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My Thoughts on Sidemen Tinder 4 (This is just my Opinion)

2022.07.25 06:51 EmeraldGuy26 My Thoughts on Sidemen Tinder 4 (This is just my Opinion)

  1. The video could have been a bit longer like say, about 45 minutes. Usually Tinder videos are 40 to 50 minutes. This one has an ok time, but if it was at least more than 40 minutes, It would be great to me. But no hate to Kon and everyone else who did an awesome job as always with the production. All of that (even the editing) must have taken a while.
  2. The girls were not that great. I have no hate to any of the beautiful women that were in the video, but I wouldn't called them "H*es" like some people have, that's just disrespectful. I thought there were gonna be "USA Youtubers" that we would recognize because of the title, but instead I only recognized Tana Mongeau and Abby Rao (who isn't a Youtuber but we recognize from some KSI and Sidemen Videos). Besides them, I didn't recognize anyone else. It was weird that some of the girls showed their t*ts randomly, even when KSI used one of his old jokes in his old videos on one girl and she just did it. But it was their choice at the end of the day. It was also weird that Mike chose all of the girls when he knew all of them.
  3. The boys did great as usual and Logan, Mike and George were a good edition too.
  4. George was easily the funniest in the video, hands down.
  5. It honestly would have been better if this was an OnlyFans or f*ck it, a PornStar edition, because then it would sort of make sense for a lot of the crazy stuff that happened in the video, to happen. It sort of what we got here but it's titled "USA Youtubers" and only one was in the video. (Once again, I don't know if Abby Rao make videos). If Youtubers for example, SSSniperwolf, Alissa Violet and Liza Koshy (IDK) were in the video, That would have been fire!
Overall, I thought the video was alright. I have no hate towards the Sidemen and/or Logan Paul and his crew. At the end of the day, we should be grateful that we got another tinder video after a while, even if we have our opinions on it. I'm still a fan of the sidemen either way.
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