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2023.06.04 09:06 clementheng Room Plus Car park

Room Plus Car park
Clement 60162202886
Room Detail:
Uniqueness of this room n house
1) 6 min walk to LRT/ MRT bus station, banks, shops n restaurants. 2) 7 min walk to UCSI Uni. 3) Special Reserve Car Park available 4) 24 hours Security Guard 5) WiFi 300 mbps. Super fast. 6) One Malaysia Tenants with good jobs n backgroup. 7) Water Dispenser : Hot n Cold 8) Rental inclusive of all utilities, Wifi, security fee, repair n maintenaice. 9) Modern n full cooking facilities n washing machine. 10) Fully furnished rooms with wardrobe, bed, mattress, table n chair. 11) Super Safe, Comfortable and Clean.
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2023.06.04 09:02 PissCumWhore Sub cum piss filthy whore for hung athletic tall guys (between 18 to 40 yo)

I’m very friendly, submissive n naughty whore, DDF(hope you clean as well and ok with condom), always play safe, looking for a decent and hung guy to service(no P2P) . I’m 144lbs, 5’6ft, 34yo…. Can’t host but open for car play or motel room.. Im in Taylor area. I would start by drinking ur warm piss then eating ur balls and gag hard on your dick till I get this messy facial. I’m into verbal guys who know how to degrade a filthy whore (that’s really hot and a kind of fetish). I’m not into virtual sex…. HMU if u are interested. My availability is from 8pm to 11pm
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2023.06.04 08:34 Both-Statistician113 AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend?

AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend
Long story ahead but there is lots of context. Jump to **** for main AITA situation.
My (f26) best friend (f26) "Taylor" and I have been best friends for about 3 years; we met at work. We became close very quickly. Taylor has a husband (boyfriend when we met) "Jesse". Almost a year into our friendship Jesse proposed to Taylor and they decided they wanted to try to have a baby before the wedding. I was very supportive of their decision and was there for them during her entire pregnancy. I was so excited to be an "auntie", which they graciously granted me the title. My love language is gift giving and I do it purely out of love, not expecting gifts in return. Since the beginning of her pregnancy until this last time seeing her, I had gotten Taylor and her baby lots of items (diapers, clothes, toys, handmade blankets) out of the love I had for them; nothing crazy expensive or inappropriate. Right after the baby was born (about a week), Taylor, Jesse and baby moved across the country for Jesse's continuing education/job. Taylor and I vowed to make our friendship work long distance. Three months later was their wedding. I was hurt because I was not asked to be a bridesmaid, though there were more groomsmen than bridesmaids. Instead, very last minute I was asked to carry the baby down the aisle and I was so excited for my "special job". Things did not go as planned that wedding weekend. The other bridesmaids were very rude to me, not wanting to include me in wedding party activities, and literally taking the baby out of my arms, though I was willing to share them any time. I was supposed to walk the baby down the aisle with the rings but when we lined up, a bridesmaid took the rings out of my hands agressivly and gave them to the best man. I had taken care of the baby all day while the wedding party was getting ready and also had gotten the baby ready (dressed, changed, fed). After I got the baby ready, I took him for wedding party pictures, in which I was wasn't allowed to participate in. There actually aren't any pictures of Taylor and I from her wedding. I watched the baby til the babysitter came and got him at the reception, this was the plan so we could all enjoy the reception like adults. A little later Taylor then asked me if I would stop drinking and watch the baby overnight for them because the night babysitter backed out. She didn't ask family (her sober mom) or her bridesmaids (one pregnant/sober). At first I was honored to be asked, but it really was a change of plan. Being the sober one, I ended up taking on responsibilities that shouldn't have been on me. This included getting a very intoxicated guest out of the reception venue nicely because the bar staff was threatening to call the police on the girl causing a scene. I didn't want Taylor to have this memory of her wedding so I got the girl a ride home even though she screamed at me and threw wine on me, all without Taylor knowing. I also had to give first aid to a guest that slipped and fell. I ended up driving the very drunk bride and groom back to the hotel and picked up the baby. The bridesmaids were nowhere to be found to help during any of this. I never explained my frustration to Taylor, because that day wasn't about me and I moved on (my own fault for not ever telling her). Fast forward three months after the wedding and I fly across the country to visit them. For the most part we had a great time and did lots of activities, always busy and fun. The only "red flag" was when Taylor and Jesse propositioned me to join them in the bedroom, to which I politely set a boundary and declined. According to Taylor, Jesse was "very bummed" that I said no. Everything was fine and Taylor and I continued our long distance friendship.
****Fast forward another 6 months from then and I am going out again to see them for the baby's first birthday. I arrive and the whole vibe is just off but I'm determined to have a good time. Taylor doesn't seem to want to do much and takes the baby to daycare a lot while I was there even though she didn't have to work (I didn't care if he was with us). As a birthday present to her and the baby, I wanted to take them on a day trip to Disney (not far from them at all). We had dicussed this plan for a long time and Taylor at least claimed to be excited. I paid for the tickets with fast passes and parking, again just wanting to spend time with them, not expecting anything in return. We had everything ready to go for the morning we left because we wanted to get there early. We ended up there late, which is not a big deal, it takes longer with a baby. We get to the park and it is already decently busy. After we eat a sit down breakfast at Taylor's insistence, we get in line for a ride. We ended up riding 2 baby friendly rides and then she and I rode one "adult" ride with rider swap for the baby. After the third ride (we have maybe been there at most 3 hours) and she states out of nowhere that she thinks the baby is done and they should go home, after i had already booked the next ride. I was floored because everything was fine I myself had just fed and changed the baby who was content. Taylor said I could stay if I wanted and Jesse would pick me up later. So I was left alone at Disney ALL day. I was very disappointed, but again said nothing in the moment. After running all over the park all day, Taylor still wanted to do "girl's night out" that evening so we went out. At the restaurant I was on SC taking pics of the balive music, snapping my bf, when she took my hand and said "babe you're here to see me, you need to put your phone away". I felt like a little kid in trouble. So I apologize and put my phone up. We go to another bar across the street for the rest of the night where I order a drink infused with absinthe. I had never had it before and wanted to try it but I didn't want Taylor "mothering" or "griping" at me so I didn't tell her and got her a regular drink. Also i was already mad and didnt think it was any of her business what i was drinking as long as it's legal and we have a ride. Later that night we were about to get an Uber back and Taylor's phone is almost dead at 3AM. So I messaged Jesse and told him that we would be back soon and that I had absinthe but that i didn't tell Taylor. There was nothing else in the message and I have never sent him any sort of flirty or inappropriate message before, and never would. Taylor ends up being very controlling the rest of the trip and I couldn't wait to get home in a couple of days. Once home a couple of days Taylor calls me and starts going off on me about messaging Jesse the night were were out. I told her I was sorry for lying to her about the absinthe and sorry if I made her feel uncomfortable messaging him, not my intent at all. I also told her it was in no way meant to be flirty or even sneaky and really not even to do with him. I was intoxicated and wanted to tell someone I drank absinthe and I knew I wouldnt be in trouble with him and was already telling him we were safe and on the way home. She is still yelling so I hang up. I then procede to text her with a calm, well thought out text and tell her I had a bad time out there and how disappointed I was with the Disney thing, but was nice about it and even apologized again for my phone and messgaing Jesse. I didn't take any low blows or call names or anything like that. I hear nothing at all for 2 weeks (longest we've ever gone without talking) and spend 3 therapy sessions trying to work through this. My therapist said it sounds like an unhealthy relationship and it may be time to end it. My therapist also said I wasn't inappropriate and was confused herself. I wrote Taylor a nice, long, no blame, email telling her that I think we have changed and that I was thankful for her friendship but that we probably shouldn't be friends anymore. I again apologized for any hurt I had caused her unknowingly and told her I hope she has a happy/healthy life and id always care about the baby. I get an email back fairly quickly that essentially turned everything around onto me. Saying things like "you don't know how to communicate your needs ", how upset still she was about me being on my phone because she wanted quality time with me (but left me at disney??), "youve been having a rough year and youre taking it out on me" (blaming it on a trauma from a year ago), "you over extend yourself with the gifts", and how she couldn't trust me with Jesse (and how lucky she is that hes so "honest"). She never once apologized for leaving Disney, being weirdly controlling, or ANY of the other ways she hurt me. I have not responded to this email and don't plan to do so because it would just turn nasty and i dont want that, i just want to be done with the friendship. AITA for ending the friendship?
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2023.06.04 08:25 theorph99 24 [M4F] Maryland/DMV - Looking for my first relationship.

