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2023.06.04 20:04 Particular-One-3161 Average Asian Male Applies to T20s for Finance🚩🚩🚩

demographics: Male, South Asian, NC, large competitive semi-feeder public, no hooks
uw/w: 3.7/4.36 (top 30%)
sat: 1350, act: 29
intended major: finance
ap stat, ap lang, apush, precalc, ap physics, ap computer science a, ap psych, ap csp
dual enrollment (completed accounting certificate pathway):
macro economics, microeconomics, managerial accounting, business law, survey of economics, art appreciation, communication, sociology
extra curriculars:
chief financial officer at local education non profit
logistics manager at local finance non profit
school economics club secretary
school fbla club parliamentarian
local volunteering organization (50+ hours)
school red cross club (25+ hours)
first robotics club team member
local badminton club member
weightlifting (225+ bench press)
casual player (1200 elo+)
econ challenge state finalist
3rd place fbla state winner (national qual) badminton award
5th place in investment competition (approx 500 participants)
deca proficency award
ed: nyu stern
ea: unc chapel hill, nc state, unc charlotte, ut austin, iu kelley, iu bloomington, umich ann arbor, uva
rd: upenn wharton
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2023.06.04 20:04 Kyky716 HVAC blower not operating

HVAC blower not operating
Been trying to diagnose problem with our upstairs AC for a couple weeks while we wait for them to come by. We’re getting air blowing but not cold air in our upstairs. Issue seems to be the blower outside isn’t operating. Last week it would turn on for about 30sec before turning off for a minute then repeating. Now it doesn’t turn on at all. I’ve tried breakers and what not. Any ideas? TIA
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2023.06.04 20:04 SuperMoistt [WTS/WTT] Send-it-Sunday Nike AlphaFly, VaporFly, NB RC Elite V2, Salomon Sense Ride 4


Looking to offload some New/Barely Used running shoes. Got heavy into running a couple of years ago and went nuts buying new pairs whenever I saw some decent deals. Any minor dust on the bottom is just from trying them on. They all (aside from the Hoka) have ZERO miles on them.
For Sale:
Nike AlphaFly - Green - 11D - New w/o box - $150
Nike VaporFly Next% - Black/Gold -11D - New w/o box - $150
Nike VaporFly - Pink -11D - New w/o box - $140
New Balance RC Elite V2 - Purple 10.5D - New w/ box - $165
Salomon Sense Ride 4 - Black/Red - 10.5D - New w/ Tags but no Box - $70
Hoka Challenger ATR 6 - Gray - 10.5EE - Worn twice in the office - $60
Interested in trading for the below items:
Holosun 507K Gr ACSS
Holosun EPS Carry MRS Gr 32moa
p365 Gray Guns Flat Trigger - SilveNickel
All Prices are shipped to CONUS only. All sneakers are $10 shipping for first pair. Any bundle is free shipping.
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 20:02 inspirednudist Favorite quotes?

I was watching SG-1 season 6, episode 20 Momento today when this exchange happened.
Colonel Ronson, “Weapons officer, prepare to fire on my command.”
O’Neill to Teal’c
“As the weapons officer, you’d think he’d already be prepared.
I forgot how hard my husband and I laughed the first time we watched it. I’ve always been a big fan of O’Neill’s snarky dialogue.
What are some of your personal favorites?
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2023.06.04 19:59 Kami_hari Applying for native title in Sarawak : Just bcs property price here soaring up > Peninsular property price

Disclaimer : I am sorry if the issues is very sensitive to some of you.
But long story short, my dad is a Sarawakian and my mom from Peninsular Malaysia. I was trying to find a house to buy. And to my discovery, I am not eligible to buy native land which are relatively cheaper, JUST BECAUSE my mom isn't Sarawakian. So I had to search for mixzone land which is sooo freaking expensive and limited, mcm pisang goreng panas. (At this point I do feel the burden of Chinese Sarawakian, whom had to settle down in mixzone area and not eligible for native land. Am sorry if it touch the sensitive spots).
So I called a few people like banker, REN, Land State Survey and even District Officer to confirm that rule and yes, I couldn't buy native land and even inherit native land. Some said I should apply to get the native status. WAH I CAN APPLY :O That's my first reaction😅
Why the hell property and land is soooooo fraking expensive during my generations? Especially in Sarawak where the land are big and there's no need to be expensive. Even the land and houses in Peninsular Malaysia are more affordable and controlled =_= Imagine, 200K got low cost intermediate house which sometimes got no tingkap worr dalam bilik. Rumah landed area bandar kuching got no price such as in 300k. Yang ada just 300K-500K walaoweyhh! Condo pun boleh tahan mahall, lagi mahal dr KL. Imagine, just 10 years ago, the price of the property were half of it were now. The opr also increase like no tomorrow one.
I don't want to work until die just to own a property😭 Currently macam bujang senang, tunggu kalau ada any auction properties cross my sights. Haihh.😭 If got any cheat codes to secure property during my 90s generation, please teach me mastahhh!
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2023.06.04 19:50 Kami_hari Applying for native title bcs : Property price soaring like hell🔥

Disclaimer : I am sorry if the issues is very sensitive to some of you.
But long story short, my dad is a Sarawakian and my mom from Peninsular Malaysia. I was trying to find a house to buy. And to my discovery, I am not eligible to buy native land which are relatively cheaper, JUST BECAUSE my mom isn't Sarawakian. So I had to search for mixzone land which is sooo freaking expensive and limited, mcm pisang goreng panas. (At this point I do feel the burden of Chinese Sarawakian, whom had to settle down in mixzone area and not eligible for native land. Am sorry if it touch the sensitive spots).
So I called a few people like banker, REN, Land State Survey and even District Officer to confirm that rule and yes, I couldn't buy native land and even inherit native land. Some said I should apply to get the native status. WAH I CAN APPLY :O That's my first reaction😅
Why the hell property and land is soooooo fraking expensive during my generations? Especially in Sarawak where the land are big and there's no need to be expensive. Even the land and houses in Peninsular Malaysia are more affordable and controlled =_= Imagine, 200K got low cost intermediate house which sometimes got no tingkap worr dalam bilik. Rumah landed area bandar kuching got no price such as in 300k. Yang ada just 300K-500K walaoweyhh! Condo pun boleh tahan mahall, lagi mahal dr KL. Imagine, just 10 years ago, the price of the property were half of it were now. The opr also increase like no tomorrow one.
I don't want to work until die just to own a property😭 Currently macam bujang senang, tunggu kalau ada any auction properties cross my sights. Haihh.😭
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2023.06.04 19:39 Visionaira Rating maps based on how I like their play style

