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2023.06.04 19:17 rollupnow23 gas lens vs gas saver lens

What the hell is the deal here? I need antacids shopping for this stuff because my stomach curled up like a armadillo.
I see the gas lens has a screen inside of a brass or copper tube.
The gas saver lens is like a screen inside of the cup.

I would imagine the gas saver lens from CK might do a slightly better job diffusing the gas then the gas saver lens but also be more fragile. I bought the gas saver lens (screen in the cup) on intuition, but I don't know which is better or the pros and cons.

What is the difference?
I repaired my first tig welder (dynasty 200, lots of work) and I want to get a torch now.
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2023.06.04 19:16 thebrushup Gabe Kanae, Turning "Internal Homophobia" and Other Challenges into a Book

Gabe Kanae, Turning
As part of LGBT Pride Month, here's a short profile about u/GabeKanae who has struggled with "internal homophobia," and turned his battles into a book of thoughts and poems.
“It's hard for me to feel how I did years ago. Before I learned how cruel this world is. How easy it is to ridicule and hate, never seeing what it takes from another, who is already bait," is an excerpt from the book, Three Letter Lovers by Kanae.
One reviewer wrote: "The poetry is raw emotions expressing heartbreak and experiences. Thank you for sharing you vulnerability with us."
Kanae, a 19-year-old student at the University of Nevada, Reno, has been through quite a few hardships in his life, trying to make a past toxic relationship work with an avoidant partner.
Kanae struggled with his mental health for some time, which affected his self confidence, and kept him locked in his room due to his OCD that very much controlled his life.
He started going to therapy once a week for an hour when he was 16, which allowed him to learn how to be comfortable with himself, and in his own body.
“I realized a lot of the things that I was doing were knocking me down, giving me anxiety because I was trying to impress other people,” Kanae said. “Which is something I can’t really do. I can't convince other people to like me because everyone is different.”
After coming to terms with the trauma that he has endured he wrote his own book, Three Letter Lovers, a series of rant poems for readers to enjoy, available for sale on Amazon.
He has also learned to express himself in many different forms of media, like podcasts, photography, videography, and journalism as well.
“Media is one of the most important things in our society and it is such an expressive form of creativity I love to take part of,” Kanae says.
Story and photo by Kesley Morris
Link to Kanae's book here: https://www.amazon.com/Three-Letter-Lovers-Gabriel-Kanae/dp/B0BGMMMTX4/ref=sr_1_1?crid=VMWMPLJBJN3K&keywords=three+letter+lovers&qid=1685898764&sprefix=three+letter+lovers%2Caps%2C186&sr=8-1
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2023.06.04 19:16 Far_Scholar9240 Am I reading too much into the situation? What is going on here?

Hello people of Reddit, I need some help.
This is my first time here personally, but I have been listening to reddit stories for almost 2 years whether on Youtube, Insta, or any other platform. I made this account specifically because of this and I despratly need others' opinions as it has been eating at me for the past day.

