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2023.06.04 18:55 Environmental_Day585 1 week on methylphenidate - executive function on and off

Hey folks :-)
I’m a college sophomore who’s struggled with executive dysfunction for all my life but only recently got diagnosed with combined-type ADHD at the end of April thanks to a lovely assessment clinic referred by my university. I found a psych I like, tried Strattera for a couple weeks (total nightmare) and started Ritalin a bit over a week ago.
I have finals coming up next week and unfortunately Ritalin just doesn’t seem to be working that well :( when I’m off the medication I feel suuuper sluggish and dysfunctional and after I take it I feel moderately dysfunctional. I’m not sure if I’m just unmotivated or my dosage (20mg) isn’t high enough (I’m a fairly large person). Should I try taking more for finals or will it just give me heart problems?
Alternatively, is my body possibly just running on fumes and it’s killing my brain energy? Since starting Ritalin I’ve been struggling to choke down even half of the calories I used to average daily. Unmedicated I binge eat as a symptom of ADHD but stimulants just make me find food disgusting and as a fairly active person I’ve been averaging under 1500 calories a day which I know is unmaintainable. Is eating more going to fix things for me?
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2023.06.04 18:54 Ill_Lengthiness_7247 Can i borrow based on future salary

So if I have already got a contract for a job staring in September with a higher salary, can I apply for a mortgage now using that salary for the calculation of how much I can borrow .
September start due to teaching contracts
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2023.06.04 18:54 Even-Occasion2736 How to moisturize/treat big nose pores?

How to moisturize/treat big nose pores?
I’m 37. I’ve always had large kind of clogged pores on my nose. I’ve been on tretinoin consistently for the last 6 years (on and off before that) which has helped a lot with texture but my nose is still so oily and I hate how big my pores are. I just did my first treatment of clear & brilliant + extractions + TCA Peel and I see a noticeable difference. My questions are:
  1. Can I use the rosehip oil on my nose or will it exacerbate this problem? If not what kind of moisturizer should I look for? I love this oil for the rest of my skin.
  2. Anything else I should be doing?
Morning Routine Wash (warm water only) Vitamin c Rosehip seed oil (everywhere but nose) Sunscreen
Night Routine Burt’s bees gentle cleanser (doesn’t trigger my perioral dermatitis) Niacinimide Tretinoin Rosehip oil (everywhere but nose)
A couple times a week I do a aha/bha serum or toner.
Just started using a salicylic cleanser on my nose only as per estheticians suggestion but I haven’t seen a difference over the month I’ve been using it.
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2023.06.04 18:54 dilywonka AM internship to IB

Hi all - I was very happy to receive an offer for a 10-week Asset Management internship in equity team of a AM firm with about $350 billion AUM. Next year when applying to graduate schemes I want to pivot into IB, so here is my question:
My coordinator emailed about what I want to focus on in my internship regarding sector, region and specific skills - what should I say in order to best position myself into move into IB?
Any other advice regarding the internship is very welcome also!! Many thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.04 18:54 LuvdNaNa OckeyDockey = Icky

I don’t know what it is about this couple but they just really rub me the wrong way. It seems like they try so hard to give off a “We’re basically just hippies at heart, go with the flow, live off the land kind of people. But, I just get the we’re secretly snobs and are judging you all (towards the other couples and any people they have to interact with)!
This is what set me off today: I was watching some shorts on YouTube and one of their videos came up. She was trying to decide what she should wear to either her Sister or Brother’s wedding. She modeled Four dresses for Josh. Three of the dresses were basically White with either flowers or bees but not enough to stand out. The first impression they gave off was “White”!!! I’m pretty sure that’s like the one rule that is left regarding Weddings - women should Not wear white!!! Especially when it’s someone in her family!
And, I’m sorry but he just gives me icky vibes! As she came in modeling each dress he was like oh you look so good that’s a 10/10! Three of the dresses were 10/10 and one of them was a 9/10. The only dress that wasn’t white was so short that her butt cheeks were almost showing. He was oh you know that’s one of my favorites, but are your legs getting longer? She was no, I think you keep shrinking it in the dryer.
I’m overtired and cranky so I apologize if this is too mean, I’m more of a lurker and leave a comment or two instead of creating a post - in fact I’m pretty sure the last post I did create was regarding them!! 🤪
I wish I could figure out why they trigger me so much. But to be honest I can’t really watch any of them anymore without being annoyed. When I was naive and didn’t realize that they were all basically making their money off of exploiting their children, things just seemed so much cuter. Another thing that I learned is that once they get to a Million Subscribers, they’re guaranteed a minimum amount of money regardless of how much they post. But, if you go back to when they were first posting and kept asking people to subscribe and like their posts, they were posting several times a week and then right after the Million they post a regular vlog once or twice a Month with a short or two thrown in. I also don’t know if it’s because I’m aware of things in a way that I wasn’t before, but it seemed like they were just genuinely sharing their lives with us and all the different challenges that life threw at them. And now it’s almost like they’ve become characters in a sitcom and each family is just trying to outdo each other! Thanks for letting me rant, if it’s too much, tell me - but if you feel the same, I would Love your input on the changes you’ve noticed. Have a Great Day! 😘
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2023.06.04 18:53 cafeyvino4 My son fell yesterday and I can’t let go of the fear of what could have happened

