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2015.04.08 19:24 darkwater_ VR Arcade

A place for owners / operators of VR arcades to discuss the business

2010.03.14 05:35 ricewine slice, dice and combine it with rice!

Welcome to our rice-centric subreddit, where rice is always nice! From sushi to pilaf, we've got it all covered. Share your favorite rice dishes, ask for cooking advice, or simply chat with fellow rice lovers. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice home cook, our community is the perfect place to rice up your life. (Generated by ChatGPT)

2023.06.04 19:41 DarDar33 Will doing bad in the Math Placement Test hold back my progress at UMBC?

Just finished my math placement test, am an incoming freshman majoring in Information Systems. I'm not very good at math, and got a 25 on the test. I'm not very confident on doing much better. Will being placed in lower level math courses make me take longer to graduate?
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2023.06.04 19:40 DylannThePastrBlastr [NG] [BL144] Need help collecting Rakuyo in Fishing Hamlet

Please, I always get the first one nearly dead but then the 2nd one comes and mercs me.
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2023.06.04 19:40 FamiliarEar7651 Need a place for rent in cyberhub any idea ?

Need a place for rent in cyberhub gurgaon for coffeeshop any idea about the rent or how can I contact someone who can assist me .
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2023.06.04 19:39 lonelinessfsafety Is this experience common?

I dont know a better term for this than brief psychotic disorder. When i get really invested on a topic like serial killers (which is my absolute favourite since i am 13), i sometimes feel like i have a connection with them. I start to feel as if my thougths about them dont make me feel lonely and i feel like there is an order. Its a feeling almost like nostalgia but about the present moment. I just feel so connected and good to have so many facts about them in my mind that i can view like a book. It makes me act more open, sing, dance, jump in the air and be amazingly happy and not face any problems or have any problems. The same goes for forests and sunny days where i am near my house and have a look on the forest. Thank you for reading and possibly answering
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2023.06.04 19:39 Tomtrewoo Trip Report Part II: Experiences & Performances

I tried to organize my trip so each day had a museum, a walk and an experience/performance. I’ve given a trip report on the museums and this one is on anything where I had to be at a specific place and time and someone else was organizing it.
Saturday: Modern ballet “Toulouse-Lautrec”. Warm and dark venue, in the evening, was a bad idea for day 1 jet lag. The commentary on the misogyny of the era was effective but depressing. Being told by the usher they were paid entirely by tips when all I had on me were 20Euro bills was uncomfortable.
Sunday: Église St-Eustace’s 15-minute organ recital was followed by 11 am mass. The organ music was beautiful in its natural environment (a beautiful gothic church). I hesitated to put the mass itself in the list because while I believe mass is the best way to experience a church, I don’t usually consider it a “performance”. But the singers were amazing, in a grand and beautiful space. I’m used to simple services, so the incense, the water sprinkling, the songs in Latin transformed it. And the tourists peering at us as if we were entertainment just added to the impression.
Monday: Dance Among the Water Lillies at the Musée de l’Orangerie is an ongoing program. I could not resist this intersection of two art forms because the venue made it uniquely parisien. The dancer was Soa Ratsifandrihana, « GR OO VE ». I got a timed ticket for 4:30 pm to spend time surrounded by Monet’s paintings before the dance. After the museum closed, I took advantage of the chairs provided in the Jardins the Tuileries to eat my picnic supper and look at traffic (hey, even traffic can be entertaining). Then I went back in for the performance. Spectators sat on benches or on cushions around the perimeter of the room, underneath the Water Lilies while the dancer performed in the center. It was an intimate, enthralling dance.
Tuesday: Éternelle Notre-Dame was fun and educational. It is a VR history of Notre-Dame. You get a helmet and a backpack, since the computing requirements are high. The tour started off with a rainy night-time scene and just got better. It would occasionally glitch so that I would go from seeing how the rafters of Notre-Dame were installed to a grey-scale image of other humans in a small space with weirdly angled lines on the floor and wall. But the glitches were soon resolved and it was well worth it. One of the two venues is right in front of Notre-Dame. For me, Éternelle Notre-Dame was not a substitute for visiting Notre-Dame Cathedral while it is closed but a companion experience.
Still Tuesday: I’ve probably seen way too many old movies, but I wanted to go listen to jazz and I wanted it to be a scene out of an old movie. My guidebook using the words “internationally acclaimed jazz capital since World War II” probably factored into it as well. I ended up going to Le Sunside/Sunset to listen to Lembe Lokk and other excellent performers for “Secret Chords - Songs of Leonard Cohen.” It was a highlight of the trip.
Thursday: By the time Thursday evening arrived, I was experiencing tourist fatigue but I didn’t want to head back to my room. In that moment, what I most wanted was to go listen to a candlelit concert at an old worn down church, Église Saint-Ephrem. It was Bach, it was a cello solo, it was in a quiet and contemplative space, it was what I needed.
Friday: I walked around Opera Garnier, appreciated the grand boulevards and their role in preventing revolutions, and ended my time in this area with a fashion show at Galleries Lafayette. In the evening, I went to Opera Bastille to see an homage to Maurice Béjart, including Carmen. The two ballets in Paris were my 2nd and 3rd performances, so don’t mistake me for an enthusiast. It just seemed like a Parisian thing to do. In hindsight, I should have gone to Cirque Électrique.
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2023.06.04 19:38 Mountain-Ad-2055 Advice please 🙏🏼