*TW for talk of blood, illnesses, and implied pedophilia*

Some backstory first:
I am a high school student (so think in the age range of 15-18). I volunteer at a hospital every weekend: helping patients and nurses and showing visitors to their friends and loved ones. It can sometimes be a very sad job as I have met parents who children were dying, mentally ill patients who were being schedualed to be tranfered into mental hospitals, and watching bloody patients come out of ambulances.
One highlight of my job, however, is an older coworker who was being paid at the hospital, let's call him "G". G was a graduating college student (think in his mid 20s) who had been working at the hospital for a few years now. We worked together at the front of the hospital to greet and direct visitors. He was great, we had a lot of fun conversations, joked around, and he helped me become more confident when speaking with others. We became really good friends and I looked forward to seeing him every weekend for a few hours before I went to another part of the hospital to help out there.
Now to the actual story:
About 6 months into me volunteering around the hospital, G had told me he was quitting to find another higher paying job closer to his home. Of course, I was happy for him and supported him, wanting my now close friend to seceed. We exchanged numbers on his last day of the job and I never saw him again after that. I currently still work at hospital, but now with new people who I'm usually in charge of teaching because G is gone.
At first, we would talk once a week, mainly on my break at the hospital, as I had a small phase of hating the changes and wanting things to go back to normal. Of course, I soon got over that and stopping starting conversation a lot less as I had grown more busy with my daily life and wanted him to focus on his new job. He started texting me once or twice through the week, almost always texting first with a "hey" or "whats up". At first, I didn't think much of it until he started texting me even more. Of course I didn't mind, he was a good friend of mine and it seemed like he really cared about our friendship. The only problem is that he had and still currently has a girlfriend of three+ years (I'll call her "F"). I had known about G and F's relationship since G and I had started working together in the hospital. He talked about her pretty often.
I began to feel was possibly over stepping unknown boundries by talking with G too much. So, I started pushing back a bit to try and subtly force those boundries and respect their relationship, telling him things like "you've been talking to me a lot lol" and "Go check on your girlfriend, I'm sure she misses you rn". Keep in mind, this is all over text messages.
For a bit of context, I wasn't sure if F knew I was talking to G. over the phone, he never really mentioned her until I brought her up and asked about her.
Flash forward a few weeks until yesterday. Earlier in the day (around noon), G had texted me mention he was going out to celebrate his Dad's birthday. I tell him to have fun and go on with my day. later, I was going to a family event, both parents and my siblings in the car and we're driving to this event an hour away from our home.
I get a text from G around 6:30pm:
G: Yeah I'm drunk
Me [not completely sure if he's being serious or not]: Pfttt what
G: I'm drunk we went to a drinking festival [for his dad's birthday, he meant]
Me [laughing about it lightly to my family as I'm texting]: Lol you better not be driving home
G: I'm not
Me: okay good lol stay safe :>
G: I will don't worry
Me: Okayyy is you gf with you???
G: Yeah well she was with me but she went home, she was with us all day
Me [confused]: Oop- how come? Why did she leave early?
G: She was tired and it was getting late and she was drinking
Me in my head: huh........
Me on text [wanting to end the conversation]: Ooo well it sounds like you guys are having fun :)
G: It was
I was talking about it with my parents (I basically tell them everything) and they felt kind of off about it all. Like I had stated above, I am a minor, this dude is not. It especially didn't sit well with my dad who had implied that MANY older men had crushes on minors. Of course, because G is my friend, I defended him, but that comment had stuck with me and I'm now over thinking things.
To continue the story, after the conversation I had put down my phone for the event. When I got home around 9:30pm, I realized he had texted me again. I'll spare the finer details, but we had asked about each others' events, what we were both doing the next day, then our birthday came up (we have the same birthday). He asked how old I was turning. I got a weird vibe from that, but I told him and said "why do you ask?". His response was "Just asking", which I'm getting weird vibes from as I'm going through the texts again...
After that we spoke about things we want to do for our birthday, and then he asked if I wanted to hang out at some point.
For some more context, my parents are extreme planners, we practically already had the rest of the year planned out on your giant family callender. This mean I'm of course WAY to busy to make a 30 minute drive to his area so we can hang out for a few hours.
I told him this and our conversation was pretty normal after that.
It was around around 10pm when I really just wanted to end the conversation and told him: "Text your gf, make sure she's doing okay, I gtg to bed :P"
He didnt respond after that.

Knowing all of this information, what do you think is going on here? Is G just overly confortable with me??? Or was my dad right about something?? I don't freaking know and I need help. I not going to try and deny it, I'm not muture enough for these kinds of things. I just need help to figure out if I should cut him off or if I'm over reacting. All opinions are valid and will be looked over by me.

Thank you <3
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2023.06.04 19:16 tomatosoup26 Rate / roast my set up!

Rate / roast my set up!
Got this lil girl last night! I know front openings are better and I am definitely planning on expanding to at least a 40 gal when I move out of my current place in like 3 months. Used very dry coco husk beneath the tiles, but am monitoring if she eats it or doesn't like it. nice cactuses and the moist hide is off to the right in front of the water dish. Using shadedweller uvb and a 50w basking bulb. Temp now reads like mid 80s at that peak of the hide. Have a moist box coming soon as well for her. Second pic for tax 🥰
submitted by tomatosoup26 to leopardgeckos [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:16 LH1221 My Medication Journey- Lexapro, Wellbutrin, BuSpar

