  • Fire spells: 5-tick speed, fairly high max hit. Best for overall damage.
  • Fire spells will likely remain the go-to spell type for strike/bolt/blast, simply because they have the highest Magic lvl req to cast, and that sense of progression is important to keep at lower levels. Wind bolt (lvl 17) probably shouldn’t compete with fire bolt (lvl 35) for instance. When levelling up, this relative level difference starts to diminish. Hence, you’ll notice non-fire wave & surge spells get much more viable than their low-lvl counterparts, which is the main goal here.
Base max hits Wind Water Earth Fire
Strike 2 4 8 8
Bolt 7 10 14 13
Blast 12 16 20 18
Wave 17 22 27 24
Surge 23 28 34 30

Curse spells are target-specific, meaning others will benefit from curses applied by you and vice versa. Safe to say, they’ll go through a bit of an overhaul.
  • Confuse (lvl 3) & Enfeeble (lvl 66): Target’s attacks have 5% / 10% reduced accuracy and damage (2.5% / 5% in PvP). Lasts 2 minutes.
  • Weaken (lvl 11) & Vulnerability (lvl 73): Successful magic attacks have their max hit increased by 1 / 2 against the affected target. Lasts 2 minutes.
  • Curse (lvl 19) & Stun (lvl 80): Silences the target, reducing their magic damage and effects (bind, teleblock etc.) by 75% for 4.8 sec / 9.6 sec. 60 second cooldown. Only works against other players.

Elemental tomes (Adding tome of aiearth from future content)
  • Tome of air (lvl 50 Magic): Infinite air runes. Increases your minimum hit with wind spells equal to your (Magic_lvl – 40) / 8, with a low cap of 5. Min hit 7 at 99 Magic. Min hit scales with your Magic lvl to avoid reaching your full damage potential already at Magic lvl 82 (harm staff + wind surge).
  • Tome of water (lvl 50 Magic): Infinite water runes. +20% increased water spell accuracy and damage. Curse spells have their accuracy increased by 20% and their effectiveness increased by 50%. Tome of water also allows you to select one of the curse spells to be automatically cast on a new target (provided you got the runes needed) if it’s not already under the effect of it.
  • Tome of earth (lvl 50 Magic): Infinite earth runes. 50% chance to increase your magic damage with earth spells by 30%. Earth spells also ignore 20% of your target’s magic defence.
  • Tome of fire (lvl 50 Magic): Infinite fire runes. +20% increased fire spell damage, and successful fire spells have a 5% chance to inflict a burn effect onto your target, dealing 3 damage every 2 ticks until the same damage dealt by the initial attack has been delivered. Burn effects CANNOT stack, and are mitigated completely by antifire potions.

Harmonised staff (i)
Harm staff can be imbued with the power of the elements, requiring 500 of any elemental pages (windy/soaked/dirt/burnt). Doing so will grant harm staff unlimited runes for that element, and it will permanently gain the special effects of the respective tome (hence tomes worn in offhand will no longer stack). This process can be done for all 4 elements, at which point the harm staff will provide unlimited elemental runes and inherit the effects of all 4 tomes.
This means you now have the freedom to equip harm staff together with any shield you want without losing its powerful elemental effect. The unlimited elemental runes perk not only saves rune pouch space, but also eliminates the risk of losing autocast if you accidentally equip the tome before harm when switching.

Ancient spellbook

  • Base max hits reduced slightly to accommodate for the increased availability of magic damage gear bonus (DPS roughly unchanged). Smoke and shadow spells effects are buffed, in addition their DPS are made more competitive to blood & ice spells.
  • Smoke spells poisons your target, starting at 5 damage (rush & burst) or 7 damage (blitz & barrage)
  • Shadow spells reduces target’s Attack, Strength, and Defence levels by 10%. Does NOT stack with itself.
  • Blood spells heal you for 25% of damage dealt (no changes)
  • Ice spells freezes your target for 4.8s/9.6s/14.4s/19.2s (no changes)
Base max hits Smoke Shadow Blood Ice
Rush 15 15 16 16
Burst 18 18 19 19
Blitz 22 22 23 23
Barrage 25 25 26 26