Little guy is 10 months next week. He fell yesterday from atop our kitchen island. He is ok all things considered. The initial scare and 15 min after was the most traumatic 15 minutes of my entire life. He had a chill ambulance ride to the children’s hospital ER and met some friendly doctors. Laughed and walked around at the hospital. Not a single scratch or bump on his head. But, it’s all my fault. I can’t even talk about. It could have been so much worse. If he hadn’t landed the way he did…I can’t think of it. The fear is consuming and crippling me. I don’t know how to move on from the “what if”. I feel like I’ll wake up from this dream at any moment and into a nightmare where his skull cracked open.
How do parents deal with this fear?
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2023.06.04 18:53 Psychological-Pin-23 Work shenanigans

Never in my life has someone ever told me I am a hoe and the kind of girl that sleeps with her boss. Not sure what gave her this impression of me. If laughing with my boss was considering sleeping with my boss, then what else am I doing that I have yet to notice.
To give you context of this statement, my boss and I have been working together for a month.
My boss is the new manager at our establishment. Before this man started, I was told he owns a couple of restaurants, has degress, divorced, 60 something and single. My lovely coworker told me, she also has degress, and will refuse to work slave work ( which idk what that means in her world), she is in her 50's I think, has one kid in his late 30's,and is engaged ( well she claims, but from what I heard from other is a different story but who am I to say what is true or not) Unfortunately, I'm the young one out of our team. I am 31 years old, no degress, a certified manager, engaged, no kids.
My lovely coworker was trash talking this man before he even started our team. I clapped back and told her you didn't even give him chance if he was going to be a good fit to our team, maybe he might be the guy we need to pick this place up.
At this point she was placed on light duty, however, one out of us three ladies had to help the guy cook and prep.After my lovely coworker trashed talked about this man, nobody was going to help out the guy. I personally thought it wasn't team worker like of her. Monday starts and the guy asks, who was going to come and help him? All the girls said no. I felt bad so I said yes. So here we are a whole month working together. Cracking jokes and laughing our butts off. Suddenly one of the girls finally warmed up to him. It quickly became a trio of laughter. Even our food director was pleased to finally hear laughter and everyone getting along but of course not her and the other lady (mind you the lovely folks are in thier 50's-60's). Now, they have fired one of the ladies, and the other quit to fix a problem with her finger print card. To make matters worse, the state decided to terminate the contract, which left us all job less. Luckily the food director and the owner of the school found a quick solution to keep us employed and a new contract to stay open. So we are down people and it's just my lovely coworker and I. It's been a week since I stopped working with my boss and I been working along side my lovely coworker. All she does is complain about my boss and how terrible things are being run. Yet this same lovely coworker claims she has multiple degress she can back to if things do get shut down. Claims she shouldn't be doing work because we she is doing is slave work. I mean, I have a long list of things... All I think to myself is, you have the degress, why are you stressing to be here. I should be stressing 🙃 Then she starts to completely open open up about how she thinks about me... I never knew I can be on someone's mind this much for this long. Personally I took the whole conversation as her projecting her self on to me. She was over the top rude which I know if she said that to me outside of work, she would catch these hands and I know she knows this... In the end, idk if me not saying anything was the mature thing to do. ...But I simply see her as a unhappy woman. I refuse to step to down to people like this though.... what should have I done in this case?
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2023.06.04 18:53 emmahans89 I think I just had my first MC?

