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2023.06.04 19:40 Immediate_Wing964 Today i could have saved myself by lissting to my brothers phone call.

A little backstory
My brother has been expelled from school for accidentally taking a weapon to school (this wasn't the first time he did it) He has no more contact with any body from that school and is thinking of swapping school for next semester because the currant one doesn't want him Back EVER. I (M18) fully understand this I have seen a side of him that nobody else has seen. I've also read his notes of this "Problem with the school" in which he explaines that he managed to convince everyone in the family that he is the victim.
Today I was walking to my room just after talking to my father and suddenly heard my brother talking to some girl in his room on the phone. I was curious I hadn't heard this person in my life before so I listened carefully it was just a normal conversation until he got out of his room to look around. I didn't want to get caught to I jumped into my sister room which was right next to me lucky she was out. He musst have heard something in that direction because he came started to walk in that direction. I knew if I dived under her bed it would make to much noise so I decided to just hide behind her door. Thankfully he didn't notice me. He went back to his room. After about a 1 min I came out to go to my room because I thought the call was over until I heard his talking again. I had heard my sisters name. Now I was even more curious. The longer I listened the worse it got. He had protendet to be one of my sisters friends and had messenger her to meet up. He followed with that this would be her end. I was horrified. I sneked back to my room. After around 5 minutes I had calmed down and went back to listen but the call had ended. I went back to my room and just sat there thinking that I had heard this out of context because I hadn't listened all the time but I thew my brother wasn't a good person. After about 10 min of stressing ,I get a text message from a friend who claimed he has a new number and wants to meet by to streem in the forest tomorrow. I would have wanted gone if I hadn't just heard what I heard. My first question is who is the girl and why is my brother doing this I an locked in my room right now thinking if I should go preperd tomorrow or just stay home.
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2023.06.04 19:40 afkr11 Should I be angry at my parents or am I spoiled (F,24)

Hello everyone,
Throughout my life I have always had a hard time having a relationship with my parents. My Mom is VERY religious and my Dad is overall an amazing man.
Throughout my childhood my mom would ALWAYS complain to me about my dad. When I was 13 years old, She would say "If your dad ever died I would be so relieved so I can become a nun." and "If your Dad ever died from a heart attack like your grandfather I would have such a sense of relief." My dad is not perfect but he was NEVER abusive to my mom and always loved her very much. She would always nag on my dad and entire family. I never grew up feeling confident.
I grew up working hard and saving money and then I applied and got accepted into two nursing programs. One of them was a community college only costing 30k and then another was a religious school costing 100k. At 20 I only had 20k in my bank account and was leaning towards the cheaper college. My mom then became furious when I did not want to go to the religious school. She talked down on me that I did not want to go to a religious school and offered to co-sign a loan with my dad. Long story short, when the first 18k bill rolled around, she backed out and I was stuck paying a 100k nursing program.
I am almost done with the nursing program and I am so thankful that my parents let me live rent free. But I thought it was a good compromise given that they said they could not co-sign the loan after I started there. I then started dating a girl I love very much in Florida, she offered for me to move there during the summer and I am so excited. My mom began to get suspicious and paid Verizon to have access to my location and who I was messaging. She also went through my room and found my Ipad and went through messages with my now girlfriend. She was furious to find out I was gay and said if I go move with her during the summer I will not have a place to stay. I have about 10k to my name due to the 100k program I am putting myself through. I love my girlfriend but also do not want to lose a rent free room. But I am also very angry that my parents invaded my privacy for "the sake of my soul". It all feels overwhelming and any advice would be much appreciated!
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2023.06.04 19:40 NiftWatch PSA: before you flood this sub with the same question that’s been answered several times already

If your theater listing has showtimes listed under “IMAX” and a “70mm” note is under that same listing, that means those showtimes are IMAX 70mm showtimes. Especially if your theater is in the linked official list of IMAX 70mm locations.
If the same theater also has showtime listed under “70mm” but no mention of IMAX, that means those showtimes are for 5 perf 70mm. 5 perf 70mm has absolutely nothing at all to do with IMAX, it’s a format that predates IMAX. These showtimes will be presented on a standard size cinema screen, maybe a little bigger than that in same cases. The aspect ratio will be 2.20 throughout.
If your theater has showtimes listed under “IMAX” and another set of showtimes listed under “70mm” and it is not on the official list, then your theater will be playing Oppenheimer in digital IMAX (xneon or laser) and in 5 perf 70mm.
Why are some locations showing both IMAX 70mm and 5 perf 70mm? I agree, that is a little strange, and confusing. You see, in 2015, Quentin Tarantino was releasing a movie called “The Hateful Eight” and he shot the entire movie on 5 perf 70mm with anamorphic lenses to yield an aspect ratio of 2.70:1. These lenses hadn’t been used since the 60’s and not many films had been shot in 5 perf 70mm or released as such in a long time. This was a very special occasion, and Tarantino wanted as many people as possible to see the film the way he intended. (Tarantino and Nolan would get along) So Tarantino and TWC aggressively pushed to have The Hateful Eight presented in 70mm in as many venues as possible. (the “W” stands for the last name of a pair of brothers who owned a film studio. One of the brothers has since been exposed as an awful human being and so TWC is now defunct) To achieve this aggressive push, TWC selected 100 venues in key markets and retrofitted these venues with a refurbished 5 perf 70mm projector. As a result, 100 venues around the globe now have a 5 perf 70mm projector in the booth. Ownership of these projectors have been transferred from TWC to Warner Bros for Dunkirk and now to Universal for Oppenheimer. Because Star Wars was taking up all the IMAX screens at this time and because 5 perf 70mm has nothing at all to do with IMAX, TWC did not take into account whether any of these venues had a working 15 perf IMAX 70mm projector. And I’m guessing Universal did not want to disqualify any of these 100 venues from getting a 5 perf 70mm print of Oppenheimer just because they were also getting a 15 perf IMAX 70mm print of Oppenheimer. It’s good if one location has as many format options as possible. So, a small handful of venues have both a 15 perf 70mm IMAX print of Oppenheimer as well as a 5 perf 70mm print of Oppenheimer and will be playing them simultaneously, much to the confusion of casual moviegoers who are not particularly savvy about film formats.
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2023.06.04 19:37 Defiant_Judge_1185 Street Fighter 6 DLC Wishlist

