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2023.06.04 20:35 NefariousnessOld9437 Run from

Firstly I’d like to say both my sales associate, and customer service rep have been pleasant and this review is nothing personal against them, rather against Driveway as a company. The sales process was simple, and they were very quick to take my money. It goes downhill right after you pay that deposit.
I purchased a CPO honda odyssey from Wesley chapel honda in Florida, via, this month.
A few issues. 1. The car broke down shortly after receiving it, and it needs a new alternator and a new battery. No one seems to want to help me with this issue, driveway does have a 60 day warranty program they are unwilling to honor, because they say since the car is CPO it should be covered by Honda. Honda, says this is not the case, and driveways warranty should cover it. It took over a week of my car sitting in the shop for them to relay this information to me. This means I have been without my car, for over a week (almost the same amount of time that I’ve actually owned the car) with three small children at home and no other means of transportation.
I purchased a Honda for the space (minivan!) and reliability. I feel like I was scammed and sold a total lemon of a car. The warranty is not being honored as promised on the website and on the hold message when you call the company.
Also, I asked several times to be resent my final contract package from both driveway, and the dealership they used. I cannot get the car registered without this information. I was under the impression they registered the car for me, but then I was told to go register it and do not have the proper paperwork to do so, now my temporary tag is expired, and the car is literally sitting at the shop and cannot be driven anyway due to the alternator.
Final take - don’t do it. While the employees are pleasant, and trying their best, they seem to be met with bogus policies and road blocks and can’t actually help and It’s impossible to speak to someone hire up with more authority. It’s been 3 weeks of owning this car and I am stuck with a car I cannot drive or register.
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2023.06.04 20:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (latest edition)

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2023.06.04 20:34 Joelowes Twisted Metal Other vehicles round 3 Apez Vs Runt

Well A Hipster on a Segway has learned that unrequited love is too powerful for him and now he’s dead
An abandoned fairground stands as a backdrop to the next round of twisted metal of twisted metal
Name of Entry: Apez
Vehicle: A 4 seated Buggy with a Star on the front
Driver: Murdoc
Passengers: "2D", "Noodle" and Russel.
Special: Buggy lifts up to reveal 2 powerful Homing Missiles.
Backstory: They're an aspiring band looking for their big break. After many failed attempts at getting noticed, they decided enough is enough. They've entered the Twisted Metal Contest with the intention of finally becoming the music sensation they know they're meant to be.
Vehicle: modified amusement park Go Kart
Driver: Rito Stricker
Special: Frisbee fury- Shoots Saw blade like frisbees in any direction. Perfect for cutting tires
Backstory: This mysterious driver wears a helmet to hide his identity. He enters the contest for one reason, To be loved by someone
View Poll
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2023.06.04 20:34 gamesdogsandfootball [Friendship] 32/M EST: Looking For New Friends!

Hey there!
32/M in New Jersey (EST Time) looking for new friends. Preferably something with a chance to be long term. I personally am not interested in a few short messages and then getting ghosted. So looking for other people who are actually serious about meeting other people!
Some things about me:
I’m happily married, OK with friends of any gender, but I am looking for something strictly platonic.
I’m a animal lover, I love both Dogs and Cats, with a preference to dogs, but love both. If we become friends there are plenty of dog pictures coming your way.
I’m a big gamer, and would love some new gaming friends to play games with. I have a PC, Xbox Series X, and Switch and play a little bit of everything. Always down to try new games.
I’m a diehard NY Giants fan.
Some other interests include: Cooking, Walks/Hike, the beach, music, TV, movies. I am more of a homebody by nature.
DMs are open, hit me up if you want to chat!
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2023.06.04 20:34 figure8888 I'm struggling to understand a neurotypical social norm

I have autism and I struggle socially, sometimes, with neurotypical people. I really only started talking to other people when I was 14, before that, I was practically mute except at home. I'm an adult now.
I've run into this certain social "thing" a few times now and I really don't understand. It's getting under my skin because I try to figure out where I went wrong but it doesn't "compute" to me and I can't tell if it's actually me or if these people are weird, but they always make me feel like the bad guy. I feel like the best way to illustrate this is with two examples:

