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2012.04.23 05:58 ripples2288 CrossView: stereoscopic 3D using cross-eyed freeviewing of side-by-side stereograms

Cross viewing is seeing 3D with nothing but your regular screen! The pictures here show two perspectives, just cross your eyes and make the two sides overlap to see the image in 3D. Tutorials and helpful apps on the sidebawiki/menu/about. Accepting submissions of all forms (pictures, gif/gfys, videos). If things look 'reverse depth' then /ParallelView might be the place for you!

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2023.06.04 18:48 Ickis1337 [EU-DE] [H] Mode65 Black+Brass [W] Paypal

Hey Guys,
I was able to snag another Mode65 in full PC so this one has to go:
Mode65 with:
Everthing is in like new condition, but there is a small scratch on the Backpiece near the USBC cutout (see Pictures in timestamp).
Price is 420 Euro (invoiced) plus shipping OBO, will ship overseas if neccessary.
If you gonna pay a premium I will consider splitting.
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2023.06.04 18:47 Acrobatic_Fix5328 Why must they open every package?

It's incredibly annoying when I show customers a product, example a toilet repair kit which has the part completely visible displayed or a showerhead and still they break open the package. Everyday I find so many open boxes and packages and it just annoys me to no end. I'd even had customers tear open toilets and say' I want to see what it looks like. I'd tell them: There's a picture on the box with measurements and specs.😡😡🤬
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2023.06.04 18:46 bunderways I don’t know how to do this. I need help.

I’ve been married 23 years. Some of you may recognize me as someone who comments a lot from a perspective of a healing marriage with a great guy who gave up porn.
Well, I’m sitting at my moms with a lot of SH because I went through his phone yesterday. He made a big production about how he had deleted FB and IG because they were garbage. It raised teeny flags for me, but we speak openly about how mad social media is and so I figured it was that. But the hairs on the back of my neck stood up in that moment and never came back down. Then Mothers Day happened. I’m chronically I’ll and I’m in pain all the time. On the Thursday before I realized no one had planned anything? So I called my mom and said hey do you want to do breakfast and she said sure, and on Saturday I had a flare and spent most of the day in bed. That meant by the time I was even remotely able to move, I had a big job in front of me. The kitchen/house was filthy, like it always is until I can get to it. He puts canes on dirty dishes in the dishwasher sometimes, when I asked him to rinse first he just made sure there were no chunks of food,, but it’s still caked in dirty food. So I redo his dishes and reload it. And the dishes in thr sink. The garbage by his chair, etc. he works all the time but at this point I don’t know if he’s working or just fucking around in his models on the laptop to make it look like work. He does very very little without being specifically asked,and then he does the half way or poorly. It feels like weaponized incompetence, at the same time it’s likely he was never taught any of it. Whenever I try to give hm tips or help he gets…offended I guess? Like he’s capable of [random household chores]. When we were separated because his therapist told him I had no right to police his porn use and he leaned into that hard-his house was trashed. The whole time. My son didn’t want to bring people over there. Anyway, he finally “quit” in Oct 2021. His personality changed back to the sweet and caring guy I knew before porn ruined h him. So here we are Mother’s Day Eve and he’s acting. Just weird. He asks if he can help and I say yes!!! Can you just fill the breakfaat burritos while I make an egg? And he says sure, but with this look that devices his words. He immediately goes to the bathroom (to look up boobs maybe? Idk it took awhile) then immediately up to bed. I spent the next 4 hours doing it myself and ended up in some of the worst pain I’ve had in quite some time. After I dragged myself through the day, I was basically bed bound for 10 days. In that time I came to the realization that if I hadn’t remembered, planned, invited, and cooked, not one person would have so much as said Happy Mothers Day to me. He didn’t. I think he got me two presents that sit in boxes by the door unopened that came well after MD. He likely ordered them that day.
Anyway, it planted the seed for me. The callousness was reminiscent of when he was using before. So now for the last few weeks I’ve been on edge I’m worried about wanting to be intimate with him because I’m worried he’s going to not want me. I’m worried about telling him what I need because I don’t wanna hurt his feelings, I can’t have an orgasm anymore even by myself sexual contact makes me feel nervous. I’m like I could have a mental break down. And in all this, I am feeling bad for my husband. I’m feeling sorry for him and what I can’t give him.
So he goes up to take a shower yesterday and I don’t know why but his phone was right there and I started looking and it wasn’t much. There wasn’t really anything. I went through every single one of his tabs of 500 of them. A couple theory, random that may or may not be anything like Nicole Scherzinger in a Keeney, but more like a story or a story about a may December relationship. There was also pages of the new drug up which made me feel like oh that’s nice but they were way back. and then I went in to his history. Just a few days back it was him searching my old coworkers from the yoga studio and viewing them on Facebook and Instagram but via the browser I know you can imagine exactly what people who do yoga full-time have for pictures. these are women who are younger than me and prettier than me. Women who I worked with for years and now I know that he was looking at some whole time to. I tried to talk myself out of it like we all do like maybe maybe this is just him looking at people I worked with because a picture of all of us popped up and he didn’t know who they were. I know how stupid I know I feel so stupid. But when I kept opening these searches it mean, there was one that was just huge fucking boobs zoomed in is a profile picture, and he searched it, and there is no way around that. I don’t know if there’s actual porn on there anywhere in there probably is
I don’t know what to do. I can’t take care of myself because I can’t work with disability and my disability happened after my stitches failed from my hysterectomy, and my husband and I were being intimate. The trauma we both have. is insane. it’s ruined my life I can’t work. I am only marginally mobile with mobility aids. He makes all the money and I try to pay people to come and do the things that I can’t anymore but sometimes it sometimes it gets too much and I just wish I had one of those husbands I read about, who just do things around the house without being asked or nagged. He said I was nagging and so I just stopped asking completely. He is the king of Weaponized incompetence. This man who is an upper level white-collar worker with an insane paycheck somehow doesn’t know when the house is dirty needs to be picked up.
I left last night when I found out I don’t know what to do now he wants to talk. He keeps talking his answers are all clipped like he’s not gonna let me in he’s not gonna admit, he’s not gonna call himself an addict. He’s trying to blame it on the fact that it’s just everywhere and I can take away his phone if that would work I don’t know what to do. I need help from you guys. This is the first slip up. I told him I was gone if it happened again. I feel like I almost have to pick up but selfishly. I don’t know how I’m not well I can’t take care of my spot. I have no way to make him come. I am seriously considering I don’t live in myself because I have nothing. State care won’t allow me to continue with my doctors or my medic medicines, which are the only thing they give me any quality of life whatsoever. I’m trapped in his income and his insurance.
What do I do? Can I save him? Can he be saved if I gave him another chance? What do I have to insistent what we have to do right now he’s being very short and clipped and not owning up to his wrongdoing and when he’s faced with guilt, he gets really angry, that’s why he left in the first place. He felt guilty and his therapist told him he didn’t need to his therapist told him it was fine for him to watch as much porn as he wanted and I was the unreasonable one. I just need help. Tell me what to do.?
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2023.06.04 18:46 chopsueycide123 getting really confused about how to make "essential" mods to work together... pls help