With Rashid, Ed, Akuma and newcomer AKI joining in as DLCs, I’m thinking about how my wishlist will be like for SF6 in the future.
Here’s mine, starting with the veterans. as they are for story purposes:
  1. Sakura Kasugano: Where's she been after SFV and while missing out on Third Strike?
  2. Karin Kanzuki: Same with Sakura
  3. Sean Matsuda: After Third Strike, wonder what changes have been made for him? Will get some Brazilian Jiu-jutsu from his sister? Would be nice to see him wear Ken's SFV look.
  4. Elena: Love to have the capoeirsta of Kenya return! Wonder what changes will be made for her?
  5. Dudley: The British boxer to return and maybe face Ed.
  6. Ibuki: Wonder what she's been up to after Third Strike? Do you see rivalry between her and Kimberly?
  7. Makoto: The Rindo-kai Dojo must've progressed.
  8. Menat: She must've furthered her soul power abilities after Rose. Hope she's matured.
  9. Sagat/Adon/"Successor": Whether it's Sagat, Adon or Sagat's successor, it'd be nice for Muay Thai to return in SF6. Sagat needs to come back, otherwise he leaves himself a successor. If male, he'd be based off of Tony Jaa. If female, she'd be based off of Jeeja Yanin. Adon? Depends on how he's developed after SFIV.
  10. Vega/"Successor": Should the Spanish matador ninja return? What's he been doing outside of Third Strike? Otherwise we end up with a successor of his.
  11. Hakan/"Successor": The Turkish oil wrestler. Whether male/female, should Hakan pass on his style to another?
  12. Rolento F. Schugerg/"Successor": Wonder what he's up to? Otherwise we end up with a successor.
  13. Sodom/"Successor": Same question for Rolento.
  14. Alex: As a Hulk Hogan-inspired fighter who's both wrestler & kickboxer, what'll he be up to after Third Strike? Be nice to see if Marisa will take him instead of Zangief. Be nice if he shared with her about Gill for what he did to his life.
  15. Poison/Roxy: Whether Poison or Roxy, would be nice to see the other female take a turn. Wonder how she'll be different from Poison?
  16. Cody Travers: The new mayor of Metro City after Mike Haggar. What's next for him? No jailtime again please! Would be good to see if he meets his new soulmate, whether he and Jessica get back together again.
  17. Urien: Wonder what's next for him after the Illuminati?
  18. Remy: Should he return as he's the only Savate fighter we've got from France. Manon hasn't been seen connecting with him and Abel.
  19. Oro: Wonder what the Senjutsu fighter's been up after training Ryu?
And here are the newcomers!
  1. (Pencack) Silat Fighter: Whether male or female: If female, she'd be based off of actresses Malaysian actresses Ismi Melinda and Fify Azmi from the movie Wira, as the female fighter be from Malaysia. If male, he'd be based off of Iko Uwais.
  2. Australia Fighter: It all depends on his/her style. MMA? Kung Fu? Wrestling? Or whatever style that suits this individual, as we got no Aussie fighter in SF yet! I go for Aikido/Aiki-jujutsu on this one!
  3. Okichitaw Fighter: We'll need a REAL Canadian fighter. Like an Indigenous one in the style of Okichitaw. From the Cree tribe.
  4. Vovinam Fighter: Male/Female, depends. We don't have a fighter from Vietnam yet!
  5. Butthan Fighter: Male/Female. We'll need a fighter from Bangladesh! Check out fighter Mak Yuree!
  6. Bokator Fighter: A Cambodian fighter, try Jean-Paul Ly.
  7. Kalarippyattu Fighter: From India, as we've got Dhalsim as a yoga master, why not introduce a female Indian fighter from Bollywood in the style of Kalarippyattu! She could have a teacher based after Vidyut Jammwal.
  8. Rival School Guest Character: Whether Akira Kazama comes back, or another Rival Schools joins the fray. It'd be nice to see whether some of the students went to college/university or new jobs. Batsu Ichimonji would be nice.
  9. Krav Maga Fighter: Depends on how Krav Maga goes. Whether Israel be used or another place whether in the Middle East or not.
  10. Filipino/Filipina Fighter: Whether the fighter does Eskrima or a Manny Pacquiao-based fighter who uses Suntukan.
What's your wishlist on SF6's DLCs?
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2023.06.04 19:37 gomicalpurpose State Farm trying to fix not total car

So everyone over the phone has been nice but barely helpful. Our primary car got rear ended and since it’s an electric vehicle the mechanic explained to us that it will be expensive to fix.
19,000 plus is where he had it.
We’re okay with that being that we’re having a baby next month and we’re looking to get an suv prior to the crash so we figured it would just get totaled.
This was on April 25 it’s now June 4🫠
A week or so after the accident, the first person came out to look at the car and put it at a 73% loss, according to the mechanic. We called insurance for an update and to say we intend to dispute it if they don’t total the car with it being so close to the threshold and the damage probably hurting the cars value quite a bit. During that call we found out they were sending out another claims person. Why? Is this typical or are they just trying to not total the car.
We asked the mechanic and he said it would be harder to sell the car after the accident too vs getting a check from the insurance. I’m not sure what is better but I can for sure say we need a bigger car ASAP so we think total?
20 minutes ago my partner just sent me a screenshot of the estimate which must have been from the SECOND claims person and it goes like this (nowhere near 19-20 grand)
 est: 15,607.96 deductible: 500 Net total: 15,107.96 
What do total checks usually look like?
Anything like what we would’ve received for the car before the accident?
How do we dispute this successfully😞
Oh yeah… our second car was used to pick up MIL and then it was being brought back to us so we could use it while our car was in the shop but on the way down, the driver swerved to miss a dog in the road and that wound up needing repairs too lol. Kicker with that one other than the bad timing was that State Farm couldn’t “find the car”. I called the mechanic that was supposed to take it and they said they’re weren’t taking cars so after two phone calls someone finally told me where it was supposed to be and then the name of the tow yard it was last located. I got a hold of the tow driver and it turns out he had already been in touch and had the case escalated to try to figure out where to take it since the first shop wasn’t taking tow ins.
This poor Dude was on the phone with them a week before I spoke to them. When he and I first spoke he referred to it as the infamous VW because it had already been in his lot for a week and a half🙃
State Farm is starting to feel more like a neighbor that steals your mail or let’s their dog take a dump on your lawn at this point.
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2023.06.04 19:36 Missmanent Why is my dog like this?