  1. My coworker brought up a conversation about insects unprompted and how he doesn't like them. He then proceeded, unprompted, to give me a long drawn-out story about the origin of his fear of insects. He told the story in an "excited" tone like it was kind of funny but also, I guess, upsetting for him. When he finished his story, he said he was glad that the area we live in doesn't have large bugs like the ones in his home state. I said, "Oh, well then you haven't seen this spider that we have here yet." He asked me what it is was, I told him, and then he looked it up on his phone. All of a sudden, he became upset and was like, "Ugh! Why did you tell me about that?" I thought he was being playful still so I laughed. Then he got serious and was like, "No, seriously, why did you tell me about that because I literally just told you I have a phobia of insects?" I didn't know how to respond to that switch...he brought it up.

  1. I had an ex that, when he broke up with me, called me and spent 20 minutes laying into me about what a horrible person I was (a lot of bs stuff that didn't even make any sense like comparing me to my abusive mother that he never met). I was extremely upset and all I could say was, "I f-ing hate you." Immediately after I said that, he switched up and was like, "I can't believe you would say that. I would never say something like that to you. That's fine though, I'll never hate you." But, in my mind, all of the stuff he said before I said that was worse than the word "hate" and had the sentiment wrapped in it. So, why is it worse that I actually said the word?

These two experiences aren't exactly the same, it's just that experience of having someone bring up a topic, and responding in a way that I feel is appropriate, and then they get mad at me for responding in a sequitur way to what they said.

Am I doing something wrong? It makes me feel insane.
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2023.06.04 20:33 Financial-Sample-759 HOT DEAL

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2023.06.04 20:33 Free-Equivalent3988 When to call CPS?

TLDR my neighbors used to yell at their kids every now and then, now it is a daily occurrence, and it feels like things might escalate. I know from experience that sometimes calling CPS can make everything worse/abuse more hidden. When is the right time to call CPS?

Long version:
I've lived in my current place for a few years now. When I first moved in, my neighbor was loud but didn't really yell at her kids. However, over the years things have gradually gotten much worse. It's at a point now where at least once a day, she is screaming at the top of her lungs at them for various reasons (it's three kids, two are fairly young, maybe around 3-4, and the older one looks like she's maybe 7 or 8. The most common thing she yells at them for is wandering around the front yard, but she puts them in the front yard with their playset and leaves them there, sometimes for hours. Sometimes she watches them, sometimes she doesn't).
I even had one moment where I was at the grocery store and she showed up with all three, screaming at them to the point where you could hear it across the store. No one did anything, myself included.
These past few days, her screaming feels a little different? It feels slightly more unhinged, I don't know if she is on something or what, but I don't want to see things escalate. She has never actually publicly hit them or anything, but we have no idea what happens behind closed doors.
I'm worried that if I call CPS, she will get sneakier with the abuse and nothing will actually happen. In mine and my friends experiences with CPS, nothing really happens unless you have bruises, are being visibly starved, or live in trashed house/drug den. And for my friends who actually were taken by CPS, the odds of landing in a good, genuinely loving foster home aren't fantastic. If I call and they do get taken away, would they just end up seperated and possibly in worse hands?
I also know from my own personal experience, I wouldn't want people to call the police or CPS because I didn't want things to escalate. I knew my parents rage would burn out eventually, and even when I thought my dad was going to kill us all, I still didn't call the cops, still lied to my friends or omitted certain parts of the story so they didn't call. I knew the cops showing up would make my life so much worse.
I just don't know what to do. If I could trust that CPS would actually do something to help these kids (and not just ignore it or push them into another abusive household), I would call no hesitation. But I don't want to call, CPS do nothing, and make those kids lives worse than it already is.
Where is the line? When do you know you absolutely can't wait and have to call CPS? I always keep an ear and eye out for those kids, I want to make sure it doesn't get worse, but we're at that weird stage where I think some people would swear up and down that this isn't abuse, others would reprimand me for not doing anything yet.
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2023.06.04 20:33 deerohdeer090 Wondering if my life is ever going to come together

