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A community to discuss both the books of the Mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare, City of Bones movie, and the upcoming Shadowhunters TV series (est. ABC Family early 2015). Join our Partner subreddit /theinfernaldevices to discuss the prequel. Side stories are welcome to from The Bane Chronicles, The Codex and Pale Kings and Princes. Get excited for The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours! Share clips, fan art and opinions on the series.

2023.06.04 20:07 Jenn837G Is someone regretting his life choices?

Is someone regretting his life choices?
Michael Simon/Startraks Friendly exes? Shannon Beador and David Beador have seemingly put their messy post-divorce relationship aside after they ran into one another while out on the town. "You never know who you are going to run into at the [The Quiet Woman restaurant],” the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 59, wrote via Instagram on Friday, June 2, sharing a smiling selfie with David, 58. Shannon also uploaded the reunion photo to her Instagram Story, adding the hashtag, “It’s Been Years.”
Several of the reality TV star’s RHOC costars were ecstatic about the reunion. "Awe your girls will be happy 🔥,” Vicki Gunvalson wrote via Instagram comment, referring to the twosome’s three daughters: Sophie, 21, and twins Stella and Adaline, both 18.
Shannon Beador and David Beador. Courtesy of Shannon BeadoInstagram The Real for Real founder and David tied the knot in 2000, nearly 17 years before they eventually separated after he cheated on her. “After much thought and careful consideration, David and I have made the difficult decision to separate,” Shannon told in an October 2017 statement. “We remain partners in parenthood and are committed to raising our three daughters. This is not the future we envisioned, and we kindly ask for privacy, especially for our children, during this transitional time.”
The now-exes finalized their divorce in April 2019. Nearly one year later, Shannon alleged to Us Weekly in October 2020 that David “doesn’t wanna” speak to her. “They love their dad,” the Bravo star exclusively told Us at the time. “I want them to have a relationship with their father. So, you know, I would prefer to have more of a coparent, but he’s not interested. But we’re getting through it.” The twosome’s coparenting relationship hit another snag the next year when David — who also shares daughter Anna Love, 2, with estranged wife Lesley Cook — refused to allow Stella and Adaline to film episodes of RHOC with Shannon. Us confirmed in August 2021 that the Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce alum filed an emergency court order one month prior to allow her twins, then 17, to continue filming RHOC. Shannon alleged in her court documents that David refused to permit the girls’ participation out of fear that they’d negatively mention Cook, 40.
“I have a new family that I would like to protect and not expose to a reality television show,” David wrote in court documents of his own at the time. “I find it very troubling that these proposed limitations are not acceptable with the Petitioner and/or her counsel considering the fact that Petitioner and I both have joint legal custody. It is also concerning to me that these narrowly tailored limitations are not acceptable with the Petitioner and her counsel because it gives me the feeling that Petitioner does in fact intend on referencing either myself, my new wife [and our] new daughter during the filming of this 16th season. This is absolutely not acceptable with me.” A judge ultimately denied Shannon’s petition before the former couple reached a settlement, agreeing that the girls could only film episodes if Shannon’s attorneys paid David’s lawyers a $6,938 sum.
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2023.06.04 20:06 OlaSubzero "Experience the Thrills of DISTRITOS OLAGG: The Ultimate Football Manager Competition!"

Welcome to the DISTRITOS OLAGG, the most exciting football manager competition of the moment! In this post, we want to introduce you to a unique space where football and strategy enthusiasts can test their management skills in a competitive and rewarding environment within Metasoccer.
The best part is that our competition is based on equal conditions, which means that all participants start from scratch and have the opportunity to rise and earn unique rewards as they advance in the competition. Whether you're new to the world of management games or an expert in the field, everyone has the chance to shine in Metasoccer.
What can you expect from our competition? First of all, you'll have the opportunity to test your tactical and strategic skills in every match. Every decision you make as a coach will be crucial to your team's performance. Additionally, you'll be part of a passionate community of players with whom you can share experiences, tips, and discuss the latest football trends.
You'll also find unique rewards that you can obtain as you progress in the competition. These rewards may include Msu tokens, players to build your own team, and at the end of each season, we raffle a scout during the Stream on OLAGG Twitch channel.
Are you ready to compete and showcase your talent as a football team coach? Then join our Districts in Metasoccer and get ready to experience the excitement of football management at its best! Whether you're a seasoned strategist or eager to learn, our competition provides the perfect environment to develop your skills and enjoy your passion for football.
More information is available at the following link:
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2023.06.04 20:05 Anaisot7 Let's talk about the rappers' work in the industry.

