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2008.07.05 10:21 /r/Memes the original since 2008

Memes! A way of describing cultural information being shared. An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

2023.06.04 09:30 Rare-Ride-9705 this is a certified r/atheism moment

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2023.06.04 09:25 DemonsSingLoveSongs Biologie = Hassrede

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2023.06.04 09:22 ChoicesBOT Subject-Free Sundays: 2023-06-04

This is our weekly casual conversation chat! Here, community members are welcome to discuss anything and everything about the game, about your life, or about what you've been up to. We also include userflair data on this day. Please keep the discussion within subreddit rules, of course, and remember to keep things civil and friendly!

Flairs Overview

Number of Users with each Flair

Note: This table shows the number of unique users with each flair image, with a minimum of 25. Multiple identical flairs in the same user's flair count as one.
Flair Users
A Courtesan of Rome 55
Adalhard-M1 42
Adam1 52
Adam3 50
Adrian1 406
Adrian3 165
Aerin 196
Aiden 181
Aisha 38
Aislinn 139
Ajay 211
Alana 133
America's Most Eligible 36
Andy 214
Angel 48
Anna 99
Annabelle 293
Annelyse 67
Aromantic 33
Arylu 129
Asexual 94
Aster 155
Aubrey 33
Aurora 114
Ava 153
Avery-F 71
Avery-M 48
Bloodbound 66
Becca 402
Beckett 1024
Ben 80
Bertrand 25
Bi 210
Bianca 73
Blaine-F1 42
Blaine-F3 56
Blaine-M1 69
Blaine-M3 89
Blades of Light and Shadow 117
Book 56
Bryce 861
Cal 176
Caleb-Hero 25
Caleb 40
Cas-F2 42
Cas-M2 116
Cassius 132
Cat 53
Charlie 156
Chris 107
Colt 259
Connor 83
Corgi 298
Crow 49
Dakota-F1 48
Dakota-F2 28
Dakota-M1 64
Dakota-M4 44
Dallas 52
Damien 932
Dan 48
Danni 112
Dave 37
Dean 35
Derek 37
Diavolos 61
Diego 29
Dipper 75
Desire & Decorum 40
Dom 119
Drake 428
Edward1 42
Edward2 48
Edward3 63
Edward4 35
Eiko 126
Eleanor 167
Eli 49
Emma 201
Emu 38
Eris 71
Ernest 744
Endless Summer 130
Esme 34
Estela 383
Ethan 1016
Eva 84
Fabien 41
Flynn 325
Furball 129
Gabe2 32
Gabe3 32
Gaius 122
Gay 39
Gorgue 100
Grayson 38
Greyhound 42
Griffin 106
Hamid 120
Hana 336
Hayden-F2 179
Hayden-F3 111
Hayden-M1 69
Hayden-M2 96
Hazel 35
Heart 586
High School Story 59
Hunt 183
Hunter-F1 30
Hunter-M1 28
Hunter-M2 111
The It Lives Series 90
Imogen 69
Imtura 153
Jackie 88
Jaime 71
Jake 850
James 69
Jax 296
Jen 107
John2 44
Julian 27
Kaitlyn 290
Kamilah 788
Kane 30
Kate 58
Katherine 48
Kayden-F1 73
Kayden-M1 112
Kayden-M2 40
Kenji 141
Kenna 182
Kepler 35
Kieran-M1 37
Kingsley-F1 37
Kingsley-F2 84
Kingsley-F3 55
Kingsley-M1 174
Kingsley-M2 36
Kingsley-M3 84
Kitten 103
Leo 74
Lesbian 117
Levi 71
Liam1 376
Liam2 38
Liam3 304
Lily 65
Lindsay 30
Lobster 50
Logan1 110
Logan2 102
Loola 32
Lucas 62
Luke 35
Lumian 41
Mackenzie1 68
Mackenzie2 29
Mackenzie3 68
Madeleine 25
Mal 547
Marc 375
Maria 258
Mark 36
Matt 42
Maxwell 373
Meridian 53
Michael 609
Michelle 46
Mona 243
Naomi 49
Nia 439
Nik1 80
Nik3 48
Noah1 27
Noah3 72
Noah 127
Nonbinary 26
Open Heart 70
Oliver 115
Olivia 199
Pan 49
Parker 119
Perfect Match 31
Poppy-Qb 583
Priya 87
Pug 87
Puppy 42
Queen B 36
Quinn 536
Quote 41
Rafael 195
Rainbow 31
Raleigh-F 45
Raleigh-M 277
Raydan 144
Redfield 82
Redpanda 29
Ride or Die 26
Rory-F2 54
Rory-M2 55
Sabina 83
Sam-F1 42
Sam-F3 60
Sam-M1 39
Sam-M3 59
Sam 51
Sawyer 149
Sean 129
Sei 61
Seth 27
Shannon 41
Shreya 246
Sienna 50
Simon 80
Skye 510
Slater 57
Sloane 97
Sol 63
Sonia 310
Stacy 32
Sumire 31
Syphax 96
Tatum 106
The Crown and The Flame 54
The Elementalists 95
Thomas 275
Threep 180
Tobias 25
Tom 347
Trans 41
Troy 26
The Royal Romance 42
Trystan-F3 27
Trystan-M1 46
Trystan-M3 35
Trystan-M4 34
Tyril 774
Uwu 69
Val 75
Vera 57
Veronica 86
Victoria 71
Veil of Secrets 30
Zahra 29
Zig 414
Zoey 161
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2023.06.04 09:20 AutoBusDriver What's the deal with that recent thread in OOTL that asked about a crusade and LGBT community?