I am at a loss at what to do, and would love some help. - to clear any confusion, i am referring to the version of skyrim AE from steam (not GOG), no modlist file attached as i havent even gotten to that point yet xD
i've recently decided to return to skyrim modding and I have gotten so confused. mods like JContainers and PapyrusUtil seem to only be available for skse 2.2.2 and months later they are still only for that version, but there are other mods that are for skse 2.2.3 - the obvious answer would be to just use skse 2.2.2 which is what i would want to do, but then there's RaceMenu which seems to skip skse 2.2.2 entirely and only have versions for skse before this and for skse 2.2.3
there's also no update or message that i can find about the other mod authors updating for 2.2.3 (which is fine, their mods are free, they dont owe me anything, just including for context for option 1. below)
So basically i'm confused and torn between a few options, or if anyone else has any advice for what to do that I haven't thought of:
  1. should i stay with skse 2.2.3 and wait for papyrusutil and jcontainers to update to 2.2.3?
  2. does jcontainer and papyrusutil work for 2.2.3 anyway even though they were made for 2.2.2?
  3. should i just use skse 2.2.2, and use an older version of racemenu that is for older skse versions, and do the same for other mods that depend on a certain skse version?
  4. I am aware of the downgrade patch for pre-AE skyrim but it just seems like so much effort and I feel like i'm gonna get it wrong, but everyday there is a problem between mods and skyrim AE so i'm getting closer to considering it - should i just cut my losses with trying to get AE to work and downgrade to SE?
and i am avoiding wabbajack modlists as the ones i can find are either over the top with the sex stuff, or they miss out a lot of the mods i love, too realistic [or not enough], or they are way too heavy for my laptop specs etc. etc. so i would really prefer to make my own modlist, unless anyone has any suggestions of modlists that arent too heavy/sexy and have a nice balance of realism? honestly if I could just make a list of the mods i like and pay someone to make them all work, i'd just do that at this point xD I don't have a lot of time left before i have to start working and studying all the time again :')
I understand this is a long post, and sorry if it's the same stuff you have heard many times before, but I would be incredibly grateful for any help that anyone could offer me 🙏
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2023.06.04 18:46 TurtlePeoples How do I actually set the background color?

When just editing around, the background is whatever color I set it to in the options menu (the one beside the size button) But when I actually press the play button, it goes black. Same with when I export it, as the video background is black too.
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2023.06.04 18:46 moishepesach [RO][HR] Sincerely