I’ve been telling myself for years I’m so young and it’ll happen with time. I told myself that every year since I was 14 and I’m almost 21 and I feel like my life has just been stagnant. I have the same two friends, Im still living at home because I can’t afford to move out, I’m not in school and just working a dead end job. No love life. Never had one at all. Sometimes it all hits me. I feel like I’m running out of time and I need to jump the gun but at the same time I don’t know what jumping the gun entails. I don’t know where to start. These are supposed to be the best years of my life and they’re just passing me by
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2023.06.04 20:33 kj12188 Aeron vs Leap V2 $750 Budget

Hello everyone! I will be relocating back to Seattle in July and want to completely update my WFH setup. I currently have an ikea chair I dislike as there is zero padding on the bottom and the armrests are hard plastic. It is a gaming chair and it feels like I am sitting on multiple layers of cardboard. I typically sit "correctly" in my chair and sometimes lean forward. I am looking to spend around $750 on the refurbished market.
I recently tried a Leap v2 for 5-10 minutes and enjoyed it. It felt like a very comfortable regular style chair if that makes sense. I found the bottom to be soft enough. I do enjoy having a headrest but it isn't a dealbreaker for me. I have read many dislike the leap headrest.
I also tried a very old Aeron for about an hour. I enjoyed this chair as well. I loved the soft armpads. I felt that plastic bar in the front but after adjusting I didn't feel that anymore.
Does anyone have experience with both of these chairs? With the Aeron, I am concerned about the rigid frame and the mesh being a firmer experience and being uncomfortable for many hours. With the leap? I believe it would be comfortable but my new home in Seattle does not have AC. Most of the year this isn't an issue but it can get quite warm in the summer and I am concerned the fabric would get too hot. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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2023.06.04 20:33 MrButtowskii which offer is better

Company A
27 L INR - Base + employer PF 1.2 L - annual bonus 3 L - Some other benefits and reimbursements
31 as total
Note: company A is not that big of a scale. Growth opportunity for sure. From what i talked from the manager you can just chill and go home.
Company B
21 L INR - Base 25 k dollars in rsus vested over 3 years released for each quarter. 10 percent target bonus Intermittent rsus
31 as total saying that share price stays flat and excluding intermittent rsus
Note: company B is a new to india , but it's global. I guess there might be some hustle.
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2023.06.04 20:33 ERnurse2019 Getting partner to do their share

My partner and I both work full time and have high pressure jobs. This is not a first marriage for either of us and there are school age children in the home who add to the chaos. After my divorce I swore I would not get back into the situation where I took on all the responsibilities of household chores but here we are. He will do a small chore like fold clothes, then is on his phone or doing his hobbies. If there is anything else to do like clean a bathroom, vacuum, sweep, clean pet areas etc I either have to do it myself or point out each individual task. He never just initiates cleaning the house and a lot of times when I’m cleaning and insist that he get up and participate, he complies but is obviously agitated. He always says this or that can be done tomorrow or done later but eventually someone has to wash dishes! Not everything can stay a “later” problem. On his days off, he takes the day to rest so it’s assumed on my days off, I will clean, cook and do whatever else needs to be done. Yes we have had conversations about this issue but nothing changes. I am feeling very resentful at being placed in the role of parent/drill sergeant to get my partner to do his share: note I am not saying “help” me. It is not “helping” me, it is being an adult and doing his part to maintain a shared space. I am beyond frustrated. Any creative suggestions that have actually worked other than me losing my mind and yelling like a complete maniac?
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2023.06.04 20:32 AutoModerator Here’s Where To Watch The Starling Gir OnLine FullMovie Free Streaming at reddit

