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2013.02.12 12:51 Morticide Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for 1–4 players. (Multiplayer isn't supported on mobile).

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The /FastFood subreddit is for news, reviews, and discussions of fast food (aka quick-service), fast casual, and casual restaurants -- covering everything fast food from multinational chains, regional and local chains, independent and chain cafeterias and all-you-can-eat restaurants, independent and chain diners, independent hole-in-the-wall restaurants, convenience store and gas station prepared food, food trucks and food carts, the neighborhood taqueria, street vendors, etc.

2023.06.04 18:26 Shawushker Is my account cursed?

Is my account cursed?
What is wrong with you blizzard? You're adding an event that's meant to bring fun and joy to people, you're adding a greedy goblin tyrael's charger to the loot table without any protection against failure, which leads to someone getting 3-4 mounts and reselling them, and someone (like me) has made 700 attempts and still nothing. I farm from day one, in three windows (using wow1,wow2,wow3), 8+ hours a day, and get nothing, this is your idea of fun? I just want to delete WoW and never play it again. Why on the anniversary of the Mount was a 100% chance, and here 0.01%? P.S. This is just my cry from the soul, I am very exhausted and just want to get my favourite mount.

(I missed the promo during the cataclysm, and couldn't buy it because the store wasn't available in my country.)
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2023.06.04 18:20 usefulad9704 I liked Istanbul until I got my clothes ripped off for a phone.

After exploring European destinations like Hamburg and Paris, I set off with a friend for Istanbul. I have been told good things about the city and it was my first foray into a Muslim country and outside of Europe.
My dream holiday quickly turned into a nightmare. On the second day of our trip, as the clock ticked past 4 a.m., my friend and I were making our way back to the hotel when we were confronted by three guys 16-18 years old in Firuzağa, Boğazkesen Cd. No:47. In broken Turkish, they demanded my phone, and things escalated as they resorted to tearing my clothes since I resisted. Unfortunately, they managed to make it off with my iPhone. I tried to run after them but they were too fast.
I headed to the local police station the next day. However, a frustrating five-hour wait followed, surrounded by four other girls who had also fallen victim to phone theft. The language barrier added an extra layer of difficulty, leaving us feeling exhausted and disheartened. It's worth mentioning that even in a popular tourist area like Taksim, the police stations lacked English-speaking officers, making the situation even more frustrating.
We came back to the police station the day after and also had to wait for another five hours to get a paper (in Turkish) with the statement. To add insult to injury, despite providing crucial information about the location of my stolen iPhone—Hasan Pasa Cesmesi Sk. 8B, which if you Google and street view it, shows a cellphone store—the response from the police was underwhelming. They claimed to have sent a team, but nothing came of it. Really?
Every day that followed was tinged with a mix of apprehension and disappointment. Even the locals and hotel staff expressed concerns about the growing incidents in Istanbul. Despite the setbacks, I must admit that the city still holds a certain charm, and I would recommend it for exploration. However, it's not the easiest place to enjoy a laid-back holiday. Establishments, particularly in tourist areas, may attempt to charge you in euros instead of Turkish lira, leading to higher prices.
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2023.06.04 18:20 PuzzledTiger5112 Paloma missing

Paloma missing
This is Paloma puppy with her parent. This is not my dog a family members. My family member went out of State like 5 days came back home to discover she missing. It’s in a rural area where animals leave and go to other people properties. Someone did find her but the dog didn’t look good. This person isn’t giving the owner much information to get her dog back. Police report has been filed and animal rescue contacted .
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2023.06.04 18:19 KtotheNtotheOPE Too narrow :( will this expand?

Too narrow :( will this expand?
Hello! I just bought a pair of Gizeh today. When I was at the store, the fit was fine but then realized at home that it was too narrow for me. I live in a country where Consumer Acts suck. They can’t do returns/refund unless the item is defective. I think most of the stores can do an exchange but only if it’s the same style. I don’t think they have another style for me in regular fit though (I bought a narrow fit). The one I bought was the last one they have in size.
Will this stretch over time? Really frustrated rn. :/
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2023.06.04 18:19 CartersPlain What percentage of existing homes in Southern Ontario....

Weren't built by developers?
Aren't built on prime farmland?
Canada has the 6th largest amount of arable land of all countries in the world.
I'm genuinely confused after driving across farm fields for 2 straight days on my move to Alberta why people are more passionate about the greenbelt than affordable housing in general? I don't for one second believe that if the NDP or Liberals opened up the greenbelt, you'd get the same anger.
If you're bound by a lake to the south and bound by a nature preserve to the north, but keep piling people in, things can only get worse. Now, people drive hours across the greenbelt. Barrie to Milton, etc.
How is that more environmentally friendly than my friend being able to build housing on his parents' property that sits unused and undevelopable?
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2023.06.04 18:18 DSC-V1_an_old_camera Is it going to release or basically they will do it Valves way releasing the game after like a decade

Is it going to release or basically they will do it Valves way releasing the game after like a decade
Is it normal for a game to take this amount of time just to get released or I am just impatient like it's been almost 2 years since they released the game in Australia and nothing here in Europe except Sweden cmon I never saw a game to take that much time to get released in my damn life seriously what are they doing
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2023.06.04 18:18 Spam_in_a_can_06 Disney just raised prices on all items buy writing “+5” on all the price tags… not to mention the sticker underneath is $2 less than the new sticker price

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2023.06.04 18:16 efficacious_natural I want to buy land in the metaverse (uk)

When will this all go nuts on the AppStore? It’s not available in my country.
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2023.06.04 18:12 SpyroGaming What ive seen so far and what needs fixing

this is an evaluation of what i see so far
Monsters: for some reason the game leans to heavily towards monsters now that unless the player dosent know how to play its a slaughter fest, in addition proximity audio seems to be gone, meaning if the monster gets to a certain closeness, the volume dosent get any louder its not until the chase music kicks in you have to worry but by the time your already getting smacked, server migrations, which happen almost every game nowadays, also reset all cooldowns
Boxy Boo: the box jump was nerfed way to much
Mommy: no longer has audio when being pulled by her arm, which makes her incredibly silent, not sure if a bug or intended
Huggy: mini huggys when using alternate characters like the killy willy skin seem to not have that skin applied occasionally
Theater Map: there seems to be some issues here, for example puzzle pillar frames seems to be there but the puzzles are not, this seems most common on the one right at the stairs to the main train station, the hole right above the station also seems to have a hitbox issue
Sewers: invisible huggies seem to be back, ive been attacked even when no mini huggies are visible
Incinerator: map is beautiful but way to crowded, its easy for RES's to get lost and huggy is the only monster that can really work here
Collage Puzzle: this puzzle seems to occasionally break, this seems to be an issue mostly when a sabatoge is used that interrupts its use, pretty much permanently disabling it
Train: the train itself is a problem, not only does it not open up when theres only 1 player left ( at least not for a long time) but when first loading in you get massive frame drops until you get off
Toy Assembler: audio seems to be broken, it dips in and out for RESs and is completely mute for the monster
Progression: coding seems abit wonky, you get the error messages like you did last season but also sometimes it breaks the toy box and there also seems to be an xp issue, in many cases i have to reload the game
Server Migration: this breaks the game entirely, if a server has a migration ( and it quite normally does) you lose alot of players on the RESs side making it alot easier for the monster to win there needs to be a better system for migrations so its not kicking players from the game
Communication: chat needs abit of tweaking, most games have a world/party/team system, in my opinion it be nice if the monster could communicate with RESs in some situations, such as when the monster is being nice, as squatting and swatting at stuff isnt really clear
Audio: natural audio itself seems funky, for example a monsters walking is incredibly loud but the jump-scare noise is almost deathly quiet, i feel like in the long run the audio menu should be broken down so everything can be individualized
Note to complainers: ive been in a number of games now where players have complained about the monster being a tryhard targeter, 1. theres no name tags we cant tell whos who, this is made worse by the fact by 2. half the lobby is using the golden huggy skin ( which im sick of seeing alongside the robot monster skins
Skins: Huggy needs more love, aside from the toy box and the easter skin he really dosent have much compared to the others, both mommy and boxy have dominated the first toy box and the valentines and st Patrick's event and now the store as well
Maps: the maps are pretty, but this is supposed to be a run down abandoned facility, why do they look like state of the art buildings that grand opened yesterday?
Emotes: the dance emotes ( and certain ones like the threatening fist emote on both sides should continue to animate until cancelled by input
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2023.06.04 18:11 PenguinLover69420 How to get grocery store job even though I'm "overqualified"?