Ba-doh, ba-doh, ba-doh, ba-doh-ba
Sincerely, oh yes, sincerely
'Cause I love you so dearly, please say you'll be mine
-The Moonglows
Part I - The End
This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. If I keep saying it maybe it will be true.
But it was happening. Tough times. Humpty Dumpty times. Out of gas in the desert with no bars times.
And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than a Tijuana root canal; she walked in. Out of the sweltering Mexican heat, into the dim bar, she came; the only thing standing between me and the blinding light. I heard a couple of gunshots somewhere in the distance.
I still remember how the sun illuminated my 2pm rise and shine, shit-faced full of no caffeine afternoon after, hair of the dog; tequila shot and beer. Like I said, tough times on the Ponderosa, Hoss.
Every time I think of that moment, I stand transfixed in time. Unable to move, frozen in-place tighter than a suckered kid’s tongue to a Chicago lamppost in a February ice storm. Maggie had long ago won my heart’s devotion only to betray both me, and it, in ways still inconceivable to my sauce pan of a brain.
So, a couple of months ago, my life in post-apocalyptic ruin, I did what any red-blooded American would do; I flew across the border to CDMX to drown my sorrows in tequila and cheap living. And now, incomprehensibly, here she was; back, again like the September monsoon. Had the bitch air tagged me?
It seemed with Maggie my heart’s devotion was not enough. Everything she wanted and received soon became a dull knife; just ain’t cutting. Mags had to have it all, all the time. And I thought she had gotten all of me and more. Who’d think she’d want to pick at the carcass? But inexplicably, there she was like my constant migraine, the one that never really left the base of my skull.
Without a word Mags swooped in close like she missed me and now hadda kiss me.
Then, quicker than lightning showing off, she plunged her delicate-boned hand deep into my chest. She then removed it with even greater alacrity holding it high above her jet-black mane. She waved it for all the bar to see, my still beating corazón in it, color-coordinating against it’s will with her manicure, making what looked like vague Italian gestures.
Nobody in the bar paid us any mind.
I, on the other hand, couldn’t help but avert my horrified gaze into my now exposed chest cavity, only to witness darkness within darkness gazing back at me.
Heyyyyyy,” a voiceless voice greeted and saluted.
I looked up at Maggie. She took the seat opposite mine. Then reaching over with her free hand commandeered my tequila and knocked it back quick. Her encore was to grab my beer and drain it with all the mud she could muster into my eye. Then, with a satisfied look she dropped the now emptied bottle on the wooden table hard enough to make a thud.
Maggie then met my stare. My cardia beating peripatetically in her freshly manicured right-hand she made an elaborate shrug, her face smug as a tyrant’s fart.
I remembered wondering what the fuck was keeping my cardio so vascular. It sure as fuck wasn’t clean living. Then, that voiceless voice had yet more to say.
“Now what, Spenser?” it asked.
Now, it was now my turn to shrug. Surprisingly, despite being a now certifiably heartless son of a bitch, I, too, had something to say. So, I said it.
“You’re fucking diabolical, Maggie.”
My words of judgment echoed clear, permeating deep into the abyss, then back again at Maggie. She caught my words easier than a kitten catches smiles. She just shrugged again. It was starting to get annoying.
“You ruined me,” I added just to be doing something.
The shrug undulated down from her tan and toned shoulder through her arm, finally coming to a full stop at her finger’s tips.
Waving my heart at me with more vague Italian gestures Mags asked, “How can you be so sure, Spenser?”
Part II – The Middle
Sincerely, oh you know how I love you
I'll do anything for you, please say you'll be mine
This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. My new mantra wasn’t working.
Six months ago, I thought Maggie was the answer to my dreams.
Swooping down like an angel to shower me with attention and affection. Dinners with wine. Hot sex. More hot sex. No strings attached. Getting to know you pillow talk.
Now, there’s one thing I need to add. I met her through a dating app but as it turned out we both worked for the same nonprofit. We didn’t know each other as it’s a fairly big company but it turned out I supported the code for both her projects. This turned out to be one of many coincidences.
We both hated our jobs. We both liked writing short stories but never could sell a thing despite writing dozens and dozens. We both could dance salsa, on 1 and 2 and loved to hablar en español que no era muy guapo.
We both wanted to run away to Mexico city and live the Bohemian life.
Coincidences like we both grew up in NYC and had issues with our respective families of origin. And while she was Chinese-American and I was Russian-American both our fathers were born in the same year and were obsessed with Woody Allen. We both had much younger siblings we didn’t speak to.
Yeah, we had both grown up with weak fathers and selfish narcissistic mothers in common. And worser still, we had both experienced unstable living situations in high school. In my case, I was kicked out of the house for smoking weed.
In Maggie’s case, I never really was sure what went down but the best I could get out of her was at 13 she got pissed at her mom for cheating on her dad and left the house with nowhere to go. She ended up with family friends or relatives but the details were always murky and I was not the nosey type.
Her words to me were, “My mother’s emotional IQ is low. I raised myself.”
Impressively, she had made it through the Ivy League and seemed to be someone down to earth I could spend time with. But truth be told from the minute I saw her profile picture I was hotter than a Texas chili sprout for her.
It was some kind of primal attraction I thought I was long past entertaining. It wasn’t lust. It wasn’t love. It was like the thought of coming home to a family I never knew I had or that even could exist.
This shit made old me feel like young me again. But, as oft is the case in life, there was a problem. I was old, broke and probably about to lose my job. I was in IT and I was having problems with my manager being a psychopath; for reals.
It wasn’t mere conjecture as he had a reputation of getting people fired, or worse, making their lives so miserable they would quit; even with no prospects. I had been the focus of his sabotaging efforts and it had been having a bad effect on my mental and physical well-being.
This had taken a turn for the worse and I was catching a lot of passive aggressive hostility on the project Maggie supported.
Anyway, she was the bright spot in my otherwise mostly solitary and emotionally bleak life. And she lived nearby. She had an ex and kids and shared custody but I never met them and she didn’t really talk much about it except to say once, “You should need a license to have kids.”
I never had quite known what to make of some of the things she said, but like I said, I was under her spell. And I liked it.
And the icing on top? I had a dominant kinky side and that was a fire Maggie poured gasoline on every chance she got. She was worse than an arsonist in Underoo Town.
One weird thing about Mags was her knitting habit. If we weren’t fucking or eating she was knitting. Even at restaurants and bars.
One day in November, with the sun golden in a sky so blue you thought you could touch it I asked, “What are you knitting?”
Maggie gave me a wry look. She got out of her chair and seemed to be examining my bald head which I had shaved just that morning.
“A hat,” she replied.
But as the holidays rolled around things started to change. One Sunday morning as we were having coffee Maggie looked around the crowded steamy café.
“Everybody’s hooking up for the holidays,” she remarked.
I didn’t really know what to do with that one so I let it be.
But as the days went on there was a change in the weather. Fewer texts. Less sex. Maggie going out of town to some vague destination. Sending me sexy pictures of herself in Santa outfits after I caught the flu during Christmas.
A few days after Christmas I got a text late one night.
“Is it okay if I come by?”
“Very okay,” was my reply.
Maggie showed up with chocolate, red wine and the hat she had been knitting. Orange Afghani wool softer than a golden retriever’s fur. She put the hat on my head and then removed all my clothes.
“Let’s celebrate Christmas, Spenser.”
And, we did.
When we were done and lying head-to-head, I said, “I love my hat.”
Maggie said, “I made it especially for you. No matter what, don’t lose it.”
It was another one of those weird Maggie things she said, like, “I used to shoplift,” and shit like that.
I nodded.
“Promise me you’ll hold on to your hat, Spenser.”
“I promise.”
Maggie observed my face, then nodded as if confirming something to herself.
Then we did that thing again.
That was the pinnacle. Things quickly went downhill for no reason I could discern. Texts unanswered and when answered; kind of abrupt-like. Being unavailable. Stuff with her kids. Time away in Connecticut for some vague reason. After that I began feeling like the weakest card in a gambler’s hand.
But Maggie kept shoe horning me in at odd times, giving me just enough crumbs to keep me on the hook. And as we rode the roller coaster down everything always seemed to center around alcohol. And sex. More and more debauched sex. Finally, by New Year’s Eve things were getting straight-up weird no chaser.
“You know that thing we talked about?”
By her tone I knew what she meant. I nodded cautiously.
“You want to try it?”
Maggie dropped a smile on me that would have had the serpent in the garden applying for unemployment.
“Yes,” she said.
So, we did.
I thought I had been imagining things. I thought we were back at the pinnacle. I could feel the love drug course through my veins. Things couldn’t be better. Or, so I thought.
Oh Lord, won't you tell me why
I love that girlie so
The Following Monday
The next Monday I was called into what turned out to be the most fucking bizarre moment of my fifty-eight years on this planet; and I’ve had some bizarre fucking moments growing up in south Brooklyn in the 1970’s; believe you me.
The company’s CIO, compliance officer, head of legal, head of HR and my evil manager, Conte Rugen were all in attendance, cameras ROLLING.
It appears I was being dismissed after 8 years loyal service for sexual assault, extortion, harassment, hate speech, insults to farm animals and every fucking other offense against God and man one could commit in these holiest of holy United States of America.
And just who had I… who had I.. victimized? Who had I preyed upon? Harassed? Gone full nutso on?
They had the goods. Recordings. Video. Ropes. Whips. Chains. Bad Spanglish. Maggie screaming, “No, papi! No!!!!”
I believe I was, what is known in legal parlance as, summarily fucked.
Nobody wanted to hear my side. How things were taken out of context. Things we had mutually consented to out of exciting and bonding trust and exploration.
“Did I have consent agreement?” I parroted back in shock to the head of legal.
“Did you get one when you fucked your mother in the ass before she shat you out?” I added just to keep my mouth from puking.
I was in bombshell shock. Maggie was my angel. Our situationship was supposed to be fucking healing from our abused childhoods and here I am now some kind of Tarantinoesque, Mr. Fucking Rapist? And my fucking manager once bragging about throwing a cat out a window when he was a juvenile delinquent?!?
There would be charges pressed. I would need an attorney. I might be arrested.
And it all happened faster than you can say, “Blue Monday, How I hate Blue Monday”.
And then Maggie sued the company. Take no fucking prisoners, Maggie. Disco-fucking-inferno burn that mother down we don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn Maggie. I wondered if her ex had been left on food stamps after the divorce.
A few months and my life savings and retirement account after that the criminal case got pleaded down to misdemeanor assault and I was able to arbitrate with my employer and Maggie’s lawyer leaving me with some clothes, my passport and precisely enough plastic to fly into the sweltering Mexican heat. So, fly into it I did.
Part III – The Beginning
Sincerely, oh you know how I love you
I'll do anything for you, please say you'll be mine
Oh Lord, won't you tell me why
I love that girlie so
She doesn't want me
But I'll never never never never let her go
“I wish you’d stop waving that thing at me,” I said gesturing at my heart with my chin.
“You’re still upset,” Maggie said. It wasn’t a question.
“You fucking abused me. You fucking eviscerated me. Yeah, you could say I’m a little perturbed.”
“But you’re still wearing the hat,” she said smiling.
“It’s a bad ass hat,” I said. It was after all. Why cut off your nose to spite your face?
“I put a lot of time and thought into it,” she said. My heart continued to beat in her hand.
Oh Lord, won't you tell me why
I love that girlie so
She doesn't want me
But I'll never never never never let her go
“Look,” she said waving my heart at me.
“I really wish you wouldn’t wave that around like that.”
The voice in the abyss in my chest spoke. It said, “Wait for it.”
Maggie said, “Spenser, you poor fucking sap. You hate your fucking job. You try to do the right fucking thing and speak up and you get kicked around like a dog. You try to love hard and you get beat up and left in an alley. You try to write books and start businesses and you end up bankrupt or dead.
And now look at you! You don’t have a care in the fucking world. You don’t have a shitty job. You are in beautiful Mexico City with the girl of your dreams. You say your heart was hardened? Well, I say it feels pretty fucking soft and sweet to me. Like the hat I knitted you. With the pom pom. And you know what?”
“What?” I heard myself murmur?
The abyss in my chest said, “Yeah, what?”
“Well, one the fucking pom pom has a beacon so I knew where you were the whole fucking time you sap. So I can tell you this true. And I will. So here I am in fucking Mexico sweating my tits off. And I am telling you this," she said nodding at my cardio, "is a very good heart. And I am putting it back where it belongs.
There is nothing wrong with it and now nobody can hurt it again. And if you want to write a book now you have something, and someone,” she added with a wry smile, “to write about.”
Then lightning quick Maggie put it back in my chest and removing her hand made a quick flourish gesturing for the waitress.
“Botella de tequila, por favor!”
I looked down at my chest. Everything seemed to be the way it had been before she ripped out my heart. Only different.
I was about to speak. Maggie raised a hand.
The waitress appeared like a wraith and put down a bottle of Don Julio and two fresh shot glasses and two cold ones.
Maggie poured two shots and pushed one at me with the hand that had been holding my cardio captive. She then fished around in her pocket and found her phone.
“What the fuck, right," that's what your thinking, Spenser. Yeah, what the fuck is right. Look at this baby boy,” she said and then pushed her phone next to the shot glass.
I was looking at what appeared to be a bank balance that appeared ready, willing and able to face fuck an extraordinarily tall giraffe. I felt the migraine disappear like a bad dream.
Maggie gave me a wry smile.
She pushed the shot glass closer to me and picked hers up. I felt my elbow bending. It felt okay.
She tilted her shot at me and said, "Here's looking at you, kid," and took the shot. I drank mine.
We put our glasses down.
“You can negotiate anything," she said, then added, "sincerely.”
And then, then she kissed me.
Oh say you'll be mine
Oo-eee, oo-eee-oo, ooi-ooi-ooo
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2023.06.04 18:45 IcyDivide2584 19 [M4F] #Sylmar,CA horny 19 year old wants a mature FWB