Hi all, I'm really new here. Actually, we wern't even trying for a baby. I have PCOS and Endo and I've been told it's unlikely I'd be able to fall pregnant, so I haven't ever tried, as I didn't want the heartache... but, about a week ago, I realised I was at least a month late, and that my boobs were sore, I'd been extra tired lately, very emotional (which is unlike me), I'd been having weird food cravings, and the occasional spurt of nausea. I thought I was just getting sick but it had been going on for about 2 weeks at that point, so I figured I'd take a pregnancy test, just in case. Well, to my surprise, it was positive! I didn't think it would be possible for me. (Especially since I'm on BC at the moment) I got rather excited, rather quickly. (Silly me)
I wanted to figure out how long I was pregnant for, so the next morning, I did one of those digital tests that tell you how long. But it was negative. I have a friend who recently gave birth so I talked to her about it, and she said that sometimes the digital ones aren't as accurate, and to wait a few more days. In those few days, I've had pain around my lower stomach, as well as the same symptoms as before, and some brown discharge. So I tested again this morning, this time with the same type as I first tested positive with, and it's negative too..
So I'm assuming it was a really rare false positive, or I had a MC.. but I'm really concerned because I still haven't had any bleeding. I've booked an appointment with my doctor, but I still have a few days to wait. Am I at any risk?
I'm not sure if I will try for a baby after this.. before all this, I had resolved to stay childfree, but I havent stopped crying, and I just couldn't bare the heartache of this happening again. I've read some stories on here and you are all so amazing for battling through such a heartbreaking experience ❤️ I am not as strong
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2023.06.04 18:53 CascadeStrawberry Rowing Coach Challenges

I row with a community club in an intermediate recreational sweeps group. I’ve rowed for 7 years: One year sculling, three of masters competitive sweep, and three years recreational sweep. Our club has rowers 18-80. I’m 55.
Rowing brings so much joy to my life. The sport, fitness, learning and improving, being on the water, and most of all the team spirit and shared goals.
I’ve had ten coaches and great relationships with all but one. Two years ago a new coach seemed to single me out, and I received literally more on-water correction than the rest of the team combined. I though it must be my imagination, or I must be doing really badly, and I told myself to suck it up and work harder. I added erg classes on off days, weight/resistance training, and watched every rowing video I could find.
I’m here to learn. It’s not at all that I don’t want criticism. If a few others on the team had a similar experience I wouldn’t think anything of it. Most of the team got no corrections at all, ever. Over time I became self-conscious and concerned the rest of the team would see me as a weak link. She would yell things like “MJ get out of your head!,” and “MJ I need you to pay attention to your body!” as well as more helpful technical comments. I approached her periodically off-water to ask for more detail on how I could improve. She usually said I was “rowing well” and one of the only rowers who would actually make the corrections, and she liked that. But I found that no matter how hard I tried the on-water situation didn’t change.
Last year was wonderful. I had two new coaches, grew a lot, and even got to stroke. Rowing is so hard, but so wonderful!
This year she’s back, and it’s the same thing all over again. Some of what she yells seems kind of personal (“MJ you look like you could be trying harder!” and “MJ you look grumpy!”) in the earshot of 3-4 boats. I’m sure I look tense because she makes me anxious. I can’t imagine her yelling that kind of thing at anyone else on the team.
I don’t know what to do. The other sweeps programs are full, and it’s the same at the other two clubs in the area. Maybe I could try sculling again in a beginner program.
My joy for the sport is being replaced by anxiety and feeling it must be my fault. I don’t want to quit rowing. Am I just being weak? Does this happen in more advanced levels of the sport? Thanks everyone.
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2023.06.04 18:53 BigKonKrete417 Lyft Guarantees just as AZ getting slow