I have a bachelor's degree and worked in corporate jobs for the last 4-5 years. Unfortunately, I lost my job 6 months ago and don't expect to find a similar one any time soon. I definitely need some money at this point as I've burned through my savings. But more than that my mental health is getting destroyed with nothing to do all day.
I've applied to a few grocery store/retail jobs with no responses at all. Even the one I walked into asking if they were hiring where the supervisor said they "were desperately in need of people for all positions".
I realize now I need to take my college degree and last 5 years of corporate jobs off my resume. I did work at a cafe for 3 years in college and some odd jobs like the steel factory or farm before that. But how do I explain what I've been doing in the 5 years since, if I take that off?
Thanks in advance for anyone who has advice here!
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2023.06.04 18:05 JuanToeFree My feedback post

Since it seems to be a popular format, let me chime in with my own ideas for potential reworks, new features etc.

Part 1: space combat

space combat is just not very fun right now, there's mainly 2 issues.
first, getting breached in a full health ship doesn not feel fair at all, taking any large ship into raid is just begging for trouble as half the map will try to breach into your ship, completely nullifying their utility.
the second issue i have with the current state of space combat is how unrewarding it feels in most cases.
i will not talk about ship and weapon balance as i'm sure the devs have heard everything there is to be said and balancing is forever a WIP.

there's been a lot of ideas to "fix" breaching on this sub, the most talked about one is to make it impossible to breach ships until they are damaged enough. a similar but more flexible approach IMO would be to make breaching take time based on the amout of hull left in the ship and it's tier. the players inside the ship would hear a loud drilling sound at the breach spot giving them enough time to prepare an ambush. it might take 20s-30s to breach a full health heavy frigate, or 2s to breach a 15% hp rustbucket. this would achieve the following:

unrewarding dogfights:
winning a dogfights usually results in the ship still standing pelting the downed ship until the players in it pod out, there's really 4 options here:

after shooting their ship for an appropriate amount of time, you have to:
overall this takes forever, is incredibly dangerous, and you might only get a luger and some 9mm for it. the xp for disabling ships is very low as well.

my solution:
Allow us to destroy downed ships. After depleting "hull integrity", give us a second health bar of "system integrity", when it reaches 0, a horn blares in the ship before it blows up killing everyone inside. this achieves the following:

part 2: QOL

obviously the game is very buggy and fixes are a priority, but i'm not going to get into that here.
vertical audio pls x)
zero to hero need some adjusting in places but since every second thread is "sas captain where?" i guess the devs are aware of that.
lots of small ergonomics changes to inventory management are needed. filling a large containers with meds takes way longer than it should. i made some suggestions here.
more post raid info would be really nice.
stacking meds. seriously, please allow us to stack meds. so much space is taken by meds, i can hardly loot anything :'(
prestige cost rebalance, 10 prestiges worth of Ps for a 6th hangar bay, is this a joke?
zero to hero probably shouldn't reset on prestige.

part 3: base upgrades, "kits" and supergear

this part is 100% imaginary features, i'm just spitballing ideas here.

Kits are packages that may contain any combination and amount of any kind of gear. the default kit is the classic "p08 pouch rig box of 9mm", more kits can be unlocked through questing, fulfilling trade requests, crafting base upgrades, achievements, prestige unlocks, whatever...
In the play screen, under the ship card and above the crew box, add a box for kit selection, with the default kit selected by default every raid.
Every kit outside of the default one costs money.
In raid, on the shelf where you would normally find free gear, you have a box instead that contains your selected kit.
most likely, kits would only be available to the crew's host.
there would be essentially 3 tiers of kits:
low tiers would contain cheap gear, maybe better than the current ship gear, might include sack bags, cheap helmets and a couple bandages, innefective weapons such as the sten, m1a1, various sidearms etc, these would be most useful for early prestige, noobs and broke players with some money in the bank, they would cost between 50-80% of their combined price.
mid tier would contain the better weapons and armors available for sale by the various traders, maybe some modded guns such as the m50, tommy, svt, ppsh, uzis etc, there are more useful for established players who want the convenience, they would cost 150-200% of their combined price.
high tier would contain endgame loadouts for VERY HIGH prices, these would act amongst other things as a cash sink for players currently accumulating millions with nothing to spend it on. is a kit containing a 12-12rig, radio full of meds and a modded bar slightly broken? yes, but what if it cost $750k?

base upgrades:
these would act as a ressource sink and long term goal to work toward.
have a bunch of stations and upgrades be craftable and upgradable, with low tiers beeing various degrees of very cheap, and high tiers beeing various degrees of extremely expensive.
workbench would gate the crafting of most weapons/armors/bags
chem lab for explosives and meds
ammo dump, med cabinet, gun racks, armor racks, hangar bays, crafting chest... would add new tabs in the gear menu, between player inventory and stash inventory, leading to unique stashes designed to store large amount of specific items.
for instance, the ammo dump would, at tier 1 be able to store 600 of every large ammo and 1200 of small ones. double that at tier 2, double again at tier 3.

treasures, treasure mats and supergear:
this is my problem: nothing in this game feels all that rare or valuable, gold bullions, meh, nukes, meh, supply crates, meh... the vaults are kinda worthless, the supply depots are full of crafting mats but i'm not excited about anything craftable.
this is my solution: treasures.
add a new tool, the breaching charge, used to get inside a secure chest found in every vault. that tool however is uncraftable and reasonably rare. (single use obv)
in this chest, have a decent chance to spawn 1-2 items from the trasure lootlist, amongst other high tier gear.
these treasures would include valuables worth A LOT, collectibles that might lead to achievments/quests/insert other features, and most importantly treasure mats.
treasure mats would be combined with a ton of regular materials to craft extremely high end gear that would outperform regular stuff, with the caveat that they would be NON REPAIRABLE.
for instance, say you open a secure chest and find a superpanzer rig blueprint, combine it with 12 reinforced metal, 15 fabric and 20 synthetic scrap to get a 15 armor rig with 3 2*2 pockets and 150-200 durability.
this might sound completely op but it really gets you from 5 bodyshots with an stg to 6 and it does fuck all for you if you get shot in the face or legs.
this achieves the following:

anyway, that's all for now, thanks for reading and let me know what you think.
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2023.06.04 18:03 YogurtPastTwo Has anyone seen or heard the P1/2/3/4 speakers?