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2023.06.04 19:03 usakrani Excel dashboards - see text below (images as reference)

Excel dashboards - see text below (images as reference)
Hey, I can make dashboards with data analysis and data summary on excel. The above pictures are of a project I've worked on before for an international company. If you would like something like this for yourself or your business, feel free to get in touch.
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2023.06.04 18:57 colopich4rt3d Sugestões

Estou vendo que muita gente está falando que a área da programação é uma área que pode demorar a aparecer oportunidades ainda mais para quem está iniciando.
Eu considerando isso, não pretendo desistir de seguir carreira nessa área. sei que pode ter estresse, isso e aquilo, mas eu estou decidido de seguir carreira nessa área.
Porém considerando que possa demorar um tempo (na qual eu não sei) Eu não quero ficar dependendo do tempo, eu quero buscar arrumar um trampo, quero me candidatar a diversas vagas até arrumar o primeiro trampo.
Sei que aqui é destinado mais a área da programação, mas eu estou precisando arrumar um emprego e pretendo continuar os meus estudos também na área da programação.
Eu gostaria de ouvir sugestões de como eu poderia arrumar o meu primeiro emprego. Curso de Inglês e Pacote Office poderia ajudar? Tem mais coisas que poderia ajudar? Quero sair aplicando em diversas vagas, acredito que uma hora vai.
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2023.06.04 18:45 CostasA007 Discover 7Hills Industries: A Community Blending Professionalism with a Love for Verse Adventures!

Do you want to be part of a serious and respectful community of adults from around the world who share your passion for space exploration, trading, excellence, and discovery? Look no further than 7Hills Industries!
We offer a friendly, drama-free, and organized environment with assertive and measured leadership to facilitate effective decision-making in organized operations. We provide support for regular and hardcore players through leadership, logistics, and operations/event-planning opportunities. We're dedicated to growing and expanding our organization.
With a fleet ranging from MPUV to Javelin, we have all the necessary ships for every lawful career, including science, exploration, mining, construction, transport, fuel, repair, supply, medical, salvage, rescue, and security.
Our supported divisions include Exploration, Engineering, Base Building, Mining, Hauling, Salvage & Repair, Trading, Combat, Escort, and Scouting. We also offer opportunities for Bounty Hunting and Personal Transport.
We value community, kindness, and cooperation, and we seek members who have strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as the patience and perspective to pursue long-term goals. Our ultimate goal is to become as independent as possible.
If you are 18 years of age or older, you are welcome to join our ranks. Whether you have a big ship fleet or only a small starter, whether you are a Fighter or Transport Pilot, Racer, Trader, Escort Pilot, Officer, Team player, or Role player, you'll find a place in our organization. With our crew rotation, all members have their place. Join us now and become a part of the 7Hills Industries family!
For more information, visit our website at
Discord channels at
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2023.06.04 18:33 Wanderlust063 Update: How I disposed of the ghost woman.

So this is an update on how I accidentally killed a ghost. If you want to know how I accidentally killed a ghost, you can find the story here: [\_i\_accidently\_killed\_a\_ghost\_and\_i\_dont\_know/\].
Around 30 minutes after I made the original post, my coworker, Sunny, came down the basement stairs. Her mouth was agape as she saw the lifeless body of the ghost woman lying near the foot of the stairs. Her head had stopped bleeding the inky liquid, but her eyes were now a milky white color.
She stared at the horrific display before looking back up at me. I thought she would have been freaking out, seeing a dead woman on the floor, but her expression was more of dismay. She pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a sigh. "What happened?"
The coherent thoughts in my head that would have clarified everything came out as a jumbled mess from my mouth. "I-I was watching the tapes and sorting, and there were only two tapes left, so..." My rambly explanation was cut short by her accusatory shout, "So you watched the tape with the red strip!"
The conviction in her voice made my heart sink. I retorted as quickly as she had cut me off, "No! I said there were only two tapes. Of course, I would choose the one that I had to watch and not the one I wasn't supposed to!"
Sunny was taken aback by what I said. "So you're telling me the tape without the red strip caused this?"
"Yes! For crying out loud, she climbed out of the TV!" My voice cracked a bit after I finished my sentence.
Sunny breathed out a deep sigh and walked down the remaining steps, taking extra caution not to step into the black puddle of blood. She seemed to be investigating the scene, looking at the water that spilled out of the TV and ran down the TV cart.
"Where are her footprints?" the question caught me off guard.
"It dried up," I answered.
"In under 5 minutes?"
I stared at her, baffled. "What do you mean? I've been waiting for you for like an hour and a half."
"What? But I ran all the way here. 5 minutes," the sincerity in her voice was undeniable.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time displayed. "See, it's 7:30. I called you at 6:30. Where were you at that time?" I spoke while raising my phone up to her.
Sunny's eyes started to widen as she raised her arm, pulling back the sleeve to reveal a very fancy-looking wristwatch. "The time is six past six," her voice quivered. I walked over to also look at her watch, and she was right. The time on her watch was six past six, six minutes past six o'clock. We both looked at each other in utter shock.
Behind us, we heard the sound of a loud static eruption. Both of our heads turned in sync to look at the television set where we heard the loud bang. The sight was captivating. I don't know how to describe it accurately, but the screen of the TV was overflowing with blue static, like smoke pouring out and floating up to the ceiling.
I found myself walking over to the television set and decided to see if I could stick my hand in. I have no idea why I thought of this idea, but I did. Astoundingly, my hand went through the TV. It felt cold and wet, with the sensation of bubbles clinging to my arm, as if I had stuck my hand into a large bucket of club soda. I pulled my hand out, drenched in the bluish water. I looked back at Sunny and saw that we were both thinking the same thing.
Now, if you had told me that I would be dragging the body of a ghost woman across a basement to force through a TV that looked like a portal to a watery dimension, I would have laughed and slapped you across the face. But, with the help of Sunny, we successfully dragged the corpse all the way to the television. Now came the part of dumping her body into the TV portal. We managed to get her head into the TV and were busy trying to maneuver her shoulder in as well.
We took a break when half of her torso was in the TV portal, only showing her backside. Pushing a fully-grown woman into a box TV-sized portal proved really tiring. After the break, we went back to work. Only this time, the ghost woman's hand twitched. I yelped as I saw her index finger slightly curl, and Sunny let out a bunch of startled curses.
Our screams grew as we saw the ghost start to reanimate. Her hand curled into fists, violently swinging as her legs kicked. Her ear-piercing wails came back full force, as if her skull being cracked on a bunch of stairs had merely paused it.
Now, for the second and hopefully final time, I acted out of sheer panic. I ran up to the television, grabbed her legs, and shoved her deeper into the TV portal. She beat my chest with her kicks and made my ears ring with her blood-curdling screeches, but I refused to let up. I finally got her all the way through the TV as quickly as humanly possible. I yanked the cords linking the TV to the VHS player. Finally, her wails were cut short as the TV showed static.
For good measure, I also took the VHS out of the player and tossed it back into the box. I looked back at Sunny, who remained frozen, her hand covering her mouth as her eyes widened. For a long while, she imitated a statue. She finally spoke after a while, "Hey, um..."
"Yeah?" I said, perking my ears.
"We're not gonna say anything, right?"
"I wasn't planning on it."
She returned to her animated state, and we both walked out of the basement, climbing the stairs. "Are we gonna clean up the blood?" I asked from behind.
"I'll do it later tonight. But how did you kick a ghost?"
"I don't know. I either have a superpower, or it was just a really shitty ghost."
Sunny chuckled at the remark as we left the basement, now entering the warehouse. She stopped before turning around and flashing the light almost in my eyes. "Um... Are you gonna quit?" the question was a bit out of the blue but considering what happened, probably not totally unexpected.
"Maybe. I mean, other than what just happened today, this job is pretty sweet," my response seemed to ease her as she gave a light smirk. I then asked her, "You gonna quit?" She immediately retorted, "Oh god no. Where else would I go, retail?" I laughed at her response to my question, and we walked back to the front of the store. The manager saw me appear and walked down to greet me.
"Hello, new employee. How was your shift as an archivist?" The manager flashed his perfect row of teeth and smirked at me. "It went well," I responded, a bit nervous.
"Good, good. Did you watch all the VHS tapes as required?"
"Yes, sir, but there was one with a red strip that I didn't watch."
"Oh, yes, how fantastic. Now..." the manager pulled something out of his pocket, still maintaining eye contact. "Here is your bonus. Spend it on something good." He gave me a light slap on the shoulder before walking back to his office.
I looked down at the $20 bill in my hand. All that for $20. I can at least buy a couple of tubs of ice cream with this money. I grabbed my things and left the store, saying goodbye to Sunny as I walked out.
I am now typing this story in the comfort of my apartment, also with a half tub of ice cream on my lap. This might be my last post; I'm not really sure. I mean, some interesting things are bound to happen if I take the night shift, right?
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2023.06.04 18:29 Saphire_Storm Gum recession question please help. Appointment not until 6/28/23