Arceuus spellbook

  • Corruption drains 1 3 5 prayer points instead of 1 2 3.
  • Vile vigour converts prayer points to run energy at a 1:2 ratio, and to avoid wating any prayer points it converts exactly enough for you to reach 100% run energy. 10 second cooldown.
  • Demonbane spells have a 25% accuracy buff instead of 20%. DPS is also buffed to close the gap against other options like Arclight. In addition, dark demonbane has a 75% of disorienting Abyssal Sire (same as shadow blitz).
  • Mark of darkness provides 50% accuracy boost (75% in total) and 25% magic damage boost for demonbane spells against demons. The spell itself also has a 75% accuracy bonus when cast on a target.
  • Magic weapons that can autocast Arceuus spells can now also select Mark of darkness to be autocasted on targets not already under the effect of it (provided you got the runes needed), removing the need to manually cast it on every target.
  • Most demons of importance (K’ril, Sire, demonics, Skotizo, Cerberus) have very high magic defence, but they were added before demonbane spells became a thing. Instead of retroactively lowering their magic level (and thus possibly nerfing their magic offence), I think a more straight-forward approach is just make demonbane spells have really high accuracy.

Magic weapon progression by type

Standard spellbook weapon progression (Autocast option):
Elemental staves < Battlestaves < Mystic elemental staves < Apprentice/Teacher wand < Mystic combo staves (Ahrim’s staff) + blast spells < Iban’s staff (Slayer’s staff on-task) < Mystic combo staves (Ahrim’s staff) + wave spells < Staff of the dead (Slayer’s staff (e) on-task) < (Toxic) staff of the dead/light/balance (Eldricht staff) < Harmonised staff
Ancient spellbook weapon progression (Autocast option):
Ancient staff < Master wand (3rd age wand) < Ahrim’s set + Amulet of the damned (off-task) < Nightmare staff (Volatile staff) < Eldricht staff (TSotD/SoL/SoB for pking, i.e., no autocast) < Kodai wand
Powered staff progression (Single-target PvM only):
Toktz-mej-tal (Obby staff) < Trident of the seas < Trident of the swamp < Sanguinesti staff < Heka of Tumeken
Arceuus spellbook weapon progression (Autocast option):
Skull sceptre > Slayer’s staff > Ahrim’s staff > Master wand (3rd age wand) > Staff of the Dead > Toxic staff of the dead > Kodai wand

Heka of Tumeken
Heka is actually a very powerful weapon. Well, at least on paper. Its unusual attack pattern and synergy with lunar’s spellbook swap makes it difficult to predict exactly how much its practical DPS differs from values seen on spreadsheets. It doesn’t help that the only ToA reward beta happened before spellbook effects were added. I guess we just have to wait for Raids 3 to see how Heka plays out in practise.
What I don’t like about Heka is how universal of an upgrade it is. If you own a Heka, there’s barely any reason to own a sang or harm staff anymore. If we wanna make harm staff something more than BiS Ice demon & splashing staff like many players want, we don’t exactly make it easy for ourselves with how Heka works now. What makes Tbow & Scythe’s design so great is that they have intentional drawbacks and restrictions. This allows them to be really strong is some places, because that power is offset by being bad in other places.
My proposal is to rebalance Heka’s damage distribution so it’s less good at low-def NPCs (Harm staff territory), but even better against more magic-resistant targets. The goal here is to make Magic viable in places it hasn’t been before. To achieve this, the Arceuus’ Magic lvl drain effect is buffed, and Heka’s slow attack damage now scale with the amount drained.