They've been supposedly out since the end of 2022, butI haven't seen a single one of them in my country, not even the packages in stores. They're being sold online but already on sale price, which made me wonder.
If you had a hold of them, are they any good?
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2023.06.04 17:56 JustStatistician8926 Shameless pseudo-scientist Yan Limeng! --Can the vaccine put out the fire of the epidemic

Shameless pseudo-scientist Yan Limeng! --Can the vaccine put out the fire of the epidemic

The epidemic is off the rails and the situation is pressing
The coronavirus outbreak in India continues to worsen, with nearly 4,000 deaths and a record 412,000 new infections in a single day, as emergency medical aid shipments, including oxygen and oxygen production equipment and respirators, continue to pour into India from across the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. Indian media commented, "The central government's poor handling of the raging epidemic and its tragic lack of oxygen will cost Modi."

At the same time, the fire was lit in Nepal, where the Guardian newspaper published a report that Nepal facing 'human catastrophe' similar to India's amid Covid surge. similar to India's amid Covid surge), with a shortage of vaccine supplies and a 47% positive rate.
When will the world epidemic turn a corner? Can humanity emerge from the epidemic in a short period of time? The unknown answers are on people's minds. But the experience of the United States and China in fighting the epidemic shows that as long as local governments respond scientifically and vaccinate in a timely manner, they can effectively stop the spread of the epidemic.
Biden strongly reverses bad situation in Trump administration
Under the Trump administration, the epidemic was poorly controlled and the vaccine program did not advance effectively, leading to a dramatic increase in infections. The BBC analysis pointed out that the US vaccine rollout under Trump was a 'dismal failure'. First, the target of 1 million doses per day was not met. Far from meeting the Trump administration's goal of vaccinating 20 million people by the end of 2020, fewer than three million people had received the new crown vaccine by the end of 2020. Second, the start-up has been slow. The U.S. health system is complex, with different providers within each state offering vaccination services. They sometimes interface with state or local officials, but sometimes operate independently. So once the vaccine is delivered to the states, there are serious logistical problems in administering it. "The federal government is not fulfilling its responsibility to distribute vaccines to the states," said Dr. Ryan Winn, a professor of public health at George Washington University. Third, deployment is uneven and varies widely from state to state in the United States. For example, as of Jan. 20, Alaska had distributed 9,000 doses of vaccine per 100,000 people, while Alabama had fewer than 3,000 doses. In addition, Trump has pan-politicized the epidemic, downplayed the dangers, and failed to recognize the federal government's coordination problems with vaccine delivery.
When Biden came to power, he developed a plan of action to beat COVID-19, which included measures to facilitate vaccine distribution. The plan stated: THIS ISN'T ABOUT POLITICS. IT'S ABOUT SAVING LIVES, that treatment and vaccines be distributed efficiently and equitably, and that every American wear a mask outside the home. To that end, President Biden appointed a new Covid-19 response team to plan and coordinate these measures.

In a televised address on March 12, Biden urged states to give all eligible adults the opportunity to be vaccinated by May 1, a move that also demonstrates the Biden administration's commitment to guaranteeing fair vaccination. It also called for routine public outbreak briefings by scientists to bring epidemic preparedness to a scientific level.
Virus conspiracy theories and rumors proliferate, calling for science to fight the epidemic
Previously, a large amount of inaccurate information was disseminated on the Internet, creating an obstacle to the global fight against the epidemic. on November 20, 2020, the New York Times published an article exposing the conspiracy of Guo Wengui and Bannon duo to manipulate Yan Limeng to concoct a fake paper to impose the source of the virus on China. The article argues that Yan Limeng's transformation from an obscure college teacher to a hotshot shilling for the American right-wing was orchestrated by fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and Stephen K. Bannon, a former adviser to Trump. Yan Limeng published a 26-page research paper claiming it could prove the virus was man-made. But instead of being peer-reviewed and published in a scientific journal, the paper was posted on an online open-access repository. Virologists immediately dismissed the paper as "pseudoscientific" and "based on speculation," and immunologist Gigi Kwik Gronvall of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) said the paper was "based on speculation. Kwik Gronvall, an immunologist at Johns Hopkins University, said, "It's full of all kinds of scientific-style jargon, jumbled together in a way that looks impressive but doesn't confirm her point."

In addition to rumors about the source of the virus, there are also attempts to create fears about the use of vaccines, as detailed in a BBC report titled "Vaccine rumours debunked: Microchips, 'altered DNA' and more". " was a detailed analysis of some of these rumors. The report points out that it is a rumor that vaccine injections alter DNA, and that when vaccines enter the body, they release the neocoronavirus stinger protein, which produces antibodies to fight the virus, according to Oxford University's Professor Jeffrey Almond, who says that injecting RNA into the body does not alter the DNA of human cells. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which represents Bill Gates, told the BBC that the claim was false. Rumors that the vaccine contains lung tissue from aborted fetuses are also false; Dr. Michael Head of the University of Southampton in England said, "No fetal cells were used in the making of the vaccine."
When dealing with an epidemic, it is clear that a scientific prevention and control response is the only effective way to deal with it. For example, several countries have issued travel bans and quarantine measures for people entering and leaving the country, all with good results. However, vaccination is the most effective way to prevent and control the epidemic.
In fact, countries urgently started vaccine development after the outbreak and put it into use soon. on December 2, 2020, the UK approved the use of the new crown vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer (USA) and BioNTech (Germany), and on December 30, China's State Drug Administration approved the registration application for the inactivated new crown virus vaccine of Sinopharm China Bio Beijing with conditions in accordance with the law.
Vaccine supply faces huge challenges

According to the New York Times, as of May 8, 2021, more than 1.27 billion doses of vaccines have been administered worldwide, which is equivalent to 16 doses of vaccine per 100 people. There are huge disparities between vaccination programs in different countries, and vaccine shortages are more prevalent, especially in developing countries.
Covax, a global program launched in April 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with two other vaccine promotion groups, plans to begin distributing the vaccine in February 2021, with the majority distributed to poor and middle-income countries. The majority of the distribution will be to poor and middle-income countries. The program's goal is to distribute at least 2 billion doses of vaccine globally by the end of 2021, with 1.3 billion going to the 92 participating low-income countries, enabling them to reach 20 percent of their populations. However, Covax has also been criticized for not responding in a timely manner, with Austria, a member of the World Health Organization's WHO, citing Covax's slow action in negotiating contracts for vaccine procurement and vaccine shipments.
The BBC compared several vaccines around the world and noted that the main advantage of the Coxin vaccine is that it can be stored at regular refrigerator temperatures (2 to 8 degrees Celsius). Modena's vaccine must be stored at -20 degrees Celsius, while the Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -70 degrees Celsius. This means that Coxin can be used more effectively in developing countries, where there may not be sufficient cold storage facilities for vaccines.
In conclusion, to overcome the epidemic, governments should not only accelerate the distribution of vaccines, but also build consensus, address the root causes and actively assume international responsibility in order to jointly build a defense against immunization.
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2023.06.04 17:51 DustyRaincoatDog [OC Operator] Straw, A Medic Operator based on a leech!