Hello everyone! So, when it comes to relationships I feel like a late bloomer when it comes to it. I’ve gone on a few dates but nothing that led to a relationship. Heck, I still haven’t had my first relationship yet. And it feels like it’s harder to find people in person, but that also could just be me a shy person until I get to know someone and feel comfortable around them. So I’m giving Reddit a shot(again 😅) and see if it works out. Gotta shoot your shot after all. Alright with this long intro out of the way, let me share a bit about myself.
Well, I’m 24, located in Maryland, and I have the ever so exciting job of working retail full-time. Although being at Costco is fun, never a dull moment there.
In my spare time when I’m not working, I’m usually gaming. Recently Street Fighter 6 came out and I’ve been having a blast with the game even though I’m getting my ass kicked most of the time haha. But it’s still a fun game and I can’t wait to start traveling to tournaments for it like I did when I was really into competitive Smash Bros pre-pandemic lockdown. If I’m not gaming, I’m usually reading manga or comics, watching too many video essays on youtube on the most random of topics, going to theme parks(I’m a huge thrill junkie), playing pool at my local bar, checking out museums, taking a walk around the city(usually DC), going out to eat cause I’m a huge foodie, or just staying home and taking a long nap causeI’m exhausted from work. I tend to be either very spontaneous on what I want to do or be an absolutely homebody and not do anything. 😅
When it comes to who I’m looking for, I don’t have major requirements but I do ask you’re in the age range of 18-30 and you’re local to the DMV area. I do want to meet in person with someone close by so long distance is a no go. If you have any questions for me, I’m more than happy to answer in messages. Hope to hear from ya soon!
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2023.06.04 08:20 DefiledTarnished Is anyone else in love with this game?