We rarely talk about overall rap in this sub while a lot of idols are very talented. So I wanted to see among all your favorites rappers out there, to share what do you think their best work is, whether it's an album or a song, and tell me why. Not only I would like us to talk more about their artistry, specially since this sub seem to loose slowly it's purpose but also it has the value of recommendations for people who might be interested.
Personally, I think RM best work to date for example is his Indigo album. It's quite hard because Mono (his prior album) is really a work well done, whose style is more melancholic in black and white, which shows him overwhelmed by the novelty of the celebrity he knows then like a tsunami, it is therefore an album with a soft and morose energy that seems nostalgic to us and lyrics that make you think a lot.
Indigo in contrary is like a breath of fresh air and a warm hug, it's more about personal reflections on himself as a human and the world around him. As he said, this album was promoted as something that could accompany us "while taking a walk, in the shower, while driving, on a coffee break, while working, dancing, reading a book". In this album, RM shows a side of him full of hope and life. The instrumental is sometimes chill, powerful or dancing, none of them are alike, which shows the experimental side that RM wanted to try for this album. The lyrics are breathtakingly beautiful and tickle our emotions. What makes the album so surprising is that it is extremely personal : each individual will have their own interpretation of the lyrics and will understand them according to their inner and outer life.
My favorite track is the first, amazing opener with Yun ft. Erykah Badu, RM is inspired here by the artist Yun Hyong-Keun (he therefore adds in Yun phrases that the painter had during his lifetime). RM is passionate about his philosophy. We can therefore hear in the introduction Hyong-Keun discuss in Korean his ideologies (in relation to art in general) and his words are then taken up by RM and Erykah, in particular “I wanna be a human 'fore I do some art , […] cause true beauty is a true sadness, now you can feel my madness”. He explains that he was really touched by these words which, as an artist, resonated with him.
So I think Indigo to date might be his best work, he's currently working on his fourth album, I'm looking forward to it as well.
So tell me about rappers' best work, and why, be it lyrics, themes, MVs, production, storyline ?
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2023.06.04 20:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (

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2023.06.04 20:04 Felixader 70 percent of Arkane Staff left during the development of Redfall.

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2023.06.04 20:03 inlovewiththemed Sicilian Cuisine… What to taste when traveling around Sicily!

We travel to Sicily a lot for many many years, and the Sicilian cuisine is one of the reasons we always want to return. It seems like local chefs and home cooks have endless ways to cook deliciously everything their land and seas produce. Most of their signature dishes are based on vegetables and others on pasta. Meat is not in their daily “routine” but fresh fish like the sardines and seafood obviously are.
Sicilian cuisine is, of course, Italian but it has its own style and character and some may say that has Greek, Spanish, and Arab influences as well. Needless probably to say but everything we have ever tasted in Sicily was simply delicious.
Some of our favorite tastes are showcased in photos here below, but there are others that we promise to include their photos upon our return from our next trip to Sicily.
Involtini Siciliani: Rolled stuffed slices of veal or any other meat stuffed with various ingredients like artichokes, prosciutto, and herbs!
Pasta con Broccoli arriminati: Typical dish of Palermo!
Pasta al Nero di Seppia!
Fresh locally fished red shrimps when in season!
Insalata di Arancia Rossa & Cipolla: A tasteful and refreshing salad with sanguine oranges and onions!
Full Article:
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2023.06.04 20:03 UnDead_Ted Family Prayers Sunday, June 4th 2023

Family Prayers Sunday, June 4th 2023


Everyday Verse

John 15:16
  • You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

Quote of Prayer

Leonard Ravenhill
"Prayer is not a preparation for the battle; it is the battle!"
Let's Pray:
Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, we beseech You to take away our sin. O God, the Father of all mercies, who did not spare Your only begotten Son — but delivered Him up for us all — for His sake give us all things needful for our comfort, our strength, and our salvation. May we be ever submissive and obedient to Your holy will. May we live to You, giving to You in consecrated service, all that You give to us so richly out of Your hand. Make us truly like Yourself.
We ask You that You will give us grace for this day's life. Set a watch before the door of our lips, that we may speak only such words as shall honor You. Keep our hearts in Your own holy keeping, for we cannot keep them for You — and may we think only reverent, loving, true, pure, and worthy thoughts. Prepare us for Your worship, in our own home, and in Your sanctuary. May we be truly in the Spirit on this Lord's day.
Bless our home-life today. May it be holy and happy. May Your love sweeten ours. May we live together as a family, patiently, affectionately, with mutual thoughtfulness and kindliness. Bless us in all our relations with others.
We beseech You to pour out Your Spirit to all who will preach the gospel, to all who will teach in Sunday schools, to all missionaries. May Your kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Prepare the world for Jesus' coming again. Bless us and keep us. We ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
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2023.06.04 20:03 GamerGodBasement4ev Who Knew Fallout had such a dedicated "role-player" group(s)