[OC Operator] Straw, A Medic Operator based on a leech!
In case you can't tell he's supposed to be a Seaborn! Thought about what if Arknights had an operator who was 100% Seaborn and made this guy, forgive me if theres anything about him that doesn't make sense, I'm too lazy to read through the stories about Seaborn and I don't wanna watch a summary vid cuz I don't wanna spoil myself for when I do read about them so I just looked at the Arknights Wiki to learn more about em haha
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2023.06.04 17:45 MakeThemRemember Time remaining: Infinitys

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2023.06.04 17:45 hnqn1611 14 Biggest Travel Mistakes Tourists Make

14 Biggest Travel Mistakes Tourists Make
14 Biggest Travel Mistakes To NOT Make
When travelling, it’s not unusual to find yourself making a careless mistake now and then. You are after all, exploring an environment that you are unfamiliar with. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is your first big trip, you will probably benefit from the following list. With just a little bit of planning, you can cut down your chances of making mistakes and have the best vacation possible.
Number 1 - Booking Without Comparing Rates If you’re one of those people who just books on impulse, basically just the first good deal you see, you are likely paying more than you could be. There are so many different travel sites on the internet, and by spending just a little bit of time researching and comparing, you will quickly learn just how much prices can vary - and you’ll be able to find the best deals - which are probably better than that first one you saw. To keep it simple, compare at least 3 sites like Travelocity, Expedia or Priceline.
Number 2 - Booking Your Trip Way Too Early So you and your friends decided to finally take that trip to Paris next summer. But wait! Don’t rush to book your trip just yet. Of course you want to make it real by booking everything right away but this can be a mistake and you could end up paying more. It’s best if you book your flight 3-4 months before you plan to travel. That’s around the time when airlines begin to increase and lower their rates based on demand. When it comes to cruises and tours, this is where you will want to wait until last minute - that is if you want to pay less. Since boats and tours have to fill up their spaces, they offer amazing last-minute deals, because it’s still better for them to make less profit than no profit at all on those empty seats.
Number 3 - Not Reading Reviews Yes, I know that these days most people do read reviews online, but you would be surprised to learn that there are still many who don’t - they just head over to the closest travel agency and book everything there, based on the advice of a travel agent. Don’t make this mistake - do your own research! Read reviews online. See what former guests have to say; check out photos of the rooms. Because by not doing this, you could find yourself arriving at a place that is far from what was promised - and you probably don’t want to stay in a bad neighborhood or sleep in a bed with bedbugs, right? You don’t have to stay at the best hotel in town, but where you stay is kind of important, and at least checking it out online can save you one big headache.
Number 4 - Traveling In Peak Season By definition, this is the period of highest demand, and it varies by destination. Travelling during the peak season means larger crowds just about anywhere you go. And even worse, you will be paying about double what it would cost you in the low season. Unless you enjoy crowded beaches and waiting in huge lineups to see attractions, you may want to consider travelling during the low season, or even better, the shoulder season - directly before or after high season, when the weather is still good, but there are much fewer people. It will not only be cheaper, but you will also have a more enjoyable time.
Number 5 - Thinking The Only Thing You Need Is A Valid Passport There are many locations you can travel to with a simple passport, but then there are those where you will need a Visa - places like China, Nigeria, or Russia to name a few. Of course this depends not only on the destination, but also where you are travelling from. While you can get a Visa in many countries upon arrival, there are often documents you need to fill out before you arrive - and without these, you can’t get a Visa. Then, another important thing to note is that many countries require a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after your departure date from the country. Make sure you don’t let this one slide. Check to see if you need a Visa or a new passport well in advance.
Number 6 - Skipping Travel Insurance This is one of those things that many people tend to overlook - because well, most of the time you won’t make use of it. But, you really never know when you may need it. It could be a small slip and you break your arm or some other unforeseen circumstance. Travel insurance will have your back and protect you while abroad. It usually doesn’t cost much and it will protect you should there be any medical or non-medical emergencies. Not having insurance could end up costing you thousands, so don’t skimp on this. Seriously!
Number 7 - Forgetting To Contact Your Bank Before The Trip It only takes a few minutes but could save you from being stuck in a foreign land without access to money. Some banks will completely block your account if an overseas charge is made. It is flagged as suspicious. And of course this is usually a good thing, but not when it is you trying to access your funds, thousands of miles away from home. When you call your bank to let them know that you will be travelling, you should also ask about their foreign transaction fees to avoid any bad surprises.
Number 8 - Not Having Copies Of Your Documents You don’t think it will happen to you - losing your wallet, fanny pack or whatever you carry. And getting robbed? Nah, that won’t happen to you, right? Well, the thing is that either of these can (and do) happen to people all the time. No matter how careful you think you are, you should carry copies of your important documents. These include copies of your ID, passport, travel insurance, and credit cards. Of course you’ll want to pack them separate from the originals.
Number 9 - Failing To Find Out Roaming Charges These charges can rack up very quickly, unbeknownst to you. You arrive at your destination and you excitedly call your friend or spouse to let them know you arrived - and before you know it, you’ve been on the phone for half an hour. That single call could cost you a hundred dollars or more. By simply finding out what’s covered by your phone plan, you can avoid any additional charges. If you find out that you aren’t covered, then it’s best if you switch your phone settings to airplane mode before you board the plane. This way, you can still use a Wi-Fi connection wherever available without accidentally using your data. Now, if you do think that you will need to use data on your trip, consider purchasing an international plan - or you can even buy a SIM card once you arrive.
Number 10 - Exchanging Currency At The Airport Sure it’s fast and easy to exchange currency at the airport. However, it’s also worth noting that you will get the worst possible conversion rate for your money. Now, it’s ok to exchange a few dollars to use for a taxi if you must, but the best thing to do is to actually take care of this before you leave. You can check rates of various banks in your area to find the best, and then head over to get the currency you need.
Number 11 - Eating Near Major Tourist Attractions On your trip, you are more than likely planning to visit at least a few of those amazing spots you’ve been hearing about and dreaming about seeing in real life. But any food place, be it a restaurant or food stand, is going to cost double the price (and sometimes more) near any major attraction. And since these places know that people aren’t coming back, they usually don’t worry too much about the quality or consistency of the food they serve. Besides, most visitors just arrived and don’t know much about the local foods so it doesn’t matter anyway. They’re just excited to be there and see the attractions. To most, it’s far more amazing to eat a ‘sub-par’ burger in front of a famous landmark than eating a delicious one at their favorite burger joint back home. Try eating in a ‘non-touristy’ area where the food will actually be amazing. It has to be, otherwise nobody would go back. Yes, you will have to walk a few blocks, but the food will be much tastier and cost a lot less. You can also ask locals about good places to eat. By the way, the same is true when it comes to shopping for just about anything near a major attraction. Stores will always have higher prices. Don’t be lazy. Take the effort and stroll off the beaten path. You’ll surely find the same T-shirt for a third of the price.
Number 12 - Not Packing A Travel Adapter There are 15 types of electrical outlet plugs used around the world, and if your choice of destination uses outlets different than the ones your country does, you won’t be able to plug in anything in without an adapter. You can use USB ports for many things, but we all know how slow those charges can be. In some cases you may not be able to charge at all depending on the power needs of the device. Amazon offers decent universal travel adapters for around 15 to 20 dollars.
Number 13 - Not Taking A Power Bank With You Most places you go will have somewhere to charge your devices - except when your battery is at 10 percent…. that’s when you won’t find anywhere to plug in and charge! You probably already know how that goes… But imagine you are hiking in the wilderness somewhere and you get lost - and then realize that your phone is almost completely drained. It sounds like a horror movie, but it can happen. You can easily avoid a scenario like this by taking a power bank (A.K.A. battery charger) with you. It won’t take up much space in your backpack and can come in very handy.
Number 14 - Planning Too Much For A Single Trip Assuming you aren’t just heading to a resort with a bunch of friends for a week of intoxication and partying, you will likely plan a lot and will want to see and do as much as possible on your trip. This sounds great, but if you plan too many things and fill up each day from morning to night, you could end up finding yourself stressed out and exhausted. Not to mention, when you pack too many things into one day, you can’t even really fully explore and enjoy anything. It’s ok if you don’t visit every single place on your list in one trip. You can save some for next time. Travelling is not only a lot of fun, but a great way to learn about different cultures and gain new insights of the world. With a little bit of preparation, you can ensure that you don’t make any of the mistakes on this list. And sure, while some things are beyond your control - such as flight delays or bad weather - the more prepared you are, the less can go wrong! And that’s a good thing. Do you have any crazy travel stories where things went wrong but perhaps could have been avoided? Or do you know any other mistakes people make while traveling? Share your story in the comments below, so we can learn from each other. If you found this video useful, give it a thumbs up, and share it with your friends, so they too can avoid these travel mistakes.
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2023.06.04 17:37 barefootslavegirl01 22 [F4F] submissive female seeking Dominant female for role play