I'm talking addiction man, that sweet love that keeps you coming back. Like when you date that one person who you know is bad for you but their backstrokes make you forget that they get mad at you because they think you're dreaming about other women kind of love.
I can't put it down. I keep getting drawn back to this game even though I've done so many new game plus runs. I'm either finding something new, or trying out a new build and I'm hooked again.
I might need to play other games for a while but I'm not gonna lie when I say seeing Latenna turn bosses into pin cushions is something I never get tired of seeing. She's a top tier waifu, she's no Tiche but I had no idea she could be so effective against the likes of Malenia once she's properly leveled up and she is still my little weak legged sniper.
I might pick up Dark Souls 3 to hold me over, I want to complete my new game plus four but I want to savor the game a little more, I might even start invading just to try it out.
And then there's the community, there's so many creative, funny, and skilled people it's pretty wild. Sure, from time to time there's bickering and I even partake in throwing tomatoes at invaders for the memes but this is one of those communities where you can just cut back and enjoy the content. Brothers there's someone roleplaying as a torch maiden, just for the fun of it that is spectacular, heck, I've even met some fellow foot enthusiast and by golly man this game enables the heck out of us I tell you what. GRRM was looking out for the brothers with this one.
Now, I'm not trying to dig for berries in a concrete parking lot here. This is just met espousing my praise, my warmth, and my white hot love for this game and my fellow people who play it.
In the words of a wise man this is some good shit, and I can't wait to see what they do with it. I might name my first born Elden Ring. But yeah I just wanted to spew my thoughts onto you, you read this, and now my thoughts are in your head.
Maybe this game is like fine whiskey or the love of a Canadian, you get lost in their visage just once and the next thing you know you're in Alberta, freezing your ass off and drinking milk out of a bag while they make you poutine and despite your reservations you still eat it, you have to because you love them but your stomach isn't going to love those cheese curds and the last thing you want is to blow up their parents bathroom when you just made a good impression but I digress there are woods for a reason and you're practically a bear.
I just want to say I love Elden Ring and I love how different the community around it is. If you read all this, thanks for reading.
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2023.06.04 08:18 theorph99 24 [M4F] Maryland/DMV - Looking for my first relationship.

Hello everyone! So, when it comes to relationships I feel like a late bloomer when it comes to it. I’ve gone on a few dates but nothing that led to a relationship. Heck, I still haven’t had my first relationship yet. And it feels like it’s harder to find people in person, but that also could just be me a shy person until I get to know someone and feel comfortable around them. So I’m giving Reddit a shot and see if it works out. Gotta shoot your shot after all. Alright with this long intro out of the way, let me share a bit about myself.
Well, I’m 24, located in Maryland, and I have the ever so exciting job of working retail full-time. Although being at Costco is fun, never a dull moment there. And here’s some pics of me to show what I look like. In my spare time when I’m not working, I’m usually gaming. Recently Street Fighter 6 came out and I’ve been having a blast with the game even though I’m getting my ass kicked most of the time haha. But it’s still a fun game and I can’t wait to start traveling to tournaments for it like I did when I was really into competitive Smash Bros pre-pandemic lockdown. If I’m not gaming, I’m usually reading manga or comics, watching too many video essays on youtube on the most random of topics, going to theme parks(I’m a huge thrill junkie), playing pool at my local bar, checking out museums, taking a walk around the city(usually DC), going out to eat cause I’m a huge foodie, or just staying home and taking a long nap causeI’m exhausted from work. I tend to be either very spontaneous on what I want to do or be an absolutely homebody and not do anything. 😅
When it comes to who I’m looking for, I don’t have major requirements but I do ask you’re in the age range of 18-30 and you’re local to the DMV area. I do want to meet in person with someone close by so long distance is a no go. If you have any questions for me, I’m more than happy to answer in messages. Hope to hear from ya soon!
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2023.06.04 08:11 JasminCat1 My 4 year old son hates me and we have no connection. What am I doing wrong?