Gum recession question please help. Appointment not until 6/28/23
37 y/o non smoker, doesn’t use drugs, occasional cannabis user and has 4 alcoholic drinks once a week Noticing gum recession getting worse over the last year. Switched companies and insurance just switched again. I finally have my first appointment with a new dentist on my new insurance on 6/28/23 but haven’t been in a year due to lack of coverage, then switching health insurance mid way thru the year. My new dentist said the initial appointment is just X-rays and consult and it will be another few months before I get a cleaning!!! They have a periodontist in the same office but I am Freaking out a little bit. I brush with electric toothbrush, floss, water Pik and use mouthwash and the recession continues to get worse to where I can see the root. What can I do more than what I am doing in my oral hygiene routine? Will my teeth make it 28 days? Do you think I will need to have extractions or can these gums be fixed with surgery? (Also my front left tooth is veneer and my front right is an implant - front tooth died from impact and I have had the implant for 7 years).
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2023.06.04 18:08 SpecialistHistory898 ABYG kasi iniwan nya ako?

You bet, this is a long story but imma try my best to make it short.
I met this guy months ago, he is nice, smart, sweet and we share the same interests halos perfect for each other kaya naging kami pero hindi pa namin ganon kakilala isa't-isa. Syempre hindi naman talaga nag eexist ang 'perfect person' at isa na kami doon, may mga red flags din kami pero sa tingin ko naman tolerable para sakin. It was a smooth relationship pero let's go to our red flags...
Parehas kaming galing sa fucked up household kaya parehas kaming may issue sa buhay magkaiba lang kami ng intake. Sya kasi despite of what happened from his past, he remain nice and gentle while I am the opposite of it. Hirap ako maging vulnerable, feeling ko ang tigas tigas ko pero noong nakilala ko sya I let my guard down. Skeptic akong tao kaya sobrang hirap sakin to trust again pero pinaramdam nya sakin na I'll be safe with him, so yeah I trusted him.
Habang nakikilala ko sya lumalabas na yung red flags nya, he likes to make up a story (lie) sa tingin ko delusional sya kasi nagkkwento sya ng mga bagay na hindi naman talaga nangyari at clinically diagnosed with depression. Okay, hindi ako nakipag break kasi iniintindi ko sya, may dahilan kung bakit sya ganyan. Wala namang cheating na nangyari basta mahilig lang sya mag make up ng story.
One night, naisipann ko syang i test. Gusto ko malaman paano sya magalit and nakuha ko ang sagot ko. Kinabukasan hindi ako naka receive ng message sakanya, usually bago sya pumasok or pagkagising nya may message galing sakanya but this time, wala. So nag message naman ako noong pauwi na ako galing work after that wala pa rin syang reply so hindi na muna ako nag message or nangulit, hindi rin kasi talaga ako yung type ng tao na mahilig mangulit. Umabot na ng isang araw wala pa rin syang reply sa last message ko. Then kinabukasan, afternoon naka received ako ng message galing sa accoount nya at nagpakilalang kapatid sya. Hindi pa raw umuuwi ang kuya nya gusto nya lang daw itanong kung kasama ba ako, nagpaliwanag din sya na sa laptop daw ng kuya nya binuksan yung TG account. At that point hindi ako naniniwala kasi marami ng lalaki ang gumawa sakin ng ganito, don't get me wrong mahal ko talaga sya hindi lang talaga ako yung klase ng tao na mahilig mangulit kasi feeling ko galit sya kaya hindi nya ako minessage, so I gave him space. Willing to wait naman ako kung kailan nya ako gusto i message ulit basta ang alam ko mahal ko sya. Nag reply ako sa message ng nagpakilalang kapatid daw pero hindi ako gulat or whatever. Tinanong ko kung natawagan ba nya mga colleagues ng kuya nya pati sa office kasi wala rin talaga akong idea kung nasaan sya. Basta ang naalala kong huling sinabi sakin ng kapatid nya using his account irereport nya na raw sa police kapag hindi pa rin umuwi yung kuya nya noong araw din na yun. Kinagabihan or midnight na siguro, naka received ako ng messages at voice message galing sakanya referring to my boyfriend (same account na ginamit ng kapatid dahil TG lang naman ang form of communication namin) Umiiyak sya(it didn't sound real), nagpapaliwanag na umalis sya sa bahay at pumunta sa place ng late father nya. Wala akong reaction kasi mukhang hindi naman totoo. Ginawa nya lang way yun para magkausap kami ulit dahil hindi ko sya hinanap. After noon, naging okay ulit tinanggap ko naman hindi naman ako nakikipag break basta basta as long as kaya ko itolerate yung ginagawa.
Alam kong sincere pagmamahal ko sakanya pero ganito kasi ako eh, hindi ko pinapatulan kapag alam kong hindi naman totoo yung reason nya. Like, ayoko umarte na hinahanap ko sya kahit alam kong hindi naman talaga sya nawawala. Marami na syang kwento na hindi totoo o hindi talaga nangyari pero tinatanggap at iniintindi ko pa rin sya kasi alam kong may pinagdadaanan sya.
Fast forward. Nagkasakit ako, hindi rin ako makapag trabaho ng maayos dahil everytime na tumitingin ako sa screen lalong sumasakit ang ulo at mata ko. Ang lala ng pagkakasakit ko gawa na rin ng lagnat at ubo. Hindi ko kaya mag stay sa screen kasi para na akong pinapatay ng sakit ng ulo ko. Hindi ako nakapag message sakanya ng ilang hours, pero pinilit ko pa rin ipaalam na may sakit ako kaya hindi ako makapag reply agad. Palagi akong nakapikit at tulog ng mga araw na yun. Then isang umaga pag gising ko may long break up message na. Ang sakit na may halong tanong sa isip ko kung bakit. Bakit sya nakipag hiwalay? Dahil lang ba sa hindi ako nakapag message? Bakit?
After ko mabasa yun hindi muna ako nag reply, natulog ako ulit, kinalma ko sarili ko kasi ayaw kong isabay sakit ng puso dahil sa break up message nya sa sakit ko noon. Mahal ko sya, ang alam ko mahal nya rin ako pero bakit ganon? Bakit inconsiderate sya pagdating sakin? Akala ba nya ginagago ko lang sya na may sakit ako kaya hindi ako makapag message kasi ganon yung ginagawa nya sakin? Bakit noong alam kong hindi naman totoo yung mga reasons nya, naging patient pa rin ako hindi break up yung naging solution ko.
Mahal ko sya kasi pakiramdam ko tama sya para sakin, feeling ko sya yung right one. Hindi ko nga alam kung major red flag ba yung nakikita ko o naging mini red flag lang sakin dahil mahal ko yung tao. Alam ko rin mahal nya ako pero ang bilis nya umalis siguro kasi ayaw na nyang mas maging deep pa yung feelings nya para sakin.
Ako ba yung gago kasi hindi ko sya hinanap noong alam kong ginagago nya lang ako?
Ikaw, kung nababasa mo 'to ngayon, mahal kita. It was painful but I accepted your decision. I was starting to reconstruct myself for you then you suddenly broke your promises and broke me again.
List ng mga delusions/lies/ made up stories nya na mga naaalala ko pa
  1. We never spoke in tagalog, english lang kami all the time kasi he told me half of his life nasa china and english speaking countries sya pero noong naka received ako ng message galing sa kapatid nya tagalog medium ang gamit. So basically, tagalog ang languange nila sa bahay. At kapag nagkkwento sya about his mom, verbatim na sinasabi ng mom nya yung sinasabi nya sakin.
  2. He went missing but actually not (that one in the story)
  3. He killed a person daw pero na covered dahil rich ang side ng dad nya. (I believe na nasa high social class sila since chinese ang last name, he went to a prestigious university and pilot sya ngayon) but I don't think he really killed a person. I'm a psych major so I know people.
  4. He never had sex daw for 4 years but (he underwent to vasectomy, that is a fact), would you really believe na he never had sex after that?
  5. He doesn't have a local sim daw in the philippines, yung number na gamit pa rin daw nya is yung sa US. So paano sya nakakapag data kapag naalis kami? Is that possible?
  6. And many more
Reasons why I love him:
  1. We share similar interest
  2. Both of us are hardworking
  3. We want the same thing in life
  4. We love almost everything about each other
  5. When you're in love, you can't think more reasons why you fell in love. It seems like we drugged each other.
My red flag (things that I don't think nice to have)
  1. Mahal ko isang tao pero may times na hindi ako sweet, takot kasi ako maging vulnerable
  2. Very straight forward
  3. Kapag hindi ko talaga kasalanan, you won't hear anything from me.
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2023.06.04 18:02 emeraldnob Season 6 overall thoughts

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2023.06.04 17:50 y2justdog Finding one's purpose

Jan 14th, 2056
As I enter my sixty-fifth year on this earth, my retirement deployment begins. The Great War has choked away any remaining scraps of security within our society. Work until you are on your deathbed or enroll in the Test Town Initiative. I chose the Test Town.
I have no family, no friends. I leave no one behind. My remains shall serve as valuable data for the puppets behind their desks.
Find your purpose. Work for America or Save America. Call your local officer for further instructions.
The Test Town has been constructed in a vast desert. A fake town. Homes specifically built for one purpose: destruction. The smallest sliver of hope is instilled in your mind when your number is drawn for distance placement. Unfortunately, my home ends up being one kilometer from the blast zone. I have no chance of surviving the impact.
A month before my deployment, I heard that the last bomb tested destroyed three kilometers. Hundreds of casualties. The government is planning a larger scale detonation during my residence.
The day has come. I have signed away my life. I hop on the shuttle for transport. My hands—once capable of the finest craftsmanship—now tremble. I am scared. I step foot into my temporary housing. Only the sound of my breathing brushes against my ears. I’ve been given adequate food and clothing, but any joy I experience will be short-lived.
I wait for the sirens. I wait for the end.
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2023.06.04 17:49 Edward_Stivenson Importance and Benefits of Studying Abroad