All- I wanted to share my journey with medication to hopefully help others. In January, I started Lexapro (10 mg then went up to 20mg). I went on medication due to severe anxiety/GAD. After I started, I was SO ravenously hungry the first few weeks, my doctor prescribed an appetite supplement that didn't work (phentermine). I was gaining weight on Lexapro (about 20 lbs in a few months) and was so tired all the time, I could barely function. I would often find myself staring off into space or forgetting what I was doing in a room or while looking at my work computer. I had no sex drive, and again, the fatigue was unbearable at times. I don't even know if it was helping with my anxiety since all of the other unpleasant side effects were more prominent. I quit the Phentermine after a few weeks since I wasn't seeing any results and added 150mg Wellbutrin XL (generic) to help with the weight gain/appetite. I then cut down the Lexapro to 10mg to see if that would help with the fatigue in combo with the WB, but it didn't (side note: taking the Lex and WB at the same time of day made it even worse--when I took the WB in morning and Lex at night, that helped, but fatigue was still bad). I also didn't think the WB was working, so I decided to come off of Lexapro entirely and start BuSpar with the WB, as I didn't want to try another SSRI given my experience with Lexapro. Again, at first, I wasn't sure what was working, but once the side effects of coming off the Lexapro faded, I started feeling better. The Wellbutrin gives me so much energy, but not in a way that makes me feel edgy. I have been waking up before my alarm and feeling more well rested than I ever have. The appetite suppression effects also started kicking in, so I'm eating less and am not craving junk like I used to. My sex drive also seems to be normal like it was. The BuSpar seems to be helping with my anxiety (taking 10mg 2x/day). It took probably 6 weeks on Wellbutrin and 4 weeks or so on BuSpar to start feeling this way. When I started the meds, it was for anxiety, but I was also having some depression. I didn't realize how bad I was feeling until I started feeling NOT that way. Things aren't perfect, of course, but I'm finding myself in situations that usually would trigger bad anxiety that no longer do. I may still think about it, but I don't have the same physical reactions I used to. I may still increase the BuSpar a bit at some point, as I'm not sure we're ENTIRELY there with my anxiety, but it's definitely an improvement.
Anyway, I just wanted to share, as I know it can take a while and be a very frustrating process to find a combo that works. I was about to give up after the Lexapro and just go back to feeling shitty all the time, because at least I could feel shitty and not be gaining weight every day and be so tired I could barely function. However, I'm glad I kept an open mind and tried some other meds, as now, I feel better than I have in a while (if not ever). The meds seem to be working with minimal side effects (dry mouth, excessive sweating--though I'm taking another med to help with this).
Also, I drink on these meds regularly, and I've been fine. I know that's not advised and am not suggesting anyone else do so, but I'm just sharing my experience. I was scared of the seizure possibility with drinking and WB, but I've been fine so far. Again, do not take this as a suggestion to do the same, as I've also seen many posts in these groups of people having terrible experiences with it.
Good luck to everyone struggling to find their combo. Hope this helps anyone in a similar situation.
submitted by LH1221 to Wellbutrin_Bupropion [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:16 MoRu81118 How does your Hashis body handle getting sick/out of routine?

I get very depressed and my mental health suffers with extreme brain fog when I am sick or overtired. Is this common with Hashimotos? It’s really hard wanting to be able to travel and live a normal life but then if my sleep and routine is compromised, my body shuts down on me and I feel like I’m set back and it takes weeks to recover and feel normal again.
I used to travel the world and loved it! Lately, it’s been too tough on my body to be even slightly out of routine.
My tsh was good and I felt great but then a week of traveling and jet lag, it feels like I’ve been thrown into a horrible flare.
Anyone else struggle with this?
submitted by MoRu81118 to Hashimotos [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:16 sackfullofnutss motorcycle, possible carb issues?

So my bike was running pretty bad. I took it to a mechanic for valve adjustment as there was no records for it in the maintenance book and it has 60tkm.
Basically now it runs a little better but is now maybe slighlty like 100-200rpms lower than normal idle. It feels like its about to stall when i take off unless i give it some little extra gas.
Also the exhaust sounds weird. With choke fully on it sounds normal but when i take the choke off it sounds a little farty. It also backfires(?) On deceleration, i can usually hear some extra popping sounds i didnt have when i got the bike couple months ago.
Should i have its carbs cleaned/synced or should i try to mess with the idle screw maybe?
Ive had its oil + filter changed, plugs changed and just couple days ago valve adjustment.
submitted by sackfullofnutss to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:16 Biretybank8 Are you struggling to keep up with your summer classes? Too busy partying that you don’t have time to write your essays? Simply, Hire me as your personal writing assistant ✍️ 👩‍💻 Starts @ $15/page BiretBwriter#1547