I have a 3 year old pit mix named Pearl. She's been raised around people and other animals and is non aggressive. My issue is that she refuses to interact with other dogs or people. I take her to dog parks and she'll only play with me. Other dogs will approach her but she shows no interest. With people she scurries away from them if they try to touch her and immediately comes looking for me. She'll let them touch her if I'm beside her but otherwise she kind of acts scared. I've had her since she was a small puppy. I have another dog who is very old (14) and she does interact with him, licking and cuddling but no playing. The only creature she does somewhat play with is my sister's cat, who weirdly acts like a dog. Is this normal?
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2023.06.04 19:35 LoveMangaBuddy Read Onee-Chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-Chan - Chapter 6 - MangaPuma

Toshi, an ordinary high school student, spent his days being fed and taught by a beautiful neighbor named Yū-neesan, who lived near his house instead of his parents, who were rarely home. The older sister was kind and perfect as an adult. However, she had a hidden side in that her personality changed completely when it came to games... Games aren't just for fun! Big sister gets angry, gets naked a ... Read Onee-Chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-Chan - Chapter 6 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/onee-chan-wa-game-o-suruto-hito-ga-kawaru-onee-chan/chapter-6
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2023.06.04 19:35 ClassicDependent86 Mall retail

Why do stores in the mall all think they are the best places to work? They want to to be on call 24/7 with open availability. With pay under $15, and less than 12 hours a week. On top of that they do not want you to have a second job to make ends meet. There are others companies out there that are pay omg $15 for part time with benefits and pto, ect. More for full time with some extra benifts on top the the OG benifts.
I worked as a Store Manager in my local mall for over 15 years and just got out 2 months ago. I could never keep associates or management do to the hours, pay and benefits. I would always let my District Manager know of the issues but they never even cared. Nothing I did could help. I was always told just keep hiring, keep recruiting, ect. This didn't only happen at the location I was at, but the whole district/company. They wanted us to keep hiring, refresh the store weekly, reports, you name it to keep the business running. All while maybe making $20/hr. I ended up getting an interview for a company they always talked shit about. If I land the job I can make as low as $20, with less of a workload. With my background with retail I could possibly make more than I was making before leaving my previous job.
What are some things you guys had to hear or see that was plan shit, that never changed in place of work? What changes could be made to possibly make the work place a better place to work?
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2023.06.04 19:33 SchrodingersPanties Just beat CS2, word-vomiting my thoughts (Spoilers for Sky, Crossbell, CS1-2)