My 4 year old son told his grandparents that I hate him (never once said I hated him), and that he loves everyone else but me. We all live in the same, my son, his dad, and his parents. He has not only said this but also behaves very clingy towards his grandparents, and chooses his dad's attention over mine. Every day when he wakes up he looks forward to spending time with anyone in the house but me. He is very defiant, talks back to adults, throws daily hour long fits, said he was going to shoot me once when I put him in time out, is very attention seeking, lies to get what he wants, and refuses to eat anything unless it's junk. I'm the only one in the house who doesn't baby or give in to the manipulation, that might be important. I make him a good healthy meal and tell him he needs to finish it before he leaves the table, if it's not what he wants then he'll sit there for an hour before someone eventually gives in and makes him a kraft mac n cheese, a debbie cake, or some bullshit because they feel sorry for him. No one is on the same page as me. His dad doesn't want to deal with the fits and crying so he gives him what he wants whether it's junk food, allowing him to get away with lying, telling him it's okay, etc... His grandparents are overly nice and coddle him when he acts up. And it's hard for me to want to be nice to him when he's kicking me, telling me he hates me, and telling me everything I do for him sucks. Honestly it makes me feel like shit, it's hard to want to be around him anymore because of how much he demeans me. Earlier I heard him laughing in the room with his grandparents but when I come around the corner to check on him he immediately stops and puts on a straight I walk away I can overhear him telling his grandma to go lock the door. She didn't, but still what is that even? I've tried spending more time with him, gave him different options... puzzles, coloring, race cars, a family movie, whatever I think that he might like, but when I try he asks to be with his grandparents or dad, or tells me that he loves his grandparents or dad soooo much but won't acknowledge me, and refuses to do anything if it's with me. He cries and cries when his dad leaves for work, and cries and cries when I take him from his grandparents, but never once in his 4 years living has he cried or acted phased anytime I leave. Earlier when I took him from his grandparents after spending an hour with them, he cried so hard and told them how much he loves them as he was staring at me in disgust. I kindly try to take his hand and say you can hang out with mommy now, but he yanks his hand away and runs to our room, then balls himself up in the corner crying while saying "I love you grandma, I love you poppa" over and over....but they weren't even in the room. He wouldn't look at me or acknowledge anything that I said, and if he did look at me he looked at me like he hated my guts. What am I doing wrong? I do things differently with him, I don't talk to him like a baby, I don't give him a million hugs and kisses when he begs for them after he misbehaves, I try to get him to eat healthy meals instead of junk, I don't give in to his manipulation, I put him in time out, I act like his parent not his friend, and I'm not sure if there's anything wrong with that. He hates me and has never wanted a close relationship with me no matter how hard I've tried and still trying. What am I doing wrong?
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2023.06.04 08:11 DisneylandTree Can a neurologist do blood tests?

Hello! I'm seeing a neurologist due to a seizure I experienced for the first time many months ago.
I'd also like to get my blood tested for vitamin levels, etc. since I tend to eat very little. I also experience depression, low energy levels, poor memory, etc.
I was wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone. Can a neurologist conduct blood tests or will I have to schedule a separate appointment with another doctor? If the latter is the case, what type of doctor should I look for?
The info below isn't necessary but I'm including it so that my post doesn't get automatically removed:
Age: 22 Sex: M Height: 5'9 Weight: 130 Race: asian Duration of complaint: N/A Location (Geographic and on body): brain LOL Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): N/A Current medications (if any): bupropion until the seizure occured (was instructed to stop since bupropion lowers the seizure threshold) Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example) 
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2023.06.04 08:11 StrongOne01 Meat Salad

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2023.06.04 08:10 burning_xz My Week 5x5

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2023.06.04 08:06 Van_Darklholme Left order at door because "cannot park"?

I tipped $8. something on a 8 mile order, which was 90% highway, the order was a sealed drink (not the kind with just tape over the lid) and a cardboard box. It was a 15 minutes drive according to apple map. The driver left my stuff outside of my building instead of the requested drop off at unit door.
The driver had a 95% rating with almost 20k deliveries, and picked up multiple orders on the way here -- nothing wrong with it, but my food wasn't in the best condition when it arrived.
What makes me confused is the choice to dismiss the delivery notes. He texted after arriving, I asked him if he minds dropping off at door, and he drops it off outside the building door saying that there's no parking. No other driver has been unable to complete a delivery because of a lack of parking, even in the morning hours when there may be trucks unloading packages. I have the following theories:
--Driver is from the suburbs and really didn't feel safe leaving the car without parking in a designated spot.
--Driver is tired and just want to go home
--The tip is actually still too low because of zoning (ik DD does this, but not sure about uber eats. I assume that the time was worth the money, since my order got accepted very quickly by an experienced driver.)
What do you think? Just a one-off thing or should I tip more?
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2023.06.04 08:05 Said-A-Funny My Skyrim experience