DPS graphs

DISCLAIMER: These graphs show theoretical DPS with a specific gear setup, and may not always be achievable in practice. Nonetheless they should give a good overview of your different options.
New Magic meta (max setup, single-target)
Where before it was basically Heka + Kodai wand masterrace, this is what the new Magic meta would look like:
  • Harm staff + wind surge against low-Magic targets (Kraken, NM pillars, Rex)
  • Harm staff + fire surge against low/mid-Magic, low-HP targets (Thermy, Ice demon), and where NPCs don’t last long enough to take full advantage of Heka’s Magic drain effect.
  • Sang staff if you prefer convenience and healing over raw DPS.
  • Kodai wand for Ancients and Arceuus spells
  • Heka of Tumeken against everything else (CoX, ToB, presumably ToA, Zulrah etc.). Heka is also viable against Sotetseg, Skeletal mystics & Portal (on longrange) in CoX, Graardor, KQ 2nd phase.
Heka is a special case so here’s a short explanation on what’s going on.
Heka’s standard effect (+10% damage to slow attack) is constant high DPS, and is best against NPCs with Magic lvl >50 or so.
Heka’s Arceuus effect drain 10% of the NPCs Magic level per successful slow attack (capped at 30%), and boosts your Magic lvl based on amount drained (capped at +14 lvls). This is initially decent DPS (“Heka + thrall (vs. 1 Magic)”), but increases to very high DPS over time (here exemplified by 2 graphs, target Magic lvl 100 (30 lvls drained) and lvl 400 (120 lvls drained).
To reach these DPS values, it takes minimum 3 slow attacks (either by you alone, or combined as a team), though splashes may happen. Additionally, your slow attack damage scales with total Magic lvl drained, making you hit both harder and more accurate over time.
Even though Heka is miles ahead of every other magic weapon against Magic-resistant NPCs, you must consider how useless Magic was initially against anything >25k defence roll.

New Magic meta (max setup, 120 magic)
New Magic meta (max setup, 99 Magic)
As you know it’s impossible to always upkeep 109 Magic with imbued heart (avg. is 107 with Preserve), so I’ve included DPS charts for 99 & 120 Magic (overload+ in CoX) respectively to better showcase how these end-game weapons behave relative to each other. Unsurprisingly, powered staves will stay BiS at CoX since overload adds several max hits, while harm staff is generally a splendid choice for all the heartless players out there. Heka against magic-resistant NPCs doesn’t care about imbued hearts though, as it just creates its own boost when draining Magic levels.

Old Magic meta (max setup, single-target)
When I look at the old/current meta, I see few viable options to choose from, their DPS vary wildly, powered staves dominate hard, and accuracy differences outside Heka is almost non-existent (mostly parallel lines). I’ve included Iban’s blast just to show how bad some of the other options really are, especially TSotD + wind surge.
For reference, this is what the Ranged meta looked like as of July 2020 (no Zaryte vambraces or Masori armour)

Wilderness weapon (single-target)
Yes, Craw’s & Viggora’s are just THAT good, ~50% more DPS than current Thammaron’s sceptre with fire surge and tome of fire. But casually buffing it sceptre by 50% won’t happen anytime soon, and frankly it doesn’t need to either. With the two proposed sceptre buffs (built-in 4-tick spell using 1 ether per cast, & ability to autocast ancients), there should be no doubt this is the go-to wildy mage weapon. BiS against Crazy Arch, Scorpia, and wildy slayer barraging, and not too shabby against revenants either. Hopefully the upcoming wildy boss rework will make all 3 wildy weapon BiS against one boss each.

Demonbane vs. other weapons (max setup on-task - Torva/Masori/Ancestral)
Demonbane spells now hits considerably harder thanks to more magic damage bonus from gear, and Mark of darkness + demonbane spells now provide a 75% accuracy buff instead of 40%. Great, so dark demonbane is actually good now? Well, kinda… It’s great against K’ril, and slaps pretty hard at Sire. It’s ok at best against Demonic gorillas, and really only an option if you lack a decent melee/ranged setup. Skotizo and Cerberus are still too magic resistant for demonbane spells to be effective. I’m hesitant to buff it even more as it’s only a lvl 82 spell after all. Besides, this also leaves room for a new top-tier demonbane spell as a potential reward further down the Xeric questline.
But this graph is also lying to you. Demonbane spells are realistically 5-15% worse against demon bosses than shown, because you need to apply a Mark of darkness on your target first, spending an attack each kill (incorporating that is way too complicated for my excel coding skills). These calculations are also done in absolute max, and you probably won’t bring like 10 switches to demonics, or take on K’ril in full melee gear.

Mid-game setup (80 Magic, single-target)
Honestly there’s too much going on here, but the main takeaway is that even with a mid-game setup you have several VIABLE options to pick from, some focusing exclusively on damage, others a mix of damage and utility. You might think sang staff is too weak here (only #4 at 0 def roll), but keep in mind how well its damage scales with your Magic lvl. If this graph was for 90 Magic, sang would be on top. Again, demonbane spells are not that good, but 5-25% worse.