Some unusual activity has been going on in this thread, and I wasn't sure if I was just "out of the loop" with regards to how this particular thread was being handled by the mods & community.
1) Typically a thread will receive 20 comments or so in 12 hours. This one received A THOUSAND. Within a day, it received two thousand. Was the thread brigaded? What am I missing here?
2) When I visit this subreddit, the rules are immediately visible on the sidebar, with Rule #1 being "Post title must be a current, unbiased, and coherent question". The post title referred to a movement as a "crusade", which is far from unbiased. The mods are usually pretty good about removing leading thread titles, so what am I missing here?
3) All of the top answers were variations of the exact same response, with MASSIVE upvotes that aren't typical of this sub. And when I say "variations of the exact same response", I mean it's like a chatbot was asked to retype the same viewpoint using the same outline, no less. Seeing so many top responses begin with a historical disscussion of the Republican Party before talking about present day allegations against them, along with ignoring any current news related to the topic (IE bud light, target, etc) raises eyebrows. If so many responses look like chatbot resubmission forms, then what am I missing here?
4) The mods are completely asleep on Rule #4 in that thread. To a comical degree. If not, what context am I missing here?
Basically I don't understand the circumstances that allowed that thread to exist in it's current form. I feel "out of the loop", and I am wondering if the entire thread wasn't a coordinated effort to karma-farm by a few people and their bot scripts.
EDIT: I should add, it appears some of the top posts with the most upvotes were by redditors that are mods in other large subs with over 1M subscribers. Doesn't this seem suspicious to anyone else?
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2023.06.04 09:11 Weezthajuice Wow. Really mods?

Wow. Really mods?
So much for being able to poke fun here. The only damn comment I made was happy cake day to someone. And as for the post… gettin real uptight. F this. I’m out.
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2023.06.04 09:10 AutoModerator Casual Chat Corner of r/Indian_Academia - June 04, 2023

In this thread you can share interesting anecdotes and photographs from your school or college, pictures of your study setup, campus, etc.
You can also rant and let it out or to appreciate something.
The purpose of the thread is to indulge our members in light hearted conversations and to support and motivate others through your heart warming stories or to simply laugh together about something amusing.
Please report any comment which you think is violating rules of the sub. https://www.reddit.com/Indian_academia/about/rules/
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2023.06.04 09:05 AutoModerator /r/NintendoSwitch's Daily Question Thread (06/04/2023)

/NintendoSwitch's Daily Question Thread

The purpose of this thread is to more accurately connect users seeking help with users who want to provide that help. Our regular "Helpful Users" certainly have earned their flairs!