Watch Here🎯The Starling Gir Online Free

The release date for The Starling Girl has not yet been announced. However, there are a few ways that you can watch the movie for free online. One way to watch The Starling Girl for free is to sign up for a free trial of a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. This will give you access to the movie for a limited time, and you can cancel your subscription before the trial period ends if you don’t want to continue. Another way to watch The Starling Girl online is to wait for it to be released on a streaming service like Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. These services sometimes make movies available for free for a limited time,
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If you want to watch “The Starling Girl” for free online, there are a few places you can go. One option is to go to the official website for the movie. On the website, you can usually find a link to watch the movie for free. Sometimes, you may need to create an account to watch the movie, but this is usually free as well. Another option is to find the movie on a streaming site such as YouTube or Vimeo. These sites usually have
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Will The Starling Girl Be On HBO MAX?
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Will The Starling Girl Be On Netflix?
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2023.06.04 20:32 Zorrm Sirius Proxima - C4-C5/C3 PvP Wormhole Corp

Sirius Proxima is a growing Wormhole Corp being run by an old school WHer and a former INIT FC staking out on our own in that scary wormhole space. Running a PVP focused group in a C4 pulsar with C5 and C3 statics Bob will provide for newbros to Wormholes and old bittervets to space.
What we provide:
-A competent leadership team with experience from all over Eve
-Corp logistics
-Tripwire used to map out the chain and keep us in the loop on where we are in space
-A Corp Buyback Program to relieve you of all the logistics of your isk making
-Discord for comms/out of game communication
-Patience with those that may be new to JSpace; we get it, it's a very different play-style than other parts of Eve. It is very rewarding, and you don't have to worry about ti-di!
-C3 and C5 statics for when you need to bring in some of that isk stuff to by fancy space ships
-Structures in our home to provide any industry related tasks to help with the corp
What we ask of you:
-Working microphone and ability to navigate discord
-A covert ops capable character able to at least pilot and scan in an Astero or better
-We are an English speaking corp, so we will need you to be able to as well
-A good attitude ready to learn and help drive content
-An understanding that we are a PvP Corporation; We PvE so that we can PvP
-Willingness to train into Corp doctrines
Bonuses if you can:
-Fly Logistics cruisers
-Fly Marauders
-Fly Command BCs
If this interests you, you can contact Xyrene Aurilen or Dave DM in game or join our public channel, Proxima Public. If chat is still broken (thanks CCP) or you just want to hop to our discord, you can jump in and ask to talk to someone HERE!
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2023.06.04 20:32 Yharl_Ballin I don’t know if I can break these walls down.

Some backstory on myself: I am a trauma survivor x2. Won’t go into detail unless asked as the stories are lengthy and somewhat gruesome. I came close to dying at 4yo and then again at 5yo. I was abused physically and verbally by my parents. I have PTSD, MDD, GAD, and some other kind of mental illness(es) that are undiagnosed. I’m 27yo (M), I have no friends anymore as they all either got married or moved away. I have no one to talk to and I feel like no one cares to listen when I do find someone I trust enough to open up to or it just pushes them away. I work and go home and the cycle repeats itself. I’ve lost interest in things that I once loved to do. I’ve been in bed throughout the weekends.
I just feel trapped, I’ve been stuck for quite a while now. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school and spent 3 1/2 years at home just existing. It got to the point where I felt like I needed a huge change in my life or else I was not gonna make it to the next morning. I did go back to school in 2017 and for a time it felt like things were going in the right direction. I got a job in medical and although I left for a brief period of time from being overwhelmed with the Pandemic then I returned early 2021.
I’ve seen some therapists that weren’t much help and doctors alike. I was on Sertraline for a year when I was 18 and then stopped because I felt better…I wasn’t better. Been on a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions since then until recently 4 months ago I felt I should get back on medication and have been back on it again. It helps with the anxiety and OCD and depression somewhat but I had to get the dosage raised because the depression was overpowering me.
I’ve always felt like I was a lost cause. I had one therapist give up on me and 2 doctors gave up on me, one of which was recent within the past couple weeks so I’ve been down about that especially because I really trusted this one enough to where I felt open and comfortable enough to start talking to them but it didn’t happen unfortunately.
I’ve been lonely for quite some time. My last relationship was 5 years ago come this November. I have a seriously hard time trusting people as people throughout my life have shown me that no one can be trusted. I’ve wanted someone to prove to me for the longest time I was worth fighting for. I want someone to not give up on me in my tough moments because they truly care and I’ve not found that. I do want what anyone else wants, to be cared for and loved and to be able to reciprocate back to them. I know that I have to be happy with myself first before looking for anyone else but the problem is not that I’m not happy with myself, sure I can be alone as I have been for years at a time but after a while being by yourself really affects you mentally. The lack of human interaction, the lack of empathy, the lack of affection, the lack of understanding and forming meaningful relationships really takes a huge toll on the mind and all I have been feeling lately is emptiness, a void that can not be filled.
Lately my emotions have been tuned way down and it really takes something stimulating for me to feel anything positive. It could be a side effect from the medication or could be a disorder I’m unaware of. I feel like I’m just falling endlessly into the dark abyss and I don’t know where or when the bottom is.
For the first time ever 4 months ago I sank so low I lost the last bit of hope I had which prompted me to get on medication again. I feel like there is nothing left for me here and feel like I’m finished. I don’t know what the next step is or what it looks like.
I’ve been recently thinking maybe I should go back to school again and further my degree but idk if I have it in me to do it again or if it will even change anything as part of me feels like I would just be doing it to fill my time to get my mind focused on something else as a distraction, idk.
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2023.06.04 20:32 euphorbiaceae_512 Greenery withdrawal, where can i go?