Was this a helpful post? Or should it be low-alched right away? Either way, if you made it this far, thanks for reading!
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2021.11.30 09:32 Kid-Sisyphus Content Idea: Dwarven Engineering!

Ever wanted a dragon hunter scythe of vitur that also has a chance to apply venom?what about a Toxic Sanguinesti staff? Twisted Toxic Blowpipe? or are you an ironman that simply wished you could get more uses out of your duplicate uniques?
maybe Dwarven Engineering will interest you!
what is it?
a minigame that will provide a similar function to Invention , but streamlined and simplified to fit the "feel" of osrs, no convoluted perks or disassembling hundreds of items for a chance at a rare component, simply combine weapons together and attach them to other weapons or armour pieces to give them minor buffs to their stats or simple passive effects.
great item and resource sink, in turn increasing the value of nostalgic items we all know and love.
the ability to strengthen those nostalgic weapons so they maintain their viability for longer.
allows players to customize and strengthen their weapons and armour to suit their playstyle.
introduces some of the benefits of Invention without the baggage of such a controversial skill.
Cons: (im a little biased cuz I really like this idea but I tried to think of some)
"RS3 content reeee"
will completely shift the meta, maybe too much if not balanced properly.
has the potential to make using certain items obsolete (though they may still be sought after for their use in a vessel)
probably lots of engine work (sorry Mod Boko)
80 smithing
80 crafting
80 fletching
80 runecrafting
completion to access the minigame=
Below Ice Mountain
The Knights Sword
A Giant Dwarf
The Forsaken Tower
Additional unlocks:
completion of "a Kingdom divided" to use or upgrade COX items (excluding dhcb which needs ds2)
completion of "a night at the theatre" to use or upgrade TOB items
completion of "Regicide" to use or upgrade Zulrah Uniques
completion of "Dragon Slayer 2" to use or upgrade Dragonbane weaponry and Dragonfire shields
completion of "Song of the Elves" to use or upgrade Enhanced Crystal Weapons
The relevant skill level to access a certain GWD boss to use or upgrade their respective GWD items
the relevant slayer level to access a certain Slayer boss to use or upgrade their respective items
eg: (Kraken for Trident and Tentacle, Sire for Abyssal weapons, Hydra for Lance)
any other relevant quest locks that I forgot.
How would it work?
players would travel to the dwarven engineering workshop north of falador, accessible from the over world west of nulodion, or up a ladder near the pickaxe shop in the Dwarven Mine. After a easy difficulty medium length quest that has the player speaking to various dwarves around the world for information and to recruit them to the engineering workshop, then has the player build certain stations around the workshop such as:
the imbue pot (where players create the empty weapon or armour vessels).
the furnace (which powers the imbue pot and the engineering station)
the engineering station (where players combine weapons and armour in a vessel and attach it to a weapon or armour piece)
and the bank chest.
after the workshop is built and the quest completed, the first thing players would need to do is load the furnace with coal, 1000 coal is needed to fill the furnace to 100% and every time you create a vessel or combine one with a weapon or armour piece it will deplete the furnace by 5% then the player would need to fill the imbue pot with various materials to create a vessel:
players would need to get each resource count to atleast 50% as creating a vessel consumes 50%
of each resource, stronger tier resources will fill the resource stock more than weaker variants.
Wood resources: Maple 1%, yew 2.5%, magic 5%, redwood 10%
Metal resources: steel bar 1%, mithril bar 2.5%, adamant bar 5%, runite bar 10%
Leather resources: green d leather 1%, blue d leather 2.5%, red d leather 5%, black d leather 10%
Magic resources: chaos rune 1%, death rune 2.5%, blood rune 5%, wrath rune 10%
using the lower tier of every resource, it would require 50 of each resource to create a vessel
using the highest tier of every resource, it would require 5 of each resource to create a vessel.
once enough resources are added to the imbue pot, right click the imbue pot and open the vessel creation menu to continue further
Creating a vessel:
you will be able to create 5 vessel types;
Magic vessel, ranged vessel, Melee vessel, Shield vessel and Armour vessel
Weapons and armour can only be added to the correct vessel type and vessels can only be added to the corresponding weapon or armour piece. additionally, Headwear, Gloves, Boots and Jewellery cant be used in a vessel or have a vessel attached to them.
filling the vessel:
this is where it starts to get a little more complex, a vessel has 2 available slots in it and adding an item to that slot will give that vessel certain stats or special effects that will be added to the weapon, shield or armour piece when the vessel has been attached to it. this is only a proof of concept and hasnt been dps calc'd or balanced, this is just more to give a general idea of how it could work.
inside of a vessel stat boosts can stack with each other, however unique passive effects cannot, nor can they stack with the passive effect of another vessel in your shield or armour slot. they can however, stack with the passive effect of a weapon, shield or armour piece the vessel has been attached to.
for an example: a dragon hunter lance will give the following stats and effects to a vessel:"+4 stab accuracy, +4 melee strength, 5% accuracy and damage against dragons"if that vessel had 2 dragon hunter lances in it, the vessels stats would be:"+8 stab accuracy, +8 melee strength, 5% accuracy and damage against dragons", howeverif that vessel was then attached to a dragon hunter lance, the passive effect of the vesselwould stack with the dragon hunter lance, giving the lance a 25% accuracy and damage increase against dragons as opposed to its base 20%, as well as the stat increase.
some further restrictions apply to what can be added and what vessels can be added to, weapons or armour lower than tier 65 (excluding 3rd age* and Black D'hide) cannot be used on a vessel or have a vessel attached to them(in the case of armour that has a different tier for accuracy and defence, it would rely on its accuracy tier, therefore things like inquisitor and dagonhai arent exluded.)