So basically it starts out like this, I am doing a campfire tales event solo since its not that hard(Im level 200+) and I see this level 90 person just running around. Like the Monkey on Steroids that I am, my brain that has been traded in for jack shit decides, pew pew, shoot him. We pvp, and I win, then he says over his mic in a middle-eastern accent wanna join the Brotherhood of Steel. Im bored, drunk, its 10:30pm, fuck it why not. I join one of them play station parties or groups and there is like 20 people there. 10 minutes later im part of a fucking revolution against the guy who recruited me cus he said we had to wear uniforms and shit then we break off, form our own group and within 25 minutes they determine I was a spy and Im kicked out. In basically an hour and a half I just had the most fun in this game for a while.
God I love how batshit crazy this game is.
Anybody else have something like this happen to them?
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2023.06.04 20:03 AutoModerator [Download Course] Karla Marie – Fiction Profits Academy 3.0 (

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 20:02 exhausteddiva I don't want to be a Jehovah's Witness anymore

I already told my parents about this last week Saturday and they were very chill about it but they wanted to get the elders in my congregation involved asap. Our mid week meetings are on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and I had a group project due on Tuesday, so I told my mom that I wouldn't be able to go (although I didn't really wanna go, the project was my excuse). I got home from school at around 5:30pm. I still had homework to do and I wouldn't be able to finish it within an hour.
Usually my parents would let me do anything if it involved school work, even missing meetings. But they didn't care this time. They told me to get ready and obviously I didn't get ready. My mom came and told me the second time to get ready and I just told her straight up that I didn't want go, but that didn't change anything unfortunately. Then my dad came in for the third time and said he had to set something up and that I should hurry up. 20 minutes later it's around 6:15pm , and my mom comes into my room and forces me to get ready and she picks out my outfit for me. When I tell you she made me look like that Annabelle doll and she butchered my hair too😭 but that's not the point.
As I walked out my room my father was standing at my door, looking at me like I was his prey. And this man had a belt in his hand and you can probably guess what happened next🧍🏾‍♀️. Now obviously I'm mad cause he just beat the living daylights out of me and I'm also mad at the fact that my parents are doing their own thing. They call themselves Jehovah's Witness but don't live the way God tells them to.
Eg. My dad goes to clubs the Friday after payday and comes back home hella drunk. I don't even know how he gets back home safely. My mom was a traditional healer before she became a witness and she's still a traditional healer, even after she got baptized.
Okay so fast forward to after the meeting, my parents call me to the living room and they basically say that from now on I'm going to know the difference between the roles of a parent and a child. And that was acting like a parent in the situation and they were the children. This went on for like 15 minutes and I was silent the entire time and they yelled at me to speak and apologize for what I did. I apologized and everything went back to normal.(jk that never happens where I'm from)
After 20ish minutes my dad came in my room and told me that if I make him or my mom struggle there's going to be consequences, and idk what in me decided to say that forcing me to go to field service and to meetings was not going to work. Luckily my dad just gave me the most disgusted and disappointed look of all time, and left.
For the past week I've seen my parents be more chill with me in things they wouldn't normally be chill about. And they also started asking me if they were the reason why I'm always in my room, if I'm mentally okay and all that kind if stuff. Another thing is that I've been getting loads of messages from my the elders wives and all the women my mom's close with in our congregation and from my brother's gf. So I think they told them what was going on to try and change my mind, but I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.
Since I've hated going to meetings from a young age. And maybe some people are thinking it's because of my parents, it's not. Biblical or religious stuff never really caught my interest, but I do respect people and their beliefs/ religions.
Now I don't know how I'm going to continue living with my parents cause they made it very clear that I'll only be able to make the decision to not be a Witness when I live on my own or when I'm older. I still want to have a relationship with my though.
Sorry for making this lengthy I'm 16 btw
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2023.06.04 20:02 graurv Girlfriend (23F) isn't sure if she is in love with me (22M)

We've been together for 6 months, nearing 7, and in my case I think I've been in love since day 1. I tend to fall in love quickly. I do differentiate between being "in love" with someone and "to love" someone, the latter I don't know if it's time to think about that. The first is already a source of problems...
So our relationship didn't have any major problems until now, no fights, no big disagreements. One thing though, is that my girlfriend sometimes goes through ups and downs, long periods spanning months, and she had been feeling down for about 3-4 months when we had this conversation. This conversation happened two weeks ago and we talked a bit more deeply than usual, and she said she felt like we don't communicate much or enough and I felt that way as well. I felt it had a lot to do with her mood since February where unfortunately she's been having less motivation, less desire, less energy, less sunshine in general. And I felt it to some degree, but since she keeps that inside most of the time, I didn't necessarily notice too much.
Anyway, then during the conversation, she tells me that she doesn't know / isn't sure if she is in love (with me). From her own words, she never has been in love or never felt that she was in love in the past, and so it hit me quite a bit. She said though that she does have feelings and feels attached to me, but what good is it if she isn't in love with me? I feel like with her "down mood" she has been reevaluating a lot of stuff, and isn't sure either about her future etc. so it definitely plays a role. But it hit me, and I don't know what to do or think. I asked her to check in the coming times her feelings, and how she truly feels, that maybe it's a fear or something, and that she can come back later and give me an answer. The thing is, after two weeks, she doesn't see more clearly, and I'm afraid I won't ever get a clear answer. I'm starting to think about the worst, I'm kind of "checking out" mentally to avoid the pain, in anticipation in case she says "No, I am in fact not in love". I've been on restraint mode for two weeks, and it doesn't feel good, because I cannot feel free to give her all the love I have, knowing it may not be reciprocated. I ask myself "Can I be with someone who isn't EVEN in love with me?", and I think the answer is no.
So, the main question is: What should I do? Should I engage in another conversation about all this to get an answer, risking to put more pressure on her? Should I wait and be patient, despite me (seemingly) walking more and more away from the relationship? What if she never knows the answer?
I appreciate any answer. Feel free to ask questions.
TLDR; Girlfriend said she doesn't know / isn't sure if she's in love with me, and I don't know if I should wait patiently for her answer or "force" a new conversation about this now.
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2023.06.04 20:01 45ujt445y515 What should i do what would you do

