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Gabby Petito, 22, was found deceased in Wyoming on September 19th 2021. She was reported missing on September 11th after Brian Laundrie returned home from a road trip without her. This community is a True Crime subreddit dedicated to the ongoing investigation of her death. The FBI has set up a national hotline to receive tips: 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

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Weird conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on 9/11

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2023.06.04 18:17 Jumpy_Huckleberry 1st Aid/Medical Prep

Yesterday, my youngest daughter (7) scraped her leg pretty bad on the metal roof of a toy barn we have in our yard, it has now been removed from our yard. It was a decent sized gash on her right leg, above her knee. It's on the outside of her leg. I immediately grabbed sterile gloves from my husband's ostomy supply stash and grabbed thr biggest piece of gauze from my first aid kit and placed that gauze on her wound. I called 911 and she was taken to the hospital for stitches. I just want to say how important it is to have 1st Aid supplies on hand and to have a basic understand of medical prep. It's summer and anybody can get hurt. Just wanted to share this info for possible discussion of what others have for 1st Aid/medical prep.
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2023.06.04 18:16 Afoolfortheeons I've been in Portland for one day and I'm already a witness to a crime!

I've been in Portland for one day and I'm already a witness to a crime. Here's what happened. After wandering away from the drum circle at the Saturday market, I sat in a park to regroup and refocus on what my priorities should be. Getting my mental health taken care of came up as a top contender. So, I looked at what resources I had and came up with the plan to go to the behavioral health resource center just up the street.
I arrived exactly as they were closing, just catching the kind night workers as they were escorting out the last of the people they were helping. They told me to catch them when they opened at eight the next morning and told me the alcove across the street was a safe space to sleep. So I proceed to move over there and chillax for the night.
Then I meet Erik. He and his wife are on their honeymoon, and he offers me a joint. I thank him and smoke it while they lock their car and walk off in the sunset to happiness. Or so it seems. See, another fella shows up a half hour later, asking for a cigarette. I didn't have it to give to him, so he starts to take off before looking in Erik's car.
It takes less than a minute of peeking before he decides to smash Erik's window. Didn't take nothing; he just wanted to smash that glass and took off running. An hour or so later, Erik comes back and naturally gets pissed. I tell him what happened before he takes insurance photos and cleans up the mess. And that's all there is to that story.
But the night went on. A woman with a Mr T mohawk shows up when it's starting to get a little chilly. Her name's Daphne and she tells me I'm in her house. I of course apologize and go to move, but then she laughs and she says she's not that type of bitch. We then talk, and she tells me she's an alien. Well, I tell her I'm a cyborg and we begin to bond.
It was about when I read her a poem when she asks to cuddle. She wants to cuddle because she was about to do her fentanyl and wants to be in someone's arms in case she died. I wasn't comfortable doing so because of my trauma and boundaries, but I checked in with her every five minutes in case I had to call 911.
I didn't sleep, even though I felt safe. My bags were well defended and Daphne had her cart and chair blocking us in. Even though a man came through at around three in the morning livid that he just got robbed, I felt as calm as a hindu cow. All the stress of trying to find a place and get a job and do all the fucking bullshit just to survive in "society" was fully abated. I was free. I was alive. I felt the feelings, the rawness, the realness, and I was happy. I was so fucking happy. Why? Why am I so bound to the street life?
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2023.06.04 18:15 Afoolfortheeons I've been in Portland one day and I'm already a witness to a crime!

I've been in Portland for one day and I'm already a witness to a crime. Here's what happened. After wandering away from the drum circle at the Saturday market, I sat in a park to regroup and refocus on what my priorities should be. Getting my mental health taken care of came up as a top contender. So, I looked at what resources I had and came up with the plan to go to the behavioral health resource center just up the street.
I arrived exactly as they were closing, just catching the kind night workers as they were escorting out the last of the people they were helping. They told me to catch them when they opened at eight the next morning and told me the alcove across the street was a safe space to sleep. So I proceed to move over there and chillax for the night.
Then I meet Erik. He and his wife are on their honeymoon, and he offers me a joint. I thank him and smoke it while they lock their car and walk off in the sunset to happiness. Or so it seems. See, another fella shows up a half hour later, asking for a cigarette. I didn't have it to give to him, so he starts to take off before looking in Erik's car.
It takes less than a minute of peeking before he decides to smash Erik's window. Didn't take nothing; he just wanted to smash that glass and took off running. An hour or so later, Erik comes back and naturally gets pissed. I tell him what happened before he takes insurance photos and cleans up the mess. And that's all there is to that story.
But the night went on. A woman with a Mr T mohawk shows up when it's starting to get a little chilly. Her name's Daphne and she tells me I'm in her house. I of course apologize and go to move, but then she laughs and she says she's not that type of bitch. We then talk, and she tells me she's an alien. Well, I tell her I'm a cyborg and we begin to bond.
It was about when I read her a poem when she asks to cuddle. She wants to cuddle because she was about to do her fentanyl and wants to be in someone's arms in case she died. I wasn't comfortable doing so because of my trauma and boundaries, but I checked in with her every five minutes in case I had to call 911.
I didn't sleep, even though I felt safe. My bags were well defended and Daphne had her cart and chair blocking us in. Even though a man came through at around three in the morning livid that he just got robbed, I felt as calm as a hindu cow. All the stress of trying to find a place and get a job and do all the fucking bullshit just to survive in "society" was fully abated. I was free. I was alive. I felt the feelings, the rawness, the realness, and I was happy. I was so fucking happy. Why? Why am I so bound to the street life?
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2023.06.04 18:14 Fuzzy_Boot800 Me(F) and Crazy/Creepy Male Roommate - Advice? (sorry very long but needed)

Hey guys so I(F25) just sublet a room for the summer until September. I saw this cheap room available with alot of perks (offstreet parking, 2 sets of free laundry, and close walking distance to the train station - a unicorn in the city!). My roomie Andrew (M/31) showed me the room and he was kinda weird looking around but I thought he had autism or just harmless weird. He showed me the room and explained the last person just packed up and left on the second day without a word because he thought the room would be furnished and it wasn't (red flag??). That kinda raised an alarm in my head but I needed to move from my slumlord situation I was in. I told my friends to see if I should pass on it but they said even though that is a red flag, the room and perks were nice that I should take it and will renew and ignore them if they're weird. A few hours later, he texted me that (Marvin/2nd roommate) wants my room and already started moving in his stuff and will also renew in that room (Andrew said the room has been open since March and I looked at the room maybe 6 days after the last person ran out but Marvin never cared for the room. (No one speaks to each other so no one knew if anyone was renewing - another red flag) so I have to look at the other room If I'm still interested (red flag).
I was pissed but my friends said its weird but just dont speak to Marvin at all so I came back the next day and the room seemed clean, it still had some of his furniture laid down in places but the room looked ok so I took it. I wasn't supposed to move in for a whole month but once I showed up on the first day to bring in my check and backpack, the now empty room had multiple large vomit and other(??) stains on the carpeted floor, the furniture he left behind was on purpose was to cover up the stains so I would move into that (red flag). I raised hell with the LL and he wasn't aware and called Marvin who took my room (because he created the stains and purposefully didn't tell the LL so they wouldn't clean it in advance). LL apologized for the room and sent cleaners the next day but I had to sleep over my friends house for 3 days until it dried. FYI I never met Marvin at all but he saw me walking in from outside to check the first room so he knows what I look like. He's gone atm but sent me a long crazy passive aggressive text (given by Andrew without my consent) saying welcome to our home and "hope I enjoy his room" and just nutty shit so I'm a bit uneasy on him and dont plan to renew just based on that whole ordeal.
On my first day staying here (slept at my friends, worked and came here straight from after work), I hauled all of my stuff that had to sit in the hallways, basement, and my car for the prior 3 days because the floor was soaking wet (took me like 5ish hrs). Andrew's room/door is set up in a way that he can see people coming in and out, his bed faces towards out the door and his door is always cracked open juuusst enough to see you but you cant see him. He was watching me haul everything up three flights of narrow stairs and it kinda irked me that he didn't help (I know he's NOT expected to and I shouldn't feel entitled to have help but I found out after he was snooping through my things (red flag) while I wasn't around so I'm like either be involved or completely back off from my things. He would also crank up the oven, which made the house a sauna and refuse to open the windows while I was moving stuff up 3 flight of stairs and sweating buckets from the heat he was causing (thought it was a coincidence and not overthink it) - I cracked open a window when he was done and went back in his room to eat to help the house cool down because I was still moving things [with no malice] (but this pissed him off and took great offense to it). He has a personal freezer chest and takes over the entire communal fridge and freezer with multiple almost empty boxes of the same frozen foods. I nicely asked him and another roommate (Greg - very helpful and chill, made me freezer space, doesnt use the fridge at all, doesnt leave his room unless its for the bathroom or leave the house) for freezefridge space because I dont want to be the new person touching peoples things off the bat. Greg understood but Andrew didn't move anything and placed his food on top of mine in the freezer after the fact as a passive aggressive thing. He stayed hidden in his room watching me while I was moving things but once I was done - he always comes out of his room when im out but I thought it was just a coincidence since ppl live and move around their home but it kept getting weird/creepy since he didnt do the same with Greg. I finally got to cook for the first time around 10pm and when I had my food cooking and go to do my laundry in the basement, he would run into the kitchen nonstop to see what I'm cooking once he heard me cooking from scratch and check my food timer to how long until its done expecting to eat my food.
With the weird shit adding up, Something in my spirit just told me before to even start cooking to make only one serving of food for the night and not leave anything in the communal fridge for leftovers and stick to my mini fridge. While I was doing my laundry, I came up real quick to check on something, I saw him opening all of the windows in the house (the side window was still open and it wasnt hot or smelled), he jumped and ran off like he got caught in the act (wtf?). I was totally creeped out and figured he was pissed from me opening the one window earlier and wanted to get back at me but he was hoping I wouldn't come back so quick so I wouldn't know who did it. Once my food was done, I immediately cleaned my pots and took it to my room with my food. Once I got to my room, he ran back to the kitchen hoping I would've left some leftovers there for him to eat. Once I finished eating and washing my dishes, he left his dishes in the sink expecting I would wash them but I just washed mine and left it on the table to pick it up on my way from grabbing my laundry. Once I got to the laundry room to pick up my dry clothes, I walked up the steps to find out he locked me out of the house because he was pissed there wasn't any food for him and saw my dishes were clean and waiting on the table. I had to knock on the door and he quickly ran down, staring at my feet and made no eye contact the entire time (wearing flipflops) saying "ohhh I didn't know you were down there" (he knew and I had a laundry bag propping the door open), I said was it you that locked out me out? he was like oh yea I had no idea you were even down there and just to be safe, I locked it. FYI the way the stairs loudly creaks, how the tiny house layout is you that know what is going on/who is where and he can see you leaving the bedroom area from his door.
Being so creeped out and haven't even been there a full day/not even unpacked, I immediately got up early next morning to finish washing my blankets and beddings and then went to home depot to change my doorknob to have a lock on the outside. While I had everything in the washer and went to HD quick, when I came back to put things in the dryer, his laundry bag is put out in front of the washer as in a "get a move on/ive been waiting all day" way. I moved my stuff to the dryer and left the washers open as a way to let him open its available and immediately went to my room to switch the knobs. Ever since that morning (9am) hes been propped up in the living room (no tv) loudly having conversations to himself and laughing to himself (not like casual oh roomie watching something but like full-blown conversations and full on belly/screaming laughter). He camped in the living room so long, I figured hes been waiting to watch me cook breakfast and to intimidate me into giving him my food so I had to make lunch in my room (unfortunately Ill have to cook everything in my room from now on and IF I need the stove/oven, Ill have to stay there and not leave my food unattended).
Once I came down at like 3p, to wash my dishes, he still kept his dishes from before there from last night but added more on top of the sink hole for me to have to acknowledge it and to wash it like you ""forgot this+do it"" while hes right next to me in the living room (kitchen and living room are close together). I pushed it to the side and washed my dishes and went back into my room. I stayed in my room for a few hrs until I had to leave for a friends party but as I was getting ready to leave, he loudly started clashing dishes around, slamming the soap bottle on the table and loudly scrubbing showing in a way that hes pissed that he had to wash them and "look at what your making me do" passive aggressive thing (Greg has been gone for a few hrs already). Andrew and Greg don't speak at all (no one here talks to each other but I know why now) and he keeps his door closed and solely operates by his minifridge and has a couch in his room so he doesn't have to interact with Andrew.
Once I left for my friends bday party, Andrew car was gone - once I got back at night, as soon as I got up the stairs, I had my brother call me to talk to me on speakerphone to show a male presence - I heard Andrew run as hard as he could into his room (he was waiting for me because I left without him knowing and thought I had an actual guy with me so he got scared). Once I got to my room and hung up, as soon as I leave my room, he noticed it was just a call and he left "casually whistling" and staring at me and went downstairs. This has been my second day here (first full day) and hes extremely passive aggressive/crazy hoping I would be his maid, live-in gf and cook and lashing out. I told my family and friends but I don't think they truly get it since theyre not physically here experiencing it. Im not planning on renewing and hope to move out in august (just first and last) and renew somewhere else that's all girls because this is traumatizing. (Andrew is 100% leaving in August for work but this will be a rough summer and I haven't even met Marvin yet but I know hes off his rocker too).
Any advice???
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2023.06.04 18:05 6r89udf4x3 Statement Error: Open Order Expiration Date