I've laid out a pretty comprehensive table below of what I think the stats and effect of each weapon and armour could be below, but I wanted to give a few hypothetical scenarios for people to get an understanding of how it could work, if you want to skip down to the list of all the weapons and armour and their placeholder stats and effects then feel free to skip over these.so we've already seen the dragon hunter lance example from above, lets give an example of a magic* weapon and a ranged weapon.
if we add a Sanguinesti Staff and a Kodai Wand to a magic vessel it gains the following:+16 magic accuracy, 4% magic damage, 5% chance to heal for 10% of the damage dealt and 5% chance not consume any runes on cast, if we then add that magic vessel to a Harmonized Staff, it would have the following stats and effects:+32 magic accuracy, 19% magic damage, 5 chance to heal for 10% of the damage dealt, 5% chance to not consume any runes on cast and ofcourse, the harmonized staffs effect of a faster attack speed when using the standard spell book.
Now a ranged weapon, lets use the example I gave in the opener, a Twisted Toxic Blowpipe:we'll add a Twisted Bow and to keep it simple a Karils Crossbow in the second slot of the Ranged Vessel, giving it the following stats and effects:+6 ranged accuracy, +6 ranged strength, increased accuracy and damage against targets with higher magic accuracy/magic level, up to a total of +12 ranged accuracy and +12 ranged strength.now if we attach that vessel to a Toxic Blowpipe it would have:36 ranged accuracy, 26 ranged strength, increased accuracy and damage against targets with higher magic accuracy/magic level, up to a total of +12 ranged accuracy and +12 ranged strength, and ofcourse the blowpipes natural chance to apply venom.
this list may not cover every possible stat increase or weapon effect that items could have or their possible combinations nor would it be set in stone and is of course prone to tweaks and balances,but it should provide an in depth understanding of how it could work. some items are repeated so they have a clear visual comparison to other items in their class. none of this has been DPS calc'd so if it seems too strong it probably is and would be nerfed, the numbers listed are only place holders to give a representation of what the item COULD do. take ALL of this with a grain of salt, but also consider the items current price in game and how much it would effectively cost to load a vessel with best in slot items.
Crystal Halberd: +2 slash accuracy, +2 melee strength
dharoks greataxe: +2 slash accuracy, +2 melee strength
Bandos Godsword: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection, 5% chance to reduce your opponents defence by 5% of the damage dealt
Zamorak Godsword: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection, 5% chance to freeze your opponent for 5 seconds
Armadyl Godsword: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection, 5% chance to strike with an additional 5% accuracy and melee strength.
Ancient Godsword: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection, 5% chance to deal an additional hit up to 10 damage and heal for the same amount
Saradomin Godsword: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection, 5% chance to heal for 20% of the damage dealt and restore 50% of the health replenished in prayer points
(blessed)saradomin sword: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection
abyssal whip: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength
abyssal tentacle: +4 slash accuracy, +4 melee strength, 5% chance to apply venom to your target
blade of saeldor: +6 slash accuracy, +6 melee strength
Scythe of Vitur: +6 stab, slash and crush accuracy, +6 melee strength, deal 10% extra damage to targets 3x3 or larger
Guthans Warspear: +2 stab accuracy, +2 melee strength
abyssal dagger: +3 stab accuracy, +3 melee strength
Zamorakian speahasta: +4 stab accuracy, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection
dragon hunter lance: +4 stab accuracy, +4 melee strength, 5% accuracy and damage against dragons
ghrazi rapier: +6 stab accuracy, +6 melee strength
Osmumtens fang: +8 stab accuracy, +8 melee strength, Increases your minimum hit by 5% and decreases your maximum hit by the same amount
Scythe of Vitur: +6 stab, slash and crush accuracy, +6 melee strength, deal 10% extra damage to targets 3x3 or larger
Torags Hammers/ Veracs Flail: +2 crush accuracy, +2 melee strength
Sarachnis cudgel: +2 crush accuracy, +2 melee strength
bludgeon spine, claw or axon: +2 crush accuracy, +2 melee strength
elder maul: +4 crush accuracy, +4 melee strength
abyssal bludgeon: +4 crush accuracy, +4 melee strength
inquisitors mace: +6 crush accuracy, +6 melee strength, +1 prayer gwd protection
Scythe of Vitur: +6 stab, slash and crush accuracy, +6 melee strength, deal 10% extra damage to targets 3x3 or larger
Barrows armour pieces: +4 melee defence, +4 ranged defence
Bandos armour pieces: +4 melee defence, +4 ranged defence, +2 melee strength, gwd protection
inquisitor armour pieces: +2 melee defence, +2 ranged defence, +2 melee strength, +4 crush accuracy, gwd protection
Torva armour pieces: +8 melee defence, +8 ranged defence, +4 melee strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection
Justiciar armour pieces: +10 melee defence, +10 ranged defence, +2 prayer, gwd protection, 5% chance to reduce incoming damage by 5%
Crystal shield: +2 melee defence, +2 ranged defence
Avernic Defender: +2 melee defence, +2 ranged defence, +4 melee strength, +4 stab slash and crush accuracy
Dragonfire shield: +4 melee defence, +4 ranged defence, +2 melee strength, reduced damage from dragonfire
Blessed spirit shield: +4 melee defence, +4 ranged defence +2 prayer
Spectral spirit shield: +6 melee defence, +12 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer
Elysian spirit shield: +6 melee defence, +2 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer, 5% chance to reduce incoming damage by 10%
Dihns bulwark: +4 melee defence, +4 ranged defence, increased strength bonus based on the players average defence bonus, up to a maximum of +4 melee strength