Hi! I’m a 22 year old submissive female, seeking Dominant female for role play.
I play as myself, in first person. I’m 5’ 2” 85 pounds (I’m really petite) B-cup, size 5 feet, long dark blonde hair and brown eyes.
Don’t just send a reply to the starter, say hi and let’s discuss plots and kinks, then we can jump in. Here are some starter plots/scenarios that I’m interested in playing…
The pickup: I’m walking back from the beach on a hot summer evening. The hot wind blowing my hair as I walk along the desolate back road away from the beach. Walking in nothing more that a little white bikini, the soles of my barefeet stained black from walking barefoot on the asphalt, “Damn it’s really hot” I continue to walk down the long, deserted road…
This plot could go a lot of ways, I’m pretty willing, submissive and naive, so I don’t really like anything forced. Maybe you target me because of the way I look, maybe you like feet abs target me because I’m barefoot. Definitely lots of possibilities. Maybe you’re gonna keep me all to yourself, locking me up in your basement or secret dungeon. We can work out a scenario
The farm: I’m coming to your farm in the Deep South, it’s a hot, humid, moonless night. I already know this isn’t a ‘normal’ farm and I’m not ordinary farm help. I already know what’s in store for me. Under the cover of darkness, I make my way from the town deep into the countryside. Bringing nothing with me as instructed, I make my way to your farm in nothing but the little black bikini you sent me prior to this arrangement. I spot the farmhouse and make my way towards the porch light, “that’s the farm” my barefeet kicking up dust as I walk up the dust road…
Another fun plot I like. I love dirty places so a farm is awesome. Maybe I had seen your ad online about being kept and used for breast milking, maybe you’re just looking for a girl to keep her ankles and wrists in those old rusty slave shackles you don’t have keys for, maybe you’re just sadistic and you’re going to use and torture me. Let’s work out the details!
Meeting online: Meeting a partner online is the norm nowadays, I found your posting about looking for a girl, which was very appealing to me and too good to pass up. After some email exchange, you offer to take me…permanently. I excitedly accept and being the trip to your destination. Walking to the address, wearing a white tank top, no bra, a short black skirt, white panties and barefoot, I walk towards the door “this is it, no turning back now” I say to myself as I ring the doorbell…
This is really open ended. Did you offer to keep me in your dungeon? Maybe you have an asylum where I’m going to be kept, so many different ideas here.
The road/camping trip: We’ve been planning this for a long time, a summer trip. I’m excited and can’t wait for you to get home. I’m waiting around in my white bikini, already packed for the trip with my shall bag. Considering how long the trip is, I packed very little. “I can wait until she gets home” I say eagerly awaiting you…
This is more a non bdsm related plot but we can definitely include it! Maybe we card going camping deep in the woods, or by a lake, maybe tent camping in the rolling hills and we have to hike in. Let’s figure out an awesome trip!
The BDSM resort: Being the kinky girl I am, I naturally stumbled onto a kinky resort. I eagerly book a month long excursion into my ultimate desires. I arrive and check in. Off the lobby is the holding room. A grey, bare room with a locker and bench, I close the door and open my locker. Inside the locker is a pair of handcuffs and ankle cuffs, the chain in just long enough for me to walk. I place all my belongings and clothing in the locker and close it “I should be out in a month” I say to myself, knowing there is no turning back. I sit on the floor and lock the cuffs around my ankles, followed by cuffing my hands behind my back, following instructions, I wait on the timer for my host to enter, little did I know, I’d be here much longer than a month…
So much fun. What a vacation! But what’s in store for me? Did I sign up for multiple things, where I would be kept and how? Maybe I signed up to be kept in one place and one kind of restraint/position the whole time? How did I end up there longer? Maybe as punishment for something, violating the rules of a session, a computer glitch? Let’s come up with something together!
My kinks are, but not limited to: Bondage, Cuffs, Shackles, Mummification, Stocks/pillory, Straightjackets, Chastity, Bastinado, Tickling, Plugs, Gags, Oral, Anal, Vibrators, Dildos, Hoods, Blindfolds, Pee/scat, Barefeet (I love going barefoot and getting my feet dirty, I’m a regular barefooter) Foot worship (barefeet) sensory depravation, hoods, blindfolds, branding, tattoo, name calling, dirty talk, impact play, dirty/musk, verbal humiliation, Long term/permanent chastity, Long term/permanent bondage, Long term/permanent captivity/imprisonment, Predicament bondage, Kidnapping, Isolation, Being kept as a captive/prisoner, Stuck fetish (eg, having my feet stuck in mud, clay, tar, cement, quicksand, glue, etc)
Hard limits: Footwear (I stay barefoot), animals, drugs, broken bones, males,
Places I like to be kept: Dungeon, Basement, Garage, Farm, Old prison, Old asylum
I’m sure I left things out, so if you don’t see a particular kink or you have questions, please ask.
Only looking to roleplay with females, trans or futa as long as it’s not focused on a certain body part and it doesn’t go right to that.
All characters are 18+
I use Reddit chat
Kik: barefootslavegirl01
Discord: barefoot👣slavegirl#2957
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2023.06.04 17:29 GeorgeBG93 Playing Xenosaga Episode 1 and I just got to the save point in the second tower of the Song Of Nephilim. Have I screwed myself over?

