Minibikes: Really small, really fast

2012.04.11 16:49 Sandcracker Minibikes: Really small, really fast


2023.06.02 03:12 alpha_numeric44 30 series Torque A Verter for 212 minibike?

30 series Torque A Verter for 212 minibike?
So I'm running a centrifugal clutch and chain.
Does 25 mph, no problems.
Is the torque a verter worth the $120?
What do yall think?
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2023.05.29 01:03 Top-Scar-4410 Mega moto

I know you guys might not know but it’s worth a shot. Do y’all know when gopowersports will restock the mm80. It’s been out of stock for months now. They say summer of 2023 but that’s a fairly wide date gap. Just wanna know if I should wait or buy a frame off marketplace. Thanks
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2023.05.28 23:03 casperrosewater Mount Engine to Rear Rack of Mongoose Envoy? [links with photos]

Seems like a relatively easy, solid build. I own a higher-end Mongoose and the frame is very well built. The Amazon reviewers say that Envoy frame is solid. That rack looks bulletproof. My biggest concerns are that it will be somewhat top heavy (Predator 212 = 34 lb.) and if there is enough clearance in the rack to reach an axle-mounted sprocket. It seems I could position a sprocket using a custom axle on the non-drive side of the wheel. The rack dimensions: outside of the rack bars is 6.25in and inside of the rack is 4.75in. An adjustable motor mount is 7-1/2"L x 6"W x 1/2" thick (says it fits the P212). I would need to weld that motor mount to the inside rails of the rack or just make a wider one to weld the mount to all four rails.
Edit: I could always go with a smaller engine to keep the weight down.
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2023.05.28 15:41 Present-Diamond6504 How quiet is this muffler

My neighbors don't appreciate my straight piped 212 and the police don't either so I'm trying to tone it down a bit. How much quieter would it be with this muffler?
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2023.05.27 15:53 Ghockey11 Bt200x rear axle faul

I ordered the gopowersports rear axle for the CT200, because the threads got screwed up on the last one, assuming it would be the sqme length as the bt200's. Everywhere i looked agreed. Got it in, went to put it together and the axle is about 2 inches too long, extends wayyy past the threads. Also, it doesn't seem to have the greatest fit in the bearings that i put in. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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2023.05.26 19:33 Dangerous_Remote_965 Rebuilt after years in the basement

Rebuilt after years in the basement
Predator 212. Gopowersports cruiser stage 2. Flat top piston. Governor delete. Ported/matched intake and exhaust. 26mm flat side carb. Header. Comet 30. Juggernaut. Bmw scooter brake shoes. 10/50 front/rear. 24v battery head/tail. 19x7-8 sunf dirt track tires
Just had to show it off!
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2023.05.23 03:14 townmoped Coleman mini bike 200 torque converter woes

Coleman mini bike 200 torque converter woes
Coleman mini bike 200. Made 2022ish. 5/8 jackshaft. Just as the title states. Ex model and camo. Torque converter installed. Has anyone else had issues with both the washers and the woodfield key?
GoPowerSports kit. Kit sends 7 washers, absofuckinglutely did not line up. Looking good now with 5 washers.
Woodfield key was so tight I had to hammer it onto the jackshaft. I considered taking a file to it, but then there would’ve been a gap between the key and the adapter spacer. I chalked this up to the jackshaft being made wrong, but after the spacer issue I’m completely lost as to how or why this occurred.
Has anyone else had issues with their kits?
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2023.05.06 06:26 PsychologicalMud333 Mm105 cvt question

Im running a predator 212 on this frame. Im currently using the angled 212 mounting plate from go powersports. My question is, will I be able to get enough clearance to install a torque converter with just the angled plate? Or will i need to add the adjustable motor mount as well. I know gopowersports says you need both, but I was wondering if there is anyone with first hand experience with this.
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2023.05.04 05:46 SavMac14 Anyone know about parts compatibility?

Long story short, I have a minibike just gathering dust. It’s an Invader, sold in San Jose, CA during the 90’s- early 2000’s but it needs a complete overhaul. I saw GoPowerSports is having a sale on CT100U parts and it got me wondering if parts were compatible enough to be able to restore my bike on the more affordable side of the spectrum. Everything I need would be considerably cheaper, but I run the risk of things not fitting. Does anyone have any experience on part compatibility between different brands? Any general guidance in some direction is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.04 01:31 ExperienceC Good parts for a stage 2 build w/ predator 212 non hemi

Obviously there isnt exact items for "stage" 2. IF anyone has any opinions, I've been looking at only getting these
I already know, I'll be ordering bolts for the governor removal, self tapping ones. And whatever else, but is there anything else I need, do I need any less? the Carb pack with the air filter feels small, all other filters online I've see visually seemed a lot bigger, dont know if it matters, just wondering on that. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
EDIT: Been looking at OMB and their stuff seems to be cheaper but their entire website confuses me.
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2023.05.02 20:38 AlternativeState6323 Hardware for GoKart Alley frame

anyone know where to buy all the hardware for the gopowersports XL frame, im missing bolts for the tierods and seat, everything else i salvaged from my 1971 manco american express
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2023.04.28 02:44 AwAlba Will these work on a ct100/ doodlebug db30 frame??