I'm a freelance writer with six years of experience. Since 2019, I have helped hundreds of students with their academic projects and online classes. In the past, I have also worked with various essay writing companies.
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and much more..
If you have any questions regarding my service or anything, please feel free to reach out.
Email: [email protected] Discord: BiretBwriter#1547
Reach out to get quality writing service and promise that you will not regret it :)
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2023.06.04 19:16 fasdffea My Pegging Experience ☃️❄️

A quick note on pegging… This is not going to be an instruction manual; there are plenty of those already. This is more about how it makes me feel.
Being penetrated is a very intimate sex act that everyone should experience, regardless of your gender or perceived sexual orientation. Being a woman, I am obviously quite familiar with being penetrated during sex but first time I was the one doing the penetrating… it was a life-changing experience and such a rush of emotions.
The first time I used a strap-on was with a woman and, emotionally, penetrating her was so beautiful that, afterwards, I was a changed person. We held each other and, frankly, a was a little teary eyed. The most profound detail was how she lovingly took me inside of her, such grace in that beautiful act of femineity. I felt so special to be the one inside of her. When I’m penetrated, and I take you inside of me, I’m giving all of me to you. I had no idea that when you penetrate, you can feel your partner giving themselves to you and just how very special that moment is for you both. Now, the other side of penetrating is the control I got to experience. I decided how she would be fucked. My thrusts ventured deeply inside of her body… inside her most delicate and guarded area. I felt intoxicatedly powerful.
Now, when you peg a man, it’s all those things AND SO MUCH MORE!! As a woman, being powerful during vaginal penetrative sex is more about your confidence than anything else because you are still the one getting fucked, even if you’re with the most caring and gentle lover. You are powerful for feeling how valuable your sex is and that you CHOOSE to give yourself to your partner. Now, when you peg a man… OMG! WOW! You probably feel MORE power and MORE control than what a man feels when he fucks you!
And the crazy thing is… men love being pegged. Especially when it’s being done by a woman they are incredibly attracted to who knows what they are doing. I kno
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2023.06.04 19:16 lewisvalez Switched: It Served Me Well

So, after a year and a half I decided to upgrade to the S23 base model (got a really good discounted deal on Google Fi though the additional trade-in value was terrible at $75). I could no longer handle the delayed updates, mediocre battery life, while anticipating a better tuned newer processor to meet battery demands, better build quality and somewhat improved camera results. But I still enjoyed my S21fe when it was first released! 2 processor upgrades later just seemed it was time. 🤔
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2023.06.04 19:16 BidAccomplished529 Omad Week 2 Update

Guys so I have been doing omad since 2 weeks now I have lost around 9.2 pounds in last 2 weeks But I have not been able to observe much change in my body structure
Could you guys tell me if I am commiting any mistake in my diet and workout
So basically I break my fast at 5pm I eat 4 boiled eggs, a bowl of boiled chicken, some snack like noodles, sandwich, Pani puri, Samosa,etc and a fruit bowl / fruit juice (with added sugar) And then I eat a protein bar (10 g one)
Then at 8pm I have dinner [I try to keep it very light usually I consume Dal Rice or Chicken Curry or Biryani(once a week) ]
I have been following this 20:4 religiously along with a cheat meal once or twice a week (still on OMAD)
I am staying in an university so it's really tough to cook my own food so I am not able to cook eat like other people doing omad here so yeah I am being confused over the same
And for workout
I usually perform some random cardio exercises from YT or I go to swim ( I swim for 1 hrs mostly) or I play football with my friends [I workout 3 /4 times a week] Please guide me out guys
Also I would love to connect with people from Indian Universities who stay in hostel and have been doing OMAD so I might be able to relate with them and get some tips for the same
submitted by BidAccomplished529 to omad [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:16 artistloverforever No one prepares you for saying goodbye to those you've loved the most...🕊️