About me: 19 M, 5'8, Hispanic, brown hair and eyes, average body build, timid,
I have always been sexually attracted to mature women and have fantasized it ( bonus points if you're on the bigger side ;) ). I personally am not too picky with looks all I ask is that you're patient with me as this would be my first time doing this. So long as u let me know your boundaries. There are pictures of me if you're interested but thanks for taking your time to read this.
Pls be discreet and would prefer if you host, I hope that isn't a problem
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2023.06.04 18:44 SSR_Adraeth Went to my first Pride thing yesterday, and I think it's the first time in my life I don't regret the pain I feel today.

My body hurts all over. Feet, thighs, hips, butt... Even got a sunburn on my chest. Standing up and sitting down, moving around the house, it's all pain and suffering. Just putting my feet o nthe ground hurts, really.
And I don't regret a single thing.
I went to Pride yesterday, with some trans friends and my ally mom. We didn't do the whole route planned by the event, because two of the group started feeling really sick and I was starting to get a headache myself, because of a combinaition of the super loud music, people screaming, getting bumped around, the heat, etc... So we just ended up leaving to go to a bar and cool off, hang out, chat, waiting for the rest to have their fill before enjoying some food and such. I was even out in a new outfit I put together especially for the event.
So nothing that fancy really. But fuck, that was really enjoyable. There weren't even any asshole really. Some disapproving looks, sure, but who gives a fuck about those. There was even a lot of elderly watching, "dancing" (as much as they could) to the music, taking pictures and smiling.
Just a simple fun time celebrating differences with no asshole daring to attack a group of 1000 queer people who would have deleted them in a second.
I'm fucking exhausted and yet I had a great t ime and don't regret my body basically telling me "Why did you do this to me !" every two minutes.
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2023.06.04 18:44 aquazent basic setup issue (debian+php 8.2 + nginx)

basic setup issue (debian+php 8.2 + nginx)
My knowledge of nextcloud is poor. I installed from scratch. I am trying to change my most basic settings with admin authorized user. I am getting the kind of error you will see in the attachment. But when I want to add a profile picture to the same user, there is no problem. Any idea where the error might be coming from?
## Server configuration detail **Operating system:** Linux 5.10.0-23-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.179-1 (2023-05-12) x86_64 **Webserver:** nginx/1.18.0 (fpm-fcgi) **Database:** mysql 10.5.19 **PHP version:** 8.2.6
Modules loaded: Core, date, libxml, openssl, pcre, zlib, filter, hash, json, random, Reflection, SPL, session, standard, sodium, cgi-fcgi, mysqlnd, PDO, xml, apcu, bcmath, calendar, ctype, curl, dom, mbstring, FFI, fileinfo, ftp, gd, gettext, gmp, iconv, imagick, intl, exif, mysqli, pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql, pdo_sqlite, pgsql, Phar, posix, readline, shmop, SimpleXML, sockets, sqlite3, sysvmsg, sysvsem, sysvshm, tokenizer, xmlreader, xmlwriter, xsl, zip, Zend OPcache
**Nextcloud version:** 26.0.2 -
**Updated from an older Nextcloud/ownCloud or fresh install:**
**Where did you install Nextcloud from:** unknown
Signing status