I found another statement error. Check your Schwab statement if you have any open orders at the end of May. I have a open limit order that expires in September 2023. I double-checked my account online and it still shows an expiration date of September. However, my most recent May 2023 statement shows the open order (on the last page) with an expiration date of tomorrow, 06/05/2023.
I called Schwab and made them aware of it. It's not a big deal, but everything in the statement ought to be correct and reliable.
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2023.06.04 18:01 Commandmanda Urgent Care Report: 05/31 - 06/02/23

Vast changes are coming to my clinic. The reduction of personnel has begun, firstly with the scheduling of only one provider on weekends and less busy days, and secondly with the introduction of scheduled appointments for the same day in order to offer patients less wait time.
The adoption of such measures combined with the lack of nurses and fully trained MAs is taking a toll. Confusion with labeling appointments, new higher prices, the new data systems, and overall personal stress are making the clinic an even less welcoming place. It's frustrating to see and experience.
We're seeing sicker patients mixed in with the usual sinus/ear pain/sore throat/pink eye cases. Unfortunately we had two 911 ER transfers that were life-or-death situations. People having heart attacks are coming to us, and that's not good. We're also seeing shortness of breath situations that should have been 911 calls from home, or should have gone to the ER immediately.
Just checking the Sunstar EMS each day, it's hard to find a time when there is not at least one or two shortness of breath calls in the Tampa Bay area. It's something that wasn't there in such numbers only a year or two ago, especially in-between spikes.
Strep A is back, in a big way. There is some concern within the medical community of a variant of Strep A which they are calling "Infectious Strep A" - as if regular strep is not infectious?! (Another nickname is "GAS", or Group A Strep). But this one seems to be acting differently. It's causing deaths, hospitalizations, cellulitis, organ damage, and loss of limbs. Read about it and how to react to it here:
This could explain the sudden surge of cellulitis and prevalence of sore throats and ear infections in our area.
My own 20-something yr old next-door neighbor is having her tonsils out due to repeat Strep infections from exposure to the tots in the daycare facility where she works. It seems the children are in a never-ending circle of repeat Strep infections. While removal of her tonsils will work for about a year, repeated exposure will eventually win out, and the advantage of not having tonsils will cease.
One big thing to remember: WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN. Use a tissue to wipe your nose or eyes. Strep is much more resilient to remaining active on surfaces.
Despite the Covid numbers being "down" in our area, we are seeing more of them every day. While most of them are in travelling seniors, we have been getting one or two middle aged people in the mix as well. I smell a possible resurgence, but it's too early to ring any alarm bells. For now, these people know that they are sick, and are staying home. My fear is that before they are being confirmed positive, that they are not taking precautions in public. The proof is that most middle aged positive patients don't come in wearing masks.
Another issue with masking is that it has been so stigmatized that Strep patients are not wearing masks either. We have toddlers coughing like seals (the barking cough) in a room full of adults, 3/4 of which refuse a mask. I confess that I wince looking out upon a crowd in our waiting room. They seem oblivious to the children who are infectious.
We seem to be in the middle of the "two week reporting window", so my research on the spread of COVID via statistics will have to wait until next weekend. None of the hospitals show any difference on the CDC maps, and the last wastewater reports are from May.
The one thing I noticed is that COVID deaths are trending upward again in Florida.
So...during this in-between time, do your best to guard yourselves against COVID and Strep. Wear your masks, and wash your hands often.
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2023.06.04 17:59 Hecks_a_popping Are 911 calls public domain in California?

Do they contain all information about who is calling, so that anyone can know? If so, why? That seems like it could release vulnerable information to the public and an invasion of privacy. Someone could say stuff that might be very embarrassing that they normally would not.
Is it easy info to find - can any employer using a company doing a background check find a person's 911 calls - are calls indexed by person's name?
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2023.06.04 17:52 random-wander My review after a year of study.

So I started my study of Japanese last June. I thought I would catalogue some of what I did and how I learned. So I will discuss how and what I did in parts.
The beginning: So starting in early June I wanted to start with hiragana and katakana. My goal was to learn these well enough to be able to read furigana. So I started out by writing them out and saying them as I wrote. With this method it took me about a week or so to learn them both and from there I felt like I started to learn a lot, a whole new couple of “alphabets”.
Finding a vocab study method that worked: I started with the obvious anki and 2k deck. However I didn’t end up liking this method, namely because I could only study Japanese at my computer and this felt like a bit of a severe time limiter on my study. During this era of later June-July I managed to only see about 1-150 cards and my memory retention wasn’t amazing at all, maybe only learning 30 total cards out of the deck. After that I decided I needed to try something different if I wanted to learn the vocab efficiently. I tried N5 hear and repeat vocab videos on YouTube and that still wasn’t amazing. In the end I landed on an app called “Japanese” this app had a jisho style dictionary and flash cards built in. I used the built in n5 deck at first. This was better for me than anki since it was easier for me to find time to study and by mid September I was at 300 cards learned. And currently I am sitting at about 1k cards learned and am picking up my pace to 20 cards per day.
Grammar: At first for grammar I used videos by Japanese ammo with Misa from YouTube. However after finishing her beginners series I still didn’t feel too confident so I ended up waffling around trying to find something that could work for me. Eventually getting genki 1 and 2 in January. So far my grammar feels fine, but many concepts can still confuse me and I do want to improve here.
Listening and speaking: This is something I have just started, but for now I am using the Japanese-English language exchange discord server to practice both my listening and speaking. Additionally for this and vocab I have started to actively immerse in some anime, such as mitsuboshi colors and yuru camp.
Motivation: this is the part that can sometimes be the hardest for me. I see loads of stories about people seeming to reach high levels of Japanese study in only a year. Seeing these stories can sometimes really put a damper on my feelings of success and learning. But, I think I am still motivated enough and want to see myself talk enough and want to have my internship abroad in Japan for next summer so much that I will continue to push and hopefully can learn 2 or even 3k vocab, expand my grammar, and increase my comprehension by next year.
Thank you for reading and if anyone wants me to share some of my resources please ask!
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2023.06.04 17:48 sanfranguy06 How annoyed should I be???

