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All about the popular manga and anime series: Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls!

2023.06.04 18:34 USAMADETODAY Join Us on USA Made Today: Your Destination for All Things American-Made!

Join Us on USA Made Today: Your Destination for All Things American-Made!
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2023.06.04 18:34 Krymsyn__Rydyr Weird nighttime incident, at my home.

So… I have fairly recently had a series of spinal surgeries. I’ve fallen, a couple times since, and have hurt my knee and hip. I have not been sleeping well, from pain etc. Last night, I had fitful rest, at best. I awoke at about 2 AM, got myself a cup of coffee, and sat on my back porch, smoking cigs, listening to the owls, possums and raccoons. And sort of cat-napping. I realized, that I just heard, what sounded like a coin or a key, dropping, and then the sound of a footstep on my bluestone driveway, around the corner, up the side of house. I moved to corner of porch, and realized that the motion detector light, on side of house, had come on. I knew one of my sons was still awake, and might have gone out to his car for something. I softly called his name, and got some kind of unintelligible reply. I slipped back, into my back door, moved to sons room, and found him there, working on his computer. He said he wasn’t outside. I silently retrieved Sig .40, and crept out side door. Stalked my driveway, and front yard, from garage to street… no sign of anything amiss. I eventually figured it must have been an animal or something. Ended up going back to eventual fitfull sleep. This morning, I told my wife what had happened, and she thought to look at the ring camera, at front of house. We can clearly see a young kid ( teenager -20 ) falling all over himself, full blown flat out drunk. Stumbling all around my front lawn, in and out around trees and such. The vid shows him there, for quite a while. We went outside and walked around, in daylight., checking our vehicles and such. We found a spot, in the bluestone, where it looks like he slipped and fell. Right next to it, we found a broken in half denture. God he had to have fallen hard, to break a bottom plate. My first thought was poor kid, got all Fd up, had no clue where he was, fell , got hurt, broke his denture…. Can I find out who it is, to give him his broken piece back, so he can get a replacement, easier… etc etc.
Wife makes breakfast, then goes outside to do some chores. She then finds a pencil, inserted into a glass tube. I notice there is some brown stains in the glass tube. I’m not sure how the kidz do their junk these days, but I have the suspicion that I’m looking at some kind of crack or meth paraphernalia.
I asked wife to double check the ring thing, to make sure there is no footage of me, with pistol.
Now… what do I do? 1) Call PD to report it. There may have been an issue, somewhere nearby, and this info , and video may help PD? 2) Let it go completely 100%, and stay vigilant?
My concern with calling PD, is only that I am a CCW holder, and I don’t want the Jerks in PLB to be looking at me. I don’t want to be on their radar, for any reason.
My neighborhood is not a problem area…. This is a freak incident, completely random.
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2023.06.04 18:33 Wanderlust063 Update: How I disposed of the ghost woman.