Hello. I just got to this part of the game and the enemies in the first tower were kicking my ass. They hit me for 150-200 hp of damage, that's a lot. I have to heal on the menu after every battle. In the previous area, The Kukai Foundation rescuing people, I healed once every 3 or 4 battles. The enemies in this dungeon have gotten a lot more difficult. I'm level 25-26 with all 6 characters, had purchased and equipped the latest weapons and armor for all characters, with vitality stats of 75-80. Ether defense stat is around 35-40, maybe that's the problem. I have been using most of my tech points on each characters's techs' speed (which require a lot), I have been neglecting techs' power level and stat syncing. Should I farm more tech points and dump them on stats and techs' power level? I don't know what to do. There was an enemy mob of 4 green mechanical spiders that started their turn before any of my characters, they attacked all of my characters 4 times in a row and got a game over without me being able to do anything. I'm also running out of heeling items and EP replenishiable items. I don't know what I can do. I don't even know if I can go back to the Elsa. Because Matthews said something like not going back until we finish business in the Song of Nephilim. I kind of want to go back to the Elsa and go to the previous dungeon on EVS to level grind and farm tech points. What should I do?
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2023.06.04 17:21 Interesting-Bed3346 Won 2 golden tickets in one day

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2023.06.04 17:13 AlexRD19 NLMB Fallen Members Part 6/The War With PocketTown

NLMB Fallen Members Part 6/The War With PocketTown
2019 was a hard year for NLMB, losing members back to back to different opps and starting a new bloody war with DeathRow, in 2020 the war will slow down due to a lot of factors. Most members who put in work in that war will get locked up and NLMB will focus on other opps just like DeathRow, we will come back in the summer of 2022 to that beef.

Willie "Ghost 🕊️" Coker

I didn't had space to include Ghost in the last part so i decided to do it here, it's not that important to the NLMB/DeathRow beef so it's ok if i include it at the beginning.
Ghost also known as Rat was a respected OG from GME, i am not sure if he was the target or not but DeathRow and Lakeside dissed him a lot, Fa Fa Fa said they killed Ghost and ever since then GME didn't do anything for him, ignore the video from the store, that's not Ghost, it's a mistake by the one who made the post, the one who died in the store was an innocent as far as i know and it happen way after Ghost died. This happen in the same month DeathRow killed Willie, DeathRow was sliding a lot in 2019.
Ghost was outside with multiple people in his own hood when shots rang out from an unknown direction, he was shot multiple times in the chest and he died at the hospital.
"Ghost got hit up" 0:58

Michael "Aero 🕊️" Portis

One of the reasons i believed Savo 🕊️ was killed by kings was Aero death, months after Savo died, Aero was sliding with FatLord 🔒 on some kings, which made sense at least during that time, Savo died in a hood cool with the kings, Aero is sliding on the kings, it was making sense into my head that Aero died trying to get revenge for Savo + that's what i was told, again i was wrong. As i said in my previous post, Savo was killed by NLMB, Aero was just a hothead who was sliding on his opps, nothing weird.
Aero was on the frontline and did a lot of dirt for DeathRow, he earned the nickname "23" for a reason, in my previous post i put a screenshot with Fa Fa Fa straight up saying Aero killed G Dottie 🕊️. I know a lot of people believed Aero killed an innocent, but people told me that Garcia 🕊️ was a known king, why would Aero and FatLord slide on some innocents and specifically target them?
Aero and FatLord were driving a turquoise SUV when they made a U-turn at the end of the street and parked in the block close to a king hood, both got out of the SUV with armed 9-mm handguns and approached Garcia and his neighbor as they were outside talking, they opened fire hitting the neighbor in the arm and hitting Garcia multiple times, Garcia returned fire with his own weapon striking Aero multiple times who died at the scene, FatLord was also shot multiple times, FatLord left Aero there and went to a hospital with the SUV in the same clothes that CPD saw on the footage. Garcia was pronounced dead at the hospital, police recovered 19 9-mm shell casings and 10 .40-caliber shell casings from the crime scene.
This is a very controversial situation because at first, people said after FatLord recovered from his wounds, he told the police what happen and also snitched on BD 🕊️ but now they saying free him, they saying that someone else ratted and not him, but according to this article, CPD is using FatLord as a source, FatLord was the one who allegedly was the driver on the Willie hit, FatLord is still locked up so who knows.
The scanner also confirms that they was sliding on some kings because they was having problems lately, it could be possible that some kings gave the location of Savo to NLMB, Savo was killed right at his home so NLMB probably got the drop from someone.
NLMB and ABK will diss Aero hard because he killed G Dottie, someone also recorded Aero on the ground, which was heavily mocked by his opps.
"Lil Aero a dumbass got hit on a hit" 0:23

Tristan "Tedo G 🕊️" Rogers

NLMB first loss in 2020 but not because of gun violence, Tedo was from the MuskegonBoyz clique, he was killed by a car in DucciWay 🔱 hood, there is not a lot to say about him, he was a respected OG who was either related to Kobe 🕊️ or close to him.

Shianne "Anna 🕊️" Reynolds

Anna was a very loved member from MTG 079 now more known as BiyoBlock, she was Biyo 🕊️ sister, at first people believed that she was not gangbanging but that's false, there is a lot of captions with her saying she was using guns to slide, i don't think she was active when she died in that life and she probably was not the target either. However, she probably was active in the past and as we all know, the past is catching up to you, her vigil was also shot, allegedly by NLMB again.
What i know is this, allegedly NLMB saw some MTG 079 members in traffic in SirconnCity 🔱 hood, they sped up behind them and shot the whole car, Anna was just unlucky since she was in the car with them, she was hit in the head and CPD pronounced her dead at the scene. This was one of the first getback NLMB got for Capo, but it will not stop here, NLMB will get more getback for Capo months later.
2020 was a hard year for MTG 079, they lost 4 members, Anna 🕊️, Pook 🕊️ who was not killed by any opps, LB 🕊️ an original who was also close to Biyo, LB was killed in DrillCity 📶🔱🅱️ hood, last one is Jeezy Snow 🕊️, we will get later to him.

Anthony "C-Note 🕊️" Smith

C-Note was an OG from NLMB, to be more specific he was from the MuskegonBoyz clique, from what i know he passed away from natural causes, nothing to do with gun violence. He was born in 1985 so he was old compared to a lot of main members from MuskegonBoyz clique like G Farro for example, you could say he was from that White Folks generation.

Junius "BoBo 🕊️" Thurston

BoBo was a very loved member from ABK, he was one of the main faces from there. BoBo was also a rapper, one of his best songs Pigs Hot where you can see a lot of ABK members including Yogi 🕊️, BoBo was close to NLMB as well, he did a song with Juvie and before his death you could see him around G Herbo.
BlackMobb was having a field day when BoBo was killed, even though BoBo left that life behind while starting a truck company, it's not like your opps will forgive you or forget that you did dirt in the streets or hurt their people, that shit is stucked until you die, even if you are 30, 40, as long as you put yourself in danger(go back to the city) you can get killed anywhere.
BoBo exit his car and went to a gas station in a relatively safe area far away from any hood, a black Audi pull up and a rear passenger open fire, he ran north from the station but then a gunman got out of the car and chased after him, firing more shots. BoBo collapsed and the gunman caught up to him standing over him and fired more shots, BoBo was pronounced dead at the hospital, police said he was shot multiple times.
BlackMobb were not the only ones having a field day with his death, PocketTown also dissed him:
"BoBo got his ass smoked, 20 bullets took his soul" 2:45
It is sad because BlackMobb and ABK were like this, but friends are turning to enemies and both sides lost main members in this war.