Getting married in Sorrento in September. Wedding planner was a friend of a good friend's company that they also used for theirs. We're based in NYC so figured good idea to have a local planner on the ground.
Planner doesn't seem to proactively advocate for us. Clearest example that I find to exemplify misalignment, this planner showed my fiance one idea board for flowers. Probably a lift and shift from something they've already done. No problem with that since fiance liked it.
But then I come to find the florist wasn't actually shopped around, but one florist where I'm reasonably sure the price wasnt negotiated on our behalf. I don't even know if the pricing is fair or out of line.
Why do I think this? Before going to wire the deposit, I do a cursory Google search to make sure the florist even exists. What I end up finding out is that the florist is in part owned by the wedding planner. And the contract, outside of force majeure, is written only to protect their business, ie f we should cancel, stipulation on their ability to collect in full. Nothing about what terms in case they don't perform, don't show up, what flowers are being used, etc.
Does someone perhaps have a florist contract (and lighting of possible) they can share? I previously expressed that the contract needed to be bolstered, to which rhe response was, this is Italy, we've worked with this florist many times (no sh!t), and everything operates on trust and relationships.
I'd like to fire back with a legitimate contract for them to execute and also will likely call them out on jot being upfront about the non-arms length relationship. Am I being unreasonable here?
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2023.06.04 17:44 bengowiki [Trigger Warning] Just Need to Vent and Get Things Off My Chest

Hey y'all,
I joined the subreddit a week or two back when I went through my break-up. At first, I was a mess, but I've slowly started to heal and, in matter of fact, see people again (I'm still trying to work with this part). I've read A LOT of posts on here and BreakUp and it's been helping a lot to know that other people have been going through something very similar - pain, anguish, the thought of losing a piece of yourself, and just overall sadness. Hell, for the first few days, I couldn't stop crying. Family, friends, and coworkers tried to make me feel better, and it did, but I just found solace to know that I wasn't the only one and that there are others that can understand and relate to me.
However... The situation surrounding my break up is vastly different from what I've been reading. Now, fair warning, there is a trigger warning considering sexual assault/ rape here, so please, if you can't go on, stop reading now.

I wanted to share my story for a few reasons:
  1. Just have it out there and off of my chest.
  2. Just really have it available to others who are going through a VERY difficult relationship or breakup.
With that being said, let me go into detail about what happened. Of course, there could be bias here, but... Yeah, you're getting one side, sadly. Same thing I said to my therapist, haha.


About two weeks ago, I was in the BEST relationship that I've ever had for 8 months. It was a loving, caring, and just beautiful relationship as I'm sure most of you guys can relate. Really just a genuine relationship, truly. We talked about have kids, getting married, and just building our lives together. When we started dating back in September of 2022, I wasn't initially attracted to her at all, but something about her just struck me as "just give her a chance". Later, I did fall in love with her kindness, empathy, and just her emotional intelligence. Because of that, I just fell in love with her and things were great.
When we started talking about getting exclusive, we sat down and had an intentional conversation about what I wanted and aspired for and what she wanted and aspired for. She was in a bad place, but I promised her that I would be there for her and give her all the support and encouragement that she needed. Slowly, but surely, we got her to go to therapy, start going to the gym (she's self-conscious a bit about her weight), and just eating right. Then, this year, I started to get her to just make sure she's taken care of by getting her to go to her doctor's appointments, dentist, getting her glasses prescription updated, and finally taking that step to talking to a psychiatrist. I refuse to take credit for any of this - she decided to really work on herself and change - I just encouraged and helped her along the way. We were also trying to find her a better job since her current jobs sucks and really just made her depressed. We worked on her resume, trying to get her into different places, and just working and grinding away to get her to a better place.
We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together because she didn't have enough PTO to be able to see her family and it was a great time. Those 8 months, I become something else - something more. I started caring about myself less and started to make her happiness priority. Don't get me wrong, I didn't lose my sense of self, but she just made me more... Caring and loving? Basically, she made me warm up a lot and just care a lot more. That was the first time I ever experienced something like that.
Hopefully this doesn't sound like a pre-fluff piece or trying to justify my mistake. I want to showcase what kind of relationship this was BEFORE the incident happened. Basically, we were in a very loving and supportive relationship. Sure, we had problems at times, but we always calmly talked them out (no yelling, screaming, or bad intentions) and found a resolution. That being said... That all changed on May 18th.


On the day of, I told her that I was sick and she said that I should come over so that she can take care of me. I drove down to her place after work and we did our usual routine. Cuddle, hug, talk, and then eat. For some odd reason, I thought that if I got high, then I would feel less like shit and feel a bit better. My ex knew about this, so she was okay with it. Finally, when we got to the bedroom, things got a bit frisky and we started having sex.
Basically, I was high and sick and we decided to have sex. In the middle of it, she wanted me to stop, but I told her that it felt really good and I wanted to keep going.
Now, quick note, I've had trouble climaxing in the past. This was due to me being on SSRIs (Lexapro) and not knowing about the side effects. This came up in conversations with my ex several times (in a positive, constructive "how can we fix this" way) and she said that if I was close, I could keep going since it was so rare for me to climax. Just adding some background.
By her movements and the after-cuddling, I thought everything was okay. She pulled up her legs and really just... Made me think she was into it. Looked at me, moans, etc. Afterwards, we talked like we normally would and... Like, things looked and felt normal.
The next morning, she thought that I didn't listen to her saying "no" and that I violated her body, her trust, just... Everything. I thought she was perfectly okay, based on her actions, but she just went into flight-or-flight mode and just wanted it to be over.
She had thought that I had sexually assaulted her - that I raped her.
To say I was devastated was putting it lightly. I had way too many things going on in my mind.


When we were talking on that Friday (day after the incident), she said that she thought that she thought that I just used her and treated her like a fuckdoll. We talked it out about how she felt and how I misinterpreted the situation. I asked her if she wanted to break-up and she said that she really didn't want to. I asked her if this is something we can fix and she just replied with "I don't know". She asked for me to leave and then, before I left, we hugged and then we both started crying with me telling her that "this will be okay and we'll figure this out, like we always have".
I don't want to go too into detail since this is already a really long post, but Saturday came along. I called her since we wanted to talk. That's where she said she wanted to break-up. You can probably guess at how I reacted to that - just by crying and being stunned. She was crying a lot as well and... It was a lot. There's a lot of context that's missing here, but I told her that it's fine and that she's doing what she thinks is best. I hung up the phone and... I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened from there.
After getting some advice and support from family and friends, I texted her that we should meet up the next day to talk about things. She made it clear that she wasn't going to change her mind, which I was okay with - I just wanted to clear the air.
We talked A LOT about what happened that Thursday night. What I thought, what I felt. What she thought and she felt. It was a very emotional conversation. I asked her that if she ever thought that I would purposely would harm her and she said no, but after the events on Thursday, she could no longer trust me, feel safe with me, just... Everything was lost. I asked her if that, all the things that we did for the past 8 months, all the love, support, and care was just meaningless and that this one event would define the relationship and she just cried.
Now, before I continue, I recognize my fault in this. I've accepted it and really worked with it with friends, family, and my therapist.
I asked her why didn't she just say "no" again or push me off. I understand that the first time should be the last time, but I was so confused and I thought she was being slightly playful about it. But... After I asked her why didn't she stop me, she just broke down saying that she didn't love herself, didn't care what happened to her, didn't care about her body, and just... All this really hurtful stuff. I asked her if I didn't love her enough, raise her up enough, support her enough to fill those gaps, even a little bit.
Another quick note, one month before we did go out, she did get SA'd by the person she was seeing. They were barely seeing each other for a month, not even official.
I just thought that I did more, you know? Like... Did the 8 months not even matter? Was I on the same level as that guy?
She wrote a letter before we talked that I read. She does that to really organize her thoughts and make sure her point is understood. The words that she used... "Violated", "loss of trust", "loss of safety"...
After reading that, the amount of guilt and hate that I harbored for myself just went out of control. We ended the meeting and then I was left with my own devices.
I talked with a lot of people. Friends, family, coworkers, my therapist. They all said the same thing: Yes, I did have a part in this that was wrong, but the main issue was the lack of communication. I also learned that, because of her sexual assault trauma from previous experiences, that she just... Froze. That there was another response to "flight-or-fight". That's why it seemed like she was okay with the entire thing on that Thursday. My therapist said that I must've triggered her trauma. She also said that there was no way I could have known and that this was just fucking unfortunate.
To be honest, almost everyone said that, but it didn't make me feel a whole lot better.
A lot of people asked if she talked about her previous SA experiences in therapy... Which, I know she didn't, so she hasn't been able to process them yet. She has a lot of issues stemming from her family and I think that she's just working on that for now. So... Yeah, she just thought I was one of them, I guess.
That being said, I didn't give up, at least indirectly. One of my cousins started to be there for her from my request since she just has A LOT going on right now. I wanted to make sure that she was okay and kept on moving forward. I also did a lot of journaling that I printed out and asked my cousin to give to her when they met up.
Long story short, she's doing just fine and is keeping up her wonderful progress, but she cut off contact after meeting my cousin that one time.
She texted me after that saying that she still loves me so much, but she can't forgive what's been done.
It stings, but I didn't reply. I genuinely want the best for her and, if she ever needs it, support her. But I really did everything I could have to fix things. Now, everyone recognizes it's on her to realize what happened, process it, talk through it in therapy, and really understand the difference between what happened with me and what happened with the others. Trust me, I really did try all that I can.
If she did see/ understand what happened and tried to come back into my life as a lover or a friend, would I accept? Of course. I love her deeply. But, for now... I'm just working on myself and trying to forget about her. If she wants to reach back out, she can - I made that abundantly clear in my journal entries that my cousin gave her for me.
Yes, a part of me still hopes, but I'm mostly recovered. I just hope she's doing okay.
But yeah, I just... You can provide thoughts if you want. I have really talked this through with everyone I can, even risking my job. Everyone concluded that we both had fault in this, but I did try everything. Just... The situation is really fucked up.
Anyways, thank y'all for allowing me to post/ vent here. There is A LOT of context/ information missing, but I think this should suffice.
Thanks and more power to healing,
EDIT 1: If you guys have any questions, I can try to answer them in the comments below.
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2023.06.04 17:39 trash_cadaver Need support dealing with boss that bring me extreme stress even on my days off?