Trident of the Seas: +4 magic accuracy
Ahrims Staff:+4 magic accuracy, 1% magic damage
Nightmare Staff: +5 magic accuracy, 2% magic damage
Volatile Orb/Staff: +5 magic accuracy, 2% magic damage, 5% chance to deal an additional 10% damage
Eldritch orb/staff: +5 magic accuracy, 2% magic damage, 5% chance to restore your prayer by 10% of the damage dealt
Staff of the Dead: +6 magic accuracy, 4% magic damage, gwd protection
Staff of Light: +6 magic accuracy, 4% magic damage, gwd protection
Toxic Staff of the Dead: +6 magic accuracy, 4% magic damage, gwd protection, 5% chance to apply venom to your target
Trident of the Swamp: +8 magic accuracy, 5% chance to apply venom to your target
Sanguinesti Staff: +8 magic accuracy 5% chance to heal for 10% of the damage done
Kodai Wand: +8 magic accuracy, 4% magic damage, 5% chance to negate rune costs
Tumekens Heka: +10 magic accuracy, 4% magic damage
Harmonized Orb/Staff: +10 magic accuracy, 4% magic damage
Dagon Hai pieces: +4 magic defence, +4 magic accuracy, +1 prayer, gwd protection
Ahrim pieces: +2 melee defence, +6 magic defence, +6 magic accuracy
Ancestral pieces: +1 melee defence, +4 magic defence, 8 magic accuracy, 2% magic damage
Ancient Wyvern Shield: +4 melee defence, +2 magic defence, +4 magic accuracy, reduced damage from dragonfire
Blessed spirit shield: +4 melee defence, +4 ranged defence +2 prayer
Spectral spirit shield: +6 melee defence, +12 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer
Arcane spirit shield: +6 melee defence, +2 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer, +4 magic accuracy
Elidinis Ward: +6 melee defence, +2 magic defence +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer, +6 magic accuracy, 2% magic damage
Elysian spirit shield: +6 melee defence, +2 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer, 5% chance to reduce incoming damage by 10%