List of activated apps
- activity: 2.18.0 - admin_audit: 1.16.0 - cloud_federation_api: 1.9.0 - comments: 1.16.0 - contacts: 5.2.0 - contactsinteraction: 1.7.0 - dashboard: 7.6.0 - dav: 1.25.0 - federatedfilesharing: 1.16.0 - files: 1.21.1 - files_accesscontrol: 1.16.0 - files_external: 1.18.0 - files_pdfviewer: 2.7.0 - files_rightclick: 1.5.0 - files_sharing: 1.18.0 - files_trashbin: 1.16.0 - files_versions: 1.19.1 - firstrunwizard: 2.15.0 - groupfolders: 14.0.2 - logreader: 2.11.0 - lookup_server_connector: 1.14.0 - nextcloud_announcements: 1.15.0 - notifications: 2.14.0 - oauth2: 1.14.0 - password_policy: 1.16.0 - photos: 2.2.0 - privacy: 1.10.0 - provisioning_api: 1.16.0 - recommendations: 1.5.0 - related_resources: 1.1.0-alpha1 - serverinfo: 1.16.0 - settings: 1.8.0 - sharebymail: 1.16.0 - support: 1.9.0 - survey_client: 1.14.0 - systemtags: 1.16.0 - text: 3.7.2 - theming: 2.1.1 - twofactor_backupcodes: 1.15.0 - updatenotification: 1.16.0 - user_status: 1.6.0 - viewer: 1.10.0 - workflowengine: 2.8.0
- bruteforcesettings - circles: 26.0.0 - encryption - federation: 1.16.0 - suspicious_login - twofactor_totp - user_ldap - weather_status: 1.6.0

Configuration (config/config.php)
"instanceid": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "passwordsalt": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "secret": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "trusted_domains": [
"localhost", ""
"datadirectory": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "dbtype": "mysql", "version": "", "overwrite.cli.url": "http:\/\/", "dbname": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "dbhost": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "dbport": "", "dbtableprefix": "oc_", "mysql.utf8mb4": true, "dbuser": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "dbpassword": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
"installed": true, "maintenance": false, "loglevel": 2, "mail_smtpmode": "smtp", "mail_sendmailmode": "smtp", "mail_from_address": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "mail_domain": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "mail_smtphost": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "mail_smtpport": "465", "mail_smtpauth": 1, "mail_smtpname": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***", "mail_smtppassword": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***" }

**Cron Configuration:** Array
( [backgroundjobs_mode] => ajax [lastcron] => 1685895799 )
**External storages:** yes
External storage configuration
No mounts configured

**Encryption:** no **User-backends:** * OC\User\Database
**Browser:** Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/114.0
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2023.06.04 18:44 PhilouFireCool My electrician told me I should put this here

My electrician told me I should put this here
Wait a sec though, and picture this. Once sanded, painted all clean, wouldn't that be even more aesthetic?
What are the exact safety issues with this?
I don't see what's so funny/stupid about this idea. I thought it was genius, but girlfriend & electrician friend absolutely destroyed me 😂😅🤷‍♂️
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2023.06.04 18:44 prcxs Saw this gorgeous dress on netlix show called fake profile does anyone know where to get it

Saw this gorgeous dress on netlix show called fake profile does anyone know where to get it
(Sorry for bad pictures) it seems to be like yellow satin dress with rhinestone straps but cant find the exact dress
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2023.06.04 18:43 Perlaroses Dress for a summer party

Dress for a summer party
I will be attending a summer party in August and I was wondering if the dress I’m wearing in picture 1 is appropriate.. I was thinking of wearing it with the bolero in picture 2. It’s grey, unfortunately I couldn’t find it in a matching shade. What do you guys think, could this combo work? And what color for the shoes, I was considering the sandals in pictures 3. Please be honest, I still have time to figure out something else. Thank you ❤️
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2023.06.04 18:43 CarefulBread8718 Be wary of Mr. STACY on ebay! Purchased a card at a good value and he canceled my order after he said it shipped. Then lied to me.

Be wary of Mr. STACY on ebay! Purchased a card at a good value and he canceled my order after he said it shipped. Then lied to me.
The title is as stated Will provide pictures as well. Hope this helps anyone who deals with this seller in the future. He had listed a ruby etheruem card for $80 with $2 shipping. I purchased this item withing 2 minutes of him listing the item. Received a message saying my order had shipped and was given a tracking number. Woke up today to see that the seller canceled the order cause he said he had an issue with my delivery address. Which is a flat out lie. I have purchased from this seller over 10 other times. No issue. The issue was that he foolishly posted this card super cheap and only realized this after I bought it then decided to renig. I messaged the seller about the issue and you can see it was done intentionally. Also when reading his recent feedback I can see he has done this to AT LEAST 4 other buyers!! Will not be doing business with this seller in the future. I've bought thousands of dollars worth of cards from this seller and can provide receipts to prove it. But he will not receive another red cent from me.
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2023.06.04 18:43 riskyumar Google assistant question with premium immersive setup

So I am new to Sonos. I have an Arc, a gen 3 sub, and (2) era 100s. Set up for surround.
Our house generally uses google assistant through the google home nest hub max which we really value for the picture frame aligned to google photos and the assistant talking to nvidia shield.
My ideal is to continue using “hey google” but have everything go through Sonos. Hard when they got rid of google support. I thought the era 100s might make sense with Bluetooth such that I can have google home output to the surround setup. But apparently the 100s don’t let you use the Bluetooth when you are in surround sound. Am I missing something?
My guess is unless I get a move or roam, I’m stuck. Which is a huge bummer because the house is already getting confused regarding google vs Alexa.
Are there other options I’m missing?
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2023.06.04 18:43 bashfulschooner There is a lot more bisexuality in this world than we would like to admit

There is a lot more bisexuality in this world than we would like to admit submitted by bashfulschooner to AchillesAndHisPal [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:42 muhammad-al-arifi Game crashes on startup with dx11 (cooked) (not responding)