It's been almost a year since I started playing through the Trails series, and I just beat Cold Steel 2! I basically binged through it in the past two weeks--the weather has been too hot to go outside, or so my excuse has been. I still have more to finish in Erebonia, but after two games I thought I'd get my thoughts out in text on both Cold Steel itself and how it relates to the rest of the games altogether. Warning, word-vomit ahead!
Crafts have always been around throughout the series, and there are usually a few stand out entries each game like Zin's Thunder God Kick, Elie's Holy Bullet in Zero, Lloyd's Raging Spin in Azure, and so on. Arts have definitely dominated though. However, never have there been so many good crafts across all the characters. I swear every single member on Class 7 had at least one really good craft, and I loved that. Even in the second game where accuracy for melee definitely took a hit, they were still extremely strong.
I still had characters I used mostly as mages like Emma, but even with her I would use her magic reflect craft frequently. Alisa's Heavenly Gift was a mainstay in my team for the entirety of Cold Steel 2. Fie's Sweep and Scud Ripper were incredible for going around and killing mobs, and her damage late Cold Steel 2 was so good I used her for most of the bosses as well. Jusis was basically used as a Noble Command bot because holy hell that is a lot of buffs. And that's not even talking about how good Rean's True Arc Slash, Gale EX and Flame Dragon were. Definitely hope this is the case for all future games as not having Arts be your only true option is incredibly fun.
Favorite Characters!
While overall I would say my attachment to Class 7 has been noticeably weaker after two games than with the Sky cast or the SSS, I do like some of the characters quite a lot. Fie has been my outstanding favorite in Cold Steel--her backstory is interesting, her characterization is both cute and funny, and she is strong and effective both in gameplay and story. She reminds me a lot of Tio with her generally deadpan expression and humor, and Tio is my one of my favorite characters so... I may be biased.
I feel Rean has been a pretty interesting main character too. Maybe not so much as Estelle, but at least moreso than Lloyd (no matter how much I love my boy). I do feel like they took some traits from Lloyd (speeches, denseness) and pasted them right over to Rean, but I guess that is just the shonen protagonist curse.
Apart from them, I've liked the development they gave Emma. I think they kept everything hidden/vague maybe a bit too long (I think they had the "Aren't you going to ask me about the weird witchy thing that just happened?" scene at least 3 times lol), but I appreciate her quite a lot. Alisa has not had too much plot relevance, which is unfortunate because I actually like her quite a lot. I think the romance between her and Rean is pretty cute, especially after the scene in Nord in CS1. I like how caring she is not just towards the protagonist, but towards all the other characters as well. She's a good big sister type haha.
Sara has been pretty decent, although I felt like she kept her distance from Class 7 somewhat in the second game which is a bit sad. I am happy to see her returning to the Bracer life though, and her backstory was cool to have confirmed. Jusis has been pretty good too--a bit disappointed in the long periods between when he has plot relevance, but I suppose that it just how it is sometimes. Millium is both an annoying gremlin and also my adorable child, and her backstory and characterization in terms of her empathy has been good. I cried as soon as I saw her cry for the first time in the epilogue haha.
I feel like Elliot was a fine character but I never got particularly invested in him. Same thing for Gaius and Machias. Laura is one character who I didn't use much of, but I like her overall and I feel like her character could definitely go somewhere interesting--especially with her ties to Legram and now her somewhat oblivious rivalry with Duvalie (which I love).
Returning characters!
I know he shows up at the very beginning, but I thought it was just going to be a cameo, so I got SO excited in Cold Steel 1 the SECOND I heard the lute being played by our favorite traveling bard. Disclaimer, he is probably my second or third favorite character so I may be biased, but every time this man was on screen brought me so much joy. I probably had a similar reaction in Azure when you meet Klaudia and The Wind from Liberl plays (I legitimately started crying lmao). I liked how they kept it mostly about Class 7 for both games though. Seeing Bleublanc and Duvalie before their actual introduction in the story was super fun too!
When I got to the divertissement and I heard Lloyd narrating, and then we SEE Crossbell and Lloyd/Rixia in proper 3d I about jumped out of my seat. My only regret is I didn't get to see my girl Tio! The dungeon felt a bit filler-y, but man, just getting to see the Crossbell cast again had me so excited, and the boss fight at the end surprised me and made me really interested for the next CS game too. Also... glad we got in a barrier speech from Lloyd right at the end lmao.
The Quartz System
I have a love-hate relationship with the new system. I would say on the whole I actually prefer the old system with the elemental values--I never found it particularly difficult to understand and I enjoyed optimizing it and having a large variety of arts options. I do think Master Quartz tend to help with that but it is still noticeable. That said, my LORD cold steel really steps it up for melee orbment setups which I appreciate so much, especially with how much crafts improved. It has some really good quartz like the different status-inflicting quartz, Impede being super useful, "Breaker" quartz, as well as really strong melee options like Domination, Carnage, or Wrath. Not directly related, but I also really liked the addition of Zero Arts turns--I loved equipping Chrono Burst on my melee character and occasionally getting the free double melee turns haha.
I also think the variety of Master Quartz is really good at this point--I loved using both Aries and Criminal on Emma and Alisa respectively. Aries let me absolutely spam Maelstrom, especially after getting water bell, basically for free. Criminal was great on Alisa for turns between using Heavenly Gift to maximize her damage with her lack of EP regen. Both Raven and Vermillion in CS2 were really good on Rean as well. Plus there are the dozen other great options--definitely one of my favorite features they have added.
The Plot Pacing and Stakes
Honestly my biggest complaint with the new arc. Cold Steel 1 had some weird stakes at the end of the game. While Sky FC had you going underneath the castle to save the country from Richard, and Zero had you making a last stand against the drugged-up CGF soldiers to stop them breaking into the IBC, CS1 has you going through the Old Schoolhouse at the end of the game because if they don't take care of it they... won't be able to have a school festival because the old schoolhouse is blue? I know it's so you get Valimar, but compared to the other games the stakes in that moment really felt like a letdown. Thankfully, the very end hits--Crow does his thing and Trista gets invaded, Rean gets launched off, and now you're excited for the next game. It kind of had me expecting a Fire Emblem: Three Houses deal for the second game.
Cold Steel 2 has you going around to collect your team again in Act 1, and then retaking the towns in Act 2. I think Act 1 was mostly fine--a bit repetitive maybe, and it doesn't have the benefit the first game had of these places being new to keep the repetitive structure fresh. Act 2 I really started to feel the burnout with the liberating towns cycle and the spirit shrines. The recapturing of Trista and the academy was an idea that had me really excited, but after the one mech battle the only people there to fight you are... 8 nobles from the academy, 6 of which were students? Which wasn't only an easy fight, but also... there were only two duels! It felt way too easy, which really felt like a letdown.
The finale itself was really good overall--the Infernal Castle was awesome. As Millium put it, it really felt like a final dungeon. It still felt a bit weird how Vita set up this whole duel, Crow lost, and then she didn't explain why the duel happened, but I am guessing that is less of a problem with the stakes and more something that will be explained in a future game. (Side note: I suspected the witches were destined to repeat a cycle of the two Chevalier's fighting and Vita left because she wanted to break that cycle, but that doesn't seem to be the case so... we will see.) I feel like the game itself should've ended after the divertissement and maybe another cutscene, but the epilogue went on WAY too long. I ended up blazing through the dungeon as fast as I could and got to the boss, and the boss literally says "there is no point to beating me" which made me laugh given the issues I have had with the stakes, but with all the classmates going their separate ways it felt like one last victory lap to show how much they had grown--both in their own capacity and with each other, so it got a pass from me haha. Still WAY too long though.
"Time for me to stop holding back."
Seriously, how many times did this happen? Did we actually beat anyone in CS2? One thing I've enjoyed about the Trails series so far is very few people are so ridiculously strong they can't be overcome with teamwork. There are some exceptions I have been fine with, like facing Arianrhod in Azure--it makes sense. Honestly, a number of them in CS2 made sense but the frequency of it was somewhat infuriating. Minor complaint, especially since I know we have two games to go, but still.
Lack of Character Development
I feel like, maybe besides Rean and a select few characters (Fie, Emma, maybe Jusis and Sara a bit?), there was not much character development in CS2 which was a let down. Plot definitely took precedence, but I felt that was somewhat repetitive and mediocre which is a shame haha.
Friendly, Bespeckled Academic-types
Professor Alba was obvious, I caught that one practically from when we first saw him. Joachim I didn't suspect because I thought "there's no way they could do it again!", and barely figured it out just before they actually revealed it. I didn't suspect Big Bear Grimwood because he was so chill and SURELY they wouldn't do the glasses thing again. Little did I know.
The SECOND, and I mean the SECOND I saw Instructor Thomas, I had my eye on him. And his last name is Lysander? LYSANDER? Could you come up with a more villainous sounding last name? And he's always smiling! Like come on. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you're going to fool me a third time, EXTRA shame on me. I wasn't having it. I was convinced it was him.
...Do I at least get half points?
Honestly, while CS2 had some really cool moments (especially right at the end, like the Ironblood reveal and the Osborne reveal), this was probably my least favorite Trails game so far. CS1 had its own problems but I feel it ended with a decent setup, but CS2 bungled it a little bit IMO. It's still a really good game, but just the weakest of the Trails games I've played. I'm also not nearly as attached to Class 7 after two games as I was the majority of the Sky cast/the SSS. That said, there are two more games to play so maybe that will change! Plus, it sounds like we are going to see the Crossbell cast next game, which I am EXTREMELY excited for. I will probably cry tears of joy when I see Tio in 3D. I'm interested to see where the plot with Rean goes after this point, what the deal with Vita and Ouroboros is, and what Osborne's goal is, what the HELL is Thomas up to and where the hell the supposed TWO Sept-Terrions of Erebonia?? All in all, lots more to look forwards to!
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2023.06.04 19:33 Ok-Reward-6390 21M poet needs half [relationship]