Before asking your question...

Helpful Links

Wiki Resources

Wiki Accessory Information

  • Accessories - Starter information about controllers, chargers, cables, screen protectors, cases, headsets, LAN adapters, and more.
  • MicroSD cards - Some more in-depth information about MicroSD cards including what size you should get and which brands are recommended.
  • Carrying Cases - An expanded list of common carrying cases available for the Switch.

Helpful Reddit Posts

Third Party Links


  • We have a #switch-help channel in our Discord server.
  • Instructions and links to information about homebrew and hacking are against our rules and should take place in their relevant subreddits.
  • Please be patient. Not all questions get immediate answers. If you have an urgent question about something that's gone wrong, consider other resources like Nintendo's error code lookup or help documents on the Switch.
  • Make sure to follow Rule #1 of this subreddit: Remember the human, and be polite when you ask or answer questions.
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2023.06.04 09:05 heidismiles r/GMAT Weekly Chat Thread

Welcome to the GMAT Weekly Chat Thread!
Thank you all!
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2023.06.04 09:05 heidismiles r/GRE Weekly Chat Thread

Welcome to the GRE Weekly Chat Thread!
Thank you all!
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2023.06.04 09:03 veritanuda Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Bi-Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread

Greetings Good People of /Technology,

Welcome to the /Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread.
All questions must be submitted as top comments (direct replies to this post).
As always, we ask that you keep it civil, abide by the rules of reddit and mind your reddiquette. Please hit the report button on any activity that you feel may be in violation of any of the guidelines listed above.
Click here to review past iterations of these support discussions.
cheers, /technology moderators.
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2023.06.04 09:03 johnwicktheboogeyman Mercury with some other watches

Mercury with some other watches
Moonswatch Mission to Mercury
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2023.06.04 09:01 AutoModerator $GME Daily Directory New? Start Here! Discussion, DRS Guide, DD Library, Monthly Forum, and FAQs

GameStop.com Shop Internationally NFT Marketplace
GameStop Investor Relations

Read the Rules & Wiki MOASS FAQ Join our Discord
How do I feed DRSBOT? Get a user flair? Hide post flairs and find old posts?
Reddit & Superstonk Moderation FAQ
Other GME Subreddits

🙋 ​What's GME & should I consider investing?

📚 Library of Due Diligence GME.fyi

A collection of over 200 of the most important, groundbreaking Due Diligence. If you're looking to familiarize yourself with the GME bull thesis or the underhanded tactics of the short sellers involved in this trade– then this is for you

🟣 Computershare Megathread

Wondering what DRS is? Want to know how and why people are Direct Registering their shares? Here you'll find our guide and additional resources, as well as a welcoming community answering questions in the comments!

🍌 Monthly Open Forum

Each month, we will host a Monthly Open Forum (our monthly meta post) where you can ask questions relating to the sub, share your rants, raves, suggestions for improvement, etc.

📜 Petition against FTDs Europe

Failure to delivers are undeniably the most destructive market practice, so here's a petition to force european governments and representatives stop it! Everyone can sign it, not just EU residents. For more details, please check this post: https://www.reddit.com/Superstonk/comments/1084sja/eu_regulators_want_to_postpone_indefinitely_the/
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2023.06.04 09:01 Gr33nHatt3R Daily Discussion - June 4, 2023

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Polkadot discussions.
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2023.06.04 09:01 AutoModerator r/AskMath Weekly Chat Thread

Welcome to the askmath Weekly Chat Thread!
In this thread, you're welcome to post quick questions, or just chat.
Thank you all!
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2023.06.04 09:01 AutoModerator Self-Promotion Sundays - Daily Discussion

Welcome to /vancouver's Self-Promotion Sundays, a place for redditors to share and seek:
Reminder: This is for non-corporate accounts only. All participants must have a good standing in the community with a high percentage of non-promotional contributions. Please report any comments you see by accounts that violate this rule.
If you see commonly asked questions or posts throughout the week that you feel would be better suited to this discussion thread, please be sure to share the link to this week's post.
Moving Mondays Travel Tuesdays Wits-End Wednesdays Things To Do Thursdays Friendly Fridays Simple Question Saturdays Self-Promotion Sundays
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2023.06.04 09:01 Yasini4real Daily General Discussion