Importance and Benefits of Studying Abroad
Are you intrigued by the idea of forming friendships with people from all over the world, immersing yourself in a foreign language, or gaining familiarity with diverse educational systems? If so, the exceptional opportunity of participating in a semester abroad through various exchange programs could be the perfect choice for you.
In this article, our essay writer online will provide you with valuable insights into the significant benefits of studying abroad. Our aim is to offer you the necessary information to make the most of your time abroad as an international student. Continue reading to discover - what is studying abroad? - and why it is crucial for students to embrace this unique opportunity with enthusiasm at least once in their lifetime.
How Does Studying Abroad Work: Tips for Your Journey
Many students often find themselves unsure of where to begin their study abroad journey. This is primarily due to limited access to information about study abroad programs, which often go unnoticed by young individuals. However, you've come to the right place to gain a general understanding of the journey that study abroad students embark upon. Who knows, you might be the next one in line to have an incredible overseas experience.
So, how does studying abroad work? To be completely honest, the process can be quite lengthy and challenging. However, it is undeniably one of the most rewarding ways to undergo life-changing experiences and foster academic and personal growth, especially during your early twenties. Those who have studied abroad can attest to this. Rest assured; we are here to serve as your study abroad advisor, providing guidance and support for your benefit.
Prepare for Your Study Abroad Journey
Let's start by answering the 'What does studying abroad mean?'. It is designed for students to pursue higher education studies or conduct research in their field of study in a foreign country for a specific period of time.
Throughout the preparation process for your study abroad journey, there are certain unavoidable steps to follow. However, there's no need to fear. The preparation process should fill you with excitement as you anticipate the new friends you will make, the traditional dishes you will taste, and other studying abroad benefits like the personal growth that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone.
  1. Begin the preparation process with thorough research on the country you'll be heading to. You can start by reaching out to the study abroad office at your home university, where they can provide you with a list of potential destinations based on your major program and interests.
  2. Truly experiencing a different culture requires actually visiting the host country. However, you can still research and familiarize yourself with the culture and customs of your destination beforehand. Learning about traditions, cultural norms, local laws, and other specific aspects of a foreign country can help ease your adjustment process.
  3. Another important aspect to consider is organizing your finances. Many study abroad programs offer monthly scholarships to assist students. However, there may be some expenses related to formal documents before your departure. If your scholarship doesn't fully cover your needs, you might want to consider taking on a part-time job.
  4. Lastly, it's crucial to be aware that each study abroad program has its own specific requirements for necessary documents. However, having a national ID and a passport is essential. Make sure to check the expiration dates of these documents and ensure they won't expire soon.
Select the Right Studying Abroad Programs
Expanding your horizon begins with the academic semester abroad. One can only develop maximum potential in themselves once one decides to grow out of their local culture and learn about the world through experience.
In order to make your study abroad experience fruitful and beneficial for your future career, you need to make the right selection of the program. The right selection depends on your field of study. For instance, taking advantage of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program would be an excellent idea if you are a student of Social and Political Sciences. Do not miss the chance to learn the local language since German is the second most spoken language throughout the institutions of the European Union. So, spend quality time identifying your academic goals and interests in order to find matching programs.
Keep in mind that study abroad students invest a lot of time and energy into the selection of the right programs, which comes with its own costs. Therefore, research the chosen program in depth in order to clarify its reputation and accreditation.
The Future Leaders Exchange Abroad (FLEX) program is designed for high school students across the USA. The latter gives a chance to American high school students to study for an academic year in Georgia, Kazakhstan, or Poland. If you are prone to jumping out of your comfort zone and discovering less developed parts of the world, this might as well be a chance for you.
If you want to spend the summertime productively, applying for summer studying abroad programs might be the best solution. Make the most out of your study abroad trip with CEA Study Abroad in Aix en Provence, or spend sweet summer days under the Tuscan sun with USAC in Italy. Discover more opportunities below.
What are Some Scholarships for Studying Abroad?
Again, finances can be a major determining factor in the process of selecting a study abroad program destination. That is why you need to be aware of all the possibilities that grant students scholarships in order to afford to study and live in a foreign country. International organizations and governments are working actively in order to make funds available for students of all origins to study at the desired university, at least for a short period of time.
The University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC), as mentioned above, provides the most widespread scholarships for studying abroad. The consortium makes the selection of students who are enrolled in USAC study abroad programs at the undergraduate level of studies and provides them with a significant amount of funds if they showcase special financial needs.
SIT Study Abroad scholarships are available for students who demonstrate academic excellence with a desire to expand their knowledge in their fields of study. SIT finances housing accommodation and tuition fees for selected students.
One of the most feminine-friendly scholarships for studying abroad is known under the name of Corinne Jeannine Schillings Scholarships. The latter provides specific types of scholarships under the range of Silver and Gold for young girl scouts throughout their undergraduate studies.
American and Canadian students specializing in the program of Informational technologies are privileged to have an opportunity to take advantage of the Generation Google Scholarship. This project aims to fund studies abroad for future leaders in the technology industry.
Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience
The true studying abroad meaning reflects through activities students choose to participate in. Making the most out of your experience abroad will turn it into one of the most memorable periods of your life. Taking some time off and having fun is the primary 'requirement' for exchange students. Although, many study-abroad students rather choose to enrich their resumes with participation in valuable projects, conferences, and workshops.
Do not shy away from expressing yourself in academic or informal spaces because of the language barrier. Instead, try to act like local students and get engaged in classes and coursework. That way, you will stand out in front of foreign professors and demand a recommendation letter from them at the end of the exchange semester.
Use your leisure for the discovery of local cuisine as well as cultural places and attractions. For instance, if you find yourself in a central European country such as Poland, do not leave it without tasting piquant Pierogi or exploring old town squares in its small and aesthetic cities.