So this is an update on how I accidentally killed a ghost. If you want to know how I accidentally killed a ghost, you can find the story here: [https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/13zet02/help\_i\_accidently\_killed\_a\_ghost\_and\_i\_dont\_know/\].
Around 30 minutes after I made the original post, my coworker, Sunny, came down the basement stairs. Her mouth was agape as she saw the lifeless body of the ghost woman lying near the foot of the stairs. Her head had stopped bleeding the inky liquid, but her eyes were now a milky white color.
She stared at the horrific display before looking back up at me. I thought she would have been freaking out, seeing a dead woman on the floor, but her expression was more of dismay. She pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a sigh. "What happened?"
The coherent thoughts in my head that would have clarified everything came out as a jumbled mess from my mouth. "I-I was watching the tapes and sorting, and there were only two tapes left, so..." My rambly explanation was cut short by her accusatory shout, "So you watched the tape with the red strip!"
The conviction in her voice made my heart sink. I retorted as quickly as she had cut me off, "No! I said there were only two tapes. Of course, I would choose the one that I had to watch and not the one I wasn't supposed to!"
Sunny was taken aback by what I said. "So you're telling me the tape without the red strip caused this?"
"Yes! For crying out loud, she climbed out of the TV!" My voice cracked a bit after I finished my sentence.
Sunny breathed out a deep sigh and walked down the remaining steps, taking extra caution not to step into the black puddle of blood. She seemed to be investigating the scene, looking at the water that spilled out of the TV and ran down the TV cart.
"Where are her footprints?" the question caught me off guard.
"It dried up," I answered.
"In under 5 minutes?"
I stared at her, baffled. "What do you mean? I've been waiting for you for like an hour and a half."
"What? But I ran all the way here. 5 minutes," the sincerity in her voice was undeniable.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time displayed. "See, it's 7:30. I called you at 6:30. Where were you at that time?" I spoke while raising my phone up to her.
Sunny's eyes started to widen as she raised her arm, pulling back the sleeve to reveal a very fancy-looking wristwatch. "The time is six past six," her voice quivered. I walked over to also look at her watch, and she was right. The time on her watch was six past six, six minutes past six o'clock. We both looked at each other in utter shock.
Behind us, we heard the sound of a loud static eruption. Both of our heads turned in sync to look at the television set where we heard the loud bang. The sight was captivating. I don't know how to describe it accurately, but the screen of the TV was overflowing with blue static, like smoke pouring out and floating up to the ceiling.
I found myself walking over to the television set and decided to see if I could stick my hand in. I have no idea why I thought of this idea, but I did. Astoundingly, my hand went through the TV. It felt cold and wet, with the sensation of bubbles clinging to my arm, as if I had stuck my hand into a large bucket of club soda. I pulled my hand out, drenched in the bluish water. I looked back at Sunny and saw that we were both thinking the same thing.
Now, if you had told me that I would be dragging the body of a ghost woman across a basement to force through a TV that looked like a portal to a watery dimension, I would have laughed and slapped you across the face. But, with the help of Sunny, we successfully dragged the corpse all the way to the television. Now came the part of dumping her body into the TV portal. We managed to get her head into the TV and were busy trying to maneuver her shoulder in as well.
We took a break when half of her torso was in the TV portal, only showing her backside. Pushing a fully-grown woman into a box TV-sized portal proved really tiring. After the break, we went back to work. Only this time, the ghost woman's hand twitched. I yelped as I saw her index finger slightly curl, and Sunny let out a bunch of startled curses.
Our screams grew as we saw the ghost start to reanimate. Her hand curled into fists, violently swinging as her legs kicked. Her ear-piercing wails came back full force, as if her skull being cracked on a bunch of stairs had merely paused it.
Now, for the second and hopefully final time, I acted out of sheer panic. I ran up to the television, grabbed her legs, and shoved her deeper into the TV portal. She beat my chest with her kicks and made my ears ring with her blood-curdling screeches, but I refused to let up. I finally got her all the way through the TV as quickly as humanly possible. I yanked the cords linking the TV to the VHS player. Finally, her wails were cut short as the TV showed static.
For good measure, I also took the VHS out of the player and tossed it back into the box. I looked back at Sunny, who remained frozen, her hand covering her mouth as her eyes widened. For a long while, she imitated a statue. She finally spoke after a while, "Hey, um..."
"Yeah?" I said, perking my ears.
"We're not gonna say anything, right?"
"I wasn't planning on it."
She returned to her animated state, and we both walked out of the basement, climbing the stairs. "Are we gonna clean up the blood?" I asked from behind.
"I'll do it later tonight. But how did you kick a ghost?"
"I don't know. I either have a superpower, or it was just a really shitty ghost."
Sunny chuckled at the remark as we left the basement, now entering the warehouse. She stopped before turning around and flashing the light almost in my eyes. "Um... Are you gonna quit?" the question was a bit out of the blue but considering what happened, probably not totally unexpected.
"Maybe. I mean, other than what just happened today, this job is pretty sweet," my response seemed to ease her as she gave a light smirk. I then asked her, "You gonna quit?" She immediately retorted, "Oh god no. Where else would I go, retail?" I laughed at her response to my question, and we walked back to the front of the store. The manager saw me appear and walked down to greet me.
"Hello, new employee. How was your shift as an archivist?" The manager flashed his perfect row of teeth and smirked at me. "It went well," I responded, a bit nervous.
"Good, good. Did you watch all the VHS tapes as required?"
"Yes, sir, but there was one with a red strip that I didn't watch."
"Oh, yes, how fantastic. Now..." the manager pulled something out of his pocket, still maintaining eye contact. "Here is your bonus. Spend it on something good." He gave me a light slap on the shoulder before walking back to his office.
I looked down at the $20 bill in my hand. All that for $20. I can at least buy a couple of tubs of ice cream with this money. I grabbed my things and left the store, saying goodbye to Sunny as I walked out.
I am now typing this story in the comfort of my apartment, also with a half tub of ice cream on my lap. This might be my last post; I'm not really sure. I mean, some interesting things are bound to happen if I take the night shift, right?
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2023.06.04 18:32 BoringArtichoke How to maintain tension and advice for a " we're being infiltrated" mission.