Lee "KTS Rio 🕊️" Cameron

If you follow the drill scene, then you know who was KTS Rio, one of the main faces from PocketTown and Lil Los 🔒 little brother, he was a huge loss for PocketTown, after his death a lot of stuff went down.
Rio was driving a vehicle with two other teenagers near a gas station in KakiWorld 🔱🅱️⭐️✊🏿 hood when a silver SUV pulled up and someone inside started shooting, Rio was shot multiple times and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The 14-year-old boy was shot in the back and a 17-year-old boy was hit in the right arm, both were taken to the hospital in good condition.
After his death PocketTown goes by "RioGang" in his honour, Rio was also one of their main rappers, one of his most known song is NLMBK, Faro dissed him in a song after he died:
"Rio got hit and they left his ass twitching" 0:38
"Rio got hit, y'all ain't get your getback" 1:05
A lot of people are saying NLMB killed KTS Rio but if you watch Freeband BoBo 🕊️ video that CH88 made, it is very clear that NLMB didn't do anything to Rio, because the war started when Lil Greg 🕊️ was killed, that's also what BoBo said. The beef was not serious until Lil Greg died, BoBo also said the whole war started because of a bitch, Lil Greg wanted to call his guys to kill BoBo because of a girl. Feel free to watch the video, it's explaining a lot of stuff.
Remember there is a difference between "twitter beef" like disses and blood beef, KTS Dre did dirt on NLMB but he did that for Lakeside while PocketTown was his second hood(he started to claim PocketTown after KTS Von died), so Lil Greg was the first guy to die in that beef, we will get later to him.
Now honestly it is not known who killed KTS Rio, but one of the most plausible theory is that SirconnCity killed him, months after KTS Rio died, PocketTown lost KDawg 🕊️, another top member while sliding on SirconnCity hood, his article doesn't mention anything about sliding but both sides said that.
"We doing hits without hoodies and masks, Rio got hit, he got stretched like an elastic" 1:08
"KDawg got hit on a hit, he dead" 0:24
They are main opps but since PocketTown top members were sliding, i think that means something, especially after Rio died.
This won't stop at KTS Rio, this year would be the most hardest year for PocketTown, they will lose 6 members in one year and they was all top members, but not all of them were killed by opps.
Big Glizzy/Lil James 🕊️ (June 07 2020), killed at a party in Robbins, a suburb of Chicago.
KTS Rio 🕊️ (July 12 2020), KDawg 🕊️ (September 27 2020), Nuke 30 🕊️ (November 25 2020), killed OT, LA Glizzy/Lil Ant 🕊️ (January 12 2021), killed OT, Killa Spook 🕊️ (March 26 2021), we will get later to Killa Spook.
"They lost 6 niggas in one year, tryna make the rest of them disappear" 1:53

Antoine "BT 🕊️" Rose

BT was a very loved member from NLMM and 358Gang, he claimed both sets, he was also close to NLMB, one of the reasons he died. Even though NLMB and 358Gang are opps, as i said in my previous parts, NLMM was always a set focusing on money, they was never known to slide like that, so that's probably why he was close to NLMB and cool with NLMB opps, 358Gang. BT also appeared on the Maurice show.
I think everyone knows that Fa Fa Fa straight up said they killed BT, so why they killed him? Well even though BT was not involved in their beef, it doesn't matter, he was close to NLMB and 358Gang killed Mook 🕊️ in 2019, so DeathRow got their getback for him. I don't think BT was the specific target because the shooting occured in TheBush 👑🦁 territory, which are opps to DeathRow. BT was shot in the head and in the abdomen, CPD pronounced him dead at the scene, a 32 year old man was also shot in the abdomen and in the leg, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Sean "Cello Da Shoota 🕊️" Wilson

There was a lot of back and forth between NoGood and NLMB, mainly because NLMB killed Montae 🕊️ and it was forever stuck there, even though NoGood and NLMB are old opps, that beef was really inactive compared to Lakeside for example, but this all changed when Montae was killed, Montae was very loved by NoGood and like Jeff Fort said "there is not going to be any killing without killing" Cello was not really a main face from NLMB, he was from the NoLimit clique but his original hood was JBG 🔱 also known as MoneGang.
Cello was driving with someone else in the car in NoGood ⭐️✊🏿 hood, Jay Savage and Deonte 🔒 fired shots and the person in the backseat fired back, hitting one of them in the forearm, Cello was hit in the neck and died at the hospital, the other person was listed in good condition after being shot in his thigh, he has a license to carry his gun. Jay Savage and Deonte were both charged with his murder, both were from NoGood and close to Montae.

Deshawn "Jeezy Snow 🕊️" Fletcher

Jeezy was in ABK 4️⃣🍸⭐️✊🏿🔱 hood driving his car when Mally 🔒 opened fire from the sunroof of a silver Chrysler 300, he was shot multiple times in the head, neck and upper torso, he died at the hospital two days later. There is a lot of contradiction of the car used in the murder, what we know for sure is that Mally shot from the sunroof. Mally also searched the murder on google to see if Jeezy died.
This was a a crazy hit for many reasons, one of them is that Lil Wet was driving the car, Lil Wet did this two months after he beat his quadruple murder case, the case is complicated but to this day Mally is still locked up for it. The full foia if you want to read more, from what i know the case is very strong against Mally but let's be real, Lil Wet beat a quadruple murder, everything is possible in Chicago, so i won't be surprised if he is beating it.
Lil Wet also hinted in his song "Nun Stop" about the hit, the music video was deleted or made private, but the audio version is still up.
"Gotta ride for my gang, Steph got the wheel, Lil Mally might come out the roof " 0:44
Jeezy was actually very close to DoggPound 🅱️, you can see him around them in old videos and i think he was related to some members from there too, i am not sure if he was claiming DoggPound at one point but members from there still say rip to him, again it doesn't mean every DoggPound member was close to him. It is a complicated situation but this was another getback NLMB got for Capo, a top member from MTG 079 and very loved.