I haven’t even flirted for such a long time, and lately, during those boring lunches where people just talk about heiresses’ dogs’ illnesses (a Pomeranian dog shares all her illnesses with her owner) or gossip about some technocrat who has a limp and who may be cheating on his partner, and while rice with cod is served, I am asked “darling, are you dating yet?”. No, I am not, and here I am, mostly because dating apps are too dull – unfortunately the odds of being flashed by a Jewish 19 year-old from Manchester is smaller on these things, though sometimes you might have some luck and end up being insulted randomly by a Portuguese girl, who is visiting her uncle.
I do have names, and surnames, and I was born in a big city in Brazil. My sister used to describe our childhood address as “a building with cars and trees and buildings”, which is a rather good description of much of the city. For a while I wanted to join the seminary but after having to face the fact that this was an inadequate career choice considering I didn’t believe in God and had always found masses to be awfully boring (though fascinating at times – the priest at my childhood church used to go on long rants about things, of which there are many) often turning my back to see the watch, and so I chose the next best thing: I am studying sociology, which involves, in many ways, taking a vow of poverty. I also work at a small online newspaper so I am well informed on sub celebrities and local occurrences such as babies heroically rescued by policemen after choking on the thing babies eat. And yes, I write poetry sometimes.
I am fascinated fairly often by everything, or many things, at least so you won’t be bored. These last days I ended up reading a lot of things about Egypt after reading about Ottoman chief eunuchs being exiled to Cairo after their tenure. In general, I really enjoy the humanities. I follow politics keenly – in fact, there is some chance I might have some thoughts on your country’s politics – and I’d say I am on the centre-left – pro-choice, in favour of a robust welfare state, LGBTQ+ rights, affirmative action. If you know about Brazilian politics, I voted for Marina and Haddad in 2018 (the voting age here is 16), and Lula last year.
As you can imagine, I also really enjoy reading and writing. Besides poetry, I have often thought about writing a novel, but this seems like too much work – and it seems that it would be arrogant of me to write a novel having lived this little, though it wouldn't be uncommon. I really enjoy learning about other languages and cultures and I know a bit of French, German, Spanish, and Russian, besides English and Portuguese. I’d really like to learn Arabic and/or Mandarin. I am really into genealogy, and I know quite a bit about it. I often cry while watching dumb movies (I cried during Minions!) or listening to beautiful music; my music taste has been described as “fairly gay” and in movies as “slightly gay”.
I guess I am pretty introverted, polite, and timid (well, I am on here after all). I am affectionate and I can be really passionate as well. And I am fairly funny, or rather, I have made a few people laugh over the years. I asked a close friend to describe myself, and that is what he said:
I think you’re very communicative. Shrewd, funny, a good companion. Kind of withdrawn but not necessarily shy. You avoid conflict and unnecessary arguments, but love to participate in good conversations. I think you’re very kind too, besides being polite.
As for what I want to do with my life, I am unsure though I am inclined to go into academia. I have been considering applying to a PhD program in the U.S. after finishing my undergrad here in Brazil. My family does want me to go into their business, which is related to politics. I have also considered going into diplomacy.
Who am I looking for? I’d like someone curious about the world around her, and open-minded.
Some poems I really like:
Some songs I have been listening to:
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2023.06.04 19:32 RevolutionRevivalist [5e] [Online] [18+] Bi-Weekly Homebrew Game Wednesdays 11am BST (3-4 hours) ALL welcome

Work nights? Never have weekends off? Or maybe you're just in a timezone nobody ever posts about? Hello, I'm a 28 years old English player, a DM of 3 years and wish to run a game around my super inconvenient work schedule!
I have a homebrew world and a couple of campaign ideas I'd be happy to run, although open to just going sandbox and working with your backstories for quest ideas. Will pitch these in session 0 and let the players decide, although whichever route we go I'd be hoping we're in it for the long haul
I will summarise the game style as to help decide if this is the game for you;
- I like hard combats, most individual combats or prolonged encounters will come with risk of death, the stakes are high, and teamwork will be needed to avoid casualties
- Players exploring lore, RP and their own/ each others backstories is both encouraged and rewarded. Backstory will be the main meat and bones of anything I run and players who stay true to their character and backstory will see the rewards of this in game. I may suggest edits to fit the lore of the world for example God's and locations, but will do my best to leave you with 100% agency
-I'm pretty laid back as a DM, if you can justify something to me reasonably then I will most likely allow it
-Game will be run in foundry which requires a PC slightly better than a potato but is not too demanding. If you're worried about this then let me know if you want to try it out before session zero preferably and we will see if you can run it. Will also use DND beyond with ALL sourcebooks for character building to make life easy, especially useful for new players. Discord for voice chat
-Transparency is key. Game/ group just not for you 3 sessions in? Tell me, I won't judge. Can't make a session? That's life, just keep me updated. Something you're not happy with in game that you would like me to address? Let me know and I'll do my best to accomdate/ resolve.
- I can be a bit sweary and don't mind if players are, but with this in mind please ensure you treat each other with respect. Racism, sexism or any kind of bigotry not tolerated, it's not hard to be nice
-Sign your post off with the name of your favourite DND character from your past so I know you have read this! (Or just a random name if you've never played) This is essential. Will not be accepting players who do not follow this instruction
-Starting at level 3, 5 player party but will run with 3-4 if necessary, milestone levelling, there is no banned material in character building, official content only (with addition of bloodhunter)
To apply just make a short post here telling me whatever you think is relevant. Will message everybody in the next few days depending on demand, and can hopefully start with session 0 Wednesday 14th if we have no hiccups
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.04 19:30 NoahDunn31 FNaF 1 and 2 correlations

So I have a pretty smart (to me) question, if FNaF 1 is set in 1993 and FNaF 2 is 1987 then how are the withered animatronics existing if FNaF 2 is set before the FNaF 1 location was even built, also if William is all the workers just with different names then how can he go from 1993-1987
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2023.06.04 19:29 EliruleZ [blue] Zodiac SeaChron Chronograph 100 spots @ $23 ea w no spot limit

Item Name: Zodiac Sea-Chron Ref. ZO3604, LNIB
Price: $2300
# of Spots: 100
Price Justification: MSRP $2495. New release, no preowned sales comps. Product page: https://www.zodiacwatches.com/en-us/products/zodiac-sea-chron/ZO3604.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwmtGjBhDhARIsAEqfDEeS_R1OXyR5kD1PmrCH-lkaERM0YX8o4CalwzBTwuaUXbNLVHKZdw4aAvDAEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
Price Justification:
Price Justification:
Price Justification:
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? None
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? USA only
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/Q7UeqtO
Escrow: u/EliruleZ for u/aunderscoreham
Description: This is the new badass Zodiac Sea-Chron dive chronograph just released in May 2023. If you like a chunky diver or dive chrono, this is a good one with classic handsome looks. 42mm across, 51mm L2L, 16.5mm tall. Bracelet will fit 8” with an extra link. Full set like new dated May 2023.

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 81
Number of unpaid users: 5
Number of unpaid slots: 19
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1 satexun
3 CliffTheBRD
9 CliffTheBRD
13 deadheadz1
19 satexun
24 Elirulez
27 CliffTheBRD
30 CliffTheBRD
35 Elirulez
38 satexun
46 CliffTheBRD
49 CliffTheBRD
50 CliffTheBRD
53 CliffTheBRD
61 CliffTheBRD
79 Gboogie3
82 CliffTheBRD
83 Elirulez
100 deadheadz1

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2023.06.04 19:28 Maleficent_Soup_755 Wide body Sentinel ship green and yellow with spider legs. 3 supercharge slots next to each other. Bclass, with coords.