When I try to start the game, it crashes on startup with a white rectangle in the top left, and the window is named "dx11 (cooked) (not responding)". Sometimes I get to the title screen but when the game receives any input, it crashes.
Here are my logs:
Log: Log file open, 04/06/2023 18:32:56
Log: GPsyonixBuildID 230413.76047.419576
Log: Command line: -AUTH_LOGIN=unused -AUTH_PASSWORD=CENSORED -AUTH_TYPE=exchangecode -epicapp=Sugar -epicenv=Prod -EpicPortal -epicusername="CENSORED" -epicuserid=CENSORED -epiclocale=de -epicsandboxid=CENSORED
Init: WinSock: version 1.1 (2.2), MaxSocks=32767, MaxUdp=65467
Log: ... running in INSTALLED mode
Init: Language extension: DEU
Init: Language extension: DEU
DevConfig: GConfig::LoadFile associated file: ..\..\TAGame\Config\TAUI.ini
Init: Version: 230413.76047.419576
Init: Compiled (64-bit): Apr 13 2023 21:41:21
Init: Command line: -AUTH_LOGIN=unused -AUTH_PASSWORD=CENSORED -AUTH_TYPE=exchangecode -epicapp=Sugar -epicenv=Prod -EpicPortal -epicusername="CENSORED" -epicuserid=CENSORE -epiclocale=de -epicsandboxid=CENSORED
Init: Base directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\rocketleague\Binaries\Win64\
[0000.95] Log: Purging 7-day cache '..\..\TAGame\Logs\*.dmp'...
[0000.95] Log: Purging 3-day cache '..\..\TAGame\Logs\*.log'...
[0000.96] Init: Computer: win11-desktop
[0000.96] Init: User: user
[0000.96] Init: CPU Page size=4096, Processors=12
[0000.96] Init: High frequency timer resolution =14.318180 MHz
[0000.96] Init: Memory total: Physical=16.0GB (16GB approx) Pagefile=23.7GB Virtual=131072.0GB
[0000.96] Init: Presizing for 138000 objects not considered by GC, pre-allocating 0 bytes.
[0000.96] Init: Object subsystem initialized
[0001.07] Log: Using feature set PrimeUpdate42
[0001.18] Log: FOnlineSubsystemEOS: EOS version = 1.13.0-24551320
[0001.19] DevOnline: EOS Platform CacheDirectory=C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Rocket League\
[0001.97] Log: Found D3D11 adapter 0: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
[0001.97] Log: Adapter has 6044MB of dedicated video memory, 0MB of dedicated system memory, and 8168MB of shared system memory
[0002.01] Log: Found D3D11 adapter 1: Microsoft Basic Render Driver
[0002.01] Log: Adapter has 0MB of dedicated video memory, 0MB of dedicated system memory, and 8168MB of shared system memory
[0002.02] Log: Shader platform (RHI): PC-D3D-SM5
[0002.21] Breadcrumbs: Startup_PreInit: 2.212
[0002.26] Breadcrumbs: Startup_LoadGlobalShaders: 0.050
[0007.34] Log: ProductDatabase_TA::InitProductLabels 0.01 sec total.
[0007.42] Log: ProductDatabase_TA::UpdateAvailableProducts 0.08 sec total.
[0007.44] Breadcrumbs: Startup_LoadScriptPackages: 5.174
[0008.11] Breadcrumbs: Startup_LoadNonNativePackages: 0.678
[0008.12] Log: 139658 objects as part of root set at end of initial load.
[0008.12] Log: 0 out of 0 bytes used by permanent object pool.
[0008.12] Log: ShaderCache load stats: AccumLoadSeconds=(3.238) ShadersLoaded=(338008) Duplicates=(20093)
[0008.12] Log: Initializing Engine...
[0008.12] Log: BuildID: 1445111688 from GPsyonixBuildID
[0008.23] SystemSettings: Loading PC Settings
[0008.24] Breadcrumbs: Startup_BuildGuidCache: 0.130
[0008.28] Log: Running hardware survey...
[0008.28] Log: Wwise(R) SDK Version 2019.1.1 Build 6977. Copyright (c) 2006-2012 Audiokinetic Inc. / All Rights Reserved.
[0008.42] Log: OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (22000)
[0008.42] Breadcrumbs: Startup_ClientInit: 0.180
[0008.45] Log: WinSAT: 7.8 [9.2 CPU, 8.7 2D, 9.9 3D, 9.2 Mem, 7.8 Disk]
[0009.67] Log: Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor (AMD64 Family 23 Model 8 Stepping 2) 6 Cores, 12 Threads
[0009.67] Log: Memory: 8.00GB
[0009.67] Log: Memory: 8.00GB
[0009.67] Log: VideoController: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (
[0009.67] Log: Network Adapter: Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller
[0009.67] Log: Network Adapter: VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter
[0009.67] Log: Disk C: 9.44GB free of 222.85GB
[0009.67] Log: Disk D: 79.27GB free of 714.25GB
[0009.67] Log: Disk F: 2788.40GB free of 2794.16GB
[0009.67] Log: Sound Device: USB Audio 2.0
[0009.67] Log: Sound Device: USB-Audiogerät
[0009.67] Log: Sound Device: NVIDIA High Definition Audio
[0009.67] Log: Sound Device: NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)
[0009.67] Log: Sound Device: High Definition Audio-Gerät
[0009.67] Log: Sound Device: SteelSeries Sonar Virtual Audio Device
[0009.67] Log: Sound Device: Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM)
[0009.67] Log: Hardware survey complete in 0.70 seconds.
[0009.67] Log: Detected 1 GPUs for rendering
[0009.73] Breadcrumbs: Startup_CreateViewport: 1.307
[0009.73] DevOnline: Created named interface (RecentPlayersList) of type (Engine.OnlineRecentPlayersList)
[0010.12] ScriptLog: PsyNet using environment DBE_Production Prod
[0010.13] PsyNet: PsyNetConnection_X_0 disabled OSCS_ServiceUnavailable
[0010.13] PsyNetStaticData: HandleCacheExpired
[0010.13] PsyNetStaticData: HandleGetURL URL=(
[0010.13] PsyNetStaticData: Blocking sync start
[0010.14] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_0 SEND:
[0010.32] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_0 RECV: 304
[0010.32] PsyNetStaticData: Blocking sync complete. Elapsed=0.1893
[0010.32] PsyNetStaticData: HandleDataChanged
[0010.40] Log: ProductDatabase_TA::UpdateAvailableProducts 0.07 sec total.
[0012.40] Log: ProductDatabase_TA::InitProductLabels 0.01 sec total.
[0012.40] PsyNet: PsyNetConnection_X_0 enabled
[0012.42] PsyNetStaticData: UpdateCacheTimerEnabled CacheTimer.bEnabled=(True)
[0012.43] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 None Unknown00 SetAuthLoginError [Error Type=OSCS_NotConnected Code=-1 Message=]
[0012.43] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 None Unknown00 Logout
[0012.43] PsyNet: PsyNetConnection_X_1 disabled OSCS_NotConnected
[0012.43] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Unknown00 HandlePsyNetConnectionChanged
[0012.43] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Unknown00 UpdateLoginState
[0012.43] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Unknown00 SetAuthLoginError [Error Type=OSCS_NotConnected Code=-1 Message=]
[0012.43] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Unknown00 Logout
[0012.43] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Unknown00 UpdateLoginState AuthLoginError=[Error Type=OSCS_NotConnected Code=-1 Message=]
[0012.43] ScriptLog: HandleBlockListStatusCreated Status=(PlatformBlockListStatus_0) ControllerId=(0)
[0012.43] SaveGame: Load Player.ControllerId=(0) SaveFileName=(..\..\TAGame\SaveDataEpic\DBE_Production\
[0012.44] Breadcrumbs: Startup_InitOnlineSubsystem: 2.710
[0012.46] DevNet: Browse: MENU_Main_p
[0012.47] Log: LoadMap: MENU_Main_p
[0012.47] Exit: XAudio2 Device shut down.
[0012.50] Log: Fully load package: ..\..\TAGame\CookedPCConsole\GameInfo_GFxMenu_SF.upk
[0012.57] Log: Fully load package: ..\..\TAGame\CookedPCConsole\GFxSounds_MainMenu_SF.upk
[0012.58] Log: Fully load package: ..\..\TAGame\CookedPCConsole\GFX_StartMenu_SF.upk
[0012.66] Log: Fully load package: ..\..\TAGame\CookedPCConsole\GFX_MainMenu_SF.upk
[0012.72] Log: Game class is 'GameInfo_GFxMenu_TA'
[0012.79] Log: *** WARNING - PATHS MAY NOT BE VALID ***
[0012.79] Log: Bringing World menu_main_p.TheWorld up for play (0) at 2023.06.04-18.33.08
[0012.79] Log: Flushing async loaders.
[0013.02] Log: Flushed async loaders.
[0013.03] Log: Bringing up level for play took: 0.298115
[0013.53] Log: ########### Finished loading level: 1.061848 seconds
[0013.55] Breadcrumbs: Startup_Browse: 1.107
[0013.55] Log: Initializing Engine Completed
[0013.55] Breadcrumbs: Startup_Total: 13.550
[0013.58] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_1 SEND:
[0013.58] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_2 SEND:
[0013.59] SaveGame: HandleDataLoaded Result.Code=(BasicLoadResult_Success)
[0013.59] ScriptLog: NetworkSave_TA_0 ApplySettings ReplicationRate=60 NetSpeed=15000 InputRate=60