So I'm preparing to start a campaign set in the 40k universe, likely using the fan-made Dark Heresy or CoC as the ruleset.
The premise is that in the aftermath of the suppression of a rebellion on some planet, a number of large troop transport ships have been set on an orbit around the solar system at meaningful percentage of the speed of light (but still subluminal). This is so they can take advantage of time dilation (a one year on the ship equals 10 years on the planet sort of situation). So if another emergency arises on the planet there is a force on hand to help in a more immediate way than other more distant star systems.
The starting party is likely going to consist of 2 PCs and some NPCs that act as the sort of "nightshift", looking after the ship while the rest of the crew and military complement are in stasis. And more PCs are going to be brought out of stasis as the situation on the ship deteriorates.
The enemy in question is a band of stow away aliens that are toying with the crew like a cat does with a mouse. If you must know, the aliens in question are Dark Eldar, though this isn't set in stone.
Most of the rpgs I've participated in were pretty combat heavy, and light on the tension. So while I have ideas about how to introduce it (ship systems turning on and off, a few of the npcs going missing etc.), I'm not sure on how to introduce them without immediately giving up that something fishy is happening, or if there are better ways of doing so.
So how would you ratchet up tension and only slowly give away that they are being infiltrated by a hostile alien group? What mechanics would lend themselves to allowing the PCs to go about their business while slowly realizing that something is amiss on the ship? How would you mess with your pcs if you were an infiltrating alien?
To any 40k fans out there. I know this might not line up with 40k canon, but this is 40k, there is enough wiggle room in the canon to fit a moon sized space station through.
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2023.06.04 18:29 are-you-my-mummy Ceiling light swap - new fitting has two identical wires?

Old fitting has live, neutral, earth. New fitting has a connector box with two identical, unlabelled terminals. Is it possible that it doesn't matter which way round live and neutral would be installed? The only instructions I can find are more Ikea-style "screw the thing to the ceiling" and do not cover wiring.
I'm hoping it's this simple!
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2023.06.04 18:27 TechTaxi [USA-TX] [H] Intel® Compute Stick, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB, Gigabyte AORUS RGB 3600MHz CL18 16GB (2x8GB) RAM, 4x Power Cords [W] Local Cash/PayPal

Hey guys, I'm cleaning out my storage and selling the extra PC parts/electronics I have. I'm local to Houston if you're interested in meeting locally. Here are the electronics/parts and their prices/descriptions:
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/AWcJbsw (Diet Coke not included)
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2023.06.04 18:26 JordanW20 What is/How do I find this ceiling fan device that I keep seeing in builds?

What is/How do I find this ceiling fan device that I keep seeing in builds? submitted by JordanW20 to TOTK [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:25 swarmdk Mono X fan remplacement.

Hi All one of the fans on my Mono X has starter to make a noise like it might die soon. do any one know if a typical 24v fan will work as a replacment. I have a nocturna fan I was thinking of installing.
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2023.06.04 18:24 AaronRodgersXoX42069 Exhaust fan won’t turn off?

My house has an exhaust fan that I can’t get to stop running in our laundry room/bathroom. I came home from work and it was running all on its own and no one was home to turn the fan/timer on. As you can see the control switch doesn’t have the light on but it’s still running. It would have stopped after the selected time regardless as it always has in the past. I turned the breaker on and off thinking that might “Reset” it to normal but it didn’t work. Anyone have a suggestion? Thank you!
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2023.06.04 18:24 artmorte The Cage in KC: Return it to original design or replace it completely

The top part of The Cage in the previous design never felt that problematic to me. It was a strong spot, but you were also trapped there yourself.
Since the re-design, the whole POI is unplayable as there's no cover anywhere. At least in the previous design you would sometimes have fun fights in the building. Now nothing happens there as it's suicide to try to play the building.
Indeed, it shouldn't even be called "The Cage" any longer, the current design is just a disappointing little box, not a cage.
Either bring back the old version or replace this area with something better altogether, please.
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2023.06.04 18:24 godugan Could my old modem be causing issues?