Usually, joining clubs and participating in extracurricular activities gives international students a great chance to network with locals. These types of activities simplify the process of making friends with local as well as other international students.
One of the benefits of studying abroad that is also worth highlighting is its overall purpose of helping students grow professionally as well as personally. Grab each chance to spend time with local friends and other students in general in circumstances that are not usually provided in your home country.
Maximize Language Learning
Learning a local language is at the top of the list in the study abroad checklist. Since Chinese proverbs are known for their practicality and wisdom, we would like to recall one of them regarding immersing oneself in the local language: 'To learn a new language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.' Learning basics and interacting in the local language will help you perceive the culture of the host country from a clear perspective. The decision to travel to a foreign country to get a high-quality education already speaks for your open-mindedness. So, why not make the best out of your studying abroad experience and learn the language as a bonus?
If you have already participated in the studying abroad program, feel free to use our speech writing services to curate a creative narrative to wrap up your experience for a big audience.
Build International Connections
Being a study abroad student already makes you stand out from locals at the host university. Try to use the attention for your benefit and build connections with as many people as you can. People are the most beautiful part of each and every event we experience in life. That goes especially for your study abroad experience. The opportunity to make friends through networking with fellow students and locals is one of the exceptional studying abroad benefits.
Try to keep up with the current events taking place locally in the country of your destination or around the world in general. That will provide you with a plethora of topics to talk about in a conversation with professors, mentors, or fellow students. Building relationships with people around will undoubtedly enrich your personal as well as academic growth.
Our experts have gathered information about some of the most popular destinations for studying abroad programs. Get inspired by the provided list of countries below and make the right choice for you.
FAQs on Studying Abroad
Undoubtedly, the decision to leave your home country and pursue studies abroad is a significant one. It's only natural to have second thoughts, considering concerns about finances and the time-consuming process of gathering documents. However, rest assured that we are here to offer you valuable study abroad tips and address the critical questions you may have.
When it comes to studying abroad, there are both benefits and drawbacks to consider. However, what matters most is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
Is Studying Abroad Expensive?
The cost of your study abroad program largely depends on the country you choose as your destination. Program costs can vary from several thousand dollars to euros. However, there are specific study abroad programs specifically designed for international students, which provide funding for studies, housing, and accommodation outside of their home countries.
So, is studying abroad expensive? Well, students have the opportunity to reduce the cost of participation in exchange programs by obtaining scholarships and funding for tuition fees or housing accommodation. For more detailed information, please continue reading the following sections.
Is Studying Abroad Worth It?
The study abroad experience enriches your curriculum vitae and projects your candidature as unique among others for the job market. Spending a certain amount of time in a foreign country speaks of your skills of adaptability, being open to new cultures, self-confidence to meet challenges, and willingness to enrich your daily life with extraordinary activities outside of your home country. So, ask yourself, 'Is studying abroad worth it?' - our response is unquestionably positive.
What are the Pros And Cons of Studying Abroad?
Let's glance through some of the pros and cons of studying abroad in order to paint a clear picture of what to expect in your study abroad journey.
  • Establishing pragmatic and life-long relationships and friendships
  • Gaining different perspectives and worldviews through the lenses of foreign culture
  • Enhancing your resume for the competitive job market
  • The challenge of the language barrier
  • Experiencing feelings of homesickness and culture shock
  • Dealing with financial issues
Drawing to the conclusion, it is clear that studying abroad benefits are worth sacrificing some of the negative sides that it might temporarily bring into your life.
Studying Abroad Programs: Countries to Consider
Lastly, we would like to list down specific programs for popular study abroad destinations for you to research and find the one that fits perfectly with your interests as well as your fields of study.
Meanwhile, take advantage of our college essay writing service or admissions essay writing service based on your demands.
Take a look at some of the studying abroad programs we have gathered:
Studying Abroad in Italy
Programs for studying abroad in Italy:
  • CIS Abroad - Offers flexible schedules for courses, counseling for probable financial aid, and grants academic advising services.
  • CAPA in Florence - Covers expanses of accommodation with a host family or campus dormitory and offers internships at top organizations.
  • CEA study abroad in Rome - Interactive classes, covered fees for accommodation, assists with the process of obtaining a visa.
Studying Abroad in Sweden
Programs for studying abroad in Sweden:
  • DIS Stockholm - Wide selection of academic programs, highly developed infrastructure of academic space, live in Homestay, and network with international students.
  • CCIS Study Abroad in Sweden - Freedom of selecting the academic term, ability to earn convertible credits, and accreditation of chosen courses at your home university.
  • USAC Sweden Study Abroad Programs - provides affordable and valuable study abroad programs, including health and safety support.
Studying Abroad in Spain
Programs for studying abroad in Spain:
  • CIEE College Study Abroad - designed for students of all academic backgrounds, freedom to earn transferable credits.
  • USAC in Alicante - scholarship coverage includes visa assistance, housing, and health care.
  • IES Abroad in Granada - covers meal plan and accommodation and gives the opportunity of optional internship or volunteering.
Studying Abroad in Singapore
Programs for studying abroad in Singapore:
  • CIEE College Study Abroad in Singapore - get involved in the hub of international commerce, which offers need-based grants.
  • UCEAP - offers financial aid along with special offer studies.
  • EF Languages Abroad - provides accelerated language learning courses.
Studying Abroad in Australia
Programs for studying abroad in Australia:
  • Murdoch University, Study Abroad in Australia - student-centered culture, variety of programs.
  • IES Abroad, SemesteYear program in Sydney - practice-oriented learning courses, international community.
  • TEAN, Gold Coast at Bond University - academic counseling and guidance, academic flexibility.
Final Thoughts
As you find yourself at the final stage of this article, we're sure you are leaving more informed than you came. Remember that going overseas to complete the studying abroad program is one of the best decisions a youngster can make. The variety of programs and access to funds and scholarships make that easier than it ever was.
Meanwhile, our team of experts is always at your service to help you excel in your studies, so do not hesitate to ask to write my essays.
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Hp ink
So I bought an OfficeJet pro 9019e printer around a year ago, and now my cartridges have run out of ink. So I tried to apply for instant ink, now I'm still unable to print, will they send me a new refilled cartridge, because there is no sign of it, should I wait a bit or go and them myself ?
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2023.06.04 17:03 ang_d3 HP Instant Ink