I'm (25f) sick of dealing with my family and juggling with problems and pleasing everyone My parents want to help my sister (29f) who betrayed us, but by doing that they screw me and my chance to have a house to live in and a brighter future perhaps, she left in the midst of a pandemic to another country with a boyfriend who has been dating and breaking up constantly throughout her college years, she left my parents, my disabled 16-year-old brother totally dependent on my mom, my husband, and I on our own to survive when she was the only one left with a job and she left us because of her desire to have a family with her ex who cheated on each other, she humiliated me in the bank in front of everyone who was there, while we did a procedure that suited us all so we wouldn't be homeless even though there was no food, we asked for a loan to be able to pay the rent of the house and not be On the streets with a child who has to sleep with a machine that helps him breathe, my sister took off and left me in charge of the debt that I still owe to the bank in the name of both of us but since she was not in the country, They charge me and insult me ​​and she made a new life, luckily my husband managed to get a job a couple months later when the gov let people open again, and he had to go from one city to another 5hrs from home and he visits me when he can and so do I, we made sacrifices cause we needed to survive, but hes now the one that pays everyone's expenses out of love cause we are pretty close he decided so and It is not fair for him to support my family, that is the children's job, I mean, my sister and I, I am still finishing my studies and work half time, I only have one year of internship left to graduate and work and support my family, my husband does want me to finish my studies, hes scared that if something happens to him how would i be left behind defenseless and its always been my dream to graduate and break the cycle of my family, my sister does have a university degree my parents paid some and with scholarships too, from the country we came from (we live in another country, not the one where I spent my childhood) since shes the older i couldnt go to university when i was younger, she did not want to validate her degree when she arrived here to get better opportunities (we have dual born citizenship in both countries, the one where we live now and where she went to and where we spend our childhood) and only went with boyfriends and traveling with them and got jobs as a cook half time istead of engineers jobs cause she is.
Everyone contributed at home before we lost our jobs due to the pandemic and we still haven't been able to recover, my husband was upset by my sister's betrayal (me too) and for being ungrateful because it was with our money that we paid for her plane tickets and we took care of her expenses for months without asking for anything in return and with the promise that we would help my mother and brother when they get here and have a bright life, when my parents and brother arrived instead of being of help she gave the debt to my parents and they are so stupid that they accepted pay it for her, shes done many things shes so problematic when shes home we fight so often when shes gone we barely fight maybe months without fights, i cant list all shes done it would be too long (this is already long), my husband is upset and does not want to see her nor in paintings, she is prohibited from coming back or he wont pay rent as long as shes there.
Guess who got cheated on and lost her job in the country that she returned to and now she asks her parents for help? Exactly my sister, she wants to go back and live where she once abandoned us and I don't contribute money and she wants to make use of it now that she needs it. She first told my mom she would only stay a week shes going to another closeby country to work (already unacceptable) guess who told my mom today that the friend who was waiting for her in that country bailed now she cant go and will stay in this house, sHe wants to go back and start over because she has no one where she left (obviously because she abandoned her only family) and my parents even though my husband supports us even though he shouldn't he doesn't want my sister back so much that he once told me that if she came back she would stop paying the rent and he's right, you can't argue with him, but my parents would rather risk living on the street than let my sister learn life lessons, and with that they screw me because I too would be homeless and I need to graduate I only have the internship left that I start in september and I started to learn how to put oashes to support us when i dont go to uni or study, when I have free time to be able to earn some money and help pay for my university and expenses but I will not be able to graduate and finally have a better job and live with my husband calmly and have my family, I would have to leave my family and I love them so much I have no other and they are really good but they cannot leave my sister be and they tell me that if it were me they would do the same for me but they do not see that they are fucking his other daughter directly and his handicapped son for helping another daughter, they can't support themselves, they don't have nearly enough income, not even to support for one person, 4 is already a joke, which would be counting my sister, we have lived on charity, they cant keep up with this fantasy and Besides, I have resentment and anger I don't want to live those times again I don't want to see my sister's face shes been always a problematic person in my life and out of love and family unity i tried to work our relationship and forgive and move on but im too tired go keep on this fight and for what?, my heart hurts but I am in a very important moment in my life I have eaten shit since I was a child I have lived in poverty ive been mistreated repeatedly I want to be able to have a good life even if it is for just a moment before I die.
I dont know what I want to do, just let it all burn let my parents tell my husband, ill play dumb like i didnt know and dont get involved let em tell him their great idea to let my sister back in cause shes in need knowing my husband (also i dont want her back) dont wanna take her in for all shes done or help my parents built a case and see how he reacts and see if he doesnt kick us or them out and deal with my marriage, cause I cant just please everyone nor myself i lose no matter what, it truly makes me feel like a villain and breaks my heart at the same time What should i do, im also tempted to just write to my sister asking her to desist of coming here shes just bringing trouble my whole mood is ruined
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2023.06.04 20:00 AutoModerator In The Loop This Week