I'll preface this by saying that I'm a young'n. I won't specify my age, just for the sake of privacy. Skyrim has been a huge influence on my life and I thought it would be cool to share for anyone bored enough to read a glorified "little gamer's autobiography" on Reddit. I'm sure I'm remembering some of this wrong, but the timeline by itself should be pretty exact.
I was about 7 at the time, if my memory serves me. Close estimate at worst. As a little guy I was into a lot of stuff, and usually every 2 weeks I would switch topics I was unreasonably obsessed with. Usually the cycle would be Marvel, Cthulhu, werewolves, DC, Predator (the movies and the few games - way too young to be into something like that but it's an interest that remains to this day), stuff like that. During the werewolf phase of this cycle, I went to my dear mom (as you do) to ask her if she knew any werewolf games. After a few instances of this question, she said something along the lines of "well, you can turn into a werewolf in Skyrim". This little answer set off a very important chain of events. One thing led to another, and I ended up with Skyrim on my Xbox 360 on my stupid little box TV. Don't be fooled, this was when the PS4 and Xbox 1 were well into the modern gaming zeitgeist, my family was just really poor at the time. The PS3 and the aforementioned 360 were my consoles. 360 was a hand-me-down from my uncle and the PS3 was an old one of my parents. These were not my first, I played the Wii-U a fair bit and Wii-bowling was my introduction to videogames. Back to the meat and potatoes, Skyrim. I watched a video on my PS3 a few days before on the little box TV, some guy in a little bunch of glaciers in Skyrim turns into a werewolf to fight an enemy I can't remember. This lit up my brain like a wildfire. I immediately fired it up on the 360, one of the probably three games I had on it at the time. It was my secondary console. I played my heart out on the little thing, with only one character. He had my name. Werewolf, ring of Hircine, heavy armor, greatsword, which is what I'd guess is the exemplary character for a 7-year-old Skyrim boy. In my time on the 360, me and my parents ended up moving into a trailer park somewhere else. I never really made it to the end of any of the questlines, and from memory, my playthrough ended without the main quest pursued or any other faction questline for that matter, the College of Winterhold being the exception for reasons I'll give in a second. My most vivid memory of Skyrim at this age goes like so: I'm sitting crisscross applesauce probably only a foot away from this low-quality box TV. A few days before I had discovered that there was a magic forge under Winterhold, and you could do a glitch where you could make Daedric armor without consuming the ingredients if you grabbed them from the box quick enough. Little me was (and still is) obsessed with looking cool in videogames. Daedric armor was my holy grail as a little guy. I instantly pursued the College of Winterhold, and I can't remember this part well but I know there's some way to summon a Daedra on top of the college or something like that - I did that. Killed the Daedra, got a heart so I could forge the armor. After a bunch of time getting the ingredients, I made my way to the forge. I was there, about to put the ingredients in, when my parents are going out the door to the grocery store. (I was in the living room playing. I didn't have a room in that trailer, only really a mattress in my dad's room which I sometimes slept on. I usually took the couch in the living room so I could watch TV instead of his laptop.) My mom asks me "hey, do you want to come to the grocery store with us?" I'm too engrossed in the game and just kind of wave them away. While they're gone I forge a two sets of Daedric armor (with a bunch of save-scumming and error) under the college, one for me and one for my follower, and I am happier than ever. I killed a few enemies in the snow (with my still iron weapons) and B-A Daedric armor. My memory gets fuzzy at this point. I either kept playing for a while or quit close to there. Not important.
Christmas comes and my grandpa buys me a PS4. I stay on that for a while, not playing Skyrim. Soon after, my grandpa buys an Xbox 1.. FOR HIMSELF. Specifically to play PUBG on. He liked PUBG a lot, then. (He's not dead. He just plays other games now. Me and him used to co-op Halo and stuff, but now he's more into mobile games because he's old.) He didn't like PUBG on the Xbox, so he gave it to me. Glorious rediscovery of Skyrim begins a few years later. Mods. My favorite mod at that point was the ported Predator mod (because as I said earlier, loved Predator, still do). Played that for hundreds of hours. Had other playthroughs, too, without the Predator mod. Some were mages, rogues, warriors, I really branched out. I was into the roleplay of it. A lot. Once again, my memory kind of fails me here. I don't have many stand-out experiences from that time period, though I do remember being on voice chat with my friend Joe a lot while playing the game and sometimes broadcasting to him from the now-dead broadcasting thing I forget the name of. Good times. Heavily modded times. Hundreds of hours into Skyrim. Loved every second. What's weird, though, is I still never pursued any of the factions really. Didn't pursue the main quest. I do vividly remember completing the DB questline and being in absolute awe. I loved that. I remember sitting on the couch during one of the important parts of that questline (which I wont specify for spoiler's sake I guess) and I called my mom in to watch because I was so excited. Skyrim is a beautiful thing.
A few years later, my entire family pitches in to buy me a wicked PC and gaming chair. Still have the PC, chair broke a while ago. I play my fair share of Steam games that I could finally play after watching YouTube videos on them for years. Absolute bliss. Then.. another glorious rediscovery of Skyrim. With better mods, too. I decided to go with Oldrim for some weird reason. One of my friends showed me a mod he made as an add-on to another one I frequently used and I really loved it. That was like, the only reason I went with Oldrim. Still have that mod, still use it. Won't specify the mod for privacy's sake. Still played with the Predator mod very frequently, still do, but loved it more because the PC version has way more stuff. Bunches and bunches of playthroughs, around 100 mods, life's good. I make a character named Orrid, a Redguard, who practices the old Yokudan art of Sword-singing. He's still my main character and I'm still going through with roleplay and story arcs galore.
My mom separates from my dad. They don't get divorced, but feel like they'd be happier if they lived in separate houses and just visited each other very frequently. Don't mean to get too real, but it's mildly important. All three of us are still happy, and I have a sister now. She used to annoy me at the other trailer, but now I have an actual room in my apartment and she doesn't bother me 24/7 like usual. Back to Skyrim! I keep playing at the new apartment. It's actually running right now, in my room, in my apartment. Still going with Orrid, having a grand old time. I recently got my mom back into Skyrim on HER Xbox 1.
I go to church. I live in Southeast North America, you kind of have to go to church here. I'm in a youth group, and we have a videogame room. This paragraph happened a week or so ago. We play the Nintendo Switch, mostly Mario Kart (which I destroy everyone at). The pastor broke out Skyrim. I played Skyrim a couple times, but me and the pastor both kind of realized it couldn't go on because it was single player and with me destroying everyone at Mario Kart and the single player game combined nobody really dwelled there but me. It might as well have been my own little plane of Oblivion. I had a character named Orc Masterson, with the intent to actually do the main questline. At some point, the pastor comes to me and tells me he's gonna have to take the game off the list for the greater good. I agree. I'm about to leave the building, because it was post-lesson time, but pastor's quickly disconnecting the Switch and its charger. He runs up to me with the little thing. "Said-A-Funny, take the switch. Beat the game by next Sunday as Orc Masterson, do me proud." He knows I've never finished the main quest. He's as big a nerd as me, and plays Skyrim too. I initially declined taking the Switch, because I felt like I was inconveniencing him, but he INSISTED. I walked out, the Switch freeze-framed on me about to fight Mirmulnir. I decide to take this challenge as seriously as possible. It's the last few weeks of school, and every day I get back, instead of playing Skyrim on my PC as Orrid, I play Skyrim on my loaned Switch as Orc Masterson. I realize the family's going to the beach and I'll have to have an extension on my Orc Masterson challenge time. He obliges.
Last Wednesday, at the beach. I beat the main questline of Skyrim for the first time in my life. I sent a text to my pastor, and I did him proud. I'm going to return the Switch and its charger today at the church function. Level 20, Orc Masterson. A Skyrim character devoted to my pastor.
To close out, I've played Skyrim for a lot of my life and will continue to play for a lot more. My pastor will too. I love the game, always have, and I find it really funny how the game has followed me from console to console, house to house, grade to grade. One of two decorations in my new room is a tiny Skyrim poster my grandpa put up himself.
What a game.
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2023.06.04 07:55 PrincessoftheDead Tidings from Hell’s Hydro Plant [Part 1]