So I bought an OfficeJet pro 9019e printer around a year ago, and now my cartridges have run out of ink. So I tried to apply for instant ink, now I'm still unable to print, will they send me a new refilled cartridge, because there is no sign of it, should I wait a bit or go and them myself ?
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Just reinstalled Reddit! Naiinggit lang ako sa mga friends kong nakakanood ng sinehan sa weekend kasama iba nila friends na mas malapit sa kanila or kasama mga jowa nila :(
Lots of good upcoming movies this year! I haven't watched Little Mermaid pa. Hoping magshow dito yung Past Lives from A24. Then if willing kang manood ng Barbie and Oppenheimer on the same day, let's!
Also, one of my fave series ended recently. Any Succession fans here? Let's trauma bond HAHA what's your fave sibling moment, or line from Roman Roy? Are you a Tom/Greg stan? :))
(((Hint: we can get along fast if we talk about Succession)))
About me: - 5'5 - Aquarius, INTJ - Marikina-based but willing to go to you naman (my go-to places are Cubao Expo, UPTC, Eastwood, Ortigas area since dun office ko) - Corporate slave (my shift ends at 12mn kaya weekend talaga ako pwede lumabas huhu) - Foodie - I used to regularly drink coffee but transitioned to matcha kasi acidic ako pero still open pa naman to coffee - Cat momma
About you (sana): - Corporate slave din - 27-32 y.o - Stable HAHAHAHAHHAHA but we're in reddit so fuck that I guess
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2023.06.04 16:45 Firewolf195 Issue enrolling/not active. Any explanation