[0014.07] SaveData: Profile_TA_0 OnLoaded LocalID=(0)
[0014.07] ScriptLog: GetDLCProducts, UnlockedDLCList=
[0014.09] ScriptLog: GetDLCProducts, UnlockedDLCList=
[0014.09] SaveGame: LocalPlayer_TA_0 HandleSaveDataLoaded
[0014.21] Log: Flushing async loaders.
[0014.93] Log: Flushed async loaders.
[0015.23] Warning: Warning, Material boost_toonywater.Materials.Blank_MAT missing bUsedWithStaticLighting=True!
[0015.23] Warning: Warning, Material BlackMarketTest_Skin.MAT_BlackMarketTest missing bUsedWithStaticLighting=True!
[0015.83] DevOnline: EOSSDK-LogEOSAnalytics: EOS SDK Analytics disabled for route [1].
[0016.00] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_1 RECV: 304
[0016.01] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_2 RECV: 304
[0016.78] DevOnline: UOnlinePersistentAuthInterfaceEOS::LoginCallback ResultCode = EOS_Success
[0017.04] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_3 SEND:
[0017.04] PsyNet: PsyNetConnection_X_1 enabled
[0017.04] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 HandlePsyNetConnectionChanged
[0017.04] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 UpdateLoginState
[0017.04] ScriptLog: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 LoggedOut Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 GotoAuthState RequestAuthCode
[0017.04] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 RequestAuthCode Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 RequestAuthTicket Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0
[0017.04] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 RequestAuthCode Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 HandleAuthTicket bSuccess=(True)
[0017.04] ScriptLog: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 RequestAuthCode Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 GotoAuthState SendLoginRequest
[0017.04] Auth: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 SendLoginRequest Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 HandleLoginStatusChanged LS_LoggedIn Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0
[0017.04] Party: HandleLocalPlayerLoginStatusChanged PlayerName=Der_Mustermann08 PlayerID=Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 LoginStatus=LS_LoggedIn IsPrimary=True IsInParty=False
[0017.04] PsyNet: HTTP send ID=PsyNetMessage_X_0 Message=PsyNetMessage_X_0
[0017.04] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_4 SEND:
[0017.20] ScriptLog: GetDLCProducts, UnlockedDLCList=
[0017.55] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_4 RECV: 200
[0017.55] PsyNet: HTTP recv ID=PsyNetMessage_X_0 Message=PsyNetMessage_X_1
[0017.57] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_3 RECV: 200
[0017.57] ScriptLog: OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 SendLoginRequest Epicb0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b0 GotoAuthState LoggedIn
[0017.57] Auth: OnlinePlayer_TA_0 OnlinePlayerAuthentication_TA_0 HandleAuthLoginChange Auth.bLoggedIn=(True)
[0017.57] PsyNet: Enabling PerCon
[0017.57] PsyNet: PsyNetConnection_X_1 SetAuthorized bAuthorized=True
[0017.57] RankedReconnect: LocalPlayer_TA_0.CheckForRankedReconnect() bOpenedStartMenu=(False) IsMenuLevel=(True) bLoggedIn=(True) IsPrimaryPlayer=(True) RankedReconnectAvailable=(False) EpochTime=(0) EpochNow=(1685896454) TimeSince=(1685896454) ReconnectTimeoutSeconds=(900) Reservation=()
[0017.83] PsyNet: PsyNetMessengerWebSocket_X_0 Connected
[0017.83] PsyNet: PsyNetConnection_X_1 UpdateConnectionState bConnected=(True) bFreshConnection=(True)
[0017.83] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_5 SEND:
[0017.83] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_6 SEND:
[0017.83] DevOnline: PlayerDataStorage_QueryFileList: Beginning to query files. User=(b0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b)
[0017.83] PsyNetBeaconDetail_X: PsyNetBeacon_X_0 SetPsyNetConnection InPsyNetConnection=(PsyNetConnection_X_1)
[0017.83] PsyNet: PsyNetConnection_X_1 UpdateConnectionState bPerConConnected=(True)
[0017.96] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_6 RECV: 200
[0017.97] ScriptLog: HandleStatusChanged PrimaryStatus.DownloadStatus=(EB_Success) ControllerId=(0)
[0018.07] ScriptLog: ListenForBlockListDownloaded PrimaryStatus=(PlatformBlockListStatus_0) PrimaryStatus.DownloadStatus=(EB_Success)
[0018.09] EOSVoice: HandleFriendsListChanged
[0018.17] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_5 RECV: 200
[0018.17] EOSPermissions: NS=chat SN=text PL=null EL=null DV=0 IV=0
[0018.17] EOSPermissions: NS=chat SN=voice PL=null EL=null DV=0 IV=0
[0018.17] EOSPermissions: NS=profile SN=p2p-trading PL=null EL=null DV=0 IV=0
[0018.17] EOSPermissions: NS=profile SN=require-pin-to-add-friend PL=False EL=null DV=False IV=False
[0018.17] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_7 SEND:
[0018.23] DevOnline: PlayerDataStorage_QueryFileList: Finished querying files. User=(b0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b) Success=(1)
[0018.23] DevOnline: PlayerDataStorage_ReadFile: Beginning to download file. User=(b0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b) FileName=(RLSaveData)
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_8 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_9 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_10 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_11 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_12 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_13 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_14 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_15 SEND:
[0018.28] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_16 SEND:
[0018.30] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_7 RECV: 200
[0018.31] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_17 SEND:
[0018.31] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_18 SEND:
[0018.32] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_19 SEND:
[0018.35] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_8 RECV: 304
[0018.35] ScriptLog: RegionPinger_X_0 PingRegions ("","","","","","","","","","","")
[0018.45] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_9 RECV: 304
[0018.45] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_10 RECV: 304
[0018.45] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_11 RECV: 304
[0018.45] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_14 RECV: 304
[0018.46] DevOnline: PlayerDataStorage_ReadFile: File download complete. User=(b0741f8dbb80490cb22519aed5b2da0b) FileName=(RLSaveData) Success=(1)
[0018.46] EOSSync: HandleFileReadComplete LocalSaveTick: 141
[0018.46] EOSSync: HandleFileReadComplete OnlineSaveTick: 141
[0018.46] EOSSync: HandleFileReadComplete Local Save is up to date, keeping this file
[0018.46] ScriptLog: NewProductIDs128:
[0018.46] ScriptLog: GetDLCProducts, UnlockedDLCList=
[0018.47] ScriptLog: GetDLCProducts, UnlockedDLCList=
[0018.47] ScriptLog: GetDLCProducts, UnlockedDLCList=
[0018.47] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_12 RECV: 304
[0018.47] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_13 RECV: 304
[0018.47] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_15 RECV: 304
[0018.47] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_16 RECV: 304
[0018.47] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_20 SEND:
[0018.47] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_21 SEND:
[0018.51] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_17 RECV: 304
[0018.51] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_18 RECV: 304
[0018.51] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_19 RECV: 304
[0018.51] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_21 RECV: 304
[0018.53] DevOnline: WebRequest_X_20 RECV: 304
[0019.58] Matchmaking: All Regions Pinged: USE (0.1129),EU (0.0
submitted by muhammad-al-arifi to RocketLeague [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:42 hungryhippo17 Can’t catch/find Costa Rica