This subreddit is for fiber artists and crafters of all types! Because we don't all see the same (shitty) posts on our feeds, it may be handy to have a place to revel in all that our fellow fiber lovers share for us to enjoy.
Feel free to post anonymized screenshots of anything you're referencing here. Post images in comments with Reddit's new image feature, or head over to imgur or another image hosting site to create your own galleries.
This is a heavily moderated thread, and anything that isn't scrubbed of identifying information (usernames, faces, etc.) will be removed. Block out, crop out, cross out or sticker out identifying information on EVERY screenshot before posting here.
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A new thread will go up every Wednesday Sunday!
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2023.06.04 20:00 AC68RunningMyBudget WIBTA if I (mid20/F) switched the electricity bill to my spouses (mid20/M) name?

We have an apartment & are one of those "50/50" couples. When moving into our place we sat down, added up all of our shared expenses & decided that it was be fair if one did rent (575) & the other did groceries/utilities (550-600). He took the rent portion because he claimed that he wasn't responsible enough for it.
However, each summer Im priced out & spouse (M) does not care. I spend $500 each month on groceries due to inflation (I bulk buy at Aldi for 2 weeks at a time & kiddo eats us out the fridge) Internet is $100. It's June & Im looking at a $200 bill in front of me. $800 just for my 1/2 of household expenses & I'm only paid $12 an hour (rural midwest).
I have begged, pleaded, asked for him not to use the air 24/7 & to stick to the budget. He'll crank it to 68 degrees & keeps it on 24/7. When I get home from work at 11:30pm, it's on. If I turn it off, within 10 minutes it's back on.
Each summer since moving here we have argued about this from May to August. He doubles down: his argument is "Well, it's your bill & you agreed to it!" or "I can't limit use of the apartment to you" (as we can limit the use of the AC) & simply shrugs his shoulders & walks away. On a bad day, I'll get called a 'stupid bitch' for taking on something that I "clearly can't handle".
Yes, rent has gone up for us -- a whopping $50. However $625 is just not the same as $800-900 & I feel taken advantage of. I cannot afford a bill that will eventually turn into $300+. He knows this & does not care about my budget. He also will not help on his end to held tide the bill over. Ive tried! Last year I got hit with a $348 bill. He refused to help so I had to use birthday money given to us for our son to pay. The next month was the same; I had to dip into other budgeted bills to pay. Im behind until October for other bills & every year it's like this!
I've met my breaking point. I asked my dad & even his sister (who both own homes) how much they pay; both of them said around $150-75. I'm paying double that because he insists the apt needs to be ice cold.
Ive told my spouse that I'm going to pay this month & then next month I'm taking the electricity out my name, into his. Im not absolving myself of the bill entirely as each month I will give him my budgeted $150. Anymore & he will be responsible for it & hopefully by that, he learns to value a budget. He threw a temper tantrum but I really wish to stick to my guns. Every year I've tried to compromise like having the air on, but on 72/74 & turning it off every so often. I've shown him bills & asked for help. I've given up my Ipsy bag, coffee and our family YMCA memership for example to pay. I have yet to buy summer clothes for our son, because I can't afford it and he "doesnt want" to purchase them himself. I can't.
Tl;dr -- Would I be the asshole if the electricity were to be switched from my name to his name, as he does not want to stick to the budget? I'd still pay for my portion and he would be responsible for the rest.
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2023.06.04 20:00 EdwardsActive Have you ever defined your sexuality??