Issue enrolling/not active. Any explanation
Recently just switch associate programs, but for some reason I cannot enroll or add classes to shopping cart for this upcoming fall semester. Has anyone had any experience with this issue before and what to do? Here is a screenshot.
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2023.06.04 15:43 daryyyl My Personal Experience: A Singaporean Living in Bangkok

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s comparison and experience of living in Bangkok, AMA.
Recently seen a lot of posts about moving from Singapore to another country and thought I would share my own experiences about moving from Singapore to Bangkok and some pros and cons of each location.
Please kindly take note that this is all from my personal experience and knowledge and may not apply to everyone.

I (30M) first experienced living and working in Bangkok due to an internship. The internship was mandatory but the location was not specified. I chose Bangkok having never lived there before and ended up liking it so decided to do another internship in Bangkok the following year. After completion, I managed to land a full time job in Bangkok and have been living in Bangkok for 7.5 years now. I am in the hospitality industry.

In order to stay legally in Thailand, you’ll need to be on the proper visa. You could come in on visa exemption and then do visa runs, but in the long run, it is not a viable option especially since immigration is cracking down on visa runs.
I have listed essentially the easiest visa’s to obtain to live in Thailand legally.
- Non-Immigrant B: Get hired by a company in Thailand, where they will issue you with a work permit and you are allowed to legally work in the role that is written in the work permit. The visa will be valid so long as you are employed.
- Non-Immigrant ED: Enroll into a language school to learn Thai or join a Muay Thai gym. Typically the visa lasts for a year. Working on this visa is illegal.
- Non-Immigrant O-A & O-X: Retirement visa, you need to be 50 years and above. Working on this visa is illegal.
- Non-Immigrant O (Thai Spouse): Get married to a Thai national. The visa is valid as long as you are legally married. Working on this visa is legal.
- Elite Visa: Essentially a paid visa that allows you to stay legally from 5 years up to 20 years. The price starts at THB 600K (one-time fee) up to THB 2M. Working on this visa is illegal.

Work Opportunities:
From the above mentioned visas, I only have experience with the Non-Immigrant B visa as I am employed in Bangkok. I may decide to change to the Non-Immigrant O (Thai Spouse) visa when I get married to my Thai partner next year.
Getting employed in Thailand is a route that a lot of people choose when first deciding to move to Thailand. There are essentially 2 options that someone could choose:
- Employee: Get hired by a Thai company. There are a list of prohibited jobs for foreigners in Thailand such as hairdresser, Thai massage, tour guide, legal services (you can be a consultant though). Legally there is also a minimum salary for foreigners to earn. For Singaporeans, the minimum salary / month is THB 45K however there are also loopholes in order for employees to avoid paying this much. This minimum salary does not apply to teaching. Some of the most popular jobs for foreigners are in education (teacher), tech, marketing, consulate / embassy, diving instructor, hospitality and work for an MNC.
- Business Owner: Opening your own business is another way to work in Thailand. The most popular registration choice for foreigners is to open a limited company. You will only have ownership of 49% of the company, and the remaining 51% needs to be owned by a Thai person. Many foreigners will put the 51% in their Thai spouse’s name. It is also possible to have 2 Thai’s own the 51% (25.5% each) so that the foreigner still has majority ownership. You can also then apply for a work permit however need to have four Thai workers per foreigner employed and THB 2 M in capital.

Salary & Income:
In general, the salary in Thailand is significantly lower than in Singapore, however the cost of living is also more expensive. My first salary in Bangkok was gross THB 45K / month, take home pay was around THB 38K. That is roughly S$1,500. I lived a mostly Thai lifestyle, with little to no savings each month. Thankfully I am now on a salary higher than if I was in the same position in Singapore. I would advise that a salary of THB 50K / month is the minimum that any Singaporean should be willing to take in order to move to Bangkok. Anything THB 100K / month and you’ll be able to live comfortably on a mixed of local + foreigner lifestyle so long as you have no kids or don’t intend to send them to international school.
The best is if you end up on an expat contract and you will have your basic salary (usually paid in USD) + housing allowance + yearly flight tickets back home + international school fees for your kids paid for. Obviously this is subject to the company but I have heard of people also getting transport allowance, grocery shopping allowance, company car and driver, live-in maid, etc.

Working Life:
Tasks in Singapore get done. And they get done fast. Singapore is efficient and as much as Singaporeans love queuing (for food), they also don’t like waiting. However, working in Singapore can be very competitive. The so called ‘rat race’ starts the moment you enter working life. Depending on the industry, overtime is often expected. The “kiasu” mentality in Singaporeans often causes the over-competitiveness at the workplace.
Working life in Thailand is quite the opposite of Singapore. Thai employees generally take things slower. Decisions that can be made in 1 day in Singapore, can take 1 month in Thailand. Many Thai workers just want to do their 8-10 hours a day, grab a beer after work, go home to sleep and then repeat the next day. Thai employees are also generally less competitive compared to Singaporeans, thus as a Singaporean working in Bangkok, I am able to stand out amongst my Thai colleagues and was able to progress much faster in my career compared to if I was working in the competitive Singaporean environment. In Thailand, “saving face” is very important especially at the management level. The practice of “saving face” is not something that many westerners understand and are used to, thus is often a disadvantage to them.