Lyft Guarantees just as AZ getting slow
Not sure why I got these but Lyft gave me a weekday AND weekend earnings guarantee this week. As a part timer, this is one of my best weeks ever. But why? I don't understand why they give these guarantees? It ends up working out to about $13/ride no matter how long or short they are. I snagged a few that were under 1 mile total, rides that I'm sure most drivers pass on. I'm certain Lyft lose money every time they give these out.
Do Lyft offer this locally to make sure less than desired rides get picked up? Or just as a way to steal good drivers from Uber? I'm a very high rated driver with a clean, late model car, never had a complaint.
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2023.06.04 18:53 VegetablePudding953 Need Advice on LLC Renewal and Tax Obligations for Dropshipping Store as a Non-US Resident

Hello Reddit community! 👋 I recently opened an LLC solely to establish a Stripe account for my dropshipping store, which operates globally, catering to customers worldwide and not limited to the US market. As a non-US resident, I have encountered some challenges, particularly with the person I hired on Fiverr who has been unresponsive and unable to address my queries. I am seeking your advice and expertise on the following important questions:
  1. Is it necessary to pay a high LLC renewal fee, as quoted by the person I hired, even though my LLC was opened primarily for a Stripe account and not for US-specific operations?
  2. What are the recommended steps or options available if I decide to close the LLC, considering its primary purpose was to open a Stripe account for international sales?
  3. What are the tax obligations and considerations I need to be aware of as a non-US resident engaging in dropshipping worldwide?
  4. Are there any specific requirements, fees, or legal implications I should be aware of when managing an LLC for international dropshipping sales?
Your valuable insights and guidance on these matters would greatly assist me in navigating the complexities of managing my LLC and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Thank you kindly for your assistance! 🙏
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2023.06.04 18:53 Smooth_Entertainer36 [REQ] ($1250) (#Los Angeles, CA, USA) ($1600 Repayment 07/07/23) (Paypal)

Would need to pay some bills before I receive my new paychecks. I started a new higher paying job recently (can show proof). I can pay back half of 6/23 and the rest on 07/07. I have never been late on a payment here and have a good history here. I have one current loan on here that will be paid on 06/23 (on schedule). Can provide any other more info through message. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 18:53 jacksonW123 Plants getting too tall

Plants getting too tall
Hey there, Nana Glue #4 square one genetics on a basic feed from cutting edge solutions. About two weeks into flower and I can’t really get the light any higher and the plants are only a few inches away at this point. I have done my best with LTS to keep them lower but alas. What should I do?
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2023.06.04 18:53 onthewingsofangels Tips for taking care of nails?

I went from almost never painting my nails to 6+ weeks of continuous (non-gel) nail polish. Once a week I take off the old color and put on a new design.
But I was shocked yesterday at the state of my nails. They are very dry, with white spots. A couple of the nails were flaking/peeling, and they break very easily.
Before I started the nail polish, my nails were strong and healthy, just a few ridges. I cut them yesterday, applied cuticle oil, and I'm going to skip the polish for a week.
Can you all share tips for how you take care of your nails? I'm loving playing around with nail art, and want to do it regularly (at home, not salon). But really worried about my nails.
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2023.06.04 18:52 tilly_kapow Struggling with my job after maternity leave

Been back at my work two months after maternity leave, and I hate it. Before baby I was very confident in my role, and now I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing as much. I also just don’t care. It’s always been a very stressful and demanding job, but now I despise it. Nothing has changed there in a year I’ve gone, it’s the same old shit. I like the people it’s the nature of the job I’m fed up with. Constant demand, no direction and intense pressure.
I miss my baby, I want to cry all the time as I miss her and want to be with her. I’ve been given a complex area which pre baby me would have been thrilled with but now I just go into work with a big feeling of dread. I also feel trapped as they have been very accommodating with flexible working (I do four days) and they have good sick pay etc (I have a chronic illness) I just want to leave.
Anyone else feel like this?
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2023.06.04 18:52 AdNegative7799 HOW TO RETRIEVE MY LOST FUNDS

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2023.06.04 18:52 Over_Balance_7310 International student owning shares in a company outside the UK

I'm applying to a Student visa. From several sources, it seems being a working co-founder counts as having a job.
What if I formally quit and only keep my shares! The rules are a bit ambiguous about "business-activity" when it's outside the UK. For example here it says:
You can buy and own shares, but if you own more than 10% of the shares in the company (including if they are held in trust for you) you cannot work for the company. This is one of the specific examples of “business activity” in the Student route caseworker guidance (page 95).
(the link doesn't work)
and then here:
If you make a dividend income from shares you own, you must pay income tax on this income.
Are these referring to UK companies only?
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2023.06.04 18:52 PTYHRD Staccato c2-tac Tex grip to Elusive Stipple grip