Am I really gay? I really dont’t Think so! Or am I? Hahahah Its so complicated to define one's sexuality that I only realize it now!…. Let me put you in my world: ------ 27, gym guy, versatile, enjoy blowjob, if horny kisses and let it goes… thats how the me from the gay world would say to Fish a PERSON! ------ 27, fit guy, jerking, sucking, and if very hot 'chape'[ES], and we see whats next… thats how the straight would have said to catch a girl! (Ok, you might be thinking that profile, for sure, is from a gay guy! But, if you stop a Little to understand what it really is, you won't Believe: they can also say it to conquer girls: “I need to train my abs”, “Gonna jerk with my buddies to analyze the concurrence - {and its hot anyways once afterall is nudity}“, “Of Course I will put my cock in her mouth, second pussy!”, “I Wanna conquer her by my kiss”. [But of course all that don't happen in the same fraction of time, they happen in different hours, days or weeks - cause girls normally takes longer to get to the fucking part']
Once, now you are able to understand we are just talking about pleasure and sex and no matter the gender, well…….. I insist that we shouldn’t have the necessity to define ourselves on your*** terms, but ONLY in our own terms, cause I`m mine! That's what's going on in my mind all the time, the fucking Choice demanding! Why is it necessary? I’m just mine, not a definition one created in the past for me to be a part of it today! I’m not able to fit in a pattern called Society, by those who tried too the construction of a religion to handle with people!
But the Point is… How could I ever Think about being part of something if I never have thought before about it. I mean, never Heard about it since it was presented to me and for some reason it's closer to what people say I am, but I`m not really what they say I am. I have my Own labels, I have my determination to help myself to find the truth about me. Cause I`m mine. What do you think about it? And Believe me, I never mentioned here the discussion about ‘heteroseosexuality’!!!! your*** = Society who is trying to create labes to facilitate the flow of a Society Life!
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2023.06.04 19:59 DelightfullyClever Gaslighting uncle learned his lesson

My uncle thinks it's funny to get me to run back and forth between the pool and the kitchen getting him drinks. He will say he wants a Coke then claim he asked for a beer, then asked where his Coke is. He usually blames it on us damn millenials always being on our phones and not paying attention. For whatever reason my parents don't tell him to piss off.
It started getting old a long time ago and I usually dealt with it by making myself scarce when he is over.
He was visiting over Memorial Day and he caught me. He asked for a Coke so I brought him a Coke. Then he said he had asked for a beer. So I pulled out my phone and played the video I had recorded of him asking for a Coke. Like most of us damn millenials I was on my phone when he asked and I knew what was coming so I recorded his request.
He asked me for a beer because that's what he really wanted so I told him I would be happy to get him a beer after he finished his drink because unlike his boomer generation I don't waste stuff for the fun of it.
He got huffy because he was just joking around.
The next time he asked me for a drink my phone was in my pocket. So I pulled it out and said I didn't remember what he asked for could he please repeat himself. He said he would just get his own drinks. I told him that was a great idea.
My parents think I was a jerk being rude to a guest and my elder. I thought I was just making sure he got what he asked for.
He is actually a millenial and I am Gen Z I guess. And yes it is cultural as to why I'm expected to fetch him food and drinks.
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2023.06.04 19:59 two_under_three How can I get my bf to help more?

In the mornings, my bf who is also the father of our children likes to sleep in as the medication he’s taking makes him sleepy (lethargy/fatigue is on the side effects so I cut him some slack in this regard). Still, I’d like more help in the mornings and around bed time but the problem is he is such a heavy sleeper and when he does wake up or hear the kids throwing tantrums (so should wake up), he’s usually annoyed and goes back to bed like ‘f*ck off’ and gives the hint for everyone to not bother him. I’ve tried asking him to get up when it reaches closer to 12 noon but he usually gets mad or ignores me and I don’t want to deal with it. We have an unruly toddler and a nursing infant. Sometimes they both scream and cry at the same time and I often feel overwhelmed especially when I’m trying to cook and or nurse the little one or keep the toddler from getting into things he shouldn’t (he’s too smart and demanding for any logical childproofing; either finds ways around the childproofing or gets angry it’s there. We have a small space and we’re all really on top of each other so to speak). I’m doing my best and stay calm most the time but I feel inside like I’m getting gray hairs and want to claw out of my own skin, that this is too much for one person and feel irritated that my bf wouldn’t just step in and help/ take initiative without asking especially since he isn’t working right now. As far as the night time routine goes, I could use more help in that regard also. He just watches tv while I get the kids ready for bed. I’ve asked him for help before and sometimes at night he will do one of the many things there is to do if I ask, he will do it but not without a stink. I don’t want to nag as I’ve mentioned my wanting more help before but he is stubborn. Is this a common conundrum? What would you do if you were in my shoes? I want to be reasonable but at the same time I’m irked.
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2023.06.04 19:59 arkins26 Sam Altman does not believe humans are singular. He believes AI will eventually achieve sentience, and he embraces it. Is that a problem?