June 3, 2023. 10:34PM Perhaps I am being a little unfair when I say that this place is Hell’s collection plate for those not wicked enough for eternal condemnation but not quite lucky enough to be born to purgatory, which is to say, I am right at home. I suppose Wylwood is my home now. As someone once told me, “You really never can go back.” Not that I ever want to go back home, though I suppose the offer is still on the table. But I am getting ahead of myself. Wylwood is one of those little towns tucked deep in the dark Appalachia forest where everyone knows every single thing about everyone else and their last twelve generations going back. Just ask any person you run across what exactly a “double first cousin” is. Of course, for the towns older women, this is treated as a matchmaking request, so please apply caution here. Wylwood is a small town, population of around 2,200, if you only count people and not the many ghouls, bears, and other large commonly thought to be extinct mammals that call this place home. The town is rather snake-like and follows along an abundant river that carves a path between steep and unforgiving hillside. Incidentally, as a traveling passenger goes by, they will notice all of the towns buildings that haven’t been burned or boarded up are located between rock and river with nearly ludicrous amounts of train track interspersed. Coal, poverty and despair are the major exports of this town. Visitors to the nearby national park are the only true imports. The town also proudly supports it’s very own emergency room, post office, and no less than three dollar stores, and one restaurant in a converted car repair garage. My name is Kate Fugate, you may call me Kate, you may call me Katie, frankly you can call me Fido for all I care. You may not call me by my birth name, and just to make myself clear, no, I’m not going to tell you, so there. I am 27, and I have recently decided that I need to start this online diary as well, this is really, really, REALLY hard for me to acknowledge. “Just accept it Kate.” My inner dialogue says. “Must I though?” I argue, “Nothing is certain, it is not set.” “Damn it, Kate.” The dialogue is much more forceful this time “It happens to EVERYONE, it has spared NONE of them, not one, and you are not special.” “Fine, but let me do this on my terms.” I concede. I, Kate Fugate, probably, though will not say for certain, have a hereditary, issue? Conundrum? The problem is, my entire hereditary line of females, probably going back to Lilith herself has had an early onset dementia with some downright weird symptoms. The great majority of them are able to “pass” as socially normal but everyone always feels something is just a bit off. Would they feel the same, I wonder if they shared a home for as long as I did? The point of this journaling is because I want to retain as much memory as possible and I want a reference point, so when or if my grasp with reality become untethered, I won’t be too adrift. Already, I feel something is very wrong with the picture. Why in one of the biggest coal producing areas is there a hydroelectric plant? You tell me. No, seriously tell me. Most of the locals are opposed to renewable energy as they feel it is a threat to their livelihood but when talking about this specific hydro plant it is considered absolutely crucial. Why is it too, that absolutely no one local would be interested in this job when it was a better option than most in the area? I was offered a very generous sign on bonus with the government after graduating with a Marine Biology degree that, after being given ton of loans, I found out was not in as much demand as the college led me to believe. The contract outlines that I must stay here for 10 years, housing will be provided, but failure to stay my term will result in “severe penalties.” “And what exactly are those penalties, Mrs. Wedgewood?” I ask to the 6ft, very stern woman across a poorly constructed desk from me. I estimate she is in her 60’s going on her 70’s. She is wearing khaki pants and a blue button down shirt and has white hair that is nearly shimmering over with a purple tint. “Listen, Miss, umm, Miss is the name your pare- “ She looked at me inquisitively before I cut her off. “Yes, yes it is. They were non traditional individuals. Just call me Kate, please.” I give her a look to hope she finds it in her to understand. “Okay, Miss Kate, listen if you are unsure about this job, my recommendation is that you don’t take it. I have seen many like you come and go. The job isn’t hard but for whatever reason, people can not handle it. It is no secret, the turnover is high, most don’t last the year. I have seen people driven mad, people have had accidents, people have -“ I cut her off again. “What do you mean, ‘went mad’ ?“ I ask. “Well, one of my men, maybe the fifth or sixth from the last one, said he seen a snake with a million eyes wink at him, then said it started shooting him with rainbows. And that when he drove off a cliff, into the river, we never recovered the body.” She replied almost flatly like this was the fifteenth time she told this story and couldn’t believe it herself. It took me a second of awe stuck silence to realized, “But wait, if he died how do you know what he saw?” “All vehicles are installed with cameras and audio equipment, for insurance of course.” She was getting tired of all my questions. “We do try and make note of unusual events and get Washington visitors to collect recordings and water samples among other things every other week. They are very invested in our operations here and you will get used to them in time. Now dear, what does your family think, it