TLDR: I have the weight of our entire operation on my shoulders and I am one of the lowest paid employees. The stress is making this job unbearable, and I’m on the verge of telling my boss off or quitting on the spot. Going jobless is scary to me, and this whole situation is really affecting my mental health.
Background: I am a welder, and I started this job last august. I am 30, and this is my first real welding job. I am one of the lowest paid employees. I work among other employees who are all younger than me, and have similar amounts of experience. I am the final step in the process of manufacturing our product. I test fuel tanks for leaks. I got to this position cause I am ambitious about welding, and am willing to jump on any opportunity to advance my skills and career. I asked my boss if I could do this because the guy who was (one of the highest paid employees) seemed to be overwhelmed with work, between welding and testing, and it seemed like an opportunity to learn. Also, our foreman at the time quit, and not one of us was promoted or in charge. We don’t have a boss and we figure things out on our own which sometimes creates conflict, especially with the apathy many of us feel towards our boss.
Fast forward to today. I test tanks day after day. I don’t weld anymore, and I am the only one testing tanks, or even knows how to. I feel that I am the new “foreman” because my boss tells me to handle situations where other employees aren’t performing, he tells me what tanks should be prioritized, and even tells me to set up meetings. I have not received any type of raise since I started the job.
Not only that, but suddenly its busy season. My boss is on me about customers and getting tanks done. He asks for impossible numbers. Many times, things go wrong that are out of my control: other employees not checking for and fixing mistakes, getting pulled off my main duties to do other things deemed necessary. I feel that the weight of his entire operation rests on my shoulders.
I am experiencing extreme burnout. I’m not doing what I am passionate about, and I am constantly under pressure. Last week, I sat down with my boss and told him I was not interested in testing and would like to return to welding. We had a good conversation with a plan to move me back in September. This past week things got worse. I was very behind and did not meet my bosses expectations, again because of things out of my control. On Friday I called off for a much needed mental health day. I am angry, stressed, and nothing in my being cares about this job or my bosses profits anymore. Now he is texting and calling me on the weekend trying to get me to work extra days to catch up. My whole body feels sick over this. I feel hatred towards my boss and my job. I’m ready to call him and cuss him out, but I need the job, and I need the money. I am looking at other jobs but haven’t found anything suitable. I need support, or advise before I quit or cuss him out and regret it.
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2023.06.04 17:34 amondyyl What Happened When a Brooklyn Neighborhood Policed Itself for Five Days (Gift Article). On a two-block stretch of Brownsville in April, the police stepped aside and let residents respond to 911 calls. It was a bold experiment that some believe could redefine law-enforcement in New York City.

What Happened When a Brooklyn Neighborhood Policed Itself for Five Days (Gift Article). On a two-block stretch of Brownsville in April, the police stepped aside and let residents respond to 911 calls. It was a bold experiment that some believe could redefine law-enforcement in New York City. submitted by amondyyl to Policestudies [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 17:32 1000andonenites Festival of Crows Part 4

This is Part 4 of my terrible experience in Kingsley, the main town in the peninsula King’s Cove, where I went to visit my boyfriend Nick’s family a few months ago. You can read the earlier parts here:
Hindsight is 20/20, right? Looking back on it, it’s so easy to blame Nick for not realising the extent of the depravity and horror that had unfolded so rapidly after he left his parental home and moved to the city, in mid-2021, after the death of his father. He had blocked out so much of what had happened, with the crow-rites and festival- my therapist talks about “purposeful forgetting” describing how we block out unpleasant and distressing memories and this definitely applied to him. And of course, I am well aware that I come across as foolish and confused.
Oh poor Nick. No-one deserves to go like that. When the police found the remains of the body- ah well, I’ll get to that.
I loved him so much. He was my first “real” adult relationship- alongside my first “real” adult job, which I couldn’t keep after I returned, I was that traumatized. I am only slowly beginning to regain my life.
I had been so excited to go to Kingsley- so happy to meet his mom Violent and his cousin Craig. He didn’t talk too much about them, but I never thought anything was wrong with that charming oceanside place. And our videochats with Violet had been perfectly fine. If anyone is to blame, it’s probably Violet, who must have realised something of what Craig and his followers were up to, and yet chose not to share and let Nick and I visit. She would have known how Aunt Margaret, Craig’s mom, and her husband died, how could she not?
Yes, blame the mom. That’s the easy way out. Poor Violet. Well, she paid the price as much as anyone on that terrible peninsula.
Anyway, back to the story.
With Nick dragged off, I started running back to the house, tears streaming down my face, to let Violet know what had happened. But in my confusion and terror, I took the wrong turn, and within minutes, I ended up by craggy rocks by the ocean. My phone obviously had no reception.
In an odd way, the crashing waves, the loneliness, the high soaring white seagulls gave me comfort. After all the nonsense with the black crows, the seagulls minding their own business were absolutely delightful, and I found myself lying back on a rock, letting myself be soothed by the sound of their calls, the waves, and their looping flights. I know I should get up, find help, find Violet, but I simply didn’t want to.
Hours passed.
I realise, looking back, that my irrational decision to stay in the rocks was what actually saved me. By simply following my survival instinct and remaining there, hidden from view in the dips of the rocks, I lived.
But eventually, propelled by hunger and my body aching from prolonged contact with the chilly damp rocks, I had to get up and leave the shelter of the ocean.
I walked back towards the town. As disoriented as I was, I figured out my way and soon spotted Nick’s house. It was already early afternoon.
I was pleased to see our car waiting patiently in the driveway. The front door swung open, and for a moment, I foolishly expected to see Violet standing there smiling, holding a tray of crose jam and fresh-baked muffins.
Crose jam? Oh god, was I becoming one of them?
I shook my head as I bounded up the steps. “Violet?” I called through the open door. There was no answer. I went inside.
Of course, you know a house is empty as soon as you set foot in it. I called out a couple more times, moving from room to room. In the kitchen I noticed the signs of the struggle- the overturned bowl of dough, the trail of flour, broken glassware.
They must have taken her here.
I picked up the landline, no reception. I desperately punched 911 into my cell again, no use. I went upstairs, looking for the car keys. And then I picked up a journal lying on the nightstand and without thinking, flipped it open. I recognized Nick’s handwriting and despite the sense of urgency, couldn’t help reading.
“April 5th, 2020 - Aunt Margaret says we should do something better with the Crows Festival this year, distract the kids. It feels like everyone is going crazy, and I think that’s a cool idea. Craig said he would help to make it really fun.
April 10th, 2020. Everybody is fighting, god I hate this. Dad says holding a big festival would be breaking the covid rules, even though it’s outdoors. I’m almost 19 now and I’m still stuck at home and have to listen to Dad. He yelled at Aunt Margaret and Craig during our family zoom happy hour and told them they were irresponsible with the kids. I can’t wait to leave this town. I wish Mom would leave too.”
I continued reading with growing horror. Nick’s dad- he died in May that year, not of COVID as I had assumed, but his body was found in a field, tied to a pole with his arms outstretched, covered in tar and black crow feathers. The cause of death was never determined.
And then three months later, Aunt Margaret had died, this time of COVID, so Nick wrote in his journal pages.
From the road I heard a car passing and stayed low making sure I couldn’t be seen in the windows by anyone driving by. There wasn’t time to do anything else here, so I opened the door to the backyard.
And then, I saw it.
Violet’s corpse hanging from a thick rope tied to the eaves above the door. Blood from her cut throat had soaked the rope and pooled beneath her, both eyes had been messily cut out leaving red streaks down her cheeks. The smell hit hard, my heart pounded and stomach knotted as I fought the urge to throw up. Steeling myself, I moved around her dangling body making sure not to touch her as I moved out into the backyard and off into the woods.
I still thought I could find Nick and leave together.
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2023.06.04 17:20 Throw_AwayForTrash I might break up with my partner.

My partner and I are both going to University soon (UK), but we're going to completely different ones. She'll only be less than 2 hours away by train, but considering the cost of the train ticket alongside the rest of my finances I don't know how often I'd be able to see her, or even if we would even have the time. I don't think I really want a long distance relationship, as one of the things I value in our relationship currently is that I can see her see her regularly for now without much effort, but in University it's going to be extremely difficult. I'm autistic, so I don't enjoy prolonged phone calls, so I don't see those happening either.
I'm really happy with her though, and this is my first relationship. I want to be idealistic and say that we'll make it work, but I don't think we will. I just don't know if I should be the one to end things in September and save myself the heartbreak early. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or any advice?
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2023.06.04 17:19 Far_Measurement7728 Continue living with parents and save or move out?

I am 24 and still working towards completing my undergrad - hopefully will be finished by the end of this year. I am working part-time making $2200/month. I started with this company as a co-op student and my employment with them got extended until end of September. It’s likely that I will be able to stay with them after my contract ends, but that’s not guaranteed.
I have close to $50,000 in savings and no debt. I really want to move out and don’t want to wait any longer. Hoping that my mental health will improve and that I’ll be happier overall if I do. Would it be a bad call to move out, given that I don’t have stable employment/income yet?
Overall the living situation isn’t too bad, but it’s also not always the healthiest environment to be in. I love them, but I do want some separation. Currently I am able to save most of my pay and by moving out I would not be able to save anything. I don’t want to live with roommates and I’m expecting rent alone will be around $1,600.
I feel like my savings provides me with somewhat of a cushion, but unsure if moving out would be the right decision.
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2023.06.04 17:13 AlexRD19 NLMB Fallen Members Part 6/The War With PocketTown

NLMB Fallen Members Part 6/The War With PocketTown
2019 was a hard year for NLMB, losing members back to back to different opps and starting a new bloody war with DeathRow, in 2020 the war will slow down due to a lot of factors. Most members who put in work in that war will get locked up and NLMB will focus on other opps just like DeathRow, we will come back in the summer of 2022 to that beef.