Gregory "Lil Greg 🕊️" Jackson III

The death that started all and guess what caused this? Well if you didn't guess it, it was a bitch, Lil Greg 🕊️ got into his feelings because BoBo 🕊️ was messing with a girl that he liked so when Lil Greg saw him, he tried to get the green light from other members to come and kill him right there, allegedly NLMB told him BoBo is not an opp and that he is staying out of the way, Lil Greg tried to call other members but it was too late.
PocketTown members got the drop from BoBo and went to kill Lil Greg who was in a barbershop far away from EastSide, Lil Don 🔒 walked up to him and shot Lil Greg in the face inside the barbershop, he was pronounced dead shortly after at the hospital, CK was actually charged because they found him in the same car that was used in the murder, he stayed solid and beat the case, CK was the one driving.
Lil Greg was a very loved member from NLMB and a main face from there, he was from the MuskegonBoyz clique but very close to G Herbo and even celebrities like 21 Savage paid respects to him, he was respected because he was a trapper making money from drugs to raise his kids, his death hurt a lot of people and you could say that his death made "DrenchGang" more famous because the getback was huge in terms of impact on the media, i am of course speaking about KTS Dre, his death was international news because of the way he died + Killa Spook, we will get later to them.
"Me and Gregg was sharin' clothes, but we weren't really bros" 0:18
"Lil Greg died, that started some shit, but how many checked after broski got hit?" 0:36 he is also upping 4 fingers, which is probably a reference to Killa Spook, KTS Dre, BoBo and probably Lil Don from PaxTown.
Moowop 🔒 also confirmed 3 opps died for Lil Greg, again most likely a reference to Killa Spook, KTS Dre and BoBo. Lil Don was also shot multiple times but he survived
NLMB was hurt but the opps were dissing Lil Greg hard, especially Lil Don:
Lil Don called Lil Greg biggest score of 2021
This started a new bloody war in the EastSide which caused a lot of damage, members getting locked up, members getting killed, members getting shot and so on, PocketTown was also unlucky to get hit with a "RICO" and most of their top members got locked up, there is barely any main faces out there besides Denny G and Lil Ant, they also have internal beef now.
The indictment also mentions they found the gun which was used in Lil Greg murder, the whole situation was fucked up for PocketTown, they lost like 10 members to this indictment + Lil Don got locked up + internal beef, the whole hood was hit hard by this indictment and a lot of "snitching" rumours are in the air.
The members who got locked up are Lil Rah 🔒, EJ(he was released), Rello 🔒, Dreski 🔒 MT Larry🔒 who actually shot back when Spook died, Corey Got Clout 🔒, PacMigo 🔒, Dwight 🔒 and DreadHead Larry 🔒

Dante "Killa Spook 🕊️" Thomas

Killa Spook was like a leader in PocketTown, he had a lot of respect and his name says it all "Killa Spook" it's not a name you earn for doing nothing, he was a known killer who did a lot for PocketTown, him and KTS Von 🕊️ went to slide on Lamron in the past, he was very active, him and Denny G were sliding on SirconnCity as well.
Spook 🕊️ was partying with a lot of members inside StainCity🔱⭐️✊🏿 hood, it was a party for their fallen member KDawg 🕊️ who was killed sliding on SirconnCity in 2020, two shooters(this might be PocketTown shooting back but i personally think those are the offenders), NLMB and GME got the drop from a bitch and shot the whole party up, Killa Spook was shot by a stray bullet through a window, he was pronounced dead at the scene, Lord was shot in the head and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Denny G was taken to the hospital in critical condition and he recovered after some time, other members got shot as well but it was nothing serious like the ones i mentioned above.
Right after the party got shot up, PocketTown went to slide on NLMB and hit someone in the leg, there are a lot of things that points NLMB for doing this hit but it is confirmed that GME was also involved, Lil B from GME was arrested by CPD with the car used in the murder, he was released because CPD didn't had proof that he did the murder.
There are many names around Spook death, Faro, Lil Ro, Twino 🕊️, EMoe from GME, 7Moe 🕊️ from GME, it is not known exactly who killed Spook but it is hard to tell, what should be confirmed for sure is that it was a NLMB/GME hit, even CPD and FBI believes that. In case you guys don't know, FBI was trying to build a RICO but their main suspect Max 🕊️ was killed, so i think the case is really not that strong anymore. I do think FBI is monitoring what is going on between NLMB and PocketTown now.
PocketTown was hurt to the core by his death, NLMB and GME were dissing like crazy and celebrating Lil Greg a lot, it's a lot of disses that i am sure most of you saw, if you want way more details, watch CH88 video.

Londre "KTS Dre 🕊️" Sylvester

Dre was getting out of prison after his fiancee paid his $5,000 bond on Friday, for some reason Dre decided to leave only on Saturday, what Dre didn't knew is that his decision will cost him his life and potentially the life of two other innocent females. Dre was shot around 64 times by multiple shooters from two different vehicles far away from EastSide in every side of his body, a 60 year old female was shot in the knee and a 35 year old female suffered a graze to her mouth while walking by, both were taken to the hospital in good condition. Dre was DOA and his death will have a huge impact in the streets, after his death the president of America, Joe Biden, was forced to do a meeting to slow the violence in Chicago, this was because his death had an immense impact in the international news because of the way that he died.
I would leave in the comments a list of some the countries news speaking about KTS Dre, because it would take too much space in the post.
Dre was an upcoming rapper in the drill scene, his most famous song being a feature with Rio called "NLMBK Pt. 2" but in the drill scene he mostly became known for punching Kyro, one of the many reasons Kyro diss him a lot. Dre was very active in the streets before his death, he did a lot of dirt and a lot of his opps wanted him gone. Dre was also suspected by CPD for killing Magic 🕊️ in 2019. He was originally from LakeSide but he started to claim PocketTown after the death of his brother in 2015, he is what people believe Von was, don't get me wrong, Von was active in the streets but Dre was something else.
I heard many names around Dre death, Faro, the DrenchGang Twins, Moowop, Kyro, Lil Hot, honestly i am not sure who killed Dre but NLMB and even PocketTown/LakeSide made it known who did it on social media. Faro being pretty clear that this was a getback for Lil Greg.
Losing so many people in such a short time affected PocketTown in many ways, a lot of them decided to step down because when shit gets real, you need to think about your life too, most of them have families, it might be a coward way but can you blame them? 10 members locked up for indictment, 9 top members killed between 2020-2022, Denny G was almost killed, Meechie was almost killed, Lil Don got locked up, Lil Art barely survived after being shot 20 times, Lord was left in critical condition, this is the worst period for PocketTown and Lil Don also confirmed that his people are scared and he only got four guys who are willing to slide.
Sadly the ones who will suffer the most is the family, his mom was devastated that she can't even give him a proper funeral because of the way that he died.

Christopher "Gucci 🕊️" Daniels

Gucci was near the sidewalk in GhettoWorld 4️⃣🍸 hood when a vehicle passed by and someone fired shots at him, he was shot in the chest and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.
This is one month after Dre was killed, Gucci was a member from the MuskegonBoyz clique, i didn't saw PocketTown or LakeSide celebrating anything, in fact they still say "getback got no date" for Spook and Dre, it might be other opps that NLMB have, remember NLMB beefs with 30+ sets, it could also be personal beef, mistaken identity and so on.

Felder "Stro Dolla 🕊️" Tatum Jr.

Stro Dolla was with a group of people inside GottiWorld 🔱 hood when someone opened and hit him in the chest, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, a 34 year old woman was also shot in the leg, she was taken to the hospital in good condition. Again i don't think he was the target but who knows, i didn't saw any opps celebrating, Stro Dolla was claiming NLMM but he was close to NLMB.He was also close to BT 🕊️ who was killed in 2020 by DeathRow, he was also a rapper, most likely Stro Dolla was just at the wrong time, wrong place, to my knowledge GottiWorld and NLMM or NLMB don't have beef. GottiWorld are actually opps to PocketTown.
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