Staccato c2-tac Tex grip to Elusive Stipple grip
Started with the stock grip. Sent the c2 off to staccato for the full size tac Tex grip. I went to the range once and didn’t care for it.
Sent the stock grip off to Elusive. Wow awesome job. Haven’t shot yet but feel is way better to me. Highly recommend his work.
Looking to sell the staccato full size tac grip.
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2023.06.04 18:52 coldcoffeethrowaway Feeling like I regress when I go back home to visit family because of immature mother and sister

I (23 F) recently visited home for my dad's birthday. I have sort of a complicated relationship with my family. Sometimes I go home and it's a great visit and I leave feeling loved and wanted and like I'm going to miss them. Sometimes I go home and I feel like it's a total shitshow and I leave feeling relieved to be away from them.
For context, I'm the oldest child of three. Growing up, I had mental health problems that were never spoken of or dealt with. I had bad social anxiety disorder and low self esteem, panic attacks, etc. It was always viewed like I was just socially immature and that I needed to grow up and get over it. I was left out in school, sometimes made fun of, etc. It's hard to explain in one post but my mother contributed to those issues a lot. She also has mental health problems (depression, anxiety, obsessiveness, etc) but instead of getting help for it although she has the resources and means, she pretends nothing is wrong with her. There's more to that story but I'll stop there with that. My mother can be very critical, judgmental, and I think she is immature for her age (51).
I have been to therapy now and I go regularly to try to better myself, even after I've gotten over the anxiety disorder. I live a "normal" life now-I've graduated undergrad and I'm about to graduate graduate school, I have an internship, a partner, and a few friends. In my day to day life, I generally get along with everyone and am an agreeable person. I am not a negative or rude or argumentative person in my daily life. I'm actually the opposite and can be too much of a people pleaser and too demure.
However, sometimes when I go home, I feel triggered. I feel like I'm regressing back to being fourteen and feeling unwanted and unappreciated in my family. I can recognize I'm getting triggered but have a hard time dealing with it. I feel like the black sheep in my family just because I'm not a conservative MAGA Christian, I am going into a career field that is less black and white and more theoretical, and I just remember how alone and ostracized I felt growing up by everyone.
Yesterday, I was in the car with my mom and my younger sister. I was having a good time. We were going to pick up my dad's birthday cake. My mom was complaining about his cake costing twenty five dollars, saying it was too expensive etc, even though she has been a stay at home mom for over twenty years and my dad makes the money (and they have plenty of it). When she got out of the car, I casually remarked to my sister "Mom can be cheap." Now, I did not say it in a hateful or derogatory way, but in a joking manner. It is a running joke in our family that mom is tight with money. That's all I said.
When we got home, I went inside the house first, blissfully unaware. I started making myself lunch. My mom comes in the house, gives me a very hateful look, and says, "Why are you so critical about people?" She said it in a very hateful way-the way she usually always has said criticism to me. The way she said it made me feel small and disliked. I had no idea what she was talking about. Completely taken aback, I said, "What are you talking about?" And she said that my sister had told her I was talking shit about her, basically. I said I had no idea what she was talking about because I didn't even remember calling her cheap because to me, it wasn't a big deal.
My sister gets mad at my mom for telling me she had told her. I start defending myself, saying yes, I had called mom cheap, but it was in a joking way and why is it even a big deal? I start to get really upset. I don't know why. I know it's a childhood thing. I started crying about it after they left the room. I hardly ever cry-I can count on one hand the number of times I cry in a year. But something about this triggered some core wound. I'll talk to my therapist about it next session lol. I think it has to do with my sister. She is younger than me and so I feel stupid and immature being upset by her knowing I have years on her. But she is a difficult type of person for me to feel close to. She's spoiled, gets whatever she wants, is a popular cheerleader type, and looks down on me. Every time I come home, she has something snarky to say about what I'm wearing, something I'm doing, etc. I know she reminds me of girls that bullied me in middle and high school. It's sad when your own sister reminds you of that. I always try to be nice to her. I comforted her when she was going through a tough time two weeks ago. I always buy her thoughtful birthday and Christmas presents. But I just told my mom, I do not think I can talk to or hang out with her right now. Obviously she was trying to start drama, because why else would you do what she did?
I felt stupid and immature for getting upset about such a trivial matter. I still feel that way. But also, I can recognize my mom handled it badly. Instead of coming to me and saying, your sister told me you said this, it hurt my feelings, did you and why did you say it? She just accused me of it in a very hateful way. It ruined the day for me, over something that I didn't even say to be hurtful or critical, just as an offhand joking remark.
If you read all of this, you might be thinking I sound immature, and yeah, that's how I feel when I go home half the time, despite feeling normal in everyday life. I feel like I regress. And that's why I only go home for holidays and birthdays. I love and get along well with my dad and my brother and it's sad that I have a harder time with my mom and my sister. I could make a whole separate post about my mom, she has so many undealt with issues.
TL;DR: feel like I regress to a triggered teenage mindset when I go home. Just need to vent and process it.
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2023.06.04 18:52 BrokeDMD Is accrued interest from pre-COVID going to capitalize when loan repayments start up again?