Hi all.
So I know, that I'm all so bubbly, sweet, caring and loving but it hurts when a part of your family goes to heaven. It hurts, hurts, hurts and hurts. It will always do because it's not a pain we're ready for and it takes weeks, months or years for most to move on. I've lost a soul, a smile, a love, a hug...a beautiful angel that is now gone to a better place, somewhere quiet, filled with all these lovely memories. No one prepares you for this pain, but I now know true angels do exist, you just have to believe in their sparkle.
So my beloved grandma, I may have never gotten the chance to say goodbye to you so I'll say it now:
🕊️goodbye to a wonderful soul that loves others no matter how they are as human beings..
🕊️goodbye to an angel that never had wings but always pretended to do so to hide me from her pain goodbye to a smile so contagious that always left others feeling loved...
🕊️goodbye to someone who never let me cry when I was dealing with pain because that would tear her world apart...
🕊️goodbye to your wonderful but beloved hugs whenever we came to visit you...
🕊️goodbye to an awesome role model as a teacher...
🕊️goodbye to someone that meant my whole universe to me...
🕊️ goodbye to the best grandma I've ever had
Although I'm saying goodbye now, it's not forever and it never will be. Thank you for making me be the strongest, powerful, loving, inspirational, understanding, appreciative and passionate for languages. I'm proud to carry on this legacy and always have you there watching over me. Rest in piece beautiful heart, I'll always miss you.💐🕊️
PS: To everyone going through this, know you're not alone and I know it's hurtful but life never prepares us for the people we lose. We just do and it's a pain that's unforgiving, but I know you can do this. If not, I'm always here as a text message away. Keep fighting you bundles of joy, you got this!💕💐
submitted by artistloverforever to Vent [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:16 Traditional_Pen3436 My partner is spending almost double on her brother's birthday gift compared to mine

My partner S f(26) and I m(26) have been dating for about a year and a half but we accidentally had a child early . And I have taken then best care of her and the baby . She didn't earn and income until recently but I have been paying for everything before , making her birthday special , I have bust a credit card and almost run broke every month. Plus using all saved up money I had . I felt like things were getting better and then we did so finance planning and I see my gift she has budgeted 800 and then her brother 1.5k . I kinda feel weird not sure how I feel . Just wanted to get someone else's perspective. Like I'm usually not that attached to how much someone spends on me . And on top of that I really tried hard to make her feel appreciated for mothers day , the day before I took her out we did some shopping and for Father's day coming up I am being g told all I am getting is a chocolate . I dunno I just feel weird about this .
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2023.06.04 19:16 Administrative-Fox-8 [Landlord, FL] Plumbing done wrong

Is there a way to hold a plumbing contractor liable for their job when there's no contract?
He has done a couple of jobs around the hose but this one was a major one. It cost $500 and it was to replace the sink grinder. Not sure if he knows that he did a bad job but we called him once after that service for another job and he never replied. Today, a week after the grinder has been replaced it was used for the first time since then and there is a leak coming from there. I've called him 3 times today and he hasn't replied to anything. By the 4th call the phone didn't even ring.
We paid him through zelle so I believe there's no form to chargeback, but is there a way to hold him liable for the work he did? He does not work for a company, he just does jobs on his own.
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2023.06.04 19:16 Nezable Thoughts on this ? Has anyone ever seen it before ?

Thoughts on this ? Has anyone ever seen it before ? submitted by Nezable to Eminem [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:16 IamJoy86 Finally feel seen

So it’s take me quite a while for me to get used to being out as a late in life lesbian, I consider myself to be a cisgender lesbian, so I have the idea of solidarity being an ally as such but also a part of the community as a whole. Finally back in March I came out to my mom this year and I feel like I’m starting to come to terms with me being this way after a split attraction finally ended with me. I’ve always had a problem with having to identify with being something and not feeling like I could be myself I’m starting to get to that point where I am starting to but it’s taking me a lot longer since it’s not the same for everyone when it comes to an approach to actually being this way. Also, with all the laws and the state that I live in being Tennessee have been really hard to deal with except recently found out that the drag shows are being put back on and they will be shut down fairly soon or has been because of a theater company, called friends of George who definitely made a difference to do this.
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2023.06.04 19:16 -morgenrote- the best browser

what's the best browser on android right now? i use brave but i heard there's a better option, what is it?
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2023.06.04 19:15 ray_hodgson Insurance claim as leaseholder in a freehold property

I recently purchased a leasehold maisonette in London and uncovered damp as a result of water ingress that was not flagged by our survey.
Regardless of whether the insurer would pay out (it's an exterior fault, but might be deemed historical), the freeholder has been uncooperative in opening a claim. We were provided the building insurance schedule (which we pay towards), and initially spoke directly to the insurance broker who suggested we (as leaseholders) would be able to manage the claim provided the freeholder gave authority.
Despite requesting authority many times, the freeholder has refused to do so, either by ignoring the request, or saying the works must be resolved first. I don't believe the latter is a hard requirement before opening a claim, as important information and evidence may not be captured upfront. They also mentioned the risk of a premium increase next year as a result, so I believe they are trying to avoid going down this route.
Are they within legal power to withhold such authority? How else would we be expected to open a claim? The property is a split-victorian house, with just the upper maisonette also being owned by the freeholder. There is no management company and everything is managed informally between us/them. As I said, we contribute towards ground rent + buildings insurance + service charge as you would expect as a leaseholder.
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2023.06.04 19:15 renegadellama Is OpenAI Calling For Regulation to Keep Their Monopoly?