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2023.04.24 18:54 Pte_Madcap 212 e start build. Any parts tips?

Currently set to order the following. Any changes or reccomendations? Go Power Sports
6254 Billet Connecting Rod ARC Predator Performance Billet Connecting Rod
HOT265 Camshaft (212cc Non-Hemi Predator) GoPowerSports Performance
18lb Valve Spring Pair GoPowerSports
Full Top Plate Throttle Mechanism
Gas Tank Aluminum Cylinder 10" GoPowerSports
22MM Mikuni Carburetor Performance Kit - Aftermarket in pieces GoPowerSports
52" Mikuni Mini Bike Cable GoPowerSports
30 Series GPS Torq A Verter Kit GoPowerSports
Performance Exhaust Kit GoPowerSports
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2023.04.22 01:23 Elite_Banana0903 Need help identifying brake bolt size

Need help identifying brake bolt size
I need to know the size of these bolts that go in the handlebar assembly on the gopowersports hydraulic brake kit, Someone please help.
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2023.04.21 20:54 seanj552002 What's going on with gopowersports?

I ordered a tillotson from them a week ago and they have yet to still ship it out. Amazon says it's arriving on April 25/26 but I don't think that's going to be the case as they haven't shipped my order out yet. Tried contacting them but got no answer, has anyone else had better luck with them recently?
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2023.04.21 05:29 HPcomputer679 Mini muffler

Mini muffler
Any body running one of these?
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2023.04.20 22:05 GoPowerSports How To Make Your Coleman CT100U Minibike Go Faster!

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2023.04.20 07:41 Secret-Salt02 Need info

How fast does gopowersports ship I’ve heard its very slow smh need sum reviews
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2023.04.15 19:05 AwAlba Anyone know where i can buy doodlbug/ ct100u forks?

I had an accident awhile back and bent my forks. I can’t find a replacement set anywhere online. Gopowersports has them on site but out of stock. I just want to ride again.
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2023.04.15 16:16 wuvvtwuewuvv New go kart project, need frame

Starting a new project, want to build something to ride around on, not for racing (unless you wanna race yours in the neighborhood lol, but I have no interest in racing karts). I've been buying tools and a Predator 212 and racing as much as I can about it all, but I'm having trouble finding a kit or frame, even used, within budget. There's almost nothing on Craigslist in my state, let alone ebay. Another limitation is my size: I'm well over 6 feet and can't use something that's almost kid sized like a good deal of them are.
I really like gopowersports xl vintage kart, but it's crazy expensive and frankly not remotely worth it. There's also a go kart shop not too far from me but it's all about racing, and also expensive. I'm about ready to just build my own but I've never welded before and I'm afraid to waste even more money screwing that up.
Does anybody have any advice on where else to look, the best source of frames/metal and type of welder to buy? Or are you getting rid of yours? :)
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2023.04.08 21:39 Adorable_Fly6313 Coleman CT200u wont start after installing gps stage 1 kit

Coleman CT200u wont start after installing gps stage 1 kit
installed the stage one kit from gopowersports and haven’t been able to get the bike started since. Followed multiple videos step by step, not sure where i went wrong. Put the exhaust on and it was working but after installing the new carb and air filter it hasn’t worked. Save me n my bike🙌🏻
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2023.04.04 03:28 dirtrider998 ~2 month review Mega Moto 212 tillotson stage 1