Wide body Sentinel ship green and yellow with spider legs. 3 supercharge slots next to each other. Bclass, with coords.
I call them wide body. Let me know if there's an official name for this type.
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2023.06.04 19:28 DegenerateStoner710 38 [M4F] #NewJersey Looking for something longterm with the right person

***Hello,As so many on here demand, when sending your FIRST DM please include your Name, Location, Age and a photo. Please do not just DM hi.*** I am only interested in something longterm with the right person. I am in no way shape or form looking for, flings, one night stands, to be 1 of 12 in your rotation etc. Please no games or drama, that stuff was ok 20 years ago lol. I honestly am leaning towards NO children as I find it near impossible to find someone to take out for coffee, let alone have a child with. So atm anything child related is a hard pass unless for some reason you are in fact so different from everyone else that you completely change my outlook on life, then and only then can we perhaps entertain the thought of children ( this also includes people that currently have children, no thanks). I do work full time, just starting a new job. I do enjoy to cook and bbq and would love someone who is also capable of cooking and or can bring something new to the table. I am looking for the ride or die type, someone I dont have to walk on eggshells around, someone who doesnt support the alphabet army or go along with any of those mainstream woke psychosis. Someone with a great and very dark sense of humor, you can take it and give it right back. Just someone who's fun, likes to travel, and actually wants to build a life together.-------------------Hard NO's; 1. Cigarette smokers 2. heavy drinkers 3. History of physical / sexual abuse 4. mens haircuts 5. Anyone remotely close to any possible viral clip you can imagine 6. Single moms 7. New Profiles / BRAND NEW accounts 8. --------------------Please be 420 friendlyComedians : Tom Segura, Dave Chapelle, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, Tim Dillon aka The Pig, Mark Normand, Christina P, Ali Wong, Joe Rogan, William Montgomery aka the big red machine, kill tony, etc to name a few--------------------Shows : Trailer park boys, Letter kenney, simpsons, forensic files ( anything crime related especially serial killer documentaries ), Brooklyn 99, schitts creek, Seinfeld, southpark, breaking bad, better call Saul, Shoresy , Paradise PD, Brickleberry, Banshee, Ozarks blah blah---------------------Music : literally all over the place, mostly prefer metal / edm , changes by mood.---------------------variety of podcasts : YMH, Radio Rental, Crime Junkie, Tim Dillon show, Congratulations, stuff you should know, All over the road, tuesdays with stories, park after dark , Ramsey show, JRE, chip chipperson , Haiyaa with Nigel Eng, long days, history hyenas etc
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2023.06.04 19:27 DegenerateStoner710 38 [M4F] #NewJersey Looking for a longterm relationship with the right person

***Hello,As so many on here demand, when sending your FIRST DM please include your Name, Location, Age and a photo. Please do not just DM hi.***

I am only interested in something longterm with the right person. I am in no way shape or form looking for, flings, one night stands, to be 1 of 12 in your rotation etc. Please no games or drama, that stuff was ok 20 years ago lol. I honestly am leaning towards NO children as I find it near impossible to find someone to take out for coffee, let alone have a child with. So atm anything child related is a hard pass unless for some reason you are in fact so different from everyone else that you completely change my outlook on life, then and only then can we perhaps entertain the thought of children ( this also includes people that currently have children, no thanks). I do work full time, just starting a new job. I do enjoy to cook and bbq and would love someone who is also capable of cooking and or can bring something new to the table. I am looking for the ride or die type, someone I dont have to walk on eggshells around, someone who doesnt support the alphabet army or go along with any of those mainstream woke psychosis. Someone with a great and very dark sense of humor, you can take it and give it right back. Just someone who's fun, likes to travel, and actually wants to build a life together.-------------------Hard NO's; 1. Cigarette smokers 2. heavy drinkers 3. History of physical / sexual abuse 4. mens haircuts 5. Anyone remotely close to any possible viral clip you can imagine 6. Single moms 7. New Profiles / BRAND NEW accounts 8. --------------------Please be 420 friendlyComedians : Tom Segura, Dave Chapelle, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, Tim Dillon aka The Pig, Mark Normand, Christina P, Ali Wong, Joe Rogan, William Montgomery aka the big red machine, kill tony, etc to name a few--------------------Shows : Trailer park boys, Letter kenney, simpsons, forensic files ( anything crime related especially serial killer documentaries ), Brooklyn 99, schitts creek, Seinfeld, southpark, breaking bad, better call Saul, Shoresy , Paradise PD, Brickleberry, Banshee, Ozarks blah blah---------------------Music : literally all over the place, mostly prefer metal / edm , changes by mood.---------------------variety of podcasts : YMH, Radio Rental, Crime Junkie, Tim Dillon show, Congratulations, stuff you should know, All over the road, tuesdays with stories, park after dark , Ramsey show, JRE, chip chipperson , Haiyaa with Nigel Eng, long days, history hyenas etc
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2023.06.04 19:27 Victor-Zee One Needle

One Needle submitted by Victor-Zee to u/Victor-Zee [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:26 TheGoldenHordeee I just beat every combat encounter in Cyberpunk 2077, while keeping track of all the enemies I fought. Here is what I learned:

While playing the game, I kept an Excel document open where i documented how many enemies were killed in each encounter, and which faction they belonged to. I was curious about which factions had the largest prescences in the game.
I only counted non-respawnable enemies, not random street encounters. Meaning:

-Main and side mission enemies
-NCPD scanner encounters
-Hidden Gems

I killed or incapacitated every foe in every location that I visited.
Robots/mechs have their own category, but if there is someone around controlling them, I count them as part of that faction instead.
I counted turrets, I did not count cameras. Basically everyone and everything that tries to kill you is 1 kill in my book.
I completed all 4 main endings and counted them once (Solo, Rogue, Aldecaldo, Arasaka)
The choices I made obviously also influenced which foes I fought, so these numbers can vary a bit in places (Netwatch over Voodoo Boys, killing all Maelstrom leaders etc.)
So here are the numbers!
There were 2516 enemies in Cyberpunk 2077
From smallest to largest faction