More of a question for my fellow plant loving out of towners from states with actual greenery. Since Reno lacks a proper botanical garden or just diverse plant life in general, where do you all go to reset when things get to be too much? (I’ve been to all the plant shops and garden centers here in town too as a substitute and they’re all incredibly underwhelming). How far does one have to drive away from this brown-town to feel at home again? Or is it just not possible?
I moved here for work experience. On top of this miserably long winter, the work culture at my job is they just sit in a dark office all day, have their lunches brought to them and we never even so much as leave the building until 5pm. It’s been a huge drain on my soul. I just need a place where i can grab a cup of coffee on a mental health day off and sit with a sketchbook (i’m a visual artist) and relax.
Or if there are any secret dimensional portals in town to teleport to a quiet coffee shop in Joshua Tree, or an ice cream shop in the Everglades? Lol…i’m loosing my mind here.
My apologies to the locals and life long Reno folks. I’m not trying to knock your town, it’s just not for me and i’m literally looking for a lifeline to keep me from the daily thoughts of taking a forever nap.
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2023.06.04 20:32 he-said-shesaid American Abroad & Needing Nugs

Hi! I’m traveling throughout the UK on my honeymoon this month, but since I’m from the USA I didn’t bring any flower, vape, or edibles with me. I have a medical prescription back home for anxiety & not having anything here is definitely starting to up my anxiety. Is there reciprocity with medical prescriptions or a way for me to get my hands on some green while I’m here? I’ll be in Belfast (now), Edinburgh, Fife, Liverpool, & London.
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2023.06.04 20:32 RealSimonLee Question about Sally and a specific event in last season

This will be spoiler heavy for season 4.
In one of the last episodes, Sally is attacked in her home by a masked intruder while Barry has gone back to LA to kill Gene.
I've been talking with others, and most of us are in agreement: we're confused about what was happening in this scene.
For me, two things crossed my mind: 1.) It's in her head and she's fighting herself. This seems to be undone by the fact the house is somewhat destroyed at the end of the episode. 2.) It's the cook she fucked with a couple of episodes earlier.
Either way, it seems like this was something that would be picked back up before the end of the series, but it wasn't. I know, storyline wise, it was to get Sally and Barry's son back to LA, but I'm just confused as to who that was and what actually happened there. Was it in her head? The cook? Someone else?
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2023.06.04 20:32 L0N3R7899 When will I break...