So I have a 3 year old tortie that I’ve had since she was a kitten, she came from a rescue and was the most loving kitten. When she was 1 I got another car from the same rescue, a boy who was 6 months old at the time.
We did the introductions properly, seperate rooms, scent swapping and they became friendly, they used to sleep together and cuddle up. My boy cat is very playful but overall they seemed fine together.
At some point the tortie started showing aggression (hissing and howling) towards the boy cat and us. She likes to go outside a lot whereas the boy cat is more of a lapcat. Sometimes days go by where I don’t see her but she frequents a lane near our house where she can usually be found, so I go out and find her and bring her home for food and a safe space.
Recently, as soon as she is brought home for food, she wants to go back outside. For context, she will eat side by side with our boy cat, have treats with him but she just doesn’t want to stay in. She refuses to use the cat flap and we have to leave a window open for her to come in.
On one of her recent day-long stints down the lane, I found out someone who lives down there has been feeding her. Today I brought her back and when I went to pick her up in the house she growled loudly at me and scratched me in the face, which really upset me.
I give her strokes on her terms, she gets food and treats, and a safe place on her own to sleep away from our other cat.
I’m really not sure what to do from here or what I’m doing wrong. I feel like she isn’t happy living here anymore and it breaks my heart that I’ve started feeling like I should give her away.
I’m thinking of finding the people who live in the lane that feed her and and asking if they’d like to adopt her.
Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance 💜
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2023.06.04 19:38 Itz_Splashy Middleman Review: Uncle Bryan(AMAZING)

Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to post this or if I’m even doing this right, but I’ve been meaning to give Uncle Bryan a review now for the past 3 months but have kept forgetting. If anyone personally needs pictures of pairs I have copped from him, dm me. I have copped a pair of black cat 4’s(best I’ve seen imo and quality is insane), fire red 4’s(different batch than Uncle Bryan’s typical black cat 4’s but quality is literally just as great), and I have some FlyStreetwear Sb dunks on the way. What I want to emphasize the most is his hospitality and commitment as a seller. Out of the many middlemen I have bought from, whenever I needed a refund, I was never refunded the entire total which is a bit frustrating but Uncle Bryan on the other hand has been the only middlemen to ever refund me my entire total whenever I needed my money back. Communication is so fast and easy with him and he definitely does his best to respond as fast as he can. He’s never those sellers that just ignore customers even when you can see the seller is online. Payment is also very smooth and simple with him and his kindness is out of this world. Now finally, I would say the best part about shopping with Uncle Bryan is his INSANELY fast shipping times. For reference, I’m on the west side of the US.
  1. From the first pair of shoes I ordered from him(black cat 4):
-Paid for them on March 15
-Received qc pics on March 19
-Red lighted first pair on March 20
-Received second qc pic March 21
-Green lighted second pair on March 22
-Received tracking number on March 25
-Shoes delivered on March 28
  1. Second pair I ordered was Fire Red 4’s for my brothers birthday. I was late on ordering a birthday gift for my brother and ordered these like 10 days before his birthday which is usually not enough time to receive reps, but that’s why I wanted to go to Uncle Bryan since he came in clutch with the shipping time for my first pair, and he did exactly the same thing for these! These arrived 1 day before my brothers birthday! Insane given that I only ordered them 10 days before his birthday! This is what made me realize how much Uncle Bryan is on top compared to other middlemen. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to red light any pairs and that the first pair he sent me would be good enough for me to give to my brother for his birthday gift. I got insanely lucky as the first QC pair I received was perfect for me.
-Paid for them on April 10
-Received qc pics on April 12
-Green lighted first pair on April 12
-Received tracking number on April 15
-Shoes delivered on April 20
  1. Now my latest order from him are some Gardenia Sb Dunks and there isn’t much more to say than what I previously stated as he came in clutch again with the service and shipping time!
-Paid for them on May 27
-Received qc pics on May 30
-Green lighted first pair on May 30
-Received tracking number on June 4
-Shoes estimated to be delivered on June 6
OVERALL: Uncle Bryan is an S-class middleman and I give him a well deserved rating of 9.5/10. I know how impatient many of us buyers can get when expecting a package and it could be hard to find sellers with great communication and service, but I promise you Uncle Bryan doesn’t lack any of these! Please give him a try if you have never ordered from him before and I promise you won’t be disappointed!
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2023.06.04 19:38 Empty_Front_4652 discarded for the third time, and i didn’t beg. he sent me an apology then blocked/unfollowed me on social media but left my # unblocked when i didn’t reply the same day. why?