Willie "Ghost 🕊️" Coker

I didn't had space to include Ghost in the last part so i decided to do it here, it's not that important to the NLMB/DeathRow beef so it's ok if i include it at the beginning.
Ghost also known as Rat was a respected OG from GME, i am not sure if he was the target or not but DeathRow and Lakeside dissed him a lot, Fa Fa Fa said they killed Ghost and ever since then GME didn't do anything for him, ignore the video from the store, that's not Ghost, it's a mistake by the one who made the post, the one who died in the store was an innocent as far as i know and it happen way after Ghost died. This happen in the same month DeathRow killed Willie, DeathRow was sliding a lot in 2019.
Ghost was outside with multiple people in his own hood when shots rang out from an unknown direction, he was shot multiple times in the chest and he died at the hospital.
"Ghost got hit up" 0:58

Michael "Aero 🕊️" Portis

One of the reasons i believed Savo 🕊️ was killed by kings was Aero death, months after Savo died, Aero was sliding with FatLord 🔒 on some kings, which made sense at least during that time, Savo died in a hood cool with the kings, Aero is sliding on the kings, it was making sense into my head that Aero died trying to get revenge for Savo + that's what i was told, again i was wrong. As i said in my previous post, Savo was killed by NLMB, Aero was just a hothead who was sliding on his opps, nothing weird.
Aero was on the frontline and did a lot of dirt for DeathRow, he earned the nickname "23" for a reason, in my previous post i put a screenshot with Fa Fa Fa straight up saying Aero killed G Dottie 🕊️. I know a lot of people believed Aero killed an innocent, but people told me that Garcia 🕊️ was a known king, why would Aero and FatLord slide on some innocents and specifically target them?
Aero and FatLord were driving a turquoise SUV when they made a U-turn at the end of the street and parked in the block close to a king hood, both got out of the SUV with armed 9-mm handguns and approached Garcia and his neighbor as they were outside talking, they opened fire hitting the neighbor in the arm and hitting Garcia multiple times, Garcia returned fire with his own weapon striking Aero multiple times who died at the scene, FatLord was also shot multiple times, FatLord left Aero there and went to a hospital with the SUV in the same clothes that CPD saw on the footage. Garcia was pronounced dead at the hospital, police recovered 19 9-mm shell casings and 10 .40-caliber shell casings from the crime scene.
This is a very controversial situation because at first, people said after FatLord recovered from his wounds, he told the police what happen and also snitched on BD 🕊️ but now they saying free him, they saying that someone else ratted and not him, but according to this article, CPD is using FatLord as a source, FatLord was the one who allegedly was the driver on the Willie hit, FatLord is still locked up so who knows.
The scanner also confirms that they was sliding on some kings because they was having problems lately, it could be possible that some kings gave the location of Savo to NLMB, Savo was killed right at his home so NLMB probably got the drop from someone.
NLMB and ABK will diss Aero hard because he killed G Dottie, someone also recorded Aero on the ground, which was heavily mocked by his opps.
"Lil Aero a dumbass got hit on a hit" 0:23

Tristan "Tedo G 🕊️" Rogers

NLMB first loss in 2020 but not because of gun violence, Tedo was from the MuskegonBoyz clique, he was killed by a car in DucciWay 🔱 hood, there is not a lot to say about him, he was a respected OG who was either related to Kobe 🕊️ or close to him.

Shianne "Anna 🕊️" Reynolds

Anna was a very loved member from MTG 079 now more known as BiyoBlock, she was Biyo 🕊️ sister, at first people believed that she was not gangbanging but that's false, there is a lot of captions with her saying she was using guns to slide, i don't think she was active when she died in that life and she probably was not the target either. However, she probably was active in the past and as we all know, the past is catching up to you, her vigil was also shot, allegedly by NLMB again.
What i know is this, allegedly NLMB saw some MTG 079 members in traffic in SirconnCity 🔱 hood, they sped up behind them and shot the whole car, Anna was just unlucky since she was in the car with them, she was hit in the head and CPD pronounced her dead at the scene. This was one of the first getback NLMB got for Capo, but it will not stop here, NLMB will get more getback for Capo months later.
2020 was a hard year for MTG 079, they lost 4 members, Anna 🕊️, Pook 🕊️ who was not killed by any opps, LB 🕊️ an original who was also close to Biyo, LB was killed in DrillCity 📶🔱🅱️ hood, last one is Jeezy Snow 🕊️, we will get later to him.

Anthony "C-Note 🕊️" Smith

C-Note was an OG from NLMB, to be more specific he was from the MuskegonBoyz clique, from what i know he passed away from natural causes, nothing to do with gun violence. He was born in 1985 so he was old compared to a lot of main members from MuskegonBoyz clique like G Farro for example, you could say he was from that White Folks generation.

Junius "BoBo 🕊️" Thurston

BoBo was a very loved member from ABK, he was one of the main faces from there. BoBo was also a rapper, one of his best songs Pigs Hot where you can see a lot of ABK members including Yogi 🕊️, BoBo was close to NLMB as well, he did a song with Juvie and before his death you could see him around G Herbo.
BlackMobb was having a field day when BoBo was killed, even though BoBo left that life behind while starting a truck company, it's not like your opps will forgive you or forget that you did dirt in the streets or hurt their people, that shit is stucked until you die, even if you are 30, 40, as long as you put yourself in danger(go back to the city) you can get killed anywhere.
BoBo exit his car and went to a gas station in a relatively safe area far away from any hood, a black Audi pull up and a rear passenger open fire, he ran north from the station but then a gunman got out of the car and chased after him, firing more shots. BoBo collapsed and the gunman caught up to him standing over him and fired more shots, BoBo was pronounced dead at the hospital, police said he was shot multiple times.
BlackMobb were not the only ones having a field day with his death, PocketTown also dissed him:
"BoBo got his ass smoked, 20 bullets took his soul" 2:45
It is sad because BlackMobb and ABK were like this, but friends are turning to enemies and both sides lost main members in this war.

Lee "KTS Rio 🕊️" Cameron

If you follow the drill scene, then you know who was KTS Rio, one of the main faces from PocketTown and Lil Los 🔒 little brother, he was a huge loss for PocketTown, after his death a lot of stuff went down.
Rio was driving a vehicle with two other teenagers near a gas station in KakiWorld 🔱🅱️⭐️✊🏿 hood when a silver SUV pulled up and someone inside started shooting, Rio was shot multiple times and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The 14-year-old boy was shot in the back and a 17-year-old boy was hit in the right arm, both were taken to the hospital in good condition.
After his death PocketTown goes by "RioGang" in his honour, Rio was also one of their main rappers, one of his most known song is NLMBK, Faro dissed him in a song after he died:
"Rio got hit and they left his ass twitching" 0:38
"Rio got hit, y'all ain't get your getback" 1:05
A lot of people are saying NLMB killed KTS Rio but if you watch Freeband BoBo 🕊️ video that CH88 made, it is very clear that NLMB didn't do anything to Rio, because the war started when Lil Greg 🕊️ was killed, that's also what BoBo said. The beef was not serious until Lil Greg died, BoBo also said the whole war started because of a bitch, Lil Greg wanted to call his guys to kill BoBo because of a girl. Feel free to watch the video, it's explaining a lot of stuff.
Remember there is a difference between "twitter beef" like disses and blood beef, KTS Dre did dirt on NLMB but he did that for Lakeside while PocketTown was his second hood(he started to claim PocketTown after KTS Von died), so Lil Greg was the first guy to die in that beef, we will get later to him.
Now honestly it is not known who killed KTS Rio, but one of the most plausible theory is that SirconnCity killed him, months after KTS Rio died, PocketTown lost KDawg 🕊️, another top member while sliding on SirconnCity hood, his article doesn't mention anything about sliding but both sides said that.
"We doing hits without hoodies and masks, Rio got hit, he got stretched like an elastic" 1:08
"KDawg got hit on a hit, he dead" 0:24
They are main opps but since PocketTown top members were sliding, i think that means something, especially after Rio died.
This won't stop at KTS Rio, this year would be the most hardest year for PocketTown, they will lose 6 members in one year and they was all top members, but not all of them were killed by opps.
Big Glizzy/Lil James 🕊️ (June 07 2020), killed at a party in Robbins, a suburb of Chicago.
KTS Rio 🕊️ (July 12 2020), KDawg 🕊️ (September 27 2020), Nuke 30 🕊️ (November 25 2020), killed OT, LA Glizzy/Lil Ant 🕊️ (January 12 2021), killed OT, Killa Spook 🕊️ (March 26 2021), we will get later to Killa Spook.
"They lost 6 niggas in one year, tryna make the rest of them disappear" 1:53

Antoine "BT 🕊️" Rose

BT was a very loved member from NLMM and 358Gang, he claimed both sets, he was also close to NLMB, one of the reasons he died. Even though NLMB and 358Gang are opps, as i said in my previous parts, NLMM was always a set focusing on money, they was never known to slide like that, so that's probably why he was close to NLMB and cool with NLMB opps, 358Gang. BT also appeared on the Maurice show.
I think everyone knows that Fa Fa Fa straight up said they killed BT, so why they killed him? Well even though BT was not involved in their beef, it doesn't matter, he was close to NLMB and 358Gang killed Mook 🕊️ in 2019, so DeathRow got their getback for him. I don't think BT was the specific target because the shooting occured in TheBush 👑🦁 territory, which are opps to DeathRow. BT was shot in the head and in the abdomen, CPD pronounced him dead at the scene, a 32 year old man was also shot in the abdomen and in the leg, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Sean "Cello Da Shoota 🕊️" Wilson

There was a lot of back and forth between NoGood and NLMB, mainly because NLMB killed Montae 🕊️ and it was forever stuck there, even though NoGood and NLMB are old opps, that beef was really inactive compared to Lakeside for example, but this all changed when Montae was killed, Montae was very loved by NoGood and like Jeff Fort said "there is not going to be any killing without killing" Cello was not really a main face from NLMB, he was from the NoLimit clique but his original hood was JBG 🔱 also known as MoneGang.
Cello was driving with someone else in the car in NoGood ⭐️✊🏿 hood, Jay Savage and Deonte 🔒 fired shots and the person in the backseat fired back, hitting one of them in the forearm, Cello was hit in the neck and died at the hospital, the other person was listed in good condition after being shot in his thigh, he has a license to carry his gun. Jay Savage and Deonte were both charged with his murder, both were from NoGood and close to Montae.