is a big move after all?” I squirmed a bit as I thought out the ‘right answer’ for these situations. “Well you see Mrs. Wedgewood, the thing is I am a, uh well, let’s go with orphan?” I sputtered out hoping she would not ask for clarification like many others have. “Well dear, I am not going to dive any deeper into that, although I am sorry for your loss, and I’ve been there many times too. We can go ahead and offer you a position as a plant operator, and we can start as early as tomorrow. The singles cabins are ready for move in today, though it isn’t much to look at.” Her dark chocolate brown eyes held a look someone gives before announcing to a plane full of passengers that the good news was that none of them would have to pay for their plane today, the bad news was they wouldn’t be the ones collecting the refund. “I’ll take the job.” I said with all of the enthusiasm I could muster as a newly installed lifer“Do you allow cats in the housing, by the way?” She gave me a big smile of slightly mismatched coffee stained teeth. “Yes, we will allow it. But can I see the little thing?” Of course, I led her to my truck. It was a black 1992 Dodge Dakota, the floor was nearly falling out of the bottom, the lining in the roof was being held up by tacks, staples, glue and pine sap. The paint was chipping off, leaving behind bare metal and rust. The gate of the bed was barely holding together by sting and barbed wire, but damn it, she was mine and to me, the most beautiful thing in the whole fucking universe for that matter. It was something of a parting gift from Todd and Ron, the last thing I would ever receive from them. I wonder if they knew that. “Here Stan, psst psst psst.” I call, as you can see a pair of eyes peeking out of under the seat. I pick him up only to be met with terrified screaming coming from Mrs. Wedgewood. “Kill it, kill it now. What even is that thing.” She said with forceful conviction. It took me two hours to convince her that Stan was probably harmless, or at least I hope he is. Hell, I had the same reaction to Stan when I first met him. You see, I was basically living out of my truck before this job. During the trip, I found several gas stations only to find that every single one either had no functioning bathroom or that they were not public bathrooms and the cashier only took payment in oaths of eternal allegiance to the muses. I didn’t have time for that nonsense, so I popped out back long enough to make friends with a tree and get back on that road. I must’ve left my door open just long enough for the little bastard to crawl in. Next thing I know, I have this overgrown buck naked rat licking the salt off my leg. After recreating a PSA on ghost drivers, me and Stan got better acquainted over some chicken salad with cranberry jelly. We then moved to the actual dam site, it was large old two story brick building approximately 12 miles out of town. The building was most likely built in the 20’s or 30’s and had a large art-deco window spanning from first to second floor. There was a large staircase going down the hill in which the under the building sat yet another level partially underground. From one side of the bottom of the stairs was a large metal sidewalk with grated floors overhanging the river, and on the other side was a path leading to the woods. We walked in silence until we stood on the grated sidewalk. “These are the output valves for the plant.” Mr. Wedgewood shouted over the sound of roaring water. This is where the water exited the hydro plant and returned to the river. We then took the path leading into the dark woods. “I’m sorry, these are somewhat inconvenient to get to, but you have to remember that they were built before cars were a common luxury.” She indicated this warmly and apologetically. I looked at the cabins, two in total. “Which one is yours?” I asked. “No, I don’t actually live here, I’m afraid. I prefer to live in town and generally my role is administrative as opposed to operations so other than a few brief visits, you will probably rarely see me around. Feel free to pick whichever cabin you like, we have no other current occupants.” Mrs. Wedgewood gestured to the cabins. After much deliberation, I chose door number two. Mrs. Wedgewood opened the door and to my utter awe I could not contain myself. “Well fry me up and call me dinner, this is something else.” Mrs. Wedgewood quickly apologized, “I know they really are not in the best condition, but you don’t have to live here if you really don’t want. You can rent or buy in town.” “No” I replied “This is perfectly sufficient, thank you.“ The cabin was only a single room with two widows, just big enough for a bathroom with a tub, a small single bed, and an old yellow armchair with pictures of wheat and a tractor. There was a fridge, oven, and small kitchen table that looked remarkably like a picnic bench. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that no only did I have no hope of renting another place, this was better than I had imagined. As she departed into the evening dusk with my promise to absolutely call her if anything happens, I settled into the cabin, I couldn’t help but rummage through some of the cabinets. “Hey Stan, look I found some cans! Looks like we are eating good tonight!” I said excitedly. Stan did not return my enthusiasm, but that is probably because he is an asshole. Oh, Shit! I never did find out exactly what happens if I try and break contract. Well, maybe next time, this is Kate, logging off.
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2023.06.04 07:52 Helios_The_Historian Dive Suit. Check. Oxygen. Check. Ready to rise from the depths.