Faction Name: Number of encounters: Total faction members killed
Arasaka 15 356
Tyger Claws 47 310
Wraiths 27 263
Militech 22 244
Maelstrom 28 201
6th Street 30 194
Valentinos 26 191
Animals 17 188
Security Guards 22 185
Scavs 19 152
Mechs and Turrets 27 75
Kang Tao 7 55
Unafiliated 22 40
Biotechnica 1 23
Voodoo Boys 2 19
Zetatech 1 8
NCPD 1 7
Aldecaldos 3 4
The Mox 1 1
Some thoughts and analysis:
-Arasaka's prescence at the top of the kill-board may be concidered a bit unfair since 224 of those kills are from the four different endgames.
-You only fight Arasaka 15 times, but half of those are main missions, dragging the average way up.
-The ending with the highest kill-count is Aldecaldos (116) while the lowest is going with Rogue (34). Arasaka ending is at (78) and Solo ending is at (83)
-The Tyger Claws are easily the most dominant gang and arguably the real winner here. you fight them a whooping 47 times, nearly twice as much as number 2, 6th Street. This is because of their control of Little China and Kabuki in addition to their control of all of Westbrook. Both Regina Jones and Wakako give you a lot of gigs targetting their operations. They also play a role in a lot of quests, like Judy's
-Despite The Claws' insane total numbers you never actually fight more than 17 at the same time, that being in Wakako's final gig. Most gangs have far larger encounters.
-Militech holds the dubious honor of having the biggest enemy force fought simultanously, that being the army you face in the Aldecaldos ending. Here you deal with a crazy 87 Militech enemies
-The rankings from 5th to 9th are very close. If I hadn't killed as many Maelstrom members as possible in missions by making Patricia their boss, they would actually be in 9th instead of 5th with 183 kills.
-6th street are in 6th place. Lol.
-The Animals are described as a Pacifica gang, but you actually find the biggest quantities in City Center. They and the Scavs are the most spread out gangs.
-The biggest non-endgame encounter is Pacifica Mall, where you can fight 53 Animals!
-You deal with more unaffiliated security guards than Scavs. Those russkies better step it up!
-Most solo-working drones and turrets are actually just protecting hidden gems around the maps. Usually only 1 or 2 in every location. That's why you fight so many small groups.
-Unafiliated foes are mostly cyberpsychos and a few NCPD-scanner hoodlums with no associated gang.
-Even when making enemies of The Voodoo Boys you only fight them once in the main story. The only other Voodoo boy encounter is a cyberpsycho
-You somehow only fight the NCPD once, that being an ambush while you are getting a replacement liver for an Aldecaldo member.
-The Aldecaldos and Mox are almost universally friendly barring a few cyberpsychos. (And 2 jerks trying to beat up Garry the Prophet)
That's about all I got! If you are curious about the process, or just want to ask why I would bother, feel free to ask! :)
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2023.06.04 19:26 Asleepfarm420 Resources for Relationship Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence

What is relationship abuse?
Relationship abuse is a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used to maintain power and control over a former or current intimate partner. Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation. Abuse tends to escalate over time. When someone uses abuse and violence against a partner, it is always part of a larger pattern of control.
Warning signs of abuse:

Types of abuse:
Physical abuse is any intentional, unwanted contact with you or something close to your body, or any behavior that causes or has the intention of causing you injury, disability, or death.
Emotional abuse & verbal abuse includes non-physical behaviors such as threats, insults, constant monitoring or “checking in,” excessive texting, humiliation, intimidation, isolation, or stalking.
Sexual abuse refers to any behavior that pressures or coerces someone to do something sexually that they don’t want to do. It can also refer to behavior that impacts a person’s ability to control their sexual activity or the circumstances in which sexual activity takes place, including oral sex, rape, or controlling reproductive methods and choices.
Financial abuse often operates in more subtle ways than other forms of abuse, but it can be just as harmful to those who experience it.
Modern conditions of stark economic inequality mean that financial security is directly tied to our health and wellbeing. No one has the right to use money or how you choose to spend it to control your actions or decisions, and no one should control your ability to work.
Digital dating abuse is the use of technologies like texting and social media to bully, harass, stalk, or intimidate a partner. This behavior is often a form of verbal or emotional abuse, conducted online.
Stalking occurs when someone watches, follows, or harasses you repeatedly, making you feel afraid or unsafe.
Avoid victim blaming
Why is it dangerous?
Victim-blaming attitudes marginalize the victim/survivor and make it harder to come forward and report the abuse. If the victim/survivor knows that you or society blames survivors for abuse, they will not feel safe or comfortable coming forward and talking to you.
Victim-blaming attitudes also reinforce the manipulative tactics that abusers use to control their partner; abusers tell survivors that it is their fault this is happening. Committing violence is always the choice of the person who is abusing. It is NOT the victim/survivor’s fault or responsibility to fix the violence that an abuser is committing against them. By engaging in victim-blaming attitudes, society allows abusive people to perpetrate relationship abuse or sexual assault while avoiding accountability for those actions.
Victim-blaming attitudes prevent society from acknowledging and changing toxic masculinity and rape culture.
Where does it come from?
In order to stop victim-blaming, it is helpful to understand why it occurs in the first place. One reason that people blame a victim/survivor is to distance themselves from an unpleasant occurrence. This gives a false sense that this could not happen to them. By labeling or accusing the victim/survivor, others can see the victim/survivor as different from themselves. People use the Just World theory, Invulnerability theory, and Assumptive World theory in an attempt to feel like they have control over situations where they do not have control. People reassure themselves by thinking, “Because I am not like the victim/survivor, because I do not do XYZ, this would never happen to me.” We need to help people understand that a survivor’s actions do not contribute to a perpetrator’s (those that choose to harm decision to commit relationship abuse and sexual violence. It is our responsibility as members of society to support survivors and hold abusers accountable.)
What does victim blaming look like?
Common Victim Blaming Statements:
Example of Victim-Blaming Attitude:
Reality: This statement assumes that the victim is equally to blame for the abuse, when in reality, abuse is a conscious choice made by the abuser. Abusers have a choice in how they react to their partner’s actions. Options besides abuse include: walking away, talking in the moment, respectfully explaining why an action is frustrating, breaking up, etc. Additionally, abuse is not about individual actions that incite the abuser to hurt the victim/survivor, but rather about the abuser’s feelings of entitlement to do whatever the abuser wants to their partner. When friends and family remain neutral about the abuse and say that both people need to change, they are taking away responsibility from the perpetrator (those that choose to harm, thereby colluding with/supporting the abusive partner and making it less likely that the survivor will seek support.)
Victim Blaming in Language:One of the biggest sources of victim blaming is the way we talk about it. Language surrounding abuse and sexual assault immediately puts our attention on the victim instead of the perpetrator. This is a demonstration developed by Julia Penelope and frequently used by Jackson Katz to show how language can be victim blaming:
As you can see, the focus has shifted entirely to Mary instead of John, encouraging the audience to focus on the survivor’s actions instead of the perpetrator’s actions. The solutions regarding prevention become focused on what Mary can do differently, not on what John can do differently, and not on how society creates a culture that supports John’s behavior.
What can I do about it?
Remember if you are aware of abusive behavior and do not speak out against it, your silence communicates implicitly that you see nothing unacceptable taking place.\)
Additional resources for those experiencing abuse in relationships:
https://www.loveisrespect.org/ / Call 1-866-331-9474 / Text LOVEIS to 22522
https://www.thehotline.org/ / Call 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) / Text START to 88788
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2023.06.04 19:23 dasxce [NM] 43227 Villain Icons + 43226 Disney Duos - 47 spots at $5/ea