Deshawn "Jeezy Snow 🕊️" Fletcher

Jeezy was in ABK 4️⃣🍸⭐️✊🏿🔱 hood driving his car when Mally 🔒 opened fire from the sunroof of a silver Chrysler 300, he was shot multiple times in the head, neck and upper torso, he died at the hospital two days later. There is a lot of contradiction of the car used in the murder, what we know for sure is that Mally shot from the sunroof. Mally also searched the murder on google to see if Jeezy died.
This was a a crazy hit for many reasons, one of them is that Lil Wet was driving the car, Lil Wet did this two months after he beat his quadruple murder case, the case is complicated but to this day Mally is still locked up for it. The full foia if you want to read more, from what i know the case is very strong against Mally but let's be real, Lil Wet beat a quadruple murder, everything is possible in Chicago, so i won't be surprised if he is beating it.
Lil Wet also hinted in his song "Nun Stop" about the hit, the music video was deleted or made private, but the audio version is still up.
"Gotta ride for my gang, Steph got the wheel, Lil Mally might come out the roof " 0:44
Jeezy was actually very close to DoggPound 🅱️, you can see him around them in old videos and i think he was related to some members from there too, i am not sure if he was claiming DoggPound at one point but members from there still say rip to him, again it doesn't mean every DoggPound member was close to him. It is a complicated situation but this was another getback NLMB got for Capo, a top member from MTG 079 and very loved.

Gregory "Lil Greg 🕊️" Jackson III

The death that started all and guess what caused this? Well if you didn't guess it, it was a bitch, Lil Greg 🕊️ got into his feelings because BoBo 🕊️ was messing with a girl that he liked so when Lil Greg saw him, he tried to get the green light from other members to come and kill him right there, allegedly NLMB told him BoBo is not an opp and that he is staying out of the way, Lil Greg tried to call other members but it was too late.
PocketTown members got the drop from BoBo and went to kill Lil Greg who was in a barbershop far away from EastSide, Lil Don 🔒 walked up to him and shot Lil Greg in the face inside the barbershop, he was pronounced dead shortly after at the hospital, CK was actually charged because they found him in the same car that was used in the murder, he stayed solid and beat the case, CK was the one driving.
Lil Greg was a very loved member from NLMB and a main face from there, he was from the MuskegonBoyz clique but very close to G Herbo and even celebrities like 21 Savage paid respects to him, he was respected because he was a trapper making money from drugs to raise his kids, his death hurt a lot of people and you could say that his death made "DrenchGang" more famous because the getback was huge in terms of impact on the media, i am of course speaking about KTS Dre, his death was international news because of the way he died + Killa Spook, we will get later to them.
"Me and Gregg was sharin' clothes, but we weren't really bros" 0:18
"Lil Greg died, that started some shit, but how many checked after broski got hit?" 0:36 he is also upping 4 fingers, which is probably a reference to Killa Spook, KTS Dre, BoBo and probably Lil Don from PaxTown.
Moowop 🔒 also confirmed 3 opps died for Lil Greg, again most likely a reference to Killa Spook, KTS Dre and BoBo. Lil Don was also shot multiple times but he survived
NLMB was hurt but the opps were dissing Lil Greg hard, especially Lil Don:
Lil Don called Lil Greg biggest score of 2021
This started a new bloody war in the EastSide which caused a lot of damage, members getting locked up, members getting killed, members getting shot and so on, PocketTown was also unlucky to get hit with a "RICO" and most of their top members got locked up, there is barely any main faces out there besides Denny G and Lil Ant, they also have internal beef now.
The indictment also mentions they found the gun which was used in Lil Greg murder, the whole situation was fucked up for PocketTown, they lost like 10 members to this indictment + Lil Don got locked up + internal beef, the whole hood was hit hard by this indictment and a lot of "snitching" rumours are in the air.
The members who got locked up are Lil Rah 🔒, EJ(he was released), Rello 🔒, Dreski 🔒 MT Larry🔒 who actually shot back when Spook died, Corey Got Clout 🔒, PacMigo 🔒, Dwight 🔒 and DreadHead Larry 🔒

Dante "Killa Spook 🕊️" Thomas

Killa Spook was like a leader in PocketTown, he had a lot of respect and his name says it all "Killa Spook" it's not a name you earn for doing nothing, he was a known killer who did a lot for PocketTown, him and KTS Von 🕊️ went to slide on Lamron in the past, he was very active, him and Denny G were sliding on SirconnCity as well.
Spook 🕊️ was partying with a lot of members inside StainCity🔱⭐️✊🏿 hood, it was a party for their fallen member KDawg 🕊️ who was killed sliding on SirconnCity in 2020, two shooters(this might be PocketTown shooting back but i personally think those are the offenders), NLMB and GME got the drop from a bitch and shot the whole party up, Killa Spook was shot by a stray bullet through a window, he was pronounced dead at the scene, Lord was shot in the head and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Denny G was taken to the hospital in critical condition and he recovered after some time, other members got shot as well but it was nothing serious like the ones i mentioned above.
Right after the party got shot up, PocketTown went to slide on NLMB and hit someone in the leg, there are a lot of things that points NLMB for doing this hit but it is confirmed that GME was also involved, Lil B from GME was arrested by CPD with the car used in the murder, he was released because CPD didn't had proof that he did the murder.
There are many names around Spook death, Faro, Lil Ro, Twino 🕊️, EMoe from GME, 7Moe 🕊️ from GME, it is not known exactly who killed Spook but it is hard to tell, what should be confirmed for sure is that it was a NLMB/GME hit, even CPD and FBI believes that. In case you guys don't know, FBI was trying to build a RICO but their main suspect Max 🕊️ was killed, so i think the case is really not that strong anymore. I do think FBI is monitoring what is going on between NLMB and PocketTown now.
PocketTown was hurt to the core by his death, NLMB and GME were dissing like crazy and celebrating Lil Greg a lot, it's a lot of disses that i am sure most of you saw, if you want way more details, watch CH88 video.

Londre "KTS Dre 🕊️" Sylvester

Dre was getting out of prison after his fiancee paid his $5,000 bond on Friday, for some reason Dre decided to leave only on Saturday, what Dre didn't knew is that his decision will cost him his life and potentially the life of two other innocent females. Dre was shot around 64 times by multiple shooters from two different vehicles far away from EastSide in every side of his body, a 60 year old female was shot in the knee and a 35 year old female suffered a graze to her mouth while walking by, both were taken to the hospital in good condition. Dre was DOA and his death will have a huge impact in the streets, after his death the president of America, Joe Biden, was forced to do a meeting to slow the violence in Chicago, this was because his death had an immense impact in the international news because of the way that he died.
I would leave in the comments a list of some the countries news speaking about KTS Dre, because it would take too much space in the post.
Dre was an upcoming rapper in the drill scene, his most famous song being a feature with Rio called "NLMBK Pt. 2" but in the drill scene he mostly became known for punching Kyro, one of the many reasons Kyro diss him a lot. Dre was very active in the streets before his death, he did a lot of dirt and a lot of his opps wanted him gone. Dre was also suspected by CPD for killing Magic 🕊️ in 2019. He was originally from LakeSide but he started to claim PocketTown after the death of his brother in 2015, he is what people believe Von was, don't get me wrong, Von was active in the streets but Dre was something else.
I heard many names around Dre death, Faro, the DrenchGang Twins, Moowop, Kyro, Lil Hot, honestly i am not sure who killed Dre but NLMB and even PocketTown/LakeSide made it known who did it on social media. Faro being pretty clear that this was a getback for Lil Greg.
Losing so many people in such a short time affected PocketTown in many ways, a lot of them decided to step down because when shit gets real, you need to think about your life too, most of them have families, it might be a coward way but can you blame them? 10 members locked up for indictment, 9 top members killed between 2020-2022, Denny G was almost killed, Meechie was almost killed, Lil Don got locked up, Lil Art barely survived after being shot 20 times, Lord was left in critical condition, this is the worst period for PocketTown and Lil Don also confirmed that his people are scared and he only got four guys who are willing to slide.
Sadly the ones who will suffer the most is the family, his mom was devastated that she can't even give him a proper funeral because of the way that he died.

Christopher "Gucci 🕊️" Daniels

Gucci was near the sidewalk in GhettoWorld 4️⃣🍸 hood when a vehicle passed by and someone fired shots at him, he was shot in the chest and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.
This is one month after Dre was killed, Gucci was a member from the MuskegonBoyz clique, i didn't saw PocketTown or LakeSide celebrating anything, in fact they still say "getback got no date" for Spook and Dre, it might be other opps that NLMB have, remember NLMB beefs with 30+ sets, it could also be personal beef, mistaken identity and so on.

Felder "Stro Dolla 🕊️" Tatum Jr.

Stro Dolla was with a group of people inside GottiWorld 🔱 hood when someone opened and hit him in the chest, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, a 34 year old woman was also shot in the leg, she was taken to the hospital in good condition. Again i don't think he was the target but who knows, i didn't saw any opps celebrating, Stro Dolla was claiming NLMM but he was close to NLMB.He was also close to BT 🕊️ who was killed in 2020 by DeathRow, he was also a rapper, most likely Stro Dolla was just at the wrong time, wrong place, to my knowledge GottiWorld and NLMM or NLMB don't have beef. GottiWorld are actually opps to PocketTown.
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2023.06.04 17:00 lookandchange An entirely friendless undergraduate at UCL ever since September 2017 when I was aged 20. I would have been at UCL up to 2024 (or for seven years) on my current trajectory. I put out there a call for 'help' or any steering for social opportunity/emancipation. My context is marginally hinted at below

I have been an alone good-looking 'commuter student' here since September 2017. I'm now 26 years old and I still haven't found any new connections, to skip over many, many wider details surrounding and shaping me. I don't even have my dad anymore. All I have is my mum. I have no extended family. Irrelevantly, as an only child, I'm burdensomely too financially fortunate at the same time. My situation is pretty niche or unusual. I want to spend all of my life in education, but not at all in the humanities/the field I ended up in with my degree. I want to self-study new A-Levels in honesty once I've finished what I am obliged to see through. I'm very affectionate and gentle otherwise :D I'd love to hang out with a pleasant girl at UCL lol :) I'm not what you might think I am from how alone I've indicated myself to be. I have a naturally good-looking face, but I've simply lost everybody ever from my childhood (or the 7 schools I went to in London) at this point :) I'm an isolated 'local'
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2023.06.04 16:52 Celestialdreams9 Does anyone else struggle with their heart like this?