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2023.06.04 07:49 Aromatic-Banana-9405 3 day pass n parking pass

so my friends are all douches and decided to not buy tickets after i got mine and i do not want to go alone, i got them during presale so all i want is 500 !!! lmk y’all
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2023.06.04 07:44 butterflybear666 How to recover after it has happened?

Hey, so i tu* yesterday :-( I had a really bad meltdown and had been very anxious and freaking out the whole day due to my graduation ceremony. The ceremony went fine even tho i was freaking tf out the whole time. After coming home a bunch of family members and friends came over and i was having a good time but then i ate something really fast and it made me n*. Then i started to have a meltdown bc of the n* and tried everything that usually works when this happens but nothing worked and i ended up v* like 6 times. Luckily i was with my mom the whole time so i wasn't alone, but it was still so traumatic. My grandma and mom tried to help me calm down and they were a great support but i felt horrible for the rest of the day and every time someone brought up the ceremony i started freaking out again. I did calm down and even ate something small, but now i just feel so bad about yesterday. Like whenever i think about the graduation ceremony i just remember how awful and anxious i felt? and i feel bad because it's a really big and great milestone but now i just associate it with my worst fear.
I know that the v* was caused by the extreme anxiety i had over the ceremony, me getting my period, a meltdown and not eating properly, but i'm still so scared that it's going to happen again. So how do i recover after a traumatic experience like this? What has helped you after you've tu*? I'm sorry if this post was just rambling but i really needed to vent. I feel so bad for associating my big day with my worst fear and i'm scared that i'm not going to be able to remember it without freaking out. I have a therapy appointment tomorrow but i need to get through today first lol, so if you have any advice please share :-(
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2023.06.04 07:36 MissDragon1 Just found out I have a gluten intolerance. What is the best advice for a beginner?

I’ve been dealing with gut issues for over two years and I finally took a GI map test and a food sensitivity test that revealed I may have a gluten intolerance that is causing my stomach issues.
I’m 100% committed to changing my diet in order to avoid medications. Although I feel sad, anxious, nervous and bummed about being limited to the food that I absolutely love. I am a foodie and my significant other and I LOVE eating out. But now I feel so limited. My partner is extremely supportive which helps. But I still feel nervous.
I went to three restaurants on three different occasions and was so nervous the entire time. I was nervous that even though the menu said it’s “gluten free” in my mind I feel like it still had gluten in it. I was basically trippin the whole time. Did anyone else experience this feeling? Is it safe to eat out at gluten free restaurants? What’s good advice for beginners? Emotional advice for a beginner?
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2023.06.04 07:28 Since070423 Weather calling for a cubbon park visit

Hello folks,
I’m in Koramangala and looking for someone to go to cubbon park with , pet doggos, have a nice walk maybe eat something on our way back.
I have got a bike so is someone solo wants to join we can go or we can see some other means if we are more folks.
Gender, age no bar.
I’m a 23M year old myself.
Plan As soon as possible
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2023.06.04 07:27 Efficient_Chard_2924 Hmmmm suspicious 🤨

Hmmmm suspicious 🤨
Bad Saturday, but I get this, I would say, interesting order hahah
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2023.06.04 07:26 imtgufbcbamfhbtc I kept seeing this image on Instagram so I just had to

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2023.06.04 07:26 Transition-Several Is this consistent

Is this consistent
Raging odd deck
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2023.06.04 07:23 IndyAnnaDoge Leave at door: Break dance

I’m in a terrible mood, the kind where I would normally just go home. But I lost my freaking debit card and relying on the dasher direct card to eat right now. I did Lyft most of the day cuz orders just weren’t coming in but I was like damn I gotta do some dashes to get some money on that card (obviously this is a temporary situation so please don’t come at me-shit happens).
Sooo I’m sitting in a parking lot, waiting. Finally an order comes in …which is right on the borderline of the minimum of what I would normally take. I’m like screw it, something to do. I accept, go to check the drop off address. And see “leave at door: break dance”.
Now, I know a lot of people think these little things are funny and If you do, by all means dance your heart out and go on about your day. And I’m all for living life light heartedly BUT I’ve always hated these!! I just see them as “dance monkey dance”. It feels so disrespectful and just a total lack of awareness for what we dashers are out here to do…make money and survive.
Ohhh and the pick up restaurant which was in the same parking lot happened to have a medical emergency in front of it with several fire trucks, EMS and police right in front sooo there was that. I just said “oh please fuck right off” and cancelled.
EDIT: before anyone says anything, I didn’t say that to the customer…I said it to myself lol I don’t typically engage with customers, even when they are jerks.
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