Hey everybody,
After spending a full day troubleshooting (getting solid red lights randomly, sometimes every few minutes and overall a shoddy wifi connection at best) I feel like my ancient modem may not work well or at all with the Deco XE75 Pro. I have a Technicolor TC8305C Cable Modem since 2009. silly of me to not think of replacing it before getting a modern mesh router system, but I'd love to hear what you guys think. I'm still waiting on a reply from tech support but I've tried many things up to now.
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2023.06.04 18:24 talosguideu Landlord refuses to fix a leak or test for mold

It is June 4th, we have had a leak in our ceiling since April 26th. The bubble in the ceiling is about 3x3 feet, i don't know how it hasnt ruptured yet.
All that maintenance has done is put a dehumidifier in the room. They've told us that they are going to fix the roof twice and it still leaks every time it rains.
I went in the leasing office and complained again yesterday, and asked them to test for mold. I was told that they won't test for mold if the ceiling is dry. I was also told that they won't open it up to fix it until it's dry, so we are going in circles and it's really frustrating.
Is there anything I can do legally to get them to fix the leak, test for mold, or cover the cost of me hiring someone else to do it? Can I break my lease over this?
Edit: Colorado, USA
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2023.06.04 18:23 FreakyOne87 Help, Possible Bad AiO?

Okay, I have had my CPU, 13900ks since January, on a Corsair h170i Elite Capellix, well I decided I wanted to do an RGB aesthetic upgrade to the case, so I bought ThermalTake ToughFans RGB and the ThermalTake ToughLiquid Ultra RGB 420 and installed them.
Temps seemed fine, and I never had an issue with overheating with the h170i, I could run benchmarks on stock and a 5.7ghz OC and it would never get to thermal throttle territory.
So I installed the new AiO and temps seem good, no benchmarks ran. Well the last week I've noticed a slight uptick in idle temps, from around 38/39 to 43/44 which I figured was due to the change in ambient air.
Playing games, operates just fine, gets like 65-68c which is perfectly fine, but I also noticed at idle the temps would temporarily sporadically jump anywhere from 50-80c for seconds at a time which it never use to do either .
I hadn't benchmarked the CPU or anything since I got the new pump, bit last night was doing some tweaking and undervolting on my 5.7 OC, and booted into windows to just run a simple cinebench run, well INSTANTLY it jumps to 100c and will run like that for 2-3: minutes before the system throttles cinebench to not run anything over 65% load.
Went into bios loaded optimized defaults, rebooted and even on a stock clock 13900ks, boom instant 100c, fluid temp shows like 35 constantly, and pink shows it's working in bios at 3200rpm. But even on stock clock and synthetic benchmark that puts 10/% loadon the CPU instantly takes it to 100c.
I took the AiO off 3 times and repasted it 3 different ways and checked patterns and it's fully covered in the areas that matter, so I don't think it's the contact of the CPU and pump head.
I just know previously I didn't have this issue with the h170i, and I didn't bother running any benchmarks until yesterday, because I had ran them before, and the AiO seems to perform normally under any load that isn't 100% constantly or a synthetic benchmark.
The tubes of the AiO are vibrating when I touch them couldn't really tell if they were getting warm, but I'm still confused, but I'm hoping it's just a bad pump.
I don't think it would be anything like a bad CPU as I never had issues until now, but again only under. What seems like 100% load of the CPU.
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2023.06.04 18:23 Upset_Run3923 Painting Deck Posts

Good morning,
Two years ago, we had our support beam and deck posts replaced on our second story raised deck. I beeline they used pressure treated lumber. It should have had plenty of time to off gas or leach any of the chemicals giving me a good painting surface.
My question is about these pock marks in the untreated support post picture. Will painting over this sufficiently cover the pock marks? Is there anything I could do to cover it if not? Should i punt and leave them unpainted? I was going to use SW exterior acrylic latex for paint and was going to either prime separately or get the all in one. Is a different primer recommended?
There are also a few metal fasteners. Can I paint those directly? Spray paint first with a primer?
Attached pictures showing one painted post vs the unpainted ones with pock marks.
Thank you!
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Back in style are fiberglass nails. It makes sense because they provide nails a manicure that looks natural and causes less damage to them. Even if pretty nail art there aren't many salons that provide this service, you can still do them at home. Everything you need to know about fiberglass nails will be covered in this post.