So to preface I haven’t yet been diagnosed with dysautonomia but know I have it, after my covid vaccine my hr “episodes” started and then I got covid pretty severely and my life has been downhill since. I know I likely have pots but sometimes seems like it also blurs into other forms of dysautonomia too. Idk. I’m still in the testing days and it’s such a slow process. I’ve been hesitant to mention pots/dysautonomia in fear of being shut down by doctors so I waited for testing, which I’ve had a lot of now so I’m mentioning it next appointment.
I’m not even sure if this is part of any dysautonomia symptoms though and feels extreme for pots but I felt like asking if anyone else has this issue ever.
Some nights, it’s always random and I’ve found no trigger aside from (pre)/menstruation, doesn’t happen every month though. I’ve gone to the emergency room twice for it before. Once when it all started I even called 911 because chest pain woke me up and my hr was jumping crazily sitting up in bed and I was blacking out as I tried to stand, thought I was having a heart attack by the time I was in the ambulance it was 70 and stable but the chest pain lasted for a week. It’s happened since, less severely thankfully, but again last night and just forced myself to sleep because I don’t get much help at hospitals. It always happens before/during my period.
My heart rate will be unstable? It jumps all crazy like 66-105+ from just moving slightly. Like my watch struggles to keep up with the changes. It’s very much an ‘episode’ because my hr fluctuates and jumps a lot when standing and I have a lot of dizziness, bad circulation and palpitations which have become my normal, some days are better than others but I have all the telltale symptoms of pots on a normal day but these nights are different with the blacking out and jumpy erraticness of it. It’s always late at night (I stay up very late). My heart will feel fluttery and crazy even at a lower hr but standing, shifting around or walking it’s in the 100’s and I’ll start to black out a bit. Sometimes there’s chest pain involved. I was trying to sleep and it was 80 to 101 and dropped to 69 pretty quickly. My watch clocked me as awake when I was definitely dozing. If I had been up walking it would’ve been 110+ and literally blacking out.
I’ve had multiple normal ecgs, a stress test, an echo, chest xrays, and a 24hr monitor. I have a cardiologist who isn’t concerned about my heart as of right now, and put me on a beta blocker and midodrine but I haven’t tried either yet. I haven’t gotten my results for the monitor and of course didn’t have an episode during. I’d need a month monitor.
Does anyone experience this? It’s actually so fucking bad for my mental health - I’m always so scared and it sucks. I’ve noticed a pattern with horrendous symptoms during and before my period, these episodes or not, all my “normal” symptoms get debilitating.
Thanks so much for reading this mess.
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2023.06.04 16:49 Andoni95 N5 from zero in 30 days (Reflections, methodologies, and pedagogy)

N5 from zero in 30 days (Reflections, methodologies, and pedagogy)


I started learning Japanese on March 22 2023. At the time of writing, It has been about 70-80 days since. Currently I would place myself at N4 level (now studying N3). I became very inspired to study Japanese after (a) visiting Niseko (Hokkaido) and (b) reading a post on Reddit about someone who claims to pass N1 from zero in 8.5 months.
The purpose of this post is to offer (a) alternative perspectives to learning Japanese, (b) prove that it is possible to learn quickly, (c) challenge some of the existing recommendations. This post is part one out of eight articles detailing my journey to N1 from zero in 8 months. Disclaimer, this post will be very long and ranty!
This post will cover some of the study techniques and experiments I’ve conducted for the first month, as well as the results of my experimentation and insights. As for the elephant in the room, I’m currently studying N3 after 60+ days into my Japanese learning journey. I’m sure many are skeptical or might presume that I have bad mastery of N5 and N4 content, but by the end of the post, I’m confident that I would have responded to them. This post is not created to discouarge anyone >< I just wanted to see if my studying tips can inspire or resonate with other people.

Prior Knowledge

I started watching anime since Naruto. I think that was 15 years ago. I’m not particularly obsessed with Japanese culture but I do follow the mainstream anime like Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and most recently Demon Slayer. So I do possess 15 years of acclimatising to the sound of Japanese anime speech. However my Vocab is very limited. I know how to count from 1-99, konnichiwa and itadakemasu, and a couple more words that I might remember if I was prompted. I also know the hand signs from Naruto. Apart from that, I consider myself truly zero in Japanese knowledge.

While your brain can only hold 7-9 items in the short term memory at once, it does not mean you cannot study more than 9 items in a day.

I see most people on Reddit recommending 15-20 new cards on Anki. Personally I think this pace is way too slow, especially for the beginner. Most typical N5 vocab deck would have about 600-700 cards. 15cards/day means that it would take 40-50 days just to see all the cards. I also came across a study that says our short term brain cannot store more than 9 items at a time. This would seem to support support the recommendation of 15-20 vocabulary cards a day. While reading Moonwalking with Einstein, a book on the capabilities of the human memory, I read about a story of a guy who could draw the landscape of New York with shocking precision after flying pass the city on a helicopter once. The book also hinted at the idea that we possess some form of photographic memory.
And so, i tried to do about 50-100 new cards a day. Within 10 days, I’ve seen all the N5 Vocab. Around day 15 or so, i became concerned that cramming so many words in a day would mean that the retention rate will be low. So I tested myself on those 700 words and I think I got about 85% correct.
Personally i was very happy with that score. I thought I could do a lot worse. So clearly, trying to learn 100 new cards a day wasn’t detrimental to retention rate (I will address my thoughts on burnout on a later point). What is happening?
My hypothesis is that while we can’t store more 6-9 items in our short term memory, it doesn’t mean that when we study our 10th,11th, 20th or 100th item, our brain would completely reject the input. You are still imprinting something onto the brain. What this means is that while you should not expect to see a word once and remember it forever, it says nothing about the upper limit of how many words you can simultaneously start on the first stage of the SRS system. We all know that SRS takes time to turn short term memory into long term memory. It could take weeks or a few months. But if we can start 100 words on the SRS system vs 15-20 words, and there is no significant cost to doing more words, then starting 100 new cards a day will bring us to our destination much faster.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

When you read about many people agreeing that 15-20 new Anki card a day is a good pace, or that it takes 300-500 hours to pass N5, then it sets the expectation of what is normal. The reason I was able to Master N5 in approximately 150-200 hours and learn all its vocab a couple of weeks is because I did not pay attention to what other people can achieve.

How I use Anki
From my survey on Reddit, it seems that people get overwhelm by the amount of reviews on Anki. And I think this reveals that the are doing reviews differently from how I do it.
When I do my Anki reviews, I only entertain two state of minds when marking the flash cards. The first is I know the answer (the answer pops into my brain instantaneously) and the second is I don’t know the answer (mind is blank). I do not try to recall the answer. Recalling takes time. If I try to recall the answer, it might take me upwards of a minute or two to remember it (and even then, I might still be wrong). Instead i like my Anki reviews to be snappy. It feels like I take about a fraction of a second to answer my Anki cards, although the Anki statistics tells me that I take 4second per card. Still fast either way. At 4s/card I can do 900 reviews in one hour.
Next is how I use Easy, Good, Again and Hard. The rule of thumb is to be more liberal than strict. I try to use Easy, instead of Good as much as I can because I don’t want my reviews to pile up. I almost never use Hard even if I get the card completely wrong. Speaking of reviews pilling up, we need to define what marking an Anki item as Good or Easy means to me.
For a lot of people it means aiming for perfection. That means that the person only click Easy or Good if his answer exactly matches the back side of the card. For myself I set an extremely low bar, as long the vague feeling of what I think the answer is somewhat matches the answer on the back side, I’m happy to give it a Good at least. Why? Because it’s the nature of Anki or SRS system to return cards you previously click Easy and Good. I don’t have to worry about being too forgiving on myself and being ignorant about the fact because I can always count on the card to return eventually. And if I a card I previously marked as Good, came back, and feels difficult, I would then make a mental note to study it in greater detail. Secondly, a lot of the 700 words in a typical N5 vocab deck are so common that you will encounter them all the time in the wild. This is called organic or natural SRS. If you are strict on your Anki at this stage, it can be quite an overkill in hindsight. Of course it may not feel like an overkill in the beginning because you are still gettting cards wrong.

Burnt out

Okay what about burnout. Surely I might be overdoing it, and wouldn’t burnout eventually catch up to me. Yes and no. I think the phenomenon of burnout is highly exaggerated. I don’t like to use the word burnt out whenever I’m feeling “burnt out” because it has a lot of negative connotations and because negative connotations can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. Instead, I prefer to use the phrase, “I’m tired now”. I kind of compare myself to Shonen protagonists where there’s this big villain coming up and then some special training to level up. The special training is usually quite intense, and sometimes dangerous, and they will eventually be quite tired by the end of the training. But these protagonists always reemerge stronger with new abilities and can now overcome stronger foes.
Similarly, whenever I study too much, I would just acknowledge that I’m tired, watch some anime and something different. I’m usually okay by the next morning. I attribute my ability to resist burn out my thoughts and attitude.

