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2018.04.27 03:00 Kimberly174 My boyfriend [19m] likes other girls.. Am I wrong to get mad over this?

Me and my boyfriend of 2 years have been having issues regarding other females. We’re not talking about attractive females that walk down the street, we’re talking about pornstars/celebrities/youtubers. So my boyfriend is my first boyfriend and I’m his first girlfriend, and we’re in a long distant relationship (ever since we started dating). He’s lied about porn in the past to “protect” me, and he’s also tried stopping for me. One of my older posts goes over my insecurity with porn, but I’m gradually starting to get over it until now. He’s masturbated to video game characters, pornstars, amateur girls, celebrities, and NOW youtubers. I used to ask why he would masturbate to all of these things, and he would say “I’m sorry I just like butts and boobs..” and it hurt me so bad because he basically implied that he gets turned on to the thought of any hot girl with a nice body. Anyways, I’m more upset that he started to do it to youtubers, since I feel like it’s kind of personal. He really likes Zoella and this girl named SSSniperwolf, and he told me how he would watch lookalikes or masturbate to photoshopped images of them. It feels personal because while they’re kind of like celebrities, they live close to him and he also has the choice to “support” them. He watches their vlogs and can connect with them, and it makes me so upset. I asked him why he watches these youtubers, and he told me it’s because he thought they were pretty or “looked good”. Then he told me straight up that he “likes other girls” physical-appearance-wise, and sexually.. and I don’t know what to do. I thought that if a guy finds a woman that he loves deeply, he wouldn’t want someone else, or even think about somebody else (in any way). And while I’m totally fine with him finding other girls attractive, I believe he’s going overboard by kind of fixating on them and using them as tools for his masturbating sessions. I would send nudes but he turns to these girls. I would try and do things on video for him but he would still choose these girls, or porn in general. And most of the time he’s just looking at video game drawings of the characters he likes, or images claiming to be the “real” youtuber naked. I’m starting to be really insecure with myself, because I simply feel like I’m not enough for him. That he looks elsewhere anyways. And while I also don’t want to be a sexual object to him, it just makes me sad to know that I’m not ever going to be the only girl he “likes” or finds attractive. That I’m never going to be the only body he could get turned on by. :(
Tl;dr: Boyfriend likes other women, in every way but romantically..
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