Condo, Apartments & Houses:
To be honest, I cannot speak about the Singapore property market and prices because I have no firsthand experience. I have never bought or rented any property in Singapore before. I can only share the prices in Bangkok for you guys to compare.
In Bangkok, a typical 1 bedroom condo (30 SQM to 35 SQM) can be found for THB 10K (S$388) to THB 15K (S$582) per month. These condos are typically within a 10 – 20 minute BTS/MRT ride into the city center. The further out you go, the cheaper condos are. Alternatively, the closer you are to the city center, the more expensive the condo’s get.
Local apartments are even cheaper and can be rented under THB10K per month. Some apartments even have rooms for rent that are THB 3000 (S$116) per month, however the room is usually quite small (20 SQM), has no kitchen, sometimes no hot water, sometimes no AC, and is in a very local area of Bangkok. It is literally a room with a bed and a bathroom inside.
There are also houses for rent in Bangkok. There are 2 major types of houses: the first are standalone houses and the second are called townhouses (essentially a house in a gated community). These can range from THB 25K (S$970) to more than THB 100K (S$3880) per month depending on the size, location, age, etc.
Alternatively, if you decide to, foreigners can also legally purchase condos under certain regulations. Every condo has a foreigner quota which essentially every condo need to be 51% majority owned by a Thai national. So if a condo has 100 units, minimum 51 units need to be owned by a Thai national. If the current condo only has 50 units owned by a Thai, then a foreigner is unable to purchase a unit in that condo project until 1 more unit is owned by a Thai. Condos can be bought starting from THB 1M (S$38.8K) to THB 100M (S$3.8M) depending on the size and location.
Owning land in Thailand by foreigners is not allowed. There are some ways and loopholes of getting around it such as setting up a business in Thailand. Lots of foreigners who marry a Thai national end up putting the land under their partners name and by getting a usufruct / right of superficies, it protects the foreigners in the sense that their partner would be unable to sell the land without the permission of the foreigner. It is honestly quite complicated and I personally went through this route.
The townhouse that I purchased cost around THB 12.5M (S$485K) and is roughly 250 SQM (2690 SQFT), with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with a decent sized garden and garage large enough for 2 cars. It is in a good location (not in the city center) with a 20 minute drive into the city center. With S$485K, I am not sure if you could even buy a 2 or 3 bedroom HDB in a not so desired district in Singapore.

Singapore has hawker centers while Bangkok has street food. Street food in Bangkok is cheap, usually starting from THB 40. Singapore hawker centers are relatively affordable although there have been a significant increase in prices over the past couple of years. There are also a wide variety of eateries from food courts to Michelin Starred restaurants, with lots of different types of cuisines in both cities. Prices in both cities can range from cheap to crazy expensive, so it really depends on what kind of budget and lifestyle you have.

Cost Of Living:
It is well known that Singapore has an expensive cost of living, while the cost of living in Bangkok is cheaper. It is not S$1 for a one beer kind of cheap, but it’s definitely cheaper than Singapore. I have not lived in Singapore for the past 9 years so I am not in touch with the current prices in Singapore. So I will just share the prices in Bangkok.
Gym memberships in Bangkok are usually around THB 1000 (S$38) to THB 1500 (S$58) a month. A foot / Thai massage cost THB 250 (S$10) to THB 350 (S$13) per hour, a ticket in the cinema is about THB 250 (S$10). A drink in a bar is around THB 150 (S$6) to THB 250 (S$10) depending on the type of establishment. I could go on and on but in generally most things are cheaper in Bangkok than in Singapore.

- Public Transport: Public transport in Singapore is reliable. Living in Singapore, it is generally convenient to take the bus and MRT for transport.
In Bangkok, if you live in the city center you will have no issue using only the BTS & MRT to get around. Buses are not reliable due to the sheer amount of traffic. Alternatively, using motorcycle taxis are also a viable option for short to medium distances. If you lived in the suburbs or even other provinces such as Chiang Mai & Phuket, you’ll either have to buy / rent a car or motorcycle, use Grab or a songthaew (shared pickup truck).
- Motorcycle Ownership: Purchasing your own motorcycle is also a popular option. A new Honda Click 150 can be bought for around THB 61K (S$2.3k).
- Car Ownership: The cheapest first hand car in Singapore is roughly around S$80,000 to S$90,000 (THB 2M to THB 2.3M). On top of that, Singapore’s COE in May (1st bidding) for CAT A closed at S$101,001 (THB 2.5M).
In Thailand, cars start around THB 500K. An entry level Mercedes Benz A-Class will cost around THB 1.9 M (S$74,000). Cheaper cars in Thailand do come with a price and that is the traffic in Bangkok. During peak period, expect your 15 minute car ride to extend to 1 hour or even more depending on your location within the city. Traffic in other provinces is generally much better compared to Bangkok.

Social Circle:
In Singapore, you generally already have a group of friends that you met since high school / university / army (for guys).
Unless you have family or friends already living in Thailand, you’ll need to start from scratch. The easiest way to make friends is usually from your workplace. Another popular option is to use apps such as and Tinder for dating. Some may find it hard at first to make friends with Thai people due to the language barrier if you do not speak Thai and they do not speak much English.

In Singapore, English is widely spoken. Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and Malay are also used. It is easy to communicate with 99% of the population.
In Thailand, English is not widely used by everyone especially in the areas where there are no/less tourists. Signs (food, road, etc) can often be only written in Thai.

Domestic Travel:
Unless you consider taking the MRT to Sentosa domestic travelling, Singapore does not offer much domestic travel. In Thailand, a 1.5 hour plane ride can take you to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, Khon Kaen, etc. While a 2 hour car drive can take you to Pattaya, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, etc for quick weekend getaways. Singapore however, is a major hub in Asia and many international flights use Changi Airport as a hub. I also personally prefer Singapore Airlines to Thai Airways.

Safety & Crime:
Singapore is generally extremely safe. Chances of you getting robbed by knife are slim to none. In Thailand, it is also generally safe. Be smart and do not put yourself into dangerous situations and you’ll generally be fine. I have never gotten pickpocketed or robbed or scammed or anything of similarity over my years of living here.

This is the topic that I prefer not to talk about. In short:
- The Singapore government is stable.
- I have no comment regarding the Thai government, except let’s see what happens in the next couple of months.

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s comparison and experience of living in Bangkok, AMA.

And that’s pretty much it. I do apologize for this being so long. I tried my best to share as much as possible without overdoing it. This post got taken down in askSingapore , so hopefully it doesn't break any rules of this subreddit.
If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to AMA.
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