The fact that fiberglass nails are less harmful to natural nails than acrylics and don't require as much skill to apply is one of the factors contributing to their rising popularity. They are also a lot simpler to get rid of.
However, acrylic nails will endure longer than fiberglass nails. They cannot be used to construct an arch on flat nails, which is another downside. However, you can simple nails art form the points into a curved shape using clamps.


The strength and longevity of fiberglass nails are superior to those of silk nails. They are therefore perfect for people seeking a compromise between lightweight extensions and long-lasting wear.


These nail extensions have a two-week lifespan after application. Additionally, if fiberglass nails are exposed to water often, they may chip, lift, or even develop mold. If you're going to be doing the dishes or other comparable tasks, it's a good idea to wear rubber gloves.


The resin in fiberglass nails dries by air, thus they don't need a nail lamp to cure. The adhesive also has a milder scent than acrylics, making it more enjoyable to work with.
There is no need for a drill when shaping fiberglass nails once they have dried; just use a nail file. Then, they can be painted in an infinite number of different styles and designs using acrylic or gel polish. On the other hand, they can resemble a natural nail if they are simply finished with a top coat.
A short dip in acetone will remove fiberglass nails when the time comes. No need to spend a lot of time grinding.


Applying fiberglass nails properly involves the following steps:
To guarantee a suitable fit, it is essential to first compare the sizes of the fiberglass wrap to those of your natural nails. Before anything else, complete this.
The following step is to get ready by cutting, shaping, and lightly buffing your nails to take off the sheen. Eliminate any oil, polish, or dirt that is already present. After that, use a nail wipe or rubbing alcohol to remove any leftover residue from the nail surface.
It's time to apply the resin simple nail ideas after your nails are ready. In order to ensure consistent covering, apply a thin coating of resin to the nail surface. Before the adhesive base dries, press the fiberglass wrap into position while making sure there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in the wrap.
Trim the fiberglass to the required length once the wrap is in place. Use a good pair of scissors.
Apply more resin next to ensure a smooth finish and to shield the fiberglass from harm. While the resin dries, gently curl the nail with nail-shaping tweezers or clips. This method gives your nails a natural-looking form and increases their structural durability.
File the nail augmentation to perfect its shape and smooth any rough edges after the resin or gel has completely dried.



Any nail augmentation, if not done and removed properly, could weaken the natural nails. The good news is that fiberglass nails only need a minimal amount of preparation before use. Acidic primers and extensive filing are not necessary. Additionally, they can be quickly removed with an acetone-based polish remover. The greatest risk is being exposed to water. Fungus may grow there if moisture becomes trapped between the fiberglass and the nail.


Press-on nails are without a doubt the simplest, quickest replacement for fiberglass wraps. The majority of brands include adhesive in the package, giving you the option to select between nail glue or double-sided sticky tape depending on how durable you want your manicure to be.
Additionally, press-on nails can be painted to beautiful nail designs 2022 seem like fiberglass nails. The only drawback is that, unlike fiberglass wraps, standard press-ons are opaque and do not resemble genuine nails.
Soft gels are the next most straightforward solution. They come in clear covers or transparent nail extensions.
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2023.06.04 18:22 SlothGamerHD Bathroom Fan Timer Box Faulty

A couple of days ago, the fan in my top bathroom stopped spinning. I opened it up, cleaned it out and still nothing. Then I tested the voltage in the van and found it was recieving 0 volts. Tested the switch and found it was getting power from the mains. Thinking it was something between the fan and the switch, I went looking and found this box, which I thought is the fan timer. The red light goes on when the isolator switch is on and off when it is not. After opening, I found that the red object (which I am assuming is the battery) has lots of liquid around it. It seems either greasy or oily. Is there a chance the timer battery has leaked and if so where can I find a replacement?
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2023.06.04 18:21 Fieryyyy WSIB if I want a looter shooter/looter shooter-esque game with infinite progression and replayability?