Sam Altman has relinquished the idea that humans are singular:
“There’s absolutely no reason to believe that in about thirteen years we won’t have hardware capable of replicating my brain. Yes, certain things still feel particularly human—creativity, flashes of inspiration from nowhere, the ability to feel happy and sad at the same time—but computers will have their own desires and goal systems. When I realized that intelligence can be simulated, I let the idea of our uniqueness go, and it wasn’t as traumatic as I thought.” (Emphasis mine)
However, many believe humans are singular, and they don’t believe AI can achieve sentience. Then there are those that don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other.
Clearly this belief (that humans are not singular) and the lack of concern for that case are part of what drives OpenAI.
Is it possible that the values and beliefs within OpenAI leadership run counter to those of the public?
I’m personally ambivalent, but Sam Altman seems to be all in. I guess I’m wondering how you guys feel about this?
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2023.06.04 19:58 Renskol (30M) Experiencing my first mental health burnout after partner (29F) experienced psychosis

Hi All,
To keep this as short as possible, I’ve been together with my partner for 5 years. Within the first 5 months of us initially dating, I was told by her family that she has schizophrenia after a mental health episode. Since that initial diagnosis, I learned a lot about the triggers, treatment and being involved with her medical appointments to best support my partner. I was positively supportive knowing the positive prognosis provided by my partners psychiatrist. There were no warning signs ever since this event, other than a timeline for when she can come off medication.
We have travelled overseas, interstate, lived together and planned our future keeping in mind of our other goals and ambitions. My partner is my best friend and by far has changed and enhanced my life to the man I always wanted to become. We are fully aware of committing to marriage and a family life with each other.
In September 2022, my partner was burnt out from a heavy work and life schedule. As I have witnessed people go through psychosis before, I knew this was a warning sign. To cut it to the chase, and keeping the people involved very minimal for reputational reasons, my partner went missing for 3 days. I was awake the whole time, documenting and keeping a low profile to find her with her parents. Whilst working with the police with the evidence I had gathered with her parents, we were able to find her in the middle of the night with the police officer and her parents advising to restrain her, and obviously not to hurt.
It did break my heart to see her in the state she was in, saying things such wanting to break up with myself. The police officers at the time did not obtain communication from the station I was liaising information with, making it slightly more difficult and more public attention with some citizens believing I was attempting to assault my partner despite being in front of her parents. Her parents did comfort myself, and I had kept the people including her closest friends informed.
My partner was in a psychiatric ward in hospital for approximately 3 ½ Weeks, with the hospital allowing no visitors during this time. When my partner was discharged, agreeing that being with her parents for a short time during the recovery period was the best way to handle our jobs and for her to receive attention and treatment.
Unfortunately, with her parents agreeing, she was let out far too early and was on the spectrum such as wanting to drink and party. My partner does not drink nor goes out to parties, clubs, raves, or events however I have always been open for her to do what she wants to do. The day after my partner was discharged, she had bricked her phone making herself non-contactable with no friends or people knowing where she was.
Following her parents and the advise from the CATT (Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team), they were on the search for herself again after unable to locate herself. During this time, she did advise one friend of hers of going to an event and did not tell anyone else of her actions or motives. With much concern, and herself making contact with myself she was aware of what happened, and her parents had dropped the concern with the CATT team.
On my end on this same night, she had advised a few of her friends with one advising what she was saying and claimed I abused and controlled her. Knowing straight away that this was false, struggling to think of an example, we later broke up with a nonsense break-up whereas I was still focused due to our shared responsibilities. Her parents advised that with time and medication, that hopefully she would be able to think more “clearly”, and with her parents advising myself that she was physically hitting them during this time.
After hearing about the claims, unfortunately she had gone public on social media posting the claims and sharing videos of our text messages with no evidence of her claims. Being afraid for my career, and her long-term friends starting to question if I was genuine – I was blocked by her friends, and communication had stopped. A few people did show me the misinformation posts spread about myself that led into a 2-month window. I was contacted by the CATT team after the 2-month window being advised that she had relapsed, so I supplied any information I was given to give herself the best support. I did not post on social media on any forms about my private life or relationship, outside two group chats on a high-level advising about the bizarre content that was posted outside the slander.
I was advised by the CATT team and my psychologist to keep the police aware of the misinformation due to cancel culture, with evidenced supplied as I was cut from all communication from her family and friends. No formal report was filed however I was advised to have all communication blocked for my own safety. During this time, I was experiencing worry for the future by having to re-evaluate life, I had significant family and friend issues, a few unfortunate deaths and my mental state had burnt out completely. I did not have any time off from work during this whole period.
After New Years, my partner had reached out to my parents and later to myself. I was startled at first and worried, however she was talking completely normal and realised of her mistakes, actions, and her personal journey. I was treading lightly out of fear and being cut out of communication, until the conversation mentioned that she was not on medication, she rushed a decision and was hallucinating believing that I was “evil” along with her parents. What had sold myself was that I still loved my partner, and she loved myself however with her protective friends and the slander posted, they had advised her not to contact myself.