got this from gopowersports for around $1200. UPS DESTROYED the box but it's like 150 lbs stuffed into a single-wall cardboard box no reinforcements. UPS guy said something like I can't check through it and then decide to send it back or not, so I signed for it knowing GPS would replace anything missing. UPS has a pretty bad history with me damaging boxes, I sell on eBay and only use UPS for the heavy/large packages and they messed up quite a few, USPS has always been great though.
Assembly is a bit of a PITA, no bags of screws are labeled to know which step/part them go with but after a while it became pretty easy. The powder coated black paint frame is very thin, before assembly I painted the frame inside with brush-on oil based Rustoleum because it was too cold outside to spray paint plus spray is much thinner so I figure brush-on will give more protection. When doing a light sanding first just to scuff the original paint for the primer and paint to adhere better, a lot of it came right off like nothing, so I suggest paint the frame so it doesn't rust as easy.
I Sent pics of everything laid out and asked GPS to just check the photos and send what's missing besides the obvious stuff, in case there were bags of screws or small stuff missing they'd know better than me but they still basically only sent me what I noted and was missing other stuff, had to wait for two deliveries of parts. Also the choke lever retainer clip doesn't fit when the aftermarket air filter is installed, it needs a thicker metal gasket and GPS said tillotson doesn't come with that gasket anymore and that I had to purchase it! Should have sent me that free because they were very nice about sending the missing parts plus I ended up with a few extras I can sell on eBay for ~$50 net profit total. For now I'm using my finger to toggle the small black plastic clip choke/unchoke and it can be a hassle esp because I ride with padded gloves.
GPS in email said the governor is already removed for their stage 1 kits but also on their page it says something like 'we do nothing internally to the engine, we just check valve lash etc and make sure it's tuned perfectly'. but I should be able to check this eventually. For now I'm happy with the speed and would leave the gov in there if it is. On flat open road it hits about 37 MPH with a 160lb rider in about 350 feet, pretty fast. I feel if it's just an open straight-away it could hit something like 55-60 but I don't want to go that fast.
I have a coleman BT200x also with stock engine and that one only maxes about 18MPH but with the clutch drive it feels actually like it has more pop off the start than the MM212 with torque converter, the bt200x feels like I could wheelie it but not the mm212 although it's a bigger heavier bike. Once the TQ kicks in though at like 14 MPH though the MM212 sorta takes off.
I ride a lot of woods trails, bumpy trails etc, and I actually feel the coleman handles better being smaller but also just in general but both have nice wide tires and can go over a lot of rough terrane.
I told GPS this too that if they ever re-do their assembly video, there's no need to run the rear brake line under the frame, in woods it can get caught on something, I just routed mine along the upper frame. Brakes work great, throttle is more sensitive than I prefer especially when riding standing over bumps etc (because it's much less bumpy when standing) it can sometimes give that feel like you give it more gas by accident.
The handlebar clamps are loose and terrible. My coleman never budged and I pick it up by the handle and turn it around a lot but the MM212 I tightened the heck out of them, banging on the allen key with a hammer but it still slips. I asked about possibly drilling and tapping threads in them to add a bolt but some suggested it'll weaken the bars and potentially crack, some guy on youtube did this to his motorcycle and some liked it and other disagreed. I won't do that though. I'm likely just replacing the whole handlebar clamp with a much better motorcycle one that's like $150 but I'll pay whatever as long as it doesn't slip because when standing and riding over bumps I worry they'll slip and cause me to crash. Some put a strip of soda can in there, some put sandpaper, red locktite thread locker also (I really don't trust that for this though, not hard to break that seal). I'm likely getting the upgraded best motorcycle/dirt bike one if it'll retro fit the frame even if I have to drill new holes and then maybe adding sandpaper and then riding it over to the mechanic shop and having him weld the outside in place at the angle I prefer. There's also a mesh aluminum strip product for putting in wood screw holes that are stripped and they regain their grip but once clamped down the soft aluminum will basically become flat like a soda can - sandpapethe rocks will give a good grip. Even if I get this to clamp down great with the stock clamps, they seem extremely light and weak, sort of that metal that if you crack it open it looks like cement inside. I want nice strong steel ones so I'm replacing the clamps.
foot pegs should be farther back for standing and riding or even just any off road bumpy riding, they're not too forward but not ideal for standing or riding bumpy, I'd consider having new ones welded farther back but even though welds are supposed to be stronger than the actual metal I might not feel comfortable standing on them in bumpy tracks, maybe if there's a type that bolts on too if I drill new holes (and I'd put sealant/weld around there to keep water from getting into the frame tubes).
Other than that, it's a great bike, I like the rack so I can store tools etc. Going to upgrade the headlight with LED that'll run off the single coil it comes stock with. Burns gas quite quicker than the stock ~200cc coleman but can get a good maybe 4-5 hour ride with a tank.
Is quite loud with RLV silencer removed but I like it like that sounds and looks like a mini chopper. Some people when I ride by them act annoyed but more people wave or thumbs up or smile at me📷
The coleman being smaller, I just feel less likely to get in trouble by a cop if I ride on street, it's more like a novelty or toy or something plus I can argue it only goes 18 and some of these scooters and even electric longboards people ride go faster, and I'm a very safe and attentive rider, I have thousands of miles ridden on street mountain bike in the past ~10 years which helps.
Chain tension stays pretty good, at first of course I had to adjust it after first few rides but then it seemed to really stretch again as if it'd run out of room for adjustment but the next tightening it's stayed good.
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