on and off for about a year with this person. each time it was a pretty brutal discard. i begged and got him to change his mind each time, but i am done now. after starting therapy i realized this time around that he has an underlying problem, and none of his behavior has anything to do with me. i don’t blame myself anymore. there were small glimpses of self awareness when he split on me twice but didn’t discard. but he was very against therapy. 3 weeks NC now and it still tears me apart most days.
here’s the apology that came after i asked for an explanation for the breakup. prior to this it was just him bringing up things that happened in the past, lots of deflection and arguing. like days worth, even hours before the apology (didn’t immediately go NC after the discard, the apology came ~4 days post breakup)
him: erase me from memory like you said you wanted
(said this after the first brutal discard 9 months ago, it was wrong to say and i apologized in the past. we got back together afterwards, things improved and we discussed moving in together but fell apart again because bpd)
me: if you want the amicable breakup you yourself also have to behave amicably. every time this happens i almost feel like you try your best consciously or subconsciously to burn it to the ground to rationalize your decision (then more about all of this being self sabotaging behavior, that i tried very hard but he refused to communicate wants/needs, that there’s a lot of baggage we both brought into this that needs to be addressed before a healthy relationship can be had, etc.)
him: after all the negative things said today I want to end on a positive note
you’re an incredible woman who’s passionate about her work and cares deeply. you’re smart, funny, attractive, independent, and a good cook; among many other things.
I promise that you’ll be okay. you’ve always been able to take care of yourself. you’re too strong of a woman and too smart to wonder “why you’re not good enough”. you have plenty to offer and your future is incredibly bright.
this is just the beginning and im grateful for the time we spent together. any hate you have towards me is not reciprocated and I want you to succeed as bad as I want myself to succeed
boss up and continue evolving into the beautiful woman you’re becoming. I’ve very proud of you for all that ive seen you accomplish. graduating, getting promoted, moving into your own place. it really is just the beginning.
the last thing I want to say is this: I’m genuinely and truly sorry for any pain ive ever caused you. you care very deeply and it’s apparent to me how hard your tried to make things work. seeing you cry and get upset should never be considered normal.
I will always have love and support for you. being mean or resentful towards you hold no place in my heart. I don’t want you to question yourself or to think this was easy. I struggled and cried in private. you were and always will be in my thoughts and dreams. I’m sorry that things devolved into this and we argued so much. it shouldn’t have been that way. I can’t forgive myself for what happened between us. I love you and will miss you dearly
i didn’t respond that night because i was out with friends and honestly in shock, didn’t know if i wanted to. he was being so nice & i realized i had settled for the bare minimum this whole time, i felt disgusted & sad that i finally felt validated by him in this context. everything before that apology had been framed to be my fault.
woke up to another text saying “smh” and boom, i am blocked on social media - not everywhere though, just the ones he knows i use often. he removed me on instagram as well. he’s done this with every breakup. my texts don’t go through, i’m trying to explain i was just in shock. i send him a long one back saying i love him care about him etc but need to let go of this completely if there’s any hope of it working out in the future (stupid as hell looking back, i know). eventually, it delivers.
i know i’ll never understand his behavior but i’m just really sad. i really loved him for him, saw past the mask and saw the scared neglected little boy that made him act the way he did sometimes.
do you think i’m being primed for a hoover given how he left my # unblocked? he has never apologized before during a discard or even after getting back together, granted i did ask for it but he repeatedly refused to give me one and fueled the fire until randomly sending the one above. should i block him back on all social media? i miss him like hell but i can’t stand to put myself through this again or hope he’ll change
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2023.06.04 19:38 thehalfbloodlex I reported my parents to DCYF today