Item Name Set Number: 43227 Villain Icons + 43226 Disney Duos
Lego Price: $130 + $45 + $11 tax
Timestamp and pictures of box: https://imgur.com/a/dzXo7Xi
Shipping: $49 from 22181 to 98597 (8lbs, 20in x 16in x 7in with insurance for $186)
Raffle Total/Spots: $235, 47 spots @ $5 each
Price justification: lego.com
Call spots: Y
Spot limit per person: None
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): Washington DC, USA
Will ship international: N. HI and AK pays difference in shipping
Description: Brand new, sealed 43227 Villain Icons + 43226 Disney Duos. One winner for both sets.
Payment required w/in 10 minutes of raffle filling, 5 minutes for any drama.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

PayPal Info: DM me for its info
Cash App Info: https://cash.app

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 36
Number of unpaid users: 3
Number of unpaid slots: 11
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
2 bigdisneyguy
6 Bosskz
7 Bosskz
8 Bosskz
11 mrxscarface
12 Bosskz
14 Bosskz
17 bigdisneyguy
24 bigdisneyguy
25 Bosskz
37 mrxscarface

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2023.06.04 19:20 ShineFamiliar3741 turn the Page my recovery from abuse and inheritance theft

A lot happened before my father passed my sisters both demanded accounts and signed on the way they owned our father and her to the lot of large amount of money before he retired one sister had full control to put one account and because her husband had knowledge of how to control people with these accounts and how to sign them to where you own them and could walk away with all that one dollar unless my dad wanted to press charges felony and he did not he lived with that for several years the thing was my brother-in-law demanded I didn't no help and no cash from my father who bought me a vehicle and he also demanded who bought from him so he could have his own cash that started a bad thing but on the other note my other sister and brother planned a long time ago to steal all on the end and one sister her whole name go in life was to still everything in the end to work as a librarian in order to mingle with authorities with a plan of cutting me out because mother made her hate me when we were children she told her she was a real oldest daughter I was adopted by my father in the state of Missouri because I had no father my mother was abusive to me and she got her words she cut me out she got threw me out of the family they had me abused I had a death threat at one time when my memories came back I have an appointment to talk to a trusted her recovery attorney next week but it's well down to now it's a dirty stuff but they're still a very large amount of money missing that was too preachers one being a bad lawyer who was elected to prosecutor because of his name the state of Missouri couldn't help me with that because he was elected. There's no protection for heirs even though there's laws in Missouri. And when did in-laws with hating their heart and greed they come errors assets were never reported I never got anything from my dad as far as I had property stored there I finally got my camper but it cost me a lot my brother forced me to sign titles and soon tops and my sister would use them on something I told her it would be fraud because they couldn't Court can tell immediately that the paper was added to after the signature landlords can't get away with that anymore unless the person can't take them to court then they do cuz it happened to me before my thoughts are I was abused my life was certain all this Northwest Missouri it's very corrupt a bank account was moved when I was dying in another state and the prosecutor won't even let me look because it's been a few years back I need prosecutor the bank was concerned like there was a criminal and that prosecutor said get a lawyer well that's all I was told by a person well when they have more money and they've used pictures to launder money they use the prosecutor to get their way to not probate a larger state and they turn their back on me that goes to me like I am a disease because I know what they did my life was in dangerous I still don't feel safe I'm in this town I'm working on getting away from here so I can take care of the rest of this but my children didn't deserve to be cut out my father did not do this they did what they wanted for very large amount of money who got a very large attack right before he died and then I don't know who got the money I'm not money doesn't drive me but the fact that they did what they did has me irritated because my children did not deserve this my brother was supposed to probate and help me get all this done so my sister's got their way so far but my mother was in the background she was the first ex-wife and he was single but my one sister control freak controlled dad never move after his last divorce and he couldn't trust her she stole tooth imagine that grave sold them a year later without telling him to make banked on that but she did that because my other sister would find onto his largest inheritance account and controlling him with it he didn't press start his own either one but he did turn him in before he died after he got that last check he was bullied that's why they wanted my memory is gone I hired somebody to come into my life I found Love with a narcissist who was there for hire St Joe Missouri is very corrupt Andrew county was where the prosecutor fake probate attorney was they're still a fake casing at the judge refused to move it off but my brother is no longer represented who paid it to get it stopped to get those two titles back my father bought way more local than that my brother and said he was doing his own probate he bullied me to sign in 15 titles two were property I can't find out where those went except for I know they were laundered through his church his Titan picture who greedy preacher but also was involved and getting money off the top that's I'm in the assets it's all a mess it's a very big mess I'm talking to Tony next week another one thing is only have one chance that they got more money than they're counting you know I they laundered money they did it's on public 300 vehicles cars and trucks at dad bought for probate my brother promised to do with me that sisters pays him to do with that program that month is already had the prosecuting attorney as a lawyer he's not even a probate lawyer and now he's not a prosecutor attorney who knows he did wrong he's also a preacher but he's one of those tithing pictures like the other one putting printers lying their own pockets with other people's money they don't give it to the floor they're legal things in my eyes but I'm opinionated
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2023.06.04 19:18 Centuri0n0 [Event] Tournament of Heroic Spirits

Wars over a Holy Grail had been waged in repetition. 7 individuals have summoned 7 heroic spirits as sacrifices to fill the cup and birth the Holy Grail. This cycle has been repeated multiple times yet each time the war is a failure. The Grail is destroyed before it can fully form and was forced to slumber for years to recoup magical energy and try again. This faulty cycle must end. The Holy Grail will do everything by itself.
The faulty magus element must be removed. The Holy Grail has itself summoned the necessary servants to finish its creation. The location of the Holy Grail War ritual? Inside the Holy Grail itself using the reality marble system of the moon. 8 servants shall do battle in an organized system with no possible risk of third party variables. 7 shall die and fill the holy grail allowing it to form. And then the wish will be granted. Let the Tournament Arc begin.
This Event will be a tournament with isolated battles in random simulated locations between servants until an ultimate winner is decided.
Despite the tournament format or maybe as a part of it there will be plenty of opportunities to role play outside of the official rounds. This will not be a series of isolated battles but a proper narrative the players create within the confines of the format.
There will be 4 player slots and 4 NPC slots.
The Players are free to choose or create the servants they will use but they will be balanced and approved by the GM.
There will appear 1 servant from each of the main 7 classes and 1 extra class servant to round out the 8.
Players who are participating in the Wine Country Holy Grail War are barred from entering. They don’t need any extra distractions.
All those who wish to sign up for the 4 main slots please leave a comment with their discord name.
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