I've spent the past week tinkering with these models and it's clear they're at least 95% as good as ChatGPT and only getting better.
I find the timing of Sam Altman's fear campaign a little too on point. Anyone else think Sam and OpenAI are just trying to remain the gatekeepers of this technology?
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2023.06.04 19:15 Sudden-Celebration14 I think I'm failing at my new job

I had been working tirelessly at minimum wage for 3 years. After multiple requests for a pay raise, it fell on deaf years. I hence decided to shift to a new job. It was a complete transformation for me. This new place not only pays well, the working conditions here are very nice. There's a lot of freedom to the things you love, personally. I however have been working under extreme conditions for 3 years. Apart from the low pay, the job was kind of like 365 days a year. There was no concept of a day off, we worked almost everyday. This sudden shift to this new job has shocked my hardwired brain. It feels like the reason there's so much time in my hands is because I am not doing well. I know it sounds privileged but I am actually feeling unproductive. These people are good to me but I don't feel at home with them. It's been a month & I still haven't been able to interact with them or get to know them. I always feel like this is too good to be true & there must be some kind of a backstory to this where they're actually not satisfied with my work, hence the low amount of work (or rather normal, just that I've been fused to work too much). Other than that, the stress & trauma from losing my parents to COVID still haunts me. I continued with the previous job because I was living paycheck to paycheck with the mounting medical expenses. Ideally, I'm at much better place now. But somehow it doesn't sit right with me. I feel hopeless & sometimes fear the career ahead of me. I am unable to take it easy. Don't know what I wanted to get out of this just wanted someone to hear me out. Thanks for listening!
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2023.06.04 19:15 psyberbird Does Computer Science research help inform Software Engineering practice?

Curious about the relationship between CS research in academia and SWE practice in industry. Do people in industry ever turn to publications in academia to learn how to better improve their code quality and efficiency? Are there industries where the relationship between practice and research is tighter, maybe computer graphics for example?
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2023.06.04 19:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Valdo – OpenAI Platinum Bundle (Updated Course) AI Live 2.0 (Genkicourses.site)

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Get instant access to 20,000+ prompts (and a special AI Live members club!)

Here’s a sneak peak of the exclusive prompts this bundle includes!
  • How to build effectively using no-code (1,000 prompts)
  • How to succeed in E-commerce A-Z (2,000 prompts)
  • How to build a landing page (1,000 prompts)
  • How to 10x your E-mail marketing (500 prompts)
  • How to build a highly converting sales funnel A-Z (1,000 prompts)
  • How to build an audience online (500 prompts)
  • How to consistently get sales online (500 prompts)
  • How to close high ticket clients (500 prompts)
  • AI customer service automation (500 prompts)
  • Stock Trading Mastery + Blockchain Prompt Bundle (2,000 prompts)
  • SaaS 101 ChatGPT Course (500 prompts)
  • Prompt Engineering Mastery Course (400 prompts)
  • Sales & Marketing (8,000 prompts)
Total prompts: 20,000+

Mastery Courses.

  1. Prompt Engineering Mastery Course. Learning how to successfully curate and utilize ChatGPT prompts like a boss. (33 videos)
  2. Saas 101 ChatGPT Course. Learning how to build a successful SaaS company from scratch or optimize and finish the project you are already working on. (33 videos)
  3. Crypto Trading Course. This course will teach you the basics of ChatGPT and crypto, effective trading strategies, how to create NFT’s using AI and everything in between. (31 videos)
  4. Stock Trading Mastery Course. This course provides a comprehensive guide to understanding ChatGPT and stock investing, starting from the fundamentals and advancing to more complex strategies. You can learn at your own pace with the 21 included videos and over 9 toggle guides.
Total videos: 118
But that’s not all…
  • Get 1,000+ new prompts weekly (automatically updated)
  • Total courses: 4 Mastery Courses (over 100 hours of material)
  • (NEW) Metaverse Beginners Guide included.
Please note: as the Platinum Prompt Bundle continues to grow with prompts, so will the price. Get in early while you still can!


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