Today, I reported my parents to my therapist for running an unlicensed & illegal home daycare. Im 26 years old and have been no contact with them for nearly a year, but this daycare has existed for over four years.
Its something ive struggled with for a long time because I know what they’re doing is wrong, but I still feel like i’ve betrayed them.
Both my parents have been arrested and convicted of fraud before so I know that reporting this will probably get them in a lot of trouble and I also cant keep protecting them from the consequences of their own actions.
I dont know whats going to happen, Im scared of the backlash if they find out it was me.
Why does doing the right thing suck so bad sometimes?
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2023.06.04 19:38 FortuneInitiate I am so confused that I need help

I know that it might be not the best place but I am literally stuck. I am well past my teenager years and I dont feel compelled to start a relationship, it even feels that I dont want to deal with the prospects of it. My parents have been pushing the issue of my relationship status and I am forced to lie just to keep them off my back(when I bring it up that I might not want to be in a relationship with anyone ever, "Its just phase" phrase is used) as I dont know even if I want to be engaged to a person in a sort of meaningful way.
I am sexually attracted to the opposite gender but I was never able to rationalize(or often stuggled to/ignored it) love in any sort of context: books, movies etc. It all made me uncomfortable and cringe in more ways than one.
I still want to have children but I dont want to go through a relationship for it. I dont know what to do as the pressure of age and expectations is driving me nuts...
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2023.06.04 19:38 dbjeee Weird ball "hiding spot" or place to get stuck in on Kings Row (couldn't move off until a model collision between friendly Genji and me)

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2023.06.04 19:38 tristenthekitty I’m really struggling with trauma from a past shitty relationship and just need to get this out

I blocked someone the other day. I considered them a friend when I used to live at my old place. But they were the first person who went back to my ex who hurt me so badly and I think I had been looking for an excuse to stop being friends with them because it’s just ruined my sense of friends and what they’re supposed to be like. It has, in a sense, tainted all of those people for me, all of those friends who I thought that I had. In a way, it’s a betrayal. You don’t know everything. That person who you call friend hurt me beyond belief and you do know that and yet you chose to stay by his side and that hurts more than what he did to me. I remember only a few days after everything, one person who I thought was a good friend went back to him, and everyone else followed soon after even after everything I told everyone, everything that had happened and everything he had done. I was left alone.
Why? Why did you all do that? Why did you leave me alone? It hurt. I don’t understand. I can’t trust anyone anymore. Maybe you think I’m being dramatic but you don’t understand all of it. You don’t understand how much he hurt me. Why did you leave? Why? I don’t get it. I really don’t. You knew how much he hurt me but you chose him. I guess it could be because I said I forgave him? But anyone close to me would know that that was a lie. I’m a people pleaser and I can’t help it but the truth is he hurt me so much and it left scars both mentally and physically. I’m still in therapy because of him. I’m not dramatic or stupid or silly even if you all think it. He hurt me. But you all hurt me more.
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2023.06.04 19:38 Wise_Cut_2543 USA - Blocking Small Orders/Shipments of items with your trademark on it from a copycat

Firstly, this relates to e-commerce because I am near to selling my item with my own USA trademarks on it. Naturally I am having it made overseas due to cost.
Basically I have to wonder since I am intending to import from China into USA by way of Alibaba supplier if I ask the factory for 1000 saleable units will they make 2000 units and sell the others behind my back on something like AliExpress or what not?
On top of that how will I rest assured they are not sneaking sales into the USA by way of the post office in small packages? I have not registered my trademarks with US Customs but I hope to one day so they can more easily block frauds out. I propose they could try to sneak it into a big container coming into USA and sell it behind my back but I don't know.
I am just trying to think of additional ways an Alibaba supplier can try to go behind my back. Any thoughts or ideas?
It would seem to me that a factory or even a copycat wouldn't even waste their time now with trying to infringe since we can more easily catch stuff these days. Thx
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2023.06.04 19:38 dankdabb Topster for May 2023 give me recommendations please

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2023.06.04 19:37 Dear_Conversation921 My 11 year old wets the bed every night - advice needed.