Fast forward to the present day and she was correct, with me being involved in her new program with a new team including additional psychological assistance. I was identified to be a carer, with no issues and a definitive timeline of events. The re-diagnosis was stress-induced psychosis, with herself addressing issues. We agreed that we will be back together, however I was still caught in the rift of my issues with family, friends, grief, and my career and other income streams having significant issues.
I was living a double life for a few months. I had told my family of what happened and what I want out of life. I just wanted to have everything back to “normal” again. I did not realise of how mentally unprepared I was, keeping in mind that multiple factors did contribute to burning out. My family was very concerned at the time but realised later that I was doing what made myself happy.
As we’ve picked up our plans where we had last left off, my partner at times does not remember the damage caused by herself with my family trying to protect myself. I’m heading to Europe in a week for a holiday with friends as an escape/break from reality, with us moving back in together upon returning.
Although the answer is obvious, I am struggling to return to my “normal” self, as I’m combating both her friends and my family being concerned about myself from the past slander. I am recovered from the event however there was a lot of decisions and actions that was said, with her friends claiming that I have too many “red flags”. These “red flags” have not been identified, characterised, associated with an example or a trait for me to identify and improve upon myself and our long-term relationship.
With a lack of support from her closest friends, choosing to hide away from us, and her younger sister attempting to ruin our relationship with more slander. I am at a point where I do not know how to make healthy actions, whilst I find comfort in ignoring that particular time period on a mental level. I am struggling between chasing my own happiness, whilst on pilot mode and meeting my financial responsibilities being the bare minimum. I have never personally experienced burnout before with such self-diagnosed symptoms including:
• Headaches, unable to eat and physically vomiting water.
• Self-imposed social limitations and not interacting with friends due to no longer feeling aligned with certain values and social mantras.
• Mental factors such as decreased productivity in all aspects including putting my PhD studies and start-up business on hold. I no longer have the same level of passion for my main workplace, with internal politics affected my growth opportunity and income. I do have mortgages to pay off, causing financial stress.
• Body stress factors such as experiencing a lower auto-immune system, including having COVID for the first time, and the flu and tearing my forearm putting myself out of physical exercise for 3 months.
I have actively been speaking to my psychologist, and knowing the feeling of depression from past experiences, we had identified that this is not depression with no medicine to be prescribed to myself. As I know this is a messy situation and with my partner also not knowing why I am taking so long to adjust, I am at a point where I am self-aware of my issues and problems and also traumatised from the experience however I need to move on with my life and make positive life amendments.
As this is my first burnout, does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle my mental health but also be attentive to my partners mental health and to move forward with life?
• My partner and I have been together for over 5 years, I was aware and told she has/had schizophrenia.
• Over the years, we never experienced a single symptom or episode. We are both happy with our plans for our future including marriage, kids etc.
• My partner and I lived together, travelled internationally and domestically. We were both happy with no signs of concern from her family or mine.
• In September 2022, my partner experienced burnout and psychosis for three days. She was found safely and with a minimal group of people who knew details.
• My partner was admitted in a psychiatric ward in the hospital for 3 ½ weeks with zero outside contact, and when she was discharged. She stayed with her parents after being discharged with her mum to look after her.
• My partner went missing the day after being discharged with the hospital and her family asking myself to find her. My partner had bricked her phone and was uncontactable and developed an obsession to party and drink, being opposite to her personality.
• My partner after coming back to her parents advised a few of her friends, with some approaching myself with herself claiming that I “abused and controlled” her.
• Following the advice of her parents, we wanted to give her time to re-adjust however we broke up with no logical reasoning.
• As we had finances shared, I had to be civil and logical with herself whereas she was partying away. She posted slandedefamation on social media publicly regarding the claims with no evidence and a lot of concerned family members and friends approaching myself. She had also physically assaulted her parents during this time.
• My partners closest friends believed the defamation/slander and wanted to protect herself, whereas I was advised to report everything to the police for safety reasons. I understand her family and friends concerns however I was cut from communication.
• My partner had relapsed 2 months later, with the same CATT team contacting me to provide information, in which I did to provide her the best treatment. During this time, her father and I remained in contact out of mutual concern.
• I was experiencing worry for the future by having to re-evaluate life, I had significant family and friend issues, a few unfortunate deaths and my mental state had burnt out completely. I did not have any time off from work during this whole period.
• After New Years, my partner contacted my parents to get in contact with myself. She was not on medication nor has schizophrenia. She admitted that rushed she rushed a decision and was hallucinating believing that I was “evil” along with her parents. What had sold myself was that I still loved my partner, and she loved myself. I want things to return to “normal”.
• My partners new diagnosis is stressed-induced psychosis, in which was more evident with underlining unaddressed childhood traumas she had to face. We agreed to be back together, wanting to ignore this experience as it was more of a self-discovery journey.
• I am happy deep down. I am struggling between chasing my own happiness, whilst on pilot mode and meeting my responsibilities being the bare minimum during this first experience of burnout in all aspects in life. Notably my family experiencing issues, friend issues and support, career issues through internal politics causing financial stress, and my body is physically reacting to the stress.
• I am unable to get out of this pattern for months, and I have been having professional support. I will be in Europe in a week for a holiday.
As this is my first burnout, does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle my mental health but also be attentive to my partners mental health and to move forward with life?
Thanks All 😊
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