All I see, lying down as I close my eyes, is a void.
A deep, dark, unending void, an abyss stretching endlessly in all directions, I see myself standing there, with a little light falling on me. I can't see my face. As the horror of this sight engulfs me... I scream loudly in that abyss, I turn in all directions, I still hear nothing, not even myself. In terror, I fall down on my knees and pull my own hair, wanting this to stop. I keep screaming but I can't any longer look at that scary abyss again...
I want this to stop, so all of sudden I get up and take a deep breath, stare at the ceiling fan for a few moments, hear the ticks of the clock...
For so long, nobody helped me, they made fun of me, so finally I thought, I'll always help myself, I don't need others. I got so far a few times, but it left a mark on me, I wanted to vanish somewhere far from all these people, somewhere far, I wanted to be alone, all of them were like this...
I was proud of myself, my self-reliance, my little success, but soon it became my burden, it became a sinister voice, it belittled and insulted me. I was never enough, the comparison. Soon, I started chasing extremes, but for all of that sweat, I have nothing to show for, nothing to write home about. Cuz, always something would happen, and I would fall short of my goal, it was like I was cursed. I'm always so far behind everyone, but perhaps the startline of this race was never the same to begin with, and I have no choice but to run this deadly race, time is not on my side...
I keep running to that beach, beholding for a moment what a beautiful sight it is everytime, the sea, the sun and the clouds and the tune of that cold breeze. But I get the feeling that today I'll see her, hear her voice, so today again I search the the horizon desperately for the sight of my angel, my ray of hope, kindness, grace and caring. It never arrives, day after day, it's the same...
One of those days I was sitting staring at the horizon, and a tear finally dropped from my eye, I felt ashamed, "how could a man cry?" I looked at the sky in anger, as if there's someone. I have lost count of the days now, I get up with a hopeless face and turn back towards the Island. I keep looking back as I walk back, hoping for some miracle, but now I have started to look back less frequently...
Sometime back I had found a way to keep myself sane, keep my mind in check, it's interesting effects would last a day or two, but then even that was snatched from me by some twisted play of fate. I become even further of a recluse, struggling to even walk but with dreams of flying. I could never really recover, believe me I tried my very best, till the end. But the light at the end of the tunnel, never came for me...
Somedays, I recall the times, when perhaps it all perhaps truly started, when those who were supposed to me my world, actually made my world hell. Home became a jail and school an escape. Family, a source of pain and school bullies friends...
Now my life seems to be running in loops, loops of suffering, loss and frustration. It's spiralling down towards.., everything seems to be falling apart. I've helped others quite well wherever they needed it, surprising myself and even them that I could be this useful. I have been kind. but it's all a waste, cause I have truly failed to help the one who perhaps mattered the most. The one I never understood...
And yet, I go on, many times my mind is not really there, yet I sweat, yet I wear that smile, it's fatiguing though, I wonder when will I break, I'm afraid of losing, so much is at stake, I'm alone in this fight, my pride for my self-reliance is all I have, but it's not looking good...
and I wonder when will I break...
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2023.06.04 20:32 porkyribsinsauce Hey rat fans! I've searched through the guides on here, Google, YouTube etc but can't find a definite answer. Do rats smell?

I live in an apartment and I've considered getting two rats for around 12 months now. I personally have an awful sense of smell so it genuinely wouldn't bother me but my parents and family visit often. I would only let them roam in the living room with me whenever I'm in there (quite often as I work from home) and I understand the cage will need regular maintenance. My couch is cloth and the room is carpeted. What are other people's experience? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 20:32 Impossible-Aside3847 Looking for a FEMALE subleaser ($650/month including utilities) for any time from June 15-July 31)

Hi! I’m subleasing a spot for a FEMALE any time from June 15-July 31st in a triple (1 bed/1 bath with a BIG living room) with 2 other quiet/respectful/studious UCLA undergrads. Good for if you have classes for summer sess A or if you’re looking for a short-term sublease :)
One roommate will only be there a couple times a week because she will be commuting back home for work, so most days you will only be sharing a room with 1 other roommate.
Subleasing for $650/month (utilities included + can include bed frame and desk if needed!). Location is about a 10 min walk to campus!! Pls pm me for more info/pics or if you want to come take a look in person!
(So the entire rent cost would be $975 IF you were to move in right on June 15. Aka $975 is the MAX price for the entire June 15-July 31 period. If you want to move in later than June 15th, the total rent would be cheaper!)
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2023.06.04 20:31 tlisa711 Underfloor Heating

Does anyone have an underfloor hearing contractor they can recommend for a 100+ year old home in ilm?
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