11F, 100lbs, 5’1”. No preexisting conditions.
For several months my 11 yr old has been having accidents nearly every night. It seems to happen in the early hours - about 2-4am (she goes to bed at 9.30pm and wakes up at 7am). I have started setting an alarm at 2am to wake her and it seems to help, but I have trouble getting back to sleep after waking her up (she doesn’t respond to the alarm - she seems to be a heavy sleeper). I am exhausted and so tired of doing laundry. I use waterproof pads on the bed but she misses them or gets the duvet.
Her pediatrician did a urine test for a UTI and it was normal. He said accidents are still pretty common at this age (?!) and he isn’t concerned. There is nothing at home that makes me think it’s psychological- nothing has changed in the past few months - she and I live alone, I don’t have a partner, and her other parent has no contact. School seems fine, I have checked in with her teacher and my daughter reports no issues.
Is this something I should push more with her doctor? It is honestly becoming very disruptive laundry and sleep wise for me - and I know it’s uncomfortable for her. I am very matter of fact about it - I don’t shame her - just “okay let’s change the sheets!” but it’s a lot.
Any advice welcome.
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2023.06.04 19:37 Livyz suggestions for what piercing would suit me please

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2023.06.04 19:37 Last_Cabinet4631 Friends looking for humor and fun, 40F New York

I am a passionate, generous, humorous, kind, positive woman. I hope I can find sincere friends here and keep good relationship.
I have many hobbies. I like watching movies, fitness, traveling, shopping, music. I also like to share all kinds of interesting things with my family and friends. I also like to learn new knowledge and try new fields. Find more fun things to do in the process.
If you want to be my friend, you can send me a message. I don't care the color of your skin or what you look like as long as you are a good person. But I hope your age is not too different from mine. We can talk about life, work, dreams, interesting things and so on. If you are in the same place as me, it would be nice to meet in person.
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2023.06.04 19:37 Dazzling_Topic_5069 I honestly don’t think I want to live in a world without my parents

my mom is turning 60 this year. I am in my early 20s and struggle with severe depression and anxiety. they have been such a rock for me and I am so lucky that they are active and in good health, but I am overwhelmed by the fear of losing them one day, and I can only hope I am in a better place by then to not end up trying to follow them.
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2023.06.04 19:37 gomicalpurpose State Farm trying to fix not total car

So everyone over the phone has been nice but barely helpful. Our primary car got rear ended and since it’s an electric vehicle the mechanic explained to us that it will be expensive to fix.
19,000 plus is where he had it.
We’re okay with that being that we’re having a baby next month and we’re looking to get an suv prior to the crash so we figured it would just get totaled.
This was on April 25 it’s now June 4🫠
A week or so after the accident, the first person came out to look at the car and put it at a 73% loss, according to the mechanic. We called insurance for an update and to say we intend to dispute it if they don’t total the car with it being so close to the threshold and the damage probably hurting the cars value quite a bit. During that call we found out they were sending out another claims person. Why? Is this typical or are they just trying to not total the car.
We asked the mechanic and he said it would be harder to sell the car after the accident too vs getting a check from the insurance. I’m not sure what is better but I can for sure say we need a bigger car ASAP so we think total?
20 minutes ago my partner just sent me a screenshot of the estimate which must have been from the SECOND claims person and it goes like this (nowhere near 19-20 grand)
 est: 15,607.96 deductible: 500 Net total: 15,107.96 
What do total checks usually look like?
Anything like what we would’ve received for the car before the accident?
How do we dispute this successfully😞
Oh yeah… our second car was used to pick up MIL and then it was being brought back to us so we could use it while our car was in the shop but on the way down, the driver swerved to miss a dog in the road and that wound up needing repairs too lol. Kicker with that one other than the bad timing was that State Farm couldn’t “find the car”. I called the mechanic it that was supposed to take it and they said they’re weren’t taking cars so after two phone calls someone finally told me where it was supposed to be and then the name of the tow yard it was last located. I got a hold of the tow driver and it turns out he had already been in touch and had the case escalated to try to figure out where to take it since the first shop wasn’t taking tow ins.
This poor Dude was on the phone with them a week before I spoke to them. When he and I first spoke he referred to it as the infamous VW because it had already been in his lot for a week and a half🙃
State Farm is starting to feel more like a neighbor that steals your mail or let’s their dog take a dump on your lawn at this point.
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2023.06.04 19:36 FirewallPass0 What do you do if someone "catcalls" you on the streets