Can’t catch/find Costa Rica
I cannot for the life of me find these fish - even with bait and luck. I have a bunch of trash items I can never seem to find as well and the little guy in the 3rd picture. Any advice? Thanks!
submitted by hungryhippo17 to CreaturesOfTheDeeptip [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:42 littlebistro [NM] 10306 Atari Video Computer System - 100 spots @ $3

Escrow for u/Jig5
Item Name Set Number: 10306 Atari Video Computer System
Lego Price: $255.88
Shipping: $47 UPS Ground (24x20x6, 9lbs, 60605 to 98133).
Raffle Total/Spots: $300, 100 spots @ $3/ea
Price justification:
Call spots: Y
Spot limit per person: N/A
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): US, outside of Lower 48 states pays the difference.
Will ship international: N
Timestamp pics:
Description: box has some wear, see pictures
Payment required w/in 10 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

Cash App Info:

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 99
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2023.06.04 18:42 chickfromthasouth Horny 21 (F4F) who wants to sext or chat? let’s get eachother soaked 🤤!

My favorite thing to do is sext with other girls 🤭 it gets me so wet knowing I’m getting another girl wet as well. However roleplaying os easier for me because I can actually get descriptive with what I wanna do to you. And you get to picture yourself as I’m describing it to you. BUT if you would much rather sext that’s fine too!
Also no trading pics at this time! Let’s only soley chat for a bit and see where this goes! 😘
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2023.06.04 18:42 Money-Tap-4532 Dualsense Edge not being recognized/working on pc.

So pretty much when I got my dualsense back in February I used it for rocket league on my pc once and it worked just fine. Every time after I've had to use DS4. I have a ps5 I also use it with. I'll go to plug my controller in to play ANY game on pc and it will not work or recognize it. And using DS4 only let's me use share button and not able to use my trackpad. Plus with there being a new steam Big Picture Mode, all of these old ways to set up controllers has changed so now anything I see doesn't help because steam has changed over the last year.
Does anyone know a fix for new Big Picture Mode to get my dualsense to work? No steam games work with ps native buttons, it's always xbox controls for both my dualsense and dualsense edge.
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2023.06.04 18:42 isaiahlk Hoping that fans of YSL see the bigger picture. I stand with Gunna

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2023.06.04 18:41 Zodac12 Successfully Removed Moisture from my Camera Lens with a Vacuum and Hair Dryer Hack!

Camera Lens Moisture Removal
Hey, fellow S21 Ultra enthusiasts!
I just had a frustrating encounter with moisture in my camera lens, and I wanted to share a nifty little hack I discovered to tackle this problem. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, this method might just save your day.
So, here's the story: I was out shooting some beautiful pictures of my fishes in my fishing tank by submerging my s21 ultra but after I was done I noticed water behind my camera lenses and I did realise that may be the build quality or the adhesive quality of the camera lenses were not up to the level it should've been
After researching online and experimenting with different methods, I stumbled upon a unique technique that involved using a vacuum and a hair dryer. I was skeptical at first, but desperate times call for desperate measures, right?
Here's what I did:
First, I turned off my phone. It's crucial to take precautions to avoid any potential damage during the process.
Next, I set my hair dryer to the lowest heat setting and carefully directed the warm air onto the lens for a few minutes. The idea behind this step is to heat up the lens and the trapped moisture.
Once I felt that the lens was warm enough, I turned off the hair dryer and immediately positioned a small vacuum cleaner with a narrow attachment over the camera lens. Make sure to create a tight seal between the vacuum and the lens to maximize suction.
With the vacuum turned on, I gently pressed it against the lens and held it in place for a minute or so. The vacuum's suction power, coupled with the heated air, created a favorable condition for moisture extraction.
Afterward, I carefully removed the vacuum and inspected the lens. To my delight, the moisture was significantly reduced, and the hazy spots had vanished!
I must emphasize that this method should be approached with caution and only used as a last resort. It's crucial to use the lowest heat setting on your hair dryer to prevent any damage to the lens or other camera components. Additionally, avoid applying excessive pressure with the vacuum to prevent any mishaps.
Remember, prevention is better than cure. It's always a good idea to protect your S21 ultra from moisture by using proper watertight cases, camera bags, and silica gel packs in damp conditions. But if you find yourself facing a moisture issue, give this method a try!
Please note that I'm not a professional mobile technician, and this hack may not work for all situations. If you're unsure or concerned about potential risks, it's best to consult a professional technician or contact your phone manufacturer for assistance.
Have any of you encountered similar moisture-related issues? I'd love to hear your experiences and alternative methods for dealing with moisture in camera lenses. Let's share our knowledge and help each other capture those perfect shots, no matter the weather!
Happy shooting, everyone!
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