Consistency, multimodality learning, and resourcefulness

Okay the N1 tango book is really too difficult for me. I bought it thinking i could get a headstart on N1 while concurrently studying N3. Its just too much at this point.
I only believe in one kind of consistency, and that is that you have to show up almost every day. But I don’t believe in the kind of consistency that requires me to be on a 365-day Anki/wanikani/immersion streak. This is also one factor that helps to protect burn out. When I feel like doing textbook learning, that’s what I’m going to do. If want to do pure Bunpro and Anki for the next 3 days without reading any textbook, that’s what I’ll do.
I also believe in the idea of multimodality learning. I use everything at my disposal:
All the textbooks (Genki, Minna no nihongo, Tae Kim)
YouTube videos (Misa ammo, game gengo, tokiniandy)
Doing active immersion with anime
Changing my phone language to Japanese (this one unfortunately is a bad advice. I recommend to stay away from this if you are still at N5)
Instagram and TikTok accounts of Japanese tutors
Websites (tofugu, human Japanese, Japanese tutors’ blogs)
Apps (wanikani, language reactor, bunpro)
Japanese grammar dictionaries
Assessment books
Discord or Reddit or forums
Japanese classes
There’s often this debate on which is better, Genki vs Minna vs Tae kim. If cost or ability to procure them is not an issue, why not use all of them? It’s okay to have one source as your primary source. Mine was Genki 1. But when I wanted to understand a nuance that Genki does not explain well enough, I’ll usually consult my other sources. And if I’m bored of Genki, I can easily switch to Tae Kim, for a change of scenery. If I don’t feel like reading, Misa or Tokiniandy is there for me.
My observation is that many people are usually only using one modality to acquire a new skill. This is causing their journey to be unnecessarily monotonous.

Sloppy learning and conjugations

One very integral component of the Japanese language is conjugation. It’s especially important for the N5. Conjugations can allow you to express many meaning in Japanese. Learning how to conjugate accurately is going to be a struggle for any beginner(think godan and ichidan verbs and conjugating to masu, te, negative forms, etc).
A lot of Japanese textbook and assessment will make you do drills. I skipped all of them. Rather than trying to brute force your way to memorizing conjugations I employ a technique called sloppy learning(this phrase is borrowed from “Japan Like A Breeze” on patreon). I define sloppy learning as learning just enough to acquire the essence of the concept.
For example, ,whether the verbs is in its polite form, short form, negative form or past tense form etc, can be easily recognised by looking at the last few syllabus of a word. If a words end on a “ta”, it must be past tense form. If it ends on a “masu” it must be the polite/long form. This concept can literally be understood in 5 mins.
Thus for me. When conjugating oyogu (泳ぐ)into past tense form, I just conjugate it as oyogu-ta (oyogu +ta) Or sometimes oyota. Now oyota is wrong of course. But that’s all I need at this stage. I desire to understand Japanese, not to get full marks on conjugation drill table. You must always try to look at the big picture. Trying to do well on conjugation drills is an opportunity cost. Ultimately one needs to judge what is worth spending effort on. Hence the idea of sloppy learning is to be deliberate about what to focus on.
Once I can consistently remember that masu means polite and ta meant past, this is where I try to conjugate them correctly. Conjugations is difficult because they all don’t behave like ru verbs. You cannot simply drop the ru at the end of a word and append ta or masu to them. Oyogu for example doesn’t even have a ru ending.
The path I chose was to hope that I can organically (I like this word a lot, but it also sometimes means magically) , know how to conjugate correctly one day. And to a certain extent I acquired some intuition on conjugations without any active involvement from my part. I soon became aware that if a word ends in a gu or a ku, then instead of a ta, it might be ita or ida.
The break through came on day 35. When I couldn’t endure the fact that I wasn’t able to magically acquire conjugation intuition for free. So i goggled “why are godan verbs conjugate the way they are”. And Tofugu came to the rescue.
Essentially they introduced three concepts (a) double consanent with small tsu, (b) assimilation with n, and (c)consonant removal. After that article, conjugating became a breeze. In hindsight, my ability to conjugate only costed me the time to read one tofugu article (and one month of passively intuiting the conjugation patterns) Because I did not spend time on conjugation drills, i was able to progress to the other grammatical points in Genki 1. I didn’t remain stuck in one place for too long.And this is another aspect of sloppy learning. You learn just enough to move on to the next level, you don’t aim for perfection.
Your brain can’t do everything at once. Your brain cannot remember that masu means polite form, and all the rules for conjugating verbs to masu in one sitting. If you try to do that, you can remain stuck, despite already understanding the general idea of conjugation. Better to move on and let the intuition develop. If you judge that the intuition is not going to progress or progress quickly enough, you can always intervene later by supplementing with new knowledge.

Mnemonics when I get something wrong too often

Often there will be a vocab or grammar point that I always can’t seem to latch on. No vague feelings, no guesses, just an empty mind. When this happens, it can be a scary feeling. It may feel like you are not good enough.
Really the solution is very simple. Just add one more inferential step. When I first encountered the word bengoshi(弁護士) , my mind does not produce any intuition or pictures or feelings. What I did was to create a mnemonic, a story. How to relate a lawyer to the sound ben go shi? I managed to came up with “when the judge announces his judgement, the bench(jury) goes “shhhh””Sorry, I know it’s really bad. But when I created that story, bengoshi never stumped me again.I’ve seen a lot of criticism of mnemonics that I don’t agree with
  1. ‘they are not for me”>>I’ve seen people said that Anki is not for me. Srs is not for me. While I believe in individual differences and effectiveness in different methodologies, I feel that sometimes people decide too quickly what is or isn’t for them. What is optimal may first have a learning curve in the beginning. And instead of saying that something is not for me and moving on to the next thing, we need to consider if it isn’t we ourselves that should change to make it fit for us.
  2. “If I’m trying to memorize something, how does adding more things to remember help. Now I not only have to remember the word, but I need to remember the story to remember the word.”>> Between a story and a random string of number “89779012879” , the brain can remember the short story more easily than the string of number despite the story consisting of more words. It’s just how our brain works.

On active immersion

Active immersion means trying to pick up words or trying to understand what is being said in Japanese media like anime or novels. Passive immersion means enjoying the content without really worrying about improving your Japanese.
On day 21 I tried active immersion with Weathering with You. I came to the conclusion that active immersion is not efficient for the new learner. I can imagine myself doing a lot of sentence mining and active immersion in the future (spoiler, I’m now on day 70-80 and I’m immersing a lot more now). But definitely a hard no for me to recommend new comers as the only and primary form of learning Japanese.

Why textbook learning and structural learning is important for fast gains.

Textbook learning is great for fast gains because it prioritises for you. Textbooks are not prepared by a random person. They are usually prepared while respecting certain pedagogical principles in mind by a team of qualified academics. While appealing to authority doesn’t make it correct, we should at least be cognisant that the textbooks might be doing a few things right.
One of those pedagogical principles is incremental or progressive learning. Building knowledge upon what was previously learnt.
Another principle is foundational concepts. A textbook will usually introduce foundational concepts that act as a scaffold for everything else as early as possible. And because textbook learning is progressive, it means that the difficulty is always going to feel just about right. In active immersion the difficulty can be wild because it does not respect your level of Japanese proficiency.

Completing N5 in 30 days.

In this 30 days, I was not only learning Japanese, but also learning how to learn. They call it building a plane while flying it hahahah. The principles outlined here helped me to finish N5 content at an insane rate. I was spending about 6-8 hours a day on Japanese (in chunks). So one point not stated here is time. There's no way around time investment.
On the 30th day I did a lot of mock tests and I performed quite well (80-90% correct).When I started on N4 on day 31, I was really surprised by the bump in difficulty. I gave myself 30 days to clear N4. That was the hardest 30 days in my Japanese learning journey. I’m fact I had a better time when I was studying for N3 on day 65 onwards. In my next post I’ll share why N4 was harder than N5 and N3 for me and share some more insights. Hope this has been helpful in offering new perspectives. Thank you for reading this long rant of mine.
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2023.06.04 16:46 stharward Cursed with a strange, overwhelming compulsion to be a farmer

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2023.06.04 16:35 Jerry_217-2 [H] GAMES [W] Fights in tight spaces, Death Stranding, phoenix wright, Beneath Oresa, Alina of the arena, Chrono Ark, Tainted Grail, Visage, Little Misfortune, Iron Harvest, Legion TD 2, Unrailed!, fallout 76, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, paypal, tf2 keys, CS go keys or crates, offers

Sakura Alien
Sakura Dungeon
Sakura - Forest Girls set
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Sakura knight set
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- Sakura Succubus 3
- Sakura Succubus 4
- Sakura Succubus 5
- Sakura Succubus 6
Sakura Swim Club

DOOM 64 (
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (ORIGIN key)
Liberated (GOG key)
STAR WARS: Squadrons (Origin)
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Dishonored 2 (GOG)

Zenva Academy

Region is NA

My REPs: 202 successful trades, 0 dispute.
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2023.06.04 16:35 Jerry_217-2 [H] GAMES [W] Fights in tight spaces, Death Stranding, phoenix wright, Beneath Oresa, Alina of the arena, Chrono Ark, Tainted Grail, Visage, Little Misfortune, Iron Harvest, Legion TD 2, Unrailed!, fallout 76, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, paypal, tf2 keys, CS go keys or crates, offers

Sakura Alien
Sakura Dungeon
Sakura - Forest Girls set
- Sakura Forest Girls
- Sakura Forest Girls 2
- Sakura Forest Girls 3
Sakura knight set
- Sakura Knight
- Sakura Knight 2
- Sakura Knight 3
Sakura MMO set
- Sakura MMO
- Sakura MMO 2
- Sakura MMO 3
- Sakura MMO Extra
Sakura succubus set
- Sakura Succubus
- Sakura Succubus 2
- Sakura Succubus 3
- Sakura Succubus 4
- Sakura Succubus 5
- Sakura Succubus 6
Sakura Swim Club

DOOM 64 (
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (ORIGIN key)
Liberated (GOG key)
STAR WARS: Squadrons (Origin)
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Dishonored 2 (GOG)

Zenva Academy

Region is NA

My REPs: 202 successful trades, 0 dispute.
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