I'm 17m live in italy in a place where not everyone is a well mannered person, whenever some kid around my age talks or makes a joke about me on the streets I just freeze and dont know how to respond to defend myself. I can be anxious around these people even before they say anything at all, what would you do in my place?
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2023.06.04 19:36 friendlylovinme 28 [M4R] England/Anywhere British Bi Botanist Bookworm Bored but Brimming with Bountiful Banter and Brewed Beverages!

Hello all you lovely people! That was about all the alliteration I could manage on a sunny Sunday (hey some more) afternoon. I hope my overly positive attitude hasn't got grating by now but I find its best to be outwardly positive, there's enough negativity in the world as it is!
Anyways a bit about me I'm just your average kinda guy (thrilling I know!) just out here looking for some new friends. I love sharing pictures of my angry little cat so sharing some pet pics is always a good ice breaker. I'm quite the tea aficionado so we can happily share our favourites blends too! I love spending time outdoors seeing all the world has to offer whether that's up a mountain or just in the garden taking care of my plants , although I'm equally content wrapped up under a blanket with my latest book.
I'm a pretty open minded person so anyone from anywhere is welcome and I think the world becomes a better place when we all learn about new things from new people from new places. So don't be a stranger hit me up with a message or chat and let's set sail on our brand new friendship! (I also love a good pun).
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2023.06.04 19:36 jbbaxter1 Friendship Panic Room

Joel, Luke, and I sat in the basement with the lights turned off. It was quiet. Our eyes said everything that they needed to. This night had taken a turn for the worst. All of us sat on edge.
I turned to Joel. His arms were shaking as he held his pocket knife in his hand. His eyes stared at the ground as if he was deep in thought. Luke wasn’t faring much better having resorted to pulling his hoodie up and laying his head and arms on the table in front of us. I heard a breath of air and nearly gasped. Then, I heard Joel speak.
“I didn’t think I would ever see him like that,” said Joel.
I didn’t say anything. Luke looked up somewhat before putting his head back down. Without thinking, I bit some skin around my thumb hard and winced. I stuck my hand back into my pocket and quickly turned my head around to the staircase. Nobody had walked down yet, and I was worried that the wooden boards we nailed wouldn’t be enough.
“Those boards aren’t going to hold,” I said.
Luke suddenly turned to me with an angry look on his face.
“Shut up!” he said.
His voice was whispered but intense. He was shaking even more, but I had finally vocalized what was on all of our minds. Joel spoke up.
“Let’s just see if the news has any updates,” said Joel.
We turned on the tv. They were still talking about Stephanie and all the gory details. I immediately clicked the remote to turn it off. We already knew what happened after all.
Everybody jumped a bit and looked at each other with big eyes as a knock sounded from the back door.
“Maybe it’ll be alright. After all, we didn’t do anything wrong to him. He is…was our friend,” said Joel.
We heard the sounds of a window breaking and we all ducked down quickly. A pair of heavy boots slammed down on the ground and began walking towards the basement door.
“Do you think we can all take him down?” asked Luke.
I gripped my own knife in one hand and a broken bottle in the other. They provided little comfort as the hatchet started slamming against the door. We all huddled up in a corner and held our breaths as we heard the heavy boots clunk down the steps.
Our friend, Jeremy, gave us a happy grin like he was finally living for the first time in his life. In his hand, he held the brown eye of our longtime neighborhood friend.
“Now she can never look away from me,” said Jeremy with a laugh.
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