COVID started while I was in dental school, but some interest (around $40k) had accrued before the pause. Once the payments resume, will that interest capitalize?
I have already signed up for PAYE, but I am considering switching to IBR so that my loans are not consolidated and I can try to hit the biggest loans with the highest interest first. I am also trying to create a spreadsheet to predict what my payments and interest growth look like.
So I guess this is 2 questions:
  1. Interest usually capitalizes at graduation and/or when selecting a payment plan, right? My interest has not capitalized yet; will it?
  2. If PAYE causes my loans to consolidate, does it make more sense to do IBR if my plan is to try to pay down my higher interest loans first (with extra payments)?
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2023.06.04 18:52 tjrszrjys first removal session on tuesday!

january of this year, i decided to get a tattoo on my arm covered (i should have just gotten it removed ....) but it was really hard to find a design and instead of holding off and thinking about it i just got whatever design the artist suggested. the artist was really nice but the design was decidedly not. i hate the tattoo now because it looks ugly and reminds me of bad decisions i made in the lowest point in my life and so i decided to get it removed. while i know that i will feel so much happier and more confident once i get it removed, im really anxious about it because a) it is not cheap and im still a student so my parents are paying for it and b) i feel like im being dramatic and stupid and should just get used to it lol. its a weird concern but i kind of just want someone to tell me getting a tattoo removed is okay and im not just wasting money on childish whims. i really really love tattoos and have like 4 more, i just hate this one and want it off me but im afraid if i open this option to myself nobody will never take the rest of my tattoos seriously. ive realised that getting tattoos just to 'be cool' is not something i can do and the two tattoos ive got since this one i wholeheartedly love, but it just feels like if ive made this mistake once, what will stop me from making it again? i guess im just scared to accept my mistakes.
sorry this is really stupid but eh. i will be back with how the first session goes!
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2023.06.04 18:52 Active-Algae-8940 US and Canada Tax on a U.S. visa worker

I am a Canadian who just started a job in the US. The job allows me to work from home. I spend two days working in the US office and then work remotely three days in my Canadian home each week. This means I spend around a week only in the US per month. This will be helpful as my family resides in Vancouver Canada and I do not need to rent another place in the US which will double my charges. I mean not paying for two homes/places. I understand that Canada and US have a tax treaty to avoid double taxation, but I am still afraid that my calculations are wrong, and it may be better to get only a job in Canada until my family conditions are improved and I can fully transfer. Is there a way to estimate roughly the total Canadian and US taxes for $200K USD? I got my first pay cheque and I see another high amount FICA+MED. I do not understand it but it seems Fed Tax and FICA+MED are 25%. Note that I pay a $10K health insurance in Canada. I read about 30% flat rate non resident alien. I read about some US ties such as work. I read about that my visa does not need me to live in the US. I read about many CRA issues but I am willing to pay both Canadian and US taxes. I am a law-abiding citizen, and I am totally confused. Any help with the tax amount here? Please help me. I am also willing to pay for a professional advice but I got different answers.
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