Welcome to the Daily General Discussion thread. Please read the disclaimer and rules before participating.
Consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read on this thread with known sources. Any trade information posted in this open thread may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here.
Please be careful about what information you share and the actions you take. Do not share the amounts of your portfolios (why not just share percentage?). Do not share your private keys or wallet seed. Use strong, non-SMS 2FA if possible. Beware of scammers and be smart. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and do not fall for pyramid schemes, promises of unrealistic returns (get-rich-quick schemes), and other common scams.
For all things Crypto/NFTs/DeFi and PancakeSwap, drop your thoughts below 👇
Share the current trends and updates in the space, no spamming, self-promotion or advertising.
Anything out of this thread will be deleted, thank you for understanding!
Useful Links:
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2023.06.04 09:01 AutoModerator Simple Questions & Routine Help Thread - June 04, 2023

Welcome to our weekly thread for troubleshooting and simple questions! Here, there is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask anything about skincare that’s on your mind.
Some questions you might have that can be answered here are:
Please remember to follow subreddit rules and practice good Reddiquette.
If you have any feedback on what you would like to see in this sub, shoot it through to Mod Mail.
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2023.06.04 09:01 chupacabrasaurus1 Weekly Discussion Thread

Welcome to the psychology discussion thread!

As self-posts are still turned off, the mods have re-instituted discussion threads. Discussion threads will be "refreshed" each week (i.e., a new discussion thread will be posted for each week). Feel free to ask the community questions, comment on the state of the subreddit, or post content that would otherwise be disallowed.
Do you need help with homework? Have a question about a study you just read? Heard a psychology joke?
Need participants for a survey? Want to discuss or get critique for your research? Check out our research thread! While submission rules are suspended in this thread, removal of content is still at the discretion of the moderators. Reddiquette applies. Personal attacks, racism, sexism, etc will be removed. Repeated violations may result in a ban.
Recent discussions
Click here for recent discussions from previous weeks.
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2023.06.04 09:01 AutoModerator Daily Vent Thread

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback yesterday. We'll be keeping the daily vent thread as a feature on this sub.
Air your vents here! As a way to improve the sub, facilitate more positive content and reduce the amount of negative daily content here, we have provided a space to post your daily gripes, vents, and grievances. We recognize and understand the need for members of this community to be able to post this type of content, and hope that the community finds this thread helpful. As a friendly reminder, Reddit rules and ftm's rules still apply in this thread.

For clarification, most vents should go here, but some may be made into their own post. The criteria to post outside this vent thread are:
  1. Your post asks a question that is not common and easily found by using the search bar
  2. Your post asks for specific forms of support (regional information, organizations and resources, help lines, etc)
  3. Your post facilitates further and deeper discussion for the community.
  4. Your post brings attention to an important community issue (anti-trans legislation, safety information, etc)
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2023.06.04 09:01 AutoModerator r/MLB - Daily Discussion Thread

MLB - Daily Discussion Thread

Welcome to the MLB daily discussion thread! This thread should be used for:
Want to promote your Fantasy Baseball League? What about your Discord Server or your Instagram Page?
You can promote your content in our monthly self-promotion thread. You can find our thread in our pinned messages or by clicking our link by going to our Self Promotion rules.
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2023.06.04 09:00 AutoModerator Weekly Questions and Discussion: June 04 - June 10, 2023

Thread Rules
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2023.06.04 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread June 04, 2023

Please refer to our Wiki for more information on COVID-19 and our sub. You can find answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ, where there is valuable information such as our:
Vaccine FAQ
Vaccine appointment resource
More information:
The World Health Organization maintains up-to-date and global information
Johns Hopkins case tracker
CDC data tracker of COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States
World COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker by NY Times
Join the user moderated Discord server (we do not manage this and are not responsible for it)
Join COVID19 for scientific, reliably-sourced discussion. Rules are enforced more strictly there than here in Coronavirus.
Please modmail us with any concerns.
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