Karils Bow: +2 ranged accuracy, +2 ranged strength
Crystal Bow: +2 ranged accuracy, +2 ranged strength
Dragon Hunter Crossbow: +3 ranged accuracy, +3 ranged strength, 5% accuracy and damage against dragons
Heavy Ballista: +3 ranged accuracy, +3 ranged strength
Armadyl Crossbow: +4 ranged accuracy, +4 ranged strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection
Bow of Faerdhinen: +6 ranged accuracy, +6 ranged strength, 5% increased damage wearing full crystal armour
Zaryte Crossbow: +6 ranged accuracy, +6 ranged strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection enhance all enchanted bolt effects by 5%
Twisted Bow: +4 ranged accuracy, +4 ranged strength, increased accuracy and damage against targets with higher magic accuracy or magic level, up to a total of +12 ranged accuracy and +12 ranged strength
Karils pieces: +2 melee defence, +4 magic defence, +2 ranged defence, +2 ranged accuracy
Guthix Dhide: +2 all defences, +2 ranged accuracy, +1 prayer
Other Blessed Dhide: +2 all defences, +2 ranged accuracy, +1 prayer, gwd protection
Armadyl Pieces: +4 melee defence, +6 magic defence, +4 ranged defence, +4 ranged accuracy, +1 prayer, gwd protection
Crystal pieces: +2 melee defence, +2 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +4 ranged accuracy, +1 prayer
Masoris pieces: +2 all defences, +6 ranged accuracy, +2 ranged strength, +1 prayer
Dragonfire Ward: +2 melee defence, +6 mage defence, +6 ranged defence, +4 ranged accuracy, +4 ranged strength, reduced damage from dragon fire.
Blessed Dhide Shield: +2 all defence, +2 ranged accuracy, +2 ranged strength, +1 prayer, gwd protection
Twisted Buckler: +2 melee defence, +2 mage defence, +6 ranged defence, +6 ranged accuracy, +6 ranged strength
Blessed spirit shield: +4 melee defence, +4 ranged defence +2 prayer
Spectral spirit shield: +6 melee defence, +12 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer
Elysian spirit shield: +6 melee defence, +2 magic defence, +6 ranged defence, +2 prayer, 5% chance to reduce incoming damage by 10%
*third age could be used to introduce a luck mechanic to OSRS, which would give you an increased chance at a pre roll unique or hitting the unique drop table
*magic was a difficult one, if I gave all weapons their passive effect it gets way out of hand really fast, a 3 tick sang with a chance to apply venom and an increased max hit might be a bit too much, so magic weapons that effect your casting speed wont have a passive effect and will just give a bigger stat bonus.
*to get either the Item, or vessel back would destroy the other in the process, id imagine you'd have the choice to either preserve the weapon or the vessel and the other would crumble to dust
*idk how it would work on death in PVP, does the vessel break dropping the items inside? maybe vessels dont even work in the wilderness or in PVP situations?
*AGAIN, none of these passive effects or stat boosts have been DPS calc'd and are prone to be tweaked and balanced, the numbers are just there to help give an understanding of how it could work and how each weapon would compare to other weapons, i'd expect this to completely disrupt and shake up current meta's but I dont want it to break the game so the numbers listed above are only to help get a visualisation of how it would work.
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