I feel I might be searching for a game that doesn’t exist, but I figured I might as well try my luck. I’ve invested some 1,200 hours into Warframe, but I’m burned out on the game and don’t intend on going back to it (the developers of the game are making questionable updates I don’t even want to touch). With that in mind, I’m looking for a new looter shooter to replace it that I can play for thousands of hours, and possibly forever, but there doesn’t seem to be a single game that meets my requirements. I guess the best way to describe what I’m looking for is “Borderlands meets Chronicon”. I want a looter shooter with satisfying gunplay, that still has the infinite scaling and progression of Chronicon (like Path of Exile and Diablo), where you can get stronger and stronger with essentially no limit, and face tougher and tougher enemies that continuously scale infinitely as you climb the difficulty ranks. I’m not a fan of top-down ARPGs since most of them have really grim and dark art styles that don’t appeal to me at all, and their combat loop essentially boils down to holding down left click and watching things explode, which doesn’t seem fun. It seems that there isn’t a single game that fits my criteria, though, and all looter shooters have a hard cap on how strong you can get, or simply don’t offer enemies and game modes that scale infinitely. I’ve been searching for what has to have been years at this point, entirely in vain. Here are some games I’ve looked at, which don’t entirely fit what I want:
The Borderlands Games: They have a hard cap on how strong you can get, so I’ll probably end up putting them down eventually. Enemies also don’t scale past a certain level.
Destiny 2: I have no intention of forking out over $100 a year just to keep up with new content. I simply don’t have that kind of money. The game’s developers seem just as disappointing as Warframe’s, as well, and I have no plans to subject myself to all of that again.
The Division 2: Again, there’s a hard cap on how strong you can get.
Deep Rock Galactic: The procedural caves in the game provide plenty of replayability, but the game itself offers next to no meaningful progression. It’s not exactly a looter shooter, either.
Risk of Rain 2: It does offer infinite scaling, but doesn’t have any kind of permanent progression.
If anyone’s been able to find a game that fits my description of what I want, do let me know. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 18:20 KN_Knoxxius 3080TI refusing to allow boot

So guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle here. The mobo is a MSI B550M mortar.
I've today had to reapply some thermal paste to the CPU and to get access i had to take out the GPU. My 3080ti.
Upon putting it all back together I'm now getting the VGA led lighting up and no display.
Taking out the 3080ti and replacing it with a 2080 makes it all boot just fine. Putting the 3080ti in another build has it also booting fine.
I'm honestly incredibly puzzled at this point. Keep in mind this very 3080TI ran just fine up until today in this PC.
UPDATE: it now works again. How? Why? I don't have a clue. It just suddenly works, without me doing a thing. Most confusing endeavour I've had with my build. 3 hours of figuring it out only for it to suddenly work.
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2023.06.04 18:20 Chance_Peanut Asus fx505dd power issue

Laptop won't come on unless plugged in. Replaced the battery with a new one but it still doesn't come on. Battery light shows orange and starts blinking orange after being plugged in for some time. Battery icon is also missing from the task bar.
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2023.06.04 18:16 ThorNuts Undercoat Recommendation?

I have an old Ranger that failed a safety due to having a rusted floor pan.
I don't have access to a welder, so here is my plan:
Rivet tin or light sheet metal over the problem area. Then cover the repair with a thick undercoating that seals and covers the repair.
1) what undercoating would be thick enough for this application?
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2023.06.04 18:14 solidgaunt A question about LED strip flickering

A question about LED strip flickering
Hi there, hope you can help with something i'm working on:
So in my kitchen i have 2 sets of LED strips lighting, i believe they are connected to the same LED power supply (?). It's been normal for 5 years, now recently one of the strips started flickering. I bought new strips and replaced it but still it flickers.
Does that mean I need to replace the LED power supply? I'm not even sure if the supply is supplying the 2 strips or there is one more hidden somewhere in a wall - the contractor is unreachable. Attached photos if any of you can decipher it...
If i have to replace the LED power supply, is it a somewhat easy job where I turn off the mains fuse box MCB for those lights, and rewire / replace the LED box with a new one?
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2023.06.04 18:14 jackiespapi Oily Spark plugs

Hey all, been working a lot on getting my 1997 Mustang Cobra to run like new again. I recently replaced the valve cover gaskets, the spark plug tube seals and the rubber grommets that seat the valve cover bolts.
The car still has been running rough because i havent gotten around to replacing the spark plugs (I will be on tuesday when i have the day off) but i drove the car a few times since doing the valve cover gaskets.
Given that info, why else would my spark plug wells look oily? I looked down the tubes and it looks like its still getting oil in it. Any thoughts?
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